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Before I start to install Gentoo I have one question...
fdisk supports so many file systems......
set up linux partitions
Linux under 128mb?
Anti Virus with Squid?
Just installed Fedora 2
Mounting DVD's via loopback
Dual Booting Linux / XP Problems
I love these news stories!
changing distros (again)
Netgear WG311T
hibernation in Fedora 2
mysqld can someone tell me how to solve this error
Xandros and Wireless Connection
interesting piece of news,,,,,,,,,
Xandros Desktop OS Open Circulation Edition
trying to net install gentoo, but it doesnt have the kernel driver for my 3com ..help
I lost linux :(
? use linux for a firewall
clusterknoppix nodes not talking to each other
Quick Help (Easy)
Mandrake 10 Newbie...
Basic Linux Server Guide
Found an error with glxgears...
clusterknoppix only boots in failsafe
Help with Install of Overclockix and Mandrake 9.1
Gentoo not booting KDE or Gnome
Sun Ultra 5, Solaris 9 cd will not boot
Logitech MX 700 and SuSE
installing programs
X resolution question
how do you check to see what port webmin is on?
stable and small
Good dark kde theme?
Linux on Laptop
how to download stuff?
system resorce monitor?
how do you give a hostname to a box?
If you have a Presario X1000 (or HP clone, or successor: ZT300 etc.) check this out
New to linux
Cool free wallpaper
LILO Problems...
ssh and X apps
Anyone got any experience with SUSE OpenExchange?
Freeware SUN OS
Why Linux over Winxp Pro?
partitioning for dualboot with Gentoo
Mosix can't start x server
Linus Torvalds Moves to Portland, Oregon
Dual Monitors With mandrake....
how do you set up SSH?
Suse users please help!
need help with nforce 2 LAN
Error when booting Gentoo
Excellent article about how Linux is getting too bloated
RedHat 2.4.26 kernel?
Stupid Mandrake 10...
Help with Linux install
Mandrake 10 and ATi drivers.....
SuSe Linux - ATI or NVIDIA???
anyone played planetside in linux?
firestarter and 500 ports
Good apt servers?
hdd partition freeware
Fedora display issues
Why can't I ssh?
Gentoo... WOW!
Install windows after linux?
Mp3 Linux
Fedora Core 2 Nvidia 3-D Fix
great article on the gift economy
fedora core 2 install problem... (newbie)
file systems on network
mosix not working
what distro would be best?
How many people here dont use only CLI and no GUI?
Fedora Core 2 and 5.1 audio
Can someone teach me how to use VMWare to use parts of an existing windows install?
HDPARM error
Games that have native linux support.
Debian/knoppix book(s)/helpful websites?
XFree86 Problem
Can I install knoppix if I don't have a CD burner?
Apache troubles
Configuring nvidia drivers in Linux?
Dualing OS's!
Fedora Core 2 and XWindows Problems
xmms and many other linux/unix apps for OSX
DVD playback in linux?
GNOME 2.6 hangs
Linux Game section?
Soundstorm Crackling in Mandrake
AOL...yes i know... and RED HAT linux?
What else can i do an FTP install of?
Msn Messenger
Superkaramba and Linux
Using Apache...
Which OS???
File permissions explanation
lm_sensors + Gentoo + A7V333 = lose
Firewire problems with 2.6.2+
Kernel panic
please help me out here
debian ICMP message
RedHat or Mandrake? A newbie takes his first step...
Is Linux Based on DOS?
Microsoft Money on Linux?
Taking the plunge -- A noob goes linux
DVD-RAM supported in Linux ?
Linux n00b questions
Making a cluster?
A few questions
Gaim install help.
ReiserFS hosed drive- unusable?
fstab problems
Mac OS X still vulnerable, security firm warns
why use linux
FC2 and windows booting issue
Mandrake 10 is availble for download
S.O.S! Block devices - source or documentation is needed!
WTG, Arkaine!
which linux for a server?
I really am having difficulty installing Gentoo.
Do I need Partion Magic 8?
Question about SGI IRIX machines
Can't install gentoo for poop
Need Help Downloading Linux
SuSE 9.1 Professional DVD - First Opinions
How to stop SuSE 8.2 booting into KDE???
MX500 + Fedora Core 1...
I broke Gentoo
Partition manipulation
where's my source??????
after installing a .rpm where does the program go?
they ever gona release a free version of lindows?
Linus not the creator?!?!
SATA drivers for RH 9.0
mac osx environment on linux
Anybody else find that it takes forever to open apps in Linux?
911 emergency
please help!!!
Is Linux Unix??
knoppix + interent
using linux to fix a windows drive.
Want knoppix
Linux for newbee
Gentoo, powerbook, and nvidia graphics card
what program gives you the mac shortcut bar for linux?
Can you run Knoppix in 1024x768?
complete newbie
And you all said OSX on an x86 was impossible...
Why wont firefox run
X Server and nVidia gfx...
WineX help plus point2play
Will I be able to get linux to work on a Dell
Possible 3D issues w nVidia
is overclockix's page down?
Windows native java program
how do i specify where i want my apps installed?
Fedora Core 2 Final Release
Attention OS-X users!!!!
Gentoo on a powerbook and partition problems
Linux on a Mac?
Mandrake 10.0 Cant find built in sound card...
Linux Paint
New WineX and Point2Play
ATI video
running fedora 1 and need help with dvd rom
SATA RAID card for linux
Laptop + AMD + Linux
how to add more ftp sites for apt-get update?
Quick: Windows Netowrking?
ALSA issues
Saw something really cool tonite!
I finaly did it
The Ultimate Boot CD
What would you recommend..
forgot my root password,,,,,,doh!
HDD Mount Issue
Memory Stability Test
setting up IPtraf software
can you overclock a linux box?
how to add things to knoppix
2wire pcport and linux
LInux Updates
OS X on x86 is now a possibility...
gcc for mac
itunes alternative for OSX
Nforce2 and ATI Fun!!!
Prime 95
Knoppix 3.4 and Promise FastTrak RAID?
Can't Install Fedora 1 Core!
Need help burning a CD
FreeBSD 5.1 "linux compat mode" ??
Knoppix Unable to write to disk
Need suggestions for a network sniffer box
Argh, help!
when on Linux cpu usage is always 90 -100 %
ybind server what is it?
DCOPserver what is it?
with what file manager can i open a driver?
Cant boot windows
Has anyone gotten Winex to work from cvs?
8 CDs debian?
cools apps
slackware 9.1 question
nforce 2
apt & yum broken in Fedora Core 1
root console....
Linux gameing experiences and wisdom...
Essential Apps
Partitioning Scheme
How to secure a Linux box?
Gentoo with smp
Why is Linux so slow?
Why do people say debian is hard to install?
KDE problem?
I need help booting linux.
Mandrake club
how to install a rpm drivers using alien?
best way to learn 'nix...?
How do i stop GAIM from complaining who it cant add to my BL?
Easiest PXE-boot farm ever
How many?
Anyone have copies of SuSe 9.1 Pro?
recommened apps/os
Smallest distro & mini-ITX?
Overclockix bootup video problem
Linux and a tablet PC
Exiting X
Using linux to make a windows recovery image
need help using usb mouse/keyboard
knoppix error code help pls
Knoppix and XP dual boot setup
Grub and lilo are 2 different things right?
setting up gentoo server
how to uninstall mandrake 9.0..
How exactly to install overclockix?
Linux questions?
Need some fun Linux Games, espeically CLI ones
Good Server Board for Linux/BSD?
Lindows opinions...?
Overheat shutdown in linux....DOH!
which LInux book should i get?
sata install! Arg!
USB Enhanced PCI Host Controller not working
Can someone help the noob install GAIM?
Question about dual monitors in linux
suse9.0 no internet
Uninstall old Glib
Replacing a linux hard drive...
Anyone heard of "DAVID"?
Restoring /dev
Any major hardware issues with Linux?
So what exactly is IRIX?
Next distro?
For belorsch about formatting partition with OCix
Mac OS X on a PC?
Mandrake 10 AMD64 New RC1
Overclockix 3.4 and DSL
backround processes
New Project: ATI 3d in Linux, or else!
Dual monitors and linux?
Cron Jobs
captive ntfs
Anyone ever use Solomon for web-based MySQL?
Which type of RedHat to purchase?
OSX: Back to Mac
Grub, and Raid Arrays
Multi-language programming IDE?
Kernel update
Viewing hidden windows files in linux...
What lunix 4 my Rig ?
and one more question
Problem with DMA
why i got this error in Knoppix?
Overclockix HTTP mirror
how to configure knoppix's lilo?
Fedora Hard Drive Question
Why does GAIM shutoff for no reason?
Burning Iso's with Alcohol 120%
For all you Linux newbies out there...Please read
emerging ssh
Changing Languages in Knoppix
3d File Browser
mandrake 10 official
Linux Called "Insecure" For Defense Systems
How to burn ISO suse on to a disc?
Yeah, I know you probly get this all the time...
multiple os's
Need help getting my Netgear MA311 to work in gentoo...
Quick Linux Question...
Cooperative Linux
Another gentoo install question, USE flags
Trouble burning ISO?
Boot loaders
installing knoppix on hard drive but now....
Open Source Search Engine
Server Os Ponder....
Overclockix question
xfree86 now supports my video card. Does that mean ill be able to use dual monitors?
Please help gentoo WON'T BOOT!!!
can't load driver for Audigy sound card......
Problems installing gentoo
MP3Concept - interesting
Live CD's
Linux distro for development (web)
Playing .WMV---.WMA files???
linux wireless issue
Bootloader help PLEASE
overclockix new version?
whats the difference between gnome and kde?
Test my foldingathome ebuild?
# cd /usr/portage # scripts/bootstrap.sh
compileing gcc on an hp-ux box
make.conf for P4 with HT
Mozilla Firebird
A problem with PCs and windows
Booting from a floppy
Downloaded mandrake 10, but now it loads and Mandrake 2.0...ummm?
Trying linux again
problems accessing windows partitions
Eye Candy
Installing Linux 7.1 on multiboot PC
Good names for what used to be Lindows
game server.
kernel compile benchmarks ...
Install Mandrake 10 on Raptor Raid-0?
mounting hard drives.
Linux not connecting to the Internet
any suse linux users?
What software for a forum?
mandrake download...
How do I burn a cd on Red Hat 9?
Knoppix does not support creative sound cards?
Wireless Lan Card w/ RedHat
linux on older laptop
suse and knoppix problemo
best distro for gaming?
ATI Linux driver support?
Mandrake hijacked my drive!
So, I'm installing gentoo...
help with directories after HD change ...
Changing mobo/cpu under RH 9
How do I stop cron from emailing me?
Newbie Linux
networking and linux
gentoo and knoppix
playing video in linux
red hat
internet works with windows..but not in linux
thinkin of linux
linux permisions help
Linux games on a power PC (Mac) Distro?
help convince me
network settings not staying
Couple of Questions(Mandrake 10)
Oprtimize Linux kernel for AMD CPUs
I broke Linux
Live CD distro;s
looking to install gentoo...
Wanting to try Linux
problem with nforce2 onboard nic
Currently using XP contemplating Linux
Importing Bookmarks
Where can I get it?
Coming from the Darkside with Clark Connect..
Problems with lm_sensors and Fedora Core 1
Install knoppix to Compact Flash card, how?
Learning Server
Fedora Core 1 Freezes during install/after install...
mandrake smooth move from normal to mirror hd
Is it a thriving metropolis? (120K pic)
Help installing mplayer, X11 support stops config
Newbie? Which Linux distro is best for Nforce 2 motherboard support?
FTP help needed [n00b alert!]
Linux Web application problems
Mandrake 10 hates me
setting up a firewall/router/ftp/web/file server :D
What version of linux do I need?
gentoo question about network
Linux on old Lappy's
which is better for linux? amd or pIII
How to use USB flash drive on linux
DVD iso
Overclockix question and help
limiting bandwidth to apache2
need a rugged filesystem
Troubleshooting Red Hat 8.0
can i put mac os on regular pc?
The Linux Desktop Screenshot love thread (post em!)
cd - rw drivers
Video/DVD players for Linux
Fedora Up2date perpetual loop
newb Question, RH9 Desktop
ATI Linux quality?
Linux install hangs...
root in OS X... the easy way
Free Knoppix 3.4 CD & Tux sticker
Need help with wsftpd server on redhat 10
Anyone familiar with Oracle 9i/AS?
this is a really dumb question
arg still wanting to make the jump
Nforce, Suse 9.0, fun fun fun
Software Raid Help!!
Ready to make the switch...help?
mac g3 making glassbreaking sound
Linux n00b: Any good sites out there?
Wine Issues
Clearly this is not a coincidence.
ALSA Driver woes.
Installed Mandrake 10, won't boot
How to install linux with custom kernel?
Time Me.
Request for help with an SMP experiment
ARGH, I F***ed up my system!
I need a watered down linux distro
cyrix 166!!!!!
Gentoo or Arch?
is apple (panther os) a version of linux?
linux newbe
Mandrake Move wont load?
Normal for Linux to be slower than XP on same machine?
Just loaded Fedora C1... now it's "Stuck"
Driver help: Fedora Core 1 and Soundblaster Audigy Gamer
Getting Mandrake 10
any mysql admins around....
need help with firefox on linux yoper distro
Funny linux Flash here!
Help Public server hacked....
Using Linux as a file server
More Stable OC with linux?
Dual Boot Help With Linux
Delving into linux...something is bugging me (and it's not what you may think)
help with Squid
Knoppix Cd
overclockix, y and z keys mixed up
Looking for Mandrake 9.2 ISO ... or something.... um, help?
What flavor of Linux, and what about dual boot.
Are all Onboard Raid compatible with linux
other than the many distros of linux, what other OS's are out there?
Overclockix scsi hd install help
Qbasic in linux....how do i do it?
MPlayer Codec's
Need help: What's keeping me from Linux ->
Which command is driving me insane...
Anything I can do with old PowerMacs?
Buy a PowerBook?
optimizing comiler in slackware
Mandrake 10 no sound please help
fedora resolution problems
mandrake 10.0 rc1
How solid is apache on end uder linux?
NVIDIA NIC driver installation problems in Suse 9.0
linux temp monitoring?
For any Fedora users, or people kicking around the idea...
Linux livecd to burn/stress new CPU's?
Clusteroverclockix iso
Can anyone see hardware issues that would prevent me from using Linux?
Browser plugins for AMD64
Anyone need a good laugh?
firefox and mailcap
Fedora and Audigy 2 ZS
distro as easy as knoppix that fits a 2.5gig HDD?
need to tweak my fstab ...newbie needin some help
bash, sh, tcsh, zsh what's the difference?
no internet
how to share dial up connection over lan
Mac OS X
]--- Is apache the best HTTP server for Linux?
]-- Best Linux Ditro for running a web server - MySQL / PHP / Apache )
Diff between Red Hat and Mandrake...
what,no issues????
KDE 3.2 Download LInk?
Choosing different mouse drivers?
Linux installation