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Knoppix and NF7-S onboard NIC
unzip command
Quick Question
Install Linux with Custom Kernel
Who runs What? and for How Long?
New To Linux
What, how and where
mandrake drakx NTFS question
Need an idiot-proof Web Server
Noob with resolution probs in Linux
programming on linux?!
Help need linux sound card driver!
trouble installing gentoo
plz help linux
dual boot noob question
So you have to use Windows sometimes....
Linux booting with windows problem
IMAP problems
mp3s played via samba skip
Saitek P220
Mandrake bootable CD......MandrakeMove
Mounting .nrg image as CDROM
Keyboard problem in gentoo.
can i fix a fat partition in SuSE
i have tried and tried again
Try as I might.
Questions about Knoppix
linux boot
Why can't I install *nix?
Total Linux noob installing hardware PCI modem in Mandrake 9.1
Kde can't start.
I need a good vnc viewer
Slackware Rootdisks
Swapping network adapters in Redhat
Convering HP Pavilion ze4145
Netscape Question
Downloading without a GUI?
checking HD
OSx driver pc card orinoco
Linux boot problem
Say goodbye to my Debian box - sniff :(
Need help on deciding which Linux distro to use
Help please with PRIME95
ATI 9600pro and Red Hat 9
Raid problems
enabling touchpad
Overclockix: Eidolen or Technomancer
What's your favorite Linux Distro and why?
VB and Red Hat
Creating cdrom images - dd?
Mandrake 9.2 HELP ASAP
Lost desktop in Mandrake 9.1
Help me get my linux back?
idesk install prob!!
great resource for RH9/Fedora users
NIC not negotiating
'Net on Mandrake 9.2
Installing Nvidia drivers on Slack
p option
Webmin woes on Debian 'woody'
Text sizes sometimes screwed up?
Linux game server
In RH9 how do I run a script?
Mandrake 9.0
getting steam to work in linux
monitor issues in RH9
Anyone use squid guard?
linux compatible modems
SuSE's add-on will run Windows apps, games
GRUB/LILO and slackware/XP on separate discs?
Forcing 100mb/full duplex using linux
help death over come his fears! 1 small thing anyhow.
Recommended Linux Books?
need some help. Need a Linux image on CD with NTFSresize utility
Some more FreeBSD questions/issues
Wow I am useing linux
NASA and OpenSource
Some weird partitioning questions...
I am a moron...
A few misc. linux questions..
Redhat 9/Fedora 1 poll
100% In need of assistance
"upgrading" gnome
Virtual PC
I don't have that much of anything...
RH9 and NTFS Issues.
Booting woes.
Geting rid of boot screen
Mandrake 9.2 and installing the Nvidia driver -- Help
Mandrake 9.1 and Sata problem
SMP and Slackware
DVD + and + RWs in linux
Graphical Disk Utilization Utility??
Problems with X/Gnome
Xcdroast loads really slow?
fatx module maww :(
ClarkConnect gateway keeps going into sleep mode
Linux as a mainstream desktop OS
The Future Cost of Mandrake !!
MS Free PC
how can i check to see if fatx is suported by my kernel?
Senior Design Project --Beowulf Cluster
WINE and Viruses?
Folding and kernel/make.conf optimizations
burning ISO
overclockix and DSN
Segmentation Faults when compiling Gentoo from Stage1 tarball
ClarkConnect box keeps losing LAN & Internet
Linux has a built-in trogan?
mandrake 9.1 help.
UT2003 Problems
need help configing USB devices
open source nforce2/3 integrated ethernet drivers
knoppix hdinstall password
ssh and scp
Will WINE run this?
what happened?
knoppix load
Linux Distro
ok now i'm confused.
Unaccesible files as root?!?
Network raid
9.2 hangs at module dependencies
Suse 8.2 --> 9.0 upgrade, hmmm
adding a partition into the system
Linux IT Certificationa
trouble with compiling
need help with ut2k3
Linux RAM problem
Redhat 9 and Wireless Ethernet Cards...
I need help with via's new S3 savage driver and my integrated savage4 graphics.
Anyone else kill an LG Drive?
Need help with refresh rate...
installing ethereal on mandrake 9.1
MANDRAKE 9.2 and NvidiaDrivers HELP!!
need help w/ using 2 kernels
Novell buys SUSE
oh noes!!loc
where's my networking goods?
Win User wanting to learn some Linux n need help/ideas
In the UK? Want Linux?
unix command to find nic info
Calling All Linux Gur... Users!
Antitrust is on right m now on TBS superstation
boot loop.
ClarkConnect used for File serving on network
Red Hat Linux to be discontinued
Trouble installing XMMS plugin
installed SuSE. few semi-minor issues.
trying to speed up hdd!!
anybody done linux v winxp game benches?
Hows WineX Treating Ya?
9500-->9700 mod in Linux!
how much space for install?
how to get suse for cheap price!
Mandrake 9.1
Multiboot Mandrake + Redhat
need help tweaking video card settings
FireBird in Linux
FireBird in Linux
SuSE 9.0 !! (and SuSE 64 Distro info)
OK, I took your advice...
*bsd and linux
resolution problem with Red Hat 9
noob question, how do i scroll up in xterm
Linux questions?
Saving CD ISO to hard drive
Software Installing Problem
"Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler! In interrupt handler, not syncing"
Questions about Knoppix 3.3
just out of curiosity, could i...........
how to speed up my web server
Linux+software installation problems...
wine folding init script
Chamging themes and default browsers in linux
Knoppix in a danish version
Redhat 9 Java VM
64 bit O/S
How do I install my 9700 in Mandrake 9.1?
whered the samba sticky go?
3 unrelated linux questions
Lightweight Database for Linux
root log on redhat 9
Send remote commands to GRUB on boot?
New to linux!!!
And now for the dumb Linux question of the day:
RH9 sound problems
Longest knoppix uptime
setting up a printer in (gentoo)linux?
Future trends
LDAP between Linux and Win2k Server...
Diskless DNS server
dismantling and rebuilding RH9
Compiling Problem
No internet on Mandrake 9.1
I need some help..
odd problem with laptop monitor
what use flags should i put for a 1200 mhz celeron?
Panther Obsession
Speed up Linux
Squid performance tuning advice,,,,,
OpenMosix and Quotas
Mandrake & LG drive issues..
Howto clear VNC history of hosts?
problem while compiling kernel for debian!plz help.
scsi driver problem in redhat 9
Apple's new OS
HELP nforce abit NFS-7 rev2
Can Linux bootloader handle 3 Microsoft Os's
RedHat 9 finding NTSF files
Need advice on Linux distro...
I want Solaris for i686...or something
Need a few command line tips.
I want Linux
Running Mandrake 9.1 as DHCP client on a home network....
I need apt-get to get apt-get
how-to quickly get nforce2 sound working in gentoo
squid :)
Rescue Disk- Gentoo live cd similar to knoppix
Question regarding change to Unix/Linux
onboard LAN problem
Linux Drive Setup??
Told you I would need Help. Video Play Back and Mandrake.
Linux Apps
Ahhhh!!! Help me i have just screwd up gcc
Manually Mounting drives?
how do i make more PTYS
Divix AC3 and Mplayer
Mounting CDrom problems
Disabling GRUB
Well the time has come...
Knoppix woes & overclockix questions
Whats Linux?
Sun's New Java Desktop System
DFS Replacement
subsentient os
FreeBSD 5.1
Workstation Firewalling
entering passwords vocally
This is regarding Apple
Apache + SSL
Redhat Freezing - help?
Opening tar.gz files in debian
Run level-Help
Wireless Linux Laptop
proftp on suse 8.2
Just moved to Suse Linux 8.2 pro
linux temp utilities
quick tar question..
Linux Intuurupt no syncing
how do i untar a tar.tar file in linux?
gentoo boot times
configuring XF86Config
Linux newb needs install help (Overclockix)
Need some Linux help.
need help installing gentoo, over a winxp install
Knoppix 3.3
uninstalling programs
Where is the File manager in Icewm?
What's the deal with XFce?
Newb Linux problems: CL2.3, RH9, Mandrake 9.1, Suse 8.1...
More anti- M$ fun
linux defrag
install problems on a friend's pc
Which gentoo?
First experience again!
more nfs wierdness
Browsing the local network
Suse 8.2 pro questions
noob question, how do i start up mozilla firebird?
Linux Games
is it just me?
bash/perl script under linux needed !! any geeks out here?
What girls really want...
Volume Control?
gentoo help
Overclockix questions...
Want Linux ??
Where to buy Linux Distros??
How to set up partitions?
Location of a few edit files
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 installation
installing graphics drivers
Internet down for no reason?
Gentoo performance numbers
Another Noob Question
ifconfig on RedHat 9
What software config?
Need help mounting/finding a drive
Hardware 3D Support
Anybody looking for an OSX Terminal tutorial
Distro with nVidia drivers
HD linux problem
DMA problem in linux
Will it ever be ready for the desktop ?
Is Lindows legal?
Best linux distro for low-end machines?
Free Office Suite: Open Office 1.1 (Multi platform)
sb audigy and dvd's
how do i change a gtk theme?
Got a couple questions
script question
Red Hat 8.0 Help
Replacing the init process
WEIRD problem... installing Mandrake 9.1
Bootable CD? LINUX?
Redhat and linksys WMP11 PCI
Mandrake install cd's
Changed mouse in Linux
New to Linux, trying to install 8500 driver
Linux and Wireless
is this kind of lag normal?
LM sendors !!!! (hits head on computer table)
MSI Utilities for Linux?
486 dino
Mandrake 9.1 weird problem
Red Hat Dialer?
APT Held back list
Network Madness
My nForce2 box is online thanx to Arkane23
geforce driver help
Gnome to TMK and back again
Mandrake Linux 9.2 rc2 internet connection
UT2003 under linux?
Linux accessibility
sound problems in gentoo
sis900 and rtl8139too help
What would I need to install Linux?
Sendmail log question
Slackware 9.1
modem upgrade for RH 9.0
Redhat first install / first impressions
getting more out of my network with distcc
getting my hdd space back
Mobo change over in a excisting install?
Need help with a winmodem.... 2 rpms and its still not working
Abit IC7-G SATA and Linux issue
esau-0 gentoo-3
problems with flash
AMD64 and linux
Linux pre-loaded on Seagate HD's.
FAH locking up my linux computer?
nfs wierdness
Speed up Linux Boot Times
Running Linux on an old MacIntosh 7500/100
Knoppix violates patents?
Are there any WinXP/Linux Dual Boot Guides?
Just got SuSE! Install Video Drivers
Knoppix Intro!
needed xmms plugin to...
mandrake how to make it a bootable disk
linux distro for soho router
Networks in RH9
linux/ssh is so sweet
Which distro for a cheapo old computer?
OT? dunno; c++ headers
question on linux
kernel stability testing
Way to read ext3 partitions from Windows computer?
a stciky notes program?
Open Mosix and Apt?
Click here you won't regret it I promise
lilo default to windows?
need help with fluxbox/eterm
audio in mandrake 9.1
separate mulitple monitors
linux clustering project, a little confused
Linux partitioning scheme
Just installed redhat...
Success!! software raid 1 on root drive in FreeBSD 5.1
OpenSSH Bug
xinitd problem
Promise Ultra 133 Tx2 Driver????
CD drives not opening in RH 9
K7S5A or KT400
is there a good chat applet
Cange Monitor Refresh rate in Mandrake...
X over the network?
Firestarter on 2.6
prob with mandrake 8.2
BSD as a desktop OS
Small update to overclockix in the works
Gentoo + SCSI = Kernel panic?
fluxbox menu transperency
dlink + linux
Mandrake 9.1
FTP Server
Os X
Which iso?
Need input on linux game setup
how to play vcd's in KDE
help with compiling error
need help with "tkinter"
need a good ssh server, and ssh client
windows xp shared folder, redhat 9.0, linux ftp server...
New partition for Linux
need help with grub
Asus P4c800-E dlx and Suse 8.2 RAID 1 report
making scripts
lm_sensors in Mandrake
mozilla-firebird help?
timestamping in console
Couple quick questions on Knoppix/IceWM
Shell script ?
Setting up VIM
lappy headphone jack dead
2.6.0-test5 is out!
what should i put in my lfs
question about amd sse
Permissions for mounted partitions
corrupt packages?
64 bit Linux distros
/var/tmp in Gentoo
getting up2date working
boot problem
wma in linux
graphics program?
boot time log
For ATI users, don't despair! New driver is out!
bind 9.2.2 configs
liquid for kde3
Music sounds like crap haha
Fonts in Gimp
Flags in Linux?
Flags in Linux?
Programs and links
can i install something plz?
mp3 download
YEEHAA!! I have seen the light! No more Winblows!!!!!
Ftp Client
Access Denied
Lindows Reviews...
Debian APT
Full access
UT2003 - Symbolic link??
2.6.0 installed - IP masquerading?
lotsa newb linux questions...probably ongoing
Does Linux support multiple monitors?
Have you seen this?
mounting partions permantaently
/dev/rtc maximum frequency
What makes Linux so good?
Mail Server.
Linux on Creative Nomad Nuvo USB Drive?
Networking difficulties with SuSE 8.2
Yaaaaaaaaay! Im Linux Now And Aint Goin Back
linux script problem
compression software
Games in the portage tree
Quick stupid question about X
How do you prevent idle timeout
Make a dialup shortcut in the desktop
Overclockix HD Install
Having trouble playing CDs
portage on bsd!
Question about Linux from a newbie
which distros have nforce2 drivers built in?
Solid state mp3 players....
LinNeighborhood help
Linux mandrake and mouse problem
java with mozilla or konqueror
Problems printing from WinXP-->Linux with Samba & CUPS
Small distro
Help with an external monitor/docking station on Gentoo
Home Directory
army ops: graphical problem
Asus P4c800-E dLx and Suse 8.2 in Raid setup
How to resize a linux partion
Squid Ports?
few questions about WM's
Debian prob
Pen drive
Card Readers
Mounting vfat for USB Flash Drive
MS Intellimouse and SuSE
knoppix hates my lappy
compiling kernel with smbfs module only?
Red Hat 7.3
I need Americas Army to work on Linux
slow internet conection