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Network printer issues.
This means @#$#@ war!
Help wanted in Austin TX ?
High FPS with glxgears
Mandrake 9 is available
Mouse in Debian?!?
lm_sensors help
help me out guys, im a total n00b
newbie to linux Q about Aol
Install Nvidia Drivers
linux on abit it7?
how to use this file ....diff.gz???
failure to mount VFS?
Need help modding a Linux file
accent help
linux on this laptop
Dual Boot: Windows 2k Pro/Mandrake? (no cd!)
ALSA Issues :-/
F@H and Linux
wine problem back again
FTP Server Security
Linii Laptop?
Back to the 100 OS Idea...
ls colors w/o the switch
help!!! ---- Xfree --- Mandrake 8.2
My first Linux "Q" and brother, is it a good one, lol (PLEASE HELP)
Noobie Q's
editing gnome 2 application menu items?
ACPI in RH7.3 kernel....
Help me build an email/web server
MDK 9.0 RC3 install hang
Opera for linux ads!
I have signed up for Linux classes...
conversion in progress, email help?
CPUID for Linux?
Problem with email setup in Linux
Blue Screen Error (please help)
Linux Hardware help?!
anyone here good w/ Redhat?
Create tar balls
resize the partition after installation of RH7.3??
Need URGENT help with Redhat 7.3 (or all versions of Linux)
98/w2k/Linux... lilo or grub?
Dual Boot, Red Hat & XP Pro on RAID
Linux installed on a 2nd HD booted from 1st after the fact?
sound cards and usb devices with linux
Changing host name
unresolved sysbol occur while recompiling kernel.
Info about Linux
How to network Redhat 7.2 with windows 2000
Duplicate Blocks? wtf?
does this mean that my HD's gone
# of OS
Win me wont boot (it's the right forum)
redhat kernel again...hehehe
IOmeter on Red Hat 7.2?
Disk Defragger for MacOS X?
Linux PPC Removal?
debian whats the dealio
installing VM ware in slack linux 8.1
Linux Partitioning
problems with Debian
How To Cram 4.7GB onto a CD-R?
If I get a radeon 8500LE 64MB, will it play nice with linux?
i want to install bsd, on my allready dual boot system, how do i tackle this?
Trouble with mouse deamon in FreeBSD
Can't telnet to the linux system
Problem w/ GUI
UT Linux server and it's webserver problems
lol, i make twm my window manager, now its all messed up and i cant get it back!
One little question
Linux PDAs
What is "localhost login?"
problem with GRUB
Is anyone using Sid?
I'm Back
linux dualboot screen
Linux board, may be useful
Locked out of the system
linux 6.0 ??????
nvidia twinview
Mounting external firewire hard drive in redhat?
What did I do wrong?
i'm so happy! finally got this to work....
dloadin Redhat now what are the last 2 cds?
GRRRR, Redhat not quite working
Anybody Runs Beos?
Audio Buffer problems
xcpuid, linux OCing
redhat noob with a question
suse requirements
Solaris - Can you download it?
RH linux dual boot
Shall i fix it?
Lindows - OS of the future.
resizing desktop
Here's a challenge for you all LINUX GURUS out there!!!!
USB Modem in Linux?
Redhat 7.3 or Mandrake 8.2?
module issue
2 vid cards
how to install with no CD or floppy?
??? Making a image file from floppy
Linux Vid Settings Also Changes Windows Settings - Help
i LOVE my new college's UNIX lab!!!
Lost it..
Installing Mandrake again, for the first time!
keyboard map problem
My boot disk is dead
cheap soundcard, that will work with linux!
One last question! i hope....
how do i install this.. its not in gzip or rpm format....??
Oh well, I cheated
Woohoo! Im using linux (partly)
Need to Copy ISO'd CD's
linux newbie
Older Distros?
how to access ext3 partition from window
System hangs just after LILO Linux selection
cdrom in madrake 8.2
Why Linux?
how to install Network card?
Radeon 8500/8500LE drivers
Linux for a novice
OS Burning
Linux Problems
Online With Redhat
Win xp vs. linux stability
How to remove Lilo on dual boot machine?
Hellllloooo, Debian! (I think I'm in love.)
login name what?
plugins in GkrellM
Can you give me some help?
Java problems with Mozilla
Help w/ my windows/linux network
Problems installing Lycoris / Desktop LX
CD Burning...Why must it be SOO hard?
15 down, 85 to go......
Rhapsody DR 2
Modem problem
Which one?
SUSE and ISO's
a day in paradise with slack/win2k install
First time installnig linux UNsucessful!
difference between the retail version of redhat and one from www.linuxisos.org?
Forum creation HELP!!!
How do i boot in the GUI?
OS's and Compat. Lists
Lilo boot screen
Linux & Overclocking?
Wine & Photoshop?
Takin the Plunge into Mandrake 8.1
quick linux/network question
Installing linux with mobo's onboard RAID
Gnome2 and Debian
LILO Max Boots
Now, don't laugh at a fellow 56ker, but...
IPVS in madrake 8.2
Alternate E-mail Program
Wine troubles
configure wine using existing window partition
best way to partition?
Oh No...Micro$oft did it Again !!
RedHat cd's
SSH, Telnet or other. I need help.
Ahh, help, vid card
Opening Ports with Mandrake 8.2
PtPOE and mandrake 8.2
OpenGL for RH7.3
Radeon 8500LE, Mandrake 8.2, dual displays and such things...
What Linux for my Counter-Strik Server?
need help with mandrake 8.2
Samba Config
Kde 3.0.2
Mandrake 8.2 and modems
is it possible to put 3 os's on 1 hdd?
People thinking about making the switch look!!
Ugh. Woody?
Opinions Needed
how to format linux off?
Lost my thing
Mandrake BETA 9, anyone tried it?
More noob linux Questions
no GUI on Linux
dual boot between win2k/mandrake8
i'm stuck.....help wine!!!
ISO Suse
mandrake 8.2 help
Linux this, linux that...
Installing a GeForce4 w/ RH 7.3
Need help w/ dual boot w/ Linux
Do you use just Linux?
Sharing INTERNET between Linux and Windows?
mandrake wins some award!
non-tech Linux questions
how to network winxp etc.. with redhat?
redhat 7.2 need help!!
Any one know where to d/l Solaris 8 x86??
are they any linux on floppy?
ACPI commands and utillities?
Tuxracer/Chromium problems...don't laugh!
Dual Boot Redhat 7.3 & WinXP ( Multi )
BSD and Samba
Loading Linux Red Hat on a dualboot 2K machine.
Mandrake 8.2 install with Raid 1
which ISO to download?!
Linux Handhelds Rock!
Dual Boot Linux
whats alpha whats i386?
AMI raid on RH7.3
Unmounting NFS filesystem [FAILED]...
Linux on Cyrix 486/DX2/66?
Upgrading Linux, how?
Logitech Cordless in Linux?
Red Hat 7.3 automount question...
beta mandrake 9.0 is out
need help for making a dual boot system <urgent!>
Video Card Purchasing
I think woody was just offically released
How-to Schedule a Shutdown
Great online resource...
Litrux OS?
on cd
New to Linux
can linux recognize my windows harddrive?
editing animation, what to use?
a few newbie questions
Mandrake 8.2 ROCKS!!! but I have /mnt problems...
chown/chmod problem
I can't remember the name of the file to edit
Need help with red hat 7.3 on laptop
Failed to install drivers for HPT 372 on Abit BD7RAID
is there any operating systems that run all the new windows type games?
WHOA Baby -- NVclock
don't you have to log in?
old computer but new user?
KDE Desktop Res
congradts on the blues, xwred1
Which op-sys for my ole laptop?
MANDRAKE 8.1 User Questions
wine problem....
Does something like HDTach exists for Linux?
Games on Linux Mandrake
iptables book
Problem with SUSE
copying cd's ?
sound problems
Enabling X/KDE??? Help...I'm an idiot
Laptop OS choice?
Kernel Issues
Help with vid driver??????????????????
noob to Mandrake question?
Jave virtual machine
Xp vs Slackware (results)
Benefits of running linux opposed to XP?
Has anyone experienced this? (RTCW)
Red Hat 7.3 and RAM
new mouse driver.......recompile???
wolf.run? RTCW
which is better for me
personal organizers for linux?
oh Crap! Netconfig probs
Can this work guys?
Wo is me, Debian,me, and X, don't get along
Are you a postfix guru???
Dual boot-please help
BootEasy Timeout
mandrake install problems
Rh 7.3
Which is better Debian or Slackware?
HELP! RH 7.3 and Mouse cursor won't show!
No CD-ROM in Suse 8.0
RTCW Problems
Suse 8.0 on a laptop ?
kernel question
How to uninstall Mandrake 8.2
Can I do this?
text login to gui?
how to install wine on mandrake 8.2
help installing wine. ldconfig stuff
this is how to install a G4ti4200 in mandrake 8.2
Help! Qt install problems
can i use this 586 rpm on my 686?
getting the xfree86config-4 to load and not the standerd one
kernel source package for RH7.3
advanced power saving options in md8.2 (gnome)
On Linux can I..
happy day another battle with mandrake and my g4
Xwindows? (newb)
problems recompiling the kernel
Identd on Mandrake
can RPMs be used on distros like Debian?
Simple newbie Question..
Linux Utilities?
For those of you with NVidia graphics cards.
Linux Hardware?
3D accelleration in SUSE 8.0
How do you setup a modem in Linux?
Linux questions.
cant resize my FAT32 partition?
MS Intellimouse Buttons
SSH Vounerability (sp?)
.avi linux player ?
kernel update
Gnome 2....disappointing
Slackware install / Print server questions
how do i put enlightenment on redhat 7.3, etc etc etc?
Can I use windows apps on a Linux Distro?
How do I uninstall Linux(Mandrake) safely?
command shortcut??
Need Linux install advice
reinstalling X
linux on you laptop? what distro?
getting an old sound card to work
how do I port my stuff to Mandrake from Windows?
screen resolution
Which Distro should I try?
Startup Folder in Linux?(Mandrake 8.2)
Is the 2.4 kernal too much for legacy systems?
I'm downloading Mandrake 8.2 Yay!!
default os in grub
Hard Drive Performance in Linux
Dual Booting different Distro's of Linux
Mandrake kernel error
CS in Linux
Which Linux for these 2 computers?
ibook.....worth thinking about?
98SE vs win2k
What is Winlinux?
Radeon VE Drivers???
Telnet sessions viewing tty4?
AIM Alternatives?
Adding Windows Boot Option
Unix FreeBSD 4.5, what is it?
The Best Linux Firewall
opera in linux
mouse wheel in redhat 7.3
Walmart, Lindows, and Mandrake
Printing in Linux- Network Printer
Linux on Abit IT7 or AT7?
Linux and Overclocking
formatting mbr/getting rid of lilo?
Is there a system temp monitor in mandrake 8.1
Kde 3
Unzip problem
mandrake linux install questions
Something fishy
Corrupted Partition Table = No Linux
best method to compress and zip file?
Quake 3 for linux
Problems with X
oh well......stupid question
Hmmm... eny meany miny moe... with which distro should I go?
Shares on Samba
Windows, GNU/Linux & WinaXe
GCC error
problem installing debian
but it is installed...
"Aqua" on Mandrake?
How do you open a .tar.bz2 file?
what is the problem for rpm??
best movie player for RH7.3
Conexant HCF modem and Linux - help!
Dual booting
Linux Server Setup
Need help with my Linux Router
Simple utilities available
SMP & Linux
can I tell X to use a generic driver?
Not able to boot from CDROM
Help with driver installation plz...
power down problem on RH7.3
C header files for running kernel???
Audigy drivers for linux?
Mandrake 8.2 and IPCONFIG
help a newbie out?
KDE or Gnome?
FreeBSD installer
debian installation guide
My take on Redhat 7.3
what Linux for main OS?
Start X Window from Command Line
free linux
Rockwell HCF modem users - now is the time!
Nvidia kernel: error during "make install": Can't find NVdriver
SUSE questions
Hardware/driver support for Linux- need help
Burned CDs don't work + setting up ISP on Debian
Error installing RedHat 7.3
Help with GRUB
changes in lilo.conf don't do anything
OSX on a PC
mandrake 8.2 appache web server ,creating mysql databases?
linux guys - PLZ read!
linux distros
Only hope of getting 3d Acceleration in Linux: Nvidia?
can anyone make dep ?
How do I restore the old boot sector with...
Gentoo Linux...
win2k on RH7.3
kernel compile problems
How to?
Mandrake install error
Matlab Student Edition, Release 12
downloading debian images?
DVD Player for Linux
Trying to devote whole HD to Linux Mandrake 8.1
Boot disk for Mandrake 8.0???
CD-ROM question in Mandrake 8.0
IP Chains use?
Linux "Using it to play Windows Games how ?"
Can't catch a BUSY signal (+)
need a distro to get my little bro hooked on linux
I want to put linux on the ps2 without buying the kit.
Onboard sound
80 flavors of linux
Initrd as root filesystem
ntfs problems
cant boot into x with redhat 7.3
Newbie needs to know how to recompile the kernel??
Whut Linux?
What gives with kernel 2.4?
Webserver in Linux (Mandrake 8.2)
Trouble D/Ling a RedHat ISO? Timesaving Tip...
Overclcoking video card in Linux
Microsoft vs. GM
One Quick Question
WINE, Linux and DirectX
Changing Permissions to a Directory
gnome or kde?
touble with redhat 7.3 iso cd's
interprocess communication and dcopserver in mandrake 8.1?
Setting up bandwidth throttling
Radeon 8500
Mandrake 8.2 up and going
Ximian, No Games in Games Menu
still cant get Folding in Mandrake 8.2...
Linux4win or similar on NTFS?
Help me (n00b)
Mandrake not so great?
need a hand installing proggies and plug-ins
Copying OSs from one place to another
Anyone here have experiences with Darwin?
Newbie Book Question
Well, I'm gonna try Linux...
Microsoft Linux!
Newbie statement
Concerning Tux
Partition for Linux... noob needs advice
WINDOWS can byte my ass
Linux? Which linux?
How bout them IBM commercials?
Network Card/Redhat 73 probs
really new newbie
Where can I find drivers for my ati radeon 7500 for linux
SCO Unix Help Please.
Tripple OS
Oh boy! Click of death!!
More Newbie Shannanigans (mouse config)
Postfix and MS Exchange
Login question
Recompiling Redhat 7.2
Formatting using Mandrake???
Mandrake 8.2
Linuxiso.org site taken down???
CPU Temps, and X windows/Multiple Shells?
Problems installing Mandrake 8.2
picture getting stuck on screen!!?
linux disk imaging utilities
Mac OS X on a PC?
Help Building a Linux Box
Mandrake 8.1 vs. SuSE 7.3
My jacked up server
terminal resolution...
SUSE 8.0 evaluation
Boot Magic
Mandrake 8.2 and creative labs soundblaster Audigy!??
Mandrake 8.2 and NTFS??
Bypassing X Windows during boot...