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First time Linux user choosing distro for home file server
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Hosting a forum on GNU/Linux/BSD
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Offline files in Linux Mint 9???
My root ext4 gets mounted as ext2
Linux Mint 9 Released
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SliTaz 3.0 rocks!
WoW on Ubuntu and poor performance with new pc
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[tutorial] writing a quiz program in bash
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Ubuntu 10.04 Is More Power Hungry Than Windows 7
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Whats The Best Plug-Ins To Enhance Open Office
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From Dapper To Lucid, Four Years Of Ubuntu Benchmarks
Macbook pro vs. Win7 based laptop: graphics and web design use - Difference?
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Issue with saving proftpd.conf in FreeNas
Wine - Win32s Problem
another linux drop
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Tethering Blackberry to Ubuntu 9.01
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Killing Floor unstable?
slow dns with debian lenny & windows 2008 dns servers
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Add an ASCII cow to your terminal session
SCO Loses Significant Court Battle
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Catalyst vs. Mesa Performance With Ubuntu 10.04
NVIDIA Drops Their Open-Source Driver, Refers Users To VESA Driver
EyeOS install guide
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gnome-baker fails in Squeeze
[Ubuntu 9.01]
Linux nanny program?
Need a GUI text editor that displays line numbers
Clearing cache?
iso backup for slackware 13
Having a heck of a time installin Ubuntu 8.10
Any of you guys using Xen?
Some Problems / Questions about an eMac
temp monitoring trinket?
Which *nix Live CD?
LPI Cert... has anyone taken this?
Using virtualization to play games
anyone know much about hdparm and sata drives?
Nettop linux server
O_O These Linux folks apparently stooped to about Microsoft levels!
Linux Newbie needing guidance.
Compressed DVD backup retaining menus?
UT3 for Linux, better than Wine?
linux laptop.
How to Reduce Workspaces to 1
Lucid Lynx alpha 3 boots fast
debian squeeze boot issue
Netbook USB install ain't so easy....
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Ubuntu minimal installation
Easier To Install Software/Drivers Linux or Windows?
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Deciding between XMBC Live on HD or SDHC card
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Volume Keys Dont Work Alsa-only (Mint 8 x64)
Grub frustrates me.
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Arch appears to not support anything other than KDE
Chakra the little project that couldn't
Apple Operating System on Disc
Mac issue (HDD space)
Successful Arch install!
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setting up file sharing with samba
Question about Mac Automator...
My next learning step?
ION video drivers?
Know what I need, cant get it to work
Ubuntu hangs in Virtualbox
Will the following games/applications work with Ubuntu?
Making a ubuntu web server
Read mac data dvd on pc?
Having my machine text me
NOOB wanting help with squid web cache.
New to VMware, help please
moving from ext3 to xfs
./configure question
something wrong with grub, can't boot into OS
75% of Linux code now written by paid developers
Mint 8 Died
Back to linux after several years - Ubuntu 9.10 is amazing
Open source HD video editing software
Have a Different Wall paper for each desktop
Canonical causes a ruckus
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Dual booting 32/64bit on a single thumbdrive
Linux Question Regarding Application Error
Linux Notification Area Question (Really LAME)
Hands on: Boxee beta is brilliant, still not quite stable
ATi In Linux
Combination fileserver and email server
Best way to use Linux as a file server for a windows domain?
Ubuntu drivers for notebook
I need to move my linux install from one drive to another
Stupid Linux distro question (Ubuntu)
Mac won't load webpages....
linux desktop recorder
Bluetooth Stack
*sigh* why are my top menu bar icons missing
What gnome Theme shoud I try
No 920 Overclock in Ubuntu?
Playing Blu-Ray in Linux
Google's gone crazy with Chrome OS!
GRUB needs to die
Using TV as display
can't change settings in ubuntu 9.10
reinstall guide in progress
Linux Install Integrity
MythTv setup
mail clients
Google countdown?
o man what a laugh!
What to pick.
Wireless Security issues in Mint 8
need help with ubuntu 9.04
Installing Ubuntu 9.1?
Gentoo, -bash: ./fah6: Permission denied
Just got a MBP
Linux Mint 8 help
OSX harddrive backup from within linux
Linux/Windows dual-boot
VMware vSphere client login issue (pics)
Dedicate machine to a program
X11 Cursor Themes
2.6.31 and CPU sensors
Shuttleworth steps down from Ubuntu
werid ubuntu error
Question about Linux, Router, and Server....
Linux Trim support
How to Gain Root Access on a Sprint Htc Hero CDMA phone Using a Mac.
Lightweight Debian based Distro
Did intel drop the ball?
Taking "There's a distro for everybody!" just a little too far
Mac Chrome!!!
Microsoft releases exFAT, storm clouds gather over alternative OS's
Preliminary results: Ubuntu 9.10 set for disappointment
Ubuntu 9.10 32 bit no flash in firefox
Linux Desktop Screenshots
Lookng for Nouveau
Fresh First Install of Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala
Mint 8 x64 RC1
Linux ATI Drivers.....
Evolution mail buggy
It may be legal now to install OSX on a non Mac
Checking memory usage per script/application
OSX + GPU folding
Mint 8 Released!
Hulu Desktop
I just killed a BAD kitty
Bash For Loops
Sick of Trying to get Broadcom to work, Tell me what Wireless Card to get
The Linux app you can't live without
32 bit or 64 ?? which?
Trust Linux!
[O/C]Making the Most of Media Centre Remotes: Installation and Custom Mapping
Gigabit Tuning
Google Chrome OS
Chrome OS announcement/demo 1pm 11/19/09
Please help me install and understand Mac OSX on a PC
Record Internet TV?
< 1hr and already begging Linux help, new record?
I need root permission on the file browser in Ubuntu.
ALSA Audio Issue.
Wow do i hate Gimp, what other options are there?
Stream media over internet
Moblin 2.1
Remote desktop viewer
Mint 8 RC1 Released!
What Happened To Apple's Software Quality?
Really? Sudo is a ms command :)
gentoo x86 users - blocked package issue
chrome os....
Ubuntu 9.10 and /dev/mapper
A <very> brief guide to remapping your remote
Remote recognized, irw receives signal, no love
[O/C]How to Dual Boot Windows and Linux on a Fake RAID Array
Fighting dependencies in Arch
[Linux Command line] problem
Ethernet not automatically reconnecting?
Audio Problems
Forceing a refresh rate?
Linux Graphics Survey
YouTube Hoses Wifi, Ubuntu 9.10
A weird personal observation
XP in a VM in a Linux/UBuntu/? OS
United States Gov't Embrasses OSS
INstalling Winetricks on 9.10
VirtualBox Issues on Ubuntu 9.10
Gripe: Solaris & ZFS
Strange 9.10 Hard drive problem
Best distro non-mainstream
Ubuntu 9.10 is here
A guide to Windows/Linux dual boot on RAID
Need lite os + wine for old games.
Is this possible?
ATi corrupted Ubuntu 9.04!
Google's C&D VS Cyanogen
Which operating system should I use?
laptop volume buttons not working as expected
Psystar's tool lets you install OSX on an intel PC...
Linus Torvalds gives windows 7 a thumbs up
Anyone running Windows 7 on BootCamp 3.0?
Decent Linux based Firewall & Proxy but bootable from USB stick ?
[O/C] Front Page - Mac Hardware Refresh Coming Soon
[O/C] Front Page - Why I Like to BASH things
Anyway to alternate the colour of windows in leopard?
I've lost Windows! (Fedora related)
NVIDIA Developer Talks Openly About Linux Support
McBride Bites the Dust
stripped down gentoo just for distccd, good idea?
Just Installed Slackware 13 Now Windows Won't Boot
gentoo revdep-rebuild and imagemagick
At last... no more reason to use Windows :)
archlinux: recompile entire system using pacbuilder
Help with a Sh script
What to try next?
Why shouldn't I try Fedora?
Asus G50V and linux=no go
Having trouble installing VMware Server in ubuntu 9.04
Goodbye Funtoo/Gentoo... Hello Arch!
M3N78VM ethernet issues
Ubuntu 9.10 Beta and ATI drivers
GRUB/Ubuntu/Windows Question
Gentoo is dead
install win7 on my new macbook pro
Ubuntu 9.04, automate copying ramdrive to HDD at shutdown?
OSX can't click and drag
I am ready to dance with the penguin
How to auto-mount a card with rw permissions?
Warning to Steve Jobs: You can not win THIS fight
New webpage -- things I'd Like from AltOS
.DEB package managers for .RPM distros??
Xbox media centre (XBMC) a basic guide (not 56k friendly)
Ubuntu 9.10 Q&A
Gui freezes, ssh doesnt
Virtual Box
Linux distro help
OCForums needs content editors!
Need help setting up Apache Mina FTP server
I have seen the warning to stay away....
Anyone compile 2.6.31 with ICC?
Tiny filesize mismatch with PC-BSD?
Testing Puppy 4.3 right now, looking good!
Ubuntu and Laptops
Firefox has slowed
Does PC-BSD have a liveCD version??
Server Help
Unix book recommendation?
Ubuntu 9.10 - wow
Use the scroll wheel to open link in new tab OSX
Custom Android ROM
osX86 and vista on the same system
Linux - i7 kernel compile
PC-BSD pros & cons?
Brand new sysadmin looking for references.
New Ubuntu user, sound issues.
Rather confused please help
samsung ( linux .deb ) color printer driver
Loading my Ubuntu 9.04 Install into Windows 7?
Why Gentoo
Wireless bridge
AMD 940 sensors
DVD Player
all *nix users: how do you backup?
Linux Mint 7 - Setup Help =(
Home Server Suggestions
Quick Question About Imac 2008 Ram..
Dellbuntu for Mini9's
Cant connect to internet through Ubuntu 9.04
What is this?
Silverlight in wine? or functioning moonlight?
Linux and Steam
MySQL developments
Mint and ATI drivers
well figured out step 1
Using PuTTy to copy files from linux server to Windows Desktop
w2k3 and OSX afp file sharing
Snow Leopard: Base 10 data storage. Explain.
Would you pay?
FYI: Snow Leopard Compatibility
The Seven Sins
Snow Leopard 32/64-bit
Linux master browser problem
TwinView Question :)
Linux File System
Snow Leopard comes Friday 8/28/9
Raid 0 Stripe Size (Linux OS)
Dual boot win 32bit and Linux 64 bit?
Need some help with Ubuntu.
Linux, Video and ATi
News Flash: Survey: Linux users love Google, ignore Bing
Gentoo screenshot contest 2009
Firefox/ubuntu9.04-64, yahoo mail is dead
OS on a CD
lightweight OS for old laptop
light live cd for web browsing?
Dell Inspiron 8000: Linux options
Strange Funtoo update world problem
Bricked PS3: How to reset OS?
Sound card recommendation for htpc
Considering trying KDE again on Gentoo, dependencies
No video
Getting right date and time.
Linux Ramdisk [howto]
Konqueror & Dolphin not remembering file association.
gentoo-portage.com down?
Ubuntu 9.04 connecting to Windows XP work PC
Wondering... Why do i need to install Linux? What can i do with Unix?
Need help picking a distro
The wonders of fsck
Stupid question (OSX)
any ubuntu / sympactico isp users out there
[CentOS] Top "system" usage?
data back-up program
Two terminals
Top 24 Linux Apps
networking help
google soon to be overlords?
Postfix on CentOS
New Ubuntu user
Good Scripting Guide?
gentoo dropping support for older ati cards
issue with dd and windows move
Vista + Samba issues?
Esxi & Physical Disks?
linux dhcp server for windows xp clients
Install linux in raid 0?
Fedora Installation wtf.?
question on Hamachi and freenx
Networking Help: Samba and Cups oh my!
Oh Debian, how you have disappointed me...
ATI Linux Drivers Problems
SVN Help
Map network drives mac os x
Back to crack lol
ubuntu or mint?
Compling Kernel Issues
Fedora 11 & Xonar Essence STX?
Copy files
Ok Im stumped...
Intel Turbo Memory and linux
Video Streaming Problem
Linux flavored admins and programming languages.
Preload pdfs?
What's the size of your kernel?
attn: hewlett packard ( HP ) owners
Help me connect!!
Annoying beep at Shutdown for eeebuntu
Recommended 64bit OS, other than Ubuntu?
Mac: Turn off certain 'animations' in FF
funtoo configure emerge --sync behind proxy
Furthest thing from windows...?
E.E.E. Microsoft submits GPLed code to Linux.
Is GTX285 supported?
New to linux, what to use?
xps1530 dual monitor?
New computer - new distro ?
X crash when playing video w/ subtitles
Which OS, Small Apache Server.
Resize desktop +nvidia
USPS switched to linux :)
Getting USB to work in VirtualBox...
Linux Distributions(s) for Firmware Flashing
whats your "God I love Linux!!" moment?
I'm D'Ling Mint 7....
Teach an Old Mac New Tricks
Gentoo - The next generation
Kernel upgrade 2.6.28 -> 2.6.30
Gentoo virtualbox-ose-3.0.2 from layman "jokey" overlay
Slackware Logs
Perl programming.
Copy from one HD to another :)
Win7 to Linux NFS
OSX on a PC...
What linux to use?
need some help with a linux script
Will Google be the force to Break Linux into the Mainstream?
Dell / Ubuntu Jaunty
Ubuntu 9.04 64 bit. Not seeing all of my 6gigs?
Linux Mint
Help me with this WINE error
Program requires booting into DOS outside of Windows
Koala will shift Ubuntu Linux
Google Chrome OS...
Let's get Wine tools working
ubuntu 9.04+wine+wow=back to win7
dual video cards and linux
How do I double check that I'm running 64-bit ubuntu
OS Census
Why linux?
Mac comercial
Ubuntu 9.04 and folding
New to linux
Hello Apple - We're back
Linux partition - how much space?
VirtualBox 3.0.0 for Linux Brings 3D and OpenGL 2.0 Support
Ubuntu Repositories
Low Sound Volume in Ubuntu
Linux-Gamers ?? umm
Password Manager
video card drivers
Debian 5.0 set up
Samba permissions issue, something I'm missing
possible to setup network so that...
Warning, no option given where to place GRUB with Ubuntu installer!
Linux vs. Windows corporate server environment
PHP/MySQL experts need help(centOS 5.3)
Matrix Raid & Linux
Wipe hard drive Mac OS 9
PCI IDE controller with dual boot os's???
Digital Audio Output?
Harddrive / Disk Access Monitor
Mint 7 only using one core
i need a distro livecd for samba and print service
How did this bug make it through the cracks?
Home folder migration
Broadband a bit slow in OpenSuSE 11, but fine in windows???
updating gentoo - blocked packages
jaunty 9.04 problem
Getting rid of the OS loader after uninstalling Mint64b
Fedora 11 not detecting wireless card
Ubuntu 9.04 Visual Effects
Graphics Driver not working
Picture server
Boinc in CentOS 5.3
chmod alot of files
webOS & applications using HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Y'know what?
Snow Leopard vs Windows 7 price: Apple FTW
Linux To Be First OS To Support USB 3.0
Problems with Fedora 11
Need a accurate wolfdale monitor for ubuntu
centOS for newbies
Gentoo in XPS1530
Oh thats just great...
Fun Experiment: Installing gentoo/ubuntu in windows on virtualbox
Curiosity I found in *buntu 9.04
Trouble Installing Ubuntu 9.04
Ubuntu on netbooks
Grub won't boot Windows XP home??
Windows anti-virus & a anti-dpyware for linux?
Getting linux booted from windows?
Linux get the pimp hand from ASUS...
Linux Nova
FreeBSD installation