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Lightest, Fastest that runs Wine.
Attn: scripters
Need help on dual boot Ubuntu 9.04
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Arche 486 laptop with floppy drive - help please
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Contribute to open source
unRAID server help. OSX
SSD in Mac Mini if anybody is interested.....
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Linux compatible Verizon smartphone?
And linux proves it has a place beyond a simple Niche market...
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best micro atx mobo and linux
Cloud computing, internet operating systems, and its implications
Ubuntu on dual CPU setup ?????
A portable bootable version?
install new distro overtop old one?
How to copy the complete contents of a drive in Linux?
failed to configure interface no such device eth0
Micro$oft is $tealing my money! (title is a joke)
ubuntu 8.10 locks up after some time
portage wants to upgrade package, packages.keywords specifies different version
Any other SUSE fans? This may hep convert you
Thinking of switching to linux on my laptop...
ubuntu network bonding (need help)
Android for netbooks. Interesting if not an April Fools joke
logmein/remote desktop for ubuntu
Ubuntu 9.04 discussion
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Customizing the look of Ubuntu
Dual Nvidia cards
Macbook fails to start/wake (occasionally)
gnome-do has stopped working somewhat
Will Mac OS X run on my old laptop?
View Functions in library
Live USB problem
Gentoo SSD
streaming march madness on linux
Want to set up a server
any CpuZ like programs for linux
dvorak broken within gnome
New Macbooks block non-HDCP displays
WINE/Crossover to Support DX-10
sign the linux gaming poll
Loading kernel modules...
Is ATi making progress?
FreeNAS and Software raid
another awe crap moment...NTFS, Gparted, and power failures....
OpenGEU Luna Crescente Review
Linux Kernel Map
Oh, damn VIA and ASUS; ubuntu install SATA problems
ubuntu on xbox360 powerpc
to anyone who bought mac osx 10.5.6 off ebay
GRUB Blew up my computer!
Odd problem during boot: GUI
bring back my linuxmint grub
Program for monitoring CPU temps?
DreamLinux 3.5 Review
Cedega 7.1
Install Linux and bypass live cd?
Ubuntu Help
Oniblade petition for linux
Few questions about Windows/Linux co-operation/compatability
Linux and Vista Boot Manager
Anyone else use Gnome Do?
Core 3 is faster?
does anyone use GIT
Happy with Debian 5.0 ;)
Real Time Control in Linux, also an RTAI 3.6 Install guide
Raid 0 in linux how?
Programming in linux
newbie in deep water. need opensuse help
Make some noise for open source/linux
Old DOS program wont work, looking for ideas...
Need some help with X11 forwarding over SSH on FreeBSD
Attending SCALE today
Does PPC Linux just suck or what?
I want more out of my Picture Frame.
Newbie Ubuntu Question
VMware and directx
i swear i have the worst luck with nvidia drivers...
2009 Linux Poll
Question: Knoppix 5.3.1
Need help, can't boot Linux
X-Sensors help for Ubuntu Noob.
Finally, it works
DBAN questions (as a VM)
IAmMoen is an ignorant moron
Brad Brooks you are an ignorate moron.
tutorial on BASH scripting?
Change Media Player
Please help me find hardware config files!
Very new to linux, did I do this right?
UNIX binary encryption
Mac clone maker wins legal round against Apple
Does Anyone Know Why Linux is Slow?
buying a laptop suggestions
remote desktop for ubuntu server
Old Linux distro review from 2000
ubuntu and ps3?
No sound in flash videos, fedora 10, 64bit
Windows 7 or KDE?
Oww, my pride!
file transfer computer to computer over internet
where am I suppose to dump driver code
ubuntu and quake wars demo
ubuntu server install problems
Woot! Linux notebook - good laugh, resonable price
FREE Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference PDF
nVidia driver for OpenSuSE 11?
Fluxbox, dark themes, apps, etc.
Wine/WoW help
Ocing a Mac
Xubuntu my first time in linux!
Yeah, KDE 4.2!
Help Ubuntu 8.10 (Getting Sound/Network to work)
Creating startup commands in Linux?
I had Samba start normally...now it won't
usb hdd works fine under ubuntu but now gentoo
Old Laptop = New Distro
Pirated version of iWork '09 contains a nasty trojan
to all linux users who have a UPS...
My dumbass stopped GParted in the read stage
Nvidia display too big for TV
diagnose a problem...
Vbox-Ubuntu VM is freakishly small
Function for CLI ID3 Tag reading?
Kubuntu Aesthetics Help
Eyecandy, transforming the desktop... thoughts?
remote access
8.10 is starting to annoy me.
Linux MD5sum help...
extracting info from output
I want to run Linux..
Linux VM For Windows 7 Beta Torrent (Legal)
hard drive monitor terminal/command line
Can't get ubuntu to use wireless on msi wind
Linux Install Problems, 'Select Installation Media'
Strange ssh warning
Ubuntu does think my CPu is 64bit..huh
How to properly install ATi drivers
Opinions of PCLinuxOS
advice on linux distro
Anti-Virus OSX
Make Grub boot an iso
OCZ solid 30GB and Gentoo - suggestions and results
Linux Flash - Now for 64-bit!
Soft RAID slow boot
delete ubuntu partition
Found this in a Linux forum - is it True??
ssh, vnc, remote desktop
driver for dell printer Photo 924
dual booting
eeePC speaker issue
Need Recommendation
Linux Help
Mythbuntu 8.10 corrupt graphics
Firefox oddness (opensuse 11)
Do we really need SSEx?
current linux on CD
VirtualBox Bridging on Gentoo
AMD and Nvidia 2008 Year in Review
Playing Blu-Ray on Ubuntu
Copying folders and all subfolders
bluetooth keyboard will not stay reconnect after being turned offf
64 vs 32 bit
So managed to break KDE...
Ubuntu memory usage
why is linux always such a pain with video drivers?!?
Linux on a Via K8M800 board... what am I in for?
Ubuntu dual monitor support?
magic sysreq won't work in X
kubuntu 8.10................
Gentoo - installing Virtualbox, compilation problem with GCC4.3
linux-64 on cell?
Linux Permissions
just installed kubuntu 8.10
NVClock in need of beta Guinea Pigs w/ GF8/9/GTX2 cards
Help me pick a sexy distro :)
uninstalling a bad copy/install
vga question
Ubuntu Taskbar
did some installing with synaptic....
Gentoo - help working around bug, testing proposed fixes
Calling out all the experts: Linux Terminal Server for Boinc Farm
Gentoo-wiki static page
2nd PC - I've always wanted to learn Linux....
how to access xfs partition from windows
Portage Fetch Always Fails Behind Proxy
screen resolution 1360 x 768
Good way to dual or triple boot?
Booting from network
Custom Built PC with OSX
Gentoo X starts but hangs at black screen
ubuntu noob
Screen goes blank in OpenSuSE 11?
Valve porting Steam and Games to Linux
ubuntu and printers.?
connect to a network in ubuntu
Need urgent help. Just lost an NTFS partition.
Newbie to Linux...
Netbooks and Notebooks... which to buy?
ubuntu 8.10 - problems with cifs
Rythembox in Ubuntu 8.10 locks up
Gentoo - MX Revolution - FDI policy?
Getting a nvidia x86_64 package into a ia32 userland
64 bit Flash finally here
Symantec Velociraptor 1300 conversion
Wierd experience with Linux and spyware
making sense of gentoo
Gentoo /etc/._cfg*
Installing linux on a RAID
Woohoo! Using Ubuntu Linux...or well learning it.
Ubuntu 8.10 from a OSX user's POV
Live CD + Emulator
Installing Linux on RAID?
OMG! what am i doing!
EEE PC 900A - nice
Gentoo: getting closer
Issue loading Debian on a USB HDD
Which processes are safe to kill? Dell C640 w/Ubuntu 8.10
Stability testing
Well UnRaid wont work for me..
Blu-Ray playback with linux (either from disc directly or ripped image)
How to get Ubuntu to recognize my video card??
Using HP 6940 as a network printer with Linux and XP?
how to install programs in Ubutu
Dualbooting Linux and XP??
X-Fi Linux driver now open source!
Gnome Crash
phoronix tests ubuntu vs os x
OSX: Can't Bootup
Anyone else having problems with hotmail?
Program to manage/make a DAAP share
Ubuntu 8.10 FTW
Two quick questions (unix and osx)
Easier way of doing this
Does the PackageManager 'make' a distro?
Installing X-Fi drivers on OpenSuSE 11?
RAM in Linux, slim down or slim distro?
Linux ATI Help
ubuntu help.
Iscsi problems
Favorite Icon Pack/Theme
OpenCL + linux
vnc to suse linux vm on virtual server 2005 problem
Stalled at "Starting Bluetooth Device" while installing Ubuntu 8.10 RC
XFCE behind the times?
How to get rid of GRUB
Serious Screen Corruption On iBook
YDL 6 on PS3
What distro and what load management sw for a cluster?
upgrading only samba on debian etch because of vista sp1
Which linux to run?
Hats off to Open Source!
Ubuntu 7.10 as server issues.
OSX: Oh...there's no taskbar
man i love ubuntu
What ARE these files?
question about debian init scripts on shutdown
internet suddenly quit working
can i dual boot and NOT have my system time off in one OS?
Suse 11.0 and network printing
kernel modules
cron script to backup and delete old
Thinkin of makin the switch
Power management in OpenSuSE 11?
Compositing window managers
Hardware monitors linux
fastest boot or most stripped down distro
FreeNAS w/ FTP
Software RAID
Does Linux move faster thann others OS'es?
how to make a drive image.
Best PS3 Distro?
debian - restart service x minutes after boot
best linux server os
Convert VM to 'real' OS? And a Gentoo question.
Ubuntu and RAID: not the right canidate
Ubuntu - I'm Impressed.
Dualscreens with MB
CD ripping "issue"
Windows Software on linux?
Ubuntu File Server Questions
Mac OS to PC
How should I do this?
Ubuntu 64Bit/32bit + Windows xp
Load linux on router?
VMWare: XP on OSX -- where is the garbage going?
switching file server to gentoo - how to setup for redundancy
Mint is not so great.
Nice wallpaper for all you ubuntu fans.
nstalling KDE on Linux Mint 4?
No network in linux (Ubuntu 8.04)
active directory & winbind - synchronize password (gentoo)
Quadruple multi boot, install in which order & help selecting Linux version
Encryption for MACs
Java in Linux or why Linux is still not ready for primetime
iptables forwarding help pls
upnp IGD, samba servers
help a newb with linux
ATi HD4870 Fan speed adjustment in Ubuntu 8.04?
What the success of running WindowsOSs as VM in linux distro?
Amiga OS 4.1
Problem installing Ubuntu 7.1 or 8.04
Bootloaders: default, gag or grub
Hello again and Gentoo/apt-get question
Hardy a step backwards? what do you think?
Could this be at fault?
New OS install questions...
Minimal Ubuntu
Which *nix to use?
X3100 on Linux notebook- will I regret it?
Be a man, run as root!
Unmerge - files still there
FreeBSD and MiniITX :(
Password recovery/Disc access help on Fedora
Ubuntu making it easier to play DVDs and Windows audio files
Hey guys two questions
Quick MBR questions and bootloader thing :shrug:
Gentoo Hardened + SELinux... ARRRRGH!
New to Linux
Managing applications in Gentoo
knoppix as a tool to restore image files?
Kubutu 8.04, stuckat 640x480 res.
Kubuntu, How do I change root password?
New OS has Alpha release
Possible Gentoo Troubles
Odd question - something to show a full-screen clock, and nothing else.
Click 'n' run client?
Recompiling Kernel Gentoo
Worth moving from UFS to ZFS
Other OSs for a G4 eMac?
ubuntu error live cd
Help linix pen drive install
Program to throttle MY internet?
Why does Gnome feel imprecise when photoediting?
Hosed Ubuntu
Flash, Firefox 3, Fedora 9 x86_64 (and alliteration!)
OpenSuSE 11??
applying folder permissions
Gentoo, Raid 0 and ICH5R
Application not running properly
Virus infects Space Station laptop
Smoothwall Questions...Compact Flash, DDR, ETC
Ubuntu 8.04 erroring on install
deleted linux partition but it was my first OS in boot sequence
well one step closer to MS free
WPA Enterprise with wpa-supplicant on Gentoo
Which wireless chipsets play the best with linux/ubuntu?
Any Linux distros that use 1024x768 in installation?
trying to install XP on a mainly linux machine...
Which Gentoo fans are using distcc?
Linux Mint vs. OpenSuSE?
Is Smoothwall or ? able to..
A little food for thought for you low pered laptop users.
Which light WM for Gentoo?
What is the best distro to run from a usb flash drive?
program to adjust voltages/clockspeed?
changing terminal window title when running pine
Corssfire and Overdrive for Linux
phoronix test suite
Good Motherboard for Intel 775 CPU & Ubuntu
well I finally found a reason to buy an Iphone...
dual booting
I need some serious help! :(
OpenBSD + rTorrent = Out Of Ram
Taking the unix plunge!
Uh Oh...Gentoo
Linux OS comparable to OSX
What's the difference between all the *buntus?! I need a good distro ASAP!
Video Card
The Dealbreaker
Looking for a Linux distro that I can use to boot from a flash drive
A couple of Gentoo questions
Dual Boot Vista/Linux
Super awesome software for Linux
KDE4 opinions?
your opinions requested N8x0 vs EEE vs??
How odd, I somehow broke the KDE desktop
Ubuntu nvidia guide(explanation how to install)
problems installing vmware-server on gentoo ~amd64
Putting ubuntu on an Acer aspire one
I'm worried I'll break it
Compiling/Recompiling Kernels
Bravo kubuntu, Bravo... or not.
Intel Graphics
first time installing source
Some of these things are not like the others...
gentoo help
Cant Decide What Linux To Get What Is The Best
Install wireless drivers as module
Assign ownership of user directory
No Sound on Mac Mini
Foxconn deliberately sabotaging their BIOS to destroy Linux ACPI
Alternative OS of the month nominee
Ipcop help
selecting particular files in a directory in ubuntu gui