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Anyone sick of Ubuntu yet?
Video hardware suggestions for media center...
Whats the consensus on a Mobo swap while saving an Ubuntu install
Tough Question!
Oops... UFS mount attempt as EXT2...
Powersave & OpenSuSE 10.3?
How close are Fedora and Red Hat
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Poweredge 1650
I can't believe this still happens...
Fire & Youtube? (OpenSuSE 10.3)
linux wont boot! MBR problem i think.
First post from Ubuntu
Best OS For web hosting
Linux temperature monitoring and hardware info
Dabbling in Kernel Creation
Best way to start vncserver automatically in FreeBSD?
Gentoo Pain...
For future reference (FreeBSD 7.0)
BB selling Ubuntu for only $19.99!
I want to erase one Linux & leave one??1
Problem installing Fedora9, dvd driver
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pcmcia cdrom help
So I can reinstall YaST in OpenSuSE 10.3??
Linux MCE
OpenSuSE 103, display prob.??
OpenSuSE 11 review, not good,,,,
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Remote X Session
Interactive kernel map
xbuntu vs. debian
Working with thin clients
gtkterm/minicom help
Dear Microsoft, thanks for the help, Linux
Best Linux OS for home server
Linux and virtual machines
Yast2 in OpenSuSE 10.3 (buggy)
Linux NOOB... help
Can Linux change the FS of a NTFS partition?
OpenSuSE 10.3, what does this mean?
Ubuntu Updating Blocked By Firewall?
What causes things to break?
gentoo and firefox 3
OpenSuSE 10 & nForce ethernet?
Linux For the Ps2
Your Opinions please: New Distro or hardware problems?
Good Server?
Microsoft Free for 1 year
Will the CNR client run on OpenSuSE?
Hard drive & linux, a few questions...
New PowerMac @ Work (56k No Sir)
removing thinkfinger
Need a driver for Rampage Formula
Hans Reiser to show police the body
Gentoo is struggling!
Someone please explain why I should use Linux...
Live cd help
Linux & SATA?
Multi Boot XP/linux 16GB Flash drive...
Ubuntu 8.04 Toshiba A215-S5818 wireless
How bad an idea is this?
Calling MRD (or other Gentoo fans)
No Spellcheck in Pidgin (Gentoo)
Cool CNR for OpenSuSE..
OS X 10.5.3 Release....
easy ? - scroll Linux cli one page at a time
Program for MP3 consolodation?
OSX 10 Eating up bandwith
Open Source World gets 3d support for ATI R500
Ultra-light linux suggestions
Desktop zoom feature?? OS X
Virtualization Question
Linux for gaming?
Gentoo 2007.0 64-bit install: Disk doesn't appear
Ubuntu 8.04
Smoothwall or 24/7 folding machine?
Smoothwall & GNOME
Ubuntu- Ultimate Edition 1.8 "Out Now"
Unix/Linux/BSD for a Web Server (e-billing system)
mac question : region free dvd?
Ubuntu Hardy - install compiz theme?
SMP not being detected?
Mac Question: Airport not working properly?
Best current distro for PS3
Alsa config with nvidia Nforce 4 sound - Ubuntu
OpenSUSE or Fedora?
OpenSSH and Ubuntu (xinit command)
Debian OpenSSL: All Debian (Ubuntu) Users MUST READ
lm-sensors + Asus M2N32SLI - Deluxe
Need help with Mono on osx
Maybe Linux (Ubintu) isn't for me?
Ubuntu upgrade broke everything
Anybody try Open solaris yet?
Linux version of Outlook 2003?
Freedom to hate
Need a unix recommendation
Nested Playlist Manager/Creator
How do I access the Homes directory on my server?
VirtualBox 1.6 is out!!!!
Microsoft abandons Yahoo take-over
OSX and Zen Vision M?
What do you suggest for a Linux .avi editor?
Need a Linux boot plus some tutorials
VNCViewer Ubuntu and Mint
PuTTY and keymaps
KDE 4.1 Alpha is looking rather nice
Which Distro would you recommend?
Different default Display Managers for different users
USB Installation Questions
PING image software
Ubuntu and storage question
Getting all the buttons on a MX3200 working
FTP server setup
tryint to install ubuntu. not seeing hard drive. help
dvd editor/ripper
Apple Reports Record Second Quarter Resutls
syslinux bootable usb thumb drive
Just installed Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on Dell C640
soon to be a xwindow user
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Offical Release
Installation error //Ubuntu running in low-graphics mode
Duel booting with xp installed....
Chkdsk on FreeBSD
Quad Core Peryn MacBooks, iMacs and Minis coming soon
Visual Defect on screen
How to stop F@H on ubuntu
Changed mobos - bito trouble reinstalling
What is everyone's favorite Linux distro and why?
two questions about freebsd handle difference equipment
I need my lamp server to monitor all my network traffic.
Clone running OSX is a HOAX!!! The cake is a lie!
Question about NAS and file-sharing across network
Questions about using Ubuntu
apt-get with ubuntu not working
having trouble mounting a drive
A bug during Mandriva boot
help me slim down my Ubuntu install
Grub = not playing nice right now....
No GRUB Menu After Ubuntu Install
Ubuntu fun with xwinwrap and Compiz
Need a memory test program for PowerPC (G5) system
My home is now Windows FREE
Linux for Core2Duo? i386 or x86_64 ?
Firefox issues
Vino/VNCviewer slow Ubuntu
Did you know Linux Apps work in Apple OS X? Here's how:
"PWN to OWN" contest @ CanSecWest conference, VISTA & OSX hacked, Ubuntu unscathed
OS/2 warp4 is now ecomstation
Knoppix Live cd troubles
Need, Help (Still) Ubuntu AC97 sound.
Browsers keeps crashing at launch
driver problems in ubuntu
Ugh, need some serious help
Super Admin?
How to install Ubuntu under Windows in 20 mins
Wireless card will not work with Gusty
Questions on DSL
Ubuntu install issues
AM2 motherboard for gentoo
Weird wireless problem...
Installing Ubuntu
Windows alternative for gamers
Removing secondary Fedora disk
n00bs n00 machine!
keeping grub
samba ubuntu - xp file sharing help
FC8 installs, but on reboot, it's gone!
i cant burn yoper linux right help
Dual Booting Issue / Repairing boot.ini
OS for Arcade machine
Yoper resolution
How the heck do I reboot?
Leopard on non-DL disc
Gentoo + XFCE4 + Pidgin = ???
AAAAAGH! Linux Install Locks Up!
Ubuntu wifi connection manager
I made the jump and nervous as he11
understanding vsftpd's builddefs.h config file
Ubuntu install/running problems
Gentoo wont install
Installing Torrentflux on FreeBSD
Network Bridge (Ubuntu)
Help me with DSL digital picture frame
Editing EFI manually to enable VT
Fluxubuntu and Gentoo
Smoothwall addons that you use?
SSH and Downloading
gentoo: USB won't mount
I cant find emerged programs - Gentoo
Temperature monitoring, windows vs linux
UhOh, I typed emerge opengl in gentoo!
I Don't Understand WINE
Mounting/Making DVD ISOs and frontends.
interesting article on what's new in FreeBSD 7.0
Linux still hardware picky :(
Another one joins the bandwagon
First time I'm excited for something on Windows
Problem loading FreeNAS on USB key.
Another onboard to Gentoo! =D
Ubuntu shutdown woes.
Root mounts as read-only - gentoo
Linux on a Dell Inspiron 9400 Laptop
Virtualization done easily with VirtualBox
External journalling
I am closer than ever before !
Ubuntu on a Compaq d510
Looking for a distro that can do the following..
How important is it to have the latest kernel?
What program for over clocking ati cards ?
2nd Linux OS choice?
Help scheduling TCPDump captures
i386 or x86_64
Is there a Fix for the Ubuntu dvi black screen problem
One Less Windoze User In The World
I'm taking the plunge...
NetBSD + fuse-ntfs-3g
Help with a custom resolution in Gutsy
Compiling kernel Error
Memory for mac pro
Problem with Ubuntu 7.10 and my Maximus formula motherboard
MySlax Creator Won't Recognize BackTrack
Phoenix BIOS will run Linux apps when Windows fails
Whats so great?
Anybody here responsible for any switchers? (Linux and other Unix-like OS's)
Anybody here responsible for any switchers? (not Linux)
ReactOS loads Half-Life
Is Linux this robust?
KDE4- Discuss your experience!
good linux newsgroup clients?
Want to play with Ubuntu, dual boot or virtualization?
How is Linspire?
Sun to Acquire MySQL
Clearing /var/squid/cache?
Virtualization question
PC-BSD, to go to or should I stay with OpenSuSE 10?
Osx: Cannot copy files larger than 1 gig off my external hd
Nic Load balancing
ubuntu server 7.10 metacity won't run
PCLOS Resolution Problem...
i lost grub to windows
Whats Up Gold like application for Linux?
copy/paste clipboard not remembering copy after close
damn gedit tabs
VMware - what package?
Resizing Partition and Dual Booting XP/PCLOS
French police plan windows free jails, offices
Mac Mini: XP & Debian
games and Linux
questions when updating a Linux distro
Question dealing with Ubuntu 7.10!
Macbook, Boot Camp, Vista
Can't create a chrooted environment:NetBSD
Gentoo says 1 core, I say 2
Possible Switch To Ubuntu? Help Please
Help! Installing ventrilo on NetBSD
Good news everybody
dell offering m1330 w/ ubuntu
OS/2 v4 need dos?
How to pronounce 'Ubuntu'?
In need of advice/info on choosing a Distro.
Sears is onboard too
vsftp or proftp?
Trying to join Suse machine to Win2K3 domain
Windows on another partition
Dedicated Server
Good distro for Older laptop
macbook air!?!?!
No Display when trying to install Ubuntu
ibook wireless
Netbeans through APT
buying a laptop with linux preinstalled just got a little easier
Any body got a guide for dual booting linux and XP?
Easy ways to Run Linux apps in Windows?
solving internet connection
KDE 4.0 released!
Can apple go any lower?
errror after removing access_log
FTP Server and streaming music
Looking for a GUI that ~wipes~ files and folders
Buggy Sound Help
Looking for some info on switching OSs....
Video postprocessing in Linux?
LiveCD with Hard Drive Utilities?
Run Windows programs with CrossOver
Question: Hypothetical image restore in a dual-boot setup (Ubuntu/XP-64)
nspluginwrapper working for 1 browser session ?
Need help replaceing "windows home server"
setgid: Operation not permitted
VLC sounds issue playing DVD
OS X 10.4 Installation Problems
Funny Article
Linux ?????
Free Linux/BSD-based Firewall Distros
Another "windows software on Linux" question
Need ideas on different ways to install Linux
Kernel Panic - Debian
Arch Linux
Not your typical Linux question..
Ubuntu KVM and Windows XP
Another alternative OS desktop screeny thread
Merry christmas
Argh! Suse 10.3
Linux decisions for a 46" screen output.
Tripple Monitor Issue
Howto: auto-update DynDNS on Linux firewall
Ubuntu on the Windows Network
Ubuntu IP address
Best distro for a game server?
mprime help
Installed nvidia 8800GTS (512MB) card but can't get it running
Display problem
Stuck here
Ubuntu partition size
gutsy on laptop
Need someone who knows DEC Alpha systems...
Can OSX run on an AMD chip/mobo?
HP to OpenSUSE conversion?
It's been a while-
odd ssh issue
network shared video
10USD via paypal to whoever figures this out
Gentoo with XP Pro virtualization & a twist...
Envy [A new ATI/NV Driver Auto Install tool]
Problem running exec
P2P with lots o content?
Got my wireless working
Goodbye Windows and Microsoft, Apple could deal DEATH BLOW
Which software to use?
I can't get vmware tools installed in Debian Etch
How to check drivers in use in Linux?
Migrate Data
Crysis on Linux?
Accessing a Windows system from Unix
Ubuntu Server + Tomcat setup guide
Apple Boot-Camp beta expiration question
Remote desktop for Apple laptop
Thinking of taking the plunge but am hesitant.
ubuntu cpu usage?
Set password in wine
Removing ubuntu speed step?
Ubuntu 7.04 server crash
Getting Nvidida Drivers (8800GT) on Ubuntu 7.10 GUTSY
WoW on Kubuntu w/ WINE
linux's new scheduler CFS
Can Linux suport huge 8TB partitions?
phpBB3 and search engines
Ubuntu wireless card drivers
Setting up Kerrighed on my laptop
Wohoo! Got my Multiboot working!
Installation of MySQL 6 SuSE
Mandriva 2008.0
Alternative OS Of the Month - November 2007
Sudo help - Cant edit a file - Ubuntu
Solaris 2 Unix
Ubuntu on second harddrive - Dual Boot
System is locking up
Overclocking a dual boot machine
Ubuntu and newer cards, does it work?
Using unbuntu to filter my internet
Anybody notice what the PC Server thumbnail looks like in OS X Leopard?
Ubuntu - how do I make myself super user?
Linux Genuine Advantage
Windows Shares with OSX
Running torrentflux on SUSE 10 server
Ubuntu memory change.
mounting ext3 partition + fstab
Is there any reason this wouldn't work?
Fedora 7, VMWare, Display server?
Wine + CSS
Dear Microsoft, I am breaking up with you
ARGH %$%$()$*%
MBR Help!
Wally-World Got Linux!
Wireless help (IBM T60 & Fedora Core 7)
Is it worth it to get a remote shell account?
Linux on itty-bitty laptop
Linuxes Could Cause Early Laptop Hard Disk Failures?
unmount ntfs filesystem before shutdown?
gentoo - can't emerge endeavour
Adrift with Ubuntu 7.10
Will Apple OS X 10.5 work on a PC
SuSe issue
debian fresh install
samba issues
Ubuntu made my laptop not work :(
take the linux foundation desktop linux survey
Sabayon: The Ubuntu of the Gentoo World
Attn: Wacom Tablet Users
ubuntu install gives blank screens
Migrating Firefox logins/bookmarks from Windows to Linux
ATI Releases AIGLX Linux Driver
What ever happened to OS2?
I want to try Linux
Ok im giving it another shot .
Ubuntu & Wifi Card - need help
Alternative OS of the Month - October 2007
Linux phone
SuSE Watcher, disappered??
Memory Advice Needed for a New Build
Need to recover Data from NTFS (test..I think you can edit titles)
Synaptic Updat manager
Can anybody get Linux to work on an ASUS P5K?
NEC Laptop: Pentium II, 64MB RAM, 5GB HD.
Gutsy Gibbon Release
USB Harddrive and Linux (Gentoo)
Recover data from hdd
Using ubuntu/mythtv, looking for tv tuner
Grub and Safe Mode
Powerbook G4 Dilema
X11 fails.
Sata Raid
Python 2.5 with Gentoo
Which kernel module to enable networking in Gentoo?
linux kernel, on-die temperatures & lm_sensors
SSH tunneling help?
ubuntu vid
PC-BSD question....
Debian 4 ...module for HDD?
Live cd for ocing?
Vavle's take on Apple gaming
Cannot find package in apt-get (ubuntu 7.04)
Groklaw finally rips apart the Novell-MS deal
FEAR on Feisty
Uhh some beginners help would be wonderful!
Installing zyd in Openbsd
nVidia drivers + 8600 = No X server
Should I switch from Beryl to Compiz?
Leopard coming in October!!!!
FTP server for Gentoo.
Feisty Help
network adapter in linux
Network problem in FreeBSD
Webmin and FREE don't show the same usage
Slax ftw
Compiling help
adjusting component tv output in xorg
debian help
installing gnome on debian
motivated to help fix DSDT of Asus X51R?
user access to ntfs partitions
Open forum software
Intel releases lesswatts.org website
How to dual boot linux
Gentoo -> Making a Router/Fileserver in one?
Mac OSX on PPC
Alternative OS Of The Month - September 2007
mac - How to re-install
squidguard hates me
Looking for a good sound card
Compiz Fusion - desktop switcher, no cube
Is there a command for this? (Memory details)
live cd to transfer files on ntfs drives
EU Court of Appeals upholds record Micorosoft fines and sanctions
File System Corruption in Ubuntu Question
Problems with the Emerald Window Decorator
SCO going under as a result of its own FUD campaign
Need PCMCIA Wireless Ethernet Card
One thread, a few questions
FreeNAS-0.685RC1 Released
Minux, have heard of it?
so close to victory w/ triple boot (Vista, XP, linux)
Geez, I'm an idiot... Yellowdog, forgot username
Xubuntu Applications Menu does not show up when booting LiveCD
Help with creating a backup cd
xorg 7.3 released
Got a dillema...<sigh>
Can someone shine some light on this?
boot to linux without disturbing windows?
cant connect to my wireless in ubuntu
Rockbox for iPod
Teach me about virtualization
xfce, cups, hplip, and printing
Emerge issue
online tool for custom live cd iso
Windows media plugin
Linux Newbie Want to try it out on my Laptop??
Linux just won't install for me.
Linux Distro Server - Low Specs
Sound started working today kind of...
Running CentOS 4.4 headless
dbus failed, and I'm stuck at CLI
Convert .dat to .avi
Enable SLI in Suse 10.2
SSH Tunnels
Linux noobie install help