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I use distro X or BSD because....
XSOS v3.0
Help with vsftpd...
Damn Small Linux
Upgrade strategy-permissions and partitions
Nvraid with ubuntu?
Ubuntu WiFi...a better way?
Logitech G5 buttons in Linux
How to Install F@H In Ubuntu?
ubuntu how much is needed?
File systems supported by PC-BSD (read & write)?
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Woes of buying a P965 mobo
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tried vista, stick with linux, bsd, osx or even xp, My vista mini review (rant)
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Installing Ubuntu on the PS3!!! (novel)
How to Delete Linux!??
New System, new disto?
Amarok problem.
LPD printing through Firewall. what am i missing
Linux Distro to boot and watch movies
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php5.2 install in ubuntu
Anyone has experience with ACPI S3 and WOL support in *BSD or Open Solaris?
Grub menu.lst in ubuntu
Screensaver not working in Ubuntu
Edgy eft ATI laptop, fglrxinfo: messa Help!
Kubuntu, or Ubuntu
Ubuntu 6.10 sound problem: center and bass speakers doesn't work
new mythbox almost complete
Linux And All The Choices - Information To Help
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Linux & SLI and extra graphics card
beryl and xwinrap on ubuntu 6.10
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New Motherboard = Reinstall?
Kubuntu's KDE
Alternative OS of the Month: January 2007
Crashed, and now wont get past Booting Kernel, no live cd either
ubuntu modem
Linux and MS Exchange
Open source portable gaming system w00r
I need help with a script...
I'm looking for an AMD64 linux that will install onto a 2 GB partition
I like eye candy. how do you spice up your desktop?
Post your Kernel Config & System you used it for
Need to read Mozilla/Netscape (Windows) mail in Linux/
Trouble with wlan-ng and Gentoo 2006.1
pick the January OS of the month
Installing Gentoo on my shiny new 680i...
laptop, Ubuntu mounting NTFS
Free (open source) RAR program?
FreeDOS on virtual mashine
Is Overclockix still being developed?
converting an .iso to a .exe file
Aeroglass for Linux?
Error 17 when booting
remotely connect Xp Pro to Kubuntu?
Network Admin Linux
Sun Solaris
BASH problem.
Ubuntu 6.10 Difficulties
Ubuntu 6.06
ATI and Edgy Eft
Linux From Scratch
Laptop Fan not workin in Fedora Core 6
To LVM or not to LVM?
Archlinux 0.8 released
Re-Partitioning Ubuntu Question???
Where exactly do I add the SSE3 flag?
Recomendations for Live CD Virus Removal
ubuntu super user
Ubuntu 6.10
Linux for me gf?
Unofficial OCF Alternative OS IRC Channel
ordering linux online
snes emulation in linux
Anyone have any experience with Pluto?
Recommend A Linux Distro
OLD OLD Laptop Linux, What do you Recommend?
ubuntu on laptop: no display on live CD
Worksation Linux?
What linux distro is most worthy of seeding (torrent)
Canon iP4200 with Ubuntu 64bit
File server for Home Network
dri problems on gentoo
Partitioning an Ext3 root partition.
Bootable linux to scan comps
xbox linux
Would like to try Gentoo next
Possible to do an Unattended FreeBSD Install?
wtf WINE!
linux\windows OS
fun with the gui
ubuntu christian edition?
TV Viewer Software
partition recovery emergency!
installing codec on fc6? please help
A somewhat comprehensive list of safe su tasks while in X?
how to disable agpgart in ubuntu?
What does OverclockIX do for us?
XServer just went bye-bye
Setting up a server
grub boot theme kubuntu 6.1
installing Beryl, Edgy Eft?
What OS have you succesfully installed on a 965 Board
Quick Ubuntu question
How did I corrupt Windows?
kubunto 6.1 thoughts and observations
Multi Boot, Ubuntu on 1 drive, Windows Raid 0 on 2 drives. Need to do this tonight
Will an Epson CX11N work with Ubuntu Linux?
linux news sites
Alternative OS Of the Month: December 2006
Ubuntu Failed (Maybe), Another distro?
anybody tried sabayon 3.2 on a MBP?
Installing kubuntu on my laptop.
AutoMount weirdness
Wanted OS with the Following things working
Software RAID1 recovery
Have you tried Arch yet?
Well, I got it, and somehow, I'm not surprised...
Finally Hoped on Board!
OC Forums, Seeding Collective
seting up a network file/print/dhcp/nat server HELP!
FS mounted as read-only-why?
iptables routing / port closed
Ubuntu - clone screen?
system specs opinion.
Going to Linux
uplash problem after Kubuntu upgrade
Screen shifts to the right in Debian based distros
Linux email question...
Ok, since I'm still battling with this...
kubuntu dapper 2d problems
Microsoft Apparently Owns Linux
Best Linux OS?
is this OS good?
Dual boot woes
smack your laptop to change desktops
x86-64 SMP Live CD?
Switching over
linux as a HTPC
Fixing MBR
an odd graphics card problem, help me.
ubuntu, compiz suddenly funky
Ati's STUPID Driver site........
no new line garbles terminal
osx applications folder problems
udev hates me?
Linux Stress Testing and Benchmarking
setting up a linux computer have a few questions
MacOS10.3.1 can't connect to Wserver 2003
ATi Offers DX to OpenGL Conversion
Dual boot without screwing over the MBR?
alternative ati drivers
autofs problems
Looking for a Network Monitoring App...
Distro for 64-bit Intel hardware
Slackware - Interfaces keep switching
Knoppix, how do I move files to a different drive?
SGI emulator
dual boot on raid help winxp+linux
Can't seem to get Kubuntu to boot or install
Slow Floppy in Linux
Viewing files on windows harddrive from LINUX?
need help getting acpid(8) to launch X apps
Small distro for flash drive?
GENTOO Error Please Help
Massive OS X sluggishness after restoring accounts from a failed HD
DVD Burning
Ubuntu + Palm Treo = what program should I use to sync?
looking for a good mail list server
Partition problem installing Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft
ok, getting to convert from windows have a few ?'s
It's amazing I get faster DL from Great Britian than US
MPlayer plugin has no sound
Linux that works with ATT USB wireless ?
Input on 100% Linux 100% storage
finally installed PC-BSD (semi-review)
Proudly installed Debian Net Installer
Ubuntu? Or go with something else?
Has anyone tried crossover?
Mac OS X 10.4.8 runs legaly on any PC...
Mandriva Linux
my mythtv project
Some DSL pointers, please
Linux: 64 bit better than 32bit?
Need to be able to track changes in a document
Any alternative to windows for a gamer ?
Help the N00b!
xinerama with xgl?
64 bit Live distros??
Trying Ubuntu, few questions
NTFS in Linux
Installing Windows on Mac (wasn't sure where to put this)
Anyone ever heard of this
I'm a total n00b...
suggestions for a linux distro for a complete beginner
Ubuntu - Windows dual boot
Machine Aggregation
Pair O' Questions!
[RESOLVED !!] Unable to install Linux. Optical drive not detected.
Give me a task/project to complete
linux distro for....
Firewall pfSense
Mac OS X
Help Me! Osx School Problems
A few questions before I start my annual Linux install
Ubuntu Dapper Drake + Asus A8N-SLI SE 5.1 sound problems
Need som info about mount and mountpoints
Linux Distro for networking pro's?
Bad time to go to Linux?
Warning to all with ICH8 or ICH8R NB's
cups + samba + 2 users- problem
How do you check for disk errors using a Knoppix Linux Boot CD?
how to flash bios
Damn Small Linux
Virtualization of windows under Linux
willa faster processor benefit FreeNAS?
replacing windows
How to set custom resolution?
Help installing drivers
OS X is a LOT like Linux
wireless help
File system for RAID 5 media server
Redhat 9 and onboard Realtek 8139 connection issues
Ubuntu Install wont do anything?
how do i use Ubuntu for amd64 in VirtualPC
Removing linux applications?
Need a new distro!
IE For Linux - Hack Offers 1 More Reason To Stay
Fedora Core 5 keeps crashing during first boot
Knoppix and Data recovery/backup
Need some suggestions for RH printing problems
how to test system stability
qemu on Gentoo
Parallels,the new VM !
Why does Linux not work well with ATI cards?
Another PC is being liberated from Windows!
Dual Booting
Tell me a little bit about Linux.
Linux OS Veriosn 3?
New to Kubuntu Help!
Archlinux - Folding - Dual Core
Knoppix troubles
File Size Limit on Linux/Using FAT32 on Vista
Video Troulbes SUSE 10-1
Suggest Me!
ok that was annoying
Assistance with setting up dual monitors
Mandriva NIC drivers
Permissions correct?
USR5421 and Ndiswrapper help
Ubuntu installation help
Looking for a live CD with specific requirements
Keyboard Issue In Grub
Ubuntu noob questions.
Mandriva 2007 beta 3 on laptop
KDE, Gnome and Xfce Resources
SBC and Linux
Wow- Evolution
WoW in linux
using Pan
Programming in linux?
Why is Gentoo such a PITA?!?
Ubuntu help
pcmcia WLAN Cards for ubuantu dapper
Help with Kubuntu Install!
Help, Fast!
Problems Install vmware
Is there a program like Knoppix...
Compiz package where is it?
Gentoo 2006.1
Fedora Core 6 Test 2
Media players/codec packages?
dual booting ubuntu
Forward mail to ISP server
problems using USB headphones/mic in Slack
Cedega, I think not!
Installing autopackage packages?
linux gaming
can't change resolution
a distro for resizing partitions
knoppix 4, can't reset root password
ubuntu can I get KDE
React OS 0.3.0 Is now out!
an easy to follow knoppix-hard drive installation guide
running linux games on windows
slax refuses to see my hard drive!
recent linux distro question
Did TechTool Pro 4 corrupt my hard disk? (OS X)
error regarding sound driver
PC-BSD, worth a shot?
15 Years of Linux!
a few linux noob questions
Ubuntu splash
Advice - Linux
Mounting NTFS partitions from guest OS Ubuntu running on VMware
wireless trackman mouse with kvm switch
FireFox Plug In Issues
Appletalk widget?
So why is windows so buggy & Open Source OSs aren't?
Live Linux Distro MacBook
@$#! overrote primary ntfs partition with grub
Linux Multiboot: A bitter Defeat
Xserver Failed to start
The day, Windows died, and I was singing, bye by....
Linux PVR/Fileserver (trying KnoppMyth, having problems)
Finally a dual-boot!
PCLinuxOS 0.93a Junior and MiniMe Review
Way To Limit Installed Languages / Locales? (Gentoo)
Ubuntu AMD64 Help
Mandriva irda
Ubuntu and RAID 0
Craziest device with Linux on it...?
Linux distro for my laptop?
Trying to access hard drive in Ubuntu
where is my static IP
Using Knoppix to copy laptop HDD to desktop via network
mounting a drive in a live cd
Very Noob Ubuntu ?'s
[NEWS] Apple vs Microsoft- Who's the Copycat?
Monitor clicks in linux?
Good God it shouldn't be this hard to install Ubuntu
List of questions (ubuntu)
Ubuntu: dead 9800 pro, switch to nvidia 6600, xorg config error
Sound Blaster ZS 2 = No sound
Grub bootloader unhappy that I dumped my linux partition!
OSX Ibook G3 Slow Network File Transfer
Fastest Linux?
Linux DVD Backups
jump drive in FBSD 4.0
Gnome + [Alt+Click] Behavior
Ubuntu Wifi Help Please.
What is The 1337'st Linux.
All-In-Wonder in *nix...
finally getting Kubuntu into the pretty state of life..
Noob Ubuntu questions
Ubuntu 64-bit or Regular... help as well
KDE 3.4: Date & time probs??
Major problem after kernal update! Can't boot due to BIOS HDD size limitation.
How do I get my log in screen back?(Ubuntu)
Poor Nvidia Performance
Need an easy Linux Distro
How can I speed up an unbearably slow Mac Mini w/ Core Solo?
VMWare Issues
Bright line down the right side of monitor?
Some....gaming(?!) advice
Ubuntu install help
Mac OS / / Starting to act like windows LOL
Am I really that odd?
reclaim space from NTFS drive for linux
Linux partition rearrangement
resolution on Live CD's
Why is my linux box shutting itself off?
recovering file from MAC OSX
Monitor selection in OpenSuSE 10?
Bash scripting help
Gaming with Linux
Bunch of little Fedora Core 5 questions
os 10 mac and linux software
smoothwall help
VNC problems? Why does my remote connection look like this?
OMG I just did it!!! y'all should be proud!!!
Linux LVM is cool
xgl & compiz makes gnome rock!
New to linux, some very basic questions
Rule #1 of Troubleshooting *nix: DON'T PANIC!
HELP! Fedora down! PLEASE help!
X server font error (or something)
How do I tell fsck to check/repair multiple hard drives?
ndis help
Mounting an external hard drive in Ubuntu.
Ubuntu heads for the mainstream
Grub config
Cannot find or create build folder...
Overclocking tools for Linux
AMD + ATI = Good linux drivers?
fileserver + firewall/router on same machine.
Linux User Survey
UT2004 install problems
Proposal that I need some input on....
Mac OS 9.1 (OSX 9.1?)
Fedora or Debian?
Wine + Starcraft + ubuntu = ?
Fedora Core 5 freezes when booting
Wow its linux on my usb drive, but...
Player for vob files on HD?
Best "universal" file system
linux + tv tuner... need advice
Silly yet annoying problem with youtube.com
Is there a program for linspire that can emulate games??
Unable to access sub folders on drive after reload.
Problems in Red Hat
Which Distro [Patience with me, Please]
How many processes??
Mac OSX help to add Partition without format?
recommend a distro?
Do you have a minute? I need testers! (ATTN: Mac users)
OS switch and Yahoo
Easy Ubuntu vs Automatix on Kubuntu 6.06 clean install
MacOSX bootloader
React OS is nearly back!
The Linux Live Tools Thread
How can I access the system counter in OS X?
How may I have discreet desktops for specific purposes?
how do i fix os x 10.3 to send email through php?
Ubuntu: Computer crashed, now only half of my programs can use sound.
GNOME desktop slideshow?
duel core for ubuntu?
Linux and wireless
Running Ubuntu
Question about Ubuntu x86 vs x64
suitable distro: router on old hardware
Question about multiple Linux installations
Chicago Area Linux/WinXP Network Installation Service?
Xgl and Compiz Opinions
Debian Ethernet Driver Installation
Dual Screen on ATI?
Linux-based Firewall IDS
Installing samsung ML-2010 on FC5
Ubuntu installation (partitioning) issues
Kubuntu graphical issues
need help adding second SATA drive in RH enterprise 4
Slackware + Dropline = Fun.
k3b will not run except as root?
Major Problem
matrox orbital unde Linux?
now what?
Problem booting with ubuntu Live CD
HOWTO configure netowork card during Linux installation?
900Mhz HP Project system, lookin for an OS
kernel compile problems
Linux wireless
VMWare and linux
Is it possible to add a driver to an iso?
SuSE 10 ethernet Driver Issues
XP partition -> VMware without CD
smoothwall help
Noob Question
Has anyone ever...
Detailed Linux Partitioning Problem
F@H Troubles [Linux related, I swear]
General Partitioning Linux question
JRE Installation Error
compability concern
Gentoo GUI Installer
Lost my dual boot
Clustering questions
OSX Keynote help
everest-like program for linux?
Ubuntu + 2007WFP =/= 1680x1050. How do I fix that?
fixing a dead lcd screen on an apple ibook
linspire 5.0
Udev and hotplug
Ubuntu on a laptop
Grub bootloader question.
Bloated slack install?
FTP server help
Another Linux Fileserver Distro Thread... ::sigh::
Opera 9 Out Includes BitTorrent
Is there a way to dual boot XP and Ubuntu
Linux Router/Firewall
linux router add-on?
Need a lite duty Linux for a an email server Suggestions Please
Audio recording problem with Ubuntu 5.10 / Audigy 2 ZS.
Mac Help
Ubuntu Desktop Question
Setting up SSH
program search for linux
Incoming n00b!
help i screwed up my firefox
Gentoo and Ubuntu installation problems
installing gentoo from ubuntu
If they can play on our playground...
copy a linux partition???
When to partition for dual-boot
need scripting help (add a line of code in middle of file)
Ubuntu & Distcc
can freeBSD run firefox and f@h or seti?