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some help please
Ubuntu on Raid-0
Old Sys will not boot new OS Install (FreeBSD)
removing Linux and Grub
Ubuntu and Multimedia Plugins/Codecs
cgi-bin/ is forbidden
'tail -f' -- follow a file as it is being appended to
Just a recommendation for Ubuntu
Kubuntu and XP dual boot question..
Pango won't compile
is it against apple's policy to install a previous version of OSX if i own Tiger?
PHP Web Page for use with VNSTAT
Linux 'ping' Problem
Ubuntu and Intel 945G
Need a Gentoo rc.conf file
install probs
Ubuntu 6.06 backfired on me
BSD or Linux?
This spec be enough ??
Linux on Asrock 939dual?
Mac OSX Ventrilo for BSD
Is it about that time again?
BSD>Linux: Why beginning users should learn on BSD instead of Linux.
Linux curious in need of knowleage or mentor
Dapper Drake Official Released Today!!
Help for school project
Need help installing drivers
Which Live For windows file recovery?
Xandros operating System
Need Help accessing Win Xp partition w/live linux cd
distro with widescreen res support
Partition questions
Old laptop Which Distro?
alsa no sound horror
Ubuntu 6.06 Beta 2
burning a install cd
Any Linspire Users?
ubuntu drivers
UT2003 Success
access hdd from linux
Firefox in application menu how?
linux internet help
Couple questions regarding Grub
my system and Linux kernel recompile leaves me without wifi
Mandriva Club
Small Linux
macbook linux advice
Mandrake 10.1 Loading X
Dual boot for winXP and Mandriva one
PC-BSD, worth a shot?
Linux overclocking software
Drive Partitions
Good Linux Books?
Patching kernel with cifs
slight problem
out of post-its, or what happens when you mess up mkfs
Ext2 Installable File System For Windows
Need quick help with Samba and RedHat
dual boot 2 debian installs
Recommended TV PCI Cards
done with windows for good now...
Apple and XP on same computer, is this possible?
Building a linux box...
MwuuuHaha! for Mac
IP over Firewire in Linux? (to connect to a Mac)
RedHat + Virtual PC 2004 =Impressive!
LFS -- whodunnit?
Drivers Help
How to Burn a .ISO
Does it always take this long? or Nobody breaks Linux like Oni breaks Linux
looking at fedora core
Best Linux distro for an HP6000 laptop?
problem with audio in debian
I have some Linux links for you
OS X as many holes as Windows?
Good partition size for a Linux boot?
decrompressing .tar.gz on a windows box?
can't resize partition
root wallpaper
IBM thinkpad 760E quest for a solution
Best partition share
Symantec offers Storage Foundation for free
gentoo nic setup
named won't start at boot on os x 10.3.9???
Suggest a BSD?
CS:S, HL2 or HL2:Deathmatch anyone?
Netgear WG111 v1 not working right
New to linux questions
Linux and External USB Drive
Ubuntu Live CD can't start X server with my 7900GT. Any solutions?
Wireless Network with Linux
Grub/Other problems.
XMMS + KDE = looooong delay
Unreal Tournament 2003 Install Questions
Mandriva 2006 & ATI Drivers
SuperGamer-1 PCLinuxOS Derivative
Storage / Backup Hard Drive Format?
Relative noob to linux question
using GRUB to boot solaris 10 and windows xp on a raid 0 array
Amibios and DSL
Will the latest OS X run in a PC?
Debian failed to detect network settings
Debian has slow login.
A testament to the beauty of live CDs
Anybody here running HP/MPE?
Browser Focus
Resolutions in Linux
Taskbar Icons Disappear?
noob question (you may slap me if you want)
PPC Linux Livecd w/ Parted
AV and spyware programs for Linux
gtkpod not working with pclinuxos
Trying To Launch DOS
how too run f@h with knoppix live cd
Light Distro with WiFi
Linux: A European threat to our computers
Installing steam on suse10
BitLocker gives dual-boot systems the elbow
Linux on ebay... You guys might like this
How can I get conky to startup with kde?
ISO build failed?
Cedega Question
ATI AIW under ubuntu
Please Help Noob. Hope this doesnt make anyone Angry :|
pclinuxos questions
Linux network troubles (Ubuntu)
Linux and Virtual Machine/PC
PCLinuxOS MiniME
need help with amule error in linuxos
Linux vendors to Back Unified Standard
PCLinux help
What do you get when you cross OSX with Linux?
Is it true? Suse 10 linux, Novell and Oracle
Servlets + Linux?
Just killed my FC3 install :(
Distro Opinions and Preferences
What Distro Is Right For Me ??
Linux Quad Boot
The so the semester is over in two weeks...i have some questions
having problems with Ubuntu install
Help! Need to figure out how to add my username to the www-data group!
OSX x86 - Mac on PC
Why install Knoppix
How do I install Linux on an SATA drive?
Linux PDC, Why Bother?
The Linux Wireless Thread
can't get to linux
Dreamweaver and vsftpd
Finding my Firmware directory? Kubuntu help needed!
eth0 cannot get online anymore!? Please help.
Games on linux
Screen capture in Red Hat 9ish?
Xandros - Compaq W200 wireless
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo
KnetStats Monitor Application
Ubuntu 5.10 Guide
Ok.. I'm going Linux for my secondary OS.. Finally.
PCLinuxOS Live CD amd Install Guide
Have a spare computer.
Installing linux again
Alternative OS for Apple hardware?
Boatload of Linux Tips
KDE Session Manager
Reset password - now authentication failed
monitor stuck at 60Hz, xorg.conf doesn't work.
Linux on Tforce6100 (audio problems)
Drivers Sub-Forum
lm-sensors help
List of Linux games
FAQ 3.0: quickier and wikier
Ubuntu question...
Anybody want to get Ubuntu Certified?
Well here you go. XP on intelMac, BETA, official and legal
Rockhopper and Jackass Gentoo
Network connection keeps dropping
Help with ndiswrapper and suse 9.1
VNC help
Problem with Ubuntu Live CD...need help please
A 'lil help with my xorg.conf file.... please :)
New to Linux, which version
A different Distrowatch review
GenieOS DebianPure DebianPure64
i686 or better distros
3web in Linux is it possible?
DVD apps for Mepis
fstab and automounting on bootup
suse 10 and other media players
Linux on a laptop - Pickin' your brain
Xbox linux problems; Video does not show up with component cables
Beginner's SuSE 10.0 questions
Borgix Beta is out
Something nice for all you MacAddicts out there.
small, thin, good quality, linux compatible scanner
Lilo or grub cd?
Slow Browser Speed
samba gui, web interface
sound blaster quiet on right front channel Mepis OS
More of my noob linux/gentoo questions.
Samba PDC Resources
Apple OSX
iTunes (or the equivalent) for linux?
UBUNTU and WIN XP on 2 drives help
Knoppix 5.0 && "Transparent NTFS Write Access"
Wrong GLIB?
koulcat OS
linux for web design
knoppix 5.0 help
knoppix 5.0
Help with dual boot
smoothwall questions
samba and my idiocy
Try out this awesome browser: elinks
w00t!!! My first linux install!
Installing kde in Gentoo
partitioning:multiple distros
Network Booting linux.
lm_sensors... need help asap (school)
Removing Fedora
Fedora Core 5 Released
Dial Up in Ubuntu
Help with Nvidia Driver Install
MythTv Help
Anyway to do this in linux
why is x distro better than y distro?
Ubuntu: Dapper Drake Release Date!
Vector Linux
Other OS's
Grub installation/fix
Name That Distro!
Cannot Start KDE, Only a Strange Pattern Shows Up...
911 Nvidia GeForce 6150 onboard graphics Linux X server error
Samba troubles
My wife loves Linux
Where is FC5?
Linux Beginners and Vets: use VMware!
64 bit linux drivers
Workout tracking software?
Need help with Debian
IE on Linux
Well i did it ......
How do I make the screen size smaller in gentoo?
RR64 3.0b1 is out (xgl enabled)
Best Distro for 400MHz Celeron
ndiswrapper linux newb
Bored on my comp
Enlightenment + Dock Apps
Debian help-which iso?
linux- redirect / self terminate help
Hackers get Mac running Windows
Linux on K6 450Mhz?
appleworks database field size
Cj's Newbie Mandrake Install Questions!!1
Almost there, but need some help with a script!
Best Spyware & Ad-Ware Cleaners For Max OS X
'Essential software' for a desktop linux machine
Gentoo vs. Debian
Install Problem for SUSE 10.0
HELP! loadlin and linspire installation
No sound problem in Enemy Territory
XMMX (Or Audacious) What's Playing PHP Plugin
Very simple Linux Question
Linux VM Rootkits: Brought to you by M$
Fedora Core and Nforce 2
I have 4-5 identical machines i want to cluster
Ekiga 2.0 compile trouble
Knoppix & USB Thumb Drive
Debian and pci-e
Mac Vs. PC
ATI killed my GUI?
Can anyone recommend some Linux HW?
firmware for optical drive on mac OS X
Question on automounting.
I killed Kubuntu
I'm coming back! Again!
Knoppix install on spare laptop HDD; drive detected as read-only?
HELP !!!!!
how do i connect wirelessly to linksys router in suse 10.0
What is your favorite aspect of Linux?
Need Suggestions
Some Smoothwall Questions
Building A Mac OSX System: Hardware Ideas
Distributed xvid encoding?
Best distro for guests to use
Netgear wireless card with SUSE
Updating to KDE 3.5.x
Reccommendations for Linux Laptop
Advanced Features with Linux Printers
How do you download a folder from FTP with firefox.
KDE crashes on logout
Linux install issues on older Toshiba laptop
Wine for Xandros?
sudo kate -please help
Ubuntu accessing Windows network
Problem with NetBSD
Can anybody help an idiot out
Welcome me to the world of Linux
Kubuntu won't work with my x1800xl
MA521 802.11b in Knoppix!
Oh God, please help me. I'm about to give up :(
best of both worlds
A little help for a helpless NUB
Samba problem...
Not very happy with fedora
Getting rid of X
Im on linux...
Ubuntu and ATI
need assistance
Novell`s GLX
Succsesfull Gentoo 2006.0 installation [in case]
Slackware 10.2 Need
Linux simbols
Using Linux to retrieve data from WinXP/NTFS Drive?
Slackware vs Gentoo
Install linux without screwin up windows
Keeps Crashin
Suse vs Kubuntu. Your preferance??
Yoper problems
Switching over to the Penguin side of things
most visaully stunning linux distro
Overclockix hardrive install problem...
need help with fink
Creating a Special Installation account with Samba
Windows screwed me for the last time :(
Considering installing ubuntu
just a few questions about linux...
Shared Library Problem
Grub problems
Linux HDD visable in Windows?
Overclockix and SATA!!!!
Dual Boot Fedora
Is this possible...?
A quick way to up my monitor refresh rate?
Gentoo dependency question?
overclockix - save session (wallpapers, themes)
Why Apple will never switch to Windows
Wine in SUSE 10.0
Anyone tried INSERT
linux on a 128 or 64mb usb thumb drive?
Gentoo 2006.0 is out!
Linux on a usb hd
problem in gnome
Linux help!
Can I install XP-Pro after I have Fedora already on?
Installing Debian over LAN
Finding C:\ in Kubuntu
3D Mark 06 Linux Scores
Sun Server?
WinXP + WinXP64 + Gentoo?
Suse 10 installation problems
Y_O_P_E_R is Still Alive!!
Is linux ready for me and am I ready for it?
Whitch Linux fits my system
how do i make mplayer the default player in suse
Windows pains....
Low powered linux box?
Knoppix 4.0 killing my NIC port, whats the deal here?
Can't record/listen to turntable input on audiophile2496 (Arch)
how do i run osx and linux on my 1.5 g4 powerbook
Do i have to format ???
Which distro should I use to get to start?
Ubuntu audio help
Fluxbox default windows manager
overclockix install and other questions ..?!?
Linux Gaming
fdisk: 62MB HDD? Incorrect
best way to move partitions around
[NEWS] Linux beats Windows to Intel iMac
New Linux Rig with Triple Boot Success
Installing psybnc on debian?
Need help on this whole partioning game
Nvidia drivers in Fedora 4
Installing programs in Fedora 4
Searching for Distro
.::Berry Linux::.
Good Auto Cad Program
smoothwall hardware requirements
Need help with unbuntu
Disable X in DSL
cpu/heat monter
Email server software and configuration
Fedora Core 4 hangs in install
spying with linux
Mac Osx
How to put Fedora Core 4 Disc 3 onto cd to work in media check?
Ubuntu Linux X server error
RedHat Enterprise vs. Other Distro's Re: program compatibility..
New Linux Rig Questions
What Is Smoothwall & How Does It Work ?
RedHat linux question RHes/Fedora
Linux on an External?
Booting Question
VSFTPD Configuration questions
Server Distro?
NTFS Support?
Gaming and *nix
2 Issues in FC4
VMWARE for Linux?
arch nfs questions
MythTV playback on TV?
Possible to play games like F.E.A.R., CS, etc. on Linux?
Which Linux...
need help creating a BIOS image :)
Window's death= Linux life
More ubuntu trouble
Visual Studio Like Program for Linux
Laptop Lid Switch: KDE vs Gnome
New Suse linux install won't let me log in.
OS-less PC ???
Little question
Notebook install attempt...
Newbie: Linux vs. Wireless Duel
More problems getting files off a Linux box
Which distro for a laptop?
View files from different os?
Suse 10 & My Laptop
Suse 10 and hardrives
Recovering files from a Linux box
Ubuntu 64-Bit Problems - Post-Install
GRUB & Fedora 5 RC2
Best webserver package
[NEWS] Ancient Flaws May Leave OSX Vulnerable
Ubuntu SMP
Gentoo: AM I stupid or something?....
Printers on Linux
Small hard drive... which mainstream distro?
Nvidia PCI Graphics Problem
Setting up Suse 10
Tux Doll
Multiple boot advice-
Linux: 64-bit or 32-bit?
Cant boot ubuntu GUI is it my vid card?
Yoper? Did it die or something?
Dynebolic help
Gentoo GUI Installer
Linux and blocked websites on Windows
Newbie FreeBSD User problem
Overclockixx Problems..
What processor to use?
Running *.java files
Will this be able to handle Linux?
New HTPC, want to try different OS..how best?
Tried overclockix
Mandriva display problem
Just how bad is it when...
Linux and DFI nF4-D?
Problems downloading suse 10
Urgent assistance needed
Multiple Boot Installations
drivers for nvidia and ati
Permission Denied? Why?
Question about the internet and Linux
New to linux, need major help
How do i Dual boot ubuntu and windows
iPod and Linux
A couple linux questions
laptop resolution problems
Something better than Windows and as compatible?
Linux for Old System?
Macintosh (old, old one)
Linksys WMP11 for Ubuntu? How to Install?
How do I boot off of DVD/CD whatever for a Ibook G3?
ALSA trouble in Gentoo
Help with ATI Graphics Install
Getting safari to resize big images
About ready to install Gentoo from RR64
Debian AMD64 Forceware install w/7800gtx
I can't stand OS X...
OpenSuSE 10: Setting up wireless internet?
Back up software
Wireless drivers and Knoppix
any eta on FC5?
Can power managment be disabled in OpenSuSE 10?
Watching a DVD from Overclockix live
setting up to access my sata raid (promise fasttrack s150 tx4)
Ndiswrapper make problems :(
Viewing NTFS drive from Linux
can't mount ntfs partitions after compiling new kernel
lots of stuff in system monitor
ubuntu - upgrade kernel causes problem with ps/2 keyboard
Overclockix 3.79 Issues
More Questions
Great Dual-boot Setup Video for Noobs
make my own linux
Windows Emulator For *nix
Massive udp/dns requests