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Windows Emulator For *nix
Massive udp/dns requests
Switching over completly but need a few things first
SparcStation 5
Freezing and locking up with fresh SUSE install
Ubuntu DSDT Table Install
Camera found, but not created?
HP laptop issue with Suse.
When Will Apple Notice Linux?
Switching to Linux?
nvidia acting up
problem with perl (i keep getting this error)
Gentoo for Fileserver
External HDD - Recommended Filesystem
Partitioning for Gentoo
Kernel will not compile with gcc 4.4
framebuffers in debian? anybody know of a good howto?
Diablo 2 installed with WINE, won't play
Starting up IRCd and services at startup
Gnome Volume Control + Sound Levels +Udevstart
Overclockix 3.79 h/d will not boot
What Desktop Enviroment You Use?
Live-cd for stability testing?
Boss gave me a Mac, help.
Which *nix OS ..?
having trouble with my video card/drivers in ubuntu
help installing apps on ubuntu
Configuration for Ubuntu
Will Unslung-Twonky work with Creative Soundblaster?
Best pocket linux
I'm being DoS'd help!
Debian keeps stalling on installation.
Gentoo + Opteron = System Stuttering
Ocerclockix hdd install problem
What distro
kubuntu x64!!!!!
BSD HDD choice
Alright, so...
firefox crashing
Unix style $PATH for windows
Firefox won't always perform the default action
Samba "guests" are read-only
New to linux
Gentoo live CD installation... is it safe? Does it work?
Remote Desktop?
Firefox wont emerge on gentoo
starting ethernet after booting
NVidia Coolbits no longer working
Running 3 OS's?
linux on old laptop
How much space should I reserve for a large linux install?
I need a boot disc type linux
Ubuntu on E-Mac
Make.conf [gentoo]
Debian booting problems
Can I emerge a file that can't be automatically fetched?
Installation problem
Looking for an ID3 tag creator/editor.
Installed Suse 9.1 some questions
poor nvidia 6800 performance on gentoo
minimizing windows closes the window.
dial up modems
How do I connect to a wireless network?
Linux as "hot swap network drive"?
Samba with 2 nics?
I upgraded my nvidia driver, now X is messed up
need help getting my tv tuner up and running in debian
power management, hard drive power down
How can I find the length of avi,mpg,etc?
Recover SuSE
nvidia driver problems on gentoo
Ubuntu's ShipIt, They're Here!
need DVD decoder
KDE Mail vs. Thunderbird
In need of new OS
No 64 support?!?!
Which Linux?
Scrolling looks terrible?
help with xandros please
No More Terminals.....
new install
Debian running, how do i start kde?
Linux Version?
Single Disk Distro to reformat
Thank You to the OC *nix community
Need Help choosing a Distro
Disk info utility in Linux
My Gentoo system crashed
invalid compressed fomat (err=1)
Linux / Mephis Hardware Monitoring
Debian can't recognize/find soundcard
Is there a program to wipe out a file while not changing its size?
Kubuntu Help
FreeBSD - Sounds Perfect
Switching video cards.
regarding partitions and defragging...
Why is ubuntu being so system intensive!?
Made a serious mess with my linux server (file/dir permissions)
Holy God - Help Now Pleeeeeeease!!!
Cant get Ubuntu to not crash
Static IP on OSX with an Airport
power management - debian 3.1r0a - 2.6.8
Help with grip.
Recompile the kernel???
Gentoo sync problems
Gentoo LiveCD - install?
Playing with DSL 2.0
Adding repositories to Debian?
Beyond TV, Sage TV, etc.
Need some input.
New Gentoo Install - 2 Questions
Triple screens, how?
Gentoo: Switching Video Cards
Speedier Distro's?
Linux Red Hat Question?
Free Magazine for you Linux Folks!
Linspire 5-0 Standby problem
suse problems
Linux Server advice
Smoothwall guide?
Overclockix noob. Can't run from CD...
A few basic linux questions I need answered.
Gentoo Help Needed
2 more questions.
More Gentoo Stuff: GCC-3.4.4 Now Marked as Stable on x86
Im confused, what is a distro..
Data Serving to M$ Clients
Linksys WPC54G (wireless ) in Debian?
mandrake 10.1 not detecting cdrom
how do I change resolution in Red Hat 6.1?
Debian network
Overclockix client boot problems
Is it possible to...
Bootable Benchmarking Tool?
Start-up program??
KNOPPIX=help please
SUPER distro
ReactOS experiences?
Control fans in Linux?
Gentoo Handbook No Longer Supporting Stage 1/2 Installations
Bulletproof simple server?
cant run ftpcube, please help
1.44 sized linux with ntfs read support
Overclockix to hda success, with BOINC
linux ftp client that supports multiple threads?
Yukon ethernet problem
Sorting top by column in Knoppix...possible?
Do all linux os's support Multi-cpu's
few linux command questions
slow internet in mepis
Low memory desktops
Minor linux emergency
What's the problem with RPM's??
Multiple versions of gcc?
"Easiest" Free distro?
Problem with Overclockix 3.79
Diablo 2 experience
Adding a Gentoo/KDE Machine to a Samba PDC
Selling SuSE 8.0 & 8.1 on ebay?
How big is OpenSuSE 10?
RealPlayer10GOLD issues
xmms player error on xfce4 desktop [Suse 9.2]
(K)Ubuntu or OpenSuSE 10?
Netscape or equivalent in linux?
Mounting Hard drive in Overclockix
just got linux WOW, (need some help though)
Password protect individual folders for students
Problems with apt-get on Suse 9.2
FC4 Help
wine - dvdshrink - dvddecrypter problem?
moving to RAID..
How to write a simple script?
Help this Linux noob!!!
Maybe SSH is the answer...
IM program for Knoppix?
Hmmm....... ATI?
Knoppix Question
Mplayer: I can't make to play movie in full screen
overclockix problems
Live CD on notebook...
Ubuntu apt problems
Apparently I have sound problems
Wireless kb/mouse that works in linux?
Gentoo and Grub Problems
Ati Radeon 9000 Pro Drivers Help?
setting up internet in knoppix
Is it possible to make dynamik ip to static ip (virtualy)
help with radeon x800 drivers in linux
First post from linux
Problems with X/KDE
Alien and LimeWire
Making a new user (same as root)
Any one use Linux on Alpha Workstations?
i need drivers
windows not fully booting due to freebsd 6.0 mbr?
Ati Drivers
Open Office won't install
Change lan0 to eth0?
Fresh Debain install Help!
Raid 5 in Linux
Graphical Bittorrent For Linux [Suse 9.2]
Azureus problem in Gentoo amd64
UT2004 Install help please
Gentoo: Logitech mouse stuff
Partitioning for multi-boot
Best distro for home server
Internet Over PPPoE connected, but not working
Mounting a second harddrive
Which linux
Bull-F***ing-S***! This DRM crap is too far!
FreeBSD 6.0
3 OS's on one drive?
How Many Versions?
Fluxbox: Other programs?
debianhelp new website - www.debianhelp.co.uk
ZEW2500P in Gentoo?
Gentoo: No DHCP Module
contrino control for linux?
NVIDIA Drivers?
Apple OSX Minimum requirements ? (The real ONEs, not the ones printed on the box)
FreeBSD 5.4 and KDE
X2 amd64's
iTunes on Linux Petition
gentoo + BF2
Can you run linux apps remotely on a windows box?
Gentoo Alsa issues
Two Gentoo Questions
Setting up raid
Ubuntu f***ed things up
AMD64T/EM64T 1.0-7676 nvidia drivers..
very large Firefox menu fonts
Logitech bluetooth mouse
PC with two drives
Problems with Grub (i think)
Installing Linux with no CD Drive? Help
Gentoo: Reboot on Boot?
gentoo install problem
The future of Operating Systems
Where do you see the future of Linux?
DesktopBSD 1.0 root account login problem?
Smoothwall Help?
Linux on my new dv4000
Back to Linux but need some help
Stage 3 complete, need help
linspire boot problem
Debian Resolution
Help with Gentoo networking setup
FreeDOS/DRDOS Possible Liscense Violation
Help with suse linux!
Bootdisk for gentoo?
Help a Linux n00b set up his kernel!
Decided to Choose Knoppix V3.9
sound will not work in most games
Gentoo Stage 1...error emerging automake
Best Distrobution for Speed and Stability.
Mapping a Linux Drive
I want to try Linux but have Questions
When is a distro not the same?
Helping a friend ease into Linux
Need help Quick!!!
CS:S dedicated server crashes :(
getting ready to try linux
What *nix for A64?
Gentoo .iso burning problem.
OpenGL Gentoo...
My Sig! It's Broken!
How do I set up the desktops in KDE?
back on Windows sadly
How can you concatenate 2 .avi divx files?
Logitech USB key/mouse different under 2.6.13-r4
gentoo install reporting mirrorselect is not a command
unerase programs?
Linux n00b q...
Trying to format for a gentoo install
Squid Personal Proxy - Problem
Eterm/Xterm colors
problems install bluej
How to uninstall GRUB?
How do I play an .avi file?
Restricting ips / hosts to view a webpage?
Samba question
mandriva freezes during or after boot
Overclocking/Stability Apps.. for Linux
New Build - Compatibility with Linux?
Choosing a distro? Advice
audio editing software for linux
Distro Advice
need chipset/mobo
new server kernel issues
Thinking of switching to Linux but....
MP3 Downloading
how to tell what redhat version #?
How bad, and why? (ATI)
Mandrake 10.1 -"Mount USB filesystem"
Linux Optomized System
Optimizing linux and xorg for games?
Linux VFat Defrag?
Should I Install Linux Instead of OSX on my iBook?
Gcc 4.*
how do i get wallpapers off of live cd (overclockix)?
Linux from a Sata?
Airport help needed
what distro
Wireless USB keyboard and linux
USB question
Routers & linux
mIRC For Max OS X
Adding ringtones to cell phone
Does anyone really use linux full time ?
WINE question
Wine and printing
Gnome Notification Area Empty
Linux off MP3 player
XFCE4 Question
Thinking of going back to windows :(
Tablet edition linux
Linux version like OSX ?
First Gentoo Install
User cannot log in
So.. X
Gentoo Install Methods
Networking gui
Anyone try out VMware 5.5RC yet?
Nvidia TwinView Issue
Extend disk space range?
problem installing k3b
My first time with Yoper.
Burning DVD's
Dual-booting XP and Fedora
Running great, but how do I install stuff?
How do you read a software manual written in xml?
Changing Partitions
Help deleting Gnome
Making X start at boot
How do you set mythtv to auto transcode recordings?
Deleting Gnome
Noobie Question
Configure my xserver,,,,
x800XL help
swissbit USB thumbdrive isn't working
Dual Boot from Two Drives
SATA - NF7-S Issue
view network
Changing permissions on drive
Reinstalled Debian and Still wont detect screen
looking to by some kind of hard to find ram
Can't mount my XP drive?
How to edit my MBR?
Audio problems with mplayer and some videos
CPU frequecy scaling (cool 'n quiet/powernow) on overclocked Athlon64 on linux
I got a Mac,,a question or two
File nad Printer sharing on gentoo
Samba PDC for XP machines
How do you stop the screen from blanking out?
HP NetServer LS Distro Selection
Few questions
Samba server not visible
A few problems...
XFREE86 Problem
Boot problem
video driver
IS it possible to share an unsupported printer through linux?
Debian Problem
Creating a partition on a ntfs drive
using a CanonPoweshot S2 IS with linux?
Can't run cupsaddsmb
AIX Version 3 - mail command
Some questions about MythTV DVD ripping and MAME
having trouble mounting my hard drives
jigdo problems
"No acceptable C compiler.." error in SuSE, why?
FAQ 2.1: Update Time!
net.eth0 time out
I need of imediat help with knoppix/windows recover
Why is the kernel swapping hda/hde?
Help a Linux addict stay....addicted?
GNOME help
New To Linux: Hardware Compatibility
version of binary to download
Knoppix DVD distro?
Can you "pause" a gentoo installation
Winds changing again!
Linux problems
scp with goofy folder syntax?
YARG.. no network?
Fastest Boot Time
OK.. So.. Changing root password?
Boot CD.
Building a linux server, anythying I should watch out for?
Can't get any sound on my pvr-500
What distro for really old hardware
Free CAD for Linux
Gentoo with Windows..
Looking to upgrade os
GRUB error 17
Anything special to consider for a Laptop Gentoo install?
SuSE Linux : Setting up KDE
Disregard my last thread about RAID, I need help!
comp reboots unexpectedly
RAID use with Mandriva LE 2005
FC3 Crashes
Questions in switching to linux
It says I am out of space, but I'm not
Debian not installing
MythTV installation issues with mysql
Are you ready for a desktop orgasm?
SAMBA issues....
Win32 codecs
Knoppix boot disk
A couple quick question.
"Error 15: File Not Found" - Grub and Gentoo
System Screwed up...Need help Backing up!
Pentium MMX 233 or K6-2 350?
By the looks of it...something's wrong.
Dual boot, with complications..
Linux in Very Old PC
Damn.. thats one evening down the drain...
Linux on a Vaio...Help?
java and knoppix
Better MBM?
Help me switch to Linux!
GAIM and lmsensors installed now what?
Linspire Network Probs
k3b / cd writing question
how do i install os x86?
What happened to my SUSE install?
CPU stability tests from Live Linux CD
Lack of mouse scroll-wheel and SB Live 5.1 is bugging me
lm-sensor install
Help with Kopete
How do I set the wine version?
Can't download large stuff with http/ftp
Mounting a drive
changing permission on devices
no mounting point
Best 64 bit distro
Installing/making copy of Linspire...
GRUB and Debian/Windows XP
reinstalled xandros... NOT AGAIN HELP
Might buy a mac, what about remote desktop?
just a simple ? or 2
Name suggestions for new Gentoo based LiveCD project
Nvidia/OpenGL in Debian
Can't log in as root, wtf?
how to customize your knoppix?
Problems with HD Install of Overclockix LTSP 3.79
Guides for nforce2/SATA on Gentoo
just installed Arch, need a little pacman help
Linspire 5 ( Lindows ) ..... Free Til Sept 6th
Can't see hard drives in chrooted environment
Write to Hard Drive with Knoppix
Microcrud shoots itself in foot again..
Dual head display: input devices
Which Distro?
Creating a Distribution of Linux
Need LDAP directory server to test with
Trying out Gentoo
Hex editor for Linux
Using DHCP - for some things
Linux method for nuking a drive?
dual boot on separate hard drives
Anybody here using APC PowerChute in RedHat ES?
Lost dual boot
What is the deal with NF4 Chipsets and Linux?
Freebsd and Software Raid
ATI and *nix
bash 3.0-r12 colors
Why change??
What flavor for a very slow laptop?
Interested in trying Linux
qtparted v0.4.4
FreeBSD download
Where can i download LINUX?
Why PCLOS doesn't like overclocking???
Project Looking Glass
Compiling FFMPEG on mac osx.4 on a g5. would it go faster?
How do I change client.cfg in Overclockix 3.79?
Tri boot
Kubuntu or Ubuntu?
Overclockix 3.79 unleashed
Overclockix 3.79 and a secondary question
MythTV, Freevo, or Geexbox?
Server, now with more mirrors!
Fedora Linux?
It's that time again...
Laptop Wireless Issues Xandros 3.3
Finally time to delete Whinedoze!