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Huge base, Quality And Fresh Dumps With high valid rate.. - Instant delivery
Ridiculous python problem
django groups from AD
Quickest Path To First Program
Visual basic
django authentication redirect
Is Delphi XE6 better for imputing custom graphics into the C++ code or is QT Cre
writing a simple batch file for a multi boot cd?
Making money out of programming?
powershell and IIS help
BASH script to change working directory of parent process?
Making a Game from Scratch
Operate on a chosen type of file in a chosen folder and its sub-folders (Python)
Learning Git resources?
What's the easiest/cheapest way to compile from GitHub source?
VBS Delete with String
What is cmd.exe written in?
Lumion 4.5 anyone?
Batch convert files
How to block a specific script in Firefox
Python backup script -- please critique
Invoking a bash shell script with the --login parameter
Convert .x and some other questions
Access 97 database conversions
Trying to develop a program to transfer files to USB when plugged in - how?
Desktop user rights restrictions
Strange Symbol In Pygettext.Py
Matlab combinatorics/matrix question
Any better ways of doing this?
Create surface from vertices list
MSVS C++ and Freeglut Setup
Anyone used BASIC STAMP 2
Python: What is the best way to do this (regex)
writing app to get input from a microcontroller
(python) resources to learn OOP?
Finding greatest common divisor (python 3)
What is a batch command to delete FileName.ext from a specific location + subs?
Creating batch rar files from directory
PSExec in batch file help!
Converting XML Files
Bizarre runtime stats on HPC SGE cluster
[help] python msg = 'blah %var?'
Raspberry Pi Python loop question
Writing/reading a binary file in C
IF EXIST ELSE batch file not working
[TIP] send an email with gmail/python
Build static libraries w/gcc, can I use them/with IBM's xlc?
Need powershell help
Help Please!! Access 2007 DB required
PS3.0 Can't seem to pipe selection from list to rest of script
Trying to work my first WordPress website, require help installing plug-ins
Please help me guys
Website Programming
Power Shell and Group Membership
PowerShell 2.0 or 3.0?
Need Help with BBCode
mysql database not updating
Shortcut for Multiple Actions.
GPS Data (simple, yet stuck)
Top 10 list on a single page?
Any Ruby on Rails vets here?
C# program needed any help would be nice
Wordpress Socialist Plugin
A Custom Control Find -- Extracting the Finds
Java execute outside app, wait for completion
Glove Pie or others for Wii Classic pro Questions
.dll Problems with Xfire and CoD4 wont join any server
Simple shortcut macro / bat file question
HELP REQUEST: Visual C# access system info and resource monitor
Pixelated Web Text
Python for-loop better way to do this (element of a list in another list)
Django/python help
show more in each click
C++ Challenge - If your bored :)
code in c#
XNA4 Help
try catch - c++
C++ Classes - destructors
It makes you smarter? :rofl:
help with standard C
Android, Java, and HTML help needed
Print organisation details.
Custom News / Streaming / 'home screen'
Creating a program that polls a website...
need a special driver for this mouse here
there is something wrong in my code and wont display the database properly
Visual Basic - link to C++ ??
Random Numbers
Powershell Help Needed
Need help with regex
Oracle PLSQL Books
Detect download URL VB.NET
HTML form editor program
I need someone to build me an access 2007 database
Java NetBeans, :( I need help!
Does anyone here know MVC4?
(C++) Can anyone explain braces to me?
Replacing splash screen inside .exe or .dll file
Is there a way to view the source code of programs?
Anyone do vBulletin Skinning?
Assembly Class Help
Adobe Master Collection
ELF programming language for PC games
would like to learn without going to school
H.264 encoder
Creating a simple XMLish parser
Connecting to Sybase database
I have a question about programming.
How hard would it be to make this application?
MS Access - Duplicate record button, certain fields only?
Looking for a PHP/SQL wizard
building an httpd/ftp server together that works as one and threaded for maximum
Need help from ASAP from Excel Gurus: search/lookup functions
PHP voting problem
Challenging Java Array
Web dev...for IE
Learning C And Associated Languages
program in java, reads from a txt files doubles and print them in 2D arrays
Challenge 3: How Do I...
Java Problem . Need help
Android, shared preferences, findPreference issue.
Challenge 2: How do I...
Need some help with PHP in HTML
Java RMI
Challenge: How do I...
need help writing a program in c++
Help with CUDA video ripping please!
VB.net + Access
urgent ! I need help seriously . Begging u guys
Controlling desktop w/ my phone?
Timed popup windows
Help with Eclipse
C# Help with List Box
Pulling my hair out with this bash script
College Java classroom vs online
Can someone with MS VS2010, 64-bit Matlab, and Win7 64bit compile this for me?
Eclipse Laggy
JOptionPane Java Script
Socket communication using Java
New to Java, first assignment
PhotoSmart Drivers
How can i hide my IP address on a Java-based online game?
Java, threads and lag...
PERL Regular Expression Help
Anybody familiar with Intel Assembly Language ?
cron job understanding
Single dial combination lock
NetBeans - Applets
Teaching an intro to encryption methods?
Java ArrayList Problem
Java - Change color of cmd window?
Java - Put space between buttons ?
Converting GAS assembler into NASM assembler?
Eclipse Question
Need a script (I'm a designer lol)
Python: How to exclude words from output
App Builder
Help, Removing RECYCLER folder & autorun.inf in USB
Textpad Users
Java - Exceptions (super, null constructors)
Java Help .. size();
Macro to find differences?
Importing Text File into SQL Database
Java - Generic
Bounce Files ?
What CMS/PHP System to use?
Win 7 64bit - ok?
Calling a Method within the same class
Java programming with OpenGL #2 - Basic Shapes and Colors
Python: ftplib hangs at end of transfer
Java programming with OpenGL #1 - Introduction
LWJGL Framework / Snake Game demo
Visual Basic 2010
Bad Characters When Copy/Pasting -Netbeans
C++ DUDES ...lol
Some Java help?
Coder help?
how to use itunes on win 7
Java - Create a new class with static array
C# and .Net training
Coding a game?
JAVA errors calculating area of polygon
Java, Color reference & paint component issue
Programming/Software Development Survey
Java - Variable = all negative ??
Looking to learn python
Super NOOB JAVA - Align Output
C# Importing Excel
Java - how to call a header file
Needs some help in Macro for Excel 2010[solved]
about the UPC-A Barcode Generator for ASP.NET
Any good suggestions about barcode generator?
Looking for a program that auto-transfers files..does it exist?
Java Loop Help
Best way to poll a URL for an alt code.
php and mysql
Looking for iPhone barcode app.
anyone work(ing) with MS access?
Sorting Algorithms
3ds max vs maya
Help with a better way to do this (Python)
another c++
Making a chat program?
Game development
Java IDE ?
Searching array of objects in Java
java question
java question
C++ Noob needs help
HTML (Search Box) help
Free Programming "Classes" via the Net
Matrix in assembly mxn dimension in emu 8086
Unix help please!
Need Help With File Copy Script
WinXP command line
help in finding good contant editor
Looking for developers to help in free and opensource project
C++ 2D-Arrays, Functions and files
3d modeling help
Need Advice: Learning Two Subjects At Once
Java Help MTM2011
How to edit audio in a video?
Need help getting something compiled.
DooM 3 Source Code
Calling a member function from a function
any python folks out there?? need help w/ school project due monday
c# help reading core temperatures
Program to answer survey
Dennis Ritchie, father of C programming language and Unix, dies at 70
batch files help(editing user input)
VBS Script for Information Retrevial
Concactenation and arrays
Java Help
MS Access calculation/relationship issue
Temp Monitoring
C++ Help!
Batch help needed: For loops
Confused with Header Files
efficiently counting factors of a number?
Footer.php Help!
Let me know if this diagram in my DB is ok
how do i put a "signature" in my profile ?
odd python problem (linux)
c++ string search
Java/Android Help
thumbs up and down web site question
c++ passing operators as char
Firefox plugin. Can it launch external scripts?
Session Data in Javascript?
Need a programmers help to decipher some code
What's the point of <article> tags in HTML5?
Project in Visual Studio using Visual Basic
C++ string manipulation
HTML need help
Registration Problem PHP
Access 07 Line graph issue
C++ help
What language is this?
HTML help.
html5 uploading problem with XHR
Printing PPT with VB ***please help***
PHP problem
Personal Project Python: Nmap -> mysql
VM Player/Networking issue
C and Arduino help
Python: help clean up code (adding classes?)
Java thread #1,092
Online Programming Classes? Or A Book and Video?
AutoIt script help please
c++ array pointer question
Python for-loop help?
awk type functionality in Python?
Excel Question: Arrange by date
CSS mouseover help
ShellExecture Question
Client and Server Setup
Binary to Int converter.
C++ Memory Management
autodesk maya 2012
Access violation in C++
Arduino Programming Help
Best System Build for Python Programming
Wordpress - Read the rest ?
Vbulletin forum links help
Looking for a few things.
Wordpress Help
Java Development?
VB script error
A.I. development. Need free Tutorials, do you know some?
Texture trouble
Use a txt file with links to copy files into folder
HTML forms
PhysX: 1 thread @ 100% cpu usage.
Need Help With Some C Coding
Mass Renamer with a twist?
java script password fail
HTML comment box
Database/Website Query
Website Hanging
Suggest a backup format for internet site threads
Quick Java Question - very basic
Need some help with VBA and access
Home Work Urgent Help!!
Linux basename command.
Javascript - LIFO logic, FIFO behavior
Memory and Programming
HTML coding.
visual studio 2010 question
Where to start
Web System dissertation
VBScript dislikes the number 11?
Looking for someone to take over the G15 plugin from Core Temp
Running javascript psftp commands In IE 8
c# visual studio help
Web Designer -> Developer
The BEST C programming textbook?
C Programming Help
jGrasp Question
Input validation that fails should try again.. VBscript
Compiling java files
Excel help....basic formulas
Whats this error and how to fix it?
Need help with next text in cmd
Make more than one socket connection
squashfs repacker
Some questions about nested variable length arrays in python
Looking for a UML modeling tool
Java and static variables
Anyone use AutoCAD and Program for it?
Need batch file help
What is the properties?
Programing.. Where to start as a n00b?
Finding Longest Word in String - Assembly code for 8086
good books for C programming
Penny Auction Templates | Scripts
Basic Java - byte variable
Learning Java
OpenGL problem
web design help
Flash issues on web site
Wordpress (removing footer info)
C++ *Help*
Could use a little help with a carousel style menu...
Linux help
Passing this.value to a php function
I've never understood regular expressions [RESOLVED]
3DS Max Shader Deleting
Help with making a simple(?) Greasemonkey script
maximum element of a list
cpuz and other programs to install for my new rig
CSS integration problems
assembly program that loads a string
Calculating pi in c
Linux/Cross platform GUI creation
Segments in Assembly
Minesweepero in Java
VBA in powerpoint
JAVA: Multiplying all elements of a 2-D Array by a constant PLEASE HELP
JAVA Reading strings and integers from a file and concatenating strings.
Help Setting Up Eclipse CDT with multiple programs in one project
Removing shoddy software..
simple question about return values and refrences
JAVA Reading from a file and storing to array...InputMismatch error Please help
data transfer via vector::erase()?
Question for all the C gurus in here.
Best C# Entry level tutorials?
Gee wiz, I really want to do game programming, with OpenGL
Chaging HD Icons - Win 7
PHP Frameworks (I can't decide which one)
NES controller w/Accelerometer code...C++ issues
Issue with Wordpress spammer prevention code
vb/powershell script to modify windows shared folder permissions
web page creator
hdparm 9.30 Windows Binary
comment boxes
Android vs. iOS Programming: Comparison
C or assembler??
Google App Inventor Invites?
game project, models form another game?
html IMG tag not working but <p> with text does ?
Anyone wanna help me with an excel problem?
issue with website sizing
C++ r values
Linker error with VisualStudio 2010
Regexp help - parse forum profile fields
Completely snookered ....
Computer Engineering help
Simple web design Anyone want to do this for my wife?
Making a spreadsheet into a web app
HTML help
Excel Loan Calculation
returning html in a soap (xml) document
video section on a website?
Force Javascript to run
Javascript to clear history & PHP question
C Code for Image Processing
Placing an image at the top of this theme? Noob question
Semi-Liquid CSS question
Future Programming (Comp Sci) Student
Visual Studio Question
C++ APIs?
SQL question (multiple table select)
Overloading Constructors help
any hackers on here???
What language?
Need help on alternative cpu stressing program
Creating batch rar files from directory?
Inheritance and late binding C++
Cuda and Ctm?
Request program for the restoration of deleted data (absolutely necessary)
Good Windows Resource Editor?
JAVA GAME -Animal Kingdom
Request/Response Inner Workings??
Subtract 1 day from current date for use in a data file name.
Basic Java Question
IEEE-754 Double Precision Question
C++ Diffie-Hellman Client
C++ Patterns and OO Phylosophy
Perl Array of Arrays question
easy, basic excel question
Need Java Ideas
advice needed (PHP MYSQL)
C++ help, program keeps crashing at certain points.
SQL conversion to T-SQL??
C++ Help
Why won't this work on my iPhone?
Excel Conditional Formatting
Vb code help VB6
Best way to make an installer package?
Is there such a thing as cheap AI middleware?
A Python question
Learning VB script
Dynamically assigning variable names in Python
Issue with a vb script and scheduled task
Need suggestions for a good hosting company
Parsing an int from the end of a string in c++
Binary arithmetic
Quick Java Help
PhP to html?
C++ retrieve HTML page and parse
PHP Tutorials for Beginner
Jump List In Java
Creating a cpu stress tester
Command Line Text Deletion Utility Recommendation
Two-dimensional array question C++
Menu System c++
load vidoe after page loads?
help coding the games
What language should I use?
Java Help - How to do this
I need a coder
Need C++ help
Rock, Paper, Scissors Game (C#)
web form question
form submit action 2 destinations?
C++ BST with Iterators Post, Pre, In order
C++ multiple classes
Need some help with homework.
c++ only allow whole numbers
Anyone use FLEX?
Trying to put a comma in numbers in JAVA. Help please!
how do i make sense of this ?
Apache questions
window tutorial with some additional things... which is working?
how to install SDL on VS 2010?
Is this possible? Access only with USB
msvcp71d.dll is missing, but it is here and can't register that thing too
How to include that thing into VS 2010?
Passing equations as parameters in C
Sorting DIV's JavaScript?
Math programming similiar to ti 89?
Sorry for nooby question, but i got into some advanced compiling stuff,includes.
Perl executable?
can anyone help me with a login page for my site?
Making Malloc
Want to make program for my phone
DotNetNuke user integration...
bat files and cygwin and automation
quick html question
Batch File pkill.exe help (W2k)
Help with calculator (determining order of operations) *Java*
Batch file renaming help?
java reference chart
HTML question
Drawing to the screen itself via GTK
Visual Studio Being a Visual Pain in the @ss.
Not very familiar Visual Studio C++
Hard Drive power-on time in C#