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DAC Sin Wave.
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Core Temp, Real Temp, RDMSR
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Need help understanding this USB interface's VC++ functions
I really hate eclipse
anyone good with pthreads and know why this thread isn't running?
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Basic Java Question, Please Help.
Wrapper program for full-screen games
.htaccess file
Prog acts up when coming out of sleep/hibernate mode
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OMG I'm Going Cross Eyed
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Malware/Virus Database? Low level help
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FolderViewMasterIII - Set Folder View details then apply that to all subfolders
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I hate boost. I hate boost. I hate boost.
Stupid question
Hope someone can help me in vb
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iPhone SDK
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HELP With Four-In-A-Row
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PHP Help: Form variables
Game code GPGPU
Programming exam!
Yay, Windows Programming!
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looking for software recommendations
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[JAVA] Problem with simple pong game
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Program Error in C++ Builder 6
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Books on C Programming
New to C... Would like an IDE
Dual-Quad Cores in Fortran
Java File IO with open/save window (making it pretty and functional)
Strange Error?
Web languages
How can I use PHP to display the free space on the server drive?
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Looking for some C# Syntax...
Word and/or RTF to HTML converter
Is there even a point to C/C++ in Windows?
Coding Jokes!!!
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Basic java program...Can it be Embedded?
what language do you suggest?
How to accese temp sensors in c#
runtime error
Please Help
What word am I looking for?
Need a C Compiler that runs on OSX
TI Basic (calculator Programming)
Program to edit IP configuration? C++?
Simple algorithm to calculate distance between two vectors
Basic Number Detection Program in C#
Help me write this program? MSVisual
How hard is JAVA?
anyone experienced with assembly and MIPS architecture??
making 2D game using C++
Mysql n00b, help plz
is there anyway to reverse engineer vb program?
EcmaScript 4.0 = null;
PHP Application Framework I am developing... Thoughts?
Task Manager: Applications vs Processes
Resolution independent/window side independent JPEG header
What is it with programming forums...
linking tables in access
semi off topic... text editor, can't remember the name of it.
Free SVN and/or Source Control...
htaccess rewite!!
REALBasic Convert Integer
Some simple html/css help
access problems
Java JIT compiler optimizations
Visual studio help
Rsync script chaging ownership
How the hell did they do that?
Mass SQL Injection Attacks
Preventing Email Injection
PHP Problem
Frame Redirect blocked?
Relative File References [C#]
Need Help With SELECT Query
SMS API's...
Memory-efficient unique array element extraction?
Nano Syntax Highlighting, need some regexps
Playing with iptables: for FAH.
Interfaces in Java...what are they for?
Please Critique this BlackJack (java)
Pulling XML into a GUI
Help with Random (yes... really) in Java
Programming for a Mac
C++ program
Windows Mobile 5 programming.
Microsoft Interns $$$$
Does this code look ok?
Damnable Bit Manipulation Puzzles
Compiler Errors - Lost of 'em (Java)
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VB 6... replace? mid?
How important is C++ on a Resume?
Do you program in FORTRAN?
Four In A Row (Java)
PHP / MySQL Help
Seeking help for SQL
Web page checking?
If anyone still uses VB...
Please check my program!
C/C++ Memory Usage for Large Matrices
Program to send varying frequency tones to speakers?
Tables Owi
CSS question?
Viterbi Algorithm Implementation
Java loop help
Want to toggle a window...
Interview today...
Criticise / help improve my site
Simple Fortran code?
OS developement team
Help with Perl script
CSS overlaps/overflows/z-indexes
Sung to "twinkle twinkle little star"
simple html question.
VB6 Cryptogram - Help
Early morning PHP help
Need a bit of HTML advice.
User name availability?
Need to get device info from X11 / XInput
Another SQL query
Looing for something that can do this for me...PHP ?
Avoiding Global Variables
PHP Encoding Status Page (virtualdub)
Supress dialog box
Runnig PHP from PHP
vb.net - help filtering a bindingsource using two variables
C++ Book Recommendations
Awesome new CPU stress utility needs feedback!
need help with html homework
Quick Java Question
C++ Restarting an application??
anyone here know about ACPI?
How does an old processor handle a new instruction set?
Looking for a good read on ADO.NET...
Need help asap
Small PHP MySQL problem
Made it to the 2nd interview with Microsoft!
Greatest and Least Number
UML & You!
Ill pay $$ - Need help with wordpress custom fields
My first C++ problem..
Just got interviewed by microsoft! wee.
Help with Homework please
C or C++
C# Switch Statement Goodness...
Long double and cout problem. [C++]
php ajax dhtml? "minimize" text
A Random Prob in C#
beginner C programming help
Anyone good with batch files?
Need help with this html
Wanting to learn a Cross-Platform Language
Java GUI programming
Some Help From OO Gurus
vBulletin, EVE Online API mod?
Website Design Suggestions
G++, GCC, and CC... differences?
[C++] {Win32} <FastTimer> Too Slow
n00b website creation Q
creating gradient menus in html
JAVA Spring Runtime Error
<identifier> expected - Java; Help!!!
CSS Problem..
STL, Lists, C++.
My website looks different in IE than in Firefox
Hmm, i'm stuck with C#...
Need Help with WordPress/CSS
C#: Need text to display on a button for set time.
whitespace issue with <object>
centering inline list using css
Selected listbox items
Compile Error That I Can't Get Rid Of (Java)
Validating user input in C#
Why wont this compile?!
Learning C# & ASP.NET...
GCC can't find system headers
Java IDE recommendations?
Anyway to create a batch file or script that executes/ends a program multiple times?
c++ vector question
A good system for running Visual Studio 2005
Noob question, how hard is it to make a program such as .......
Ok, criticize my small little program
Java Help
cisco ios - call issue
Python: Need help with some List operations
exponential function
Need help writing assembler
C++ vector question
C++ Internet Help.
beginner c++ problem
Hiddin counter help?
Java regular expressions
Needing help.
Help Request in Python
Need help compiling java
In need of simple (I hope) HTML help
Webpage making is still tough.
Permuation Algorithm
c++ noob help
Starting point for scripting?
Can HTML do this?
C++ Quicksort Help
Installer Registry and File Checking
How to properly ask a girl to Homecoming.
Word press blog?
ActionScript 3.0 resources?
Using multiple CSS styles in ONE HTML table?
Html software for home pages?
php & mysql problem..
Google search
having brain cramp.... web site help
Flac to mp3 using LAME?
Can I change green to another color?
soyo sy-6vba 133
Get to remove this *****
Help With Setting Winamp Equalizer For Best Sound
How do I kill Driver Detective??
webpage audio/load times
good starter SQL project?
Retrieving from a MS Access DB
Help C++ (wrote in Visual Studio 6)..
Having trouble sharing header files
HTML link displays binary gibberish in browser instead of prompting me download? Why?
Some help with PHP
Gathering web site data. JAVA
Compiling problem?
Google Maps API help...basics
c# advice for csv files..
[C++] HTTP GET Request (Sockets)
I think I might need to learn a good text parsing language
Trying to build a simple counter program
Where do you get your ideas ?
Question concerning the C++ sticky
Malloc error?
javascript problem?
browser discrepancies
Compiling a C Code
Small XML question-need help! PLEASE!!!!
Sources on Relational DBs and SQL
help with HTML forms
Launch Two Programs At Once
Getting to programming?
Major Problem when viewing in browser..
php problem
Comparison between Pointer and Integer...HELP!
Need 1 line of HTML...
reading file in array (c#)
nagging html problem
SQL Help
HTML help
CSS / Internet Explorer 6 issue
phpBB 3.0 user email requirements
Looking for a good HTML and CSS book
Remote script for WinServer'03
would this work?
VB scripting, grabbing username and passing them as variables.
Need help creating a simple batch file
College assigment
Modifying .ini files with a group policy
Noob question about encryption
mysql prob
Small C# Problem
Help with part of sudoku puzzle
Simple C++ problem
How would I go about coding this for Excel?
ASP.NET + MC++: A way to load client-side control with unmanaged dependancies?
XNA for VS 2005
were is my thread on MySQL??
Contact info for a flash website
C Program Consumes Incredible Page File
Starting points for all programmers!
Java .class error
Infinity Error!! VB
Urgent NOOB C++ help
MySQL/php trouble...
Website Issues
Class Duplicaton in VB.NET
Array, Iteration and item reading in JAVA
Need C++ help reading input file...
In need of urgent flash 8 help! ASAP
[C] CPU Cache vs Heap vs Usual RAM?
PHP Scripting help
Save and recall strings in VB?
C# for MS Access Database um, access
access database tutorials??
securing my domain
Pointers... wtf?
Graphing using data from C#
Block port in Java...
Random VIN generator (C++?)
Java help - file reading
Changing the address that a pointer points too?
Visual basic.net message box with choices
MS Access problem thats driving me crazy
VB Program Help
VB.net XML editing
quick C help
Visual basic.net arrays
problem with a public array..
Visual Basic Variable inside a message box
desktop refresh / wallpaper change
php/mysql problem...
Creating dynamic disks from usb thumb drive (windows xp)
Visual basic for loops
simple C# prob
Easy PHP tutorial
mysql relational schema help needed
Need easy help with programming
Fast access for your controls (C# code).
How to view a directory in a web page
C# Audio Playback Question
problems deleting cookies
Program to change desktop background?
Program installer -- but registry keys too
Visual C++ and C++
A c++ error i can fix :S
rebelwarlock haet nms Formmail
C++ problem...
Check for key press (C#) or (C++)
Problem with HTML tables
Problem with HTML tables
Finding the length of an integer with only if and switch
Learn to write Drivers
Output problem.
variable problem in c#
Output a double value with JOPtionPane
Any programmers out there talented enough to make a 'quick switch' SLI proggy?
A bit of javascripto
Looking for a good VB 2005 .NET book
Need 3D line drawing algorithm
Java:unreported exception
Using serial com on .net
Latest version of Toast for AMD processors
Need help with input box loop
VPU load.
Multi-core programming techniques?
Interesting find for programmers
Stupid spammers
download a file in c#
any java programmers? evaluate my tic-tac-toe game
activex / java embedded FTP client
scrolling listboxes
How to make a java GUI
rearranging string builder arrays (C#)
[Java] String / array problems
Taking filenames from a directory with C
C++ Header files
Java JButton Help
Custom String class works but doesnt work
VB2005 Automate a key press
C++, OpenGL and glColor3f()
.NET Framework 3.0
Add propertys...
Please help me
Problem in Flash (Might be my action script)
Need some Windows programming help...
Quick Excel VBA help please!!
[GAME] Should I make the map bigger?
Problems with getInputStream() [Java]
Pop ups, damn the pop ups
Centralizing a table in firefox
Little bit of career adivce...
Simple Java Programs I created for class
Submitting to a php form handler with only a simple hyperlink
Couple of errors that im unsure on (c#)
need help with html please
Compiling Servlets for Thirdparty Server
VHDL and Spartan 3 Help
Please help me with C/C++..I'm a dumb Java guy
simple perl database (yay!)
C++ Weird rand() result
Css help
funky CSS results
ASP.net AJAX Beta / ATLAS help
java quicky
grabbing html from another page
VB .NET - TabControl and Text
C programming help
Im stuck....Unsure how to extend my programming..
Reading a Single Character in Java
Assembly Help
Online C++ Tutorials?
Functions in VB
Using 3DSM models in OpenGL
PHP as App Scripting Language
What do I do now?
Drag and Drop in VB
sql help
C++ problem
Setting Focus at start up in VB
To stupid to figure this out
php development tools.
Making image resize with the browser
Embedded Systems
SQL query problem
new window with javascript
Stumped on something simple <_<
Can I do this in Java?
whois in c# app
This login script sticks at login page
Creating Gambling Program For Psych. Research
a few html questions...
pascal compiler
Quick visual basic.net question.
I need some help on making GUIs in C++
Designer module VB 6 to VB.NET
Pointer tutorials?
Want to learn to program AI
little help on making a .bat :) < stupid noob