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just sharing a form validation script i found
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GTA:SA Vehicle Stat Editor in VB.Net
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The C Song
if (Java.equals("HELP"))
vBulletin any good?
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Optimizing MySQL Database
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switching an image with javascript?
Major Dev-C++ 5.0 help needed
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Timing in ASM
Java Help!
C# or VB.NET - How to make a frame stick to another window
shutdown app/module
Editing DLLs ?
Need a hand extracting a file.
How do you get info from the system() command back into the process which spawns it?
How am I screwing up in php mailform?
batch files :)
Populate my DB for testing
Search Access Database with Web Browser
JavaScript help? Google Maps API
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Quick VB.Net Question.
Simple lighting and primitives with OGL?
VB Saving an Image
Converting BMP in C++
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Visual Studio .NET w/ C++ and VB
xml in flash?
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PHP people: Help required with multi array sorting!
Help or I Fail my course!
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First Website ( in the works as of now )
Simple redirect script
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Java Driver class?
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Reading web page into javascript string
help me parse this out (vb.net)
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JavaScript or VBScript to turn up volume?
Hex icons? View/edit right click menu icons?
Has anyone learned a computer language without going to school for it?
make me a script
making a variable not change
vb.net streamwriter.
C++: Is it safe to immediatly use the address after a constructor?
C++ file io in linux with ntfs
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Searching a file in C
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java help please... sorting Arrays
C++ Newb needs some help
jfilechooser for APplet
Java objects and methods....
A dedicated php guru's help wanted.
mathematical algorithms or source code
Yet another C problem
batch file
Help with C++ File I/O
Stupid HTML question
Project Tracker: C++/OpenGL/Glut Food-Prey-Predator sim
C++ Help Needed, Simple Program
C++ Arithmatic help needed
A few project Questions(java)
Flash Developers
How do I get my site's banner to change?
Software Patents: An Industry At Risk
Simple Poker Game Assignment Help -> PHP+Database
ODBC connection
how do i convert this from java to vb.net
Is there a program that will find win regestry keys with no permissions?
Double Helix...
Assembly Language Book
C++: Dynamic arrays in structure
Huh! Works in Firefox but not IE?
Another C problem
Open Source Programming Project
Python - newbie needs help
"Item Tracking" Journal
aim scripting
Java reading a string...
html/flash voting system
Installing Apache Tomcat help
Connecting flash to databases
simple little question (Java)
Need to hire a programmer
Need help finding distance from a point to a line in Java
A few questions about java
Large Scale Game Server Control Panel Project
C problem/question
Could use some help please.
combinatorics problem (debugging-related)
Java Help - Formating Output
anyone work with bison?
Help finding prime numbers in Java.
PHP Login Script
I Need Help With F'ing Qbasic!!!!
Whats wrong here? (small code sample)
problems with flex
Perl regular expressions
Book recommendations?
Eviorment variables
what is going on with my java code?
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Getting back into Coding
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How to stop someone from...
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Need java help!!!!!!!
Please Help Me!!!!!
[B]Need help inserting some java into a php form[/B]
"Big O" question
Java newb, easy question
Create desktop short cut using Java or something...
does anyone know how to ping a ip or dns with .net
Basic Java help.
more vb.net questions
Fileserver web interface?
vb.net question
sending multiple mails
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stupid HTML question
javascript problem
Network Messenger
Disabling Back/Forward buttons?
Making a popup in PHP or Java
muting shockwave?
HTML, Is this the right place?
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cpu instruction list for amd 64 3000
Java Problem Also
Website help.
Java problem
looking for a script
understanding perl bitshifts and stuff
Apache Problems
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Confused about MySQL privileges...
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Code for HTML to shrink webpage display?
AP Comp Science (Java)
How to make an upload site.
Visualize sorting algorithems
Good Java Book?
Learning PHP
Web design
C++ problem
News program for my main page?
I did this with noter pad only.
Tables Frames Pictures Cell spacing Oh my.
Help with a Java slideshow
How to do screen shot / screen capture with win32/GDI?
HTML/Jave help needed: Tables and rollovers
code help
HTML - Press a button, more text appears!
HTML question
Drawing pyramid using for loop?
Create a MD5 hash with ASP?
building without shared libraries
Please critique my website...
js programming + adobe
C++ Programming Book Recommendations?
Windows eject command?
ADODB is causing me to go prenaturally grey.
Learning Programming
Need Help on the C++ Tutorial
Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition Beta .exe files
I-Net Homepage Setup
Editing registry & performing a command on open of a program
hexadecimal values needed please :)
C/C++ Compiler/Linker
Help connecting Java & MySQL
Vc++ 6.0 same as vC++.net
Advantages of ASP?
DLL dependency checking
Feedback on a website facelift
x86 Assembly Help Needed
Good program for building my first website?
How to refine a free software ?
.Jar file question
SQL Query based on dates
java newb need help
Java Applet not embedded in page properly
Home grown stress test.
Search and display text on the web
AsP sending an email
can someone PLS find a way to loop this program>!
Need help with a very odd java problem..
Where to go from here?
My website v.1.5 beta
Dfi Bios 6/23
Screen shot saver !
Commenting 'etiquette'?
BASIC Programming Language#1(NEW RULES)
html tables
BASIC Programming Challenge #1
Website Development: I am out of touch!
Windows DDK help
C++ compilier?
help with java if then logic
Any good tips on how or where to learn VBS basics
help writing some kind of script for IE
c++ opencv question
Printing word document from command Prompt
Learning Programming Language(s)
vc++ and c++
windows applicatioin c++
Help Java N00b doing exponants
Question from a Perl noob
I did some googling - Installing php5 with mysql and apache
Invision power board CSS Question
C# stuff
FireFox Search Plugin
ASP.net/Vb.net help
MASM compiling help
Mass email
Playing EXACTLY 25,000 Hz with c++
Lost - Point me in the right direction.
Help with a SQL Problem
C++ Sorting Names Problem (Quicksort)
I'm in a tight spot
Installing JDK
Help a JAVA noob
Cross platform GUI toolkits for C++
Looking for a REALLY GOOD PHP/MySql tutorial
Testing two MySQL results.
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Java Programming- Specifically for Programming in Java
Pascal Programming- Specifically for Programming in Pascal
C++ Programming- Specifically for only C++ Programming
C Programming-Specifically for only C Programming
BASIC Programming- Specifically for only Programming in BASIC
Ada Programming-Specificially for [i]only[/i] Ada Programming
Business meetings
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include a html file in php
Turbo Pascal 7.0 help
Differences between C++ & C++ .NET
How to make a countdown timer in c++
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Oem Info Setup
Perl Network Help
xml php troubles
C++ .NET Reading registry keys
Slipstreaming A CD-Pro's/Con's
reading memory
Unrelated to my other thread..Help!
Help with a timer
Help with JAVA!!!
Erhm..Help, please?
which OS
release mode
C++ Help output characters
calculator programing
Help me..please?
How to shut down the computer?
question on microsoft's .net programing
Collision Detection
Calling all Programmers
Firefox and Html
Random class in java
Playing wave with c++
I just a 428mb file to a school computer!
JButtons methods in java
PHP forwarding
Quick HTML Question
Need Help: Class Members
My site
java and ascii
whast wrong with this simple program?
VC++ MFC app help...
Making Snake in Comp Sci class
Creating a GUI for C/C++
Reading a Remote file, C
controlling telephone by vc++