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Josephus for dummies
i need help with programing prime numbers
Installing printers from a commandline/batch file? <batch file guru needed>
I need a program to port to Windows.
I need somebody whos good at creating Flash
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Software commands to reset a Cable modem.
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"How Not to Write FORTRAN in Any Language"
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Wanna play with visual studio? Give this a try!!
Anyone know c#? =/
IM and Game Programming
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what is the best computer programming software?
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Java help.
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My first open source project (Cross-Platform Bitmap library)
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which disc editor!
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Which open source license to choose for a project?
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Urgent help with advanced level JSP Book selection!
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Yahoo ISP Tracker
How can you make RightClick GOOGLE "Open Selected URL" in NEW WINDOW every time
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Physcics Calc v1.0
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Expose Algorithm
Finaly learning x86 ASM!
Stop picture copying
VB6 Or .NET to start from?
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Anyone Understand AMI Hex Code
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A Fun Program to Try Out (animated/OpenGL Predator-Prey Simulation)
any one need some assistance
Do i have to have Visual Basic or other programs?
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Perfect example of MS quality control
Is this possable? C++ Help w/ pointers
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Cookie deletion in VB
recycle bin, for clear up program
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Clear Up Program
Newbie at programming
divisible_by_6 ( A x B )
C header files + enums = ?
circular doubly linked list
Win32 Programming using C
Change a sybase password from UNIX C/C++ program?
Using apsting.h in c++ (devcpp) to go from binary to decimal.
PHP Script Help Needed
C/C++ Pointers tutorial!
help a new guy out in HTML?
How can I debug with a launcher application with MSVS?
Dreamweaver / HTML - Template? Question...
C Book
Adding html to postnuke
Please help
I/O port monitoring
Slight PHP problem
Help a brother with php nuke probs out!
PHP Mail Problem Linux
Prime Number help
C++ Arrays and Functions..
PHP + MySQL, anyone experienced?
A BASIC problem...Get it!!?
C++ program issue compiling...
C++ Compiler question..
I need C++ help yet again x_x HELP!!
C++ HW help (Sieve of Eratosthenes)
Does anybody know how to use CpuCool
Invoking .jar Files
Hrm... Java text?
Java Question
How much of Java is C++ and....
Need some Java help
Best free hosting?
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Programming Logic...problem to solve, plz hlp?
C++ n00b please help!
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Version Control Systems???
Copy files with no window popup
Need help with REGEX
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Running .exe files in VB.NET
Anyone ever used Borland Jbuilder x?
Any Computer Science Majors?
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Recommend a language
C++ prefered over C?
looking for a guide...please read this
I need a favor from a C++ programmer.
Getting a CGI script to run through PHP page
Good programming books?
Help me build this website
Program needed ( freeware or under $200 )
Java and xml failed to work
Release mode
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Need a new site.
C++; Is there a way to check for a virtual function table?
j++ (java)
UserName and Passsword In VB
Website templates
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Make image as wide as screen (HTML)
how to open .bin files
Java help question : arrays
Java: how to send shell commands in a Java console
HEX search & replacement in perl. how to do it the right way ?
Prolog Connect 4
Server for OC Forums?
Is there a way to extract forms from a VB.NET exe?
Pursuit for higher edu., cant decide though
JAVA: how to bundle into own code a JAR
getting GUI to use java ssh client to connect to ssh server
program that tells you your specs?
IP To Country
TransparentAll, anybody interested?
Is super a standard c++ keyword?
Writing Add-ins for Web Servers
Help me out on this database thing
Programming programs
any javascript programmers here?
apache is killing me <pulls out hair>
crap cleaner
Registry Mechanic?
function for this?
find out some stuff in HTML ?
incorporating graphics
need help with website
What to do with Nam?
WinXP, VC++, SDK. I need to TerminateProcess anyway. Help!
c# multiple form application
VB6 - Search listbox for date and display results?
Need some help with Knight's Tour program in C++
How do you find the number of digits in a number
Free 'visual' compilers/IDEs?
How long is std::string::c_str() valid?
Please help BOB!
Copy/Move/Rename files in VB6
directx9 rotating cube
Primary key not displayed in VB
Why does this code die?
A First
VB for loops..
Visual Basic 6 Winsock - Run-time Error
Having some problems with java homework
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APIs for unicode support in Linux
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Sig Test [Help may be needed]
Direct access to physical drives in Win2k question
Help Me JEBUS!! Java newbie has problem
Help {How to write a java chat program}
splash screen
Text on top of image in html help please?
I want to make a boot disk for XP, that runs a simple dos program only.
BASIC stamps and PBASIC
How do i make my own installer?
Char* to __int64
Where to get cal
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C Compile under Solaris problem
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Is there an easy way to translate TI83+ BASIC to ASM?
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Program to calc leg lengths on a slope
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passing a 2D array in java
STEP in C++
how to make an Iterator class
How to write a sinple page that shows pictures?
Hyperlink outline
Help me pass PERL Programming!
c++ game programming
VB.net homework help.
Java Problem
JavaScript guru
c++ int
How to download files over HTTP in C...
What language to take?
His name is Bob (php)
Anyone know how to make Jcreator LE work?
Odd programming question
Http Codeing help
Adding drivers to dos bootdisk
What editor do you use?
A little beta testing
FREE MS VC++ Toolket 2003 Download!
freeware for java menu for web site
Can't find Winsock in VB6 LE
Computer Consulting Jobs + headhunters
Explain C++ dynamic_cast please.
C++ help please
Hidden areas in my notes...
Windows APP
clear screen in console app
Sending a Form VIA Email
any PERL programmers here?
C++ end program
I am makeing an online game
web site user profile
C++ .Net Header files using statement?
No Strings in C++?
Vb Help
Some VB.net homework help plz.
some noob help needed here
Help me get a job
C++, Linux, and GUI's
ShellExecute - synchronized browsing for a folder
Installing F@H as a service without admin priv's
Using Variables to connect to a SQL 2000 database
Highlighting text in java. . .Separate Thread?
MFC books
HTML Help - Fast
Java Class, Prepare me
Using CSS and RGB colors....
MSVC++ Is it really programming?
How do I fix this DIV positioning problem?
C++ in windows Vs. C++ in linux, how is it different?
C++ in windows Vs. C++ in linux, how is it different?
alternative to conio.h library
Test - ignore
CSS problems in IE 6.0/Win
Should I use an image map on my webpage?
2D arrays in managed C++?
bios microcode modding
Java Problem Regarding Matricies...
I Found some nice sprites but need more...
setting page sizes html
Help with PERL rcon monitoring in RTCW
Visual Studio 6 building standalone exe's
pascal: delphi, sse, fpu?
Array checking for duplicate values
Random Number Generation repeats?
Best hashing algorithm for P2P
Few questions
Programmer advice in studing needed...
SDL and tutorials
Assembler ide/debugger/
scoring in a QB bowling game
form problems
PHP match functions
list of lists help
help with webpage layers/frames
Burn In Test
way to copy selected short cuts
Best way to learn?
**Quick C++ help
DOS, bat file , kill processes help
finding prime numbers in C++
one link targeting multiple frames
Can someone Please make me a simple macro?
apache + .net framework
bitmaps in Qbasic...
C++ comment question
Simple C++ istream question
Java -> creating jar problems
computer graphics and applications of computer graphics
C++ Code Question
VB6 help.
question for my website
C++ homework problem
html sidebar
C++ .NET book?
Web hosts for PHP NUKE
Linked list and hash functions
Trouble with my socks...
java awt questions
GCC + Windows = ???
Making money out of a website
Using a C++ Dll in VB
c++ compiler
Stack queues help
In desperate need (Asp Upload)
Need some help using structs and classes and *.h files URGENT
Need help from ppl in the industry
Intel's Math Kernel Library
PHP question
Critique my Prime scripts.
What is makefile and how do i use it
Trouble with quadratic formula
top 10 website mistakes
Simple enough HTML problem
Visual Basic, ID3 tag editor.
Invision Boards
Problem: Installing Visual Studio 6.0
starting up a webcompany
trouble with looping
Java and transparent images
need help w/ loop
html help
Invision Boards
Create 2000server Services
what to do for independent study?
simple I/O with textboxes in VB6
Search Engines - SEO and Google
As i play most of these Computer games..
Input Stream Array Storage
I need a bit of help with PHP
Embedding Forms in VB
Recommened Editor for PHP text files
New to c++ and need help.
I need to ask a C++ programmer a question
how do get my program to run inside other programs
Wireless Network Sensor