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program to throw text into .csv file.
It wants to debug EVERYTHIN!!!
Getting an infinite loop in MS Visual Basic
Perl and MySQL help needed...
Lisp 2-3-tree
java - pointers for a program
HTML, CGI, PHP, ASP?!?! Which one?
Need quick SQL help.....
Which language is used the most in today's market?
Website Help....Database
someone further explain numbering systems im learning plz
Locking my website
Wait command in C++
Code problem
Refactoring a scripting language
Learning Assembly
Checking 2d arrays for equality
accessing bios
A little new window help....
the new one..
i need staff to read for algorithms.
Temp monitoring?
urgent table help
Perl woes
open folder api
Random HDD Access Program
Graduate Schools
C and C#
Tell me how to edit this page!
Would this be possible?
CMD windows transparency
Useful Links
Generic Help
2d Graphics Engine
Segment:offset info
winamp grabbing
Cloaking Domains???
Learn Java: Course
How do you make an online information submission form?
I created a file... I can't delete it
Help with Vb multi frame, info transfer.
question about adding foreign chars.
Help with dates in VB
Web coding request
what languages are often used for coding games...?
Confused with the programming levels
Disable Alt+Ctrl+Del
Any one wanna learn Java
background images resizing automatically....
Discussion on BASIC
Looking for a (free) Fortran 90/95 Compiler for win32
Include files in C++ (nooblar)
make vb send keystrokes
Can't find shape control in Vb .NET
affilate prgrams
Help please with a little program....
most important information about bugs
Links with preview to .avi files
batch command to stop process
The matrix? huh?
Help set a linux firewall
VB question ?
passing multi-dimension array in c
Any VB wiz up for some fun? errr... help?
Key Remapping
Which script language will I need to learn?
How do I link this image??
Anyone good with binary?
Word search...
how to make a C program execute a dos command in windows
Need help with a JavaScript MouseOver!
a href=mailto:me@me.com subject="i dunno"
Batch file?
Meta Tags
help me work with borland c++ compiler
What is a disassembler and what does it do?
PHP mySQL probelm
What variable type am I looking for?
Running java applications on windows
Auto Start On Disk
best asp.net beginners book?
Input Function OpenGL?
How do I import 3d models into an opengl program?
VB help <compile errors>
Testing (ignore)
How to make a questionnaire for a website?
need help with java and or flash
really easy visual basic question
I need some C++ help!
Visual Basic MP3 support
Mass Images in HTML
displaying fractions in C++
C++ Multidimensional Array
Need Batch File Basics
Help me out with this
Need advise for my resume
CSS validation HELP!!!
.PHP Web Help
swf help please
Frontpage 2003/HTML create hover buttons
converting .doc to .txt
how to make a .exe in vb.net
Calculator Program
Need help with fin.eof() to end loop!
Whats the best free news poster program?
What would i put at the end of the batch file to turn off my computer?
Need some help with C++
PropertyList ActiveX
Quick HTML question
PHP people or even javascripters
making a picture gallery that you can search
Want to learn programming ^-^
devoloped virtually unbreakable encryption algorithm
Good PHP Newbie Web Site?
argh need help bad in C++.
Apache Webserver Question
MS Word Mail Merge
Need Sql Gui
I was hacked... Need help finding log file...
Internal search engine
non computer related riddle
Converting label string to int in java
Difference in 64 and 32 bit programming?
HTML help?
ascII info
Anybody up for the challenge?
need some c++ help bad
Need help with nested swtich in programming project
Need help with nested swtich in programming project
geting list of open programs
dinamic dropdownlist ( object form in PHP)
Linux system interrupts?(assembly)
How can I start an .Exe file from a website?
Help With Download
Encryption Questions
Need some help with colors :)
Shell scripts
Programming job
ISO file????????
Video question....
Java Compiling Problem?
Bloated Compiled code
compiling open-source
lol check this out
I have a simple question that may make some of you laugh
Include Files
Rar files to Zip
gah how to display hex in c++ ??
java exception
Comparing doubles in MS Visual C++ 6.0
I need help here!!!!!!!!!<<<<LOOK LOOK LOOK
I'd like to learn C...
segmentation fault in g++
about making drivers
c++ string creation and file manipulation
Help Me Help Me!!!
3d Graphics
Using a Microsoft Access database with C++
lots of info needed <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<LOOK DON"T
Visual J# in VS2003 ???
I need a website idea
how or can you launch a secondary app from VB.net
VB .net questions
Using VB.NET for PDAs and Cell phones
c++ compiling problem in linux
mySQL +windows XP pro
whats latest version ofi nternet explorer?
Doing Windows Not Command Line
trying to learn java
OK, my next server toy is coming so I need some more info on starting a webpage (s)
hmmm need some help
help me write a batch file
4D array definitions in C?
Dynamic online database
mysql guide
Plot file script trouble
Can i pls get some advice from a sockets guru?
c++ file i/o question
help with a c++/winsock compile error
good quick-guide for 3D studio Max 5.0?
HTML desktops
how does encryption work?
IRC question
Remember that thread a while ago asking for a way to make a site un-rightclickable?
what program would be best for...
CGI Script
question on C++
Programming\Sys challenge
"operating system not found" error on laptop...
Tired of being taken advantage of by my friends. Would like the help of a guru.
Question dealing with linked lists
Bug in Borland Turbo C++ v3.0
C++ compiler error, pls help
A bit strange request :)
Math Geometry question
Programming Challenge
Microsoft HTML Help (.chm)
Game Console Kit by Andre LaMothe
rawr! compile errors cant get fixed
simple matlab question
c compiler problem
Anyone who wants to knock VB
computer science
C++ system tray tutorial
VB6 Internet connectivity question...
Description of Functions for Win32 Assembly, any sources?
c++ question with a command
Need Help With Web Page Design
C Gui
where to start...
Java Advantages
Calling VB guru's
Dev-C++ and OpenGL: Need help
VB error, help
Fonts... programming help
someh elp, dont know if it fits in catorgory!
are there any alarm clock things? (please read)
C++ Text Parsing.
MS Exel question..database? asp.net?
find and replace
C/C++ argc and argv
PHP and IPs
I need YOUR help
Need help dividing program's work
Msn 6
Help with parrallel interface with vb
simple html question
LCDproc text strings...How?
server end website help
Microsoft Exel question...multiple files into one?
html question...
step up from Vb
Good 'Member Management' Prog
Java File streams
Two websites 1 webserver
calling outside app with VB
using string (stl) to display series of ints
Compiling problems
Java Networking
C problems
Need help with some code.
I need to learn html. yeah yeah.. i know...
Need some help for research
is soliciting users permitted
Any DOS heads left?
2 html questions
Borland Programs
Ashamed to ask, but is there . . .
anagrams -> c++ help
Code question
soft cpu clocking
Batch file question
Quick Perl Question.
Better counter
PHP code...
Need quick SQL help.....
PHP Script ? "ping"
java menu math/code?
css relative positioning
Palm OS programming
What is the best programming language for OS
PHP help needed...
Have 2 Questions.
ASP.NET discussions
RSA help
Re-position the start bar in windows 9x/xp/2k, etc?
Cheeky request for a bit of freebie C++ code for a n00b
Free C++ compiler for win32 environment? Borland?
Skifree Java Clone
Dreamweaver MX
Final Project
Help with vbscript regular expressions!
C run time error
Combining two programs
Medium Knowledge of C, quick question
ASP question
Working on simple Java Game - Help with choppy/slow reaction time to keyEvent!
How do you join a database and VB6?
Windows Programming in C/C++
Programming in with linux vi editor
Programming for more than 1 processor
howto detect settings using vb
Urgent! Friend needs help!
how to prove someone doesnt read binary
The C++ course
programs created by users on this board?
Completly new.... where to start?
Do you guys validate your html and css?
Need help with Access and VB.net. PLEASE
Dual boot 2 single?
Challenge, for anyone that is willing.
VB6 title bar question
How big can an int, long int, float, and double be?
ugh help the tired and sick (in C)
C++ and Parrallel Port
Collaborative Programming Project Wiki
Java and Flash
Dumb question "MySQL"
Internet Programming Resources
Cpu usage with programming languages
Expertise of the Group
how can u get your site on a search engine?
ASP probs please help!
Self modifying exe
Visual Basic HELP!
4 Lines ASM need help!
a screen saver
making a game...
database help
.dll for volume
Access Encryptoin/ Login
About the AP Programing Exam
C++ Ray Tracing! This is so fun!
Matrix Question
Compile VBS ?
ID3v2 Tag Structure
"C++ How to program" by deitel & deitel ---- but which edition????
how do you write code?
how do u make a flash site?
some questions!
where to start?
php forums
Configuration with drop down menus
looking for free engine
A basic little challenge
What to learn?
Experienced C++ programmers Help!!!!
Two Dimensional Arrays and Function. Help, newby in training!!
Quick HTML question
MP3 encoding
I need some MS Access help
VB 6 and Access
How do I uninstall DirectX 9 so that I can install DirectX 8.1 back on?
Types of sorting
Un-Random Random in C++
"site" command in google
Java Paint() Help please
ASP development opportunity
Hahah :) "about a friend :)"
Another C++ Question!
C++ peeps, please help a n00b!
C++ Gurus Help Needed inside. Possibly Simple
Question about web pages and screen resolutions...
Jave help! (Working with 3 class)
How do I make Windows Icons?
Good PHP download script ? "that allows file downloads from remote servers?"
C++ viewing a text string for a member of a class....
How to kill PHP escape characters
an Upload page "HTML?"
Gcc question . . .
Faster C++ screen output
simple c++ question
Linux Programming Gurus
Programming Book/Website?
changing color of scroller bar on web page
C++ tutorial if you already know C?
C Question
can someone compile this real quick?
C++ data type conversion question
(JSP) passing a url with parameters as a parameter
GNUstep and XML-XSH question.
replicating page.....
What is the best way to display the same menu bar on lots of pages(web programming)
Heres a questions for you PHP guru's
Network Programming Suggestion
visual basic 6.0 dot thickness
PHP confused
site link for class?
Good VB websites?
Help with a procedure
easy way to print forms in vb.net
opening a new form in visual basic?
streaming vid
DirectX 9.0A ?
help with my prog. plz (c++)
C++ Referencing problem
Work Needed
Is ECC memory better for a computer used for prgramming?
graphic card
Pic C language
OT? dunno, html...
Easytune 4
Visual Basic
cobol help please!!!!!!!
Simple shell script
Game programming, where to start?
HELP ->JAVA:I NEED to defeat a Garbage Collector BEFORE TUESDAY!!!!
JAVA session (JSP)
Garbage collection
CPU temperature probing
A math question
DAO Edit Method in VB 6
help with flash
Anyone here know Haskell?
stupid question: finding the length of a 'float' in c++
prime number program
What's so special about "The Art of Computer Programming"?
Java in web design
vector question in C++
elp with making a pop up window
Quick VB question
C# compilers
reading signals from comm interface?
reading bios temp , volt in vb6
Function to access/seek in files
VB 6 Depreciation help needed
Torture testing your programs?
noob question
Efficiency is not my forte
noob question
Vb Help!!!!!
Programming language
Visual Basic Question
tables vs. frames...
net view
Getting postnuke theme to work
Editing SCR files
programming language
Cracking code
Kernel Mode Driver
octal conversion in C
I need an idea...
my course
VB6 to VB .NET
Great site for Java Beginners
Where To Start
Windows controlled OC proggy???
access to EXE
Anyone used this?
neeed some c++ help
A little VB help here please
can you add files to a exacutable file??
java programming
Quick questions
Learn it Yourself: C++ Course
monitor ping from website
good C primer page/book?
need some help developing curiculum
a little html help needed
Java Applets... very basic
HTML title question
Good PHP book
Photoshop Question
C++ String Assignment
Why isn't this working? (stupid C input-loop)
Constant Error messages
Bag of tricks for the Newbie OC - your suggestions?
Output window disappears...
Anyone got some nice links regarding B+ trees?
help with forms
OpenGL / computer graphics site
Just want to say hi
Whats wrong with this statement?
bios hot swaps, help pleezzz!
Need help configuring apache
phpNuke6 installation: Stuck after adding the queries in phpMyAdmin
need help with forums..php
Programming Tutorials
.NET Question
Adding numarical values to letters in C++...help please
Why isn't assembler used more often?
Acii ?
What does this do? (probably assembly)
Loops in basic????
Printing from Visual Basic
Online Resource for Learning C++?
One quick queation on Delphi
vb line output
Need info on locating msmsg.inf file to edit
Visual Basic
Prgramming Logic
java in a cluster?
code a game
Transparent Menus, anyone?
VB .NET/ASP .NET Project
not a bad site!
.asp page doesn't refresh kinda!
Programming a PIC
Any advice?
Is anyone useing softice and winXP SP1??
Perl Script Help