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FX 8350 only showing 4 cores
Poor single-threaded performance: Blame the CPU, or the software?
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8320 questions
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AMD FX-4100 PC FREEZE hard reset
Zambezi vs Vishera, speed and # of RAM sticks?
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AMD FX-6300 O.C.
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cant overclock no matter what
what keep IHS and the CPUs Board together
FX 4170 When overclocked, unstable
Turning off cores
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FX-8350 4.55Ghz STABLE 1.42v
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Phenom II 965 125w (at what voltage is it risky) | 4GHz goal
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FX-8150 vs AMD X4 960T Unlocked (X6 1600T) vs AMD X4 965
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Athlons and Semprons coming for FM2
3DMark Reporting FX8120 @ 95w TDP?
AMD FX-8150 Overclocking Help Needed!
AMD FX-8120 Audio Dropouts
Need overclocking advice, Noob here !
AMD Confirms Kaveri Will Show Up Only in 2014
Amd 9750 Phen
high temps out of standby
Is 1.6v volts ok if cooling fine for AMD-8120
New Semi Budget Build with a FX 6300
Anything else I'm missing for overclocking?
How to properly Overclock the AMD FX-4100?
Athlon XP 2000+ and AsRock K7VT4A Pro
Can I use a notebook CPU on an internet browser desktop?
FX-9370 and 9590 in the channel
Why should i disable cool n quiet for an overclock?
AMD 6300 and an ASRock 970 PRO3 Overclock.
A8-6600k Overclocked to 5Ghz on air cooling
Phenom ii x6 1090t oc
Core Parking
Need Assistance Overclocking FX-6300
Unlock AMD x3 460 [Need Help]
Help me! Please :) x4 965be
can i unlock this amd cpu to 3 or 4 cores?
HWMonitor bug?
need help over clocking my AMD cpu
AMD's APU for 2015 is Carrizo
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Lowering socket temps?
Overclocking Richland apus? Can it be done?
Maxed out?! Phenom II
A8 Trinity quite laggy?
Cant unlock 4 cores on my phenom 560X2
blue screens new cpu?
Still got anyone that missed OC'ing real old school Athlons? (Including T-Bird!)
New To Over Clocking, but not to computers
any professional AMD overclockers?
Help with overclocking Phenom II 965 BE
A10-6800K @ 8.2Ghz
Fx 8350 oc temps, are these good?
Overclocking a PhenomII X4 840
Mild O/C for Phenom II X4 955 BE
AMD Phenom II X4 965BE 4.0Ghz Air Cooled - First Time Overclock
why should i care about APUs?
Whats wrong with my OC settings?
LIAN LI PC-A71B Build courtesy of bassnut
Overclocking a 8350 Tutorial
Brand new to overclocking. need help and guidance
14 hours prime95, Phenom II @ 4.1ghz
Help reaching Max OC for my Ph2 1090T-MSI 890FXA-GD65
AMD richland possible build
Amd fx 8120 Voltage settings.
CPU/GPU combo?
need help finding a cpu upgrade
cool n quiet
amd 6100 turbo clock
Phenom X4 955 Overclocking
need help over clocking for the first time
big base clock jumps
AMD Overdrive
AMD Profiles and Overclocks
OCing my AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE @4Ghz
FX 8150 overclocking - unusual voltage requirement?
Need OC help
New Build but keep CPU?
Overclocking stock ASUS Essentio CG1330 project
FX 4350
Upgrade MOBO from a GA-M68MT-S2
Overclocking AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+
how to tell what cpu it is?
help increasing voltage?
amd fx 6100 bios problems
Can I overclock an AMD Sempron le-1250?
FX-8320 fine tuning on OC
Overclocking my Phenom X4 9850
NB Oddities
OC looks good, but still questions
Asus Sabertooth 990fx R2.0 and AMD FX 8350 OC guide needed
Overclocking help
help me pls
Core temps for fx 8320 too low?
P95 not testing all cpu's
Could this CPU work if it's not "on the list"?
Overclocking Escapades: socket 939 Opteron 144 Venus (San Diego)
Best option for me?
8120FX 3.6ghz overheating
990FXA UD3 R3 users rejoice
Help to OC Phenom II X4 955
Got a worthy heatsink, useless if I cant oc...(FX6200) HELP!
need help OC my amd FX 4100
Bad FX-8350 IMC or motherboard?
Overclock Questions
Who would help me from the start with overclocking my FX 8350.
CPU temp programs
I need help for a new cpu
Best Value Overclocker?
AMD 6300 nb
amd fx 4100 overclock
AMD Gets Single-Threaded (SuperPi) Boost, Courtesy The Stilt
OC'd FX-4170 Crashes
Richland A10-6800K OCed to 8Ghz
Asus Sabertooth VS Amd 1055T
Overclock amd fx4100
Raise CPU voltage or lower clock? (With working stopping).
Fx-4100 overclock stuck at 4.4ghz
AMD Unveils Server Roadmap
Rahhh!!!! Finally got my 10k with that good old thuban!
840T ??????
FX-6300 to FX-8350
X2 4800+ oc fun
Discrete GPU for an A4-3300
steamroller rumor
Breaking back out the 965 for some bench runs
FX8150 to FX8350 update
help overclocking fx8350
AMD Unveils 5.0 GHz FX Processor
No Post after CPU cooler change
Hello! Overclocking my Phenom x4, trouble
stock 8350 cooler
AND FX6300 @4.4 on air, suggestions?
AMD 8350 Overclock issue
"OH CRAP" Core temp not displaying properly
A few qustions on FX-8320
Prime95 Rounding errors on stock settings
AMD Richland A10-6800K APU Review
Next Gen AMD
AMD FX 9000?
help needed for overclocking fx4100
need help overclocking FX-6100
Help with AMD Build upgrade.
Hello =D and Overclocking FX 6300
Overclocking Escapades: socket 939 Athlon 64 3000+ Venice (E3)
New guy with 4130 OC reset issues
Overclock help FX6300
4100 Questions vs Old Phenom with 660?
Help overclocking an FX4100!
Building 300-350 dollar machine. Need a pointer 2.
rule of thumb "expected overclocks" for AMD old and new?
Compatibility help
Another FX6100 Overclock Newb
Question About FX 8120
6gb and 3gb cards
Looking for help with overclocking.
FX8350 CPUTIN problem
Help - TMPIN1 - or others
phenom 965 OC (reaching the sweetspot)
FX-8350 Does these setting looks right?
Not all FX are created equal
FX-8350 succes story and thanks. :)
First Post!!! CPU choice help.
News/Rumours about Steamroller
help oc 640 Propus
Microsoft Hot Fixes for FX series
amd fx 8120 overheating
Upgrading comapq cq 62
fx 8350 overheating
Help! PC crashing for no reason.
1055T Overclocking (first timer)
Help Overclocking! Phenom II 965BE
FX-6300 at 4.5 ok temp?
X6 1100T overclock help
1100T Troubleshooting
Can't overclock more than 2.20 ghz
Newbie Overclocking AMD(vision) a10-4600M processor (HELP AND ADVICE PLEASE)
FX-8350 overclock
FX-6100 Mod
Populating RAM DIMMs in quad socket H8QGL-F
cooling failure wondering about cpu
My temps are bothering me
Sticky Needed
What steps can I take to upgrade my processor?
Phenom X4 965 BE Overclocking Advice
AMD FX 6100 OC Advice
Newbie - safe / modest overclock for Opteron 180
Phenom II or Bulldozer?
Update to "AMD Volcanic Islands to Implement CPU Cores"
amd athlon ll 651k black edition temp problem
Unable to reach long-term stability
Trying to overclock 1100T new mobo
New build and 1st time builder
Grumpy Little PII 555 (OC'ing)
AMD Volcanic Islands to Implement CPU Cores
AMD Richland APU for FM2 Pictured
Are these temps ok for a long term use 24/7 (gaming mostly)?
OC help w/ Phenom II 965
Max Turbo vs OC
Budget APU for internet surfing?
high overclocking affecting my computer?
overclocking sempron 140
would it be safe to overclock this?
Phenom II x6 1055t Droppped by a store Clerk!!!!
What can I use to find the exact temps of my 1090T?
Need help overclocking FX 8120 over 4GHz
AMD 1055t shutting down after 5 minutes of p95.
Help! AMD fx8120 Unstable at all Settings.
Higher voltage = Lower clock?
Need Help Overclocking
Help with amd a8 5600k! apu
Just Putzen Round
AMD plans to launch two new Piledriver CPU's.
my 8120 is healthy or not?
FX 4300 or Phenom llx4 BE?
FX-4100 Overheating issues no OC
FX Thermal limit
AMD FX-4100 5.124 ghz OC
what voltage to start for NB and CPU-NB Voltage?
Help me to Overclock AMD FX-4130
Best Phenom II
amd fx 6100 throttling problem
1090T CH4F looking for some opinions
AMD Centurion?
New computer AMD FX 8350 Help needed with overclocking
FX6300 Overclocking: Help a noob out
The rise and fall of AMD: How an underdog stuck it to Intel
Odd issue with unlocking a B550
Change bulldozer idle multi and voltage
A10-5800K high temperatures
New to OC completely
Overclock Opinons
970 Overclocking issues.
richland comming?
remember early days of overclocking... what CPU were you running?
A10 5800k OC issues
*is athlon x2 270 good for day to day tasks*
Athlon x2 220
I want to overclock but need a guide to do so
Unable to adjust cpu frequency.
AMD 8150
Help with first overclock
help Unlocking Phenom II X4 960T on ASUS M5A78L
Difference in FX-6300
Vishera and NB
Upset with my PC (OC/temp question)
Disable cores in FX-8150 for better proformance?
$700.00 desktop chip?
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (VENICE)
FX and Gaming
Am I safe?
I need your help!
Please help! Cannot OC Fx-4170
FX 6100 is acting on me. trying to OC.
Optimize or overclock?
AMD 8350 CPU throttling with OC... whats goibng on?
How hot is too hot?
Overclocking Escapades: socket 939 Athlon 64 3400+ Venice (E3 & E6)
In love with my AMD Scorpious Platform
AMD FX-4100 BE
failed OC
AMD FX-6300 Overclocking noob help
phenom ii X6 1045T (non BE) OC opinion ?
Need help stabilizing Llano gpu
Need help to overclock AMD FX-6100
Starcraft 2 on FX-8350
Ahtlon II X2 2mb. How long can i go!
New to overclocking...seeking sanity check
FX-4100 causes bsod when oc'd to 4Ghz
Athlon II X2 270 How much can i take it too!
Phenom II 965 BE w/ 1600 corsair vengeance RAM -- computer restarts
CPU Core Control Manual or Auto
Stock FX-4130, impressed
Totally new to overclocking...please help.
FX 8120
HELP (problems on my pc) Stability and graphics issues
New to Overclocking
amd fx 8150
Should I buy the A10-5800K or wait for Richland?
Trying to get some more power out of AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE.
AMD APU A10 pink graphics
I think it's the RAM??
OC unstable
msi motherboard not reading vid card
Overclocking an AMD Phenom 960t BE
Attempting my first overclock
Prices have gone up
[OC] Gigabyte: GA-970A-D3 + FX 8120
Do I have more room to overclock?
Crash every once in a while
FX-8120 Temp. Reading Problem
FX 6100 problem
FX 8120 to 8350?
amd athlon II x2 250 3.0Ghz Help!!
8350 temps
stuck with ocing phenom II x4 955BE
not what i had expected
AMD 8120 FX On A 970A-G46 *MSI Mobo*
FX-8350 socket vs core temps
Overclocking AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
problems with FX 8120
New Computer build
Weird FSB issue
Maximum CPU-NB clock on FX83xx ?
Will boot at 4.0 as hexcore, won't boot at 4.0 as a quad?
AMD Phenom II 1050T OC @ 3.7 problems
AMD APU A10 help
AMD Phenom II 960T 4 Ghz 6 cores + 7950CF = CPU bottlenecked?
FX-8120 and false temp readings
Amd 965 Be Overclock questions
New Here - Thoughts on my initial OC?
CPU Overclock advice?
Unsure on whether to uprade CPU or overclock current one.
Need Advice From The Experts
CPU Upgrade Time
How do I overclock the FX-6300?
Overclock Settings
Help: Choosing a CPU
Skyrim occasional frame chop at 4.8GHz
Help: Overclocking FX 8150
AMD build?
AMD Phenom II X2 550 Unlocking problem.
Upgrade from Phenom II X4 - Anything AMD Worth It?
8350 compatability question
Sempron Fooln' Around
AMD Phenom II 960T 4 Ghz 6 cores + MSI TF3 7950 = Crysis 3 High settings?
PSU question
Phenom II x4 965 BE, stock voltage a bit high?
Overclocking AMD 955BE
Safe voltage for a Phenom II x6
1100T OC Help
FX its tougher than you think.
mad fx-8150 or fx-8350
FX-4350 and 6350 now available preordered
P95 worker = core number in bios?
muliplier droping from 18x to 7x
AMD Phenom II B55 @ 4.00ghz
AMD II x6 1090T need Advice
overclock freeze.
Phenom x4 955 BE overclocked
Overclocking CPU + Graphics card
Getting serious
FX-8350 + Asrock 970 Extreme4; Not a good couple?
965BE help (new to OC)
OC'ing an Athlon II x2 250 w/ ASUS M5A78L-M LX/BR - Am I doing it right?
Overclocking AMD Phenom II 1100T X6 Black Edition [First Time OC'er]
Overclocking AMD 1090t CPU
AMD FX 8320 + MSI 990FXA-GD80
FX-8350 F@h unstable
Overclocking X4 620 with new gear
First time overclocker, can you pleasee help me?
Help Please
for APU's what video card?
For your consideration "FX-8350 overclock"
Recommended Nvidia GPU for AMD Deneb Phenom II 945 X4 ?
Overclocking AMD FX-6100
FX-8120 OC Help!
Help With Blue Screen
CPU scores below avrg. Broken after hard use?
Processor Comparison FX 8150 vs 6272
C-State Pmin, CnQ
AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 vs AMD Phenom X4 9100e
A10 5800k Workstation
Memory Bus vs. ICM vs. CPU Clock (FX-8320)
Athlon 635
interested in unleashing my cpu
First Time Overclocker Needing Help. AMD Pro, Gigabyte Mobo.
question about amd turbo core
FX-8350 OC specs
50c an ok temp for FX-6100
Cannot OC FX 8350 / M5A99FX Pro R2.0
help with over clocking my amd phenom x6 1055t above 3.5gh
Bang for buck gaming AMD CPUs
Upgrading advice help
How Far Should I Overclock?
fx-8350 screwy coretemp and hwmonitor readings!!
Need help!
AMD APU powering Sony PS4
First time OCing
How are these temps
Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 / A10-5800K, need help overclocking iGPU please
Degradation of FX-8350
Well done AMD!!!!!
CPUID Vs Windows 7
AMD running at half speed but...
Need a 4.4Ghz "Stable" Overclock for my FX-6100
Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 or NOT?
Fx-8350 Overclocking Help Needed Please
Look at my CPU-Z Please
Asus M5a99FX pro r2.0 + AMD FX 8350 Vishera (B.E)
Processor hunt, new CPU + board for gameing
New trying to OC fx-6100 3.3 GHz to 3.8
AMD fx 8350 freezes no matter how small OC is
FX-6300 and GA-970a-UD3 Overclock Help.
Got this to cool my PII 955
FX6300 and hwmonitor
HT Link FX6300
Overclocking An Athlon II Quad 635
A8-3870k Bottlenecking?
Overclocking an FX 4100 on Asus M5A78L
Fickle setup helprequired.
Estimated voltage for fx 8120 overclock
Phenom II x2 560 BE OC problem
Overclockin Asus k8n sempron 2600+
Help needed on previous overclock
8350@4.8Ghz OC i need your help ?
Stock AMD FX-8150 temperature
Help with OC'ing X6 1075t
Need help choosing a CPU
Buy the FX-8350 or the 3570K?
4.0 Zambezi | Reached my limit apparently.
New OC help wanted (screen shots included)
Cant unlock - AMD sempron 140 2.7
First OC: Phenom II 965 BE
1055T disabling cores for gains?
FX6300 Temps
AMD Phenom II X6 1045T vs fx 6100
Need a cheap reliable mid-grade gaming box.
The New Trinity CPUs
cpu-NB frequency settings
looking for a AMD build
8350 Stock Heat Problems
OC Athlon II X3 450 Rana
How high can I overclock an AMD Athlon 64 x2?
CPU Overclock vs GPU Performance
Fx 4100 Glitch
OC Help
oc fx 8120
Brick wall at 3.9GHz
CPU apears freakishly hot
FX-4100 and Asus Crosshair V Forumula overclock help please
overclock amd fx 6100
Undervolting + Underclocking the A10 5800k
OverClocking advice and guidance
AMD Athlon™ II X2 250 Processor and a GTX 660
Overclocking help!!
AMD FX-6200 OCed to 4.0GHz
Looking for some input
weird bios
CPUID HM and BIOS conflicting temperatures
OC'ing AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600+ Windsor
Upgrade to FX-6100, Need Mobo and Ram
FX 6300 Results and Questions
Richland, Kaveri, Kabini & Temash; AMD’s 2013 APU Lineup Examined
Extremely high temps with Prime 95
970T overclocking on max settings
Overclock AMD Phenom II X6 1045T on MSI 990FXA-GD65
AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE + Gigabyte GA970A-D3 Overclocking
AMD Athlon II x2 270 Underclocking
FX 8320 Testing Cpu Speed VS Cpu-NB & HT Speeds
Socket temp ok?
modest overclock on a x4 965 BE
Trying to OC Fx-8350 but Prime95 freezes the System!
Somehow I built a computer and it runs. Now to get the 6100 at its best
FX-4100 overclocking
OCing A10-5800k noob
Help with first OC AMD FX4100 & Asus M5a78L-M LX V2
upgrading my pc
im new and need help pls!
Will I regret replacing my Phenom 965 @4.5ghz with a FX8530?
FM2 observations and questions