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So what can ya tell me
Need Help with OC on Phenom 2 940 BE
Can someone please check over this system?
CPU and ambient air temps.
AMD goes 32nm SOI with Fusion GPU-CPU
AMD Q3 Loss and Revenue
Why you shouldn't base things on Clock speed
Is 2.2gigs enough
AMD 7750 Vcore
Help OCing 720 be w/ crosshair III
Good mobo for overclocking amd phenom 720?
cpu not recognised
Regor 240 vs 250
720 black edition on msi gd70
Cpu will not work with board
Help unlocking and overclocking the Phenom II X2 550 BE
HTT, HT, and HT Link
impulse purchase/upgrade > Phenom II X2 550 > now, how to 4ghz?
Need help overclocking Phenom ll 955
Need help here pleeze!
WANT TO TRADE: not allowed
So what does ACC stand for?
Phenom II X4 945 OC limit
What do you think my real core temp might be?
the limits of the 9950 BE
cpu compatibility
Decisions, decisions.
Base Line Settings 550BE
phenom 940 voltage weird voltages
Athlon II X2 250 oc 56k warning
Help OC my phenom 9600 system
Front Page - AMD CPUs
Pontos@XS: Hotfix for Win7/2008/Vista x64 enables extra power savings on AMD cpu
HELP! my cpu core speed is1000.0MHz and my cpu is a phenom II X3[/COLOR]
Biostar TA770 A2+ SE - Pencil Mod
Way to confusing
Are my temps to high to overclock
Phenom II X4 940 OC
Phenom ii X4 NB Overclocking
AMD Spider and Dragon Platform...
Which Vcore reading? Overdrive or CPUID
need help with mobo/cpu compatibility!
Athlon II X4 stuck at 3.38 GHz. Help!
AMD 940BE reset! Now my windows 7rc 64bit...
AMD 9600 Black Edition
9850 be good oc or not
can i?
Which CPU is better?
X4 955 BE not stable at stock
OC my PII x2 550
Overclocking results with XP and SSD.
What is this?
Athlon 64 x2 Overclocking Help
Athlon X4 620 or PII 550BE?
Help with voltages
Need help! What DDR3 ram do I run with for my new system upgrade??
X2 240 O/C
is this the right CPU for me?
AM2+ or AM3 im confused
help a noob overclock an athlon 64 X2 4200+
Do Processors "wear out"?
Can't change the timings on GD-70
Advice with my 955 overclock
Rate This General Rig
Phenom II 940 BE Question
YAY!!! Winter temps! whats yours!?!
help pick out a new cpu
woulf this be an upgrade??
Boring Question but heh!
what cpu/nb freq to use?
AMD Overdrive.
I need to upgrade!
New Bench rig
freezing! HELP plz
Help OC'ing 64 x2 6000
What stability test to you use to test Phenom II
Help OC a Asrock A780GMH/128M
I've hit a wall with my 955....sorta
Did I get A Good 550BE?
AthlonII X4 OC thread!!
My first OC ever
i need to ask a werid question
anyone have any ideas on why my pc is failing prime95?
Looking for low watt cpu
why is prime95 failing?
What is going on good temps but not very stable?!
Looking for the 5a bios
Sync and Async
AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition
How to get my FSB higher??
reached my limit im guessing,
Deneb(AM2+) Temperature Delta for 1.5V
help where to start
Help me get back 'in the loop'
how to overclock this cpu using more then the multiplier and the cpu voltage?
Need adivce for setup to OC a AMD Phenom 9650 Quad
how can I make my cpu more stable?
tried using water cooled did not like results
Help overclocking Phenom 9650
X2 720, ATHLON 2 620, Phenom 9650?
OCForums needs content editors!
OC Barrier
oced to 3.8 on 1.5 voltage.
6 core Phenom coming to AM3/AM2+
My sempron 140 thread
is topping out at 54c to high for this cpu?
x4 955 @3.7ghz w/ 2600 cpu/nb... OC HT worth it??
Amd Athlon 64 x2 6000+ OC
question about overclocking using multiplier and voltage settings?
Instructions on Overclocking
Phenom 2x4 955 oced to 3.6 cpu voltage is at 1.35 how do I get further?
Help with voltages and 7750 BE overclocking
successfully overclocked Acer 9300 AMD turion 64 2.0GHz(mobile)
Help unlocking cores on x2 550
Need Help OC'ing my AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE w/ Asus M4A78-EM
phenom 2x4 955 oced what next?
KINGWIN XT-1264 on sale for 12.99 after Rebate!!!
Cpu Temp on a 7750 BE, and overclocking help
AthlonII X4 on the way!!
Fourth core failed in Prime95 large fft, was previously stable
unlocking 720 be's fourth core
ocing a Athlon II 240
Temporary freezing in Game
software for easy OCing?
Phenom 2x4 955 OC?
AMD Athlon II X4 620 & 630: The First $99 Quad Core CPU!
OC'ing issue on Athlon X2 4200+
amd x3 720 vcore question
Going with AMD for my first build
PII X4 questions?
AMD 965 BE overclocking?
AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz (Socket AM3)
Propus launched.
So....is Deneb faster than Yorkfield
PII x4 940 + pc8500 OC help
Does AMD Cool n Quiet have to be off to overclock?
New X4 955 be build underway
Got my PII X4 up to 3.4 OC'd!
Really puzzled by new X4 955 BE
AMD newbie here with ?
Unlocking Phonom II X3 720 problem
Overclocking - AMD Athlon 64 3700+
How to check PCI-E overclock speed?
Speedfan Temps
psu and video card?
Fluctuating voltages
Do we have anything coming out in the near future?
CPU making a hiss when at load
OC Forums won the Warz!
240 x2 overclocking
X3 720 BE Overclocking
My experiences with an AMD 7750 BE
playing with some new toys
Dell Inspiron 531 CPU removable?
AMD 7750 CPU Jumping? HELP
1.45 volts 955 BE or other BE PH II's / x4's what is your temps at this voltage?
Could overclocking cause this to happen??????????
cpu help
720BE OC NB Temps?
My Phenom II 945 has marks on it - should I lap?
CAN SUM1 who is an expert fidn out wts rong with my amd phenon II 720 x 3
Best CPU for Microsoft FSX
AMD 7750 Setup???
AMD Six-Core Desktop Processor.
Help w/ New PC on a Budget (400-500)
How many of you guys use ACC on you phenoms x4's?
PSU+CPU question
crunching rig proposal (AM2+ or AM3?)
CPU/MB advice
AMD X3 720 failed unlock?
AMD Phenom II BE 720 X2 2.8 ghz?????
Amd 62 x2 5000+ BE core 0 problem
Generally why is Northbridge MHZ less than CPU ?
How many here use the AMD Phenom II X4 CPU's?
tyring to O/C an Phenom II X2 545
Advanced Clock Calibration in Phenom II
whats better!?
Help OC AMD phenom 9600 AGENA BE
help my phenom x2 550
Cheapest and Bestest Am2+ Mobo
new CPU AM2 Phenom quad core 9650
DFI finally got their ACC together!
Problem with my computer starting up
CRASH! AMD phenom II X4 940 BE OC @ 3.4ghz
AMD PII 955BE Temperature
Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0Ghz
Instead of i7 build......
Am2 and 4 ram modules
amd bulldozer 12 cores, 48 w/hyperthreading?!?!?
How to make it show my OC freq instead of stock freq in properties?
How many people stuck at 3.8-3.9Ghz
Been Away for a While
Best CPU for me?
Dram/Fsb Divider Help
Athlon II x4
720BE -> 955/965BE worth it?
Advancd Clock Calibration on PII how does it work?
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
So what's Comming next??????
New guy here. New to OCing also. AMD X2 7850 BE
Just bought a X2 720, will i need to...
Mobo just died looking for a cheap combo.
Getting a 955 Blend stable/Does northbridge temperature matter
PII 940BE OC'ing help
how to disable 720be cores
Who needs a BE?
X3 8750BE @ 3.0 to PII X3 720
am3 Phenom II x3 720 2.8ghz
worthwhile upgrade? 4850BE to Phenom II X4 955BE
anyone played around with the regor cores?
Problems with Overclocking 955 BE
X4 965/955 or Core i7 920
Getting the 955 stable at 3.9Ghz
Here's the deal!
What can be expected out of a 955BE?
Are BSOD's always Overclock Related?
Should I get a 955 or 965
Look at what the brown truck brought me
Lapped Phenom II X4 955, Earned 2c
I want to overclock an Anothlon x2 64 5000 non black edition
Owners of the 550 BE - please post here
Am I overclocking my NB right?
AMD Phenom II X4 920 2.8..OC help with MB!
AMD OverDrive - Stability Test
Slightly nervous about AMD
AMD 940 BE / MA378-T Mobo
overclocking phenom 9950 be help
Phenom II 965 reviews
PII 920 @ 3.6 to AM3 X2 550 is it worth it?
Overclocking with NTune Safe?
Intel person considering Dragon Platform.
Amd Phenom X4 940 Overclock help
the heck is this?
New to overclocking, modest x4 940 overclock, advice welcome!
Help on Overclocking my AMD
AMD Releases Reverse GPGPU - OpenCL SDK for x86
Help me pick a cpu!
7750 BE or 240?
Which prime 95 test do you use?
Undervolting my Phenom II 955
i need your help with overclocking my computer PLLEEEAAASSE!!
Few Phenom II questions
Phenom II and Athlon II Processors and Socket Compatibilites [Simplified].
thinking of being naughty
Trying to push my 550 BE past 4GHz
Northbridge heat
Overclocking voltages: CPU voltages
Phenom II X2 vs x3 vs x4 and overclocking it
X2 6000+ heat issue
GA-MA770T-UD3P + 720BE OC
My new system OC: ASUS M4A79T Deluxe + Phenom II 945 Deneb
7850 Overclocking Help
AMD 550 BE Unlocking is my MOBO Compatible?
Overclocking Help, I'm New!
Phenom x2 unlocking help....
Help Getting my 9950 BE to 3.5 Ghz!
9600 overclocking help.
Does this seem like extreme way to check cpu/memory system stability?????
550 unlocked fine, but whats my temp??
OCing 720 Help
Which cpu tp buy?
athlon 64 x2 6400 overclock(im a beginner)
955 BE logs for stability over time.
Need info on AMD 550BE
Need some 720BE overclock advice
Need some help.
New Athlons
Compatibility check. Conflicting info.
720BE Temps
Phenom II showing weird symptoms of unlocking
550BE problem
Phenom II 940 Heat issues
8750 x3 BE OCing to 3.0 need advice/help
Phenominal Duece 550 Unlocked
955be and 4870 vs 720be 4890?
8750 x3 BE Vcore
Considering replacing AMD 4200+ with Opty 165. Opinions??
ach PII or i7?
Have AMD Got Anything Else In Store For AM2+
955 OC no longer stable
Did i do something wrong? with my Scythe Mugen 2?
Phenom II 720 overclock...
Cool 'n' Quiet Specs...
Phenom 955BE 3.2Ghz@3.62
Need your input
Hot?or not? Stressed 3.2ghz AMD phenom x4 II 940 BE today
4th Core unlocking
Defective 3rd and 4th cores - Phenom II X2 550 Black
phenom ii 920 oc easy ?
Just ordered my 965BE!!!!
Help Needed Overclocking the AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition Callisto
Why Should i Stress my CPU? Tips?
X940 3dmark06
AMD Upgrade path
Athlon 64 X2 5600 doesn't like 64-bit win?
Computer hangs with 4th core x3 720
2 new AMD procs
Max full load temp for the 955BE ???
memory weirdness
Phenom II X2 550 Black overclock help
My 955 seems to be running hot
older x2 6400 vs pii x4 910
Downcore that CPU
Performance of overclocking the HT... in general?
Lapped my PII 940
Trouble getting 3.6ghz stable on 955 BE
Overclocking Benchmarks and Advice
AMD vs. Intal
Should I stay with what I got or upgrade?
New rig! What should I be able to OC to?!
Noob here
AM3 720 OC.. Again...
AMD X2 250 in an AM2+ mobo?
Overclocking a 7850 BE
7750 BE broken?
Phenom II X4 BE - OC Help
Bad ram causing OC instability?
3Dmark vantage cpu test 2 not working for Windows 7
AM2+ vs AM3 overclocking a 955
AMD phenom II TWKR hit 7Ghz
need an explanation..or wich is the problem?
Phenom 2 940be OC and 3DMARK Vantage Scores.
1st OC sound good?
Should I OC?
New Member Couple Questions.
AMD Overdrive issues
Bad cores?
New Build?
TWKR giveaway contest 7/6/08
Overclocking a PH2 955BE, some Q's
hypertransport link speed
AMD that compares to E8400shh!!!
Binning and the Black Edition
AMD Phenom X4 9950 125w Agena O/C Help
In need of some answers
Does anyone see a problem putting
Is Memtest an Appropriate and Accurate Way to Test CPU-NB Stability
maximum safe voltage for an old school socket A
What to upgrade to?
Slade122's Overclocking Journal (Phenom X4 9600)
First timer's AMD build, help
Lockups issue
955 BE on AM2+
What voltage to believe
I won...
Cpu vs heat problems
720 x3 OC, what am I doing wrong?
PII 965 coming soon
tips for 4ghz stable
7850 black edition overclocking help
720 unlocked + Windows 7 = temp sensing software nightmare
Who still uses an Athlon XP? Let's reminisce.
temp sensor question
New PC build....need some opinions.
New build - Phenom II 955
Cool'n'Quiet 3.0 disable?
PHII 710 X3 Oc Help
Phenom II X2 Ocing Cooling
Phenom II temperature vs Mobo probe
phenom 955
Phenom 955 help
Crosshair III is here
Phenom II X3 705e and Phenom II X4 905e
frustrated with 955
AMD Socket F 6 Core Instanbul At Newegg (Out In The Wild)
What do you think of this o/c
amd turon 64 X2 2.0ghz oc
4.0g Help (PII 940)
Amd phenom x3 8450
DICE runs with AMD Dualies
AMD Gain 30% Asus Business Sales Competing Against INTEL
Any amazing AM2/3 CPUs for under $200
3.9ghz - possible on water cooling?
Interested in an AMD Gaming Machine
New build
AMD Phenom X4 9550 O/C
multiplier for laptop cpu keeps dropping
AMD Athlon X2 4000+ Brisbane CPU Overclock
Hows this for a upgrade form a celeron
Need a fw tips for a 7750 Kuma
Compatability Question.
Should I...
Overlocking AMD Sempron 2800+ Palermo
My X2 550 BE Overclocking Log
Phenom X4 9100e Quad-Core Processor Overclocking!
7750 BE to a 9950 BE
AMD X2 550 Quad Core unlock
Special edition 955
temps and stuff...
Cant overclock my comptuer
AMD Denies Locking Down Cores
AMD X4 955 Black, few questions
Which phenom 2 should i buy?
Athlon II X2 250 mobo thingy?
Xigmatek Dark Knight Temps
diched w/c got true
New to overclocking - AMD 720BE
9850 black edition
Which of the 2?
Stability question...?
Freeby getting a makeover
unlocking amd x3 720 4th core questions.
5200+ bsoding at stable clocks
Does greater SB stability mean higher Overclocks????
Catching up on AMD for gmaing rigs
Phenom 8750-don't understand the pricing
Another good reason to get a Gigabyte mobo for your Phen II
AM3 720 Black Edition OC + Chipset Temps???
AMD Showed Off DX11 Silicon
Is there a new PII stepping coming out.
What's up with this pricing?
How can I tell if my PhenomII 955 BE is defective?
Fan problems with my 5050e
Cooling the 940
Callisto Users?
Black Edition 5000+ confusion, please help!
Should I upgrade to a 955?
6-core Istanbul opteron released on an unsuspecting world
AMD Phenom II X4 955 + BIOSTAR TA790GX A3+ OC Review
Phenom II 940 BE Voltage Question.
Highest suggested Vcore for X2 4400+ 939 cpu?
Bad software readings?
Brand new to AMD64, with problems..
think im happy
Drive Strengths
Max Vcore
940 bus overclocking
Safest settings for air cooling 4850?
AMD Athlon LE-1640 OC'ed High Specs
Phenom II X3 720 hot off the press, but what IS it?
Spare 810X4-Ideas?
Ummm, I think my temps are a little high...
AM3 pulls off 1840 Cl6
cool and quite
940 oc
VERY New to overclocking... need help!
over clockin help
bigger 940 overclock
AMD 40th Anniversary Sweepstakes
Benchmarking with Vista 32 bit
Phenom x4 9750 OC'ing
max temp
I dunno jack about AMD...
Temperature sensor is "stuck" AMD Duron
125w CPU in a 95w TDP Mobo
PhenX3 720 @3.6G 1.472v Air Cooling - Can it run better under 1.5v?
Need suggestion for new cpu on old DFI NF4 SLI-DR mobo
Phenom 2 X2 550BE and 250
7750BE mobo match?
core temp rocketing
AMD New Energy Efficiant P-II's
AMD rep interview on ddr3 ram issues.
AMD Phenom™ X4 9500
Athlon Thunderbird 1.1 GHz, .18, how far to push?
the best of the best
Is going DDR 3 necessary for Phenom II 720? I want to upgrade in the future.
phenom x3 - quick question
PII 940 Funky Readout
955 BE purchase
955 BE owners
Phenom I cpu w/ working Cool N Quiet on Vista 64!!!
Overclock Problem
what is max cpu voltage for phenom II's in your opinion for 24/7 overclock
OCZ Reaper 1066 and Vendetta 2 combination
Question about OCing a 7750BE
3800+ x2 939 oc problems after 2.7ghz
CPU Ugrade advice
My PII 720 Build!
Overclocking Dell Inspiron 1501
Need Some help
Prime95 Blend Error
Why overclock?
7750BE Temp?
AMD K10.5 native dual core
955 is in tha rig
Athlon XP-M 2600+ cooling
Switching CPU's
Problems overclocking 7750
Major Problems !!
Need low power AM2 for transcoding
ht mutiplier
Asus boot problem?
Athlon 3700 overclocking - Am i doing this right?
MY PII 720!
p2 955 vs Intel i965
AMD 7750 BE Cooling Problem
AMD C1E support and time drift...
Overclocking amd 9650 problem!
Good Full Load temps