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purchasing new CPU, need mobo suggestions
First "build"..CPU running hot...random shutdown...any help appreciated
first OC
5400 BE OC Discussion
Help for the FNG to AMD--(ok PC's)
CPU-Z / Bios are discrepancy
Problem with overclock.
AMD >compatibility<
Faulty CPU?
Anywhere to buy 939 CPU's
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Bought a CPU. Need recommendation for memory + motherboard
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[NordicHW]Deneb does 4.3GHz on air, launch approaching
OC 3800+ Windsor
Athlon XP-M 2400+ 5x 1.45v what is the lowest safe voltage?
Step by Step for OCing a 9950 BE Phenom?
What can i expect?
X2 5600 (Windsor) + MSI K9A2 Platinum + Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer Results
Anyone have an opteron 2XXX series cpu?
CNET: Pat Patla of AMD says Shanghai is 20% Faster than Barcelona
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ stock volt?
24/7 Voltage on an A64 X2
9950 BE worth it?
can i use a 939 X2 on a AM2 board?
45nm Phenoms E-Class Are Coming
Athlon 5400 x 2 Memory speed limits
9950 BE - 3100MHz/core limit?
9950 BE - 3100MHz/core limit?
Shanghai Is Out Early (Apparently)
Help With More O/C
What difference does Agena core make?
Help with OC 4600+
Can't OC my 5000+ BE
Is this a Brisbane???
Overclocking my 5000+ brisbane
Weird Voltage Issue
Deneb Rumors
What PSU For My Phenom 9850BE System?
Need Stability Help for ECS MB
Could AMD to Hyperthreading
Will a 3Ghz Phenom max out a 4870?
My 9950 core temps:
I'm Hoping Denab IS Good
Kuma 6500 BE Benchmark results
9950 BE
Will 1.5v hurt phenom?
4600+ Windsor fluctuating freq?
9950 125W? Not on the egg...
AMD 6400BE overclock issues
The Future is Fusion.
M2N-E SLI ASUS overclocking problems?
Decided on 5400+ BE, which mobo/ram?
dual pumped, quad pumped, who does what?
5000+ X2 Black Edition to Phenom 9650, is it worth it?
Begining the BE-2400 Testing :D
Leaked AMD Roadmap
Some Brissy 4000+ testing.. and something weird
AMD 4000+
5400 Black Edition + Zalman 9700 = ?
Who wants to see a nekkid X2 6000
new board and phenom o/c
strange happenings...
help with ORTHOS
AD6500WCGHBOX What is it?
Problems OC'ing AMD 4000+ X2 Brisbane
Amd 3700+
5000+: Can't Hit 3.2GHz
9850BE + Crosshair 2?
2400- BE ..?? somone help tell me what this is?
Building a 'new' AMD PC
OC iSsuEs wiTH AMD 3700+ and 2GB RAM
build 9850 with lesser psu watt
High Temps
AMD Overdrive fails to start?
Best 9950BE aftermarket HS?
Which midrange CPU to buy for overclocking and speed?
5400+ BE
AMD to spin off Fabs
Is a Opteron 165 a step up from a Opteron 148 ?
AMD Desktop Roadmap Leaked
Strange 9500 OC problem
CPU Heatsink won't fit due to tall Ram?
running a stock HSF and have a dual/quad core? then post your temps
My First Attempt: 5000+ @ 3GHz
New build with AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Brisbane
AMD Phenom 9550
Imitation To Innovation: AMD's Best CPUs
Overclocking my 5400+ Black Brisbane dual core
Worth going from 3.3Ghz Windsor to Brissy?
JamesXP wins a bronze for OCForums
Phenoms are not slow. PCGH tests new GE-6xxx dual cores
Wanted...few good benchers
is this Voltage ok
Dual Core Optimizer Question
I need help choosing a processor!
L@@K 9950BE for $176.99 + Free Antec 300 Case + Free Shipping
Pushing my 5200 windsor to 3.0
AMD Releasing Re-Branded K-10 Athlon X2
Operton 165: cant get it stable at 2.7ghz
Upgrading my Laptop processor
Undervolting Vcore Question
AMD Phenom FX Deneb Spotted
CPU usage at 100/Folder issue????
Pin Mod Question
Where to find s939 dual cores?
4ghz on the 9950 and sb750?
How do I OC my AMD Athlon X2 5000+ BE to 3.2??
What has become of AMD (and this section)
9850be + ga-ma770-ds3 (rev1) question
K10.5 Hydra, 45nm Rev. D.?
4850E questions
Upgrade question
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+
So I know Sideport improves performance on the 780G, but...
My Advice To My Brother On A New Tower
!HELP! Overclocking X4 9850
Intel Duo: Penry & Neha vs Phenom
AMD back to making profit?
AMD First to 22 Nm, Challenges Intel
Athlon 64 2000+ is actually competitive with Atom
AMD love
Applyed AS5 Twice and still hot
Dumb question about AMD sockets
Underclocking an Opteron
making new rig
MD Athlon x64 6400+ high pitched squeak?
when deneb?
OC'd AMD X2 4000+ Brisbane
How to find default VID on 939 X2?
AMD Is Pleased
Over clocking and general info
Finally, I joined the A64 world.
Phenom X3 8650 worth it over X2 5000+??
Mobile 3400+ S754 in Desktop?
Much point in upgrading from...
Need expert advise: Instability with 9850 past 1.3875 volts
My $20.00 Dual Core OC
Overclocking socket A - help
De-IHSing Weirdness
140 watts
5400x2 BE?
Why so poor Superpi 1M time?
Why was the SB750 necessary for higher clocks ?
4600+ G2 65nm OC?
Where to learn how to tweak amd phenom 9600?
Upgrading Help
M3N78 PRO & Deneb
Can't OC past 3.1ghz (257mhz) - 4600+ ??? --- Please help :(
Help me OC for 3ds Max / Maya
AMD Phenom 45nm test
how far to take the AM2 4000?
help OC 3700+ Socket 754 (2.4GHz)
SB750's Released!
AMD sempron 3000+ oc weird issue
Simple Dual Core Question
Super Cheap AMD Build
New deneb stepping does 4G ?
Upgrading Semp 3100+, need advice
Is 50C too hot?
9600b vs 9650 Whats the differnce
AMD Athlon (A) need overclocking advice.
AMD 8450 users, few questions.
3000+ Venice Overclocking Help Please
Good stepping for older proc?
4200 overclocking problems
5800+ X2 monitoring help
OCing help
Decent 4600+/3850? - Can I increase?
9850BE questions
Advice for new system
Where are Phenom X2s ?
5200+ windsor x2 and m2n sli-deluxe overclocking
Upgrading skt 939 or new Am2 sys? PLs HELP!!
Pop the top on my X2 6000?
cheap/decent server
Just sharing my lamet
whats a good mb 4 oc the 5000be
AMD lances the boil..
Guidance on sempron 2800+
[Future AMD Roadmap] Socket G34
AMD X2 6000+ AM2 Vcore alarm
3.2ghz??? is that all??
difference in coretemp
New to o'cing help !
Frustrated Opteron 165
2000M v 2100
Anyone else excited for the new SB750s?
Phenom? worth upgrading?
New computer
Need help OC'ing Phenom 9850 BE
ASUS K8V Deluxe + AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 2.2GHz CPU (AMN3400BIX5AR)
AMD's first 45nm CPU the Deneb is coming.
Price for a Used 3800+ Dual AM2 CPU?
Heard Anything about the AMD 5000+ BE ?
My results for Prime95
suddenly unstable overclock?
prime 95 test and voltage questions
overclock Phenom 9750 - is this ok?
Best CPU For Your Money
hey noob in need : )
upgrade time
Quad Cores and Gaming?
Opinions needed... which Socket A heatsink is the best ?
Why is AMD stock still dropping?
AM2 quad cores?
Is there a THERMAL expert here ? I can't figure this one out...
New Pricing at Mwave
i just got to the 3.0 club!
What is this flat copper ring for ?`
whys my 3d benchmark 06 score so low
force idle on an amd processor
OverClocking Help
5400+ ocing
very odd thing with my OC AMD
Is this an ok OC?
Best Gaming CPU??
AMD shows off 45nm procs
how does my cpu stack up?
9950 99350 9150 launches, benches
Decent CPU to upgrade my system
Just got my Phenom 9550, whats with the temp??
AMD's Shrike takes flight in the second half of 2009
Is it worth while to lap an phenom
So I bought a LE-1100 for linux box...
Totally generic question about thermal paste
OCd my 5200+ , does this look right?
A64 X2 4600+ In An Acer Power1000(?!?).
Getting an X4 Phen 97750 - PSU ok?
Athlon64 FX-55 How high should I go?
Unique Issue with my CPU
New question... old technology... AMD 3200+
2 or 4?
amd max temp
Prime's Opti148 Goodness...
Temops still the same
Would like to Overclock to 3.0GHz
I finally poped the top on my brissy
9850 BE + M3A-H/HDMI
CPU Beeps
Help Me Over Clock Gateway Laptop FX
which AMD processor is the DC OC King?
Need suggestions/comments on budget upgrade
Need Help OC 5200+ to 3GHz
OCing AMD 5000+ round 2- temp issue
Weird 939 temp readings from core temp/speed fan
looking for a new 939 processor
AMD AOD Extreme Hardware Requirements
AMD's low power lineup and 45nm.
[News]AMD Developing Intel Atom Rival
Athlon 64 x2 4000+ Overclocks Until I Turn Off the Comp?
AMD LE-1620 overclock
What cpu has the memory controller built in
Issues with 5000+ BE OC'ing
I Know nothing about this stuff
Strange CPU Problems
underclocking a 939 under vista x64
Bad Temp Reading? High Temp 206C??
My 5600+ overclock
Tri core quickly becoming the red headed step child at work.
why is phenom so expensive still?
AMD X2 4050e
New Tri core or newegg screw up?
Nvidia chipset OC lockup question
2 Windsor variants 5200?
So why is it
New Opti 13xx are socket 1207 not AM2
3.7ghz 9850 anyone?
Overclocking 4400 x2
Question about the AMD 64 X2 5200+
New OS?
How powerful is this server
Kuma and Agena FX cancelled.
Opteron 170
Need help with overclocking t120!!!!
9850 oc Guide
amd is doing what? Rev HT AC
4400+ overclock?
What is the word on these new processors?
Phenom not recognized by ATI Overdrive on 790FX
I feel the urge to support the underdog...
AMD 64 X2 5200+
AMD 3400+ Mobile CPU
Amd x2 4000+ overclocking. look...
Heat question
Phenom X4 9700
Upgrade Question for 3800 X2
Phenom in the rough!
talk bout AMD not lasting...
overclocking a Dell Dimension E-521
amd x2 or tri core?
Overclocking tool for nForce2?
overclocking a socket A
Strange Issues with New Rig
Attention G1 Brisbanes 4000+
Phenom 9100e or (AthlonTM 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 5400+)
First AMD Adventure =D
Whats better?
little overclocking help - Opty180
What can anyone tell me about this chip...
mabe HT isnt such a factor? check this out
help me
New CPU!!
OCing AMD 5000BE
Optimum 939 A64 x2 CPU?
Athlon 64 X2 4600+ windsor?
Athlon 64 3200+ (ADA 3200AIO4BX)
Logos: AMD's Game On
I'm Upgrading
Need a good heat sink
AMD 5000BE or 6400?
What fan size fits the AM2 heatsink?
I think my X2 4800+ Brisbane is dying....
Upgrading my AMD Athlon 3000...help!
acceptable temp difference between 2 cores?
Have I reached my limit?
CPU Stuck at 2.5ghz
939 4800 x2 Black Screen
Brisbane 4000+ x64 Dual Core
6400+ BE
heating issues
12 core CPU???
AMD Cuts Server Quads Power To 55W
Anyone test 8450 Tri Core yet
Cheap AM2 cpu
New machine
4200 Brisbane G2 overclocking results?
AMD 9500 ...good deal?
Will AMD Last Till 2009 Onwards?
AMD K10.5 to have high-k
AMD Roadmap - Admits Faults & Coming Clean, Also Server RM News
Phenom instable at idle?
System Builder Opinions needed
Is this a MOBO or CPU problem?
Real performance in K8 and K10.
Processor upgrade suggestiongs
My AMD X2 5200+ OC Log
Overclocking a 4800x2
Athlon 3700+ please l@@k
Phenom 9500 power fluctuation! any ideas
AM2 Against 939 Now
Could this be Reverse Threading
8-Way Barcelona & HP Could They Make It Work
Stick with the old or upgrade
Difference between AMD 9500 and 9550?
Is Deneb MCM or monolithic
Athlon 64 3800+ Venice S939 OC question......
K10 vs K8 clock for clock
will this fly?
Phenom 9750 Compatability Problems With 780G Chipset
Question about 64 x2 socket 939
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+KN8 SLI(NF-CK804) Overlocking Help
CPU or Motherboard problem?
45nm Phenoms in '08
I've got a Brissy G2 4200
HELP! First PC build, Phenom runs slow
OC Question
CPU heat problem
AMD Price cut.
AMD Mobo SLI Suggestions?
How warm is too warm - Opteron 170 in HTPC
AMD Tri-Core review
AMD FireStream
New Dual Core Sempron!
Need an upgrade
Worst over for AMD?
Phenom B3 Tri-core "deactivated" on newegg. Problem?
Think I need to lower my oc?
First overclock, already run into problems
Best OC guide for a noob
Is L3 cache bad
old school OC
Plateau with 3700+ Sandy?
X2 3600+ Past 3 GHz?
AMD tri cores are in stock...
Some hints about AMD's 45nm process, Shanghai, and 12 cores
AMD's Grim Loss This Quarter
OC'd Brisbane x2 4000+ vs x2 6000+
AMD64 CPU Assistant - core temperature, CPU and memory usage of AMD64 CPU monitoring
Everyone loves lapping pics!
Need help to OC my A64 4200+ Toledo
Rising NB V. to OC 4000+
Phenom 9850 OC Discussion
AMD 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition or Phenom 9850 Black Edition?
Will We See Phenom OEM's Soon?
Phenom keeps clocking down???
What does the NB frequency do
2 xp2200+ CPU's (green & tan) which one is better???
Would a 4000+ brisban servive
Phenom 9500 (help)
AMD 5000+ Brisbane Reporting WRONG Temps
Need some help with vCore.
Opteron Voltages
Opty temps
Need Advice AMD 2600+
My First Overclock
X2 6400+ what are your temps?
Need help OC'ing a XP2000+ Thorough Bread
DFI RS482 and Opteron 165 Oc'ing
AMD Phenom 9550 overclock log
Phenom overclocking
Athlon 64 X2 6400+
Just got a Freebie...
Low cpu score on mark06
Core 1 temp, Core 2 temp, CPU Temp
should I be worried about my 9550
AMD 64 X2 4200+ clocking question.
Workforce cut confirmed
Athlon 64 x2 4600+ question?
Help Overclocking A8n32/3800X2/Kingston HyperX
Athlon 64 Overclocking Advice
REREAD: David Kanter's AMD K10/Barcelona writeup from 2007
Single core vs Dual Core Question
Opinions (purchase next month)
AMD X2 4200+ AM2 overclocking on stock heatsink?
OC'ing an AM2: An update to Easy 1, 2, 3, Overclocking ...
CPU for gaming
Phenom 9850 OC'd close to QX6850
B3 on newegg!!
Brisbane x2 4000+
new cpu to replace my fx55
Tony from OCZ's 3.5Ghz Phenom 9850 @ Xtremesystems.org
Opty 180
HT link multiplier in Bios... cant find it, help!!!
New cpu for Dapman
Looking for advice on overclocking opty 170
QQ oc with a 3800+ X2 939?
windsor vs. brisbane
How many volts should I put through my 4000+ for 3.0
Adjusting HT Speeds
can't get 5000 BE to 3.0
Stuck at 2.68
Barton 3000+ returns to Newegg
Ok, it's in...
amd overdrive
Post your 9500 Core Temps
dead x2 3800+?
Quick Question-Do 9500s Whine Stock?
new b3's my be able to hit 3ghz+
Is there a worthy upgrade for my Venice 939...
Ok guys, need you on this one..
9500 phenom running @ 1.6?
New Brissy 4200+ G2
Strange Problem with overclocking...
weird problem
2 More People Leave AMD
if i remove the IHS....
x2 5000 BE overheating
x2 5600+ temperature question
Old CPU question
New Phenom Listed
Confused about settings
full set-up under $700
Overclocking 4400+
What increases L1/2/3 cache bandwidth?
Venice 2.2ghz Socket 939...
AMD Release B3 Phenoms (With Some Prices)
Phenom 9850 benches.
Oc 2.6+ windsor troubles...
AMD Phenom 9500 ThrottleDown???
Opterton 180 Dual core!!
Good Deal? AMD X2 5000+ Black Edition
Bottleknecks Help On Understanding Them
Analysts Reckons AMD's To Far Behind
AMD Price Cuts
Is my CPU BAD, or......
I need help!!
Any clue about the Kuma (Phenom dual-core) release
Is this upgrade worth the trouble
Is HT 3.0 needed
Dual core optimizer
Newbie to Opterons - Motherboards to use?
quick and easy question
Which processor to get?
Phenom 9500 - Stability Issue?
First B3s sold out
5600+ 65Nm 2.9Ghz its out??????
New Build for Out of the Loop AMD Diehard
AMD Laying Off 5% Of Workforce
My New Opteron 180
changing HT multi
Phenom & OC newbie
5200+ Progress
Questions about L12 and War Mods for mobile Athlon XP
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Windsor 2.6GHz 2 x 1MB L2
Windsor 6000+ O'C potential?
Great gaming cpu?