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Stick with the old or upgrade
Difference between AMD 9500 and 9550?
Is Deneb MCM or monolithic
Athlon 64 3800+ Venice S939 OC question......
K10 vs K8 clock for clock
will this fly?
Phenom 9750 Compatability Problems With 780G Chipset
Question about 64 x2 socket 939
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+KN8 SLI(NF-CK804) Overlocking Help
CPU or Motherboard problem?
45nm Phenoms in '08
I've got a Brissy G2 4200
HELP! First PC build, Phenom runs slow
OC Question
CPU heat problem
AMD Price cut.
AMD Mobo SLI Suggestions?
How warm is too warm - Opteron 170 in HTPC
AMD Tri-Core review
AMD FireStream
New Dual Core Sempron!
Need an upgrade
Worst over for AMD?
Phenom B3 Tri-core "deactivated" on newegg. Problem?
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First overclock, already run into problems
Best OC guide for a noob
Is L3 cache bad
old school OC
Plateau with 3700+ Sandy?
X2 3600+ Past 3 GHz?
AMD tri cores are in stock...
Some hints about AMD's 45nm process, Shanghai, and 12 cores
AMD's Grim Loss This Quarter
OC'd Brisbane x2 4000+ vs x2 6000+
AMD64 CPU Assistant - core temperature, CPU and memory usage of AMD64 CPU monitoring
Everyone loves lapping pics!
Need help to OC my A64 4200+ Toledo
Rising NB V. to OC 4000+
Phenom 9850 OC Discussion
AMD 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition or Phenom 9850 Black Edition?
Will We See Phenom OEM's Soon?
Phenom keeps clocking down???
What does the NB frequency do
2 xp2200+ CPU's (green & tan) which one is better???
Would a 4000+ brisban servive
Phenom 9500 (help)
AMD 5000+ Brisbane Reporting WRONG Temps
Need some help with vCore.
Opteron Voltages
Opty temps
Need Advice AMD 2600+
My First Overclock
X2 6400+ what are your temps?
Need help OC'ing a XP2000+ Thorough Bread
DFI RS482 and Opteron 165 Oc'ing
AMD Phenom 9550 overclock log
Phenom overclocking
Athlon 64 X2 6400+
Just got a Freebie...
Low cpu score on mark06
Core 1 temp, Core 2 temp, CPU Temp
should I be worried about my 9550
AMD 64 X2 4200+ clocking question.
Workforce cut confirmed
Athlon 64 x2 4600+ question?
Help Overclocking A8n32/3800X2/Kingston HyperX
Athlon 64 Overclocking Advice
REREAD: David Kanter's AMD K10/Barcelona writeup from 2007
Single core vs Dual Core Question
Opinions (purchase next month)
AMD X2 4200+ AM2 overclocking on stock heatsink?
OC'ing an AM2: An update to Easy 1, 2, 3, Overclocking ...
CPU for gaming
Phenom 9850 OC'd close to QX6850
B3 on newegg!!
Brisbane x2 4000+
new cpu to replace my fx55
Tony from OCZ's 3.5Ghz Phenom 9850 @ Xtremesystems.org
Opty 180
HT link multiplier in Bios... cant find it, help!!!
New cpu for Dapman
Looking for advice on overclocking opty 170
QQ oc with a 3800+ X2 939?
windsor vs. brisbane
How many volts should I put through my 4000+ for 3.0
Adjusting HT Speeds
can't get 5000 BE to 3.0
Stuck at 2.68
Barton 3000+ returns to Newegg
Ok, it's in...
amd overdrive
Post your 9500 Core Temps
dead x2 3800+?
Quick Question-Do 9500s Whine Stock?
new b3's my be able to hit 3ghz+
Is there a worthy upgrade for my Venice 939...
Ok guys, need you on this one..
9500 phenom running @ 1.6?
New Brissy 4200+ G2
Strange Problem with overclocking...
weird problem
2 More People Leave AMD
if i remove the IHS....
x2 5000 BE overheating
x2 5600+ temperature question
Old CPU question
New Phenom Listed
Confused about settings
full set-up under $700
Overclocking 4400+
What increases L1/2/3 cache bandwidth?
Venice 2.2ghz Socket 939...
AMD Release B3 Phenoms (With Some Prices)
Phenom 9850 benches.
Oc 2.6+ windsor troubles...
AMD Phenom 9500 ThrottleDown???
Opterton 180 Dual core!!
Good Deal? AMD X2 5000+ Black Edition
Bottleknecks Help On Understanding Them
Analysts Reckons AMD's To Far Behind
AMD Price Cuts
Is my CPU BAD, or......
I need help!!
Any clue about the Kuma (Phenom dual-core) release
Is this upgrade worth the trouble
Is HT 3.0 needed
Dual core optimizer
Newbie to Opterons - Motherboards to use?
quick and easy question
Which processor to get?
Phenom 9500 - Stability Issue?
First B3s sold out
5600+ 65Nm 2.9Ghz its out??????
New Build for Out of the Loop AMD Diehard
AMD Laying Off 5% Of Workforce
My New Opteron 180
changing HT multi
Phenom & OC newbie
5200+ Progress
Questions about L12 and War Mods for mobile Athlon XP
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Windsor 2.6GHz 2 x 1MB L2
Windsor 6000+ O'C potential?
Great gaming cpu?
5000+ BE with Water Cooling?
K10 too comlex for Intel to have fabbed at 65nm?
Overclocking an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+?
Which is tops for a cheap(Used) 939? Opty 165? X2 3800? other?
AMD Responds To INTEL's Roadmap
Indicator of bottleneck?
Is there such a thing as a S939 to AM2 converter?
Flight of the Thoroughbred
Importance of PSU in Overclocking?
Awwwww Hector Didn't Get A Bonus This Time
B3 Stepping phenom in two weeks?
Athlon XP 1900+ Rading OC incorrectly
6000+ Good Or Utter Crap???
beowulf cluster>>>how?
Rookie Manchester 4200+ Overclock Advice
One last ditch effort for my X2 3600+
Last day to Sign-up for a chance to win a Q6600!!!
do i need a faster cpu??
Q about O/Cing 5000BE
Is AM2+ a logical upgrade path? I think so
Non Black 6400+
New to OCing how am i doing so far? (4200+ Brisbane)
help OC am2 X2 4600+EE first timer
Weird Opteron 165 Problems
windsor clock lock?
help overclocking Athlon 64 X2 4400+?
overclocking help
What's the difference?
Help overclocking 5600?
cpu busted?
Phenom 9600BE POS
5000 BE
My lovely 5000+ Black Edition
AMD Finally Ships "B3" Opterons
CPU error!
Opteron 175 or FX-60 which is best?
Whats your highest stable HT bus speed with a Phenom?
ocing x2 4600+
My 1st OC with a amd 4200+. Am I set?
X2 4400+ Toledo 89w (ACBW 0534VPMW)
Phenom 9600 BE + Asus M3A78-EMH HDMI
3.34 and beyond on my 6400+?
Can anyone give me the best oc config for my system?
Windsor F3, close to critical mass?
Gigabyte 780g + Phenom 9600BE
time to upgrade to am2?
Brisbane Core X2 4000+
Torn between 2 processors!!!
9600 heatsink
AMD Athlon XP-M 2800+ dying?
Agena FX?
TLB workaround options exposed
Safe max temp for a X2 3600+ Windsor?
dual a64 fx's or single phenom 9600
Athlon64 X2 4800+ OR AMD Opteron 180 2.4GHZ both Dual Core??Help?
lanparty 250 gb nf3 with athlon 64 3400+ mobile
OCing with results
5600 windsor overclock
Core 0 Core 1
Advice in the AMD realm.
AMD64 3700 SD
am2+ micro atx board
AMD demos 45nm coming soon...
I'm back.
9100e+ Poor man's quadcore ?
Phenom for under 10 dollars! No joke!
1210 opteron o/c
Going back to the old X2 3600+ 939
Question about a new CPU.
Running BOINC and benchmarks
? on Cpu
multiplier change in bios doesn`t take effect
5600+ Brisbane appears.
$300 Windsor Black edition?
oc'ing my 5000+ BE
Phenom 9500 on AM2 rather than AM2+, any noticeable decrease in performance?
over voltage?
X2 5000 Black
I think this is fair, do you
Upgrade from a 4200+ ?
asus pc probe alarm says 3 volts vcore!!
Fanless Windsor.
Crazy temp readings !!
Old school AMD Athlon XP temp 100'c+... why hasnt it died?!?!
A64 - FSB Always Higher Then Set In Bios
New G2 Stepping X2s
AMD Comtemplates Additional Outsourcing
F@H stable but not Orthos
Opteron 180 overclock?
Do I need the dual core optomiser for vista x64
Let's get this 4000+ stable at 3 Ghz!
C&Q Will Not Stay With X2 3800+
O/C'ing the 5000 X2 Black Edition
AMD 4000+ or AMD Opteron 165
AMD FX 55 or 57
lets make bets on how many volts and how far a 3600+ before it blows!
CoreTemp giving me extremely low readings!
4200 X2 Am2
Difference between processors
Amd Duron "Spitfire"
Problem with 4200 x2 and ECS a770m-a
OC specs needed.
AMD Return Policy
Athlon 64 3800+
Media PC CPU
Need help with my Socket 939 4200 dual core
Good cooler for 6400+ am2
Computer crashes everytime i changed 'auto' to a manual setting..
Overclocking A XP Cpu
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Duel Core 6400+ 3.22 Ghz
Problems with athlon 6400+
Venice OC
The aftermath to OC - what's your story?
Need some help/guidance
Amd 3800+ AM2 Orleans Overclock advice
Quick overclocking question...
getting back in the game...tips?
Apple picks up AMD?
unlocking and/or volt modding
What is coming out in march for AMD
Poor system performance in gaming - Opty 165
Why don't people get a santa ana core?
help me get 3.2ghz
Settings to OC
amd 64 x2 3600+ brisbane need help
Just curious with the 6000+
My Overclock (5000+BE)
Why is this 939 4200 so expensive???
IBM to buy AMD?
Can Phenom L3 cache be disabled?
Dell drops AMD chips from many machines
I Think I've Hit An OC Wall
What About Me? ;P
SSE4a and it's uses?
Quick question
FX-series processors in SMP
Are phenom's getting a bad rap?
Did AMD start soldering the cores to the heat spreaders
5000+ BE + M2N32-SLI
Phenom - MA790FX-Ds5 -HELP
AMD's Comeback With 45nm Against Penryn
amd news
HT Link
5200+ X2 Brisbane 65W Overclocking?
First Timer
Help with Ocing Brisbane 4000x2
Phenom help
WIN XP not quite seeing X2 3800
X2 4200+ Temps.
MSI K9A2 Platinum - Phenom 9600 Black, Please help
Fixing Broken CPU Pin
Questions about going to a 6000+
Phenom starting to hit higher clocks?
Looking to upgrade
am i over loading my psu
Latest version of Toast for AMD processors
Can someone help me set up F@H
Is this a low 3dmark score?
why is the 65w 5200 costing more and more
Question on how well this will overclock
Brisbane core 0 keeps failing
The Large US Companies That May Disappear In 2008 (AMD)
1st timer, 4000+
Finally found the problem..
1 CPU always at full load??
Biostar TA770 A2+ & 9600 BE Testing
Phenom 9600BE Help
5000 BBE + Prime95 Issues
AMD Loses Asian Supercomputer Deal To INTEL
X2 3800 Overclocked with Less voltage
ClockGen Problem: PLL dropdown is not highlighted in Setup? Help!
FSB Speed vs RAM Speed
crazy low temps??
Strange sound??
X2 4000+ Cranked Up!
AMD Athlon X2 6000+ or 6400+ ???
Oc'ing Problems
ime a noob overclocker and ime STUCK :(
Upgrade to 6400+ or Phenom?
overclocking limit 239mhz and 11x multiplyer?
AMD's Fusion Chip
AMD 6400 question
hows my temp?
Im having a problem with utilites
Does anyone know when the phenom x2s are out
Push my amd am2 4000x2 G1 EVEN MORE
i think im doing it wrong lmao.
4000+ Single core overclock,Running Stable!
X2 5600+ (windsor) - still a good buy?
OK what is up with my HT?
Pusing the 4000+
Computer suddenly turn off even at stock speed
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Reason's why you should buy a 4000+(Brisbane.)
Need help overclocking A64 x2 3800...
Joining the quad core era
x2 4200 overclocking
how to pop the top on a 4000+ brisbane
Help me spend my money wisely, or not at all.
AMD's Silver Lining It's Not All That Bad
I dont get my dam HTT!?!?!?! little help plz.
Athlon XP 3200+ and Asus A7N8X-E Overclock
Opteron dualie, temps gone wild!
Dumb voltage question.
postprossing and quadcore?
Overclocking my 4200+ BOX (n00b)
CPU Friend, Time for a new rig; Your thoughts?
Help Overclocking an Opteron 185 on an ASUS A8N-E Motherboard
Overclocking an Opteron 185 on an ASUS A8N-E Motherboard
Can't get 4000+ brisbane stable 2.9
4200+ -- Which core?
Vcore and temperatures.
Athlon X2 dual core being used or not?
Sub-room temp readings on opty 170 in windows... why?
Noob needs help w/ Athlon XP-M 2800+
Opteron 165 Temps - Little Concerned
Need build help...
Fried My Proc I Guess... need advice!
From Thermaltake Silentboost to Thermaltake Big Typhoon, what a temp diff!
Broken XP
Popped top = -13C
3800 x2 939
5600+ or 5000+ be?
overclock athlon x2 5000+ black but different reading in cpu-z
5000 Black Box OCs
CPU and RAM.
Those built-in memory controllers...
Having issues with your Phenom? READ THIS!
939 3700+ Single Core to 3800+ Dual?
My 9600 Black Edition Phenom Results....
amd live 6000+
What OC can I expect from 4400+?
Brisbane 5400+
Cutting traces to undervolt a barton 3200+ ?
AMD price drop on AM2 chips...i think...
AMD Bugged Up But 1 Good Thing
AMD athlon 3400 help...
little help again :) !
Brisbane x2 4000+ OC Regression?
help with my OC brisbane 5200+
X2 4000+ Brisbane Noobie-clocking Attempt
AMD 3800 X2 overclock in this board???
successful OC x2 6000+ to 3.5GHz
Processor Max Temperature
My monitor is dead after clocking!
HELP!! new X2 cpu - Windows wont start??
X2 Core Temps?
Bottlenecking Question?!?!?
OCin my Athlon 64 X2 4200+
i just overclocked my pc
Delidded Brisbane 4000+ questions.
AMD x2 5000+ black edition 99.99 free ship @ the egg
am2 or am2+ question
is this a good oc first time:)
OC help
Thermal Paste For X2 3800
nVidia Control Panel Oc'ing
How much is too hot when not OC'ed?
939 and AM2?
X2 3800+ OC results plus wierd sktA mobo problem
I'm doing it man.....
Amd Athlon 64 3500
Need Help! Barton 3000+
Need help overclocking an AM2 AMDx2 5600+
Brisbane or Windsor?
1st OC on x2 5000+ ,i need help !
overclocking the 6400+ black edition
little confused about this... and wondering if it would help....
New Build Project for you all...
AMD Opteron 180 OR X2 3800
First post, some overclocking issues
Sempron 3000+, 1st timer
O'cing the BE-2300
x2 3800 OCing Help
Why does AMD not adding more cache?
wanna see what yall think about this casual OC...
Overclocking on the ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe
A64 LE 1600 Results thread
Phenom 9900
Cpu bottleneck?
I need overclocking advice.
A64 x2 6400+ Help
Athlon XP 1800+ DLT3C
Is AMD site down?
Anyone encounter this problem also?
Is my CPU a dud?
Quick question...this is really weird.
first time over clocker
Honest Question...PLEASE help me out!
New Build
How long will this last @ 1.6v?
Anyone OCed one of these higher on air.
Benchmarking before the new card arrives
can you run you HT at 2000mhz?
Toledo 3800+ X2 oc help
When is enough?
How hot is too hot and how can you get a good idea of the true temp?
1st Post & 1st OC, doing good, looking for any advice
cpu oc computer restarts every two hours
Hi and a little help if you dont mind lol;)
System fails RAM stress test but CPU stress test OK.
New Rig.....So many choices!?!?
Single vs duals in AMD
advice for ocing 2800+ (socket 754)
Core temps???
Need help with AMD 64 4000+
Laaaaaaame (good read for DFI users)
CPU Upgrade
Quad Core user, did u benefit with HT 3.0?
Phenom 9500 is coming up 1.8 ???
Can't overclock more than 5%
Overcloking my 3800+ x2 am2
New full AMD Phenom build, help with parts
new hardware, any tips?
Overclocking My Turion TL-56's
HT link at 216mhz? whats rong
4600+ OC?
stepping how to???
Yawn.... just a single core AMD doing 3.8GHz!
Slow 3600 x2 brisbane?
My naked X2 3600+ Brisbane
Who among us has both Intel and AMD rigs?
do u find core 0 or 1 weaker on your CPU?
cpu speeds ????
These X2's are not bad at all for games
I have fallen....
Anybody using the Overdrive software for A64?
Phenom (1 Core) Vs. Athlon x2 Shootout
AMD Turion 64x2 TL-50 - Gateway MX3414
9600 Black Edition Phenom Officially released!
new to oc what do i need to do
AMD Marketing Phenom Black Box ED
Phenom and RAM voltage
Bridging Chip For Phenom Wait
Gauging interrest.
Black edition decision : 5000 vs 6400
athlon 4000+ x2 socket am2 brisbane need some advice on my oc
Newegg phenom 9500 $199!!!!!
Phenom for Dual Price ?
AMD 3700 oc help
I have had it with chipzilla
Need help 3600 X2
First time OC'ing.....point me in the right direction