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Broken pin
Best AMD AM2 o/cing cpu
AMD's tri-core processor details 08/09
which temperature reading is right?
CPU-Z voltage reading error?
AMD Athlon XP 2500T 1.83GHz Temperature
Good results with DFI & Phenom over at XS.
The truth about the Phenom TLB bug...
Sooo i e-mailed AMD........
AMD 5000+ OC help
AMD Phenom 9700 Quad Core test
Overclocking nullified by windows
break-in period for new processor?
Where do you shop for good deals?
Lapped my 165, still big difference in core temp
Athlon XP Still Around?
need overclock help. AM2 4200+ X2 Windsor
Question about the LE-1100
Phenom X4 9600 on New Egg
3800+ venice restarts with 2ghz HT-y?
opty 180 - worth an upgrade?
AMD Phenom Has LV3 Cache Errata
Scrap the 939, going strait to AM2. Thoughts?
Which A64 for Overclocking 101?
OPTERON 185. Overclocking (Not too stable at 3Ghz)
what to do?: my mobo will not be compatible with any Phenom chip
Please Help AMD Sempron 3000+ 754 64bit 128kB
AMD Ponders Potential AGEIA Purchase
Cpu Monitoring Software
AC's Phenom Review and Techinical info
6400X2 or other AM2 for best OC?
Best choice for S939?
Thinking of making a file server
HTPC AM2 Dual Core Best Bang for the Buck
Need Help with Opteron 185 & ASUS a8N32SLI Deluxe
AM2 processor compatibility with socket 939 mobos?
SiSoftware Sandra benchmarks
Worth to overclock for any performance?
Skt 939 upgrade
HELP me clock my B.E 5000+ to its best potential
Sempron vs Athlon
phenom available at Newegg
XP2400+, Can anything be had?
Overclocking an AMD 6000+ leads to high GPU temps.Why?
Phenom x4 vs C2Q clock per clock?
System locking up, CPU?
Need Help with New Build
Overclocking a 4200 whats good?
OC'ing ASRock ALiveNF6G-VSTA + AMD X2 4200+
DFI LANParty UT 790FX-M2R released
best bang for the buck?
Is my 5000+ Black edition a 90nm or 65nm design?
Cant overclock my new 4600+ x2. Not even 1MHz
I can't figure out why my A64 is slower than my AXP!
need advice yet again :) lol
Will my X2 3600+ @ 2.9GHz bottleneck much?
Athlon FX-62
AMD Not doing so bad.
First Time OC'ing the 64X2
brissy 4000+ vs. opty 1210?
Will You Be Building A Phenom Machine?
What to Do With My 2600+
Getting vv4_mini.sys while OCing CPU
5000 BE or 5600+
Extending s939 life
AMD's Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Black Edition - Voltage Help
Does an Opty 1xx with 4 DIMMs drop to 2T?
Phenom is Here Reviews
AMD delays Phenom 2.4Ghz due to TLB errata
What Should I Upgrade? specs inside
Should I Be Okay?
FINALLY! Success with Opty o/c
Check AMD new Overdrive
help/question on a A64 3200
MAX Vcore for 4000+ Brisbane 65nm?
welcome to the amd booth
New oc'er Need advice on overclocking a BLAST FROM THE PAST
Just a comment on MSI's Dynamic Overclocking
AMD to replace Hector ruiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abu Dhabi AMD
what speed memory do I need for 1:1??
A64 X2 4600+ Working?
Which core is the best
4200 OC help
5600 stepping?
X2 4200+ Manchester max v core?
Which should I choose? X2 6400 or FX-62 ???
What to do with my brisbane
New to overclocking!
Some help overclocking a X2 4200+
AMD Overdrive Utility for the RD790 series [Preview]
5600+ @ 3.22 1.45V going water now whats safe voltage?
I have a simple question.....
First AMD 65nm to hit 4ghz
whats the difference here
Most bang-for-buck am2?
Got A Post Phenom X4 9500
Need help for my first ever overclock !
Having trouble OC'ing.
Rumor has it CEO Hector Ruiz to leave AMD monday!
does a f3 use more voltage then a f2?
Is AMD a sinking ship?
Which 939 X2 should I get?
80$ cooler + 6000+ crappy temps
Please help an old member diagnose his problem
Overclocking an Athlon 6000+ 64 X2 Tomorrow, Need Advice.
4000+ OC result Brisbane 65nm
Info on the FX-51 SledgeHammer plz.
Instable While using dual channel
Between the two
Voltage stuck at 1.35 or is it the sensor?
AM2 or AM2+ (phenom)
Updating my 939 with a dual core
What CPU should I get for my MB (MSI K8N NEO2)
verifying dmi pool data
Operton 939 Which 1?
AMD Athlon 64 x2 5000+ Black Edition
AMD vs Intel - 64-bit
Windows showing wrong processor speed
a64 3500+ -> X2 4400 Question
Overclocking phenom?
Overclocking an Alienware Laptop
New Barc Build
Processor compatibility help plz
Phenom X4, AMD, OverDrive
Over Clocking the HTT
Building new AM2 Comp
I'm a newB again
5000+ Overclock
Opteron 170, first time OC
New Processor Temps Too High?
Opty 165: about the metal casing covering the core
Mon 19th November Massive Day For AMD
AMD OC table
Opteron AM2 1210, succesor of Opty 939 165?
Is there an energy efficient upgrade from an Opteron 165?
My AMD athlon 64 3400 is clocked at 1.8 GHz WTF ? I need help please.
4200+ am2 windsor overclocked temp??
Clocking my X2 3600+ Higher Thread
[FX-60] just got a free upgrade
A few questions on overclocking
Any point in upgrading?
oced the room mates t7025 and 4000+ am2 2.75G
First Time Overclock
Is this too much voltage?
another upgrade question
New AM2 Overclock CPU
Help! Loud screeching
How can I do Better
5600+ 6000+ 6400+ CPU temps and core temps. whats the max u run at?
are sockets AM2 and 940 pin the same?
can I change my multipliers
More barcelona news.
where do I get CPU thermal pads.
185 over clocking
x2 4000 am2 with windows 2000 pro
Which 939 CPU for gaming?
Overclocking confusion
6400+ Help - Temps, Voltage, + OC! Pls.
Exteneding the life of my s939
3600+ Reports at 546Mhz??
athlon xp 2500 recognized as xp 1900
FX60 O/C help, mem timings & what is PCI clock?
Help me determine why my CPU won't fit
4000+ Brisbane and TF7025 how far on a easy OC?
6000+ Initial Overclock Results
Opty 165 OC question
500fsb on amd ?
Rate my new rig?
Doing something completely wrong?
AM2 Opterons
Son is building new rig
removing ihs
What are the best AM2 x2 overclockers?
FX-60 temps, what is too hot for this chip?
Looking to upgrade.. what should I do!?
6400+ OC Help needed
AthlonXP2600+ (AXDA2600DKV4D) voltage
AMD’s 45nm volume ramp could be a 2009 affair
prime95 rounding error help?
just go my 5600+ czbox should I burn in?
Phenom compatability?
4 Core Phenoms!
hey bbb alllllllll
my oced 4600 vs stock 5600
Some Helpful Advice
AMD X2 4000+ system instability
specify a process to run on a certain core
hey alllllllll
Overclocking AM2 BE-2300
AMD64 x2 5000+ BE
65w or 89w for same speed. Any difference?
4800+ OC
still worth it to get a 939?
3 Core Phenom is real
'kernel' using heaps of CPU % constantly
no need of a Phenom but second best.
AMD Slot A Cooling Question
Gahh.. this is hair pulling!
AMD Live 6000+
Having a hard time deciding, hopefully you all can help (go with X2 6400 or wait)
Default Multipler
Venice 939 3200 Random Reboots? Voltage Problem?
5600+ or 6000+ open box for the same price. what should I buy?
core #0 stuck at 10c, core #1 anywhere from -10c
While i'm waiting for my new gear...
3700+ sd how high
msi k9n sli platinum and 3800+ x2 am2 oc problems
Help OC AMD 6400+
Help with new AMD setup... its been a few years...
opteron 165 tempreture difference
Which CPU
AMD 45watt cpu release dual and single core
5000+ Brisbane or 5600-6000 Windsor
Need an AMD MP 2400+, please H_E_L_P
Just can't Overclock it
Whats in the name?
Taking 1.5v to hit 2.8 on a 4000 AM2 Brisbane??
what is a death voltage for most am2 cpus?
New Amds at New Egg
which 939 cpus will clock to 3ghz and are dual core?
65nm X2 4000 or Rev F3 64 4000+ or 65nm Sempron
one more ? 5200+
phenom news thanks to the inquirer
Good load temp for the F3 windsor?
5200+ Am2 or wait for AM3?
What's the problem of my PC
A word of thanks...
Good Or Bad Overclock?
Lap time?
Benchmarking: Are my results ok?
OC AMD 4200 X2 (Manchester)
Sorry, but I ahve to leave you guys
Are these temps going to damage my cpu?
BE-2300 vs X2 6000
Re-attaching the IHS
What's the difference between these cpu's?
Not stable at 2.5ghz?
Opinions on this OC
Another AMD price cut announcement
New amd cpus?
weird German review?
4200 x2 temp range and other questions
64 x2 5200+, 5400+, 5600+, czbox? 5200+ czbox with f2 stepping?
A64 X2's Which is most O/C'able
Looking for input
amd x2/dfi no 2gig mem?
PITIFUL 3dmark06 score....why?
5200+ Windsor or 4800+ Brisbane combo?
How hot is too hot?
HT3 turned off?
Help please
Noob is confused about Bios settings
Speedfan 4.3 is out
Barcelona continues to drop in price
AMD Reveals Triple-Core Phenom
Opty 165 + Biostar 6100-M9 [Suggestion need !!]
4200 X2 Overclock Help
help me? so sad.. :( (opty 165 setup)
Well, this is a double edged sword!!!!!
OCing potential of this chip
Good Steppings ???
Help with my fx57
2.9Ghz O/C on FX60, temps & settings okay?
Black Edition revisited.
Overcloking 6400+
Wanna See 3000Mhz Per Core with my 939!!
When overcloking...
Blue Screen After Messing with BIOS or OCing
My AMD 5600+ f-3 vs 4600+ f-2
I think I got it, but still a few questions.
Which to buy FX-62 or X2 6000 socket AM2
AMD Unleashed.
Need a little help with parts for new AMD rig..
Dual K10.
Help with FX60 OCing.
Three Years Later?
opty 170 users ?Challange?
Crosshair Overclocking problems
time to join the dual core wagon
can someone catch me up please
LCBQE opty 185
939 4800+ x2 pc4000 oc
Have a look I need some guidance
help me choose 939 processor
Help deciding on first ever AMD rig
Turning up FSB affects what else?
Where are all the PPL with the K10's
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+(65W) Windsor 2.0GHz
My new AMD build
Where have all the Semprons gone?
Critique my rig
Avg. temp delta for dual-core (Opty 165)?
3Dmark record
athlon 64 san diego clocking prob..
AMD May Release Triple Core CPU
getting ready to upgrade...maybe
AMD 64 x2 6400+/Asus Crosshair OC Help Please!
FX-57 Problems
better to raise CPU freq. or RAM freq.?
Pedal to the Metal: Overclocking the Athlon
My 6000+ VERY underclocked when I run Vista :S
No fan mount/retention bracket
Quick Question about my New X2 3800
5200+ oc help nedded
AMD 5600+ maxed out?
CnQ doesn't seem to work
overclocking help?
Amd 5000 temps
Weather cooled down - my Barton is sporting 2.5 GHz again. All right!
Dual core vs single
Phenom FX80 mid November.
A question on AMD idle power...
What are the good AM2 procs right now?
Buda or Phenom
Barcelona Launch Event
anyone wanna help me
Would a 3000+ bottleneck this?
Question about memory and AM2 chips
missing a fan mount...
When will AMD release it's next mainstream desktop CPU?
OCing a 3000+ Sempron?
Best CPU Upgrade for a 939?
1st Official Barcelona Review
Phenom/Barcelona Reviews/Previews and Pre-release Discussion
It's official: Barcelona launches September 10
6400+ caught in the cross[hair] fire
How overclockable is this system?
Go from single to dual core, reinstall Windows XP?
Got my new, new cpu... 5600+ X2, lets OC it :)
Help updating BIOS for Asus Crosshair w/x2 6400+
Some clearer numbers on Barcelona performance
barcer questions??
6400+ Performance
Barcelona @ bargain prices
cant get am2 3800+ over 2.2 stable
X2 4200+ Problems
Finally got past my htt limit ^^
K10 over 45% faster clock for clock (video proof)
Cpu w/broken pin
Overclocking Options 6000+
Help me OC my 6000+
Modded CPU Heatsinc Mounting
can't overclock cpu :(
New Opty 185 from rdrash
Hats off to AMD (What they have to deal with)
dual core optimizer
939 or AM2
Overclocking the 5000
Show your phenom support!
Will it work
Is this even possible?
89W 6000+ appears.
FX-62 Overclocking
Replacment for my 2nd dying opteron
What i'll go to buy
Real K10 Benches
X2 4000+ Brisbane Help Newb
How much will my A64 3000+ bottleneck a 8800GTS 320 or better?
3 GHz K10 pulls off 30k in 3DMark06 (inq)
Need CPU Equivalency Utility
need some oldschool help - K7S5A
X2 4600 F2 stepping
Need an advice
is there a 4600+ with more cashe?
Is this chipset running too hot?
would this be the best 90nm AM2 to oc?
Been out of the loop for a while
upgrade from 3500 to 4200 dual core - BIG problems
Who still has a Barton for a main rig?
X2 6400+ Black...bought 1 today
what AM2 Brisbane core should I get?
Need help with ram overclocking 3600 brisbane
amd x2 939
should i be happy?
3ghz phenom
AMD 64 6400+ For sale on NewEgg! $279 shipped
Santa Ana Vs. Windsor
AM2 X2 4000+ clocks?
Anyone try a Brisbane X2 5000+ yet?
Rumor: Henri Richard Maybe Leaving AMD
windows will not boot? flipped power switch??
Recommend me an AMD mobo/CPU/RAM combo
Will AMD Go All Dual Soon? "Speaking With Forked Tongue" May 13, 2005
What is the advantage in a 64bit processor
Rubbish Psu?
AMD sues Intel...
pics of new liquid-cooled pc!
Which CPU
Intel will take two years to catch up to AMD
really ****ED/SAD
Need a good non LanParty 939 Board
need some advice
Gaming PC Suggestions
sub zero cooling
Blue Screen After windows loading with UTT??
I must be blind.
CRAZY Deal on Monarch for Opty 146/ASRock Dual939!!!
Older P4 not performing well
Mission Impossible: soldering on busted off pin on a Opty CABNE!
Me Ghetto rigged cooling...
Conroe; no threat to AMD line up...
Sempron 2800 or Celeron D 315?
Advice re: Conroe, please? Wait?
AM2 X2 5000+ In stock now, 680$?! [Monarch CPU+board $381 ITT]
I think I'm in trouble
Cheap Build for a friend....need help
AMD loses before new CPU is even out
Deployment + Gaming...
im new saying hello
AMD's Needs To Make 1 Billion This Year
Ne one used this ram in their AMD system ?
AMD Agena Overclocks to 3Ghz
X2 6000 vs. e6600 question
hey guys help me put a new one together
need buying advice please
Thermalright SLK-900 - the BEST heatsink available!
Barton pricing complaits... WHAT??
Help needed to build ULTIMATE P4 System
AMD/FSB Question
Barton 2500 *****$99
Possessed 1700?
Motherboard advice
Is Overclockers anti-AMD?
does overclockers have an irc channel?
Lapping? info needed please
1 GIG of RAM
BIOS update for ASUS A7N266VX?
Antec Sonata Case any good for Overclocking
i need 100
BIOS for Abit NF7V2.0
wth, my Athlon Xp 3000 wont get over 1.09 ghz!
Dual opterons, athlons, or xeons?
SATA Converter
fan to go with my slk900a???
DFI board is here
disgusting case of CPU malnutrition...
F'ing Newegg!
How do I flash the bios on MSI Neo2 Plat?
post up your beautiful computer
Heat! Heat! Heat!
+5 on EPoX 8k7A motherboard problems help needed!
Need a DDR board
Msi K7t Pro 266 3ddr ?????
Help!! I need advice on the best AMD MotherBoard to start off with!!! Plz Help!!!!!
kk266-R Does it have the 133 FSB Jumper?
Cooling Experts, come here
Question for AsusA7M266 Owners
moniter not powering up
Agp O/c
How do you OC a RADEON 64
Abit Compatibilites
High temps-- Case on or Case off?
Help needed, Soldering resistor block off A7M266 for multplier mod
Case Mods - I have some questions
RAM Scram
Has anyone ever tried to spraypaint there cdrom drives etc...?
What am I doing wrong with air cooling..
Cooling System
Which temp monitor?
Whats up with the ABiT KG7-Lite ? It don't post just bought it.
Who has the best cooled case?
I need an opinion on this cooling equipment.
what's all this heat about anyways?
What the heck is a copper shim?
FOP32 or something else
Silver Mountain VS Swiftech MC-462
Need your guys advice!!!!
T-Bird 1.4GHz with Swiftech MC462
R.I.P. My KT7A
What do you guys think about the Volcano 5 from Thermaltake?
Hello The HedgeHog!
Does the Abit Kg7-R supports PC-2400 Ram?
What temp for std. Athlon 1.2 ?
Athlon Heat Probs PSU Fans.....
4 in 1 for ASUS A7M266 ???
AMD to get QDR-Ram in future
AMD Motherboard
Insocket thermistors? Do these read accurately!! I can't be this high in temp!
WHere the heck do I find a temp probe? Radio shack sucks!
Temp Trouble with AMD
Please Recommend....
Can someone Please HELP ME? I'm really frustrated now!!!
300watt PS causing CPU to overheat?
New BIos for Epox EP-8K7A
Msi K7t Turbo FSB ?
Heat issues!!!!!