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Best Mainboard
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Cooler, more quiet Thunderbird??
1.4GHz Athlon T-Bird Temps???
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how hott?
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trouble help!
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1.4 and Newegg.com
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amd 1ghz flipchip dilemma - please can u help?
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who sells MIllennium Glaciator's
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Thermal Paste
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Athlon Tempereature Question
What will keep my Tbird 1.2 cool?
Anyone for Green Eggs and Ham I am cooking
epox 8kha+
Does anyone know?
Please Help! Where can I find motherboard inserts for Lian Li PC60 Cases!
need lots of serious help here
ECS K7S5A for Overclocking?
Thermal Tape
www.coolerguys.com Everyone please read
5v power?
Cool CPU-Hot Case!
What EPOX board... 3 Listed
Waiting Problem
Grade my PC....
AMD 1.2 (NON-Overclocked)..yet. Temp
Athlon 1.2 ghz normal operating temperatures-----what range????
1x..2x..4x..???..I GET 1x..???
60c too hot?
best way to clean off arctic silver on cpu
Dragon Orb 3 for AMD
newbie intrested in overclocking
Where to buy AK31?
My mobo support XP processor? How easy to upgrade processor?
3dmark2001 corrupted
Help <XP 1600 Gig GA 7DXR
new computer hanging...please help
Help with Overclock 1.4@1.5
Looking for stability tester "Toast"
Abit-KG7 question???
Unable to unlock XP with A7V266-E !!!
Temperature differences?
new geforce3, now cant overclock?
Homemade Water Cooler
A7v133 Wont Boot!
W2K? or XP?
Hi All, need some help
XP 1600 and what kind of HS/F?
And what mobo?
shopping, HELP!!!
need new mobo
Grade this Rig!
Best place to measure CPU temps?
system start-up problem...
5 V, he, he, he..
cooling an athlonXP 1800
Second thoughts about the board I ordered
Tyan S2460 w/ dual AMD MP 1600's won't post...
Enermax & Adjustable Pots?
another A7M question - VIA 4 in 1 or/and AGP miniports?
Take out the Northbridge fan
Who cares what the thread subjec it just read it
installing heatsink/fam on AMD chips
DDR memory pc2700 at CAS2.5 or pc2400 at CAS2?
What the heck is RAID anyways!?
best motherboard for amd xp and over clocking
HSF Survey
XP 1600+ Heatsinks
Xp 1600+ motherboards
5v line effect on Overclocking
How do you lap (sp?) a heatsink base
MSI CMOS checksum error
Arctic Silver II on Slot A?
Need good HSF minus the noise
3D Mark scores
Need help selecting motherboard for 1GHz Duron (Morgan)
AMD cpu w/ intel Heatsink????
Need heatsink advise...
what do you say about this system?
Athlon 1.33 Temps
Best MOBO for Duron's HELP!
BIOS issue
Ram Prices Going Up or Down?
HELP! My computer is WAY too HOT
help w/ bios
Help!!! I think I need BIOS update....
Should I be using the 1/4 or 1/5 divider?
Pink stuff on bottom of hsf...
Volcano 6cu+ rumor I heard
abit kg7
Is my 300w psu big enough?
Help with Thermal Sensor
How do you guys check temps?
Epox Ep-8k7a
Your advise on a good FAN / HS Combo for an Athlon 1.1 TBird
Need help picking pieces for my new pc
Intel P4 2.2@3.675Ghz world record
I don't know where to post this, so I'll just leave it here...
1.4TBird Too Hot?
Temps WERE ok... but now they're wacky
Tempetures XP1700+
Silicone Based Thermal Paste?
Best FAN to cool my XP 1600+
BIOS Flash not 100%?!
Abit-kt7a-raid bios mod?
118watt peltier good enough to cool oced xp?
ecs K7S5A
Help My cpu is hot
fan 4 my cpu
What mobo should I buy?
best hsf for 1.4TB ?
MC462A and SL75DRV2 ?
how to cool my CPU
is this temp good?
Newbie Thermal Grease Question
voltage mod...
how accurate are the mobo thermal sensors?
O.K. you posers, lets see them 3DMARK scores!
Die temps?
High CPU Temps
Is this a Good 3D Mark 2001 score?
xp 1700 temperatures>
overclock hardware retail UK
Help me out overclocking IWILL XP333
why bios values reset after cold boot?
Help with new IWILL MB
Need Advice For HSF
To take off cpu pads or not. That is the question.
A7M266-D (Rev1003) Very easy Vmod!!
General Temperature Question:
Long delay when quitting games to desktop! HELP!!!
remove north chipset cooler
whats good temp for 1800+
Help!! Its Overheating!
T-Bred supported motherboards?
Duron 1000 Temp Problems
Abit KR7A, okay for new system?
Talk about heat!
Is my temp sensor messed up??
she is hot!!!
Athlon 1.4Ghz reccomended temp?
Temp increase w/ vcore increase
removing thermal goop
Duron 1000MHz, at what temperature should I become concerned?
ECS Question (split by mod from AMD FAQ)
what's the proper temp
Maze3 over Maze2
Koolance PC2-601 Opinions
Ghetto mod - lemme hear your opinion
xp 1600 overclock help!!!!
:/ more help
heat problems with my xp 2000+
Temps for XP 2000+
KA7 - Which CPU + Fan/Heatsink to get?
recommended slot a heatsink and grease
Hacked BIOS for ECS K7S5A (I wanna overclock)
Athlon 1900 Running at 52C Idle
Xp Tmps
A7V333 Temps
Celeron Overclock
cpu temps
good heatsink choices for AMD K6-2Plus??
1800+ @ 1752MHz @ 31c full load
Is the temperature gauge suspose to be touching the CPU?
Make a XP to a MP CPU
How do I install a BIOS update?
Is thermal paste required?
KT400 is here!
1st clawhammer board!
2000+ overheating????
Wots the averge AMD Duron 900 temp?
Athlon 2000+ CPU Temp Question
Wierd Temp Change.
What NOT to put on a Duron (if you want to OC it)
I just got my Thermaltake CRYSTAL ORB
fans fans fans
Need quick answer on power supply
changing fsb
Best water cool sys for XP2100
Volcano 7+, or other?????
pc2100 ram
NForce 2 ???
Post beep codes, need help?
Whats The OverHeat Temp of a +1800?
Volcano 7+ and AS3
thermal grease deterioration!?!?!?!
Just put in xp2200+temps up to 58c
2200 T-bred Temps?
For those that HATE AMD....Leave...
unsafe CPU temp...
Temperature problems!
OC athlon 1200 and side question of C3
Need help with Athlon XP 2000 overheating
Which Motherboard???
I wanna go HIGHER
Nice big Athlon XP screen
what temperature should an AMD 1700+ be ?
ASUS,ABIT or EPOX which is better
running an XP2200
Better overclocking this way?
Sound blaster live! 5.1 Win XP issues
Best Mobo
running with high temps...bad idea?
Amd Xp 1700+ Temp Prob.
1.8a Oc
OC Mobo?
Athlon O/C query
166MHz bus speed can't Save your Tbreds from defeat
SK-6 for a 2200+?
Unlocking Vcore on MSI KT333 ultra2
The Most Efficient Heatsink+Fan
My overclock & temps
XP1800+ High temp. Bios help needed
i want to vmod my a7v266/e mother
Newbie Question, what's wrong?
emergency please help
processor heat
release date for p4 3066?
mboard problem?fsb problem
need cooling, can't get Thermalright!
amd thunderbird 1.33ghz too hot
Best priced KT400?
what is the correct way to apply thermal paste?
best place to shop online?
FPS ...more FPS !!!!!..(needed) ! :D
Here we go again........motherboard selection
New mobo with KT400
Salute too OC.COM & all the great members
4600 is frying eggs.....RMA??
Good AM2 chip - not bad for stock volts, eh?
Last of the 939-Optys? 165~LCBQE 0712
x-bit, techarp and amd
X2 4200+
AMD Athlon X2 BE-2350 - Anyone have one?
crazy athlon xp 2800 temp
D'oh. I think my CPU is pooched
AMD Athlox 64 X2 6000+ Vs FX-62
Help with OC 4200+ x2
OCing a 5200+
Straight from AMD/ATI [Quad-Cores]
oolala ha ha
Help with overclocking
need help overclocking my 4400+
OC'ing 2600?
Build a Micro Rig or Stay with Tower?
First Quad CpuZ screen.
going back to green. what do i buy?
Core Temp
Lowest vcore for Brisbane ?
X2 6400+
So my X2 3800+ just arrived!
What to do with a 4600X2,2 pins missing and 1 bent.
Max temp for xp 1600+
looking to sell amd3800 w/mobo and ram
Ran systools CPU overclocking program. Now I can't boot to windows.. HELP
Phenom in Tokyo and the Black edition
Quick temp question
Prices for future AMD Quad cores..
Is it worth to sitch to amdx2 from P4?
OC on AMD Athlon 64 3200+.
AMD 3800+ Lapped
My crushed core
AMD Brisbane 8000000000+
opty 180
AMD Barcelona Is Alive & Rolling Out
AM2+? or wait for AM3?
Temp Question
AMD X2 3600 Brisbane, Biostar TForce 7050-M2 Build
How much heat can an AMD 3800+ X2 take?
AMD Cutting Prices On Some CPU's
I Give up
Upgrading my CPU, need some advice...
opteron compatibility
FX-62 VS 5600+
Too Stay Single Core 4000+ or Upgrade To 4200 X2
Opteron woes
Venice 3500+ OC issue
I got an AMD K7!!!
Replacing my Opteron
Can anyone help me by just providing OC settings?
AM2 Opteron vs. Windsor
How does a Dual Core AMD FX-72 stand up to Intels Q6600?
K10 Quads @ 3.24ghz & Duallies @ 3.4ghz?
A64 overclocking question
Future AMD Multi-core
Question about AM2 buss width
Athlon 64 Memory Limitations?
Not sure if i should go Crazy, or Insane... Volt mod help
worthy upgrade?
Athlon x2 4600 Returns!
X2 6000+ not stable at stock?
INQ makes Fodder of the FUD
Trying to decide which CPU to get
Hook up my Vapochill LS to ? Brisbane or FX60
AMD Sitch
Need assistance overclocking Opteron 165 and Asus AV8 Deluxe
Do I need to raise vcore from 1.25v to 1.35v?
XP2600+ Idle temps
AMD's "Vision"
Is there an answer for C2D mania?
Is this the furtest I can OC my 3800+?
dual core optimizer improve on gaming?
Need your wisdom on Future system.
Biostar 7025/Brisbane 3600+ build
AMD dishes the dirt on upcoming Phenom products
Unstable OC help
NF7-S mobo needs new Barton 2500+
CPU Glued to HSF, how to remove?
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ multiplier issue
AMD's CPU & Upcoming Future News
Watercooled case looking for best OCable CPU+Mobo Combo, Suggestions?
How far do you think i can OC 3800+x2?
AMD Shows off 3.0GHz Phenom
Any tips on pushing it further?
HELP 4200+ & 939DUALSATA2
AMD announces Opteron Price cuts effective Aug 6
Should I upgrade to LGA775 or get a +6000
AMD Gears Up 6400+ X2
Opinions needed: Worth upgrade?
AMD 6000+ Problems
Anyone done better with a 5600+?
Question about FX's
Hello all
Help Please
45 watt Brisbane
cpu cooler
Phenom bla bla bla
opty 180
What's Next For AMD?
opty 165 LCBQE 0712 good or not?
Can't get 5200 any farther. Any Suggestions?
Condidering Opty 170
New rig for a good friend - Dual Socket F/L
which of these thermal paste is better?
Hey folks, need some help to see if my motherboard supports latest AMD x2 chips
Gizmodo gets to see a Phenom PC
AMD publishes Q2 2007 financial results
advice on small upgrade
Why is my Mobile Sempron 3300+ running so slowly in CPU-Z
Problems OC'ing the Opteron 165 S939
New Opty 170
a64 x2 939 temp sensors
Germany Lend AMD $262 Million for Dresden Fab
Low Power Mode Acting Weird
Do I have a bad memory controller on X2?
AM2 6000+ Stepping?
New Opteron 175 no longer making me angry.
Could 45nm bring AMD a beast?
Rumor Or Joke: Is Samsung Eying AMD
X2 3800+ Did i get a good stepping ?
Been out of the loop for a quile, some questions
new opteron 170
increasing FSB speed
opteron 170 not overclocking very much
hi...this is my first post :D
6000+ or 5600+ ???
Comments please.
3800 X2 939
AMD 6000 Questions
Chipset Voltage??
been out of the loop lately, need some AMD gaming help
New CPU on the way. What do I need?
toledo 3800 x2 temp question
x2 4200+ manchester
3000+ Clawhammer DTR Voltage
ATI's Dave Orton Quiting
core0 on X2 trowing error on p95
dual core X2 3800+ worth it for $74?
Santa Ana VS. Windsor
AM2 Price Drops on the horizon
So Im messing with my memory timings and.......HOLY CRAP!
AMD 64 multiplier problems.
Holy !!! - Proof CPU's can handle HEAT
I was gunna get a core 2duo, before i read some of these reviews.
i run into yet another problem
Overclocking my old AXP Barton 2500+ when to start increasing Vcore?
Pinout Diagram for an X2 4200 ???
Need Mobo for Athlon XP 2500+, Suggestions?
A64 Venice 3800+ vs A64 San Deigo 4000+ Socket 939
AMD's Blatent Deception, Ugh!
OCing 4200+ Windsor Core 89W
What is the fastest/best overclocking Socket A processor
What should I change to get this stable?
Too Much Vcore?
+4200 Overclocking not showing great improvements
My 6000+ Overclocking Adventure
Desktop Quad AMD
Athlon64 3000+ Overclock Issues
x2 5600+
athlon x2?
Whats the X2 3800+ like ?
Computer lock up after overclock.
Overclocking an Athlon x2 4600 - On the right track?
Strange CPU Usage problem
CPU Prices dropping??
Whats the difference between Brisbane and Windsor cores?
Official Barcelona Release
Slow (2.0Ghz) Barcelona debute in August
barcelona price
Help with socket 939.
My CPU won't break
Opty 170 or 175?
AMD Fusion
white stuff on cpu pins
AMD 939 X2 3800
Xp start
Computer Crash from proccesor problem
amd x2 temperature
Opty 170 Temps... problem?
Biostar mATX AM2 OC
heat problem with new am2 build
HELP- How to overclock an Atlon 64 3000
2.4 GHZ CPU running at 2.1 GHZ
AMD PPL Is intel kidding or what.....
My 4400+ and/or my Memory is a lemon
AMD to introduce 45nm process AM3 CPU family in 2H08
Stock cooling vs Thermaltake Venus
New Opteron ****ing me off!!!
Could Jerry Sanders Come Back?
Help with upgrade transition from Dell to Custom
CPU Burning
Socket S1 Laptop Upgrade Turion 64 X2
AMD DC Optimizer
AMD To Outsource All Chip Production?
Nice Suprise today
a64 Brisbane questions
First oc X2 3800 any suggestions
AMD Closer To Becoming A Fabless Design
anyone running an AMD x2 4400 with a dx10 card?
3600+ Problems ?
My shiny new overclocking experiance thus far
Opty LCB9E best stepping yet!?!?
New to x2, would like advice
ocz platinum and a8n-sli premium
AMD 4200+ x2 Toledo Noob quiestions!
second core not seen?
Overclocking a Mobile Duron 1500+
AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200 Windsor
My very first overclock. 3700+ San Diego
170 from newegg
x2 4000 temps
Help: Looking for best CPU for NF7-S 2.0 Mobo
New problem... 3700+ Temperature
Opteron 170 core?