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170 from newegg
x2 4000 temps
Help: Looking for best CPU for NF7-S 2.0 Mobo
New problem... 3700+ Temperature
Opteron 170 core?
Confused! Need Help!
Socket 939 Upgrade Help... 4400+?
plz help newbie OCing 3700 on a8n-sli premium
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Opteron? Which dual core
Opteron 170 Woes
How to make these 3 work together? AMD64 X2 6000+, Abit KN9-SLI, DDR2 OCZ Platinum
Safe temperature for Sempron
CPU Temp
X2 TK-53? What exactly is it?
Looking to upgrade
Got two Opteron 248's and a Tyan board? Any OC?
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July 9th Price drops
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i want to upgrade my opteron 165...
AMD 165 as upgrade to 3800X2
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poor overclock!
Sempron 3100+ OC
opteron undervolting
opteron 185 question
Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Wich best cpu heatsink?
3600 Brisbane OC totally confused :(
Removing Multiplier Lock for Socket A Sempron 3000+
5600+ Windsor Idle and Load temps
SCKT 939 AMD FX-55 vs. X2 4400+
Still Here?
Overclock my new X2 4200+ (Toledo)
Don't know what to buy because of upcoming price cut
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New to overclocking... my setup (3800, tforce6100, 2gigs ddr 800)
Should i overclock
5400+ OC speed
Help Ocing Socket A system
Need Help Overclocking Amd 5200
Help with +3200 Venice
asus pc probe is its temps reading correctly?
My future plans for K10
5600 x2 running to hot?
How high could i overclock?
AMD to Slash 50% On Operton
Help! How to prove system is 24/7 stable?
AMD 64 3000 to Opteron 144 ..is it worth it?
Help i think i killed my FX62
does this look ok ???
Call me nuts
AM2 over clocking, the cheaper the chip the better the OC??
AMD 3600: Need overclocking advice
fx62 + am2
CPU help opty 144
CPU Stepping help
possible overclock
What are the chips out now and soon?
Ive switched off one of my processors...?!
What ram for this system?
CoreTemp v0.95
3800 to 4200 worth it?
So i fry my PC the other night
A64 cpu with 3 memory sticks
Athlon X2 3800+ can't go over 2.4ghz...
System Didn't Recognize New CPU
New build almost here :)
Turion X2 (940) in desktop MB?
Idle Athlon XP temp?
AMD Athlon X2 4400+ core duo, soc939 2x1MB L2 cache - ASUS Ultra4 motherboard
Got my 3600+ Brisbane + TF7050-M2
Good Cheap 939?
x2 4200+
Just wondering
Updated AMD OC Calculator
info for Brisbane avg overclock result
x2 3800+ 939 temp help
Still tyring to learn how to overclock a Dual Core Processor
Buy now or wait?
Question on AMD
Is This As Fast As I Can Go??
Griffin Processor & Puma Mobile Platform
Brisbane 3600 OC'ed, comments?
Chipped CPU Cores?
New to OCin
3700+ and A8N-SLI D No Video
Where to get a Socket A processor cheap?
CPU Fan Failure
Help me Overclock my AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ Brisbane 1.9GHz
LCB9E Opty 170 clocked
3800+ (SC) to 3Ghz?
Phenom Technical Overview [Article]
Rate this system please <3
is the memory controller on my opty 165 busted?
Advice to improve Supreme Commander FPS
CPU OverHeat?
New to AMD OC'ing
am2 3600-4800 x2 ( 65nm ) or a 5000 and up ( 90 nm )
? On AMD X2 5200
How are the AM2 X2's clocking? I'm thinking of upgrading from 939
Freezer 64 Pro Question
How far have you got your X2 3600+?
Need help with dual core CPU!
VGA Cooler Recommendation!
San Diego 4.4GHz POST!
I just got my Brisbane 3600...
AMD's K10 CPUs (Any Word?)
Athlon 64 4000+ 939 temps/question.
Barcelona in action in 1p and 2p configuations
A64 San Diego 4000+
Was my power supply holding me Back?
Upgrading question
Opty 170 - LCB9E 0704 XPMW?
Socket A semperon voltage?
Newier systems Info needed...
orthos oddity
super pi times?
max HTT opty 165
E6 Stepping?
New 4000+ Chip!
How do I know if C&Q is working?
Overclocking Help!
Simple Opty 170 + mobo question
HELP Brisbane 3600 on tforce6100 am2 not over clocking over 2.4???
skt 939 Opteron dual core voltage question?
Anyone pick up the 939 X2 3800 from newegg recently?
Whats The Best AMD Athlon x2 4200+ Overclock Settings
Inquirer confused with Phenom
Overclocking my amd 64 3000
Barcelona And Beyond
Sudden instabilities
'athlon' named dropped.... meet 'Phenom' X4/X2/FX
Can U Show Me How Much Paste I Need
Cpu burn in...
How far do you think i can take this unlocked tbred-b?
Crazy summer X2 temps
K8N-Neo4 to A8N-Sli Premium
New at overclocking-> AMD Sempron 3000+
CPU going down in 3DMark05?
AMD64 3500+
Whatever happened to the socket 939 x2's produced?
how long AM2 will last?
Help please
AMD Turion 1.6 with a 7600?
K10 nfo anyone?
3 different Athlon 64 X2 3800+ whats the difference between them
Update on My 4000+ Brisbane.
only 2800 mhz?
X2 3800+/ BIOSTAR TA690G thoughts?
AMD 64 3000+
dual core question????
Upgrading to X2 (dual core) processor, does it require a reinstall of windows XP?
AM2 Brisbane X2 3600+ OC, mem contrl no good?
best stepping for Manchester X2 3800 socket 939?
Athlon 64 X2 Temp. issues
Is memorey making me slow?
Help! Is this a bad CPU? or OS problem? A64 X2 - Vista x64
Funny: Newegg AMD Review
Help overclocking 4000+
recomended voltage
Toledo or Manchester?
New AMD Builds
Remember this Old Athlon 64 Promo?
65nm versus 90nm, and AM2 buying advice
First Athlon X4 ES overclock.
System overhaul
Is the 65usd Athlon 64 X2 any good?
How to mark an A64 ...
Athlon XP 2600+ temp
3500 Venice OC - Push It Farther?
new MB for a 5200
Need help for the Ahtlon 64 X2 AM2 6000+
what software is the best?
Recommendations please.
Summary Of AMD's Details For 1ST Q 07 & More
4000+ Stepping
Meaning of FSB
Need some ideas ppl -Help plz
can some on help!!!!
fan/heatsink from 754 to 939
what mobo is the best for me?
Last 939 socket upgrade
It's not new, but damn its fast!!!
Speedfan reports two different core voltages.
A64 3500+ Venice to 4000+ SD... worth it?
Anyone still use a Barton in their main PC?
Trouble w/a Opty 165...
My new computer, X2 Brisbane 4000+... looks like not enough PSU.
Best place to put a cpu temp sensor
Best for OCing combination..
I had a bad week for electronics
Need new AXP mobo
5200, 5600 or 1212, Should I upgrade.
x2 6000+ is on the way!!
Help on couple QuadFX systems
Opty175-Stepping(LCB9E 0652WPMW) ?
Death of my Opteron ( Update: Now it lives!)
5200 am2 on sale for 135.00 on ebay.
Help!! New to Overclocking
Athlon 64 4000 overclock crash on certain games
last 939 ideas
OC'ing X2 4600+ - A8N32-SLI = Problem.
windsor vs brisbane
Barcelona Quad Core (Then Bring It)
Can Someone Please Me
Overclocking XP 2500+ on NF7-S V2?
will I see Big Diff.
Amd Socket A 2600+
AM2 cpu? Which one can I overclock and get my moneys worth?
What's the fastest 754 chip?
Brisbane core and older bios
Recent stepping from the Egg...
Need some help on AMD CPU
April 9th Price Cut
Simple Questions
Overclocking X2 4200+
Confused about opty and 5200 x 2 @ 3ghz
Should i Upgrade my Opty 148 to a Dualcore ?
Current OC on my new opty 165
AM2/SLi gaming rig advice
clarifying my bios options before OCing
1st Overclock on 5200+
Which one 4600+(65W) Windsor 2.4GHz or 4400+ Brisbane 2.3GHz 65nm
Acceptable Opteron Dual Core Voltages?
Athlon 3000+ oc results
High temprature on x2 3600+
amd price cuts
decent overclock?
3600+ Brisbane cheap @ egg...hows it fold?
X2 3800+ worth it at this point? (have 3000+ single core @2.2ghz)
Bargain CPU
Need advice on Opteron 144 voltage...
939 Last Hurrah? Opteron 185 vs current X2 4200+
quick q
Disabling AMD cool and quiet
fastest 754 processor?
CPU powerful enough?
Setting bus speed in BIOS, CPU-Z showing diffrent speed
Why are AM2 slower in Pi @ the same clock vs 939 ?
Is this pin mod right?
HELP w/over clocking an AMD ATHLON 2400XP & ASUS A7N8X-E
2007 The Best value Dual-core platform~ 65nm AM2 X2 3600+ (air cooling) 3150MHz!!!
Do I need to unlock it?
Should AMD Have Kept 939 Going?
XP 2800+ OC temp perameters
Reccomend me a budget X2 chip
Upgrading from an Opteron 165 - logical next step is???
dual FX core Opterons?
x2 4600 overclocking
3600X2 AM2
AMD64(AM2) x2 4200+ / ECS - KA3 MVP
OC newbie needs advice
Oc'ing a AMD 2100+
Athlon XP 2800 OC
FX-57 Overclock Frustration
need make decision, ur overclocking result pls!
Optie 170 Denmark or X2 4600+ Toledo, does it matter which chip I get?
PC Gittering Along, Brand New Hardware ARHHHH!!!!!
Computer Randomly Shutting Down...
Got my s754 3200+ Venice today
4200 x2 on asus m2v
Failed OC; Windows won't start!
Wheres Multiplier?
Need help overclocking AMD X2 3800 windsor
Start me off - OverClocking
Am2 4200+ dual core OC
Nothing but trouble...why is my 3000 Venice so poor at overclocking ??
Hello all
x2 5200 am2 cheaper
CPU Getting Hot..
Which yields best performance?
Any point to AMD's dual core driver.
odd problem with monitoring cpu usage
My 3700+ E6 OC problem...
AM2 got different with nf4 or nf5?
Sempron 64 vs. Sempron
how fast can you cacl pi?
AMD/Ati Could Be In Trouble Money Wise
opty vs athlon x2 65nm?
WARNING: AMD Windows Drivers lock-in Stock Multipliers!
Help with Overclocking 3600+/Biostar Tforce 550
Who's had their AMD die?
The New 4000 + Single core CPU Rocks
Need help with Opteron 165 and Epox 9npa3+ ultra
going to an opteron 170...how much performance increase from a p4 2.4C?
Should I call BS on this kid?
3800 X2 lockup problem. What haven't I thought of?
AM2 4000+ windsor.
How To Read AM2 Cpus?
HTT Question
AMD FX-74, quick question.
O/C help plz check.
New AMD chip, when?
Athlon64 4000+ Sandiego and 2x512 OCZ Gold EL 2.8v 1Gig Ram Overclock??
64 X2 4600+
Brisbane 4000+ posting bad temps (45 idle 65 load)
Sempron 64 2800+ OC results
i think i'm getting an opty 165
Opty 165 CCBBE 0615DPMW OC results
Opty 170 with A8R32-MVP deluxe OC, help please :)
Sempron 64 2800+ oc results anyone?
Can it be done???
754 newcastle 3200+
Difference between C2D QC and K8L?
Socket 754 3200 Venice @ 2.8Ghz
New to OCing where to start?
WS's Voyage back to 2.6 and Beyond!
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 OCing issues. Please help
whatcha know about 70 deg idle?
new mobo higher temp?
AMD 2200 pro
Socket 939 4000+ with crappy mobo.
opteron 1212 performance on M2N32SLI w/BIOS 903
Opteron weird core temps
Sempron vs Celeron
Socket AM2 Compatibility Question
My first OC. How's it look?
Ram Timings interfere with overclock
dont mean 2 sound new 2 this but
Another overclocking thread
AMD's Barcelona Architecture looks alot like Core Architecture.
CPR for my CPU!!!
Any real difference in x2 4800+ and x2 6000+
Opteron 175 overcloking trouble.
Overclock Amd Athlon64 4000+ Sandiego and ocz gold EL 1gig Dual Ch.DDR 400
Voltage: How low is too low?
Dream Build
Got my new 7900GS and Biostar TForce6100
Help OC'ing Opty 1212 w/ Asus Crosshair
Opty 165 - asrock dual sata2 oc troubles
Best Cooler For AMD 4000+ 939
Brisbane Results?
New Setup OC'ing (144/RS482/2x1gb G.Skill)
I Killed somthing this weekend but What did I kill ?
x2 3800 problems
How much is too much?
Trouble oc'ing Opty 165 on Asus A8V Dlx
Chugging X2 performance
is 1.53v safe for an fx57
CPU load testing
A few question : RE Abit AX8 & X2 3800
Good Start to OC M2n32Sli-wireless w/FX-62 and Geil PC8000
4400 X2 939 temperature issue
Need help deciding what 939 Chip to Get
AMD Sempron 3200 Overclock
New Computer Build...
Over clocked the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Manchester 2.2GHz Socket 939 Processor
FX60 OC on water
Opteron 170 & A8N32 OC'ing CCBBE
socket 939 x2
newbie ?'s
How easy is it to quad-farble overdclock?
Getting a sempron 3400+ !
barcelona preview at anandtech
Opeteron 148 Vs. San Diego 3700+
Opty? x2?
Vista, overclocking and amdk8.sys
First solid Barcelona numbers tip up [The Inquirer]
A64 3700+ LCBBE question
OC CPU, RAM rating goes up?
AMD X2 5200+ Max 2.8Ghz???
Multiplier limitations.
Want a new CPU, Want to overclock to save money.. Please Help
NewCastle 754 Overheating Frequently
My A64 3700 CCBWE 0551RPMW
To upgrade or Not to upgrade
Is it possible that 1 of 2 cores could be bad?
What can I do with this? AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Manchester 2.2GHz Socket 939
S939 Opteron 165 compatible with Asus K8V Dlx
My 170 and how much it hates my memory.
Do s939 Opteron HSF fit s754?
X2 4200 65w or Opty 1212?
To overclock or not?
XP 2000+ + changed CPU clock = I'm an idiot?
New CPU!
max load temp
Help a n00b hit 3GHz
Anyone overclocking a CCBBE 0610DPMW on Vista?
3800x2 question
New rig
help overclocking
X24800 upgrade to what 939 CPU?
OC'ing Brisbane 4000...FSB (clockgen vs BIOS) & 12V question
CPU overvoltage error on boot?
So what is an acceptable voltage for San Diego A64's?
Sorry guys, Need some n00b help RE: AMD X2 3800 and my MOBO
Finally doing a new build... Need input
How far can I push this Brisbane core?
NEW Opty 165 Build! Time to see what this proc can do!
Opteron 165 IHS removal questions
motherboard or chips
Upgrading to a new CPU & Mobo.
Brisbane 4000+ half step clock multiplier question
new amd procs. & the 6000+
How far does you Socket AM2 chip clock?
Anybody here had a s754 Sempron2800+ ?
Advice needed
opteron 144 confused
Barton core in a T-Bred mobo
Best place to buy a dual core socket 939 opteron?
Opty 175
Won't boot with divider
wierd Opteron 170 problem
my 165 ccbbe overclock
Bought a Venice 3200+ for $15, now O/Cing...
I Think my opty is dead! :-(
quick question
Is it worth the upgrade? (Winny 3000+ to Opty 144)
3800 x2 s939 question about pins...
upgrading rig, need help
Prime failed at 25 hours at 51 minutes
Opterons from the Egg? Good stepping?
whats the hot ticket for socket a upgrading?
need overclocking info!!
One core hotter then other. Help
POST problems
Pic's of my messy setup
Excellent article about vCore and OC
What would be the best
First upgrade in over 3 years...how things have changed!
Strange overclocking scenario
trying to push my clawhammer again
i cant figure it out....
Boot Issues
Simple question:
Opty, athlon or X2 ???
What's the diff???
quick burnin question!
Which should I upgrade?
Small News On Barcelona Power
Overclocking Athlon 64 3000 advice needed!
Overclock Problem
Whats next? Need advice on limit
939 ground pins.
s754 A64 3200+ Venice?? OCs @ 2.75GHz stable!!
Venice or San Diego: Which gives better OC?
Can the AMD X2 (939) be physically manipulated to access the multiplier??
I have this combo: Who can help with settings?
? AMD Athlon64 X2 4000+ EE AM2 "tray" 2x1024kB, Sockel AM2
Is my Winchester any good?
Opty 170 CCBBE crazy temps
AMD AM2 Athlon 3500+ Processor OC
New Build
Maybe I can Overclock?
New to Dual core
A64 4000+ San Diego, AWESOME
Changing Multiplier on Sempron Thoroughbred
My Opteron 170 CCBBE :)
just a stupid ?
X2 4200 939
AM2 3800+ Progress
Memory woes.
CPU Quandary
Overclocking. Help me out.
Can a defective motherboard fry a cpu?
Opteron 165 high temps?
3500+, eVGA nf4 SLI, 2gb Corsair
Fraps type CPU/GPU Temp monitor
Another Wave Of AMD Price Cuts On Way
Dual Core and Vista
daammn the 4600+ overclocks like a beast
Opteron 2200 o/c potential?
getting my opty 165 over 290fsb
Getting ready to start...
couldn't let the opportunity to start another X2 3800 thread pass me by
My 1st OC attempt
Who is online right now that will submit a 05 score for me
3 minutes in orthos but 20 hours in prime95
Can't find opty 165, whet else
First POST with dual core Opty in a board with old BIOS?
Thermal Paste on both HSF and CPU?
Bang for Buck!
New MB + New GFX card = New Benches
Pentium D Vs Amd Athlon Vs Intel Dual Core
is it worth it to upgrade to the am2?
new guy here, would like some help with AM2 3800+ 64 X2
Getting together with my Overclock...
Golden Batch For AMD AM2
Need help with overclock stabality.
Quad FX can be build cheaper w/ Opterons
How much voltage?
Horribly easy question
Athlon 3700+ OC
OC'ing my Venice by how much?