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FX60 OC on water
Opteron 170 & A8N32 OC'ing CCBBE
socket 939 x2
newbie ?'s
How easy is it to quad-farble overdclock?
Getting a sempron 3400+ !
barcelona preview at anandtech
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Opty? x2?
Vista, overclocking and amdk8.sys
First solid Barcelona numbers tip up [The Inquirer]
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AMD X2 5200+ Max 2.8Ghz???
Multiplier limitations.
Want a new CPU, Want to overclock to save money.. Please Help
NewCastle 754 Overheating Frequently
My A64 3700 CCBWE 0551RPMW
To upgrade or Not to upgrade
Is it possible that 1 of 2 cores could be bad?
What can I do with this? AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Manchester 2.2GHz Socket 939
S939 Opteron 165 compatible with Asus K8V Dlx
My 170 and how much it hates my memory.
Do s939 Opteron HSF fit s754?
X2 4200 65w or Opty 1212?
To overclock or not?
XP 2000+ + changed CPU clock = I'm an idiot?
New CPU!
max load temp
Help a n00b hit 3GHz
Anyone overclocking a CCBBE 0610DPMW on Vista?
3800x2 question
New rig
help overclocking
X24800 upgrade to what 939 CPU?
OC'ing Brisbane 4000...FSB (clockgen vs BIOS) & 12V question
CPU overvoltage error on boot?
So what is an acceptable voltage for San Diego A64's?
Sorry guys, Need some n00b help RE: AMD X2 3800 and my MOBO
Finally doing a new build... Need input
How far can I push this Brisbane core?
NEW Opty 165 Build! Time to see what this proc can do!
Opteron 165 IHS removal questions
motherboard or chips
Upgrading to a new CPU & Mobo.
Brisbane 4000+ half step clock multiplier question
new amd procs. & the 6000+
How far does you Socket AM2 chip clock?
Anybody here had a s754 Sempron2800+ ?
Advice needed
opteron 144 confused
Barton core in a T-Bred mobo
Best place to buy a dual core socket 939 opteron?
Opty 175
Won't boot with divider
wierd Opteron 170 problem
my 165 ccbbe overclock
Bought a Venice 3200+ for $15, now O/Cing...
I Think my opty is dead! :-(
quick question
Is it worth the upgrade? (Winny 3000+ to Opty 144)
3800 x2 s939 question about pins...
upgrading rig, need help
Prime failed at 25 hours at 51 minutes
Opterons from the Egg? Good stepping?
whats the hot ticket for socket a upgrading?
need overclocking info!!
One core hotter then other. Help
POST problems
Pic's of my messy setup
Excellent article about vCore and OC
What would be the best
First upgrade in over 3 years...how things have changed!
Strange overclocking scenario
trying to push my clawhammer again
i cant figure it out....
Boot Issues
Simple question:
Opty, athlon or X2 ???
What's the diff???
quick burnin question!
Which should I upgrade?
Small News On Barcelona Power
Overclocking Athlon 64 3000 advice needed!
Overclock Problem
Whats next? Need advice on limit
939 ground pins.
s754 A64 3200+ Venice?? OCs @ 2.75GHz stable!!
Venice or San Diego: Which gives better OC?
Can the AMD X2 (939) be physically manipulated to access the multiplier??
I have this combo: Who can help with settings?
? AMD Athlon64 X2 4000+ EE AM2 "tray" 2x1024kB, Sockel AM2
Is my Winchester any good?
Opty 170 CCBBE crazy temps
AMD AM2 Athlon 3500+ Processor OC
New Build
Maybe I can Overclock?
New to Dual core
A64 4000+ San Diego, AWESOME
Changing Multiplier on Sempron Thoroughbred
My Opteron 170 CCBBE :)
just a stupid ?
X2 4200 939
AM2 3800+ Progress
Memory woes.
CPU Quandary
Overclocking. Help me out.
Can a defective motherboard fry a cpu?
Opteron 165 high temps?
3500+, eVGA nf4 SLI, 2gb Corsair
Fraps type CPU/GPU Temp monitor
Another Wave Of AMD Price Cuts On Way
Dual Core and Vista
daammn the 4600+ overclocks like a beast
Opteron 2200 o/c potential?
getting my opty 165 over 290fsb
Getting ready to start...
couldn't let the opportunity to start another X2 3800 thread pass me by
My 1st OC attempt
Who is online right now that will submit a 05 score for me
3 minutes in orthos but 20 hours in prime95
Can't find opty 165, whet else
First POST with dual core Opty in a board with old BIOS?
Thermal Paste on both HSF and CPU?
Bang for Buck!
New MB + New GFX card = New Benches
Pentium D Vs Amd Athlon Vs Intel Dual Core
is it worth it to upgrade to the am2?
new guy here, would like some help with AM2 3800+ 64 X2
Getting together with my Overclock...
Golden Batch For AMD AM2
Need help with overclock stabality.
Quad FX can be build cheaper w/ Opterons
How much voltage?
Horribly easy question
Athlon 3700+ OC
OC'ing my Venice by how much?
Orthos Testing - Priority Level + Length of Testing
OC advice on my s754 Venice
anyone bought a 165 from newegg last week?
Need Build Suggestions
xp-120 or stock Opteron Cooler?
Drop in Dual-core upgrade?
Instability issues with 2500
Multi-Processor Multi-Core setup
Looking to build a new rig but need help
looking to upgrade my athlon 64 socket 939
hardware monitor??
I want one
Rather frustrating problem, help would be appriciated
Newegg Opteron 939 prices? !!!!
Trouble oc'ing 3800 X2 Manchester
Worth the upgrade? Opty 3Ghz to FX-60?
Help tweak my X2 3800+
new budget build to top a prescott
FX-60 Coming! Now what?
Woo ! My opty 175 arrived!
Need Help: First bad attempt at Overclocking the A64 3800+ X2
FX-62 for 939
I can't figure this BSOD out...def. hardware related.
New OCed +4400 Help
Admit Defeat?
new build:more money on ram or processor??
Shooting for 2.7GHz need help!
OC CPU and RAM impact
Which is better a X2 4400+ or an opty 165?
Help OC'ing my FX-60 on ECS KN1SLI Extreme mobo!
Opty 165, or stay!
System doesn't post CPU problem?
AM2 Athlon 64 VS. Opteron VS. FX --- Dual Cores
difference between (X2 4200+ 65w) & (X2 4200+)?
Which FSB with Atlon XP 2400+ ?
Rentention bracket?
2 combo choices, please help me pick!
Opteron 170 CCBBE on the way!
x2 6000+ & FX74 @ the egg
Help w/ Overclocking M2N-E
K8L question
Hello and specs
Opteron 175 suggestions please?
Are you going to Brisbane?
Need OC'ing help
S939 Manchester 3800+ X2
Opteron Factory HS Fans
High core clock vs. high multiplier....
How far should I try to push this X2 5000+?
What speed Duron is this?
Need help buying new parts.
new to overclocking.
cpu degradation?
o/c problem
opty steppings and manufacturers part numbers
Has my cpu become "fat" ?
Did I find the hard limit ?
Opty 165 poor overclock
upgrade socket 754
Advantage in pushing "FSB" and lowering multi ?
Anyone with a Santa Anna?
Is This out in the States yet?
Got my 165 now what??
AMD: Go to 'Barcelona' over 'Clovertown'
One for the books
2.9 opty 144 + r600 = bottleneck?
Help with AM2 hardware suggestions.
amd memory & timings...
$15 Difference
Those who claim that C2D is better for 8800 SLI need to read.
Whats the best 939 CPU for around $70 - $100 with this board?
cant get past 300fsb
Yeah 24HR. Stable Orthos On My First Big OC!
FX-60 or Opteron???
am i killing my cpu?
X2 3800+ 939 manchester o/cing help
T-Bred Overclocking
Some questions about my OC
hows this opty 175 stepping?
I wana strip x2 4200+ manchester naked...
Are my core temps too high?
Artic Silver Shelf life
Athlon XP 1800+
AMD 64 300+
CPU of the GODS!? Look and see!!
Opty 170 only showing as single core?
What CPU is this?
Upgrading my socket 939
Need a dual core 939 CPU to replace FX-55
How fast did your 754 3400+ go?
Help Getting a HSF off
3600+ Brisbane or no?
A64 Fan VERY Loud Sometimes
Need some advice on OC'ing.. =)
time to upgrade
AMD upgrade
taking it old school: socket a Tbird
X2 OC problems.. need advise
x2 4200+ v.s. 144 opty
Opteron185 vs. FX-60
Dup Post... 65nm
65nm Toys on the Egg Shelf!
Need help with an upgrade from 2.0ghz Celeron
How did I do? (OC inside)
Amd Quad core on AM2 motherboard
athlon64 3200 socket 754
Overclocking problem
Requesting advice with Venice 3800 64
New X2 4200+ AM2 and new clock
How Much Is To Fast To Push The FSB?
Memory runs fines at stock until I overclock and use dividers
Is This The URL For Orthos?
opty 165 OC w/pc3200
AMD FX-55 OC'ing Help
Overclocking my 4400+
When Should I Run Prime?
Cool n" Quiet: Most people disable it!
Where is the X2 5400/5600/etc.??
x2 is overheating
Tweaking my Barton 2500+
X2 4400 MAX SAFE Volts
CPU-Z Urgent Question
processor suggestions.
Athlon XP 2600, guess it was bad afterall
Help with new Budget AM2 build
Toledo got 2000mhz HT & Denmark only got 1000mhz HT?
new processor for socket 939
Athlon 64 x2 4200
Opteron dual core user, what is ur PSU?
Ultra D on the way dont want to forget any thing
Havn't updgraded in at least two years, I'm not on the cutting edege HELP!
IHS problem
AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+ AM2 overclocking - first OC ever
S939 and dual core CPU's
148 opty 1st OC
OPty 175 is in and OC'd: how my temps?
Yet more opty 165 tweaking.
2 cores 2 speeds?
new to forum...wondering if anyone can give pointers with my oc project
Fun last project
Opty 165- unstable?
AM2 X2 5200
Lapping IHS
Recomendations for a new AMD system
Stability issues
First post- opinions on my setup please!!
Help: Athlon XP won't run at proper bus speed! Driving me nuts...
How's This ?
Hitting an odd wall with Opteron 165
Buying CPU.
Which is best Opty180 or 64X2-4800+
Goals needed.
Build: Are opteron 175 still worth getting?
Weird Dual core problem
Opty165 FINALLY arrived.
Big Problem - CPU Failed under OC
OC noob asking for some help.
HouseRat v/s Super Nade [v/s Anybody with DDR1]
Time to upgrade
Upgrading from Sempron 3000+ AM2
Fan speeds
Best CPU temp monitor?
1212 Opteron Temps - CPU temp versus core temps
A8AE-LE MoBo and FX series compatible?
took the plunge, went to dual core Opty 175
2.6 Opty 170: 15hr Orthos but still reboots?
CPU Throttling
CPU throttling
Overclocking an xp2800 on an A7n8x-x mobo
Witch Is Btter?
AMD fx 51
Replacing AMD 64 3700+ w/ Opteron DC 2.2GHz
HT Stability
OC'ing a 2Ghz Venice to 2.6Ghz on stock heatsink, am I safe?
build questions?
Removed the IHS.
S-N's escape from the dark side!
AMD fx 7 series...biggest flop ever??
hypertransport voltage too high?
SKT 3000+ NBBWE 0611 GAA
Anything more I can do with my 939 system?
new set up, want to check before ordering
Finding the Correct Settings
A64 4000+ 939 Last Hurrah?
X2 4400+ Temperature Readings
Overclocking AMD Athlon 64 - 300+
little confused by my HTT
OC XP2600+
8800 GTX SLI
I just got an opty 170
IHS Removal: Limited number of reseats
AMD 64 X2 4400+ overclocking advice
After 2 years, I finally OC'd my system...
Opteron 170 and TREF settings PDP XBLK
A64X2 4200+ 512k vs 4000+
best stable 4000 clawhammer oc
ok.help me figure this out eh?
Need some help in boosting an old XP 3200+
need help overclocking
DDR1 holding a 8800 GTX back?
think i've found a good combo. What do you think would be a good Vid Card choice ?
With this OC, should I go AM2?
How is my overclock?
Proper way to Over Clock a PC
Theoretical Overclock
Not able to overclock anymore??
Opt 165 mobo picks
Going 4x4 DSDC
Computer freezing - should I up Vcore?
Is that bad?
SuperPi says stable, prime95 says unstable
New high OC for me!
Voltage diffrent in each core?
Let me Know what you thk!!??
Opteron 165 overclock
Best overclocking CPU?
Opteron 165 - volts or temps?
cpu mobo dilema
Can I OC this setup?
what processors should i get?
Which speed is the right speed??
No LDT Multiplier Option in BIOS
Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Opty 165 CCBBE?
just got an opty 175 from newegg ordered 12/28
Just got my Opty 170, have a ?
amd FX62 tuning.
need help from the X2 people on here.
Next step for OC XP3000
How far will this X2 overclock?
Can I OC with these 2?
Athlon64 X3800 Which core?
Anybody have a opteron 144 and DFI Lanparty Ultra-D?
Sempron 3400 + Overclicking ?
AMD Sepmron Overclock
Low Multi To Eliminate CPU Overspeed From Overclocking
steam, daemon tools, AMD dual core optimizer
Would it be worth the money to buy....
Opteron 150 Overclock
A64 3000+
socket 939 deal.
AM2 Is It Going To 65nm Soon
Newbie Question... I know...
Does it make sense that my cores have become closer in temps?
FX-55 hit a wall at just under 3ghz on air
Which Stepping... E4 or E6?
Opty 175 or 165?
Some old stuff....
What are everyone's dual core opteron SuperPi 32M/1M times?
My first overclock...please help me
Slow as Dirt
please help me identify a CPU
OCing my Barton 2500+
Troubles with my 4200+ Windsor...
Upgrading from OCed 3700+ to a 4400
Upgrade Opty 146??
first time oc help with 3700+
problem oc my athlon 3700+
Socket F AMD? am I really behind??
Confused i am... AMD 4000+ question
new cpu :)
Which 939?
AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ Overclocking Help
3600x2 65w or 3600x2 85w?? for overclock...
Help with power consumption
AMD FX-62 + Prometeia Mach II GT Phase Change Cooling
Opteron 144 question
Suggestions on New Build
dual core headaches!
Finally results for IHS removal of Opteron 165
Socket 939 Vs AM2...which one?
4200+ X2
Cliche "Just got my new Opty 165 CCBBE 0615DPMW"
AMD 64 3400+ Max Ghz? (Speed)
Is this a cracked core?
3700+ or?
new fx-55 need oc help
opty 180 v's 150
DFI nf4 Ultra D temperatures causing random shutdowns?
Stick with my Opty 148 or gat a 165?
Building Friends Comp <$500
Desired Stepping for AMD FX-55
Opterons and gaming
Just got my Opty 165, temps seem wierd.
Bios doesn't like my software. keeps on resetting stuff.
Stock Cooling AMD 4400+X2 Need Help OC!!
Christmas Blessing!
Which should I get? 4000+ 2.4 GHz San Diego - OR - 165 Opty
Ultra-D Help
Orthos Just closes VS giving a error ?
AM2 4600 x 2 overclock help
Orthos vs Prime
Venice 3200 overclock help
Raising the voltage
AMD Dilemma
Opteron 165 temperatures?
Which Opty?
OCd duron
dual core and odds multi
AMD Venice 3400+ weird crash issues
still pushing my athlon 3000
Opty 165 vs 4400+ X2
Socket F Opteron vs. Woodcrest - AMD rules once again
Ok, I am mad as heck now....
which is the better chip overall?
New AMD 4400 fails to boot into windows.
A64 Hyper Transport 8-bit or 16-bit?
How Wud U Like Ur CPU & Graphics Sir? I'll Take Them Seperate
AM2 3500+
New "AMD Dual-Core Optimizer," any differences?
Future Re-saleablility (if that's a real word!)
AMD 64 X2 4800+ owners please help.
Finally finished putting together this rig, need help with oc and other stuff
Help with Opty 165 and Steppings
Price suggestions
65nm, when to hit shelves?
Satisfying. But, Satisfying!! Big ups to all fellow overclockers!
help amd 3800 939+ vs 3400+ 939
65nm X2 5000+ overclocked - 3.1GHz!
Question on Opty 165 and Epox board
Amd 144 opty v.s. amd 3400+ Which is faster?
best single core939 under $100
HOW TO: Remove IHS
Thermal problems with Opty 175
X2 3800 (skt939) or Opteron 170 (skt939)- which can offer me the most?
is it ok to run my opty at 2.7ghz 1.525 on Air?
Santa Ana AM2 Opterons
budget CPU's: which one is better, Sempron64 2800+ AM2 or Celeron D 336?
Optys vs. X2
Help with 2800+ CPU upgrade
Help me build my friend a system
3000 @2.5 vs a FX55
Can someone tell me
My 3700+ Sandy
65nm X2 reviewed! Finally!
What is wrong with my 3800X@?
CCBBE 0610 DPMW 300x9x3 default voltage
oc fx 60
Opteron Core Positions
AMD fx-55 for $119?
is it worth upgrading my Skt 939 A64 3700+ to a skt 939 Opteron 170?
Recommended OC?
Lower than expected "Brisbane" TDP
Core temp difference?
Why are the dual core skt 939's called opteron now?
as per the front page...why is noone talking about the absence of 65nm?
Who's made 3.0 Stable on a 3700 SD?
Help overclocking my OPTY144...
Odd temp issue with opty 165
Voltage Monitor
New Opty 170
Where's my 6000+
What temps under load for Opteron?
best CPU for value ram
need Help
Can voltage kill chips regardless of temp?
i am happy...