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need Help
Can voltage kill chips regardless of temp?
i am happy...
FX-62 die dimensions
Is clockgen stable enough to run everyday?
swapped chips, now it won't oc?
To or not to upgrade- that is the question?
Going dual core??? Convince me to stay
WS's 170 CCBBE 0615
why overvolt?
Reasons for overvolting?
Alright Got some questions about processors and mobos
Which setting gives best performance?
Want to build new machine need advice!
CPU Stepping details?
Which is faster
Dan0512's Opty 170
Thinking of upgrading???
XP-M 2600+, NF7-Sv2 Project
65nm Brisbane Official Release
65nm OCs?
Did I do ok? Old system VS New. AMD vs. Intel
How can I tell?
3 CPU's with all the same OC
CPU-Z AMD 65nm Brisbane
4200+ ocing specs?
Project Fry My Computer (Large Images)
3400 Venice v 3700 San Diego
AMD/ATI - Where Are They Going?
New to the forums and has a few questions
AMD 64 X2 4400+ and ASUS A8N-SLI Premium, OC problem.
Another AMD Rebate
Temp jumps
Which one should i get ?
HELP: 4800+ with 2 7950GT SLI
CPU Suggestions [939]
X2 4200+ Temp
Opteron 165 Woes
venice643000+ @ 2.6ghz prob
Vcore out of control!
Socket939 and Single Channel RAM
Athlon 64 4000+ I just want to bump up a little,where do I start?
Problem with X2 4600+
AM2 A64 3800+ Build
AMD Athlon 64 FX-74 & Quad FX Platform Review
3700+ OC Help.
Athlon 64 3400+ 2.4 754 upgrade??
Overclocking AMDX2 4200+(2x2200,2*512 kb cache)
How are my Super Pi times?
Upgrading from 3500 Clawhammer
AMD's Altair FX Quad!
Help me ID and unknown processor
Help me and My Barton!
What's a good price for a Socket A proc.?
CPU Advice (Please help!)
when will 939 soket be discontinued?
dual core opty and 8800gts
Spread Spectrum BIOS settings........
Opinion on Voltage
Best Buy ?
effects of core voltage and temperature
Should I invest in an Opty 170?
Crappy Socket A sempron!!
How are the 939s overclocking these days?
Worth it to upgrade such a small step?
finaly some overclocking
My 939 AMD Athlon64 3800+ Venice.
OC problems a64 3700+
OC Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core 3800
Stability Issues at Stock Settings
clocking my 3000+
help need direction
Problem oc'ing 3800X2
RAM Divider
Where are the best overclockers coming from
Why cant i go over 2.4??
Looking to upgrade
FX-55 or Athlon 64 4000?
Opteron 185
Am2 Overclocking
AMD Sued From Tech In Old & New CPU's
RAID Setup slows down CPU?
Lapped my XP120, threw it back on the Opteron 165
Need some help for a friend
CPU temp issues
Is there going to be any more drops/sales on DC chips or is this it?
AMD News: 4 New Sockets In The Next 2 Years, INTEL To Copy AMD
New HTPC build, looking for help on budget
Is an Athlon 2500+ and Asus A7N8X completely hopeless?
My first AMD
X2 3800+ Problem
Help with OC and FSB
Opteron 175cd OC potential
The Twin Towers (Two Identical Opty 165 Overclocks)
Lanparty NF2 Running Duron 800
Opteron 170 Core Temp Diffs
I know, it's a Compaq; but...
New Windsor stepping seems a bit low on the OC.
Building a new system
Comparing an amd 1.3 to an intel
"Old school" oc'ing question 2800+ XP Barton
Selling cpu's on ebay (Help)
OVERCLOCKing a A832-SLI deluxe
Prime testing
My opty 170 3dmark
3700+ Sandy Overclock Update
finally reached2.6 with cabbage! W00T
Opty 170 with DFI NF4 UT-D BIOS
Help me choose a AM2 cpu/mobo =/
Venus 148 user, how high u OC?
CPU type and gaming performance
amd 2100
X2 4600+ humming along
AMP XP 2000+
My 3700+ and X2 3800+ OC process
which is better for me. A64 FX-55 or X2 4200+
Just got a naked Opteron 165, need advice/tips
My opteron 165 progress
How far will I be able to push an Opteron 165 with the stock heatsink?
which cpu?
Is it worth it to upgrade to an FX CPU?
opteron 165 / dfi nf4 lanparty sli-dr expert questions =p
AM2 users could you check something for me.
AMD 4x4 launch delayed
New FX 70-74-etc details...........
New Build (what should I expect)
question about thermal grease/paste
Why no cache!
My new Opty 170
Any AMD users grab a 8800?
3700 OC
Athlon XP 2100+ @ 167x13
Which Sempron64 to replace mine? Or upgrade?
Please help me choose here, Opty or X2
2400+ XP-M multiplier question
CPU feeding GPU(s)
4400/A8N-sli 1302 BIOS>stable@3ghz! on air!
Pondering an Opteron 165.
Worth getting a new 939 or waiting and moving to AM2/Conroe?
AMD 65nm chips available (T.INQ)
What Program?
Opteron Overclocking Issues
Just ordered an FX-55 San Diego...
What processor is better for a server?
Will not start up when..
3700+ CABGE Fail @ 2.6
What makes CPU OC'n hard?
How does the opteron 165 fair to the rest of amd and intel's lineup?
New to Forum, OC'd 3700+
What is "internal clock maximum"???
Hit 3.0 on 4400x2 (939)
X2 3800+ Toledo core
Has anyone stayed 939 from an A64 3700?
New Opty Build - Need opinions
FX57 watts in standby?
Is this a good choice??
Athlon XP-M + Abit NF7-S 2.0 + VapoLi
OC'ing x2 4800+
Worth the upgrade to opty?
Keeping my Turion at full throttle
AMD's Future Plans - The Interview
Are there many kinds of 2400 mobiles?
Mobile Sempron 754 cooling
Lapping 4600+ AM2......
Board for 1216
Bit the bullet 4600x2
EPP / SLI Memorry Problems
3700+ San Diego or 3800+ Venice?
2x 3800 or Opty 165
highest overclock with 4800
Are 939 X2 processors being phased out NOW?
Which 4200+?
Go for the opteron?
Overclocking confusion
cpu + mobo
Stop Exception Report on X64 when OC'ing ?
OC Problems on 939 X2 4400+
Suggestions on a CPU for old mobo...
x2 or opty
OC'ing X2 4600 Windsor
X2 4600+ Temps..Quick Question
comparing X2 4400 with Prescot @3.0
The new forces on board- AMD Opteron1218 AM2
Opteron Driver??
Help me Max my Opty 165, Please.
Dual Core & HAL's
upgrade from 3500+....
Opteron troubles
New To Over Clocking Need Help
AMD Mobile 3000+ how far does it go?
IHS removal guide and video
Is 53'c load too hot for fx-55?
Wanna hit 2.8 GHz. AMD 3500+ Venice
New to overclocking (Sempron 3200+)
'Dual Core'..Or Not
Really can't decide on Santa Ana or Windsor! Help?
Dead Duron? Pics Inside
1207+ (The "plus" is for: "Gotcha again.")
How far can a 3200+ AthlonXP go?
XP 3200+ default Bios settings?
Is It Too Late To Go Sk939
AMD overclock database. Who's in?
OC software?
Overclocking opteron 165
4200+ Results
Go for the Opteron 165
My HTPC project is nearing completion
AMD System You guys help me Spec Out
Opinion on Santa Ana core AM2 Opties?
AMD 4000+ and 7900gt questions.
Issues with an XP2500+ running at stock speed...
AMD has raised the price of Opteron 180 by >10%
Have a dumb question: HT1000 vs HT2000
Newb here with???
Overclocking my FX-57 (San Diego) retail
Is a XP-90 going to be enough?!?!
Hooray for AS5
3800X2@2.5Ghz, no timing adjustments 55C-load, A64 tweak info, need help
:O AM2 Semprons rock for OC'ing
Ok this is what im looking for ..
Why are my core temps so different?
X2 3800+ how much is to much voltage
having problems with pc build
chipset voltage
Opteron 170 time
how do i set my start up vcore and mutiplier??
AM2 Windsor Stepping and OCs
questions on upgrading mobo for my opteron 165
3700+ Temp
4600 Windsor 65watt @2700 oc noobe
Working on a 4200+ X2 Low Watt OC
AMD 3000+ Venice Overclock
Temp question.
Little help choosing my next CPU please.
FSB > memory speed?
Okkay.. someone tell me whats going on
3000+ @ 3800+ speeds
Get the Invalid boot.ini error, due to overclock?
Looking to go dual core
Freezing problem with X2
Latest batch of 165's from
Northbridge aftermarket coolers
Failing P95
X2 4200+ Windsor temps...
mobile duron multi unlocking
Hows this for a full time OC?
Help, 1.71vcore and still not stable...
HSF For AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ OEM
xp1800+ to Operon 144 worth it?
Well I figured I would Post some SS's
AMD 4x4 - Supports 4 G.Cards With nForce 680a
Sub-US$500 AMD notebooks from Dell to hit the market in November
2.6ghz single core opteron=$419.99\\2.8ghz=$275..Wtf?
FX-60 OC, where have you gotten yours?
Question about 64 X2 4200+ stepping
AMD Announces "Fusion" CPU/GPU Program
Help with 3800 dual core
Do I need both
Welcome To The ATI.AMD.Com
AMD and Dell ofically tie knot . . .
UH OH!..............
Complicated technical question
4800+ @ 2750mhz Prime stable, but not for BF2142?
Problems overclocking Duron
Need Help with Settings
Final (ish) 4200+ OC
Problem with hdd when overclocking
To swap or not to swap...
Athlon or Opteron?
AMD Price Cut
What setting do you use for prime?
Which CPU best for gaming?
Looking for a good s939 mobo
i know its 754 socket
Hmm Newcastle or Venice ?
CPU or Motherboard. how can i tell which one is causing shutdown during boot?
Cool and Quiet on O\Cing
Early morning fog wins.....
oc help... again :P
Negative Delta Time
Cool'n'Quiet question
Which settings would you use?
CPU burn in
4x4 intro by AMD + pics [ 56K Warning! ]
vcore upping
Arrrggghhhh more problems
think i might have made a mistake
FX55 OC potential
AMD CPU Suggestions.
AMD AM2+ Released Q3 2007 & To Support DDR3
open box
system keeps resetting
Removed IHS
What core is this???
Barcelona Quad Core
Opteron 165 Stepping Question
Am2 64 x2/4600 Windsor 65watts
Preferable Processor
3700+ with EB Platinums
Looking into new computer.....
AMD 4x4 November
To DFI or not to DFI, that is the question...
AMD Cuts Prices Without Anyone Knowning
this look pretty alright?
Waht are some good AM2 boards for OC?
Which temperature to be considered CPU temp? (Opt165)
Opteron 170 is good, mobo BAAAAD
Good OC For This System?
Overclocking AMD Sempron Socket 754
AM2 5200+X2 released
Socket A and a cardboard box
Thanks to our good member, Gigabit, my 3800x2 is OCd!
CPU-Z Problem
How can I get my 3000+ to handle 345 MHz FSB
inadequate overclocking
Bad Deal!
Any chance the new AMD quad-core CPUs will be available in 939-socket?
Strange Boot Problem
Budget Build - What do you guys recommend?
Opteron: high end RAM a must?
Opty165 low overclock.
X2 3800+
3700 OC at a wall
nVidia Providing The Chipset For 4x4
Opteron stepping?
am2 4800+?
suggestion for a replacement.duel core
Max volts on fx-55
systool: anyone use it?
Any suggestions?
Week codes/ stepping chart?
2 questions 4800+
X2 4200 (mot am2) mobo needed
Opty 165 hits a wall
4400x2 - w/ results like these, who needs friends!
help me choose...(specific)
cheap amd 64 gaming rig
Worth Buying a Athlon XP 3200+ CPU SkA
strange 4400 stepping...anyone heard of it?
daemon tools and AMD dual core optimizer
4400+ (89W) OC instability or?
2mb Cache worth the money?
AMD 64-FX or AMD 64-X2 for games?
X2 4200+ 2915 Mhz @ 1.35V
Got my new SD 3700
Find Stepping?
Opteron 165 Stud! 2.7Ghz only 1.34v!
AMD 3500
Yay new 3800X2!!
4800's voltage and o/c's
+4200 overclocking
Removed The IHS on my 4400+
AMD single core CPU analysis
question abt Denmark core
AMD 64 3700+ Sandy OC
Help overlock / Athlon xp +3800
4800+ Stock SuperPi
questions about the opteron
AM2 for a Friend......
whats so good about opterons?
SP2004 failed after 12 hours
How does this look?
Considering an Opteron
Which CPU...don't worry, it's specific ;)
How much vcore can I put to a 3700+ sandy
s939 3700+
CPU Z wrong when trying to go 3.0?
Different watts and volts
20c difference in temp?
X2-3800 wont post on a DFI Ultra-D
3800X2 AM2?
Think I will be ok ?
Will this ruin my OC?
can I run dual core?
Problems with Voltage readings
1st time overclocking. can some one help me out?
NEWBE needs held
new Semprons...how are they?
Opty 165 O/C and Install Help
What do you think?
Opty 165 + A8N32SLI = 2.7Ghz 1.4V, now what?
good cpu for $60 or less?
Shutdowns :bang head
how are the Am2 semprons clocking?
A tug of war between AM2 and 939
AMD to enter K8L era in 2H 2007
SD3700 arrived Stepping ?
(89w) 4400+ X2 Temp?
3700+ sandy to FX-55 or X2
San Diego 3700+ (BN) vs. Opty 148...
amd 3200 s939 --> fx55 clawhammer s.939
Single to dual core: Do I reformat?
Looking for active links
thermal paste on retail cpu question
a BAD O/C?
FX and X2?
overclocking question on a 4200+ AM2
Man it feels like I have been under a rock for years...
AMD 'roadmap' shows 65nm Athlons coming this year
Best time to upgrade to s939?
help with new cpu
Overclocking AMD 64 X2 4600+ AM2.......
Weird TEMPS on x2 4800+
CPU burned?
Opty 165 or 146/148?
how long can i hold out with this.
Big differences between these two processors?
Amd64 3000+
Overclocking help please... 3700
Newbie needs advice
Guide Me to Noob guide plz
Turion64 X2, What's the word?
Prime 95 and Super PI on X2
Need OC help on this
I need Your help
Can I over lock this?
amd 64 3000 overclocking help
New Dual Core Driver and Optimizer for Games
4800+ cpu
3600 X2
OC Attempt.... returned 15741Mhz processor
Overclocking AMD 4400+ X2
My 3000+ is weird..
question about old 1.3 GHZ Athlon
x2 Athlon or Opteron Dual Core
3800 65w?
AMD Quad Core?
new rig some help
OverClocking AMD Athlon 64 3400+
Higher Multiplier or Frequency?
2400 question
AMD X2 3800+ Brisbane vs. Windsor??
Help With venice64 3000+
general CPU MB help
Clockgen for 4800X2
3700+ winchester--->3700+ Sandiego
All Of a sudden Cant run @ Previous timmings suggestions ?
Ever feel like your AMD can handle anything thrown at it with ease?
So im going to give it a try! Someone help! XD
Anybody else skipping Socket AM2?
Athlon 64 4000+ vs X2 4200+
New 65nm Am2's Or What??
dead end
Help on overclocking 4200 AMD
help on a 3500+venice oc
Do I now need to o/c my graphics card?
CPU-Z doesn't read my processor core?
In the retrozone--is this a good overclock for a spitfire duron?
my specs and what to do
NF7 boots up palomino but not mobile barton?!
Interesting Problem: power stability of MB+PSU when going from single to dual core
point me in the right direction
2100+ @2.3ghz vs a64 3400+ venice
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Toledo 2.4GHz?
Checklist when replacing CPU
AM2 X2 4000 OC (in progress)
Whats a good AM2 cpu to get?
stay socket a or go 754
What up, First time Overclocking....What else can i do?
4400+ OC
Looking for some ideas...
new amd build, need a chip, questions
I Need Help Guys!!
AMD 64 3200 to 3700
AMD Quad Cores - From the Horses Mouth
Advise on upgrading CPU :)
help me get 200mhz more!!
clawhammer 3700+ stuck at 2690
AMD Fab30 Coming to US Probably.. Good?
gaming computer,whats best?
AMD skt 939 and 4 stick of memory timing problem
4000+ Overclocking help
Weird memory issue.
New 24/7 OC !!!
AMD Venice 3200 fsb
Overclocking X2's - Disable 1 core or not?
Overclocking Sempron 64 and getting "Cool n Quiet" to work.
3700 to opty 165
changing from 148 opteron to fx-60,questions?
Dell & AMD
Problems o'ceeing my AM2 X2 4000+
Any AM2 Opty OC's?
Problem with X2 4600+ : vcore of 1.475v and higher suddenly shuts down system
noob needs help with Athlon 3200+ OC
Temps a bit on the high side? Or O.K.?