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X2 4200: Sweet chippies...
Sure is quiet over here now
random resetting
Time to upgrade or not?? Please help!!
HT Frequency?
new rig!
Athlon 64 3800x2 cache questions
Question on overclocking AMD 64 x2 4800+ Toledo
San Diego over Venice?
XP Barton 2500 and 3200 what were the good steppings?
Ready to buy - 4400+ (89w) or 4800+
Opteron 175 or x2 4400 price/performance
AMD Athlon XP2000+
oc am2 x2 3800+, very strange problem
Tweaking the overclock on an Operton 165.
ordered new cpu, but now the questions
Opty 165 or X2 4400?
AMD 65nm Chips Set For October 07
Cpu Recognization Probelem
OC results step by step: 4400 x2
Symptoms of a Failed A64 CPU?
AM2 3800+ X2 Help
New PC help
Just got my athlon 64 4000+
Opteron 170 on Asus A8N32 SLi-Deluxe
overclocking help with a 4200+ slot am2
[T.INQUIRER]AMD says 65 nm chips due next month
Need help Ocing my machine.
Great OC with 4000+ but trying for more
O/C problem with Opteron 165
X2 4400+ 110 watt, how fast will it go?
x2 4400+ 89Watt or 110Watt???
AM2 3800+ X2 3d rendering.. will it do?
Two problems. system startup hang, and game stuttering
spend or save - 100 dollars
3500+ Stepping
Should ALL Athlon 64 3200's be able to hit 2700 MHz?
upgrade to FX-60 ??
Dual Prime question...
3700+ STILL Having Issues
Looking to Upgrade cpu a 3700+ @ 2.8 to???? help me please
A64 3800+ OC is being a big baby!
AGP/DDR X3200????
Official ADV(89W) 4400 X2 Toledo Stepping List
Dual Core - Real world difference?
my emachine laptop seems to be permanently underclocked
looking for athlon xp still.....
Dell Aims to Transit One Third of Computers to AMD Chips
am2 mem divider problem
< $150 Upgrade
How does the AM2 4600+ x2 compare
Flaky dividers???
A64 users w/x800 class vid card plz respond
Socket F?
Abit NV8 not wanting to overclock
AM2 3800+ x2 O/C help/results
3700+ OC Issues
New to A64 Overclocking
Have a question
seemingly impossible to overclock cpu. help plz
Prime95 shuts off PC?
Dual Core Utilization???
Sempron 2800+ (socket 462) question...
Looking to upgrade
When overclocking, is changing the divider even useful performancewise?
OC AMD 3700+
Help overclocking AM2
AM2 opteron, anyone try em yet?
AM2 64 X2 4200+ Windsor not playing nice...
Thermal Power
AMD 4800+ shows 64Kb L1 cache
3700+ San Diego O/C
S754 Venice Results!
First AM-2 build troubles
Possible to run @ ram faster than cpu ?
S754 3700+ how far u overclock with this chip?
which batch considered "good" for Venice?
X2 or dual core opty
Burn-in - a necessity?
How high can I push up the voltage sanely?
Hot fix for dual core amd and amd optimizer
buy a cpu now or wait?
4400+X2 "Regular" or 4400+X2(89w)
About to order new system
Need help OCing A64 X2 4600+
4000 cabbage
65nm Voltage Issue
any news on Socket F procs
X2 3800 temps
Only problem with cpu overclock is in CS:S
Have i forgotten anything?
Virus Concept Can Target AMD Chips
Advantages of an AM2 Socket?
My "official" OC 3500+ AM2
10x Multi boot problem
calling tforce 939 & san diego a64 owners
Some OC questions for my new X2 4800+ rig
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (Barton) Blocked?
Help - AMD Barebone System Question
I Need some guidence...
Is this better than what i have?
overclocking am2
4400+ OC On Water With Pic's
AMD Athlon 64 3800+
Whats the power requirement for a Sempron 3400?
...and now it won't boot...
Athlon 64 3000+ S754 + NF3 good enough for 6800GT AGP?
Prime95 Error
bringing BT speed back up
CPU voltage swing
Woo Hoo new 754 Venice!
Is AMD out of its mind?
bad chip, bad ram?
Ram conflicts from bumping up FSB?
Stuck at 2600 MHZ
Rev.G Quad Cores roaming in the wild
O/C'ing this 4800.
Temps, what should I believe?
Help me identify those 939 engineering sample CPUs.
Stable... or no?
I need help
is there much difference between 3800 and 4200 amd?
amd 3200 best overclock?
Problem : Athlon X2 3800+ on Asus A8N-SLI going over 2.35 GHz
Opty Better with more ram?
Egypt Opteron
AMD X2 vs Conroe for non-OC
K8L Clock Speeds & Power Revealed.
Dual core opty or X2?
x2 steppings am2
K8 and K8L compared, good read.
130nm 3500+@2618mhz to 3700+SanDiego. Should I?
Little piece of advice wanted
Is 100MHz worth an extra 0.1Vs
Ok I'm lost
Whats the highest prime stable speed for your optron 144 cab2e ONLY!!
No Multiplier Option
Little help on O/C'ing my AMD cpu
Upgrade to 4400+ 89w?
AMD 3200+ vcore question
Help me clock my Sempron 3000+ AM2
Overclocking Opteron 165 (CCBBE 0617FPMW)!
Opteron Max Voltage (set or reading)
Choosing CPU for Asrock939dual
Is any of this going to be worth it???
4400+ Toledo or 4600+ Manchester 512 L2
Blue Screens! ahhh! PSU? Memory? Help!
AM2 Lock Up on nTune and DVD-Burning?
AMD Mobile Athlon 64 3700+ 2.4GHz 1MB HT Socket 754
4400+ OC On Water
Some Palermo Questions.
HAHA Intel over AMD?
What the current best overclocking 939 x2 available? And why!?
current Opty 165s
Apic error??
x2 4800+, was this a good choice
x2 4000+
SD 3700/4000cooler
Doing another build.
Overclocked 5000+
Dual-Core: Games Freezing
Who needs cheap conroe when we got X2 3800+ for cheap?
HT speeds
What's the difference 65W v 89W? (4000+ X2)
AM2 3500+ 6.5 gigs LOLOL LOOK!
AM2 4200+ X2 Idle 40c? Load 50c? Southbridge 40c?
AMD Athlon XP 2200+ FSB
New 4600 AM2 X2 Winsor
AMD question from an Intel guy
OCing my 3500+
single core v dual core
65nm AMD?
whats the OC potential of this chip?
affinity programs?
Strange.. very strange.. clocks moving on their own
Bad luck, or bad user? X2 3800+ OC
Best upgrade for casual gamer (Socket 754 or 939)
3500+ steppings?
AMD sending off s939 in style - 4000+ KAB1E
Help Overclocking AMD64 3700+ San Diego
4400 X2 Toledo "89" watts. How is it?
is there such thing as a dual socket 939 mobo?
Sempron 2800+ --> What mobo?
Socket-a to AM2 Upgrade... 24pin ATX PSU?
AM2 selection help needed
I need Help with NF4 Build
OC'ing an Athlon XP 3000+
Gotta get by until K8L...
AM3 Will Be Backwards Compatible With AM2!
Post AMD Compatible Coprocess Info Here
Best dual core AM2 on a budget?
News on AMD Quad-Cores
A64 synchronous memory
4400 not stable at stock...
sigh pc down for some reason
Should I sell an Opti for AM2 4xxx-X2
Socket A mobo+CPU
Oblivion Rig
my best interweb buddy's problem :(
Unusually high CPU voltage
Oc 4800+ vapo??
Should I upgrade from S754 3700+ to S939 X2 4800+?
3800+ X2 patch?
Has AMD announced a new AM2 5200+?
a64 Ram Timings
Which Dual Core proc to buy?
sempron at 3119.6 they claim
computer keeps restarting!!
Mobo CPU speed.
What did i break?
upgrading: will 4000+ bottleneck?
3DMark 05, "Internal Clock Maximum", Relevant to anything?
Thinking of going Dual Core. Help Please
Dual Core path.
O.K. 3500 AM2 at 2.52gigs at stock voltage?
HT overclocked?
new to overclocking, am2 sempron 2800
Ok Help Needed With Temps
Overclocked A64 3500 venice... Not that impressive?
computer is randomly rebooting help!!!
4200+ X2 AM2, changed memory timing, fried motherboard?
AMD Athlon 64 3800+ advice
oc'd cpu giving me blue screen of death?
Something up with amd 4000 AM2 dual core series?
Safe voltage on a 165?
best overclocking socket AM2 processor?
help PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ !!!!!!!!!! PLZ
"Safe" CPU temperatures
AMD 4400+ OC help
computer has a brain cramp...
New Mobo + Processor Installed... wierd boot problems... PLEASE HELP
AMD 4400+ AM2 ONLY $31,842.99
Dell exec confirms AMD notebooks for October
oc'ing with software....
amd 64 3700 (san diego) a boom boom
Anyone reccommend a decent board for AMD 4400X2(939)
Computer Died! Time to Start anew, need advice!
How to maximize CPU and RAM MHZ
Could I get a once over on these components please?
a64 mm size
What would you do on a budget? AMD or Conroe?
help me oc this cpu of mine
Venice 3000+ Overclocking advice needed
FIGHT NIGHT : Battle of the X2's! 4400+ vs 4800+
Best Mobo + Processor for $150?
X2 4400+ & Prime95 performance
Which is more important RAM speed or HTT speed?
Opty 144, Highest safe Vcore?
A simple question :)
X2 5000 canceld
Upgrade to X2 3800+?
Help me figure this out...
4800+ Overclocking questions>>
Computer just shuts off ? !
My 3000+ Venice may have died!
To build or not to build
Help me pick a new CPU.
i have the weirdest cpu
multiplier f'ed up?
Help match my ram with a dual core 939 cpu
Help match my ram with a dual core cpu
Will an AMD 64 X2 4200+ make it to 2500MHz?
New Build, Quick Replys please, ordering tonight. :)
First overclock is it ok so far?
soltek SL-K8TPro-939 next cpu for gaming upgrade?
slow boot on new build
which would be better to do
Is there a significant difference between the Opteron 148 and Athlon 64 3700+?
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600+ AM2
Are Rev F Opterons comming soon?
Cheap amd system?
just put in 4400+ and it wont boot help please
Someone help me plz
Can't get 3800+ windsor over 225 FSB
Socket 754 Power! (not 56k friendly)
Oh Teh Noes!!!111!one (x2-3800+ 11 pins bent)
My Highest OC, 2800mhz. On a 3200 Venice.
3800 or 3700
O/C'ing AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+
When will the X2 5000+ be available?
939 Isnt dead yet!
Finally hit 2.5 GHz with Athlon XP. Don't skimp on the best fan you can get! :)
looking for a good list
Going single core to dual core - Windows question
DDR2 ?
Peltier cooled Opty 170, only 2.4Ghz? Help needed
A64 San Diego Steppings and Performance
Hmm cheap X2's, now I'm tempted to upgrade my Opty...
building a new computer, need help
Should I buy a 3700+ San Diego or Stcik with my 3800+ Venice?
dfi infinity am2
It's about F N time!!!
Took the AMD Plunge - Q
To upgrade or not to upgrade... thats the question
Seemingly obscene A64 X2 3800+ Toledo Temps under load
upgrading from a 3500 to 4400...how to OC?
just installed my 4400
Argh...X2 4600+ vs X2 4800+
Time to take another whack at it... NF7-s + Barton 2600+
Need help on a new system
Windows question
Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego 1MB L2 939
building a amd setup for a friend and haveing problems
Need some help, I cant get my front side bus above 248, if I do 250 or more it doesn'
High FSB = Shorter life?
latest sempron OC
Building a new system
Athlon AM2 setup advice
OCing Opteron 165
I fell victim to the frys combo...4600+ and KN9-SLI
Upgrading my CPU
a64 san diego 3700 4000?
Strange stepping on 4400+X2
Overclock Results (misplaced thread)
AMD's 65nm Pics Found
General AMD Questions
AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+: 939 or AM2?
Strange Problem
3800+ X2 future pricing
With good temps.. how high can you raise volts?
AMD 3500+ winchester core @ 2596 53c load
Help Overclocking First A64 processor
Man, do I miss AMD or what ? [An Intel convert's brief rant]
What am I missing please? (Attempted o/c)
You Got Your AMD CPU You Want
am2 cpu choice 5000+ vs 4800+
Opteron Stepping code
4000 vs 3700 san deigo
AMD speed goes down when i overclock graphics
worth it?
Fan Startup Problem
Getting an A64 3200+ (Venice) Past 2550MHz
Socket A Palomino (heater) Vcore and load temp .
AM2 X2 3800+, 4000+ (1MbL2), or 4200+?
KT133 chipset MB 1200 or 1400 processor?
Athlon 64 X2 4200+ or 4400+???
Sempron volts?
Looking to Upgrade to AM2 and need some help!
First signs of AMD 65nm
Overclocking my 3500+ for better gaming
Two processors... one mobo?
Building Two Systems and I need some advice
Need help deciding.
Don't know what X2 to get need help.
Overclockin 4200+ X2. What to expect??
Choice of 4400+ or 4600+ X2 buying tommorow
Athlon 64 3500 or Athlon X2 4400
Air solution for naked a64
After AMD pricecut - What are you buying?
AMD Price cuts....
Final AM2 Build! [Possible Log]
NF7-S 2.0 2600+ OCing Prob
I need options for an A64 system with AGP
AM2 X2 3800 [Build Log]
What am I messing up with this OC?
3800+ Overclockin'
Speedfan temps
3500+ oc problems
Took apart, Put Together, now wont turn on?
x2 SuperPI problem
Should I upgrage from an Opteron 146 to an X2?
What should I expect from 3300+ w/ASUS K8U-X
New motherboard for socket 754
x2 4200+ and Sempron 2600+ questions!
XP 2200+ Socket A 1.8GHz 266FSB
Athlon 64 3500+ Overclocking (Newb)
939 3800 vs AM2 3800
optim165 @ 2600 better than X2 4400@2500?
? with voltage
x2 3800+ vs x2 4000+
A64 3300+ for $20 @ tigerdirect!
Anyone post there am2 x2 4000+ results
939 3800 x2 vs 4200 x2
pro/video card
Need an opinion on a CPU upgrade
4800 X2 or Opteron 165
K8 modding. R&D Sempron & maybe Athlon
Something is wierd here?
funny question
newegg finally drops prices
should i buy a 4600+
Just took the AMD plunge
Removing heatspreader: Retardedly high temps?
Frys/Outpost has am2 3800x2 for $159 PIB retail
a few overclocking questions on my mobile xp
Hit a wall at 2400Mhz.
Which would you choose?
want to buy 4800+, need input on price drops
Tough Time Deciding
New to oc
Venice hit a wall? 9NPA+, LDT voltage
AMD Price Cuts??
Are the price cuts here!?!?!
1.8Ghz 3000+ G. Skill Value Overclocked
Opteron 165 Overclocking
With the price cuts coming...
Hello, Could Use some upgrading advice
The "clock speed doesn't mean anything anymore" debate
AM2 user with NF 570, any advice?
Getting Married...Computers must go!:)
"energy efficient" am2 X2 confusion
New system time...thoughts please
Why such a temp difference?
Advise on overclocking...
New AM2 FX64
Fine line between love and heat
Did I get a good core? Are these temps ok?
Amd 64 3000+ Overclock, Results, Questions, and Voo Doo
Stop 0x4E
Socket 939 CPU Cooler recommendations?
opteron 165 or X2 4600+?
Will a Vcore of 1.6v kill my Opteron 165?
Unlock the multiplyer Opty
AMD Q2 Conference call
am2 EE pros / cons?
need a pic of a venice without ihs
OC'ing Socket A Sempron 2600+
A64 3300+ 256KB L2 - question
3200+ winchester problem
AMD64 running temperature question
Which AM2 CPU is faster?
Overclock attempt on AM2 3500+
Am I losing overclocking ability by using a 4-pin instead of 8-pin connector on mobo?
What exactly is AMD Live?
should I replace thermal compound?
How Do I Remove This AM2?
Upgrading my 3200: opteron? x2?
Don't Upgrade?
Opteron 165 OC and Temps
AMD Price drops!
AGP/PCI frequency question?
XP core temps
Mobo recommendations
What exactly do I have San Diego or Clawhammer?
Overclocking setting on 939 3200+
Socket 939 or AM2?
Can I do better? Overclocking an AMD 4400+
Need some help with my 3200 Venice
Noob question
Problems getting my overclock stable at 2.6GHz
3500 Orleans OC problems M2N SLI Dlx3500 Orleans OC problems M2N SLI DLX
Maximum volts for 3500+ newcastle
Did AMD push the athlon till it broke?
AM2 Works Better In Single Channel
3200+ to x2-3800 or Op. 165
AMD planning a major CPU price cut 24/7
Are you still happy with your S939 System?
Overclocking troubles
Need your opinion - Chipped core?
3700+ 2.61@48*
AM2 Socket Adapters?
Lower CPU multi/ higher FSB
Newbie overclocking difficulties...
Which CPU is better ?
What's holding me back?
Help with first time OCing
1.600 Volts On Air?? w/Scythe NInja Plus..
CPU dead???
AMD Opterons 146 and 4000+
Multiplier question (3000+vs3200+)
can anybody look at my cpu? ( pic )
Duron in DDR board?
Intel Guy turned AMD - Dilema
Help setting core volts, AMD 3200+.
3200 Orleans overclocking
am2's in retail desktops
Need some advice: Hitting OC wall w/ Toldeo X2 3800+
What's your CPU Speed/Voltage?
Help with my overclock.
CPU bottleneck?
Why is my cpu sometimes unstable?
just need a little help
Another day, another K8L date....
3200 Orleans?
Athlon64 Cache Comparison
Inquirer Got It Wrong As Usual: Reverse HT Don't Exist
Could my CPU had lost overclockability
Any reviews on the silentboost k7 new and older versions
Finally Popped the Top... No More IHS!!!
future PC planning.
Anyone else have 64 4000+ KAB3E 0547GPMW?
can't figure out cpu id...help please
Premium HeatSink Lapping Kit I don't get the guide!
Duron 1ghz
How to verify overclock result
AMD Athlon 64 Opteron Single Core / Intel Pentium D 930 Dual Core
Is it worth upgrading?
how is this build?
A few AM2 questions...
Assembled in china?