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AM2 vs Socket 939
Bent pins on 64 3200+
Question re: dual core vs. FX 5x
Building My First PC
removeing the ihs..is it worth it?
Rejoice the proof
Please help
Should I go AM2?
What ram to go with an opteron 165?
very weak overclock
What steppings is newegg shipping of the opty 165?
I cant belive my Venice 3000+ is already obsolete!
Venice 3200+vs 3200 XP
Highest "relatively safe" Vcore and load temp for Venice 3200+?
yay amd! (an interesting read)
1st AMD OC- Opteron 165- Seems a little hot though...
Opteron 165 Overclocking
Crappiest overclock ever, or what?
"Core Temp" - CPU Temperature monitoring tool for the K8 series
is there something wrong with x2 4400 am2?
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ VS. Opteron 165
Best CPU for around $350?
x2 4400+ socket am2. where to buy?
asking too much or not enough?
AMD Dual-Core Optimizer?
Is my chip on its last legs?
Two mobos and two processors
Opty 144 Vs Venice 3500
amd64 x2 4200+ only oc to 2,6ghz..need input
OCing Athlon64 X2 4200/4400 AM2 Windsor
Help me Identify this CPU.
AMD X2 4400+
I'm 7th place out of 6000+
4x4 question
Did I fry my CPU?
Low Budget System (friend's)
am2 upgrade
should i jump to am2
My half-assed venice 3200+ overclock
Anybody overclock a 64 X2 3800 with OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K?
SuperPi score!!!
My $1000 gamer. Input please
how will this setup be
looking at the AMD Athlon 64 X2
Need some help..
Sempron X2
Nd feedback on selection of mobo for AM2 3800+
CPU Overheating
Barton 2500+ or Sempron XXXX+
Problem with memory at stock speed when OC'd
3700+ Stability issues
Sempron 3000 and ASrock - safe settings
AMD Readies AM2 A64 X2 Cheaper & Less Cache
4400+ Chip with a 4800+ heatsink??
I wanna try it out ^_^
Subzero cooled AMD FX-55
need some help!
Overclocking VS stock speeds (3700=FX57??)
Opty 146 at 3Ghz, trying to make stable
AM2 Problems, Help PLEASE!
Opteron Steppings - Single Core
RE: pc wont fire up and smells like smoke!!
my latest sempron 2500+ oc results
I just killed my cpu. Help plz.
26 Minute 26 Second SupierPi 32m **pics**
Prime stable but crashes everything else?
Opteron Vs X2, no difference?
Trying something different AMD
~finally~ got the Opty 146 running!! Woo
mobo settings for oc'ing 3000+ winchester
Going AMD, a few Q's
oc probs? (i think)
Need Silent Socket A fan.
Budget OC S939 motherboard, no SLI?
Not much improvement on a CPU Upgrade
Not much improvement on a CPU Upgrade
Is an AM2 Sempron 2800+ faster than Athlon XP 2700+?
how do i overclock a amd 3500?
Which processor?
Can OCing CPU damage video card?
help me decide on a Mobo
Will AMD's Price Cut (7/23) Affect AM2?
AMD 3200 3500 3800 venice core which?
Overclocking: Long Term Effect?
Looks like AMD will build a Fab in NY
Weird problem with my 3200+ Winchester
Which Here Outpreforms My AMD XP 3200+
Give me the go ahead on my new HTPC
looking to buy new compy, target 144 opty
cut price skt 939's
okay to keep pushing volts if temp is okay?
Safe Voltages...When's an Opty 165 Gonna fry?
need help with my oc
AMD's Secret Weapon
what good heatsink as good or better then sp-97 I can get that is actully on sale?
Opty 148 core speed question
Unexplainable price difference?
PCI express bus speed
Best AMD Processor...
CPU Temp question
X2 3800+ Not Overclocked, 60c Load????
OD'd AMD Duron Explodes
Whats an alternative to cpu gel
Cant get past 245
what would you do?
Me new opty 146
OCed 4800...now stock vcore the same!
Recommend a CPU! (YAY!)
AMD Inside
OC Results AMD 3000+ Winnie
X2 overclocking results
am2 temp
CPU temperature
Hello, Old XP clocker, new to AM2.
AM2 and memory timings: 3-3-3-8 vs 4-4-4-12 1T and 2T in super pi 32M
Opteron 144
long beep long pause repeats indefinitely, is this a mobo or cpu problem?
Best 64-bit Opteron CPU for Windows 2003 Server
My amd 4000+ OC :)
recomend 939 AM2
So, what's up with the energy efficient AM2 CPU's?
Moving to AMD
Old Skool Duron 600,overclock for noob?
cant get 3700+ past 2.4ghz
AMD x2 Driver Install problem.
Are my results good enough?
LDT & Chipset Voltages
My Crazy Venice 3200+ Overclock
Simple AMD OC Question
Temp concerns on OCing A64 3200+ NC
I hate the hot new york weather.
Opteron 148 OC Troubles
Upgrading box... probably asked a million times...
Few questions about OCing my new A64
Need to know about buying a processor currently
good am2 motherboard for ocing
amd anti Hyper-Threading
Opteron 165 o/c - help, pulling hair out
What AMD need to put into the K8L for definite :)
K8L work on current AM2 Mobo ?
Broke my X2 4200 and dont still have packaging
New system or upgrade current ?
is this a good clock on opty 144?
problems with my OC
How far can you take a 3200 Venice?
AMD Scraps 1MB Desktop Cores
Advice needed on my next box..
Opty 165 Overclocked, Undervolted.
Help my dad build a new comp
bent pins....is she dead?
Opty 165 @ 2.7GHz on air
FX62 Anyone?
Bringing it back oldschool.... What will work in my ECS k7s5a?
Getting My Opty 165 Stable at 2.7+
Have a 3700 SD now. What next?
Can AMD Mobile measure up to a Yonah T2400?
Quest for 3ghz+, with 27s dual 1m pi!
System won't shut off
Q on A64 vcore
How do I stress test both cores?
MAy be old news ?
Help needed (or rather, someone with a K8 needed)
Major problems with a new AM2 build
building an AMD PC
My opty 170
100% cpu usage due to Winlogo !
Higher HTT doesn't always mean more memory bandwidth!
Future CPUs Chart?
Conroe, Intel in AMD and AMD in Intel [READ THIS]
How Artic S5 Should I Use?
AMD prices drops cross the board
3800+ or opteron 144/146?
Bum Venice chip?
Good Revision for Opty 165?
Hang ups
OCing Venice 3200+, can't do RAM part
CAB2E 0546FPAW opteron 146 good? need quick responce
Upgrade Advice (don't laugh too hard)
AM2 -- Ready?
Which Opteron 165 Stepping?
FX-60 0536RPMW meets Kayl Black Frozen SS
Is my barton mobile or not?
Need help ocing ona new mobo and chipc set
Dual-core problem!
CPU faster in BIOS but not in Software?
anyone looking for a cheap s939 upgrade
Memory divider, What am I doing wrong?
Is it error w/ CPUZ on my X2 3800+?
Why are a64 am2 half price of a64 s939
Why are a64 am2 half price of a64 s939
Is this AERO 7+ better then the SP97 or the SLKs?
Which 3800+ is better?
AMD says to Intel bring on the price war
Opteron 165 overclock - help needed
All AM2 owners
Amd drops the price on 939 amd AM2 chips
AMD 64 3500+ AM2 (Orleans)...Good for overclocking?
Need Advice on a S754
Need to upgrade, and Im confused :)
I always knew 2600's were bulletproof.. but WOW!
What's the real effect of the FSB speed ...
Faster CPU or RAM
Guys! looking for a replacement for my SP-97's big tail
2nd build - 1st time with Opty 165
amd opteron 165 like?
Trying to run Prime95, but F@H wont stop, is this a problem
Board voltage question for you pros
Why AMD is better for OC?
x2 4000 or x2 4200?
newbie help needed
Help with Dual opty 165 CCBBE 0610DPMW
Computer hanging at random times.
Opteron 165 - CCBBE 0617FPMW
Prime95 says problem!!!???
Lower 3dmarks with higher FSB?
Overclocking my Opteron 175. First attempt.
Is this a change-over option to gain SSE2?
Those with a A8n32SLI and FX57
FX57 or OPTY146?
AM2 Power consumption
How Hot is Too Hot?
Trying to figure out my bottleneck with my Opt 165 set up
Looking At New Mouse Mats..
CPUz is reading double
How can i overclock a AMD Athlon XP 1.6?
Possible to Unlock Opteron multi?
AMD Athlon 64 4000+ worth the extra $100?
Need help unlocking Athlon XP
FX-57 meets Kayl Black Frozen SS
Death in the family, need options / advice
opt 165 back to opt 146
Need help finding a motherboard
New Guy here. Need some input..
Move to AM2 or 939?
AMD 4000+ , 7800 GT SLI, 2 gig OCZ, 4 raptor drives, this or 1000$ cash?
What processor
Temps on my 165 went up?
AMD 4X4 Design Will Arrive Sooner Than Later
Opty Overclocking Woes
Socket AM2 Q
Something for you to munch on
Small upgrade time
Building a gaming machine, need input!!
AMD Announces Dual-Socket, Dual-Core '4x4' Platform
A64 Dual Core Windows Hotfix: Y or N?
What skt A has an unlockable multiplier?
Should an Athlon XP2800+ be able to take 62 degrees?
Socket-A records to fall soon!
Opteron 165 default voltage
AMD Athlon64 X2 5200+ Already?
I wonder...
Non-OCed Barton Idles at 51c
Trying to push on an opty 146
Out of the loop for a while...opteron?
Why prime95 would keep on test1 for a very long time?
Building a system, need updates on hardware
Should i go for a 165?
New Opteron 165. Need Help OC'in it
AMD Athlon 64 4000+
Why doesn't my Opteron 165 want to run at stock speeds?
Opteron 144, 146, or 148.
Overclocking my 3800+ X2
Athlon XP 2400
Running 1:1
Sempron 3000+ AM2 Worse Than 754
AMD 5000+ & FX-62 For 939 (Might Cud B A Web Typo)
Revisiting OCing an A64 3200 Winny - Could use a hand with this.
I'm getting the stuff this week, is this the right setup?
Socket AM2-AMD Athlon 3000+ Review
Opteron Wierdness
what's w/ this Revision G Rumor?
Manchester or Toledo?
What does AMD have up their sleeve?
X2 3800 and prime 95
Need Some Help, Why Can't I Boot this OC...
New Person...
AM2 OC'ing results (3.3ghz on air)
Best/Favorite device driver site...OT kinda'
Opty 170 help
Am I overclocking this correctly?
2 gb enough?
Overclocking problem...
how much is too much voltage?
3800 x2 overclocking?
Need help getting over 3ghz on a fx-60
Joining the DARK SIDE
Opteron 146 CAB2E Overclocking advice
Absolute Best MOBO for socket A/ Oc'ing
help overclocking
Help with my new Opty 165
AM2 build options
Sempron AM2 Socket
are lower multipliers better
Are Semprons any good for a budget system?
AM2 x2 4600+ OC 3GHz :)
Budget AMD system?
Max voltage for opteron?
Shortage of Workstation Opterons???
Preliminary Opty 165 0610 results.
New system build all done
AMD solves the power problem?
Prime95 CPU error
I might have a Opteron 165 problem
AMD vs intel speeds
3800+ Venice any good?
New opteron 146s - CAB2E/CACJE
AM2 Review
Opteron 170 purchase is it worth it?
AM2 @ Xbitlabs
monarch site now showing AM2 cpus
Dead CPU thread: Lets see what kind of volts/temps will kill an AMD
Opteron 880 question, help?
Wait for AM2 or just go 939 X2?
The D Day shocker
keep my opty or get another
Found A CPU In My Closet!
AMD X2 Prices Show Up On Overclockers.Co.uK
heat issue
3400+ or pent 805 D?
Sempron 3300+ @ 2.4GHz
New to overclocking. Getting a New PC.. Cant decide.
Opty 165 1.6+ vcore on AIR
Dual Core Opteron Steppings Guide
Anyone here running Turion 64 mobile on desktop mobo?
My first AMD overclock!
Help OCing A64 mobile!
Getting out the old Duron Again...
Underclocked AMD 3000+?
Overclocking an AMD Athlon 3000+ with an ASUS A7N8X
temperatures of my fx-57
Limits to 3700+ Sandiego 939 if any
Opteron146, 0540FPBW @3504Mhz prime stable
Anyone Else's CCBWE 0550UPMW a Dud?
Is this Opteron Legit?
AMD Opteron 165, DFI LP UT Ultra-D, Mushkin Redline XP4000
Thinking about upgrading
need help picking out AMD setup
Opteron 148 vs 165 ....which to get & stepping?
amd question
Testing "dead" CPU
overclocking 3200+
OC'ing a venice 3000+
Problem, Any ideas?
3500+ Winnie & Asus A8N-E OC Issues
FX-60 0608 versus Opt 165 0610
Clocking the E6 Venice 3000+
K8L News!!
Building a new A64 system
Overclocking complications, please help!
Question about OCing a 3400+ Newcastle
It finally happened
Asrock ULi 1965 w/ Venice 3000+
HELP! Something really weird with my AMD64
Turion CPU's
Quick Opteron 165 Question
overclock fx 60
3700+ sandiego on abit an8, what can I expect?
Stock HSF ISSUE!!!
cool n' quiet
been crazy enough to try this before?
CPU suggestions
a quick question
Opteron questions
which cpu
which cpu
Opty 148 vs athlon 64 3700
artic silver cleansing
FX-57 CABCE 0516WPMW over 4.1GHz under Cascade!
What's better....?
Socket 754 and DDR500?
K8L details emerge
Brand new X2 3800 question.....
3700+ vs 3200+
Removing Amd IHS and refitting with as5
thinking 165... any thing I should worry about?
MP2200+ Need help from PRO.
socket advice
is my cpu or motherboard the problem
Just removed the IHS on my Opty 144
Good Deal on a Dual Opty?
MB holding me back ?
overclocking opteron 265
First AMD overclock since 2400+ Athlon, just want to make sure everything is cool
Prices for 939 after AM2
Are all or most Athlon 64 3700+s and 4000+s based on a partially faulty dual core?
Best gaming/benchmarking CPU?
Best CPU cooler for my system
opty 144, what can i expect
CPU-Z Probelm of Mhz JUMP!
Too much AS5 ?
Worth the wait?
Opteron 146 price and stepping
Building a new system need some advice
Shops in OH, IN, MI?
Check list before OCing my first CPU (3800x2)
AMD 3700+ AMA3700BEX5AR on a MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R
Increased performance in games - X2 CPUs
a64 4000+ won't go above 220x12 :(
Overclocking AMD 64 for first time
What CPU to buy.
ordering today. advice pls
Which CPU?
OC 3800+ x2
3000+ Clawhammer Overclocking thresholds
Overclocking Opteron 148
opteron 146 overclocking
Just inherited a KT266A mobo; input needed
Opteron 165 VS X2 3800+
Question on the T-Birds
XP-M: is more vcore needed at stock speed with increased fsb?
Semron 2600+ vs. 3400+ Newcastle
PCI lock trouble
OPTY 170 with not so great memory
Opty 165 - Steppings
Which dual-core?
any help to push it more ?
My first oc advice/suggestions
Advantages With A 2600-M Over 2500+ Barton
Looking for complete satisfaction. (help)
my 1st OC :)
Venice 3000 question (temps)
165 overclocking
venice 3000+ or opty 144?
My 1st Build, please comment/critique
Dual Core Opteron Thread
Dual-core hotfix and patch. I'm confused!!!
AMD Quad core info leakage
CPU Running to Hot
Random Shutdowns with AMD Athlon 64 4000+
Cpu clock speed vs Memory Bandwidth, which way to go for a gamer?
Known issue?
AMD Lacking Cache Sizes On It's Quads
AMD Core Duo
Let the testing begin: CCBBE vs CCBWE
New system problems
Athlon XP-M OC Problem
What's the latest Athlon XP you've seen?
Gruffigummi's opty 165 questions
Which CPU (God I feel like a n00b)
PerlAddict's Opteron 165 Thread
Athlon XP 2600+ Barton: multi vs fsb?
Need some A64 OC'ing guidance please
AM2 Semprons?
I need help urgently with opteron 165. (FAN & heatsink)
XP-M at 2.7Ghz once more!
I need a 400fsb Barton.(UK)
Got my venice 3200+ to 2.75ghz on air
vcore for amd x2 4200
barton 2800+ and soltek question
What does FSB affect besides HTLink and Memspeed?
Denmark core opty?
I got screwed over by someone and now I need help.
Opty 165 CCBBE 0615 and what MOBO?
Question on AMD New To AMD...
Which CPU for this board?
3008mhz 3700+, question about DDR500
Whats a good batch for a 3700+ Sandy?
AM2 questions
To prove a point.
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ OVERCLOCK HELP
system won't oc as high?
Opty or x2 ...
Operton Or X2
Need help ID'ing Barton date code
cpu upgrade help
Performance difference in Home, Pro or 64bit?
OC Probs with Opteron 165???
Athlon 64 3700
Opteron 165 3000+ winny
XP-M Advise
AMD Dual Core Patch
Dual Core Performance Setting Program Affinity
NF7-S Series mobo problemsss
Trying to increase overclock
Help to low power consumption: Barton Mobile 2400+
Clockgen as a reliable overclocking tool?
Opteron 170 - Running Hot
CPU Problems.