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wooohoo! just got a palomino 1800+ for a six pack!
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146's From Tank guys?
cpu voltage
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165 Opteron CCBWE 0550 UPMW
AMD Optron 165 @ 2.4 Ghz How how can i go and how much do i raise voltage to go highe
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OC or new system?
43K 3DM06 Score...no way....
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opty 144 damaged? HELP!
opty 165 steppings, anyway to know before you buy?
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CPU Issue on HP Laptop
OMG my amd K6-2 is "designed for windows 95 and NT"
Max safe temp/vcore on San Diego?
Results for Opteron 146 cab2e 0607 ?
What is stock voltage for an Opteron 146???
Opteron 165 0607UPGW stepping?
The Athlon64 X2, and it's performance with variable memory bandwidth
Opty 146--->2.85Ghz @ 1.376v!
Sempron wont go as high as before...
How much could I get for my 146?
fx55 clawhammer overclock air cooling
@ 26mhz (fx-55 better that 3500)
Problem with Friend's New Rig
What are the best Opty 165 steppings?
New system, what now
Need Help deciding
Problem with a Winny 3200+
weird opty 165 problem
Looking at 165 w/ DFI Ultra-D, but can you water cool the NB?
Venice 3200 LBBLE 0538APEW. Any good?
Question regarding overclocking my A64 3200+
165 question
X2 driver
Best bang for the buck - CPU/Mobo combo
3000 winnie + abit AV8
939 semps
Quick Oc temp question lol
Prime95 anomoly
Overclocking Opteron 165 to 2600mhz?!
Will it post?
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Pickin' a processor...
Vocre a bit high for OC?
Windows Hotfixes for DualCore???
Minimum CPU for playing 1280p HD Video?
Opty 144 not stable above 2.5
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My 3800x2 Overclock *results inside :)
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Installing the AMD PowerNow! Driver -- Implications??
got my am2 cpu :)
Athlon CPU and an ABit KT7-A
Well, this CCBBE is a letdown...
AMD Socket AM2 eTail Prices Pop-Up
opty 146 overclock drop and temp rise.
Athlon Questions.....
just broke 2.1ghz :)
CAB2E Opty 148 w/ Asrock S2 project
Something limiting OC results? (Opty 146)
bent pins
How can I tell if I'm running with Hypertransport on?
When to add HT Link and PCI-e voltage?
Was sold a "Newcastle" but CPU-Z says its a ClawHammer... blessing or curse?
Weird timing problem when using both cores.
CPU multiplier in regards to testing ram
Thermal Paste On the PIN-SIDE of a CPU!?
Need some advice
AMD 3800+ & Asus Probe...
Sempron help needed
Opty 165 won't prime past 2.4??
Which MB Best for Opteron 248
Strange problem with overclocking my Opteron 165
CURSES! 165 + Win2k Pro = no fun...
Patched's Opteron 165 0608 MPMW
is this good?
fx vs x2
Single to Dual Core Transition Questions
Whats the difference?
IHS Removal Stability Question
amd64 3000+
What core is 3500DAA4BW ?
Newbie OC
my pleasing OC
Maximum Safe temperature for AMD Opteron 180?
Performance diff between 3800 X2 and Opteron 144
Which is best, 64 Venice 3500, or Opertron 144, for 939
time to up the v's?
cpu dates and stuff
Opteron 148 @ 2915 is this safe?
OPT146 CAB2E 0604 initial look
Prime 95 In-Place large ffts
Having a problem with my overclock...
Sempron 2500+ Vcore
woohoo sempron oc stable.
AMD 64X2 FSB??? 3DMark06 shows 200MHZ
3700 @ 2.8...wanna go higher
Damaged 165 FA on eBay?
Week 7 not so lucky
need help ocing a 3500 in a abit av8
Got an opty 146, is cab2e 0540fpmw good stepping?
New MB & CPU & some Info Help Pls
HELP calling all x2 users.
noob question.. about Prime 95
Opteron 146 from Monarch
cool and quiet does work with a8n-sli & op 170?
where can i download the PR rating for sempron 754?
My First Overclock
Should I wait or upgrade now...
Nvedia will not support SLI on Intel's boards
Conroe or X2 on AM2?
AMD's new "Anit-Hyperthreading"
3700+ can't POST at 240MHz and above..
Difference between 1xx 2xx and 8xx
damarble's Opteron 165
Which Opteron 165 stepping is better?
Current opteron steppings, what's the best?
venice 3200+ NBBWE WTF?
Should I go with new E6 or old venice?
New cpu.....which one?
Which paste?
Max Voltage for Opteron 175
Basic AMD question...
AQYFA0410RPFW-Locked or unlocked?!
My 3800+ x2 is dumb :/
A Question
Hitting a brick wall at 235
Is Mhz the only factor for OC'ing?
LDT/htt what role does it play?
Going From Intel to AMD -need help
Opteron 165 CCBWE 0607 UPBW
seemingly normal 4000+
3200+ Venice, Prime stable @ 2.5ghz with only 1.3v
Dual Dual-Core Opterons, fundamentally speaking...
g0dM@n's most recent Opteron 165 - 3.2ghz verified
Reversed HyperThreading, Done the AMD way.
My A64 San Diego 3700+ is not stable.
Ideal S754 Mobo for OC
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Rate my upgrade!
WTF happend to my opteron!! pic!
My Opteron 165 Overclock
939 CPUs and best bang to buck
Which is faster on default spec?
Is Amd64 X2 faster than amd64?
Safe overclock with a 3800x2 and stock HS/fan? (32c idle)
Is my settings "correct" (Opteron 146)
Worth upgrading P4 2.4c@3.2ghz to AMD 3800+?
i started looking at a diffrent cpu?
I have $500, what should I buy CPU and Mobo
OCing Opty 165 & ULTRA-D .. kinda new to it
Overclocking Mobile AMD Sempron
What settings should I use for my burn in!!!
So wait... What's happening with Opteron Prices??
Looking for some advice & opinions
How is this hardware?
dam opty
New to the boards and OC-ing
3DMark06 on Opteron 170 crashing?
upgrading my system need help
is this cpu really good for gaming?
best opteron 148 stepping
Athlon X2 4200 - 2.2GHz per core?
My opti 144 sucks... why!?
My new system
AM2 - What can we really expect?
Upgrade time, some Q's
Safe running 1.3v vcore on my opty 146?
first step towards DOOOOOMMMM!
Different Temps?
First "REAL" OC
Buying 2500s/2600s new?
CPU and RAM compatible..or change settings???
Sempron OC is this ok?
My Opty 144 0602GPAW
Turion in 754 Mobo.
Have I damaged my CPU?
AMD to utilize reverse-hyperthreading.
Opteron for Gaming?!?!
CPU fan direction
Removing thermal paste - Need help ASAP!
HELP!!! AMD Opteron Vs. X2
Computer won't boot
CPU Burn turned bad
Anyone OC a turion?
Am I too hot?
Upgrading question from Winchester 3200
Which Mobile should I get?
new pc opteron 165 help plz
Opteron 165 vs 170
Conflicting info on CPU Ident
Thermal Curiosities, 3200+ Venice
Difference Between Sempron & Athlon XP
Motherboard or cpu?
Upgrading from 2400+ Moblie
My Opty 180 wont go past 2.5gigs
Sempron 3200+ advice
Best way to upgrade my system?
Dual core question
My Opty 170 0550 UPMW OC
Thinking of buying a lidless opteron 170..
Could my opty hit 3Ghz?
3200+ Venice... P4Presccot 3.4
AMD ships 3ghz cpu's.
More Mhz or More FSB?
amd 65nm... 2007?
So whats going on here?!
A64 3500+
I'm new to overclocking...
(CCBWE) stepping question
I just got cold sweats (4400+ OC-related)
Heres my screenshot at 3GHz for those who wanted to see it :D
Killing my cpu over time?
A few noob questions.
ATN OPTY 170 Owners
What is the diference
Myth or truth: High vDimm (3.3v) can kill AMD CPU's?
confused about dual-core
Opteron 1xx or 2xx?
AM2 Has Major Performance Issues!
how far can i go
AMD athlon x2 3800 voltage issues
Bare with me, im new
Memory Dump - blue screen of death?
best overclocs with a 2800+ post here
Voltage problem with X2
Help with x2 crashes
OPTY 146 Air Result's
Help wit OC'ing
Sempy 3400+ OC
I think I got a good one... v.3200+ at 2.7ghz
Worth upgrading from Barton 2500+ to 165 Opteron?
Amd 1200 Tbird. (oC)
Help with new CPU/Motherboard please
Loud whine
AM2 Benches
I think my chip might be at its peak.(least for now)
CPU Temp and OC Help
Overclocking my AMD Athlon 64 3700+
3800+ X2 Heatspreader Removed - Higher Temps!
X2 3800 Stopped OC'n
Question About Upgrading
CPU Upgrade Finally HERE!!!
3ghz unstable opt 146?
Opt 165 steppings from who?
"Burn in" process for higher overclocks is a myth...
Need youe expert tips plz help
Overclocking Athlon64
Sempron performance for HTPC
trouble with vcore on my mobo (Sempron Overclockin)
history question XP2200+ What core are they?
New Rig!!!!
opty 165 vs x2 3800+
Quick Monarch Question?
Just curious..... which one is faster?
AMD64 Intermittant Startup (vCore?)
AMD opens fab36, 65nm info and first 45nm demo
Building an AMD PC
Removing the ihs socket clearance issues??
xp 3000+ VS a64 3200+
Question about DMM use.
how poorly does your 3500+ venice OC?
opening my 3500+...
Opteron 144 - CACJE 0604 CPAW (Quick test)
New system ? on proc
Help overclocking Opteron 170
What is a divider?
First Computer After 7 Years, Please Help Me Overclock!
How much do you OC your FX (with air)?
Too hot for an Opteron 165?
64 X2 vs Opt?
Ebays monster computer systems
something is really strange with my 144
socket a sempron 2500 overclock
My voltage.
Unsuccessful OC?
Best steppings for Opteron 165 and 170?
How well does your venice 3000+ oc?
Help with my opteron 165
S754 Venice
Opterons really do own
vnf3-250 and 3000+ wont post
2600+ XP-M IDYHA 0505WPMW = Awesome
opteron 146 help
AMD x2 4200+
XP90c result for my system.
AMD64 3800 X2 Overclocking Newby
Swapping everything to a new mobo
Wow, my new opteron is nice!
Dual Dual core opteron setup help..
AMD 3000+ and Asus A8V Deluxe
Changing Processor
ThunderBird runs HOT!!!
Max voltage?
Which proc for gaming?
Athlon or Opteron?
New CCBWE 0604TPMW Opteron 165
ANOTHER 165 thread! Help please.
how fast
removing and re-attatching ihs
FX-60 OC Help
Small Question
athlon xp 1700
AMD Opteys
CPU Usage question.
Problem with 3DMark06
The Chinese Processor
Is It True That Opterons Wont Work Well On DFI Motherboards?
I am new how do I overclock??
4400 x2 safe vcore?
A64 3000+ temperature?
Help Pleaseee - Getting unstable at 200mhz oc
Cant overclock at all on venice 3800 and a8n-sli premium
need help computer wont boot
need help on finding a CPU equivalent to Intel CPU
Opteron 144 fried??
just bought new AMD
Is this a realistic and viable overclocking goal?
Thermal Potting Compound
Gaming processor help?
Loud pith!! stupid system! help! DFI
Recomandation on CPU
overclocking tool?
Does AMD have anything up their sleeve?
Whats the best Bang-For-The-Buck AMD CPU right now?
3500 Manchester?!
Need help with AMD 4200+
Opteron 165 CCBWE 0550 XPMW
And Another AMD Socket by the end of 2007...
entertainment system, which cpu?
what is holding me back?
Venice or San Diego?
AN8-32x and A64-2x 4800+ OCing ??
Help me ppick out a Processor
referbished newegg opetron
I Need Help How To Pick Out A Processor
The time has come.......
i need help with overclocking opty 165
Athlon 64 3200+ vs. Opteron 144
Started removing IHS, need help..
new opty for me.
s939 dead or not?
XP2800 Help!!!
Damaged CPU in working condition!
Got my FX-60 today! Unknown stepping...BPCW!
disabling cool n quiet
Burning in a cpu?
Will any Amd heatsink work withany Amd Cpu?
Will any Xp heatsink work for any Xp Cpu??
AMD K6 overclocking
Athlon 64 3000+
Mobile 1700+ ? ..... Help
Whats an "average" overclock on this CPU? Also LDT question
I think Speedfan is saying my CPU (3800x2) is running at 125 celcius! Wrong, right?
When games support dual-core better, will my 3800x2 be fine for my 7800gtx or higher?
A64vsOpteron Opinions wanted
What opteron to buy?
Does permanent burn-in exist ?
Barton 2500 shows up as a 1700, anyone seen this ?
dual core opteron or x2
3700 CPU showing really low MHz
Is there a noob guide for overclocking a FX-60?
did i do it right? amd 3800 x2
Opteron 144 v. Athlon64 3500
Overclocking the AMD K6-2
Should I be happy with these numbers?
Which A64 should I get?
high cpu usage when downloading
week 0551 results
Best $500 CPU
I come for advice
The time has come (at last)
NOOB need some help
Amd Athlon64 3200+ winchester help
Do you really need Quad Core?
Help with new rig
Athlon 3700+ and EPOX EP-8NPA problem
New CPU or more/better RAM?
Overclocking help pls......
is this ok??
Check it X2 5000+
Sempron 3000+
Will AMDs new quad-core processor (due Q1 '07 I think) work on current mobos
Will IHS removal help? How risky?
a64 pin voltage modification guide
Opteron 144 VS A64 3000
4 sticks of PC400, detects @ 333Mhz. Why?
Correctly Identifying A Thunderbird
Overclocking help MSI K8N NF4
Smart Move?
intel amd wats the diff.?
burn-in and PWM IC
Still shutting down WTF!!
3700 OCing?
Newest Overclock - W/ screenshots - Suggestions?
Venice 3500 with PC3200
Need a 7-12v Fan Controller for my Vantec Tornado 80mm
upgrade now or later?
There be life in the old Clawhammers yet...
Drastic Drop in Temp after removing IHS & adding Water wetter
HELP on AMD Athlon 3000+ 1.8ghz Venice Core Overclocking
N/m, I just found a thread that answers my question.
X2's or Dual-Core Opty's?
Help with Athlon AXMD1500FQQ3B on NF7-s
Clear upgrade path
Urgent, removal of IHS.. WOW 235 members viewin AMD!!
FX 57
Temp to high?
Opteron 100 series in a64 mobo?
Should I be concerned with these temps?
just a few questions
Is my Opty 165 THAT bad?
Best AMD CPU-Mobo combo for $250 or less
can i hit 400mhz fsb with my xp3000+ 333mhz?
Divider Calculator
165 with 0607 stepping
AMD lying?
need the old version of clockgen
need help with new setup(recommendations please)
SLI-DR majorly undervolting vcore?
My Sempron 2600+ OC-Project. (incl.lots of benchmarks ;) )
is this a good cpu thinking of buying
Opteron 175 just came in
newbie overclocker needs help
Vcore lower than I specify?
am i at my max for xp3000+?
Another AM2 "review"
3200+ Barton, Overclock limit?
Wait To Upgrade Or Not
Best Socket A, Overclocking CPU?
x2 advice
Removed my IHS (x2 3800 Toledo)
Bent Pins
copty 170 w/ sli performance
dead 165!
It's that time again...
what is stepping?
AMD Athlon 64 +3000 venice over 2.6?
My first heatsink lapping project...
AMD2 price drops?
Should I replace my 3200?
AMD X2 3800+ - My progress / concerns
Need Help Budget AMD
Sqeezing the last bit of life out of Socket A
dual processors any benefits?
3200 venice in oc'ing
Will I see a big difference?
Opteron 165 @ 2.6 - RAM Giving Problems
getting more vcore?
Why would my CPU be doing this?
Need Assistance OC'ing A64 X2 4400
Best way to "lap" your CPU?