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Sqeezing the last bit of life out of Socket A
dual processors any benefits?
3200 venice in oc'ing
Will I see a big difference?
Opteron 165 @ 2.6 - RAM Giving Problems
getting more vcore?
Why would my CPU be doing this?
Need Assistance OC'ing A64 X2 4400
Best way to "lap" your CPU?
Old news probably, but confirmed 65nm Q4 start?
How long will this 3700+ Diego still last me?
Is an FX-60 worth an upgrade from X2 4400?!
what is this and is it a good price
Upgrading 2.6 Celeron
removing ihs?
Switching back to AMD
What COULD AMD have done with AM2?
Removing Opty 146 IHS, Some Question
opteron 165, 170, 180 better ocs?
Athlon64 3000 can I get a better config?
Opteron 165 0551WPMW stepping good?
Bad IHS contact on new Opteorn 144?
Wow thats fast!
AMD64 3000+ overclocking help
old socket a problem
amd athlon 2800+ xp-m
Should I be satisfied with my venice clock?
odd heat problem with AMD X2 + win2k
Noob first time Post questions inside
Guide: Removing the IHS on an A64.
CPU performance/price point
CAUTION: Nudity Inside!
Voltage vs Temp
Turion 64 Mobile
Turion 64 Mobile
amd cpus help?
Prices going to be increased on 64's and 64x2's!!!
venice 3200+ oc results
Newby Opty 144 OC results
opteron 170 asus premium (need help fast)
benchmark software ?
An Opteron 144 OC challenge!
Need some help oc my Opty 165 pls
Been away, Upgrade bug has me, Some Q's Re:San diego & Dual cores
questions on dual core stability
Opty 144 or D 805?
where to buy another 165
Stupid memory question OC related
Need some help with purchase
Quick Help Needed Please Sempron64 /mobo advice
How much is too much??
What is up with my Opteron 165?
New Opti 144 with New IHS?
failed prime 95, what can it be?
It's official. Don't wait for AM2 to buy an X2
X2 co-processors?
Not allowed to OC, recs please
Opteron 165 vs Opteron 170
What to Expect from my x2 3800?
How much Volts can Opty 165 take 24/7?
noob ocer
Upgrading to 939, need Recommendations
Athlon XP Mobile 2800+ and A7N8X Deluxe
Opteron 144 unstable?
Amd Optron 144 cab2e with RDX200 a few questions.. Please help!
My CPU Makes Noises????
Question about voltage
Opty 165 CCBWE 0602BPMW any good?
how fast can a 64 28800 go
Please help me
stability testing
Very Possible AM2 Will Support DDR3
2.97 stable!!!!!!
I wonder...255x11 or 280x10 ?
Should prime95 really be used?
Venice 3000 stopped overclocking?
Can't oc any higher than 2.5ghz?
i want duel core
Short string versus long string in Prime..whats is the difference?
I screwed up big time, need help!
Opteron 170
165 vs 3700+ vs 4200+ X2
question about superpi / oc
what heatsink to choose?
3700 or opty 146
Replacing Duron 900 In Laptop
Getting an OEM Opteron 165. Need HS & Fan!!
ASRock K7VM3 2200 sempron @1.62GHz
Having problems oc'ing, need help
will a amd athlon xp-m 3000 fit?
Which CPU? is good for new rig
Buying new mobo, RAM for overclocking
Opti 165 for $265 or 146 for $165?
Newbie(me) tries to overclock Opty 165 ...
NEW RIG -- need your help
4000+ or 4400+
Some Opteron dry ice fun
What do you guys think?
Opty 170 & ASUS A8R32-MVP DELUXE Problem
Prime95 testing for Dual Cores
I need some help
BSOD's and reboots, opty 165
Confused about results after oc
**** Need help overclockin this 3700+ ****
Opty 165 doesn't wanna OC
Getting errors w/oc what should i change.
Is my 146 stable?
Hows my XP-M 2600's Stepping
New Rig, Need Opinons
Looking for some advice....
Unlocking an X2 3800?
Opteron 170 - Memory Transfer Rate
SuperPi 1M takes 36s
Swapped out my CPU
Where Could I Find an Opty 0530 TPMW?
Opteron 144 @ 2.8GHz with 1.325v
Stable, but not?
software overclock
Upgrade Advice
I need some help fast!
Thermal paste?
Dual Core.. drivers?
stupid school computers
Athlon 64 Mobile DTR compatability
Help me with Memtest86 / prime95 / Stability.
Overclocking old 940 opterons
Help my friend out
754 vs. 462
how far will it go?
Some screenies that I have been meaning to post
Thermal compound on 64
A64 3000+ venice voltage
Leave my opteron fanless?
Quick question: 754pin or 939pin?
3800X2 horrible 3dmark results did i buy the wrong processor
Opteron 165 Stepping inside.
A64 3400 DTR only running at 800mhz
Post boot problems
What the heck am I doing wrong?
cool and quite
Critique this system.
Confused, stock voltage of a 3200 venice?
Old CPU Identification.
2600+ Possible to use lower FSB + higher multiplier?
first 3ghz oc.
Best Bang-For-Your-Buck CPU
165 vs 265
AMD x2
Games Stopping w/High Heat
OC Newbie looking to OC to 4800+ Speed
(how) can i get my venice 3500 stable at 2.75 on air?
problem with my opteron 165
AMD 2300+: How hot should it get?
x2 3800+ or opty 165
buying dual core system, please advise :)
Sempron 64,Venice or Clawhammer, 939 or 754?
Question On OCing CPU and Corrupting HDD Data
Anyone seen this? benchmark crapness 3800X2
Opteron VS Athlon
Steppings, what exactly are they and what are the best ones
opteron 165 heat issues
first oc
Ok temps for 24/7 on opty 165?
athlon 64 4000+ or dual core opteron 170 up
fastwrites and sideband addressing?
3500 Venice / A8N SLI oc questions?
upgrading from mobile barton and confused
Whats the difference between FX and X2?
X2 4200+ or the 4400+ , is it worth it?
FX60 or opteron, for a SQL server...
Thinking about an Opty....
Fx-60 Ccb2e 0536rpmw + Dfi Nf4 Ut Sli-dr
Noobish question...(vcore and ihs)
AMD dual core OR intel D??
single core ocs are so much easier....
Unlocked Multipliers?
Opteron 170 0550 UPMW Results
socket AM2 and DDR2-800
Problem with AMD 3700 in New Built Computer
Opteron 165
strange crashes.
quick question
Help with X2 3800 and Asus A8N5X
overclocking a amd 64 3000+
Possible to get NewCastle above 2.5?
Anyone Have A Burnt 939 Laying Around.
What to do.....
AMD 64 3700+ San Deigo OC'd @ 2.86GHz
AMD 64 4200+ OC Results + Need Help : )
AMD Sempron 3000+ Memory Frequency and 200mghz FSB
Overclocking problems
cpu voltage fluctautes fx-60
OCCT stable but not dual spi 32m?
question about stability
My Journey to 2.6+
AMD & Microsoft Dual Core Hotfixes
Need help getting to 2.5ghz
Is this stressing it enough?
OCing 2600+, reached limit?
need help getting bios and cpu to run right
My new 3700+ Which Stepping?
New 2006 Opteron 148 from Newegg
Pushing the Diego
Still uberly confused
3 mobo's.... confused
What's the difference????
Is this thing actually work? changing a locked multiplyer?
L12 mod not working.....
Crappy 4800 x2
3800+ Venice or X2??? --READ ENTIRE POST--
Vcore still not making any sense...
Opteron 144 @ 3.1ghz... Believe it or not
And for those overclockers on a budget
divider/multiplier question
Overclocking results on newer Venice?
How to remove old thermal patch/paste?
Opteron 144 @ max?
A64 2800+ (S754) oc'ing capabilities
What makes it a FX CPU?
Problem with new OCed System
Newbie Overclocker
How cool does your Opteron get at idle on air?
Opteron 165: 0551VPMW - Any experience with this?
Inaccurate Temperatures
Socket 939 CPU Pinmod Guide v1.0
I'm new to AMD, are these listed wrong?
Another"building a system" thread. Processor Decision
Question for those with dual core
New San Diego??
opty 165 just arrived. New stepping too?
OverClocking help wanted!!! Neo2 , 3700+ , OCZ VX PC4000 , 520w psu... help me
Prime95 failures, beginning to get annoying!
Some stuff i need to know about my 165...
will this pre o/c setup work ?
Considering a Processor upgrade?
Quick OC question
Help huge probleme
Which of these CPUs are better, what are the dif? (Opty 165, X2 3800, FX-60)
Is my chip slowly dieing?
Athlon 64 3000+ Venice, Socket 754
Overclocking Opteron 165, Vcore,how much generally?
? about dual core procs
Safe Voltages
OK, I have looked and read and looked, but I'm still lost.
Noob AMD overclocking affirmation
Upgrading to an X2, Quick ?
Extra cache worth it?
Advice on new CPU and Motherboard :)
Slow PC Upgrade -- Help?
Opty 148 vs 3700+
FX-51 and 4x512mb???
I don't understand
Advice on CPU / Build
opteron 880's
Here we go again...ATI RD580 release scheduled for March 1st
939 cpu upgrade for gaming
happy camper :)
how high can i OC my venice stable for everyday use?
need major help
Film Editing Computer, $1500, Tips, Tricks, Info, And Ideas
How accurate is Vcore in CPU-Z?
New Gaming pc
quick question
Survivable? 120C on Winchester.
opti 165 CCBWE 0551 VPMW good stepping?
Bit o' help for my wife's compy?
X2 4800+ Likes Water
New at this game A64 3700 problems
I want Manchester right? Not Venice?
Overclocking A64 3800+ NC
What's the highest "Safe" voltage for Venice?
chipset high?
Sempron Gaming Rig - First Post
cpu limit
AMD Opteron canceled?
Tighter timings or Higher bandwith?
Duron Blues,need advice please.
Do I need faster memory?
Opteron Overclocking Help
Clockgen Help
Before I order opteron 165, I need your expertise pls
OCing my Athlon XP 2000 - Help!
Question for 'Easy as 1,2,3 Overclocking'
Memory Divider / CPU Speed Question
Looking for a 64 bit processor
New CPU, OC question
New 06 Opty 146
Will a Sempron 64 boot on this MB?
Will AM2 be worth the wait?
Results testing Mem Divider
Eh? mislabled toledo dual core??
FX 60: Results and Advice
New 170 0550 VPMW
x2 opte v-core
Which Socket 754?
New system advice please.
Is an Opteron 165 a good answer?
2x Opteron 280 CCBWE 0526, worth it?
HELP! problem with 3800x2 overclock
Some K8L details
X2 3800+ Or A64 3700+? Ordering today Help please.
What core is this?
My first A64 set-up (San Diego at 3.15 ghz)
dual core prime
CCb1E opteron VMPW
Finally - SuperPi 1M hits 29s!
am2 motherboard at newegg
Socket F LGA 1207
heat limit on a 3800x2
Is Winrar slow for you?
CPU limit
AMD 939 platforms do not support DDR???
First A64 system
Advice needed
Mem Div Prob
Why 2 types of x2 4400+?
Comp exiting out of hl2 and cs:s after i overclock
This just doesnt make any sense...
im buying a 3700+ SanDiego which week/stepping do I look for ?
Help w/A7N8XE-D & XP-M 2500+ (wire mod)
100% stable, except for two instances of 32M/SP2004/prime95...hlp plz!
3800+ X2 or Opty 165 for Cool 'n Quiet tech?
yes my first oc :D
need advice for new system
Arg..frustratin OC
New rig
dual prime95
stablity test with dos?
CABCE 0524TPMW Fx-57, heard of it??
BSoD when Priming, now can't boot into Windows
help me overclock i am tech STUPID
Basic oc'ing questions for Athlon 64 3800 X2
CPU-Z not working? 290fsbx10 multi= 2009mhz in CPU-Z?
K8 Sempron 2500+
is this possible ? Overclocking help please!
Opteron 148 CAB2E...
Need PSU advice quite badly..
how can i get a good OC cpu
65nm dual cores for 939?
whats the difrence bewtten the high end procs?
Barton XP-M clocked to 2.8GHZ on air?
noob tryin to oc
Question about memory frequencies in relation to CPU
One heck of an overclock....
DC Opteron Driver
Questions about 4400+ over-clocking
X2 4400 Death be not proud . . .
opteron 144
Got a CAB2E 0546FPMW Optertron 148
Getting straight the AMD k8 oc
Ok, 3800 x2 or opty 165
Asus K8V SE Deluxe
Few questions, cold bug and low idle temps
Maya workstation >2k
Got my new 3800x2
Game Is Locking Up After O/C.....
Starting my new Gaming Rig
Identifying a chip from the box
s754 3000+ Venice OC results
What is AGP Size for O/Cing?
Decision driving me nuts! 3800 vs 165 vs 170
Sleep mOde
New system
Crashing while gaming
Venice 939 3000+ needing 1.5 to get 2.4 stable?
Weird results in overclocking
Will AMD continue to take market share from Intel?
My 3200+ hit 58c, is this bad?
i have joined the 144 club!!
Memory Controller on Opterons, are they really better? (Poll)
Which overclock would you use?
O/Ced Opteron 144 and a Major BF2 issue....Please Help!!!
What HT multiplier? 3x for 801 MHZ HT or 4x for 1068 MHZ HT?
Noob Question: Is OCing worth it?
New opteron rig
Which DFI board
Opteron 165 voltage issues
Question about overclocking *opteron*
AMD 4000+ Sanny OC
new to overclocking..
NEW BULID AROUND X2 3800(need Help)!
opteron 165 cant pass dual prime on all stock?!
memory settings?
Mind shattering speeds on a 3 year old $40 budget chip? Sure thing.
Turion? What if I built a s754 system?
Windows not detecting my Opty OC
Need help pushing my Sempy further
volts???? cpu ht mem???
4,998 a good pcmark05 score for a stock Opteron 165?
Can't quite get 2.8 ghz with 3200+ Venice :(
Opterons are suppose to run hotter than normal A64, right?
Which SanDiego stepping will warrant a higher overclock?
Can't surpass 230x12
Will an Opty OC as high as a FX-06?
ocing my opty 165 few issues
Am I seeing this right? 260x10 = 2600?
Old-school brain here...new to A64 OC'ing
Fordy got an Opteron 146!
Question about Thorton 2400+
What dual core for an Asus A8N-E motherboard?
bad memory controller?
I need help with my X2 3800+ Toledo core..
Heatpipe stock with X2 3800+ and up..WOW
Date keeps resetting what the?
Finally...after 5 days
Athlon XP 2600 Thoroughbred OC'ing?
stresscpu stable but not dual pi on one of the cores??
dual mobile athlon xp overclockign
Opteron 170 CCBWE 0546XPMW
CPU Stepping, why does it matter?
Look what I got!
Sorry Guys.... About - Thermal Paste Thread
Atholon 64 +3000 question
Atholon 64 +3000 question
AMD Warranty Procedure
Opteron 144 Stepping Question
Socket 754 A64 mobile - Best cheap MB?
Amd 64 3800+ Oc
more volts= less stable?!!?
opteron dual core oc'ing 1.8/2
overclock question
my 1st time unlocking 1800 pal
opteron or athlon 64?
3dmark06 scores
AMD Barton help, multiplier
Help for SuperPI times of the AMD64 3700+ San Diego??
Is this pretty good for a Sempron 2800+?
Changing the VID in software
Amd ocing noob needs a few pointers
Odd reboots.
Starting my first 939 build tomorrow.
Dual Single or Single Dual?
Will an Overclock deteriate? HELP!
Dual Core Problem
3200xp+ @ 2.62 :)
3800x2 vs 165
opty 165 CCBWE 0549
Need Opinions
AMD pricecuts
Mother board monitor not seeing my mobo
How are your x2 4200's ocing and performing?
How good is this batch?
HELP plz is it 2 hot ?
Computer build up, need IMO's
Which Durons are locked?
Athlon XP 3200+ Barton
Mobile Athlon MP
Got my 3700 San Diego! :)
Need help with getting a 3200+ Winchester Stable
opteron 175 overclock
Official AM2 Thread!
AMD Athlon XP 2600+ OC
Returning to the fray.
Not OCing well over here....
Do thease benchmarks seam right? *Opteron 165*
Do some processors run hotter then others?
Athlon XP 2200+ OC
Just another guy dreaming about a new system
Help an ex-Intel boy with his new Rig :)
Building a gaming PC
Please help with my overclock
How well do the sempron 64s OC?
< $200 Bang for the Buck
Anyone know how well this will Overclock?
Batch numbers - What are they?
How have the Opty 144s from Monarch been doing?
Check This Out...
Calculate your A64 overclocking potential
opty 165 denmark?
Opty 175 stepping
hows this rig look
Installation Shenanigans
Opteron 144 o/c with retail hsf
Made the jump from Intel to AMD..Now what??
New stepping on Venice
X2 4800+ - Overclocks pretty well
Stabilizing my Opteron 165
CPU-Z is showing diff clock than my BIOS
Need help ASAP *Opteron 165*
oc probs
help! DFI NF4-DAGF, set FSB to 250 in windows comes up at 200
OC'ing the AMD64 3700+ San Diego
Need O/C Suggestions For My AMD......
X2 3800+ CCBWE 0545RPMW + cooled H2O & chilled C2H5OH
worst moment ever, need help !
Really tough decision, Dual to Single, or back to Dual?
X2 3800 Genie Bios Settings
ahhhhh nooooob question
Thermal paste, all hype!
3500+ Venice better than 3700+ Sandy?
AMD processor in price range of Intel 920 and 930?
Best cpu for socket a board
I Am Such A Noob!
Cache 512kbx2 or 1mbx2?