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24 Hour Prime stable (blend) but not WOW stable???
do i suck? or does my power supply? Sempy 3100+
Is there a program you can download....
754 3200 best upgrade for it
Best program to burn in cpu and measure temps?
Sempron 64 2600+ results ^^
Stepping/weekquestion... is it a good one?
? what is HT frequency ?
Guys I am stumped!!!
need stepping results for opty 146
which is better?
lowering vcore on a xp-m?
Opty 170 Questions
Help OCing AMD 4000 SanDiego
NEW pricing on 2xx dual cores!
Overclocking Sempron 64 2800+
Does my new CPU to have a bad memory controller?!
Overclocking an AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton
Yet another Opty 165 OC experience
opteron 165 temps/volts?
New O165 OC (n00b)
Opty 144 ocing results and questions
opty 144 yes no mabye?
Opteron 170 combo - Newegg or Monarch
Multiplier above 9 ?
xpm2500 vs. a64sempron3100
opteron 144 stepping?
recommended overclocker mobo for amd?(and good cheap cpu)
should oc even be this high??
Sandra 2005 issues with o/c'd Opty 165
Moregooder's opty 175s stepping help
FX-57 Should I remove the IHS?
Where To Buy The Best Stepping For Opteron 170
Best bang for buck cheap amd cpu?
Need a $200 proc
2.6 on 4400+ and then nothin'
Will This Boot?
fixina go turion
Help, quick question about SP2 and Dual Core
CPU-Z does not recognize new Processor .....
Opteron 144 not clocking to well :(
Max FSB on a thoroughbred A 2000
3700+ overclocking problems
opteron 165 with CCBWE 0551UPMW
Very VERY strange OCing problem
Sad, Just plain sad...
Opteron 150 or SD 4000?
Convince me to remove my IHS
AMD engineering sample00 ?
To dual core or not to dual core...
is it worth to overclock
Clock for clock what is faster... 3800x2 or opty 165?
Socket A HSF on a Socket7 K6-3 CPU?
Gaming Comp - Opteron 170 Or 64 X2 4400+
how to set up prime for dual core
XP120 and no IHS!!!!!
Just got My new Sempron 2800+
want to get my venice 3500+ to 2.7ghz
sorry for postin this here
MBM 5 will not work with my ultra-d
Opty 148 help
new guy to over clocking
Very Little help Needed - 1 stop CPU help post
Opti 165 VS x2 4200+
What CPU should i get
Low CPU score on 3dmark05 with x2 3800+
my biggest hope for am2 is.......
AMD to lauch socket m2 in 4 months!
HTT Corrupting BIOS?
A64 San Diego 4000+ vs Opt Venus 150
The absurd
My first AMD rig
Upgrade Advice Plz!
Uninstalling amd athlon 64 driver question
athlon 64 3200 or opteron 144
OMFG! check out my New Chip!!
AMD X2 4800+ Stock Heatsink Question
help! question with the CPU temperature
Amd 3700+ Oc
Is it worth it?
AMD x 2 and Prime95
2.2 AMD XP1800 needs Upgrade
CPU Temp Sensor Wrong?
3400 New Castle Socket754 steppings question
First post on new rig
opty 165 rig assembled and starting to OC, looks good so far!
2500+ OC to 3200+ On 550w PSU From 400w
My 146 OPTY result's
Best SOcket A processor?
Latest opteron duallies?
754pin AMD 64 3000 overclocking question
Wanna play with AM2...gonna need new stuff.
Re-visiting the past, 2400+ AXP+M & NF7-S
Video of a Duron Spitifre OCed to 4ghz and exploding
First boot of AMD Rig..
Any mods needed for mobil 64?
Budget system ~$450 help
Opt 144 Overclock with stock HS
i'm new, just an intro
Just bought a new CPU and I have a few questions about my new 754 Venice...
Need best overclocking cpu/board/ram for under $800
can u help this shuttle overclock to 260fsb?
175 or 4400+?
System Replacement or Upgrade?
Good stepping for a 2800?
My attenpt to OC.
Dual Core Processor
Is this possible?
trio core processor?
cpu question
difference between AMD 64 3700+ E4 and E6
quick question about cpu.
My Opty 165
Popped my first IHS
Asus Mobo A64
Just Bought Sempron Upgrade...
Better OC: 3800+ vs 4200+
Boot stable to prime stable on 1xx opty?
Does my X2 suck?
Need some overclocking help plz
Budget computer for <450$
Building first amd comp, need feedback
Sempron vs. Venice
ANY benchmarks on thr opteron 165?
What temps to shoot for on a AMD slot A 700mhz o/ced to 840mhz?
Uninstalling stock AMD heatsink!?
Need help on CPU.MB for very low cost sys
Is Opteron 165 better than Presler 920 for Video Encoding?
Assorted Questions for new Dual-Core System
Opteron 144 Overclock
Dual Superpi Fail
amd file for x2 cores
Quick Question On A64 OCing Setting
PWM safe temp
Will this be "safe"?
Overclocking X2 3800+ and SLI
How well should I expect to overclock my 165 setup with stock hsf?
need help figuring final kinks
Please help me, overclocking.
Budget System Recommendation?
I'm stumped
Opty 165 Temp questions
need some help on motherboard/cpu
Opteron 165 or X2 3800? from 3700+
Need buying advice
New to overclocking - did my reading
Will Dual Cores be overlooked once Quad Hits?
A64 3200 @ 2.55 Winnie... What stock CPU?
Wow! It's been a long time since I've been here!
Amd 3800+
opteron 170 ccbwe 0548
how will the x2 3800 compare to my p4 478?
Upgrade time, yadda yadda. Need input though.
Need advice on getting OPTY 144 CABNE
AMD 64 x2 3800+ ROXXX
Another Opteron Thread Specifically for the 170 owners
operton VS x2 VS san diego
Computer Randomly Hangs but no Errors
3700+ SD at 2.8 temp
sempron 2600+@2.8ghz equals???
New amd user, quick question about HT
AMD to Demo Quad-Core CPUs in Mid-2006
Bare core cpus read this please
Intel user, thinking of going AMD
Tax Refund Purchase
Prime95 Question....
When i'm putting the stock heat sink on my opteron do i clean the chip w/anything?
Opteron 170 DC or Presler 930?
Athlon X2 65nm
whats the difference between these 2 cpus?
Which A64-939 to match 6600 GT?
Differences between X2s and Opteron-great info here
needing some oc help
X2 RULES! I love my new pc
More ram but slower overclock?
Been A while, its time.
3700 vs 4000 vs 3800x2
xp 2400 l2 bridge mod
Need Help Choosing Parts For First System Build!
┐What's Y°ur 3dmark06 CPU sc°re?
Overclock potential of Opteron 165 and 175?
What Should I Pay For A Athlon XP 3200+
Opteron 165 and Tcc5 Mushkin
Warranty and IHS lapping
New Opty System
results of first night with opty 165
Expecting an Opty 165 tommorow...need a couple questions answered.
I need some help, A6tweaker and 1t
Help with prime stability
guys i am not getting this!!!!!
opty 175
prime95 help
AMD 64 bit price drops
AHH opty 165 wont even pass super pi 1m at stock settings!!!
Help an OC'ing Noob ? :)
cpu degrading?. . .
Are Opteron 144-146-148 really the best deal out there now?
Anyone played with a Geode yet?
new to a64 oc'ing
FX 60 here finally
sempron 2500+
Mt first OC
Cool n' Quiet, where to disable?
My San Diego 3700+ OC Results
Upgrading for the first time in a long time
AMD Athlon XP Mobile 1800+ Questions
Buying A AMD Athlon64...
Athlon Xp Mobile 2500+
Sempron 3100+ Paris OC'ed @ 2.21GHz...
Newcastle clocking
Opteron drought :(
What stepping is this??? (quick if possible) CPUID PIC
4400 toledo or 4600 manchester?
Opty 148 next upgrade: mobo or PSU?
im getting no oc help
Necessary to re-install windows for new Dual Core?
Amd Mp 1800
ROFLMAO - check this out!
Windows crash with drivers
Those with DC Opty and EPoX 9NPA+ SLi owners, answer me this...
Replacement nf250gb VS. NF4 4x?
Anyone know anything about the KABYE CPUs?
Cool Black/gold theme for win xp
Recent Opteron 165 Steppings...
Freezing in world of warcraft cpu or memory?
64, Fx, X2??
Sempron overclocking
Opty 150 vs 165 for new rig
x2 driver for dual opteron too?
YAY my venice 3000 is @ 2.9Ghz
Opterons for cheap!
XP mobile unlocks going bad???
Socket 754?
AMX XP 3200+ STEPPINGS HELP!!! SMART PEOPLE NEEDED!!! XP 3200+ steppings choices!!!
AMD x2 3800+ OC 5200+ TESTS & RESULTS
Opteron 165 - how good is this batch?
thought I'd get more out of benchmarking when I overclock
want to overclock. how far you think?
order on step 5 on a sunday??????
A 64 3200 + Clawhammer .. kinda new help
FX57 single or FX60 dual? Need advice.
My New Opteron 148
Are Opterons good for gaming ?
need some old t-bird guru help :D
Thermal stuff on stock Opteron heatsink?
Comparison of XP, 754 and 939 CPU benchmarks
Recommended mobo for Opteron 144
Tales of a sempron, help me.
Memory divider...i still don't get it.
Friend wants to spend his tax return
OC of Venice 3200+ MY FIRST TIME
$50,000 prime95
new platform
Coming over from Intel
New rig.
3700 San Diego at 2.6
Sempron BX 64bit
How stable are the x2 & Opti at OEM spec
Budget CPU for HTPC?
wooohooo i just ordered a opty 165
I wanted to do this without bothering anybody but I'm stuck.
Did you remove your IHS from your DC OPTY?
Opti 165 L1 Cache 128k?
Prime95 giving unreliable results?
Another casualty of going "naked"
Opterons are "binned to better standards"...
Opteron 175
hmm whats a gooder?
Socket M2 Delayed?
voltage showing up right?
X2 (?) + mobo (fried)
Windows has problems with OCing
cpu+mobo dead, need cheap deal and advice in both
Got myself a new X2 3800+
Opty 170 owners, safe voltage suggestions?
Damn u AMD!!!!
Oh Goodie Goodie...My New Opty!!
Out of the Loop.
Can't decide: 64 3700+ or Opty 165
IHS removal video
Please provide your burn-in Technique for Dual Cores
Burn in question
cpu help
did I... wreck it?
Which to choose?
retail or oem
CPU upgrade advice
Upgrading from stock cooling...
Socket M2 (yes, M2, not AM2) Pictured!
I'm kicking my own ass right now
Ccbwe 0551 Vpmw
OK, I'm getting frustrated - my overclock is dying.
My New Venice
Anyone else have a CCB1E Opty 165
Is overclocking a dual core the same as a single?
AMD 64 3500 wont hit 2.4ghz
Turion MS-1020 Notebook overclock?
How well do you think this CAB2E will overclock?
need some advice on what to order tonight
How do I know if I have a bad memory controller?
Failed x2 4800 OC
Professional Pin Repair?
AMD vs Intel
Just curious
please help me choose
AMD64 upgrade. This is the big one.
New A64 Build, need advice.
BIOS sets my FSB lower
My first Opty :)
exploding duron
Quad Core not just for the new platforms!
My Xp isnt locked...is it?
Hungreh got an Opteron165 now? That guy must be rich.
Can't Prime?
OPteron 146 CABQE?
Need help ocing
Whot are Semprons used for & r they good for gaming?
Why Take the chance
Opty 148 Oem or Retail?
want to overclock my rig
OC Results
3700+ San Diego @ 3GHz PI (suicide 3078 MHz)..
Removing AMD CPU hood
Turion choice MT34 or MT37?
Low Vcore = Dead memory controller?
Decent AGP mobo thats San Diego compatible?
Having trouble with OC utility
New amd user, is this opty good?
Raising Multiplier...
AMD Athlon64 3200+ DTR Cpu Voltage? Above 220 FSB?
Do I need AMD Dual core driver for Opty 170?
what is ADA4200DAA5BV
Strange Venice 3500
What dont I need running in the Back ground?
Opteron 170, Epox 9NDA3+ burn-in and OC help please
quick advice on Turion the egg screwed me
help with an overclocked 3700+ san diego
OC AMD x2 3800+_5200+ tests & tweaks
dual core CPU & ultra-d
Need help, misprint or is it really socket a?
What CPU and MB would be the best gaming system?
FX CPUs and multipliers
Is this a sign of CPU damage or other?
Amd Athlon64 3200+DTR & Gigabyte GA-K8NS Motherboard Bios Settings??
Big Problem
Dual core cpu's and gaming?
OCing a 3200 Venice
PWMIC Worries?
Multi less than 10x=Clear Cmos!!!
Question about Opteron 148.
64-bit Cpu without 64-bit OS?
xp3000 o/c
overclocking a 3800+ x2
Opteron 148: 2.8 @ Stock or bust!
Chance of decrease in prices of X2 CPUs?
Opterons price increase?
Fixing to pull my hair out - LOST- Please help
A64 x2 3800+ @ 2.42ghz problems...
cant get FSB past 230!
3D Mark 06--CPU test---World Record
Strange SuperPi results
3700+ Sab Diego @ 2.86GHz at 1.55volts; is this healthy?
OK firts run
Permanent Heat Increase?
Opteron 170 with Foxxconn 6150 board
cant get over 280FSB
Best app for burn in a 64bit proc?
where to find 165 opty 0550 upmw
What causes an overclock to fade lower?
Which Opty?
Opty 148 stuck at 267x11
Stability programs
Best/Worst Opteron 146 steppings?
Athlon 64 compatibility?
New Opty 144 CAB2E 0546 results
UK oppy qu's
System utility thingy
Thermal Compound?
Having a slight dilemma, would like input
Well is this overclock stable?
opty or A64 x2 or A64 4000
So....I have been testing my Opty 165 and.....
Best mobo w/an agp slot for my 146 opty?
futuremark problems.
Few Questions about K8 overclocking
Same CPU new MB bad results
Limitations of m/board?
Opteron 144, 146 and 148
Just Curious: How far should I OverClock my 1700+?
Why 3ghz Now?
939 with AGP :(
AMD to Raise Opteron Prices and Drop X2 Prices
w00t! Got my Opteron 148!
Bottleneck help
INstalling the Stock AMD Heatsink...?
Well new toy coming tomorrow need help on MB
AMD to increace cache size
Is X2 an overkill ?
take the L2(opt) or MHZ(X2) for gaming?
I finally got my Opteron 165!
Need advice on an alternative to an Opty
Question OC'ing FX-57 , A8N32-SLI , Corsair 3500LLPRO
I think my OC'ed AMD 64 may be dead - help?
Leaving Intel For AMD? No OC'ing, just regular applications
Any Ideas?
HTT Question
CPU chart site
Can you have 2 single core chips work together?
AMD X2 3800+ 2Ghz @ 2.6Ghz or Opteron 165 Dual core 1.8Ghz @ ?.?Ghz?
Swapped 3000+ for opto 165...do I need to reinstall windows?
Really quick question!- About using Rear Window Defogger Paint for L12 mod...
AMD taking marketshare from Intel = $$$
Bios freezes
mbm5 doesn't work on asrock... any suggestions?
Are these temps normal?
Are opterons getting a price raise?!!?!
Worth it to watercool Socket A 3000+ ?
cause for a poor overclock?
My new Opty rig. Check it out!
XP2600 suddenly demanding more volts!
1800 Mhz =3000+
Help me ID my CPU
Anyone else have a OC'd CPU that never moves up or down temp wise?
Which opty?
Does the FSB speed even matter?
Problems With Overclocking
These readings cant be right!?
Opteron 146 Overclocking Questions?
cpu stability questions.
Budget AMD
Seen this Venice stepping? 0522 Fcpw
4400+ x2 or 4200+ x2?
my sempron 64
165 or 2x 3800
2500M Barton
Socket A Palomino Vcore
A high but still safe voltage for X2?
Upgrade Question
dead xp2400?
My dive into the Opteron Frenzy, 3ghz!?
Going to a amd setup lookin at opty or x2
Undervolt or reading wrong?
some sempron 2500+ help
Overclocked Opty vs. stock FX..
Newbie OC question...
overclocking 3700+
X2 3800+ Problems
warranty issue
Best Opty for Gaming?
Basic overclocking
as5 on sempron64 stock hs?
Hit 2.9 on Diego easily
new to a64 overclocking
1st overclocking attempt
New NF4/X2 3800+ sys very very sluggish
My First Mobile Processor
best cpu for notebook
Need a good heatsink.
Is this the top of my Opteron 148?
reformatting C drive mess up ocing?
questions about my sempron 3400+ processor
Venice Core voltage?
Best Future Proof CPU
Opteron 146 - stepping important ?
Need help: 3400+ Newcastle running at 50C
Help needed ARGH!!
Trying to overclock my Opteron 148, please help
Please Help Me To O/C 2500+ Barton Core..
What truly is the difference between
Only 2.4GHz out of a Venice 3000+?
About a8n-sli's max vcore~~
sempron 2500+ @ 2017Mhz Push it farther?
How do you increase vCore?
A64 3500+ running @ 1.55 vcore is it safe?
3700 vs 3800
A7N8X-E Deluxe and Athlon XP 2500+
X2 Voltage: How much is too much?
Help ocing 3800+ X2
165 and DFI .. Cant bust 285
300 HTT Barrier
CPU Temp Is Wrong?
Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well after acouple weeks this is the OC I have
61 Degrees too Hot?
Cold and Bare [Sadness]
[NEWS]AMD to do 90nm for socket AM2, 12 new CPUS coming out!11one~!!!
Help ocing my rig