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What can I get off a 3200 + ???
What are YOUR opty 148 0543 FPMW results?
Gaming comp for x-mess
Just ordered my Opty 170..*Crosses fingers*
Will L12 mod help me with a KT880 board?
Another lame CPU upgrade question
Venice E3 or E6
Super Pi 1.04 3800 X2 50% load???
Best Overclocking CPU on a budget??? (200-300$ Canadian a.k.a 172-260$ American)
X2 3800 Manchester/Toledo
Dual-Core System Help
Question (super pi)
Which one should i keep OPTY 146?????
Worthy upgrade from s754 300064?
Which S939 cpu for gaming. $350 spending limit.
Opteron 170 vs 175
What would the best upgrade be?
cpu fan- what to get? check these...
s754 venice. yes. venice.
Worth buying an Opteron 170
Do processors die?
Need new CPU..
CABYE 0543fpmw 148 Opteron Results
help; CPU won't come out of socket
Chip layout
Christmas CPU upgrade
AMD 3000+ or 3200+ or X2, cant decide.
So why is AMD going to DDR-2 with the new M2 socket?
Opteron 170 system...
Sempy on Mobile ?
Should I have bought an Optie instead of 3800 X2?
Listen to this! 20C drop without IHS!!!
n00b question regarding Semprons
3700 sandy 0r 3200 vience
148 Opteron/ New Results
65nm dual-core
Anyone have a opty 170 0534spmw
AMD stops production of Socket 939 Opterons
Question about 3200 venice
Opteron 148 939 code CAAXC ???
Help OC w/ an old Skt A
3800+ overclock (new to this)
Amd Athlon 64bit 4000+/Athlon 64 X2 4400+
Performance difference with a ram divider?
Noob Ocer needs help.
'64' OC stickies..
AMD Cpu Core chipping off
Opteron OC question --> CAB2E 0545CPAW
Considering Opteron but...
Ocing a A64 3200+ Venice core, what do you think?
So assuming I don't get an 0530 if I order now, which Opteron would be the best buy?
X2 Cores and OC'ing
2.9ghz good for FX-55 on stock air?
Is my processor safe to run......
Christmas Update to Rig - Opteron? Suggestions?
Opteron 165 Testbench & Analysis
question about Opteron for 939 boards
Which Windows Version For Opteron?
Socket M2 Lifespan?
My Amd Overclock....
Opty 165 Back In Stock, Wonder Which Weeks?
need some serious help please
AMD 3200 OCing questions
Opteron 165 VS High Clocking X2 3800+
Dualcores in laptops?
any monarch 144s within the past week or 2 in the house?
Opty 175
X2 vs. FX vs. M2
A little help before I order my cpu?
Opteron Vs FX-55 What would you buy and why?
AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 400mhz FSB?
Any auto OC programs?
Prime95 good for about 5 secs
CABNE 0540 & CAB2E 0540 - How do they compare?
need some advice, been awhile
First build w/ opt 165 ...need feedback
Where is the best place to buy a Opteron cpu
DC chips with one core disabled is on sale
Opteron 170/175 Stepping 0530...
When are the X2 price cuts due? Will there be 65nm for S939?
AMD continues to make improvements in processor technology!
Help PLEASE with opteron!
Hector predicts 2006 to be a "good year" for AMD
bang for buck decision
Athlon XP 2600+ Mobile
How did AMD do dualcore?
amd64 reading wrong speed
Question on my 4400X2 OC (ie. Temps)
Hi! And a question...
Strange Opteron 170 OC Results
Sempron 2600+ or 2800+ better for OC? (=influence of cachesize?)
Dual core OCing question?
Run 1:1 or on a divider?
3700+ Sandy Sweet spot
barton mobile 2500+ and gigabyte vt600 mobo clocked at 1.1g, what settings are right?
WOW, dual core has everyday purpose!!!
How Awesome is AMD Getting to Be? Check This
Opteron 146 temperature spikes
Opteron 148 Memory Overclocking with DFI SLI-D
overclock degrading?
Dual Core OC'ing
Got my X2 3800+
overclocking 64 3500 amd althon
x2 at 5ghz? yeah, likely
Which Opteron is the best deal/performance
Sempron Thoroughbred - my grandma's comp
Opterons NOT In Stock?...what?
Fear of Stability
is this 146 opt too hot?
That so called "Opteron Wall"
is it really necessary?
A few questions
little help
X2 instead of Opteron?!
opteron and epox 9npa+ultra
Where can I get a A8N32-SLI and a Opteron 165
Upgrading my PC
Opteron Stability to Instability?
3800+ Venice OC acting strangely.
anyone still selling opty week 0530's?
X2 3800+ .... Who paid the most?
Newegg Opteron 148 tampered with?!
Playing around o/cing with an old althlon
Need help
Is this overclocking???
my Athlon 64 3200 performs worse?
My 165 is Here!~
First try at OCing
Opty 165 on a Abit AN8-SLI
Venice going bye bye
Opteron or X2...
A64 3200 temps
Which opteron?
AMD 3000+ or AMD 2500-M ????
opterons still for sale
4000+ over 3700+
3700+ San Diego An8 Sli
Opteron fan size
Well i am not getting my opty :(
Duron at 3.8 GHZ....What happens when you take off the Heatsink while it's running?
My X2 4400 OC results
Can anyone tell me why dual core is so much better
AHHH Opteron 148!
athlon XP burned? plz help
How are the Op 165's doing?
Looking to build a new rig.
In your opinion, are dual cores worth it
Opty 144 or 148?
/*need info overclocking 2800+ amd barton*/
Noob question... how to multitask?
Blue screen and reboots...Bios hang.. HELP
I cant find an Opty 165
CPU speed
overclocking for dummies?
Athlon xp 1600+ multiplier (i've tried search but didn't find)
Which CPU
3000+ Venice increasing in price?
A64 3000+ acting up
what is PWM IC and how do i fix it?
HELP is my processor dying?
lbble or ybble or whatever - can I determine without scraping thermal paste off
How well does your Opteron overclock?
Return X2 For Opteron????
Opteron 148/AsRock, 3gig on air
u guys have to watch this
PLEASE help me guys, BEFORE I screw up!!!
Opteron 148 Stepping
Urgent: Athlon 64 3000 + Venice. What motherboard? Have to order soon.
3500+ Venice vs 3500+ Clawhammer
Overclocking a 3500+ venice
3200 venice vs 148 opteron?
Problem with AMD Driver
Fx 57 for 390 !! here goes
Need overclocking Opteron 170 tips
1.65v too much with Opteron?
4800 X2 Patches/Fixes...
AMD throws down the gauntlet - again!
How do you tell what version of Athlon XP you have?
Are the Dual Opterons gone from NewEgg?
Socket 939 Opteron "safe" Vcore
64 3200+ @ 2600mhz
tips and tricks for new 939 3700+ San Diego ?
athlon xp not so dead?
OCed Opteron wattage
Attention Computer Geeks. looking for a new system
compaq presario 1260
600mhz oc too much?
Can't find a CPU (athlon 3200 barton)
I'm stumped! Help! OCing my 148, motherboard not cooperating!
Building a Chick Rig
Need Upgrading Suggestion...A-xp 1.8 to ?????
Thunderbird 1.3Ghz Overclocking
Has some one figured out how to unlock the A64 upper multi?
i have some choices
3200+ venice stepping
3800 X2 vs Opteron 170 Graphic Benchmark Results
Venice VS San Diego
Dual Core or Dual Processor???
Help! Computer not posting!
No longer prime stable?
Getting the best bang for your buck!
budget upgrade, what to pick?
Is there a final word yet if AMD is pulling the opterons?
Please give ur overclocking data! (Opterons)
Newegg Retail Opteron 148
What to buy!?!?
Upgrade or Not
Help overclock my Winchester please.
Dumb X2 question...
Opterons and Athlon 64 939--differences??
FSB:RAM Ratio and overclock with 3200 Venice and poor ram
prime 95 fails with CPU at default settings
Opteron 170 vs. 4400+
3500 venice or?
939 semprons out yet?
Athlon XP-M 2800+ or 3000+ OC'ing Results Anyone
overclocking 170 opteron-help
Ratios and memory clocks
Why AMD is Different than Intel
AS5 Vs Thermal Pad
Serious Issue, help me please?
XP vs. 64..
Very small OC. Win doesn't boot.
what to get
Super computer motherboard
What do u think about that?
Upgrade Barton 2500+
Why choose when you can get both?
My new setup tell me what you think
Venice mem controller.. is mine screwed?
Can't decide on which CPU...
X2 3800+ = What I'm looking for?
AMD skt 939 3400+ OC results!
ok help me please
s939 Opterons - What are you running 24/7?
AMD Set to Adopt New Interconnect Architecture, DDR3
Which OPTERON do you have? POLL
High Vdimm and default or low Vcore = possible troubles on newer A64s
Overclocking - Why am I so confused?
OCing... temps vs clockspeed
AMD Cores
Venice 3000 question?
o/cing my 2500 cpu
memory bandwidth
cpu dilema
NCIX.com enquiry.. also Opty info.
Whats the difference here
Best Black Friday Overclock Fry's 3800 X2
opt 165 work with unregistered 3200?
Overclocking my 3700+ Sandy
opty 148 0536 burn in Q's
New Opteron 165
General voltage OC'ing question
good site for a socket 462??
help! my xp-m cant go above 200fsb!
computer turned on while jumper reset... and more
Getting pins unbent
cpuburn outdated?
why is the amd better than intel
amd 1.8 ghz compared to intel cpu
Just want to clear up things on Opteron
Why the heck has AMD still not said ANYTHING about a 4000 X2???
Question on a heatsink
Stuck OC'ing 4400X2. Any advice?
Opteron 165/170/175/180 Stock cooler!!!
New Opteron 146 CAB2E 0540FPWM
4400 x2 4800x2 which overclock better
help with overclocking amd barton 3200+
What now?
Temps from BIOS and windows sensors really are the same.
If you have gotten a CABGE opteron, you MUST read
Pick a processor
overclocking amd 64 3200+
What differance is there between a Opty and a...
Lanpart DFI Ultra-D safe ldt voltage?
Woot teh 148 is here!
Help understanding AMD archecture
help me please
Do I need registered memory for Opteron 175 939 Socket?
How far on average do X2 3800+ overclock to?
memory brandwidh issue
Help me overclock: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+, 1.81 GHz
Help me build my AMD Syetem, Opteron 165
just got my 4400+ x2 .
dual-core gaming
AMD Opteron 148 Venus vs AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego
Opteron 170's PRICE INCREASE !!
THe X2
Signs of instability?
Opteron 170 CCBWE 0544XPMW results + Hydrocool 200EX
what do you guy's thing of this 2500+M
checking stepping with an installed cpu
is this stepping good for a 148 opty
Help me with my upgrade.. 144 vs..
Howto: Blowing up a chip while in socket
Oc A Dinosaur
3200 Venice
Just got my opti 165
Got my new 165 Opty! What to expect?
I love My 146 (FX-59)
4800 X2 vs FX-57 - Which is Overall Better?
Just ordered a 146 and i got a urgent question!
My little project: a choice!
Building My First Athlon 64 Parts List: Any Issues?
good high vdimm mobo for opteron?
3500+ Giving me problems- Suggestions Please
is this good for a 148 opteron
Venice Athlon 64 3200+ OC *UPDATE*
OCing - Sempron64 2500+ vs Sempron64 2600+
Venice + San Diego Cores: Later Steppings
3000+ AMD Athlon XP
Question on an FX55
How to disable 2nd core on X2 CPU?
Building new PC.. which cpu.. X2? Opteron? XP?
Need AMD tools and some hardware advice
A64 or Opteron? =)
Top 10 reasons intel wont compete in the dualCore due
3500 E6 Venice oc...
Comparing the Opteron 146 to 148
Venice + 2GB kit, mem controller/divider problem?
Opteron compatability
opteron clockers
few ?s bought s939
i want to overclock my xp2200+
3500+ too hot ???
Well looks like I am officially a convert now...
Is my divider hurting my performace?
M2 Socket
overclocking a amd 2800+
Opteron Questions
SAN DIEGO vs Venice Vs opteron
Advice Needed
Overclock Better
Got Opteron results anyone?
Opteron 170...check... now what motherboard should I get?
Upgrading to amd64 in 20 days
Steppings from komplett.se ?!
almost at 3GHz with my 3200+ rev E, could use some advice
Would You Bother Running Mem / CPU Asynchronously for A64 x2 3800+
opteron 170+DFI eXpert oc result
opty 148
should i buy an fx57 ?
UNLOCKED Opteron 146
What am I doing wrong?
3.0 gHz itch
how to determine stepping for Opteron 165 from retailer?
Gaming Rig
Opteron for gaming??
AMDs crazy RMA department
a64 mobile
Looking for New CPU; Looking at the....
Best one for gaming rig..
Getting the Max OC out of an Opty 165
Unlocking the multiplier on a64 or opteron????
Need AMD advice
Which Opty?
OC'ed = Fry easier?
can I o/c my CPU???
Overclocking my Opty
BIG warning about 144/146/148 Opterons
BIG Trouble with my Opteron 170+DFI eXpert system!!!!!
my Athlon 64 3200+
A64 3700+
Re-overclocking and burn in?????
'Best Value' Opteron 250, 248 or 246
Opty 165 vs. Opty 170
best dfi bios suggestions for OPTERON 148?
Safe voltage for Athlon64 3200+
having trouble with my opteron 144
Bad motherboard
AMD M2 socket pictures
thinking of selling my opty for a 4400 x2
Athlon64 X2 4400 & Asus A8N32-SLI Results
Eery 3700+ SD!
Htt? Ht? Hstbwtfbbq?
Why use opteron over x2
venice a64 3000+ @ 2750 on stock air cooling
Fried Another One
Do i have a good OPTY?
Ram for opty 165?
Sempron3000 or AthlonXP2800?
AMD 4k San Diego
Amd Proccesor for 250-350
FX55 - Not going past 2860mhz
It's like an uncurable disease...
The Newer Rig.. Opty 170 :)
Is single core dead?
Socket M2 to suport quad-core cpu ?
Building new rig. Few CPU questions 165 vs 3800+
deat of te cpus
Tom's Hardware Guide CPU Charts
X2 3800+ running super-cool
3200+ Venice 0536
Test results for my 6 Opterons
AMD 64 3000+ 939, information.
Opteron 146 - Temps | Overclocking
939 Opteron & RAM
why does my computer crash or restart
Confused by FSB/HTT
Opteron 250 800FSB/1000FSB???
Help with the shopping list
Screen black/doesnt start up
Opteron 170 results
Opteron Availability in Canada?
Multiplier Question
I've decided to get a Dual Core Opty...I got a few questions =)
quick voltage question
Problem with mouse/keyboard hanging
Got Sempron 2800+ Today
Athlon 64 3200+ vs. Opteron 146
is what im doing right or wrong???
Opteron 154
Oh Thank You, Mother Nature (opty @ 3.2ghz AIR!)
Opteron 146's And The Multiple Steppings? Why?
144 CAB2E initial results
AMD FX-60s found In the wild
Difference between 939 Opterons and San Diego A64's?
Athlon 3000+ only up to 2160MHz..?
counterfit XP3200
Cause of Variable CPU Speed
Newark overclocking problems??
Max Opteon Voltage is 1.55v!???
Great amd athlon chip AXDA2100DUT3C -1.73Ghz -13x Stepping AIUHB - Week 0304
Hmmm...1.58V on Toledo?
San Diego 4000 high temps?
Opteron 175 coming soon...
Need help, what processor/Mobo????
Get out and buy the opteron 146s!
Hmm, Opteron 165 or X2 3800+ (or maybe 170)
Overclocking Clawhammer 2800+ 754
Couple Of Overclocking Questions
overclocking and windows
Stability problems, what to do?
going w/ s939 need some help
is tradfing a 4400 x2 for opty 175 really worth it?
Need Help With AMD Lingo
Opteron 144/146/148 Temps? Please Show Yours
Hit a bad wall x2 +geil ram +dfi sli
Opteron 200 and 800
CHEAPEST Opteron 146 in CANADA
Why do opterons and semprons overclock so well
Opteron vs. Athlon gaming/OC/general...
getting rid of x2 4400+ for opteron dual core!
X2 Toldeo, whats done best for you?
Help me OC my opty!
How do I O/C my sempron????
Opteron 146 - CABYE O540 FPAW
Narrowed it down to AMD
Opteron vs X2 s939 comparison
ZipZoomfly who bought a Opteron 146 this week?
is a mobile processor ok for desktop use?
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ and Fatal1ty Motherboard Overclocking advice.
AMD 64 socket 939
Thanks OCForums
Windows 3GHZ Oc Bug?
Life Expectancy Just As Good On A Small OC?
how would know if my proc is overclockable?
Got my new Opty 170!!...what now?
3000+ or 3200+...big problem...
Max Voltages (OpTyS)
BEST Thermaltake Heatsink <$40
Another New rig thread
The Truth:Are AMD's as responsive as Intels
opteron in the uk?
Opteron good for gaming?
Prime95 isn't stable at stock speeds?
Overclocked Opty Just As Good As A FX-57??
quick question about x2's and prime95
Opteron 144 CABNE or 146 unspecified?
Is it worth selling a 3 gig p4 to buy a opty 146 ?
Overclocking 3800 X2 and burning in at high voltage
Anyone have that leaked 1/06 price table?
My Opteron146 Woes! WTF!!!
Should I..?..or not
Opteron 146 OEM vs Retail
my official o/cing question, forget the other thread
Best Opteron Stepping
tweaking the overclock i have on my AMD 3700+ San Diego
AMD speed-binning/testing?
x2 3800 and NOW a dfi sli-d board
ID this CPU please ?
Are these processors the same or just advertised differently?
x2 3800 or x2 4200?
Time to ditch my socket 754?
AMD Athlon 64 3500+, 800FSB, Socket 939, VENICE
Opteron Socket 939 Model List
do the Dual core opertons work in any 939 mobo
Overclocking and core voltage variation...
3200 venice vs 2500 mobile @ 2450
Opteron 146 - CAB2E 0540 FPMW results
can't seem to get OC stable after bios update