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Help w/ a new system build.
Opteron 144 CAB2E Testing
L2 cache is important for gaming
Sempron 3100+ OC
x2 3800 and new geil ram
146 0540 or 148 0536
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ o/c to...?
Official Opteron 144/146/148/??? Skt 939 Steppings List!
Superpi or Prime95??
Newegg has the 165 for 289$ OEM
Does CPU burn in really work?
Opteron 144 + ABIT AV8 O'C problem
OEM vs Retail
Are all Venice core A64's multi unlocked?
Opetron 170 is here
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Canadian's Looking for Opty's
opteron 165 results
3700+ OC Reality check
1.66V too high or no?
CAS latency vs. FSB/HTT
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Woot! Opteron 146 Retail OC Thread! [56k Warning]
x2 oc help
Need some help, 3ghz project!
Opteron 939 Single Core Results [56K Warning]
Which is better?
Prome's X2 3800//7800GTX Results
OpteronX2 vs Athlon64x2
fx-57 question ??
Sempron 2600+ @ 2.4ghz
Which is more future proof?
939's time is up?
A64: Latancy or Bandwidth
Opteron Temps?
Pictures and specs of AMD socket F
UnOfficial Opteron Dual Core Results
Whats up with this Opteron?
Opteron 148
400 mhz cpu bus
I need some more help with my OC
what i hope to see
Which to buy????
Triblade..... I love you (2.77ghz on X2)
g0dM@n's Opteron 144 CAB2E 0540FPMW
Venice 3200 Tempratures!
Whats holding x2 / a8n-e up?
What is different about these opterons?
The more I think about it.......
Help OC new Venice 3200+
175 up to 2.97GHz
Another Build...
3000+ winny ( sighs i am stuck)
Safe Voltage for Athlon 64 Venice?
AMD 2500+ OCed to 3200+ = 2.21ghz (Sometimes)
Dual Core Opteron 165.
AMD 64 3000+ to 2.7ghz problem
How do you OC this damn Opteron?
Multi-threaded games using X2 vs single core
BIOS and CPUZ voltage
Which dual core to buy?
My X2 3800+ sucks...
x2 4400+ ihs remove w/ xp90 clip on HS!
Planning an AMD build, San Diego or Opteron for 3Ghz and higher?
A bit of help with My PC
My new proposition
High CPU temp?
Xp-m 2400 and msi k7 delta
CPU lapping
Fried X2?
Confused....what am I missing here :p
CPU or Memory stopping Oc'ing
OCing my Clawhammer: have I hit the limit?
AMD 2800+ 64 Newcastle
AMD Duron 850 On Socket A Board
I need some OC advice on a 4000+ (mobo = GA-K8N Ultra Sli)
I am Building Dualcore System Hope You Enjoy
having problems OCing a old 2500 barton
Its Winter Again
Opteron 148 CABNE computer parts Help
AMD 3500+ OC volt question
Any mobile experts around?
64 bit build.. going cheap, but future upgradeable. Input plz..
Is there any problem with x2 and raid setup when overclocked.
Troubleshooting Socket A System
where to get IHS?
FX-62 And Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Launch Date Dates!!!
0.05V under spec?
Help with A64 3700
So, I am building my first 64-bit system...any suggestions?
Opteron 170 dual core has better overclocking ability than X2 4800+/4400+???
Is my RAM running in 1:1 ratio?
Which voltage is correct?
Opty 939 on-chip memory controller
3800+ Invisible wall?
buying amd cpu tomorrow quck hlp
Possible cpu?
3200+ Venice or 3700+ San Diego?
Opteron 150 939 pin
help with semperon barton
Received my Newark 3700+
Sempron 754's
Any Socket A gaming upgrades?
Getting over 12.5x on mobile athlon 1200 palomino?
Gained 19 Degress through IHS removal
3200+ not working properly
Opteron 144 or 146
My First Overclock
So, whats holding me back?
Survey for X2 users...
Mobile 2400+ and Foxconn Mobo
Best MB fit for a Barton 2800
Upgrade Time
AMD XP 2800+ barton 3200+ Which is better ??
Opteron 144 in stock at ZZF
A64 slower than AXP?
Best AMD Overclockers?
Weird issue, wondering if anyone has any suggestions
need some advice on my overclocking
Got my opty! Results...
My 3400+
I must've missed something... AMD + Hyper threading?
OCing my Opty
Dualcore Opteron user found!
Venice 3000 or Operon 146
This guy is nuts!
sandra results... ?
Lets Find My Max before i take it out :P
939 Opterons just drop into A64 939 mobos?
Steve's X2 4400 Results
Which 939 CPU? Looking for Potential
Help with my First Build (Based around AMD S939)
Venice 3200 vs. 3500, Is it worth the $
BIG problem with ASUS mobo
help building a 1000$ sistem
Dual Core Opteron 175 Results
Can unlock anything is BIOS..WTF?
bent pins= overheating?
Overclocking 6800GT, AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.GB of Ram, How too?
The Official "I'm glad 144/146 Opty's are nowhere to be found" thread
Is this CPU a fraud?
Botched overclocking :'(
Help! I think I've hit a wall
Brother game me his old AMD XP 2100 system, what to do?
xp 3200+ 59C idle!!
Sell the SD 4000 and get a 146..?
Still awaiting my 4400 =(
New here and new at this, did i do this right?
San Diego 3700+ Confused!!!
what's up with the stepping on the s939 opterons
Any reason to buy an X2 4400 over a X2 3800 ?
Sd 4000 Htt
Wow, things have sure changed...
How good is Socket M2 going to be?
AMD Athlon 64 3700+ vs. AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 using one chip
Need some help with a new system build please
Wow, this sempron s754 stock heatsink is really crap, Did they change these recently?
have i done this right?
4000 san diego: 53C load too hot?
help with an overclock
Ram timings for my Athlon 64 3200+ Winchester..?
dual core and HIGH chipset temps!!
Question on Dual core processing
New rig coming soon
Is there a tool to change CPU voltage in Windows?
2*512 or 2*1gb 64x2?
I'm rather suprised
Freezing during CPU tests / 3dmark05!
A64 overclocking question
A64: How tall?
Which OC setting is betta!? plz help
OC question & memory performance
Error When Installing AMD X2 DRIVER
need help choosing a cpu
The skinny on Opteron 939 ETA ship dates
Voltage: what to believe?
ES Amd 64 chips
What is the difference between AMD cpu's?
Are my temperatures about right?
2600+ Sempron, 20hrs at 2400
Athlon X2 3800+ idles at 54c. Help!
Dual Core Operton 939 has very good overclock ability??
i know this has been discussed... dual core and prime..
What should I expect? More? Overclocking!
My 1st OC experience
Blast From The Past: TB 1.4 + KG7
146 CABGEs bad?
New asrock dual sata2 x2 3800+ system not working well.
Unusually low vcore 1.35 bios=1.28
x2 3800 + asrock dual sata + swiftech APEX watercoolin = ??
AMD 3700 San Diego Vs. AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200
The New Rig... X2 3800+
Opteron 146 - CABYE 0540 FPBW results
Problem - Athlon XP 2600 @ 200 FSB?
Help Me Decide On CPU / RAM
Over Clocking Problems
Sempron 64 3400+ vs. A64 Venice 3000+
X2 4400+ vs 4800+
Athlon 64 3500+ Venice OC Problem
Problem with DFI/3000+ - Memory? Help?!
No OC For 3500+ Winchester
New PC
cpu life
Please Help 4000+ to buy!!
Which Upgrade for my socket A
Athlon 64 3000+ availibility
What maximal productivity under Matlab 7 can be received. Parameter LU in the bench
Finally !! Way To Go AMD !!
Monarch Jacking Up The $$$ For Opteron 939
3200+ vs x2 3800+
AMD X2 4400+ Running Slow?? Need help please!!
Please help me with my X2 3800+
Opteron 144, anyone have these in stock?
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe + AMD X2 3800+ Plz help
Amd 4200+ Oem ADBHE?
FX55 @ 2.8 On Air Wanna go to 3 - Need help
Got 3800 X2 want to burn in properly
Dual core Athlon 64 FX-60 and X2 5000+ for Socket 939 in Q1 2006
Placing a temp probe on your A64?!
x2 4600
My 2ND RIG! Tell me whatcha think!? *PICS INSIDE*
CDBHE 0351 TPMW X2 3800+ - Any experiences?
3200 Good Enough?
Quick CPU decision
ABBWE 3000+ Venice
Help w/my 3800+ X2
Another CPU Burn in question
My first Custom computer
Socket 754 FSB async with memory?
Noob Opteron Question
ML-37 on the way
Opteron + 939Dual-SATA2
Dual Core opterons, should i dump my 4400+
Burn in
check it out/fx-60 and 5000+
3:2 divider problem?
Which would you choose..
AthlonXP 2400 & PC133?
What are the recommended settings for the A8N-SLi DeLuxe?
Prime95 on dual cores
Beat the odds?
telling the difference
what does the multiplier do?
What's up with my temps (Opteron 146)
XP-90 or XP-120
New PC th CPU Usuage Issue
AMD XP 2200+ Overclock
Hrm...decisions...(144 or BH-5?)
My First OC Experience
kab2e stepping
weak benchmark with 148 opteron??
Please help me decide which AMD I will buy! I an in a hurry!
In the middle of CPU Burn-in... a few questions
Newark 3700 trying to hit 3GHz
AMD reduce prices of its desktop and mobile cpus ??
Retail Opterons
Game question
My Opteron 146 { Thanks to VandiAMD }
939 Opteron Source
L5 modded XP, now what
IHS removed torque spec???????
x2 4400 overclock
Strange temp reading...can you help?
keep my amd or try a xeon
Need help!
Voltage question.
this cpu any good
37000+ Overclock, need advice
opteron upgrade or not
The Choice. Advice needed
Why are the new opterons so good?
X2 4400 OC Final Results
Need specifics on OC'ing to 2.6 on my 3500
need help getting stable
Temp. Problem?
Overclocking AMD Athlon XP? Help it's messed up!
Which CPU To Get For Xmas
AMD setup
AMD Turion 64 Mobile
Benchmarking Program
My 4200 OC.. good/bad?
FSB and heating issues?
X2 3800+ overclocking questions
New venice 3000+ is here!
System Advice....n00b
Choice to make: Socket A, oveclocking
Turion ML37 1mo (s754)
Which setup has better performance in games? Sempron64 2800+ s754/A-XP barton 3200+?
3200+ Venice and ASROCK mobo = the best "Bang for the Buck"
noob OC questions
AMD does variable Vcore too?
CPU temp.... Athlon XP 2000
Fx55 -fx57
Sempron 64 2800+ overclock!
X2 4400 OC help
urgent! please reply asap
CPU and video card for gaming
Overclock OCZ recomendation
worth removing ihs
Reboot problems
Advice For Upgrading From AMD 2400+ XP
sempron e6 2800+
amd 3200 newcastle
How high would you go without a agp/pci lock ?
Pre-OC Questions
3500+ Venice: OEM vs Retail?
The Official Opteron 939 OC Results Thread
Wheres the bang for my buck sweet spot?
Misleading PR numbers between x2, x1
Faster CPU or more RAM? Or both?
Video Cards Overclocking settings get reset when I overclock my CPU?
Going crazy finding a x2 motherboard
HT or higher speed
Max safe vcore for X2 3800+?
FX-51 and 4x512???
A64 3700+ sandiego OC info
NOT stable @ even at stock
wanna oc my 3200+ barton some more
X2 Super PI 32M Results
44 deg idle?
What do you have your XP 3000+ set at?
Can i use this
Help: 3800+ to 2.6Ghz?
939 Opteron rarity + vs venice
Prime Inconsistent Failing and Frustrating?
Help with temps
AMD overclocking and ram choices (speed related)
Can't oc anymore?
2400+ problems
Can't get above 220 FSB
Stability Issue
AMD 2800 upgrade
cpu burn-ins
I've been lurking and picking your brains!
why would i need more voltage to boot up?
Don't use a 3800+ x2 for gaming
Question help!
3000+ venice or 4000 clawhammer?
DFI LANparty DR SLI =/= X2
New to AMD overclocking
AMD 3000+ Overclocking
AMD X2 4400 vs AMD Opteron 175
Mobile 2600+ Default FSB/mult?
Booting problem: help appreciated
heat sink for x2 processor recommendation?
Cant get cool n quiet to work
Vcore on X2?/
will the cpu fan from a 3700(939) fir an 2000XP(socket A)?
System specs revised...comments plz!
dualcore opterons vs athlons
Extracting the last bit of performance from Venice
Opteron.. Athlon 64...
CPU Burning in
x2: different vc0res b/w core 0/1
X2 to 2.4GHZ....now what?
Opteron 100 200 800 series
Windows/PI/Game Stable, but not Prime?
Sorry...Opteron dual core?
WTF - need help
DFI RDX200 in stock at Newegg!
2.2Ghz San Diego @ 2.75Ghz stock voltage and cooler
latest X2 4400s
Fx-53 Problem
BUNCH of questions...noobish
500$ Processor, Mobo, Video Card, and Memory, what do you think
Building a computer
New rig for friend, which processor?
AMD drivers
Help stress testing my X2
My Opteron 146 (CABNE) has arrived
XP 3200+ 33mhz fsb
Please Help OC My 3700+ Newark
3800 X2 or 4000 San Diego?
Ocing an xp2400+? Does it go past 133mhz>
3200+ (newcastle) vs x2 4400+
OC'ing my 3700+ please help
148 Opteron Retail on its way
What processor under $400 is best for handling FFDShow in a HTPC?
My First A64 OC /w X2 3800+ How am I doing thus far?
OC Limit / Errors ?
AMD outsells INTEL in US retail for the first time
Build for my son
help judge this for a set-up please
500 Dollars, CPU, Board, and a Video card
First impressions of my 3700+
amd x2 3800+ toledo? where to buy?
Quick question, how does cache affect gaming?
havin problems with 2700xp
4xDimms @ 1T and no Cold Bug
Next Purchase to complete my new PC
Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester = NO POST
What software or interface do you use to overclock your CPU?
gamin computer
Overcloking AMD XP 3000+
Looking for new CPU + Mobo
Can a damaged processor still POST?
Venice OC, Help A Newb.......
AMD Sempron 3000+ for Socket 939 reveled and reviewed!
is this a steal?
Installing the CPU into the MoBo.
Question about PRIME95
sorry have a question about OPTERON!
Desparately need help
week 26 x2 3800+ good release?
3000 venice @ 2.9 or fx53?
Built my new System /w X2 3800+ but is this temp right for a Big Typhoon?
Total noob here with 3500+ (Venice)
A64 3500 or an A64 3800?
New 3700+ - What kind of speeds can I expect?
X2 4800 or FX-57?
3500+ Winnie came today.
no post at stock settings - need 1.6vcore to post
I think my CPU may be dieing...
Need to upgrade
my 3500+ winnie .. come on in
New Case, bad OC now?
Help me compose a list please for my new rig
Athlon 64 3500+ Suggestions
Post your X2 3800+ Overclocks here
AMD 64 3500 Venice Core Issues
Serious gamer = 2x core or single?
A64 3000+ Venice OC help...
Don't get it!!!
AMD 3700 Questions for Noob
AMD Cool N' Quiet driver VS standard driver
Buying new parts...need advice.
High HTT issues
Amd 3500+ Winchester Post Oc Probs Here & How To Fix
First OC on my new 3200+
beeps while posting
New x2 3800 & SD 4000: Which Do I keep?
Dual Core skt 939 Opterons?
OC'ing AMD 3700 San Diego
Sempron Overclocking!
Operation Domination.
Got my 3200 venice today
Amd 64 Venice 3000+ Oc help
new to A64 overclocking
Has my Venice 0519 reached its limits?
X2 Desktops?
What is this?
Need your help choosing Opteron 146 over 4000+
Top overclocking steppings?
Question on upgrade(mobo+cpu)
Good Overclock
OC'd Athlon XP 3000+
Problems with x2 3800+...
athlon xp and a64
locking PCI bus speed
Windows limits overclock
Ahhhh I love AMD
HELP ME im overclocking
Strangely High Temps... need more pressure?
Comp restarts randomly
Video Card temps
ASROCK MB with AGP and PCIe??
Just coming back into the loop.
Volts and Amds
How's this OC?
Cant get past 2.5.......at all
ClockGen question
If u have X2 turn of Cool N Quiet!
My new OC Temps ok??
AMD Athlon64-Mobile
1.88V on a Venice, how much life did I just lose?
Sempron 3100+ vs.Sempron 2800+ for overclocking?
How do I disable "safely remove hardware" ?
winrar single core or dual?
A little help please.
debating on moving over to amd cpus
A3200+ OC Question
Opteron 144-146: So, how many of you guys are getting one?
Beast of a 2600 sempron s754
Highest CPU For NF7-S V2.0
OCing a 3800+ X2 I need some help!!
Need advice for processor upgrade
my 3800+ x2 just arrived ..
what do you think of this mobo
X2 3800+ with Corsair XMS3200C2PRO v4.3 OC Help
So what am I missing? 3800+ NewCastle only goes to 2.5?
Oh mighty X2 Gods....
help increasing stability or OC on XP 3200+
sempron64 2800+
Need help with overclocking of Sempron 2800+
building a new amd rig, I need help with some decisions please!!!
My 3500+ winnie o/c
How high can I expect with a XP 1600?