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How to master Cool and Quiet
Will the X2's cpus eventually end up in duallie mobo's?
X2 3800+ Help
3700+ SmOkIn!
Want to buy an x2 - anything I should know?
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athlon xp barton VS Sempron 64 which is better?
X2 Build. My first OC!
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My Maiden OC Experience
What is Presidio
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CPU dead or voltage issue?
x2 question
biostar m7vig400 k7 amd 800mhz
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I think my CPU died !!!
can't increase FSB
Question about FX-53 Temperatures
Removing the IHS...no brainer?
AMD Turion™ 64?
MSI K8N Diamond with X2 4400+ oc problem
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worth upgrading/switching back yet?(p4 3.5..)
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AMD X2 3800+ or 4200+???
x2 and 3dmark05
64 x2 - Questions
Looking at Opteron 144 or 146.. down to cost?
Prime 95 Errors?
E3 vs E6 Venice
Advantages and Disadvantages to A64 IHS?
AthlonXP 2600+ Barton locked question
Post your suicide shot(s)...
Can anyone tell me the difference between these 2 boxed procs?
Fastest AMD Socket 7
Athlon64 overclocking gains. Eh?
UPgrading from barton
X2 4800 or FX 57
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Junebug’s pricing guidance on 939 Opterons
Where to get 939 opterons
Dual cores?
Looking to step up to 939
BIOS doesnt have memory divider ?
Need Help Overclocking AMD X2-4800+
My A64 results, and hello.
How's this?
Computer Question: Windows XP and hard disk size?
First Time AMD'er, Few Questions
4800+ versus FX-57
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where to find a Dual Core benchmarking tool?
Plannig on new upgrades - need input!
Sempron 2800 64 OC expectations.
mobile 2600+ oc results
Heat Spreader Removal
best cpu for benching?
NEW x2 4400+ doesnt show to be dual core?
What do you think of this upgrade?
~~ Help In First OC ~~
Venice 3500+ And Neo2 PLatinum OC
Dumb ass question...
BRAND NEW x2 4400, OCing correctly??
Brother's PC fixed, although CPU temp at 65 degrees
X2 + DFI built problems? HELP!
What to do
My 4400+ OC
PC to build, advice appreciated
Problems with OCing and wireless card
Ordered new system!!!
My 1st Post (Need Recommendation on AMD CPU)
Dual Core for PhotoShop?
X2 and overclocking programs
4400 x2, vs SD 3700.
x2 or 64 for gaming...?
AMD 3200+ won't OC
Athlon64 3000+ Issues
Suggest a mobo for AMD Athlon 1800?
What does your San Diego core s939 Opteron overclock to?
Default Ordering A64 venice - choose the stepping?
2800+ 64bit semp or 2800+ 64bit
trying to overclock, doing something wrong?
another new system thread.
New X2 system, need advice
Opteron 100s in stock @ Monarch
My OC Results....
What are the defaults for a amd xp-m 2500?
Hum... what have I done??
Running 3200 Venice @ 2.8Ghz 1:1
AMD's 4Ghz club
Help me overclock my XP-2500 (Stuck at 200FSB!)
Did i get me a good chip?
Can a Bad CPU still run normal?
processor dud???
Back to AMD....what now?
Any opinions on this system?
overclocking amd sempron 2200+
HTT descripency
OC'ing of 3000+ athlon xp (barton)
is my Barton Locked ?!?!?!
ClawHammer? San Diego? Venice? Which 1 to get?
Help my CPU may be damaged !
Am I going to have a CPU bottleneck?
Whats the max Vcore for stock cooler(winny)
What's wrong with this Barton?
What the Hell? CPU temps...
A64 X2, 4400 worth extra?
AMD Athlon XP 3000 (MB A7N8X)
What does the HTT stand for?
got the mobile 2600+ in , wondering where to go
opteron 939 not a good gamer chip??thoughts??
Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester Core
Oc Problems !!!
Overclocking Athlon 64 3500+?
Taking the plung into AMD!
Sempron 3000+ Socket A (Barton)
Possibly buying a new CPU, any suggestions?
939 Opteron Locator...where to buy???
Combining CPUs
is this VENICE 3200+ a good OCer?
Super Pi faster at lower clocks?
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Info, Hail the M2!!!
San Diego 3700+ or 4000+? your thoughts
A64 non-integer CPU multipliers: useless? Then explain this to me...
My Oc Results !!!
Had to share my experience
Many (newbie, perhaps) OCing questions.
Fastest XP-Ms on Watercooling?
possible bad memory controller (newcastle)
Possible AMD64 System - All Comment Please
How much can I o/c my 3500+ Winchester?
Brother's PC wont post
XP-M OC'ing
are Venices done for?
Should i get a new CPU?
Help with CPU selection please
gskill for 4400+ oc? help
Underwhelming Venice 3000+?
3700+ San Diego OC'ing Advice
One for you old timers
Athlon X2 systen pre-purchase head check.
Barton 2500+ can't go over 204Mhz FSB
Budget overclocking with s754 sempron
Can you dedicate a single 64X2 processor to a game?
System not turning on
Please Help! Is my CPU DEAD?
BRAND new first thread
3700+mobile vs 3700+ desktop
double check please, ready to submit
Did Athlon 64 s754 fall off the face of the earth?
Looking for a Atnlon 64...Which is best?
why cant i get this system to spec?
AMD FX-tra Gaming Power?
which 3800 x2 core does newegg carry?
venice E6 on the way
PC resetting, no notice
Prime95 error Need Opinions
x2 3800+ Toledo core and Prime95...Confused!?!
Yay!! New PC works!! Posting Benchies
NF3 ultra board @ 1:1 ratio 300HTT or over.... ?
What is wrong with this pic?
Venice 3500 OC problems..
This is what I bought..
M2 socket
Please post your best oc settings for AMDx2_3800
My 3200 Venice O/C results and questions
40 min 16 sec SuperPi 32m
How hot is hot?
Really High Voltage!!!!
Overclocking AMD turion 64
x2 4400+ horrible overclock
Q on 3000+ Winnie and Voltage
HTT limiting my overclock
New PC arrived but XP wont install, plz help!!
Dont laugh
3000+ Venice oc issue
Looking for advice troubeshooting
Can't decide on CPU, what u think?
AMD 64 3200+ Venice w/???
Just recived my x2-3800
Need advice on oc'ing a 3700+ SD (0522XPBW)
AMD X2 and noise
Voltages and OC'ing
how far to push mobile xp 2600+ ?
Sempron64 3000+ oc results
Is this a decent overclock for a 3500+ Venice ???
which clocks best?
AMD POST Failure
Max heat for Applebred Duron?
Need some opinions
What can you tell me about this CPU?
CPU doesn't touch the heat sink??
AMD Athlon XP-m 2600 multiplier help
E6 Venice core
I have im sure a very simple OC question i cant figure out
Buying A Processor TONIGHT!!!
overclock a 4400+, need advice.
pcmark05 and 3800 x2
Finally broke 3.1GHz!
Cool n Quiet - do you use it?
Wishing to build a middle road gaming rig to oc on air cooling.
Best AMD Photoshop system on $1500 budget.
To enable CnQ, must you also change to "Minimal Power Management" ?
$600 Budget (for gaming)
Quick Barton question
Artic Silver5 of thermal pad?
Will The New Cores Work With My Motherboard!
Problems with 32M Super PI
Does this mean my cpu is dying
A64 3000+ socket 764
pc3200 ram with athlon xp 2600
first oc
prime fails after 5 hours... at 2.25ghz?
Removing IHS...then what?
Where to Apply Thermal Paste on a X2 4400+?
OLD amd k7
CPU Testing Question
quci amd question
determining cpu limit - 3000+ venice
Gettin new PC, look ok?
CPU-Z incorrect
Wanting to do a small overclock to my CPU.
getting a new cpu, need help
Overclocking woes
2400+ Mobile 35w
Got about $1500.00 to spend... X2?...
CPU won't overclock..
Sick of 3800's yet?
Upgrade Question
Post your Game Advisory score!
Ticking time bomb, maybe.
X2 3800 Build
2500+ Baron Overclock. Finally
amd 3000 and amd 3200
duron explodes while overclocking (-;
Benchmark increase but no real-world increase?
Ebay the best way?
Woohoo 4400+
Recommend how to OC an AMD XP 3000 +
Tough decision!! FX 57 or X2 4800+
Got up to 2444, and a question.
Top 10 AMD skt 939 motherboards!!!
How will I know when...
new X2 ring suggestion
Best shot of getting 2.6-2.8ghz
Venice best overclocking chip ever?
I see the new Semprons @ the Egg. 256L2 as well!
AMD Turion Tweaks?
how far can i go
Another reason to go AMD (scary story)
another thread of me
Downgrade cpu to upgrade performance
CPU temp sensor fails
How high can i go?
amd 64 3200 overclocking help for a noob
Turion and DDR2?
o/c results 3700 san diego
CPU application
X2 Price Drops?
Starting the X2 4800+ OC
X2 4400+ Multi question
so im JUST about to place my order for all my new comp parts when..
How to unlock multiplier on Barton core XP?
Ondie memory controller
DTR and XP90
random bsods...how to troubleshoot
2610 mhz!
Uber Overclocking E6 stepping?
SLI mod robbing me of MIPS???
Mwave 3800+ toledo core.
AMD 3200+ Venice problems
All i want is my 3200 @ 2.4...
whats new in the rumor mill?
Upgrading an Athlon xp 2100+ and a Duron 1Ghz
ALientware ALX, the leader is de-throned
Upgraded rig for $1k or less
Dual Core FX's, I keep seeing them in my dreams
Which setup for a budget s754 overclocking setup?
Do newcastles run hot?
Is this a good 754 DTR proc?
Win x64 imaging software?
Help With My A64
Can't complete gaming benchmarks
New Parts
Need help quick, is this a good stepping?
programs to change fsb?
identify CPU model
Measuring cpu voltage
Budget gaming computer
Help please: A64 system
4800X2 Dual core & Windows XP Home SP2
AMD x2 3800+ or 4400+??? which one!?
Maybe higher
Opterons and overclockability
The x2 3800+
Manchest vs Toledo X2 3800+ : Which overclocks better ?
How do you figure out the CPU week #?
I just want to make sure its working!
X2 overclocking and xvid encoding time
OC a FX-57 with Nforce4 SLI - newbie
Old PC With AMD 850 Duron
Is this possible
x2 and mobo question
Unlock a duron?
New system for friend, look ok?
HELP: Stable OC but shaking 3D games
AthlonXP 3000+ 400fsb barton
need advice
X2 Issues with games resolved I think
amd64 3400+2.2GHz Sledgehammer 754 mobile mobo support???
whether to push the limit of a 3000+ venice
Hard time geting past 2.35ghz
another "i removed my IHS thread"
what do u suggest guys
what temps are too high?
X2 4600 overclocking?
I love AMD!!!!!!!!!!
Ultimate gaming system
What is NF4 Voltage?
which core is better???
o/c AMD 2700+ XP
3200 vs 4000
3200+ 2.0ghz venice core
Need some help
NooBish 64bit question
3700+ San Diego lower memory bandwidth than Venice?
need to know the max internal clock?
Sempron TBred 2400+ or TBred 1800+?
computer rebooting by itself
Good OCing MB for X2
!@#$, I'm screwed.
Too Hot? Xp 1800+
CPU stability tests from Live Linux CD
I just don't get it.
San Diego vs Clawhammer
sempron 64 and 939
Will my CPU benefit from extra cooling?
Winnie voltage fluctuations. Is that normal? help
Cant Get Amd64 3000+ to 290+ FSB.. Help
Do I just suck at overclocking?
what processor is better?
x2 3800 volts and temps question
mobo , ram or cpu
Amd 64 3800+ Cpu, 512k L2
Preparing to OC the Athlon XP T-bred 2400+ AIUHB 0315 that I recently got!
3700+ Venice vs. Clawhamer
Amd 64 3000+ Running pretty cool?
Any word on an X2 4000+
FX-55 or X2
CPU driver?
Please post your X2 3800+ OC results on air cooling
AMD Turion heating problems ?
Burn in and OC questions?
Opteron OC
Old Athlon 1.2 MP's
Good Build?
acer aspire 3000 labtop.. i wanna clock it ;-)
Venice 3000+ won't overclock and runs HOT!
Do I need a new AMD upgrade?
whats the difference between the Winchester and Venice cores?
What happens when a a64 get too hot?
3700+ Vs. 3800+ X2
Locked or Unlocked.
How does windows really handle dual cores?
BSOD after windows login???!
which 3000+ to get 939
Horrible undervolting!
yay A64 is awesome!!!
What can/should I expect?
Man! Prime95 Failed At 15 hours.. Stable Enough?
Am I nuts to be running a winnie 1.65Vcore on a Zalman 7000?
XP-M2600+ & EPoX 8K3A - Will this work?
Ok, so burn IS real...
Unknown CPU problem
Need Upgrade Advice. What CPU etc. would you get if you were me? (Hardcore Gamer)
Help with AMD 64 3000+
A64 3000+ 0r 3700+
n00b question about my cpu (sempron 2400+)
Does Pass SuperPI means CPU is stable?
why can't I overclock my 3000+ winnie any further?
3000+ doesn't seem to like low latency timings on high HTT
Friends San diego
What is the Average Overclock on the 4000+?
new to OC.. with a amd 64 3200+
3700+ s939
Is this a good stepping?
Oc'ing a 3500+ Venice E6 ?
x2 3800, Newegg (manchester) Mwave (toledo) ?
how well will this overclock
socket M2's mem controller
OC'ing my 3000+ Venice
no more thn 300 HTT
11x250 with Venice?
S754 Sempron 3000+ help
problems with mobile cpu + hsf
4800 saved...everything else dead....
Overclocking Results on the 4400+
what programs do i need for overclocking/benchmarking?
2500+ M voltage
Computer keeps rebooting
When is M2 coming out?
A64's IHS: Take them off?
Amd 64 3000+ Overclocking Questions and Current Results
AMD and DDR2 question
754 Newark
Req: list all available AMD chipsets
Why are AMD Dual Core better than Intel?
A64 3000+@ 100% Overclocking achieved!!!
Computer Rebuild
Quick Question...
WHich cpu is faster and better to overclock?
A64 3700+'s
What kind of chip is this?
Cant get amd 3000+ venice past 2069mhz?
What setting to use when doing a Prime 95 torture test?
n00b question..sorry
Building My New AMD right Now Quick Question!!??
Which AMD for gaming?
My first OC, need help
questions about building a new system
Building New System...
mobile sempron no spreader=hsf no contact!
What CPU is best for Audio Compression?
Best Proccesor for 200-320 dollars...?
Need sound...advice for upgrade
Do you have a 3700+ San Diego chip? If so, come on inside.
Dual Core vs. Dual Processor
A64 3000+: e3 cored vs e6 cored
X2 24/7 long life voltage?
How far can my cpu oc to?
Sempron/Sempron 64 help
yay finally ordered my system
Parts for my first AMD build
Athlon XP Overclocking
going from p4 3.2 to a AMD x2 4400+.....
Which Settings?
Increased performance
Questions and a request for setup review
AMD Drivers?
Need help O/Cing on A8N-SLI Premium & X2 3800 & TwinX-3200XL
Future of AMD CPU's?
Explain Dual Priming
XP-M 2500+ can I get more bandwith?
939 w/AGP: is venice/diego still the way to go?
how hot is too hot
Why are my Super Pi times so high?
Socket adapters!!!
Finally have a decent overclock but having a strange problem
KABOOM! Processor
just saw the unlocked Venice 3000+ thread at xs...
The dud of all duds (3000+ winnie) help please
Unlocked 2400+ ... with 2-2-2-5 RAM, highest OC?
What does the HTT/LDT multiplier control?
Fx 51 overclocking
Good 3700+ sd weeks?
Athlon 64 Northbridge
Help with first A64 2800 please
Modding an xp-m to an MP
Well Ordered All My Parts My 1st AMD Build!!!
X2 4400 Ram Speed
looking for a new cpu .. which should it be
Why is the FX series so pricey?
So I built my friend a new computer
a litle help please
Building new gaming computer...entering AMD territory...need opinions on my setup...
OC'ing Problems
Difference between FSB and HTT.
HSF on A64 3200+
Need some advice
Memory Dividers, why don't people use them?
DaWipers Mini review of s754 sempron 2800+(E6)
64bit and gaming?
Guide for lapping the actuall processor IHS?
Went to far?
X2 3800
A few questions about overclocking.
OC Help
Mobo/Cpu help.
cpu/mobo/ram for ~$600??
AMD 64 FX -- quesion
Whats better? a 3700+ or a 4000+ San Diego?
AMD 3200+ OC Help