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Help me choose, 3700+ San Diego or 3800+ Venice
athlon 64 3000+ stepping, good?
64 3200+ clawhammer how hot
Athlon 1.1GHZ overheating
Not stable...
3200 venice or 3700 sd
week 17 3700+
What is Preddio and Pacifica?
Various Noob Questions
anyone got low temp like i do?
not bad for a C0
Fastest Socket A CPU I can get a hold of?
Venice core and 4x 512MB PC3200 DDR
I need advice, I'm switching to s939!
Back home to AMD
AMD TV commercial!
AMD/Intel CPU Test Results
Please Help
Can't break 265HTT, suggestions?
Worth buying this 3200+ CLawhammer?
Sempron to Athlon
How far does your winni go
AMA3000BEX5AR vs. AMA3000BEX5AP... What's the difference?
Why can't Dual Core work like SLI?
Sorry if this is a stupid question
I won a computer with an AMD proc, now i have questions
FX-57 dead
My overclocking results: questions
AMD Athlon64 X2 4200+ Simple Test
XP 2500 mobile vs AMD 64
wtf is going on (lots of blue screens)????
Finding core type
Is This a Good stepping for a venice?
help, need to be stable & push it more!
Hello, and problems
Pushing my cpu further.....
Is this a good combo?
need quick help here please
CPU holding back 6600GT - ?!?
amd 64 cores so confused
3200 winny overclocking
ORDERED new system!
X2 4800 Overclockin fails
Opterons and 64's
New venice v-core!
Which s939 agp board? Looking for stability / reliability
Help! Which socket 939 motherboards support Venice without flashing the BIOS?
Looking to buy a 3200 Venice in the next few days...how are they?
3200+ Venice 2.4Ghz/Corsair Xpert 1GB Kit and OVERCLOCKING!
How are the new Venices looking?
LBBLE 0521APFW - A bad Chip?
whats your 3200+ venice oc'ed to?
Need Major Help (long)
need help, prime problem
What to do with Dead CPUs?
CPU on 24/7
upgrading laptop to turion
void warrenty?
San Diego 3700+ vs FX55 for Doom3
12.5x multiplier prob
Got 2 A64 CPU's!!! Anyone know what they are???
San Diego 4000+
Who says AMD64 can't overclock well?!
Is 1MB per core the future of CPUs?
second guessing X2 purchase.
The Official X2 OC Results Thread
San Diego or Venice?
Athlon 64 memory speed calculator.
Matt's Venice 3000+, OCZ Gold, OC'ing Thread (Mods R Welcome)
3300+ Scam
NAKED 3500 Venice
Should I get a 2600+m from newegg?
Old cpu, good enough for me though.
Oc 1800 Xp
Chipped Athlon XP runs fine, but is it all there?
Why not use prime for stability testing?
Which Venice 3200?
Help with stuck ZIF socket
rma help PLEASE
Best budget AMD cpu?
Need help for hardware choices for OCing X2 4800+
How far can i go?
AMD Overclock newbie
n00b OCer with sweet venice...needs help
First Attempt at Overclocking (Expert Advice Appreciated)
Which AMD 64? $300 budget
Whats limiting my current overclock?
Can this AMD CPU be Overclocked?
My thoughts on 4200 vs 4400
K8N Neo2 Platinum YAH or NAH?
cant u see im a noob
3200+ on DFI NF4 Ultra-D little help?
How can i get Prime95 Stable!!!
Advice on settings for ram
Unlocking AMD 64 X2
How to relax memory timing for better overclock?
2475mhz.. weep....
why are amd cpu's more expenisive then P4's?
Just a couple of questions from a noob....
cool and quiet works with oc-ed CPU!!!
Socket A: what do you have your Vdd voltage set to, please?
venice 3000+ temperature range
Pinouts for Socket A and 754?
Newbie to AMD - Is this a good stepping ??
Stock HS/F with a 3000 venice?
Why do you over clock?
X2 4000+ Can it be true?
My CBBID and cheap ram are going crazy!
want to try ocing....help out a n00b pls!
3000 CLAWHAMMER qustions and comments
Computer reboots at startup
amd choices for me
New system -from NF7-S m2600+
Fx57 just arrived today wahoooo
Noob question?
Ordering A New San Diego
AMD AltlonXP2400+ overclocking?
Please explain the difference between venice and winchester
Unlocked XP 2800+ Barton and no good mobo
X2 2GHz Manchester
A number of questions from a brand new A64 user
HELP ME W/ K6-2...old school
KT400 mobo compatible with XP-M?
I think my 2800+ is dead
m2600+ vs a 2800+ 754
Overclocking question
Help with my O/C
What temp is too high?
L12 mod should only be used with 133 FSB CPUs (?)
FSB overclock on epox mb+amd64 939
Venice CPU, need advice.
Multiplier question
Venice 3000+, AGP motherboard headon, you decide
Quick question: 3000+ or 3200+
dead onboard memory controller?
Buy OEM or Retail CPU?
New Processor and Motherboard Suggestions
Ok guys, I'm done.
What's your OC for 3000+ 0517 venice
How long before it is "stable"?
Venice 3200+ OC Results
Best AMD CPU for Overclocking
Default voltage on Venice 3500?
Question on Sempron 3100+ stepping? Is it a paris or palmero
under clocking
How does an ALU work?
Fed up with my S939 System
Highest Safe Voltage for X2
What stepping should I get or does it matter?
I Think I Can Hit 2700, help!!
best amd processor for ~100
help me decide 2800/2500
Amd 64 300+ Rev E
What am I doing Wrong?
how to burn this venice
Most effective VS highest OC (AXP 2500+, 2600+)
How am I doing so far(venice 3200)?
Help needed for parts
AMD Athlon64 X2 4800+ Dual Core Basic Test
127c!!?!?? What!?
new cpu = loss of hdd data?
X2-4200 New System Build-Need Opinions
Problems OC'ing Venice 3200+ and Asus A8N-E
Help with FSB
Wich CPU?
Needs Motherboard for Venice 3000+
AMD Sempron 3000+
building PC for friend which xp barton should i get?
512k cache a64s are about twice as fast as 2048k cache p4ee???!!!
I'm confused...re: Windows reports 1.2 and
Help me please weird problem
Help me please weird problem
Help me please weird problem
a64 3500+ venice heatsink
Any news on value X2 yet? (~$250~$300 X2)
Help me improve my A64 system!
OEM and retail venice 3200 on newegg?
AXDC 2200 DUV3C ?? Help quick please.
SATA corruption on NF4?
lowest voltage a xp mobile can run on
How well will this setup overclock?
ARGH! - I am 9 - 10,5 multiplier depraved!
WTF? i am annoyed
AMD annonces 64bit Semprons today
2500-M drops to desktop in CS:S and 3dmark03 - What to do?
advice on upgrades
XP-M 2600 Danger Temp?
18 Hour Burn In?
Thinking of trading my 2.4ghz s939 system for a Pentium 4 setup.
need help with asus a8n-e & venice 3200+
Safe temps for 2500xp
AMD 64 mobile processors NEW? Or am I missing something huge?
Mobo needs to go...X2...should be here soon!
Winchester heatspreader question...
Winchester heatspreader question...
psu question
Stupid BIOS!
Beeping all the sudden
I'm wanting to build a budget AMD 64 Computer
Help budget gaming rig
Budget 754 system
Ideas for building SFF
AMD x2....
A64 3200+ on ebay with broken pin
RAM dividers on Athlon 64.
Problem with OCing a 2500-M + S&M
oc help on a 3500 veince with k8n neo platium 2
3500 san diego
priming my 3800+
Oc 2000+ Prob
what to expect?
A8N-SLI Bios trouble with bin's above 1006
Tollhouse's Cookin' 64
Anyone popped the top off of their X2?
which one!!! hard decision
Sucka's X2 4400+ Results on Air/Mach II (56K Warning)
CPU Detected Incorrectly
X2 4200, watercooled
Help with Clawhammer
Hmmm, a little input please?
These venice chips are da bomb ehh
what is the difference?
need some help with ocing specific hardware...please help!
Need help w/ getting barton 2500 to 11x217
w00t! Gettin a 4400! Now...where from?
Where to start with my Clawhammer AMD64 3700+?
Need 4800 X2, anyone know where to get one UK?
AMD finally kills the 1xx Opterons (more or less)
which to go for ? more mhz or more bandwith ?
amd proc and mobo recomendation
FX-55 vs. FX-55 San Diego comparison...now taking benchmark requests.
What's the difference, venice 3500's?
3000+ venice stuck @ 2.52
HELP! s754 3000+ not playing nice or something like that
How many of you have recently switched to AMD...
AMD 3200+ or 3500+ (Venice)
2500 Cpu
2600+ Multiplier
Can't get over 215FSB
New to AMD, what processor to get....
To Venice 3500 owners...
AMD Venice Multipliers?
venice 3200 or 3500
venice! newegg or monarch?
Which is better: High fsb or tight timings?
Anyone move to windows x64 yet?
Getting a SD soon...some questions
my t-breds stepping
what is wrong with venice?
SanDiego @ 51 degrees
The question is: socket A Semprons can be overclocked?
3500+ Clawhammer/Venice
My good ole' XP.... :)
939 + AGP combo?
Switching to AMD for gaming need Advice
Help me to OC my A64 3000+ Wichester
What temp should my 2500+ be?
Help! Noob wants to overclock AMD 3200+
Athlon 64 Mobile 3000+ Dtr (ama3000bex5ap) Skt 754
Mystery Athlon CPU(please look!)
Narrowed down to 3 or so boards...need some help picking one
Athlon 64 3200+ Venice versus 3200+ Winchester
New 64?
A FSB-Controller in linux?
Whats best?
hi .. sorry i am a noob
FX-57 In Stock!
Stuck on my Newcastle 3000+ overclock...
Overclocking utilities and cooling
4200+ vs. 4400+, big difference?
Why Is AMD 3200+ XP Still Expensive
AMD64 x2 4200+ At Oc.Co.Uk
unlocking multiplier
Windows xp x64 pro corp = SPEEDHAX
Best value socket 939 cpu?
Winchester maximum vcore
Whats going on with my cpu?
AMD Stepping?
New here, and could use some help =)
FX57 not Overclockable as thought?
AMD's New FX Chip Kicks Up Speed & Price
Major OC problems
Tips and Links to OC
Overclocking + Cool And Quiet
Likely a new batch of faulty processors coming!!!
venice week 519 sucks or what i do wrong?
How to check for venice core ...
New system help
Is this a good stepping???
AMD Turion, A64-M compatible with desktop boards?
Need advice for a64 2800
NooB OVERCLOCKER need advice
Help needed
X2 4600+ VS FX57 VS 0517 3000+ 3 super star comparison
amd 64 (S754) 2800 running temps
A64 info please + what better, Venice or ClawHammer?
For those of you with deep pockets, FX-57 reviews
What makes the fx series cpus so special
locked multiplier?
Looking for a 939 AGP mobo (No OC)
What's the better value CPU?
newbie @ OC-ing
3200 vs 3700
WTF? Why does my min vcore keep rising???
Cannot overclock without errors
OCing woes! :(
Socket 754 vs 939
Best Budget Overclocking S754 Setup
Prime wont run properly
New System Build
Ram Speed
TRUEFX57&FX57 ES pic-1.4V 3G PI 32M PASS
second venice 3200 won't overclock!
Highest Athlon X2 OC
hey all!
2500 M
Should I believe BIOS or CPUZ/Sandra?
AMD Tech Tour Bundle Venice 0519 CPIW OCing results
brand new AMD 64 3200+ (754) gets smoked !!!!
Have review sites ignored the s939 3700+?
Stability mystery, 1700xp
Running SETI@home overnight good enough for Venice burn in?
WooHoo, I'm stoked!!
Athlon 2500xp decides to try and compete with the 64..
Anyone with an fx 55 or anyone know...
Little Help Getting this A64 OC'd
Help me pick out a CPU tonight!
please give me advice, i've read the stickies, but i'm still left scratching my head
thermal grease is evil!! lol
PC BUILD feedback
What do you think????
Athlon 64 X2 Overclocking Results.
Barton 2500@3200 unstable in WoW, but passes Memtest and Prime95???
Athlon 64 X2's - Retail in Stock at ZZF
My 3200+ from Newegg arrived (week 21) :)
Venice or San diego
Need a boost of confidence!
Venice 3200 3D Mark 05 disappointing results
4200+ overclocked on air at Anandtech
This HTT crap is driving me nuts
where to buy 3000+ venice from???
High FSB or tight timings?
Old School Socket A
Rails to low on winnie??
Week 0520 venice kicks @$$!
Some stepping information please?
Can't reach 2.5ghz with XP-M 2600+
xp 2600 oc
Multithread apps for multicore cpu's
overclocking...plz help
Jumpy clock speed
CPU for Gaming
Multiplier unlocked proccessors
Venice 3200+ or 3000+?
a64 in 32bit apps??
san diego or venice?
Newbie needs your help
Lower end X2's?
Venice skt 939
Delayed burn in?
difference between same cpus?
Two PSUs will welp Overclocking an Athlon XP 2400+?
My Voltage = too low?
which AMD 64?
venices on newegg good for overclocking?
Retail more expensive than OEM... why?
A64 3000+ Venice @ 2520mhz and climbing
First sucessful bios clock
I found a revision E Sempron.
heatsink compadability
New AMD E6 stepping....
What Venice should I OC with extreme cooling
Another Unlocking Thread
Overclocking an A64 3200+ Venice
AMD K8 3000+ E6-Venice 1.35V Version
Dual Cores - Just some interesting stuff for all
More Life from the XP-M
Mobile barton compatability
Best cpu that doesnt generate alot of heat?
Are these A64 scores any good?
which cpu+motherboard should i get?
T-Bred B 1800 @ 1.57v ???
Is thermaltakes pipe101 worthy of an old athlon 2500+
New To overclocking Help needed
x2 4400+ benchmarks :)
Athlon 2200+ Thoroughbred 'b' overclocking
Barton 3000+ 400FSB timings please
Venice dead, right out of the box!
need DTR A64 mem controller info
939 steppings....
Prime95 & OCCT
Anyone have any info on 3200/3000 Newark release?
Underperforming Athlon 64 plz help
1700+ still rocks?
AMD ATHLON 64 3400 socket 939
Overclocking Athlon 64 3500+ Clawhammer results and feedback
Which Venice from newegg??
New Comp... Need suggestions
Athlon XP vs Athlon 64
Bad Venice chip posts as Opteron 154
amd sempron 3000
Dual Cores at the Egg
Help ... My sempron doesn't like me!
water jacket
New XP processor
How does this build look?
venice 3000 vs 3200
my venice doesnt like 9x multiplier
OCing a 64 3500+ Clawhammer help
My San Diego 4000 results
Had em all! "Amd 3200, 3500, 3700, Fx55; Intel 2.4c, 3.0c, 3.2e" Want to know more
0517 3000+ OC 3100Mhz PI32M PASS!
AMD K8 Rev:E6-3800+ Venice Test
FX-55 SD or 2 SLI 6800GT best to buy now for upgrade future?
SATA and overclocking
O/c my a64 3000
socket wire trick success!!! WOOO!
Voltage trick?
Is this a good 1M PI for 3700+ San Deigo?
AMD will be introducing a $350 Athlon 64 X2 part..
venice stepennig
hello toledo!
Amd athlon 64
Trying to squeeze 270x9 out of my 3000 wini
No.1 in the world -AMD Athlon64 FX57 Show Up !
Buying a new BARTON 2500+ mobile...
This is so dissapointing.
New venice build, flashing the bios questions
pushing amd athlon xp 3200 to the max
Upgrading XP CPU
MSI NEO2 Platinum+A64 3000=Horrible Overclock
3700 dtr mobile help choosing one
More then expected for A64 3200 work rig.
3500 Question
from winchester to venise??
Athlon 64 4600+ at newegg
venice vs DTR chip?
Quick Q? Venice LBBLE 3200+ OCing + PSU Q
Look what the mailman brought today
OverClocking My New System / Need Advice
My first stab @ ocing my a64
Finally got it goin
Dual core operating system question
crunching power
A64 Bus Speed
Fx55san diego@1.35/1.4vcore or Fx55sandiego@ 1.5vcore
Realworld results of XP 2600-M VS. A64 3000 in gaming
Newbie here, any advice?
remove the heatsink (while cpu is on)
Question for someone with 2100 tbred overclocking exp.
A64 3000+ Venice on H2O Problem??
IQYHA 2600xpm vs AQXEA 2500xpm
What's the best place to get an OEM 3000/3200 venice?
Need help with A64 300+/ MSI Neo2 Platty OC
Is it a bad idea to cool a mobile barton with a stock 950mhz athlon tbird hsf?
What's wrong with my PC?
My current OC
NEED Help bad with new A64 :(
Budget Build
wrong temps? wat bios is best for a dfi nf4?
upgraded to a XP-3000+...but problems
Need advice on CPU choice
Some newbie questions about XP 2700+
Should I switch to this 64 bit setup???
What core is this?
AXDC2200DUV3C Help
Unlock lower multipliers on Barton 2800+
advice needed (athlon 64 types..socket939)
64/3000 Speeds
Multiple burns with A64?
This forum makes me spend money
OC 2900 xp???
Tech Tour fun
3700+ SD or 3000+ Venice?
AMDxp3200+ vCore Question
Dual Channel PC3200 killing OC?
4800 X2 on the WAY!!!
3200+ wini oc little help :)
My best OC yet!
Prime95 CPU Torture Test on AMD AthlonXP 2500+ (MB ASUS A7N8-X)
Is the X2 Really Worth It?
what is holding me back?
3700+ San Diego...OC?'s..not doing something right
Venice OC
AMD + Abit?
How hot is to hot? SD
SD 3700+ FTW! Now which Mobo/Vid?
AXP-M 2600+ @ 2.45Ghz
Beginner Overclocking Question