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200mhz fsb stable (sort of), 201 won't post?!?
I just ordered my first A64 rig..
Well this can't be right...higher temps after DROPPING vcore?
Lowest Voltage?
Question about which XP 2400 chip to get
Mult. from 10x to 9x's stability issue
Newbie to Overclocking...please help
Ocing a AMD 64
Venice/San Diego Worries etc.
best bang for my buck system?
Does Venice still have Prime95 bug?
Overclocking Tips Plz.
AMD overclocker Noober
Whats my cpu equal to?
AMD64 2800+ running at 20 degrees on Air?
weard temps and htt ratio?
I know old news but......
Socket 754
Time to up-grade
M$/AMD tech tour
MemController: Venice vs. San Diego
rate my system
HELP! OCing 4000+ San Diego LanParty SLI DR Rig
Venice OCing Database...
Venice 3200+ and OCZ EL Plat Rev2 TCC5
How does this system look?
New Here
Xp 64
Which Venice?
I'm one frustrated noob....
Multiplier isn't...multiplying
More noob OC questions to come!
2 gigs of ram?
Monarch now taking X2 Pre-orders
SD 3700+ extreme temp fluctuation.
Overclock 3800+ Venice
30 sec./AMD 32 bit-INSANE OC Team
So, how long until the prices start to drop?
Where can I get this Stepping?
Which Socket A CPU
Building a Computer
Safe voltage range for Bartons?
can't find info about cpu, help!
Problems and Advice with Venice OC
Can a chipped/damaged core kill a mobo?
Athlon64 3500+ Venice overclock experience: the truth revealed!
Heatsink for 2700+
Whats the difference please
$2,500 budget...what would you build?
PS wattage for dual-core
Anther venice 3200+ OC question, pls look
HELLO! New system!
Athlon XP OC to Stock Comparison?
There ain't gonna be no crack in dis hizzouse!!!!
A64 3200+ Venice Core
Should I take it straight up to normal OC from stock or do it slowly?
What Happened :(
MY poor amd is sad and weak
Dropped mayonnaise on my new Venice setup! What to do? (No joke)
3000+ 64 939 Over clocking thermal pasted story too
Newbie overclocking
2600+ instability issues help please :\
Asus announces heatpipe technology and AMD X2 support
New a64 system case ideas
Sidebanding...disable or enabled?
Which AMD CPU?
3200 Venice 0518 APDW + DFI NF4 SLI-D
Need help overclocking
Need Some Help
FX55BN San Diego overclocked...
Overclocked, now games unstable.
OMG can't belive this!
Is my cpu toast?
What are your best Venice ocs with stock cooling?
Soon water and OC on a 3700+ need help/suggestions
My AMD Athlon64 3800+ Venice ...
amd athlon xp-m 2400+ Tbred
AMD XP-M on two different NF7-S's requires different vCore.
I'm stuck at 2518mhz with Newcastle 3500 s939
Which is better, Duron or Athlon
AMD Venice OC Result Collection
Unlocking the A64 multi
anyone knows where can I find 2400+ Tbred Bs at a good price?
I'm planning to lap the DIE of my Athlon XP...
Help me build a Venice 3200+ system
Been a while.....
Winchester Instability - scratching my head
Which AMD core OC's best
CPUZ voltage fluctuation?
3700+ San Diego vs Intel Chips
Athalon XP 3200+ or 2600+ M
can/should i expect more from my tbred b
Optimazation Overides Engaged ???
3700+ or 3800+
new cpu question -2800/3000/mobile?
Help with a new system
building a 3rd rig in the next month or so...
OverClocking Help
AMD's definitive electrical and Thermal specs
3700+ clawhammer worth getting?
San Diego is Hotter than I expected
thorton l2 mod for 512cache?
max safe vcore for 3400 NC
What does 'PIB' mean?
Intel Guy Asking For AMD Help
NF7-S v2.0 Northbridge & CPU Voltage.
3700 or 4000? Does OC wear out components prematurely?
s939 Winchester and RAM (possible issues)
Senior Moments-New Venice/underclock/stock air
whats the best asus board for socket A???
Please help me with athlon 64s ,i need a math master!
Making a list for a new rig
how to check AMD manufacture week?
3000+ Venice OC problem
do the 2800 newcastles overclock good
San Diego versus FX Chips, both have 1MB L2, Difference?
Ram Question PLZ Help....
3800+ Venice
Turion chips
burn in
looking at this cpu does it OC well??
3000 Venice vs 3200 Venice
Venice and msi k8n neo2 question about ? about settings
Amd processor driver for Win 64XP ???
I have a clawhammer. Does anybody get good overclocks with it?
heatspreader removal
should i buy this??
Where to buy a venice?
venice core
Soooo....... What is better?
how can I see the Vdimm voltage value?
Third 3000+ Venice-2.8G Reached
S&M: A hot tool for stability testing...
Cooling Chipset on DFI nF4 Ultra-D?
Which CPU will be faster/Quicker?
New Venice 3000+ with a stepping I have not seen.
Need tips for OC Compaq xp athlon 2600+
need some help
CPUZ & FSB Reporting Question
Not another noob O/C question!
nForce3 vs. 4 Whats the difference?
Newbie Overcloker
3000+ OCing with abit av8
Does Dual Core 3G = 6000+?!
So I finally went and pulled the trigger...
Be gentle first time
Best Athlon64/mobo for $350?
The 24-hour Prime stable OC thread!
Problem with dual channel memory
Computer Randomly restarts...
is there no way i can squeze anymore juice out of my sempron?
grrr wtf is going on
AMD Athlon XP 3200 Help
Venice or X2?
How much faster is a FX-55??
SY-KT 600 Plus
AMD launches official compare site
Unstable system help
My on-going overclocking adventure
I want to buy a new AMD CPU. Post your suggestions please.
Some advice for a64 upgrade
FX-55 or X2?
This is getting annoying, I can't get anywhere on this 3000+ Venice..
Watercooling +new amds cores ?
Anyone have any experience with newer mobile Bartons?
Going to get a CPU this August/September
Is this a good set up thus far?
Voltage questions...
Which temp increases fastest?
differerences between Winchester and Venice cores?
A64 vs. A64-FX? Any difference?
OC help
What differences between San Diago-Venice
A64 and x.5 multipliers
Is my problem my mem controller?
2600+ Temps on air
FX-55 San Diego
Duron1600 VS Sempon 2500? How much faster?
My new rig vs my old rig
Overclocking AMD Athlon XP 2400+ on ASUS A7V8X
Retail Venice 3000+ question
A64 "San Diego" 4000+ @ 3.0ghz
noob needs help...
4400+ dualcore Air Cooking to Reach 2.7G
SLi with new San Diego 3700+?
New system (suggestions?)
3500+ OC on AIR
Seasoned overclocker looking for some feedback and explinations
When Will I Be Able to get DualCore AMD64?
Windows reading dual core on old athlon?
Venice 3200 or Diego 3500?
Which CPU?
221 Fsb
Dual-core compatible mobo list.
Finally finished my new Rig (complete with LCDs)
athlon xp addressing modes
Amd Fx-55
What is DRAM Drive Strenth???
AXDC2200DUV3C Help
default fsp for 1900xp+? in bios set at 100?
Which route should I take...high HTT or Mulitplier?
XP 2600 with 266FSB???
Venice Temperature
PR rating for a 3.2Ghz?
Using dividers and other 64 stuff..
Those of you who have removed your IHS......
Help me understand A64 Overclocking
4400+ dualcore Air Cooling Test
Help me decide..
What Is Stopping Me From Higher O/c?
Need expert opinion - 64bit CPUs
Newcastle 3000+ won't go any higher, please help
OC Questions
fastest air cooled Barton?
a64 2800+ Naked
Athlon64 and General CPU Technology mini-refrence
socket 754 vs socket 939?
Newb to Oc'ing and system building here please help!!
Holy freaking crap!
Athlon XP selection
lanparty voltage chart
Look at what one of my friends stumbled upon...
Turion 64 AMD's worst Failure
What AMD CPU would you choose if you have $200
Drama In da OC...Fo' rizzle.
Take off the Heatspreader on my winnie?
Can anyone assist with Venice 3500+ OC? Stuck @ 2.5GHz
2800+ Barton overclocking help.
ideas on how to oc higher
venice sub zero
Just Got My Venice 3200+, I Finally Got Lucky !
My TBred B is ridiculous.
Which 939 to buy?
The power of 1MB L2 . . .
what can I do with a 2200+ Tbred A?
One pin broken
Almost Done! Need help w/ Mem/PSU for Venice System
this is my best overclock so far
bios voltage != voltage readout?
My new 3700+ San Diego Setup! CABHE Stepping
What a temp difference.
Prime 95
To divide or not to divide.
3700+ San Diego. 3Ghz on air.
Some advice for a newbie please!
Venice 3000+ OC2.6G 1.42V Prime95 PASS
Athlon64 Operating Voltages
Manilla vs. Orleans on Socket M2?
Crapfull overclock 64, 3200 @ 230x10. Not prime95 stable
comparing XP-nF2 to A64-nF3 initial results
HTT/Multi question
My friend is also getting a 3000+ Venice, I persuaded him
Prime95 kills me...
Venice 3200+ w/ DFI LP UT NF4 Ultra-d NO BOOT!!
Building new PC
Low Voltage??
Non mobile 2500 barton and nf7s-v2 for $130 = good deal?
Whats on Your DTR?
I need fast help please
This program will get your CPU hotter than anything else (burnk7)
Zalman 7700 High Temps?
BIOS Chart: print and take notes
3500+ Newcastle 939
Thermal Paste on CPU
differences between these two A64 2800's?
SD3700+ and MSI Neo 2 plat
some socket 754 help.
abit an8 - 3700+sd Overclock
pi 32m tests PCU?
Whats the best memory for ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboards?
mobile bartons
Which is the best stepping for a Venice A64 3500+?
quick AMD newb question
if your having trouble with prime 95 on your new E4
What temps do a64 939 3200+'s run at
Processor Question
Newb Question regarding voltages
Venice not reconized in CPU-Z and can't run dual channel
Secret decoder ring
Changing Mobo
Sempron 2200+
Ocing a amd64 3200 socket 754 Problems
San Diego and ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe current bios not compatible????
Building a new high-end AMD system
What am I doing wrong?
Dual core X2 AMD price vs Intel 880 price/performance
OC wall; Prime 95 error
Cpu Fsb?
Jack's Venice 3000+ party. Air and phase results.
My Initial Diego Air cooled results (nothing spectacular yet)
San Diego at Newegg
Newegg's venice vs. Monarch's
Can't oc my mobile 2600 anymore! When I do missing file error and windows wont start.
Adrayic's San Diego Experience
Better motherboard?
Few questions about Venice and Overclocking
A64 heat spreader. Remove? Keep on?
n00b question
Can AMD 2500+ Barton be Overclocked with...
bios giving incorrect cpu speed
Rev. E A64's and BIOS issues
Do CBBID really suck?
3500+ Good Enough?
ATI 9800pro on a sempron 2500?
San Diego @ zipzoomfly
sticky cpu
San Diego in a Koolance.....nice
Athlon 64 Winchester 3200 overclocking help
Is there a point to running high HTT if ram can't take it?
What is the URL I can't remember!
Whats the best Athlon XP CPU to overclock
A64, dual ram sticks required?
Help! 3500+ Venice & MSI K8N Neo2
Building New System(Need suggestions)
I just spend entirely too much money building a computer
Good trade or not
Chirping sounds after overclock??
Looking for a higher Fsb Can anyone help..
is the Cabge 3700 San Diego the good one?
3500+ Venice or 3700+ Diego or else
Just got my venice 0513CPDW WAHOO!!
Prime95 question?
Yuri's Venice results
is my mobo dead?
my 3700* with DFI SLI-DR Arrived :)
Newegg has Venice 3200+, just $205 Free shipping!
New box for friend
Venice: 3000+, 3200+ or 3500+ ?
Dual core AMD's in Canada?
Newark 3700+ or watercooling?
64bit better? or is it just clock speeds?
Is this the right Athlon XP 2600 Mobile?
AMD 64 or not?if so what?
San Diego Steppings?
Strange Winnie Problem?
The new dual core Opteron - what ya think?
Burn In with Venice
AnandTechs review of X2 is up too! more reviews of dual cores.
A64 X2 kills P4EE 840 (dual-core) in gaming
upgrade XP setup
AMD64 Overclock: 1st Stable Clock
Mobile 2500 or 2600?
AMD MP 2000+ - change multiplier?
3200+ Safe V-Core
754 semperons?
data transfer resetting System above 250FSB
Overclocking - stability (56k beware)
Need help with A64 3500+ CBBID Winnie overclocking
looking for suggestions
Anything special i should know about AMD?
Can this work for what i need it to do?
please help OC my 3500venice w/air
AMD Stock question
Moving to A64 (from xp-m) Few questions
Did anyone OC Venice on air?
Prime Erros
ocing a k6
Rev. E Sempron Gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!
A64 Memory controller knackered?
Bad OC'ing Chip?
ZipZoomFly has Venice now
So has anyone battled the venice mem controller yet? 4x DC?
What exactly is AMD Cool and Quiet?
Upgrade CPU or Video Card?
A64 Half Multipliers
Totally pooched my MB selection with XP-M CPU
When will San Diego hit Canada?
Monarch not shipping quickly? anyone have this happen?
need help with new build
Help me OC'ing my T-Bred 1700+! (EPoX 8K3A)
Need Help Choosing What To Buy
Barton 3200+ temperature problem
Another noob question?
Epox 8kta3l+ and duron 800 duron
3200 venice
Jack's 3000+ Venice Air and phase results.
Burn in that Venice!
i think my 2500+ Mobile Barton is fatally wounded
Overclocked Dual Core Amd 64
Possibly know the answer, but want feedback nonetheless
Am I being impatient, or is there a problem?
Ok I am just starting out!
venice is stuck!!!
AMD and Ram
Venice at ZipZoomFly
Not ACPI compliant?
Two WRs share with you guys
convince me to convert to AMD
What would you do with this old system?
Can anyone tell me the venice stock heatsink?
Best low end, entry level, budget system for the money?
How come my 3000+ wont overclock?
Help! Venice Oc'ing Problems
2.5ghz Athlon64 2800
Is It Dead??? Help
3dmark problems
HELP! First time in he 64 bit Overclocking relm
It's the FSB the problem???
couple questions from a noob
How far?
Which is faster with OC. 3200+ or Mobile?
Is It Or Not The Limit ??? @255fsb
minor xp mobile 2500 problem
Mobile Vcore
My mobo may be too old for Venice :(
Upgrading - Winchester or Venice?
I think i screwed up...A64 AGP boards & CPU?
2600XPM high temps...
Just some advice needed
Dont Forget Ur Drivers!
Basics for a newbie please
Which motherboard?
Is this a good OC for Winnie on air?
Venice now or later?
FX55 Help
does anyone know if this chip is any good??
Need some advice from you pros, this config look ok?
OFFICIAL San Diego Overclocking Thread - Post Results Here! [56K Warning]
754 being phased out?
Which To Buy?
How is this baby?
My 4000+ San Diego Results!! (Still Finding Max oc)
Overclocking help
san diego processors
hyper transport 1000 mhz vs 1600 mhz normal.
CPU Burning Up
whats better?
Newegg vs Monarch: Which Venice Stepping Did You Get?
san diego's
BSOD on boot SLI-DR 4000+ Rev E5.
3500+ which one?
cpu-z is reading my cache as 128mb?
Is this good Winchester?
What!!! Crazy temps
amd 2600 v. 3000
3200 Venice @ newegg
cpu database what happened?
Is My New Setup Good?
need info about this CPU
Venice 3500+ p95 stable o/c
4000BN San Diego wont work with cascade...
My latest summer overclock...
Family / Model Numbers List?
Mobo + Cpu
xpm2600+... 2600MHz @ 1.8v long term okay?
is my 1800+ XP slowing my RAM down
Unlocked XP3200+....How high can this go?
Amd64 (754) Prime Stable Or Not ???
so your still fantasizing about that 3GHz Venice.....
Did they raise the price of 3500+ Venice on newegg?
I need help: System can't run Prime95 for more than a few seconds...
screen shots help
AMD not as stable?
Keep my XP-M, or go s754?
Highest Clock with Low Volt on XP-M
Is venice still what you hope for, or was it a let down?
weird 2600 mobile experiances
Budget Overclock upgrade - AGP
venice 3000+ in stock @ monarch
Athlon/Sempron Users When Will You Go A64
Help w/oc on amd64 3000+
Which CPU? Venice or San Diego?
what does a bad barton act like?
Processor and mobo buy
3200+ Venice ON AIR!!
A64, Rev F, M2, DDR2, 2006
Anyone test 4x512 with the Rev E's?
amd 3500= intel's what?
Veenice 3200+ coming. couple compatibilty questions.
can anyone help me please
mini server build....need cpu advise
Venice 3200 has no SSE3?
AMD 2600+ T-bred seems to run too hot stock - 60C Idle
DualCore CPU speeds and prices
Best combination for Underclocking my AMD 2500+
why are you guys polishing?
What core is better
Not Sucka's Venice results anymore thread
newark hopes
Monarch is shipping San Diego +3700s
3500+ (NC) shutting down
Which is better the 3700 rev E. or 3800 rev E.
OFFICIAL Venice Overclocking Thread - Post Results Here! [56K Warning]
Which Venice Should I Get?
Overclocker550's Venice thread! Bought one April 29
Vengance_01's 3500 Venince on Air Results
If i had waited
CPU Blues
Venice 3000 and above at Monarch
Venice or DualCores, that is the question
Hmm... Ditch Winnie for Venice?