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Prime Erros
ocing a k6
Rev. E Sempron Gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!
A64 Memory controller knackered?
Bad OC'ing Chip?
ZipZoomFly has Venice now
So has anyone battled the venice mem controller yet? 4x DC?
What exactly is AMD Cool and Quiet?
Upgrade CPU or Video Card?
A64 Half Multipliers
Totally pooched my MB selection with XP-M CPU
When will San Diego hit Canada?
Monarch not shipping quickly? anyone have this happen?
need help with new build
Help me OC'ing my T-Bred 1700+! (EPoX 8K3A)
Need Help Choosing What To Buy
Barton 3200+ temperature problem
Another noob question?
Epox 8kta3l+ and duron 800 duron
3200 venice
Jack's 3000+ Venice Air and phase results.
Burn in that Venice!
i think my 2500+ Mobile Barton is fatally wounded
Overclocked Dual Core Amd 64
Possibly know the answer, but want feedback nonetheless
Am I being impatient, or is there a problem?
Ok I am just starting out!
venice is stuck!!!
AMD and Ram
Venice at ZipZoomFly
Not ACPI compliant?
Two WRs share with you guys
convince me to convert to AMD
What would you do with this old system?
Can anyone tell me the venice stock heatsink?
Best low end, entry level, budget system for the money?
How come my 3000+ wont overclock?
Help! Venice Oc'ing Problems
2.5ghz Athlon64 2800
Is It Dead??? Help
3dmark problems
HELP! First time in he 64 bit Overclocking relm
It's the FSB the problem???
couple questions from a noob
How far?
Which is faster with OC. 3200+ or Mobile?
Is It Or Not The Limit ??? @255fsb
minor xp mobile 2500 problem
Mobile Vcore
My mobo may be too old for Venice :(
Upgrading - Winchester or Venice?
I think i screwed up...A64 AGP boards & CPU?
2600XPM high temps...
Just some advice needed
Dont Forget Ur Drivers!
Basics for a newbie please
Which motherboard?
Is this a good OC for Winnie on air?
Venice now or later?
FX55 Help
does anyone know if this chip is any good??
Need some advice from you pros, this config look ok?
OFFICIAL San Diego Overclocking Thread - Post Results Here! [56K Warning]
754 being phased out?
Which To Buy?
How is this baby?
My 4000+ San Diego Results!! (Still Finding Max oc)
Overclocking help
san diego processors
hyper transport 1000 mhz vs 1600 mhz normal.
CPU Burning Up
whats better?
Newegg vs Monarch: Which Venice Stepping Did You Get?
san diego's
BSOD on boot SLI-DR 4000+ Rev E5.
3500+ which one?
cpu-z is reading my cache as 128mb?
Is this good Winchester?
What!!! Crazy temps
amd 2600 v. 3000
3200 Venice @ newegg
cpu database what happened?
Is My New Setup Good?
need info about this CPU
Venice 3500+ p95 stable o/c
4000BN San Diego wont work with cascade...
My latest summer overclock...
Family / Model Numbers List?
Mobo + Cpu
xpm2600+... 2600MHz @ 1.8v long term okay?
is my 1800+ XP slowing my RAM down
Unlocked XP3200+....How high can this go?
Amd64 (754) Prime Stable Or Not ???
so your still fantasizing about that 3GHz Venice.....
Did they raise the price of 3500+ Venice on newegg?
I need help: System can't run Prime95 for more than a few seconds...
screen shots help
AMD not as stable?
Keep my XP-M, or go s754?
Highest Clock with Low Volt on XP-M
Is venice still what you hope for, or was it a let down?
weird 2600 mobile experiances
Budget Overclock upgrade - AGP
venice 3000+ in stock @ monarch
Athlon/Sempron Users When Will You Go A64
Help w/oc on amd64 3000+
Which CPU? Venice or San Diego?
what does a bad barton act like?
Processor and mobo buy
3200+ Venice ON AIR!!
A64, Rev F, M2, DDR2, 2006
Anyone test 4x512 with the Rev E's?
amd 3500= intel's what?
Veenice 3200+ coming. couple compatibilty questions.
can anyone help me please
mini server build....need cpu advise
Venice 3200 has no SSE3?
AMD 2600+ T-bred seems to run too hot stock - 60C Idle
DualCore CPU speeds and prices
Best combination for Underclocking my AMD 2500+
why are you guys polishing?
What core is better
Not Sucka's Venice results anymore thread
newark hopes
Monarch is shipping San Diego +3700s
3500+ (NC) shutting down
Which is better the 3700 rev E. or 3800 rev E.
OFFICIAL Venice Overclocking Thread - Post Results Here! [56K Warning]
Which Venice Should I Get?
Overclocker550's Venice thread! Bought one April 29
Vengance_01's 3500 Venince on Air Results
If i had waited
CPU Blues
Venice 3000 and above at Monarch
Venice or DualCores, that is the question
Hmm... Ditch Winnie for Venice?
I just ordered my stuff! Weeee
Itís San Diego FX57?! Equips with E4 stepping and SSE3 technology
is it Venice?
my barton is not doing what it should: help!
Identifying the chips
(dumb question) FSB
New moble finaly got here
Sucka's Venice Results (56K Warning)
Question about 300+ HTT on 3000+ winny
Please Help Wont Boot
Overclocking Trouble
Do you know what the power consumption is for a XP and athlon64?
3000 or 3200 Venice??
duron dead?
Can't go above stock FSB on barton/A7N8X deluxe
Official AMD Interview Q&A about Athlon X2
3200+ Venice OC Results. (not mine)
Fastest FSB
Glad I didn't get an A64
This temperature just aint right
FX 55 and 2 gigs of ram. What should I do?
Comparing Sempron and Winchester in 3D Mark 2001
CPU Mirror Finish - Using Dremel w/ Special Attachment
AMD 64 dividers
AMD 64 CPU Expectations
XP-M 2600+/NF7-S boot problem
I'm Almost there..need a bit of help though
What does your Venice or San Diego overclock to?
Venice and Sub Zero temps?
Venice Arrives to UK!!
Venice in Canada?
a64 @ 2.8...Venice faster?
Safe A64 Air-cooled Voltages/Temps?
FSB or Multi's...or does it matter?
new record for 2200+ Tbred A
Possible CPU problem??
AMD OEM fans
Lancaster vs. Newark
nervous about going amd
do cpu's "break in"
Venice at the egg
MPX2, Barton 2600 (166) & Upgradeware
anybody got a venice or san diego yet?
Giving that FSB some extra 'umph'.
Switching from Intel - Need AMD advice
ahhhhhh crap I got a CBBID 3200+ winnie.......
Sempron 3000+ Barton vs. XP-M 2600+ Barton
Newbie overclocking question...
Concerning the 183MHz A64 memory ratio
Quick Question
Rumours : Socket M2 and Rev F CPUs
Weird overclock problem...
Chipped My core
Please Help with OC Limits
Epox 8RDGM3I with Athlon XP Mobile 35w = bad
Been holding out, should I upgrade?
How much life on my cpu?
Hello all!
upgrading my nf7-2 v1.
AMD ? looking for a good chip
How long can AMD survive?
Any last words?
Venice in UK
Venice and A8n Sli deluxe question
Guys need help!! Can't get 200 FSB with TbredB and NForce2!!
What IS the Venice?
Keep the 3700 Ch or upgrade to an fx 55?
amd 64 3500+@3800+
proud new owner of a newcastle
Locked or Unlocked - A Way to Tell?
to buy or not to buy?
newerk hype
First time overclocking. Need help!
Venice in stock!!!
Maybe a dead cpu ?
Anyone help me w/ my OC?
newcastle or clawhamer for s754??
newie vs. winnie: how exactly do they compare?
Is the venice realy out? eBay says soo.
Need Help: Can't get pc to post
OCZ 512x2 ddram PC3500 & a64 3200+ Winnie! HELP!
Whats my problem??
Looks like dual core Opterons are 1.2vcore stock AND have HyperTHREADING support!
Is this a Venice or Winchester
woot XP-M
Is this AMD64 3200+ 939 clocked right?
AMD to bypass DDRII?
SanDiego 3700 Boots at 3003Mhz with xp90 DFISTREET
1.8v is fine for a 2600m right?
is there a way to increase the cpu voltage without using the bios
Dual Core Rant with a Comic
HELP! can i sitll push this further?
certain multipliers limit my overclock
AMD64 with DDR2
fps difference between 939 vs 754
Sempron 3100 - what is this?
How does this look
a64 3200+ won't clock over 2.1ghz
My 1st try at overclocking am i doing it right
AMD dual core and overclocking???
just ordered amd64 3k+ & A8N-SLI, what to expect for OC
Barton-M 2600+ vs. Winchester 3000+
is this safe?
3800+ OR 4000+ ? For Gaming ??
just got back from local pc shop lol
Venice question for my project
Best heatsink for AMD 3200 XP?
New Build
How to tell A64's apart (core, revision, etc)?
AMD Dual core benchmarks!
Did the venices fall off the face of the earth?
Overclocking AMD 4000+
Think dual channel is all that?
History Question
Dual Core Opterons: Get em here
SLI Mobo's For s754?
O/C Suggestions Please!!
what is wrong with Ebayers?
"The Athlon 64 4000+ was the last single core member of the Athlon 64 line."
Buying Mobile 2600s from Newegg
FX-57 is comming
64 Bit questions
3800+ Venice in stock now (UK)
oh no! help me fix this, please
My CBBID Sucks. Started the CPU Burnin !
Dual Core socket 754 processors???? When
Anandtech's Dual Core Review is Up!!
Dual-core kicks ass.
amd 2100+
Thank You Sentinel
Raise vCore = CPU Multi from 10x -> 5x, wtf?
Blue Screen Of Death? Why?
hey how much can u guys overclock the 3000
My New AMD Gaming Build, What do you think?
Dual Core Launch Tomorrow
AMD admits dual core cpus is NOT great for gaming!
Athlon 64 X2 hyperthreading enabled?
OH CRUD!!! Bent pins....Just shoot me please
CPU at 100% in games?
AMD launching dual core Athlons tomorrow
Idea for single/dual core
CPU Help
Trying to Budget and Choose 939 CPU!
Bench Launcher
Is This Possible?
will my athlon xp 2200+ pass the 2000MHz barrier
Application that gives Temperature of AMD CPU???
A64 3200 Win Clocked at 2.70ghz
How many volts through 3000+ Winchester?
Super_PI won't run, think it's CPU releated?
Unable to boot!
AMD Turion in the sky!
Sempron 3100 OC to 2.4, horrible Aquamark3 CPU.. why?
Overclocking Compaq Presario 5000 5WV257...
AMD stocks..
SATA drives hinder overclocking?
Setting Multiplier to 13x ?
3000+ and Arctic Silver
XP-90 adequate for OC'ing 3500 Clawhammer?
How's this for a CBBID sofar ?
where to get old XP?
3800+ OCer
Pre-order your San Diego or Venice here:
Advice on my Athlon XP 2100+ TBred B Overclock?
Interesting AMD CPU Production Article...
Interesting article about AMD in USA Today
Strange mobile barton stepping?
Dual Core Prices!
2593 mHz with a XP-M 2400+
What the big deal about DTR/mobile CPUs?
oc'ing: necessarily oc'ed all the time?
UPDATE:Numbers from the LBBID stepping
RAM speed for use with Athlon 2400
What is max day to day voltage (A64)
new cpu
What to do from here; skt 939 +3400
Venice availability @ NCIX
3200 or 3500
How do I identify a CPU ?
should i lower the mem from 200 to 180 or 166?
Overclocking a AMD64 2800+
Do you overclock a new chip straight away?
Rip 1700xp
OEM vs. Retail
Sempron Comment
Amd Xp 3200+
Help with Athlon 64 3800+ Newcastle?
How high is your...
Runnning into a roadblock with a Pally 1700+ in K7V8X
socket 939 vs 754
Are you happy with your A-64?
A64s And Chipset Issue (poll request plz)
ouch..just took a big plunge !!!!
What does it mean "No Load"?
Help !!, AMD XP-M
hmmm , RE-AS'ed and now this..
Question RE A64 3000 + and the price
About to start OC
My Poor AMD 64 Overclock Limit
Suggestions for new 3100+
new to overclocking
O/C ing problems A64 Rig
2500xp locked? or fubared?
Thoughts on New Rig
I may have enough for a 3500+ instead of a 3200+
Whats ure overclock with 3000 winnie and retail sink?
wondering if i should upgrade
Forgive me, but I need some help.
Hmm think i found my sweet spot
Intel says "AMD Makes best processors"
CPU advice
Instability from not enough voltage?
Cracked core issue
prime95 runs hours for small fft but fails blend
newegg refurb runaround
Yuri finaly got around to overclocking his Winnie
Help me overclock my 3000+
Is 1.7 bad for winnie??
this is difficult to admit...but i need some help
939 Winchester 3000 or Clawhammer 3500?
What month is 0442??? For a FX55?
Safe overclock?
is athlon64 oc'ed worth much more than xp-m???
overclocking a sempron 3100 with a dfi 250gb
64 bit oc, windows 64 bit questions
LR venice results
2500+ mobile, multiplier locked at 6?
Build Problems, Again.
my new mobile 2500
Is it to much to ask for a 3200+winnie/venice to go 2.5ghz?
With all the Venice hype, is anyone NOT getting one
Dual-core Athlon64 => Athlon64 X2
Found an old AMD chip
Need help on choice of AMD CPU for SLI
Venice is Here!
My OC is not what it used to be - Help
So no venice for a <month?
bring SLI help please
Venice vs San Diego
Very early San Diego 3700+ OC results
turion ml-37 oc'ing - 2.7ghz @ 1.48v
Help me oc my 2600-M please.
LOL: "Overclocked PCs blamed for Windows crashes"
Venice OEM May 6th Retail May 20th
how much watt would you get for this setup?
Raw speed vs. Memory Timings
My A64 gear finally came in, yay
Is this a Fake XP3200+ a.k.a. remarked CPU?
2800 or 3000
What is"normal temp" with AMD 64 3800 ?
AMD wins dual core race!
3200+ or 3800+ ? Help Need Quick Help
Official AMD Pricing (April 14th)
Barton 2600+ question
Dual core Socket 939 AMD Toledo to be named AMD Athlon 64 X2
Week 11 Barton 2500 Desktop questions
2400+ vs 2500+ sig difference?
Think we'll see 3000-3800 San Diegos/Toledos??
HELP!!!! New 2600 mobile not ocing!!!
Venice Is Here !!
were can i get a 2600 mobile?
When OCing - What volts and when to add them?
What should my XP-M...
AMD wins the best CPU manufacturer award.
building a cheap comp for someone >$300
budget gaming system revised
Watercooling 939?
Do I have a Thoroughbred or a Barton chip?
Prime 95 Error/sumout
Athlon64 3400+ (754) question....
939 Chips OC to 4000+
3700 san diego coming in on 18th
computer not booting up properly...
Cpu + Motherboard
MemTest is stable but not 3dmark...
754 sempron superpi (A64-P4 owners dont look!) you may cry...
Sempron vs. Athlon XP
Intel now making Socket A processors
DTR dilemma
which is quicker FSB wise?
I'm gonna be the Venice pessimist
Venice available in Canada ....
754 vs 939 and Clawhammer vs Winchester
New dualcore preview
computer crashes now on stock settings
XP-M Barton 2200 vs 2500 vs 2600 vs 2800
San Diegos to start at 3500+?!!!
Can't get past 240FSB on AMD 64 3400 mobile
Rate ma revised amd 64 rig?
Noob oc'ing 2500+ mobile
help me overclock. please
ABIT AN8-V, DFI LAnparty UT-D, or ASUS A8N?
s754 sempron voltage help.
Ok does anyone have any idea when the Venice core will be available?
3000+ cbbid not capable of 2ghz !?!
system revision: ready to buy: final thoughts?
My little quest
How much can I get out of my rig? Is it worth OC'n?
Dimebag's Sempron OC'ing Extravaganza!
Overclocking 3200 64bit
So you want a Venice. Think about the price vs. winchester
Toledo (desktop dual-core) due in June
old-school t-bred 1700+ info.
AMD Dual Core?
stepping code LBBID FOR A64???
Quick question about thermal paste
sempron 3100 overclocking
New Rig
Yes!! So happy!
WHAT TO DO!!!!! please help i need help!
amd athlon xp 3200+
Looking to go AMD, your experience and comments are welcome
Any signs of venice yet?
need help ocing fx55
Overclocking amd 1800
Shipping cpu+mobo with heatsink attached = bad idea?
AMD Athlon 1800+ mobile showing 600 at start up?
Few questions
Unlocking the Duron. Lots of Pics!!
am i giving my 3200 64 bit too much volt?
Im looking for that site...
Quick help for 3500+
CBBFJ 0435 3000+ Chester?
Athlon xp 3200+, is 3200 ddr400 ram ok?
cool n' quiet
psu,mobo cpu,video.......
winchester price drop when venice release?
avoid s754???
bunch of questions! Good 754 system or cheap 939?
Overclocking Results 2400+ Tbred
Noob question about NF7 and 2600-m
Where are you Newark??
have this Athlon, but don't know whats it's speed
NEW RIG -- take a look before I order =]
New dual core AMD processors released...but what mother board?
Venice Prices?
A64 3400+ (512k L2) or (1 MB L2)? Socket 754
!!!!! 3800+ Venice @ 3.8 GHZ!! 3.5 Stable!!!!
i just flashed my bios
OCing Winchester 3200+
Just got Gigabyte K8NS Pro and im getting frustrated
do i need avoltage increase
Mobile 2600+ L12 mod
Athlon 3200xp 12.5 x 210 = 2625 PC only at 2415???
Best a64 mobo and cpu bundle?
Venice 3200 Review
mobile 2400 35w/mobile 2600 or cheap a64 cpu and proc
need recomendation
dtr oc wall???
Might want to take a look at this...
CPU Thermal-Throttling
Sempron 2600+ (754) Retail Newegg $77. + $1.99 s&h
what does this mean???
Early Dual Core release
WoOot Check out this 2500+ XP-M OC!!
Just the world record for highest CPU-Z Clock
Amd 2600+xp overclocking safely
Bios cpu temp vs MBM5
How many of you are gonna get a Venice?
Getting Parts for My new A64 Rig. Please comment on it =D