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Tips, possibly?
Moble 2500 or 3000 and why?
Venice is HERE!!!!!!!!!!
what can I use to overclock an xp in windows?
Overclocking AXP M 2500+ HELP!
"no questions are too stupid" Well, this one is. HTT multi.
77MHz OC!!!
Athlon FX-53 socket 940 -- what should I do with it?
343mhz HTT! Is this safe?
AMD 2000+ OCing It
Dual core Opteron shipping 21st of April
What are the Paris cores like?
Does this motherboard come with a actual xp2400+ cpu
GA-K8NS-Deluxe or Asus K8N?
Venice 3200+ @ 2.8Ghz on STOCK VOLTAGE!!
budget setup: xp-m? sempron?
Help understanding the limits of A64/NF4 architecture and limits please
Apparently, the key to OCing is breaking pins off your CPU...
Anyone ever try that Pin-Mod for athlons from that german site?
FX-55 reaches 4Ghz
m2 motherboard socket i know this is in the wrong place
Unsure if CPU or mobo
Cant get HTT past around 285!!
need help on which one to get...
Preparing for AMD64 rig...
Just got my M-2600, my first OC
Recommend an AMD rig to me
Axp 3000 Oc
Where/how does your CBBID crap out?
nevermind delete me
Venice pre-order right here.
XP 2500+ (superlocked) bad o/c..
Question about burn in.
m2500 stepping
A64 Questions ... FX vs 4000+, Venice Cores
Would this work
to everyone that advised me-- my A64 rig!!
New A64 and Mobo
AMD Athlon XP 3200+
Stable 2.35, can't get 2.4?
Lots of Q's, wanting knowledge.
Quick Mobile Question
What are you gonna do with that old winchester once Venice gets here?
831 MHz HT speed a bottleneck?
Oops! We've Set XP Mobile vCore Wrong All This Time!
Please Help with OC Sempron 2800+
If AMD doesn't like OCing, why not just lock the HTT and the multi?
Help! A64 (754) vs. Athlon mobiles
New xp 3000 barton unlocked?
New guy questions, do I have this all right???
2600m stability?
Half multipliers are a divider????
Need help with buying an Athlon64 (939) rig....!!
should i overclock
Reccomendations for my friend's system?
3200+ or 3000+ Winchester?
Opinions needed for o/cing 3200+ winnie
Any word on Venice?
XP2700+ autodetecting slow
official Venice reviews
Clawhammer or Sledgehammer?
A64s and Stepping Codes - Less Important?
AMD Athlon 64 3800+ CPU: E3 Processor Core aka Venice at the Door (first review)
Whos gettin venice this week??
Venice and RAM?
worth it top upgrade?
1.8 volts to high ?
Newb overclocker. Please Help! :)
Strange question...
need a new mobo
my proposed system: adjustments???
A64 3200+ 90nm: some better than others?
Cyberpower's CPU's
suggestion pls
mobile a 64
xp1700 problems
Barton Anomoly
Mobile A64 w/ stock cooler?
I have Athlon XP Mobile 2600 and want to upgrade
It's gettin about time boys..
Removing the IHS???
AMD 2500barton
ATTN AMD E3/E4 buyers (might want to read this)
xp 90 130nm temps
overclocking amd-m 2600 barton
What's the next best thing after a 2500+?
New system for photoshop & some gaming recommendations?
AMD 3200+ temps/cooling?
Can low voltage damage a Winchester?
Daul Opterons
Winnie topping out at 2250?!?!
CPU Voltage Issues
Question about Venice cpu's...
Here is my 2800+ XP OCed system with pics! my really first successful OC!
Where be the Revision E up in this piece,son?
Help me OC my a64 with my k8n
Okay, so I have 2 unlocked AMD XPs.
AMD athlon thunderbird 1.0ghz
Is it possible to hit 3GHz with Winie?
Tonite the OC starts....
Some things to get straight about the A64s
a64 oc
PC3200, 3200+, PC3500, 3500+...coincedence?
Is this combo good?
Need GCPUID tested on Win64!!!
AMD 64 939 Overclock Suggestions
Please help with my vcore.
What Should I Do??
Is heat my problem?
I've OC'd my A64 3200 winchester
Opinions on IDYHA stepping
Should I Get An FX-55 Now?
Just wanted to ask...4000+
Thinking about getting a Mobile 2600+
I've looked and I STILL don't understand A64 overclocking
Is there any chance in the world...
Why does my XP 3000/333 suck?
how'd this system do in HL2, Doom3, etc...
entering the a64 realm (?)
stock question
Cheap A64 Overclock
Thermal Paste Question
[N00B]AMD 3000+ Socket 754 NewCastle Core
939 newcastle ???
Newcastle, Winchester, or Clawhammer
errr...3000+ overclock?! 3dmark2001 results inside..
Weird stuff with 3000+ winni
Unlocked or not :- 64 bit Athlon
Are A64s twice as good as XPs? AMD's marketing apparently says no
New Review of Power Supplies
Why is this RETAIL A64 3000+ cheaper than the OEM version?
Opinions Wanted
AMD 3000+ overclocking
OC'ing a Tbred 2400+
Price is right on this DTR... But will it work?
Hmmm... does this look wierd to you?
Athlon Overclocking wall 2,600 mhz
Thermal Compound
My Winchester O/Cing and burn-in failure.
Claw or winchester
How does this look?
A64 upgrade constraints....guide me through minefield
Mobile 2500+ Stepping Any Good?
Need Help o/c a64 3200+ winnie
budget cpu for oc'ing?
Changing Multiplier in Realtime?
Which runs cooler?
Is this 1700+ good for OC ?
FX-53 and FXx-55
Be honest....will I actually be able to buy Venice on Apr. 4th?
whats the best overclocker
*sigh* . . . Finally converting . . .
Took Off Heatspreader
Overclocking Woes
New AMD Roadmap - Dual Core in Q2 2005?
Which would be the better overclocker
what exactly does this thing do
2500+ overclock
how is a 2.0ghz amd better than say a 3.8ghz intel cpu?
Prime failing after 1hr45 on asus k8v-x@2.4Ghz
Zebo's Quick and dirty A64 OC guide.
AMD 64 3200+ OCing?
duron vs k6 2/3 pentium 2/3
Typical OC for a 3500+ NC?
Need help from A7V8X-X owners!!!
Best CPU voltage for a winnie?
Now, if only I had more voltage...
Budget Build up
Burning In worked
Semperon 2.8 or 3.0 (754)
Have an IDYHA stepping? Post your results here.
3000+ DTR Looks like a winner:D
Is this good?
AMD A64 3000 or 3200
A64 3200 Winchester overclock
30 hours of Small FFTs but failed at 5 hours of Large FFTs (prime95).
first OC results 3000+ winny
Most Overclockable Sempron?
What is the point of low latency ram with a winchester?
amd revision E0
Need help OCing my Athlon 3200+ (Barton)
is this too much htl
Do Some A64 3000+ have a 10x Multi ?
First OC, how did I do?
1.58v too much 24/7?
AMD Skywriting @ Intel IDF - Its real (video inside)
What is the max fsb of an ADFA 0035 950mhz Tbird?
Why are the vcore on these winnies listed as 1.4v?
Fujitsu S2020 upgrade cpu?
Advise on DFI LanParty NF2 ULtra with AMD 'Barton' M 2600+
Graphite pencil to connect bridges on a Palomino?
Can I do this?
WOW! 3.1GHz @ 1.4v (Venice 3500+)!!!
need new rig, heres my 2 options.
speed binning
What is a binned CPU?
Is this plausible? <FX-55 bows to the Pentium M?>
AMD Sempron 2300
A64 vs Dual MP's
2600+ Mobile questions
130nm +3500 potential?
overclock stable as long as I don't shut down
What's the best socket a processor?
help computer rebooting on overclock
Not enough PSU power????
AMD 64 3200+ Crashing/Freezing
AMD Athlon 64 vs Athlon XP
Interesting... 3500+ Clawhammers!
what is a good safe oc for me?
quick questions
a65 3000+
a64 tweaker issue?
AMD64 3000+ vs 3200+ - S939 WINCHESTER 512KB L2 CACHE
Mobile Athlon 2500 stepping
Value Mobo For 2400+ M
some quirks with my A64
AMD 64 Build Issue
3800 venice sort of listed
Adjusting FSB by jumpers
If i were to get a mobile a64 will my heatsinc work?
is it possible for a good oc?
Need help distinguishing exactly what chip I have here
Get your 10GHz AMD system from Amazon!
Advise on buying AMD cpu with damaged rubber pads
XP-M 2600+ steppings from Newegg
Can't overclock 3200 xp past 2300 mhz?
Decent place to get Venice?
RMA +3200 for +3500
desktop to mobile xp swap
Will lower end Venice's OC as well as the higher end?
3D Games crash in new A64 System
AMD 3200+ issue: 200x 11 or 166x13 and Crash
extreme help
Toledo, Orleans, and beyond
Average VCore for 2500+ M @ 2.6ghz?
Prime95 Oddness
2706 mhz at 1.52 VCORE - nope, it's not a Winnie!
These temps look right to you?
O/C'ing XP +3200 Barton
Urgent Help Needed!! Plz
939 on the cheap. Nforce4 with AGP
is my CPU mess up or is my mobo messed up?
any good??
Is this normal
An idea for stability testing
Possible A64 systems
Have i lost my mind?
Think I hit the wall
Duron to athlon xp
Dillema 3000 winchester and gigabyte k8nxp
Program that controls fans.
athlon xp 2000 @ 1.89ghz
New DTR A64
Turion Overclocking results anybody??
Venice Core
I Need Serious Help With My Pc!
The Worlds Fastest Processor + Its a Duron!
What do you think about the Toledo core?
Everything has bad temp readings?
Is this a mistake?
Barton 2500+ ... What is the Problem
A risky overclock-ing procedure
XP-M 2800 or 2600?
Will this CPU work
New Life Discovered!!!
Maybe cause of PSU?
Hmm which CPU should i use???
Need advice on A64(754)....Urgent..!!
what size fan comes with this??
Overclocking a XP 2400+ and my RAM
Product code for amd VENICE ??
speed difference
is it better to run at max MEMORY htt or CPU htt
A64 Overclocking newbie...
Need help to OC 3200+ Newbie here
Can't run Athlon XP 1700+ at stock speeds
My WC A64 3200+ @ 2.7Ghz :O!!!
My AMD 2000 is locked!
OCing my Athlon XP 2800+
softmodded L12 NF7-S BIOS
winchester 3000, results
Why Cant I Increase My A64's Voltage?
Athlon XP 2000+
939 or 754?
nVidia now 'categorically denies' any issues with Venice/San Diego and nForce 3s & 4s
Barton 3000 vs. Sempron 3000
report, how fast you cock, AMD62 3200+ w/K8N Neo2 Platinum
Worth 1.75v for 100mhz?
Long Awaited Upgrade to Athlon64
AMD Future proof?
A64 Sub-Forum?
A64 Temps
XP mobile 2500+2600 user's need some info!!!
How Amd made the geodes
mwave.com just sent me a cracked 2600+ mobile! You'll be sorry if you don't go newegg
I got a crappy stepping huh...
Someone got ahold of a Venice...
memory controller and oc on 3000+ Winchester
CPU guide in regard to multis and dividers
Powered By AMD... Nforce4 1x or 2x cpu ATI or Nvidia
A64 troubles
amd cpu speed?
how far will your cpu go on stock volts?
How's this for a 3000+ co stepping?
maximum safe temp on a 3200+?
reseller and stepping questions
bent pin nightmare ..
New rig on the way! Need Assistance!
Worth to upgrade?
Finallyhave my new PC up and running.....
How fast is your Winchester?
XP-M 2400+ 35w vs. XP-M 2500+ 45w
and athlon 64 3300+
Quick A64 Ram Question
I think somethings up
since i fried my old 3500+ chip should i get a fx55
Computer locked up
Amd Athlon 2200+ , hmmm lol
CPU and MB recommendations
Good ram for a abit nf7-s and mobile 2500 m setup?
Prime95 Problem and Super pi
Is there any (939) Sempron's
Unlocking Multiplier on Athlon XP 2200+
Stuck @ 2608 mhz , psu i think, HELP PLS !!
I don't know if this is hardware or software problem.
AMD pricing, what's up with this?
My New system is here & looking good!! w00t
Need help overclocking with a VNF4 and Winchester 3500+
Need some advice on building the cheapest good system for my mom? :)
Best deal for 939 Mobo, cpu
Sempron 64
New to the forum And overclocking
Mobile unlock worked... with a pencil!
best overclocking amd64 motherboard?
270f CPU lived. AMD sempron
Whats wrong?
Having trouble getting a stable OC past 206*12
fx in regards to $$ vs performance
burned my 3500+ chip out
This just in... My A64 and Mobo!
Winnie dying?
Poor winnie overclocks
which is faster for folding?
overclocking a sempron
Simple question on upcoming DTR's
whats the best memory for 939???
is the venice already out?
building a new AMD64 rig
Need Help Ocing 3000winchester
i dont know what im doing... :S
anyone with 3400 newcastle hit 2.7ghz?
Cheapest XP-M 2500+
Can't OC at all, WTF?!
AMD 64 Winchester help.
my first OC
Are fx53 really worth $600? $900 for fx55? 130nm
Star Wars Episode 3 rendered with Win64 and (probably) A64
Amd 64 3500 939 Pin
What processor
Early AMD Dual Core Preview
Winnie Voltage to High??1.75??
Venice won't work with NF3/4 boards??!!
FX-53 or FX-55 ??????? ASAP
A64 2800,3000 or 3200+ ?
AMD Athlon XP...help me
AMD 64 tweaker improve performance??
2500+ mobile voltage question
Why so much price diffrence?
which combo of fsb vs. multiplier preferred?
S754 A64 3400+ Overclockability Decreasing
Riddle me this...
what are your a64 benchmark scores and should I wait to get a cpu
Looking to squeeze that last bit of life out of Socket A
lil help with oc'in an amd m 2400+
Help with overlcoking my system
Wait for venice or get winnie now?
.5 multiplier
My A64 rig, one thing missing
how's this budget 939 system look?
3000 winchester max ghz @ 1.6 Volts
SuperPI 32M for testing CPU and system speed and stability
Why does Pentium-M Desktop&AMD 64 socket 939 use so much watts throttled,gamepc test?
SUPER BUDGET a64 939 system?
Amd Officially Lanuches Turion
OC: a 2400+ @ what clock = a 2800+?
More defective AMD cpus being impounded
Which stepping is better for overclock? 2 mobiles.....
CPU Not Id by BIOS
amd 64 3000 newcastle socket 754
Bad Overclock?
Removing AMD K6 IHS
A64 3200+ just came in, my steppings
That was dumb/lucky
3200+ vs 3400+ S939
which non-64 bit AMD processor offers the highest overclocking potential?
Analyse this screenshot for me plz
New Build need some advice and experiance please
WOW im cool
2070 Mhz..Is that all?
delete plz
Have I reached my limit?
Overclocking question
Multi problem.
is late May going to be a good month to build?
ECS mobo? reliable? Stable?
Help me overclock
need processor for new rig
AMD Sempron? Why buy a Sempron that is 6 dollars more than a 64bit
Possible Problems?
OH no! 754
AMD CPU Voltage
HELP! is my mobile barton FUBARed?
A64 IHS back to its place
FX5x 90nm and 4200+ sooner than expected?
Agp pci monitoring?
AMD losing the AMD vs Intel folding war!
OC cpu vs mem
AMD64 DTR chips = the new XP mobiles :p
Bad CPU? Bad Ram? Bad MB?
Build rig or buy dell? which is better money wise?
Sempron's and a7n8x.. good idea?
P4 3.4 faster than AMD 64 3000+?
64 bit plunge?
mild overclock voltage question
difference between amd xp and amd 64?
what are the signs of a dying cpu?
Amd 3400 Stepping Code Question!
XPM 2600+ 2500MHZ 1.825V 55c
problems overclocking my a64 3200+
AMD's answer to Vanderpool
Look At This Announcement From Amd
Mobile 2500, a few questions for the gurus
Big diffrence between xpm-2400 and xpm-2500?
new 3200 any good ? - ada3200aep4ax/cbaec/0434upmw/1090214i40141
Lancasters prove there is life in Socket 754!
3000+ Issue
How much should I go up?
Help me with OC
Newbie ? re cmos settings for Sempron cpu
noise cutting out?
where to buy AXP-M online??
AMD Cool 'n Quiet
Cheapest A64 system... suggestions
XP3200+ Temp
Best A64 Bang for the Buck?
A confused cache question...
Winni Core ?
DFI NF4 Ultra-D nightmare...
The Horror :(
Max voltage
curent steppings
Upgrade advice problem with AGP<->PCI-E
3200+ Winchester (CBBHD 0450VPDW 1166997L40109) at 250*10 stock CPU Volts
3000+ overclockage
2500 or 2600
black screen, little blue box...oh oh
Off topic. sort of.. All AMDERS anyway... LAN
i have a paris core sempron 3100
Prime95 testing.
Unlocking A64s: Let's do this once and for all
LOL: Looks like AMD was having some fun at the Intel Developer Forum
K8 3200+ 0444MPMW OC test
What??? Newegg have 3500+ AS???
Boot This!
Some Very Wierd Changes
athlon 2500 mobile barton voltage level
superpi times?
Having he hardest time deciding A64 or mobile?
why do operating systems load slower when ocing?
2 CPU questions:
AMD Warranty
Has anyone here seen this?
CBBID? CBBHD? Stepping Question
pc4000 ram = Better OC??
Wondering about your CPU specs? THE AMD/Intel list!
What's the deal with the new Winnie's?
mobiles xpm barton core
Help Overclock.
It's all about the COOLING!!!
Need some help here!
last good mobile??
FX 55 _ 90mm core _ whats up?
Just built my first PC and having problems..
Venice? No this time its San Diego!
1 ghz oc with paris core sempron!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when will the venice core be out?
mbm5 vs bios
What are the "Revision", "Family", "Stepping", etc boxes in CPU-Z?
refurb mobile 2600's at the Egg
Overclocked XP-M vs Stock AMD64
3200+ or 3500+?
What can you tell from a Processors model number?