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How much performance gain should XP 64 bring?
AMD athlon 2800+ @ 2.6GHZ!! w00t :D
Is this revision any good? DH7-CG
voltage for 3200
The AMD 64 3700 Mobile - Multipler Unlocked?
newcastle 3200??
socket 754 3200 newcastle
A64 and AXP
help pverclocking
XP 3200+ or not?
A few issues while overclocked .......
Best 939 overclocker..cpu?
Quick Question
Athlon64 3400+ s939
Do NOT use WinXP (SP2) on your A64 rigs!
Which 754 or 939?
DFI Nforce4 SLI-DR and DFI UT Nforce4 Ultra-D are becoming available
Review My New A64 System...PLEASE!!
High Opteron 246 temperature
wanna build!!!!!
I thought that the .5 multipliers didn't work.
DFI NF4 boards are at ZZF!
xp 3000 mobile
Which is better?
IDYHA stepping - Mobile Bartons
xp3000 desktop
A64 Is up
Help on overclocking...
How good is the mobile 2800+ barton?
Athlon 64 and two sticks of memory vs. one stick
Which CPU and Motherboard To Purchase... Please Advise.
A64 3200(90nm) or A643500(90nm)
Skt A ---> 754 upgrade planned.....
Advice on Shipping A64 System...
Dogs Win + Single Again =
1.9 xp settings?
Cries of Pain
Suggestions for my OC
WTF?? my scores are gone!?
Help an OC veteran
Dunno what im doing ........
$400 A64 Rig
A64 2800 newcastle
My Unlocked desktop 2400XP vs Mobile 2600
2600mobile instead of a 2600xp?
Thermaltake ain't THAT bad
Ye OLD Thunderbird does HIGH FSB....PIC!!
XP 2500+ Mobile on AN7 - can't get above 11x200?
New System Build Fx-55
How much better is the A64 then the Mobile Barton?
Sempron 3100+ VS Athlon64 3200+
What test do you use in prime 95? plz help quick!!
2800 mobile
Who Has The Last Mobile Barton!
Finally finished my Intel rig....what do I need to go AMD?
AthlonXP 1800+ Palomino Unlock?
What bus is the most important to get the fastest?
AMD Desktop CPU Roadmap January 31, 2005
Max voltage on Mobile 2600+
Pick me out an A64 setup
Sempron Vs Mobile Barton
3400+ or 3500+?
Need a new CPU...which one?
Amd 64 3000+ cpu fan speed?
Looking for suggestions for moderately priced 3200+ Winchester rig
dual or quad amd mobo
64-bit 3200+ Vs. Mobile 2600+ Oc'ed
Does this graph reflect reality?
CPU is dead.
sempron 3100 socket 754
AMD 64 3200+'s Stock HS Help PLZ :D!!
Overclocking Experiment - Need Advising
Newbie looking for opinion on his rigs
Bad CPU or Mobo?
AMD 64 Testing for stablity Programs
3200+ or 3000+ could i get better overclock??
Divider + high clockspeed vs 1:1 ratio and lower clockspeeds
Thinking of making the switch July 05
Newcastle CG rev help
Mobile XP's still unlocked?
Insane overclock!
Where do I start my OC?
MSI NF4 board out
Dual core AMD's will rein supreme?
A64 3400+ voltages
Giving Intel the boot, new to AMD
A bit of PR Rating help
Windows takes forever to boot
I feel 1337
Mobile Barton 2500 FSB problem
Should i stop?
Extremely weird problem
need a good setup
DFI "LANPARTY UT nF3 250Gb and DTR notebooks
280 fsb with stock cooling
Question on S754 Newcastle heat/overclocking? Also, HTT/FSB?
Autodectects at 200mhz...?!?
Max safe Vcore for 3400+ DTR?
Comparable AMD to a P4 @ 4.5ghz?
A64 3000+ Mobile... How would I get it running?
a64 3000 939 & ddr333 ram, POSIBLE?
new 3500 winchester...what can you tell me about the stepping?
Quick question,
AMD here I come
A64 3200+ Week 51
2600+ @ 240 Fsb
Venice delayed but for how long?
A64 Shimm (Do-Your-Own)
Looking for a little advice for 64 bit system
More Novice advice
AMD 2400+ overclock/ upgrade?
Does newegg accept and ship overseas order?
athlon vs. sempton vs. a64
s939 3200
this is motherboard&cpu i plan to get
What can I get out of this old POS
Since A64 FSB is not really FSB, does it have APG lock, or does it need one?
2.4GHz decent for 2500+?
Prog to help me detirmine most powerful speed?
The most i can get out of 90nm 3500+ skt 939
Want to Upgrade from P4 to AMD64
Athlon2500+/2600+ overclocking
UNlocking Multiplier with wire trick in Athlon XP
Athlon 2200+ 200 FSB??
Newbie question: HTT
Nice benchies,AMD got Game
Is my CPU locked? how do I...
Hi-Res Athlon 64 Die Photo?...anyone??
how can i overclock my 2800+
amd 2200 instead of 2800?
Trying to find out if CPU is Dead
Thinking of upgrading to A64 system
WHAT to upgrade XPs to? Need help!
Which 940 CPU?
Athlon XP Palomino's on eBay
Looks like I picked a winner!
xp3000 sempron barton core 333.fsb
mobile 64
Odd memtest errors = memory controller or RAM? (56k beware)
cpu differences
Stuck at 225fsb. Possible?
Semi alive 2600+ Athlon XP.
Oskar's ram settings?
Kouch's A64 overclocking experience !!!
Duron650-cooling without fan
CPU speed, cache size, and memory speed and latency
do you think 1.95 is too much?
Quick ? about socket 939 choices
Odd behavior with my overclock, please advise.
Venice hsf
Is this clock worth it?
AMD64 3000+ 939 winchester temp
Processor Numbers/Markings
L2 Cache anyone??
venice?? what soo darn good about it!!!
Overclocking troubles amd 3200+
PSU rating
Opinions wanted...
AMD 2400+ Sempron
I'm back and its time for a new computer
64bit Xp athlon 64 compatable?
Athlon XP 3200+... wrong name
Winnie guys how much Vcore with stock cooling?
Help with A64 recognition!!!
Crazy temps/voltages
Please help me quickly....
I ****ing give up
2800+ barton oc
Need Your Guys Expertise Please !!
First Attempt @ Overclocking XP 2100+
How high could I OC my FX55 on stock voltage?
Help Please
Winchester cpu information question + voltage question
How is my OC going?
Haha, wat the!! i unlock the duron's cache :)
All Bartons Locked?
Toledo? Venice? Sandiego? Others?
AMD xp-2400 VS. xp-2600
Venice worth waiting for?
Best a64 Overclocker vs XP-M 2500
reasonable oc? expert help needed
Help me build a system (AMD)
A64 3400 OC Help (Pictures within)
Question on 3500+ and MB
new Sempron 2500+ installation letdown...
Shuttle XPC with Winchester
A64 - Retail vs. OEM pack CPUs & Overclockability?
Plz Post Your A64 Socket 939, 90nm overclocks
Best "old" cpu (make an old system to fool with...)
Scratched finish on cpu?
Kingston DDR400 512MB ValueRAM @ Best Buy
Prime95 CrapOut Temps?
confusing CPU vs Mobo temperatures
OC'ing need help 2800+/754
Thinking of overclocking...
well finally took the plunge!!! A64 here i come
When you buy sempron CPU, how can you tell between throubred and thorton?
Overclocking Problem
question about overclocking AMD64 and the way systems see it
Palermo available in retial channels
amd 3000 xp mobile
Best bet for late week 3000+ winchester?
I need Help Over Clocking!
AMD superpi score
Is this CPU worth getting?
Need help buying the XP-M 2600+
considering this 754 system...
Building a computer for under a GRAND!!
Re-sitted sink, Here's the code, little advice guys!
Processor deals
The incredible shrinking vcore winchester
Ultimate AMD 64 System
Would like to overclock a Athlon Xp...
amd64 3200
Accessing the Diode...CAN IT BE DONE?!?!
Thermisistor or Diode?
New NF7-S V2 and XP-M 2500+ need help!
AMD 64 - what mem for it?
Athlon XP & copper shims
Finally did it!
My thread reguarding amd cpus and win2k vs. winxp
budget cpu
What Winchester clockspeed would I need to match my current CPU?
New AMD roadmap is up!
Which is the better FSB+Multi combo?
I have finally joined the AMD Family!
My own benchmark Program
Oc'ing my new 3500+ system..
OC-Master's 3000+ Overclocking Results;
I think its my cpu after all, not mobo that holds me back!
What's the fastest CPU available for my motherboard???
Which is better to overclock?
is this a new stepping?
AMD replies to rebadging issue
A64 3300+ Paris @ 2.4GHz stock?
Can't make my Barton 2500+ m at 230 FSB
What is the current and power draw of my cpu?
Mobile Barton 2400-2600
chipped die = high temps?
how high can ram voltage go?
Does CPU have limited FSB that it willing to run?
Overclocking Causing Video Problems?
My Next Article?
Bad overclock, now it won't run at factory speeds without higher voltage
A64 3000+ (939) overclocking
Voltage for 2600+ M
Mobile Barton 2500+ OC...
Weird temperature problem
Raising voltage does nothing.
FX-53 oc memory problem
Question about voltages
3700+ issues
Higher Htt, lower memory or stock for A64
Noisy PSU
939pin winchesters
How do I lower my voltage?
M XP-2400+: How low can it go?
xp-m2400+ overclocking
3000 barton help
Overclocking AN8-SLI = Major Hard Disk Curruption! :(
Please help
Just got my 3200 90nm! OH JOY!!
ThoroughbredB running a little hot
Help Overclocking
When are the new 90nm AMD64's with strained silicon coming out?
Are these correlations possible?
AGP G4 mx440 OC
Newcastle or Clawhammer? two diff. readings
Very confused!
Overclocking an AMD 2500+ mobile
I got a theory that's making me think about overclocking...
Athlon XP temperatures
Tax return in, Question on processor
About to build this 939 system, need feedback
TOUGHEST stress test of them ALL!!!
64 3200+ Win help
When overclocked?
Install A64 processor driver?
temp issue update
Is this guide for real?
A64 Owners with photoshop please
S754 3700+: DTR or Retail?
3400+ NC DFI LP 250gb
CPU cores...?
Overclocking an AMD Athlon XP
just recieved my cpu
does this sound like a broken/damaged cpu?
Buying new CPU
Faulty processor?
Whats the next 90nm after the 3500+?
what limits fsb OC more: memory, mb, or cpu
How good is my Athlon XP stepping?
2400+M Vs A64?
A64 mobile 3400 62w sold out
sempron 3000+ from 12x to 17x
Where can I buy a mobile A64?
Why is Clawhammer so much more expensive?
Program that shows HTT Speed
What is the biggest CPU I can put in this motherboard
Hitting a brick wall OCing my XP2500 mobile
Yesss!!! I just got my 939 3000+ in the mail.
3500+ help
A64 E0s use upgraded Mem-controller
@ 240 fsb Keyboard stops working need help
DFI Nforce4: So much for waiting...
AMD Barton 2500 266FSB & Asus a7n8x deluxe
3200+ XP Vs. 3400+ 64 754 Vs 3200+ 939 ... is it worth the upgrade?
OC a 3000+ 939 winchester?
Recommend me to the better choice!
Voltage Problem
New to OCing
Building a System
Opinions about an OCed TBredB
what mobos r mobile athlon 2500 compatible
Oh how I love my antec psu *sarcasm*
What can i do with my xp2200
New system- difficulty getting 2.4Ghz
A64 wont overclock at all...??
newcastle temperatures
worth upgrading my Clawhammer ??
i am soo mad plz help me with this CPU
90nm sempron
HoW high can the temp go, before it gets...
2800 Barton help
CnQ multiplier hack???
PSU rating estimate for some 939 CPU and systems
Prime95 sumout error
AMD XP 2000+ OC help
Where is the PI test?
Processor ID question
What to expect after buidling the mobile system
magic A64?
sempron 3000+ 2000mhz at @ 2520mhz
CPU Core Voltage? 1V or 1.5V?
Old Skool Overclocking...
A64/PCI-E worth it right now?
Am i killing my comp? Or Letting it live. YOU decide
AMD 3500+ vCore?
Overclocking potential of my CPU? CPU-Z screenshot included.
vcore control and a64's.
help select board and cpu
No booting really means no booting?
my 2600+ temps
is this average for a tbred b?
2500+ Mobile Overclocking help
Help Overclocking an AMD Althlon 64bit 3000+
Which AMD processor?
A Question on AMD 1.2 Durons
Barton mobile 2500 OCed vs. A64 3200 stock
FSB intergrated into the chip?
Any more word on A64 .9u Rev2 Release?
Is are Newcastle CG chips any good?
Better upgrade, Athlon 64 or new video card?
Linux CPUMSR or CrystalCPU type program for athlon mobile
Just got A64 2800+ MSI K8N Neo, with wierd o/c problem
New Winny - What stepping am I looking for?
A graphical picture of A64 overclocking
amd mobile processor help!!!!!
frequencys for a 2800+ HELP!!
Got A64 and Neo2 Platinum, now I want to o/c =)
What the hell is wrong?
What to do now?
Always Overclocked?
FX-55 Under Prometia (pics)
any noticeable improvements if i upgrade to A64?
Unlocked Desktop Barton 2500+ Won't Go Past 2.2GHz
Help, i'm a newb~ Barton 2500 or Mobile 2500 ???
AMD 64 or......
Been away for a while need some info:)
Noob to AMD - want to build a folding rig
Sudden Death of 1600?
price for barton 2500
why is my XP3200 heating up to 70C without overclocking? please help
No S939 3000's, upgrade to next option????
DFI NF4 preorder in Canada....look!
Which test in Prime95 do I run?
Doh! I broke a pin off my amd64!!!!
Guys, I need some advice!
Is my CPU going ti DIE
Comparing speed A64, P4, and Athlon XP.
64 2800+ ?
Want to Upgrade to AMD, Convince Me
weird stability problems
CPU Temp
I've seen Fry's have new 3500+ Winny!
0444 XPEW Winne 3200 and Neo2 Plat. Freezing
The Complete AMD CPU List, Enjoy
How fast can 2600 tbreds go?
Voltage Qs
List of all AMD cpus
Ordered new SLI rig!
anybody uses ABIT KW7 (VIA KT880) ?
New mobile stepping?
Which Thermal Compound?
pr ratings
When are the new Venice And mobile core cooming out?
1800+/2400+ question about which it is
O/Clocking a Barton XP3200+
If you had $200 for an overclocking CPU, what would you get?
mobile 2600 IQYHA 0447
Counterfeit XP3200+
what sort of overclock could i get on my 2600+
Quick help, about VCore.
Why the heck are prices on Winchesters
OCing FX-53 (940 pin) w/ ASUS SK8V
Really REALLY Wild Volt Fluctuations, anyone have this problem?
A64 s754 upgrade questions
'Machine Check Error' even ID 106 in Win2003
My first overclocking error
unlocked cpu's
3200 winchester V.S FX-55
AthlonXp overclock what is what...
Goal for tonight Get 242 fsb stable
My A64 Results
Bad memory controller on 754 2800
speed of 3200
Ordered 3000+ SLI Setup :)
AMD official answer on current mobos dual-core support (OC Detective, where are you?)
Has anyone heard about the new 90nm mobiles?
AMD-XP Mobile 2600+ speed ratio ? (need help)
Athlon XP 3000+ - Comp USA sale
help...kind of new to oc'ing cpus
512mb fast or 1gb slower DDR?
does heat cause errors in P95?
wire mod not working on mobile 2600+
New AMDs
continuation to motherboard problems
CPU/RAM Ratio.......Very Confused????
a64 HTT speed
XP3200+ w/Tower112
i'm upgrading need help
Metal Slug
How to wire trick AthlonMP->XP?
AMD64 FX53 Annoyance
best upgrade?
Athlon XP2000+ at 63C without oc
Athlon XP Mobile, should I look for any in particular???
Interesting situation with Mobile 2500+
Best Comp ever?
Burning in CPU is baaaaaaad
Help with Sentinels cpu burnin
Hitting a wall. What to do next?
When are the new winnies due?
how much more can this be pushed?
Some news about 64-bit Windows on A64
AMD vs. P4 in Source VST
What is the comparison between and o/ced cpu and a stock one?
2500 Sempron only gets to 1.9ghz
Power leakage on FX-55
Overclocking= shorter life?
Is the CPU temp too high for this processor?
Which AMD64 939 CPU?
What do ya think?
Prime95 & DEP
3DMark03 Winchester 3000+ OC
Uhh!! Winnie 3200+ Athlon 0447 SPAW on air
Was I ripped off?
what is the different between s754 with s 939/940?
Barton 2500+ Overclocking Help
are my pcmark 2002 scores good?
How to tell the Week of A64
is my XP 2400+ Tbred fried ??? :cry:
What Is Thermal Throttling??
Build my A64 Shuttle
AMD Athlon 64 512 Cache vs 1024 Cache
Tbred-B 2700+ can't do 200MHz FSB?
Just went and did it
What are the main differences between AthlonXP and Athlon64?
What would be the best s754 A64 with Water Cooling?
Stress/stability program, OCCT
I got some "sticky" material for a64 users..
Heres what i did so far
Where it go?
htt cant be changed......
How exactly is a 2.2GHz A64 faster than a 3GHz+ P4?
Weird question...need help
3200 64 90nm overclock
Winchestor voltages
Still VERY confused about OCing an A64
Did I fry YET ANOTHER CPU? But MSI D-LED hangs on "Early Chipset Init."?! HELP PLZ
Cleaning the CPU Die - Is it ok to use a qtip+alcohol directly on it?
New member
need some help with my a64 90nm 3200
New kit just arrived
Interesting 754 vs 939 article
A64 3000+ (754 Newcastle) Multiplier Problems/HT
pin mod on duron?