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Still VERY confused about OCing an A64
Did I fry YET ANOTHER CPU? But MSI D-LED hangs on "Early Chipset Init."?! HELP PLZ
Cleaning the CPU Die - Is it ok to use a qtip+alcohol directly on it?
New member
need some help with my a64 90nm 3200
New kit just arrived
Interesting 754 vs 939 article
A64 3000+ (754 Newcastle) Multiplier Problems/HT
pin mod on duron?
About E0 core......
KT266 and mobile processors
Look at my new UBERFAST n COMPACT system...
OC CPU database
Help Me Upgrade My PC...Please?
A64 memory contoller?
Help me clear up my Athlon64 confusion! :)
xp2700 vs. sempron3000
2.7ghz and x800 or 2.4ghz and x800XL?
Help OCing a 2500+
dam, my stupid CPU fan just stop running, and it probably was 30 min before i notice
Please Help!!!
when are the Winchesters with strained silicon coming out?
OC'ng an AMD Sempron 2600+ BOX [help!]
What's The Best A64 Overclocker ?
Breaking News!!!! TURION.
Chiped cache, lock down?
Good temps or too hot?
max 2100+ xp safe overclock?
Is there a spreadsheet for Athlon XP & XP-M oc results?
Awesome Collection of fried and cracke Athlons
Torn Between A64 and XP-M
help with mem in A64 system
Super Pi
Beware Stolen And Defective Processors
overclocking question.
New System confirmed~ any suggestions? :)
Just ordered 939 3200+. Need ocing info!
overclocked XP-M 2600+ sometimes won't boot, but is stable under Windows!!!
My Winchester 3000+ Steppings
New Athlon 64 3500+, cpu codes?
Will this cpu work with abit NF7-s?
Athlon xp 2200+ temps too high??
seeking help from the best, you guys.
Cpu Amd Athlon Xp 2400+ Thorton
AMD athlon XP 2400+ locked ??
Unfamiliar steppings
When will AMD start making unlockd CPU's again?
Pin Trick Did it work or not? 3000 XP.
new rig...
prime95 problem!
BIOS issues and Winchesters
Best AMD 64 CPU for 700.00
Need help OC'ing my 2500+ Barton....please?!?!
xp2400+ owners or past owners
Need help please...
Is undervolting bad for the CPU?
Above 246 fsb problems
Please Help!!
OC Winchester 3000+ - Advice please
Which Artic Silver is best for a64's.
Oh my!!
Good idea for pin mod?
Thorton 2000+ overclock experiences
+5 Mosfets.... Should I?
AMD 3000+ C0 stepping even worth installing?
OC'ng an AMD 2800+ Barton 333fsb, can it be done?
Please help me with my new 2600 Mobile
Need NF3 Chipset cooler
Please evaluate my system
Amd 64 3200+ Oc
!Warning! 60,000-1,000,000 Defective CPUs sold into retail!
Where to buy a winchester with garunteed steppings?
35 watt 2400+ better than 45 watt 2400+ ! ? !
The AMD2200+ (Thorton) Overclock Challenge
2005 OC-wares
K8 939 3000+0448SPAW OC 2.8G Test
K8 939 0441spmw Test
K8 939 3000+ 0440SPMW test
3000+ amd 64 / K8N NEO2 motherboard oc problems
Results of my 90nm 939 3000+
HELP! my cpus pins are crooked
Old AMD Slot A Processor
Athlon 1.2 GHz Problem
Setting Up The Perfect DFI NF4/SLI System!
A64 and a thermal probe thermometer.
AMD athlon or amd 64?
week 46 3200 winchester
Improved OC with Cool n' Quiet..?
Are A64's ever going to have true temps?
Counterfeit AMD processors (estimated 1 mil) seized in Taiwan
cannot overclock a64 3000+ (newcastle i think)
Which is better for stability?
A64 3000+ S939 with NEO 2 plat.
For a laugh, take a look at the speed of this 3200 winnie!
Got a new toy
Best a64 stuff?
2500+ to 3200 - stability problems
Quite the strange problem....
Which 939 NF4 mobo is best?
Real Quick
64Bit Drivers?
Worht to upgrade?
how to oc my gigabyte to it's best?
Should I upgrade?
Stock Vcore Newcastle v Winchester 3500+
how far can i push my 3500+ newcastle
First AMD dog
Newb OCer
64Bit, MB, IDE
My first build:
Whats going on with my 3500+?
DFI S939 comming soon (pic)
Doesnt this AMD system Kick this p4 butt
Crazy temps for amd 3400+
754 or 939?
unstable & losing my OC
When is Socket 939 coming to the UK?
best amd64 to oc? and motherboard to use...
Xp 3200+ w/ Corsair Value
Which mobile CPU ?
How are my temps?
Barton 2500+ question
xp3000 chip
XP 2400+ to XP-M 2500+ worth it?
Please Help me Oc my 3200+win to 3500+ spec
Help OCING 2200+
xp 2600+ running hot need ideas
Amd 64 3200+
ok final setup going with 939
New mobile Socket A CPU
am i too hot?
AMD PIB packaging sux?
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ slowing down...
Duron 1.6 cache unlocking
Ripped my CPU out, is it ok??
Athlon MOBILE cpu's ?
Need HELP with Overclocking AMD 2600+ cpu!!!
need some help id'ing my processor
newbie questions
754 or 939???
Underclocked...need some help!
Athlon XP2800+ vs Sempron 3000+
encoding with A 64?
XP reads as Duron?
How would u rate this overclock..
What have I missed? or did I expect too much
From P4 2.8C M0 to A64 3500 Newcastle, worth it??
Cause of Cold Booting
lots of questions
2500+ Barton @2.3ghz + ???????????????
Unbiased comments on Intel or AMD
Newcastle voltage.
Thunderbird OC problem
AMD XP2100+ ......Overclocking???
Help with Athlon XP 2500+
how does core voltage affect overclocking FSB potiental
Any suggestions
3000+ or 3200+ (or even 3500+)???
Just ordered a dfi LP UT and CH 3400 need help with short question
Sempron 2200+ and Superlock
My Current CPU speed (in Ghz) is:
good overclock machine??? 250 fsb?
Hi Everybody:-) advice needed pls
Question S939 3000 vs 3200 both winchester
Uh OH...what is tis prime95 error ?
Oh no, what can I do?
To buy or not to buy(refurbished)
Vcore differences
Noob question about my CPU
small upgrade worth it?
The AMD 64Bit 3400 questions!!!!
What is the better upgrade?
"Unknown CPU Type"
1 more question
list of charities for Tsunami and earthquake victims
will xp 64 3200 fit in Epox 8k5a?
Overclocking an XP 3200+
Need Some Help/Questions About 2500+
Does this sound right for my setup?
Quick ~ A64 3000+ cheap ram
What Vcore would you go to ?
CPU Overheat
is it possible to die of anticipation?
prime95 crashes when i first start it up
What could i oc 2?
XP-M 2400+ only showing 600mhz during POST?
Overclock/Benchmark results from my New FX-55
First details of dual core Opterons emerge
New CPU or Motherboard? Help Please!!
my 2600 tbred with a pic, just for you
Building comp for friend need suggestions
unlocking my tbred
hmmm problem with overclock
New comp: 3400 newcastle with dfi lanparty
Clawhammer 3400 or Winchester 3500/3200
could search, but easy question...
woah such low temps now!
Can too much memory voltage fry the on-die memory controller?
what speed is my ath64 3400 ?
A64 3000+ s939 Retail Fan Size??
Need help!!!
DIP switches and multiplier
power supply advice needed
Which 754 proc to get?
winchester vs. clawhammer
help me choose parts for a video editing rig for $2000!
Help with hitting a 3000+ wall?
what's kill temp for an AMD Athlon 2100+ (pal)?
3200 x13 any oc will not boot
Safe Voltages
2600+ Mobile?
Is this a good overclock?
Yeah i got a dud when it comes to overclocking a 2200+ sempron
Unlocked Barton?
Higher voltage causes unstability
Going 64bit which to get?
mobiles: low volt 2400 or 2500?
Anyone remove the IHS on a Winchester?
AMD 3700+ MSI neo Platinium, memory help questions
Duron oc and benches
Which 2600 should I buy?
New to Overclocking...Too Much Info...Brain Exploding...
Please, Help me not do a foolish thing.
Trying to force 166MHz/333MHz FSB on a Mobile Barton 3000+
a64 multiplier heat question
Here Be Myne Owne Fyrst 90nm-A64 3200+
My P4 is dieing, need opinions on update! *long*
Sempron CPU probs, please HELP
What is the kill temp for AMD 64 3200 90nm?
Noob's OCing question
Spread Spectrum ? ::Disabled::
Athlon XP2800+ Barton on a KT333 Dragon(Black)
Help me build a >$500.00 System!
Max safe (I mean safe; dead P4) voltage on Winchester core A64?
AMD64 max temps
Opteron 64 Question
Should I get the mobile 2500+ barton???
Thinking about Switching to the Dark Side
2600 sempron idle temps
OC help
Was the socket 939 3000+ a limited run CPU?
Numbers... on my cpu?
Whats the highest voltage you've seen on air for A64?
Any hope? (Sorry I'm new)
Need some help (64 3200+)
Sempron 2200+ oc
Going past 285Mhz on the Athlon 64 3000+
2600+ still has more in it:)
AMD 64 3400+ Overclock Tips
Getting Rid Of CPU Fan!!!
OC Sempron 2400+ & MSI KT6V
Desperate help with 3200 Barton needed
Help me overclock.
AXP-M 2600+ @ 2.6 -- Please Help
If ya can't stand the heat get out da kitchen
What Mobile 2600+ Steppings To Buy? Help!
Time for upgrade?
Need upgrade help!
superlow barton vcore though unstable so it's not worth a cent...
New to forum :) and bought myself a new amd 64 system
Is this AXP 1800+ dead?
problem ocing mobile 2500+
90 nano 3500+ vs 130 nano
Temp spikes with Newcastle 3500+ and Neo2
Intel to AMD64...
How does a CPU send information to the motherboard
Does an AMD64 3200+ OC'd to 2.2ghz runs as fast as an AMD64 3500+ or slower ?
How long before 939?
MObile 64's vs. desktops ? which one is better ?
2.6ghz barton comparable to what A64 ?
New found overclock in my Ol Newcastle.
Quick Athlon 64 3000+ question?
I wanna build this comp! Parts and prices inside! Advice needed!
Removing my S939 90nm Winchester IHS...
A64, Multipler @ 9x only ?
Maximum attainable FSB with NForce3
Thermal paste
Hey , visiting a Third World Country And want to buy parts Have a Question though
Undervolting a Barton 3000+ dangerous?
Lucky draw when o/cing cpus
WOW check out this benchmark after...
Max safe voltage
Praying to the O/C gods for help
Im still curious to find out what these do!!!
(Random endless Problems) my new a64 nightmare.
KEYBOARD before OS wont respond
What am I looking for in an A64?
New Excaliber IQYHA 0447APMW
core speed to external (Intel like) speed?
55 watt barton
Shim vs No-Shim results
which 754 is better 512k-2.4 or 1m-2.2
64 3400+1MB L2..CAA2C:0449TPMW @ excaliberpc..
instead of locking the multiplier: new idea
xp-m 3000+ really worse for ocing than 2600+
Sync/Async mode.
Value Gaming PC
AMD 64 90nm - under 1.0 v
need help finding the divider
Best suited CPU for 9700?
What is better?
Barton XP3000 Wire trick Possible
Need a mother boared for AXP2400+
Stupid winchester wont go past 250HT!! [[HELP ME]]
how much could i push this?
Overclocking Help (Pics inside)
Serious CPU confusion
which cpu?
This benchmark good?
amd64 3400 nc and production week
AMD takes the X-Bit labs poll by landslide!
AMD CPU Benchmark
Sempron 2800+ OC
What exactly is the difference between these 3?
PC Chips M863G + AMD Sempron 2200+
POST problems
How do you tell if an Athlon XP is locked?
Just got a 3200+ Barton!
a64 3000+ asus a8v2.0 lockups?
Duron 1.6 won't do 166 FSB AN35 Ultra ???
Which is better: 130nm or 90nm 3500?
O/C Help.
Question on AMD 3500+
Making a New Comp
Whats the difference between a Winchester core and New Castle core....
strange prime errors with winchester
AMD64 Windows XP Driver
im confused?
Thorton to Batron Mod
Barton 2500+ OC - problems!
what the fastest a 2600 will go?
Can you believe this OC?
winchester 939 3000+, mobo?
Best performance, but with what overclock?
Why my newcastle won't clock?
Correlation Between Vdimm and OC stability w/ A64?
Help OC'ing a XP-M 2600
fx55 now or wait for dual core chips?
Help Overclocking an Amd Athlon 64 3400
urgent help needed - multiplier problem
Urgent help needed - Overclocking A64 2800+
My Winchester 3000+ Overclocked Results
2600+ Barton or 3000+ 64 Bit
Anyone know a safe voltage for A64 on air cooling?
Software/hardware OC mod
how hot should it run
Athlon 64 Multiplier
How should I overclock my system?
help me .. i cant overclock
AMD Sempron 2400+ OC problem
curious question
Something wrong with my 2000+?
I want to learn to overclock
Newcastle Vs Winchester
Just starting out, any tips to overclock my cpu
MY NEW A64 !!! (need help)
Amd 3000+ Mobile Barton ?????
AMD 3000 / 3200 overclocking ~ ~ ~
HELP!i hate this fx55...
Athlon xp 2600+ Multiplier?
Overclocking AMD 64 3200+ problems
What are the best possible TCCD Ram out there?
Anyone have any experience overclocking A64 3800+
Mobile 2600+ and Prime95 help needed
3000 Winchester or Mach II
CPU/Memory Analyzer
Athlon XP 3200+ OC-ing
What is the GHz wall on s939?
Athlon XP 2500+ Barton
3400 newcastle
Confused about A64!
939 3200+ OCing Goodness
Athlon 2000+ palomino @ 333fsb possible?
Santa needs help with OC on NF7 / AMD2600 mobile system
Who has I-stepped XP-M 2600's IN STOCK?!
Laptop clock speed fluctuating...
Need a $400 system
Flaw in A64 architecture?
Winchester 3500+ problem or bios problem? Help please!
winchester queation!
Dangit! Just got AQYHA from Newegg. Should I keep it?
New To Forums
too late for winchester?
OC A 2600+ mobile
new cpu
What's different b/t unlock L1 and L3?
Help Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Might be getting an AMD64 3200+, need help with oc'ing
Is my Barton an unlocked one ???
A64 3500+ Specs Differences between Winchester and Newcastle?
Got my A64 3000+ up to 2600! Help me get it farther!!
Sempron 3000+ 512K cache at 2.4Ghz
a 64 heatsink
Reaching FSB 250 with XP-M?
Help me find a good 3500+ Winchester
Temp ok, or should i try for better contact for DTR?
axp2400+ tbred B
3200 overclock
best a64 2800 overclock
stability issues, barton 2500 epox 8rda3+
mwave offers a 1 year warrenty on OEM chips? (for a small extra cost)
Interesting Info
3200 .90nm price diff
939 locked chips
What AMD CPU do you run?
Amd CPU Identification
Athlon64-XP Edition?
Anyone oc with an NFORCE4 yet?
What do CPU die's do?
XP mobile refurbs at newegg: Yay or Nay?
changing my p4 2.4ghz to amd 2000+
How can I be sure that a certian 3500+ is indeed a Whinchester
Few questions about A64 temperatures
need a comp....
Cooling suggestions.
Locked or not?
How to do a poll for overclocking?
Aggressive OCing... and the consequences.
Solution To Overclocking Any CPU
i want to know how to overclock
Can I overclock my system
A64 3000+ & MSI K8N Neo2, Windows Stability Issues
12.5 multi locked on 2500+m
New 64 Bit either 3000 or 3200 939
How does AMD's perform in AutoCad/Intellicad
Did I fry another $@! CPU?? please help
Computer in the shower
Need input by 6 PM ET Dec 14.
3500 and 3200
3500 restock times??
which cpu?
New S939 Setup = No Internet Access???
Super Pi went wonky
Giving praise to the Skt (754) Athlon64 3400+
new system.. just ran 3dmark 03/01
Newbie questions!
Best program for overall stability/burn in?
I was been stupid? Am I ok? Killed my chip?(Pics)
oem cpu's
AMD Barton or Mobile?
Check Out this system. what do u think
overclock advice
Bad news already:( Help diagnose problem
is there a cpu socket tester?
Sempron 2400+ vs AthlonXP 2000+
Need help choosing what to buy so many cores >.<
issues with speeze heatsink
Intel Processors (shhhhhhhhh)
superlocked ?
[HELP ME] AMD-64 Bit Processor ?
A64 for Gaming Rig...
A64 HTT or FSB ??? Confused
week 34 939 3200 replaced with week 41, much better results
Questions (939 mobo/Chipset/Processor) from an Intel convert
Which one should i buy? xp-m 2600+
How does Sempron compare to Duron?
Should I upgrade or not ???
Looks like 3GHz is finally going to arrive thanks to strained silicon!........
Mobile 2600+ Overclocking help
What can i expect?
A64 Buying help needed!!
Wait for "San Diego"?
Best program to monitor temps?
Mobile barton expert pls come in!! Urgent!!
3000+ overclocking question
Will this memory help me with my 3200
Does this cpu support dual channel memory?
Anyone ran into this before? Sudden A64 FX death...
Anyone know the height of an a64 and P4 core?
OC A64 with cheapO RAM?
does overclocking shorten your CPU's life time??
Some help setting up AMD 3200 winchester
AMD 2500+ (Multiplier LOCKED) ? 11.0x?
If you are having Winchester stability issues POST HERE!
Is my cpu dead?
o/c 2500 with lowest volts
How many have adapted an xp-120 to their DTR?
Hi all
Temperature Guide for A64.
Amd xp 2500+ mobile
Possible to get mobile 2600 0351 mpmw?
did i max out my chip??
Why Do Consoles Need So Much CPU Power
Help Please!!!
Amd64 3500+
Old CPU, New Problems
Should I go with a 754 3000+?
Problems with game stability - AXP
cpu changing
Is this CPU a good candidate for O/C?
Can't run 1:1, memory controller to blame?