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Is this CPU a good candidate for O/C?
Can't run 1:1, memory controller to blame?
Time to join the 64 club? Opinions please..
Can i get any higher than 2.6 on my 3200+ 754?
Is my CPU dead?
Wires found on pins of 1800+
Wine-Mod My 3000+ Amazing Results Pics!!
My New Racing System Lots-o-Pic's
quick question, new setup...
So whats the best bet now?
oc xp2100
Spend more on memory or cpu? Where will I get more bang for my buck?
How exactly would one go about OCing their CPU?
Dual cores only for socket 940.
A64 Tweaker - Untapped Memory Bandwidth
amd sempron 2200+
How Did u Start Learning About Computers?
Is 65c too hot for a 3500+ s959 A64?
Will this run in dual channel?
Is my CPU dying?
HELP! What have I gotten myself into?
Stuck at just under 2.3 gig.
3200 .90 vs 3500 .130
COnfusing power plugs
Very upset: winchester wont post in dual channel
is it worth the upgrade
Mobile Semprons got info ?
Sempron & superlock
How are the mobile XP 2400+ chips from newegg? Is there a better choice?
Have i hit my max oc ??
Hopefully not a silly question
New rig
Buy a VapoChill or a a64
Good OC?????
Ring around the sockets
Anyone oc'ed a Duron 1.8 (applebred)
High Density ram to overclock an nforce board? HELP!
WC 3200+ Help
this is a wierd "thing"
getting 2500+-m stable
Need help deciding on an Athlon XP/M
3Dmark03 results with AMD 64 3000+
Overclock Sempron 2200+
Big increase compared to this?
Is there such thing as sudden or gradual Athlon XP-M death syndrome?
Asus A8N-SLI 325$ on sale now, what!!!!!!
My 3200+ Winchester OCing Results
Temp reading
$150 budget comp @ 2ghz
Question abut my CPU codes
Athlon Xp 3000 Lock or Unlock?
Need some "safe" FX-53 OCing tips, pls!
Athlon 64 OC Buyers Guide
Did i get what i ordered? 3500 winnnie
Which is better 3000+ ? 0433,0437,0441,0440?
3200 vs 3500
naming this CPu
Anyone has a copy of this post "Low PR 90 nm 939 Winchester (Sept 2004)"
I need a DC vs SC socket 939 compare.
XP 2200+ Ram Divider Trouble
AMD 64-Bit CPU Whats the Point???
Difference between A64 Winchester and Newcastle cores?
Hardly any laptops with AMD? WTF!
My credit card is out need quick reply
Noob Xp2500+
Help/Stumped/Getting upset
Unlocking AMD 2600
AMD 64 3400+ socket 939?
Best CPU <= 300?
New to overclocking
New Machine i just bought.
NC3200+ or DTR3000+?
CPU overclocking lock
Eek! Computer Science project, Need help -fast-
need help, wierd problem with new system
Best shuttle case mobo for a A64 939?
Is this true?
Help me buy a CPU
heh guess what comes around goes around
How Fast Dose Ur Computer Start up?
The Triumphant return of Power now = Unlocked CPUs 4 all!
Lateral upgrade?
A64 overclocking - confused about multipliers
Fx-53 Overclock Problem
Buy your mobiles and Bartons NOW!!
$500 for cpu/mobo/ram for S939 upgrade
"Winnie" cant P95 @ stock clocks
My cpu hit wall beyond 320 HTT
The Straight Scoop on SSE3/DDR2 chips
A64 IHS thickness?
Need a A64 754 2.5ghz cpu!!!
Cheap socket A now, or go to A64?
Athlon64 4200+ (Venice) & FX-57 (San Diego) Coming January?
3500+ out of stock
Old School overclocking 1.3 Thunderbird
Stock HSF temperatures
The $750 Dilemma
Sempron Quickie
AMD OCer don't need high frequence RAM.Is that so?
Ok using stock HS/F?
Why is it so good?
What steppints for SS01 process
2600XP+, noob question, getting frustrated.
Biggest Cpu Ever Made L@@k Pics!
AXP Divider Question
New to AMD, 3400+ DTR + DFI LP 250Gb
which a64 to get ..
Overclocking with stock cooling
Should i get a mobile?
Urgent Suggestion!!!
AMD and a 533FSB
DTR 3200+ now?
Was the Fx-51 ever made in a 939 pin package?
Will the AMD 64 3200 work for AV8?
CPU fried or motherboard
N00b's guide on what to buy for A64 rig
2600+ mobile not responding well to high voltage.
AMD Terms And Types?
This not Suppose to happen? :S
AMD64 s754 size of cpu?
K8N Neo2 Platinum the choice for oc'er?
new 2600 mobile, good stuff
"Superlocked" NO MORE!!! Not the CPUMSR fix, either! L@@K
A little help oc'ing my A64 3500+ Winchester
Just ordered parts for a64 system, hows it look?
NF7-S Revision 1.0 O/C limited???
A64 Cooling suggestions?
90nm Athlon 64 3000 - Unable to Run Stable above 240 X 9
Confused, theirs a 3400 939....
New Athlon 64 OverClocking Calculator
Overclocking XP 2400+
cpu temp 60degrees +++
Help Identify my 3500+
Socket 666
Interested in an AMD system
Overclocking with a low-grade power supply
754 or 939?
External Modem = Higher CPU Temps????
CPU Reports as 'Unidentified CPU'; Is This a Problem?
Will this be enough to cool a mobile 2600+?
Guaranteed revision CPU's
Prime95 large FFT vs. small FFT?
Winchester 3000+ vs. Mobile Barton 2500+
Safe Voltage for 2800 Barton?
Will this Bottleneck?
New Opensource Crossplatform Benchmark, Xmark 2005!
max temp recommended?
Call me crazy...new cooling method
best 754 overclock cpu
Massive Overclock
CPU, RAM and associated settings....
CPU Thermal Diode
my amd 90nm chip
Can somone help me with my Computer?
XP2700 and Fic AU13 MB
bios settings for overclock
what week is this CPU?
anybody done any wire mods
Heatsink question
Is 55c too hot for an A64 3500+ s939 OC'ed to 3800+ encoding videos?
Building a micro cube. Need suggestions
Upgrade or wait?
Recent issues with my setup.
Burn-in objective...
A64 939 Async vs Sync performance?
best 939 mobo for OC?
Help, Athlon xp mobile 2400, wont go past 1200 mhz
Did prices just go up for the 90nm 3200+ ?
Nice stable settings for a 3000+ Barton 333?
amd mobile chip question
OC mobile bartons
AMD 64 3500+ or 3800+ ?
Early results look good
AMD's Thermal Paste
Need opinion on new rig
Just picked up great combo...
Unlocking cache on duron processor
New AMD Sempron 2200+ overclocking help
Memtest playing silly beggers !
sempron 2400 or thourbread 2400
Upgrade Athlon XP 3000+ to Athlon64 3500+
What is Paris?
Mobile Athlon 64
3500+ and gaming! Holy **** HL2
Barton 2500m Barton
cpu burn in
90nm does not respond well to voltages?
omg did i kill it...
Infinity NFII - 200x12 overclock ?
Safe 3200+ voltage..
axp-m 3000+
Look at these 2 benchmarks
Problems with your new A64 rig?...READ!!!
can't get my asus a8v and amd 939 3000+ running
ASUS "K8N-E Deluxe" athlon64 3000
Looking s939 Which Mobo and CPU?
Mobile 2600+ or Desktop 3000+
Help needed!
voltage kills cpu, some
My new comp RATE IT
amd athlon xp 2600+ overclock help?....
AMD Athlon 64 3400+, 1MB L2 Cache, 64-bit Processor = ? INTEL
Some Questions about A64 and overclocking
Prime 95???
Fx 51 940 Question
Let's start a petition to fire AMD PR and Marketing staff
When is pci-e coming out?
computer wont start help
Amd 2700+
What PR ratings would you give some of these A64 Overclocks?
Difference between the Sempron and Athlon XP
A64 S Burnin On High Vdim?
Overclocking AMD64 3500+
A couple Winchester questions
what better for overclocking
First A64 3200 Overclock.
Low Power desktop (not mobile) bartons.
How much is too much juice?
need advice on a cpu/mb
good overclock form 3500 winchesster
Overclocking woes
mobile multi question
a64 939 3200+ or 3500+ ?
Excaliberpc's gauranteed stepping worth it?
somebody quickly help!
"Windows is starting up..." error message...HELP
Dual Opterons
Wow, I can't believe how cool the A64 Winchester runs!!
Using Goo Gone To Remove Sticker on 1700+
Anyone with an OC'd Winchester please respond
I want more from my 2600-M
AMD Next Generation Opteron with 1207 pins!!
3D MARK Scores: List them with your rig.
Help me wiht this A64
how would you overclock this system?
prime'in my 2.3gig desktop
FX-53 questions
What Mobile Barton should i buy from newegg?
AMD64 overclock help
Barton 2500+ clock parameters
Mobile Barton 2500 (2600)
New AthlonXP 2500+
FX-55@3.1ghz (281x11)
Building a Winchester Rig for Friend
mobile 2500+ or mobile 2400+ 35W
Is HTT an acronym for Hypertransport bus?
2400+ beat me 3500+! Why?
max safe a64 cvore newcastle core
Stop making clawhammers?
What do I have here?
How long until pci-e?
Changing Bridges on AXP2000+ Treb "b"
A64 3000 vs 3200
Should I Put Together an Upgrade Thread?
What is stock voltage?
Best 64 bit CPU core, newcastle, winchester?
Is there a difference between 4000+ and FX-53?
Overclocking 2ghz 64bit.
After S939... What's next?
what to get...$350
Placing order (k8n neo2, 3200 winchester)
Just received my Athlon FX55 and its a new week
A64 3400+ CH CG Won't OC!!
AMD about to take the DC plunge (DualCore)Lets Discuss !
Maybe getting Barton 3200+
Why can't I get there? (OC Newcastle)
Anthon 64 3500+ 90nm....
Is my CPU unlocked or my mobo?
AMD road map info
Adding more voltage, how much is too much?
Cpu-Z vs. Bios V-Core
Looking to O/C a 3500+ (Winchester). Any experts?
potential OC setup - any suggestions?
Upgrade Advice
Overclocking A64 3000+ with Stock Cooling
939 vs. 754
Athlon 2500+XP Mobile,need input
XP Mobile 2600/3000?
Questions about A64
26 or 21 I don't know:(
my new oc rig
AMD XP-M stepping codes
New Benches tonight @ 2.7 with X800pro
Cheepest overclocking setup?
Which processor should i buy
What hs to use with 3200 Winchester?
HELP unlock Sempron on old FIC AZ11 - VIA KT133
AMD stepping
Newbie overclocker - Athlon 1700+
My new A64 SFF.. yay!
Questions and recommendation for AXP please
witch Processor is better for oc
OCing Advice
These mobile's never fail to impress!
Amd 2600/333 @ 2194.3
3000+ and a DFI 250GB Why shouldent i get this
How long does it take to clear the channel of AMD CPUs?
Nice overclocking setup?
Wild VCore fluctuations...Help
Final upgrade - Thanks everyone!
prime95 in Safe Mode
too many different cpu!!
Which is better 2600 XP-M or 3000 XP?
What max load temp for A64?
unknown cpu in bios and windows (AMD 2500-M)
A64 upgrade... Discouragement needed
Question about a second rig
is ther anyway to...
Poor OC with 3000+ Winchester
An Intel guy's perspective: my new Winchester
Athlon XP ..... Half Life 2 Review
is there a proper way?
is't my power supply ?
cant get fsb above 169
about thermal paste..
Decided to purchase the AMD Athlon FX 55
2800+ only at 2.38?
my new super rig
can somebody read off this CPU code
The Highest Clock Speed
Ok im going to cut the bridges, little help
Is the axp2000+ unlocked?
Identify My Processor Please
Ramping up my system
what's the difference between 0.13 micron and 90 nanometer?
Running my a64 by you before i buy
CPU usage with nothing running
first oc
Reduced A64 Overclock
Comments on components
Bios rom checksum error?
A64: Integrated memory controller and overclocking Q
Important discovery Abit AV8
3200 DTR or 3400 DTR?
athlon mobile 1500xp
A tough choice
on the low end...whats the diff of 939 vs 754
A Processor question
Weird A64 CPU ERROR(pic inside)
What's the easiest way to modify a Mobile Barton so it is detected as a Desktop Chip?
Help me out
Memory speed help needed.
Hello FX-55
how do i post a screen shot?
I've been out of the loop for too long - N00b now
Help Please
can't get stable in Prime95 for 10+ hours
What is a good program to see temp?
Do I need a new PSU?
CPU size
Stuck at 2.5 Ghz (FX-53 S939)
is this a good overclock
Barton 2500+ overclock problem
Need help... Amd 64 mb and cpu choice...
heya guys, need some winchester help
What CPUS will be going down in price in 2005?
Burn In Processes. Post yours.
Overclocking tool.
xp-m 2600 vs 3000
FX55 Question
Does this Look Good for a Mobile 2600
Anyone rate the A64 3400 mobile dtr?
Help Needed!! Emergency!
3200+ Winchester + Abit AV8
Amd Burned Out???
Someone help me please!
Benchmark Scores stink...HELP!
Unlocked A64 3000+? (newcastle 754)
Please help me OC!
future proof cpu?
s940 or s939?
Is there ever a "right" time to upgrade?
How important is CPU speed these days?
P4 3.4 lga775 or amd64 3500 939 for workstation?
Best ram for the A64 3000+ Newcastle 754
AMD rig
Where do I go from here?
Not really sure how to put this...
A64 754 3000+, CBAZC = new stepping?
im on the market fo an amd 64
amd 64...question on sockets
was upgrading to A64 worth it?
I'm Missing Something Must continue O/C AMD 2500
How good will this setup overclock
RAM read errors in HL2
How much butt would this kick?
Problem with amd64 3200 dtr
strange problem with windows, wondering if its cpu...
Not The CPU? What would you do?
XP-M 2400+ IQYHA or XP-M 2600+???
My fsb just dropped to 50 after installing win2000
Old question please help !
2500+ OC'd to 3200+ and stable?
A4 754 3400+
Need help on making my a64 754 BUDGET gaming rig
Amd64 3000+ clawhammer question
help me buy complete new comp
1800+ vs P4 1.6 willamette
Sempron or Duron?
AMD64 3500+ (Winchester) shortage??
Installed Ram The Wrong Way!!!
MSI NEO2 Platium
A64 and Fortron FSP-530
What determines the volt you can run?
Partitally factory unlocked 04 week 10 barton
Will this work??
Socket A CPU choice
CPU batch decoder?
Guys, I wrote a VB program for overclocking
Are all mobile processors unlocked?
help me choose a new computer
Overclocking my Barton 2800+ on an A7N8X2.0 Deluxe
Spread Spectrum
Need Advice with a Volt Mod
CPU ID not matching Factory Markings..
Will prices on NForce 3 Mobos drop once NF4 comes out?
the best 2oo$ cpu
AMD's future and customer confusion
Problems overclocking 3500+ winchester
AMD Will Officially Launch Improved HT Next Month Hopefully
Cant Get My New Fx-55 System To Work!
Are the new Nforce4 boards only available in PCI E?
I have 2 simple questions concerning a64s,
Makin the switch to amd 64
Help me build a Budget gaming system AMD style
The Megahertz Myth?
overclocking HT????
Whats the best price vs perf deal now?
3.2C p4 ---> 3400+
64bit ocing
Help -An AthlonXP Becomes An AthlonXP-M??
Pentium4 3.80GHz Paper Launched..
Winchester 90nm SS CPU Thread.. (Good Read)
OC'ing Duron 700 & Unlocking the Multi
unlocking multiplier question
Using older OS to free up cpu cycles for more fps
AMD 64/thermaltake 'silent tower' problem.
Low Benchmarks
xp mobile overclocking?
Why this motherboard over others?
I don't understand... Need help overclocking 2800+ Barton
Help on New Athlon 2600-Mobile Step I
max temps on a 2600 mobile air ??
ok which is gonan suit me ?
3000+ OEM or Retail?
My first OC with 2200 Throughbred
What is the best Heatsink & fan?
A64 or sempron?
2500-m smoking fast!
The best Socket A board for Overclocking!
ATHLON XP 2500+ showing as Athlon 1100MHZ
Stepping Sempron
Converting my Athlon XP T-bred 2400+ to mobile possible?
which is better?
Are my 2500+'s Appreciating?
3000XP+ unlock fsb
AMD XP 3000+ 0402 Model OverClocked Works
Post and compare your CPU Version vs. OC MHz with others
Just watercooled ready to OC my 3400+
first production nforce4 board!
AMD XP3200+ Crashes/Problems. Help anyone?
Is there a program were you can change the multiplier instead of in the bios
nForce 4 and Radeon Xpress 200 Chipsets Ships to Mobo Makers This Month(Nov)
nForce 4 and Radeon Xpress 200 Chipsets shipping this month(Nov)
Can an A64 owner do something for me quickly...
L2 Cache.... 512K vs 1MB
Theory on RAM issues with A64s (specifically when in DC)
2 pc2300 1 pc 2700
what do you think of this setup?
Barton stepping - any good?
3400 NC or 3400 Claw
Overclocking a mobile
Xp1800 TBred
Flucuating vcore +/- 0.3??
upgrade from Barton 3000+ while staying on socket A
Max vcore on winny?
Which AMD for replacement?
Best "bang for the buck" Barton and HSF combo
Do i increase vcore when overclocking?
Having a few problems
A64 3000+ 90nm Help!!!!!
Highest Overclock for Mobile Stepping Database
Why can't I use an avatar?
A64 3000+ 754 / DFI LAN / PC2100 RAM = No Problems?
Ha ha...some companies
2 questions about DURON'S and Folding
2500+ barton OC'd, but want faster!
AmD mobile 2400+ 35W/45W will it do 2400MHZ?
Want to go A64 - 939 or 754