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AMD 3000+ 64 heat sink help
Winchester and Enermax 465P-VE
I'm cheap and need help
AMD64 .09 faster per clock? a closer look
Mobile XP-2600 OC - is this good?
Should i be happy with this overclock?
XP to mobile also need detailed guide for L12 mod
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A Peek At AMD64's Performance Benefits With Relevant Code Optimization
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3200+ winchester or 3500+?
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Upcoming A64 Revision to Include SSE3 Support?
Max Multiplyer on 2500+ Mobile
Best Athlon 64
Help OC'ing on an AthlonXP
ok how do u find ur CPU code?
What is a south/north bridge, and a mosfet?
static electricity
I cannot believe this.
Overclock Barton 2500+ failure, and underclock work? Read on.
so........dont forget the winchesters 5% IPC boost
im getting a 3500 90nm
3200 Stepping
Which AMD 64 Overclocks Best with DFI
Is this voltage right for a stock AXP?
3200 vs 3400
Help with my Lag!!!1
AMD ATHLON 2600/2500 ETC good steppings and weeks...
Confused still: OC'ing A64 3200+, Asus K8Vse, OCZ EL Plat 3200
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1.8GHz
Just another A64 Thread!!!
A bit of a puzzle
12v rails and stuff.. lol
Could use some help OC`ing my AMD64 3000+
Bios replacement for K8N Neo2
What affordable 64bit processor will be a significant jump up from my XP2500+?
My future rig.
Uhh What the heck is up with Anandtech?!?
Barton 2500 / NF7-S v2.0 - Need advice on cheap heatsink(w/ fan)
Chip of the moment
2100+ question
3000 vs 3500
Athlon XP 1500+ 200FSB ????????????
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NF7-S and SI-97 Problem. Please Help.
Strange Athlon XP problem
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Bad performance from an athlon XP mobile
Sempron 3100+ overclocking
i need some advice
A64 3000+ My first overclocking experience.
2500+ M and warm/cold booting
Assistance Required With CPU Changeover
Finding the best overclocker XP 3200+ or XP-M 2600+?
32C idle temp, 42C semi loaded temp, ? New to AMD person
Possible burn in?
FX-55 + MSI Neo2 Problems
is this normal?
Overclocking a Duron in a Compaq
Mobile Winchester (Oakville) to be sckt 754
What are the signs of a dying CPU?
Help with OCing 2500 XP
Help identify older AMD 1800 somthing CPU.
good bench??
higher FSB = slower???
Mystery about AMD64 half-multipliers explained
Help getting Winchester to post
AMD upgrade questions
Help!! Want to OC AMD2500
Newbie w/ AMD 3200+, options???
Newb question here: How to use Prime95 correctly?
High fsb low multiplier vs low fsb high multiplier..
MSI K8T Neo Overclocking Help?
which memory for 3000+ winchester
A little Athlon 64 Oc Help
Stepping decoding
Looks like my 90nm A64 3000+ is a bit of a loser
What will I get out of a mobile XP
Tbred 2400+
Sempron 2400+ OCability
WTF?!?! Im confused, please help =/
FX-55 vs FX-57
Newcastle and Winchester ?
My AMD 64 3200 DTR
35w XP-M 2400+ and me bragging about it.
amd fx-53 + power ?
What sacrifices we make for our kids
I have some questions about the new processors
Mobile 2600+ Overclock: Follow Up
Athlon 850 vs. Duron 1100
Another little A64 utility (plots LDT/CPU/mem freqs)
Where can I get one of the IQYHA CPU's?
Should I get an AMD?
Heres what happens...need some advice
on-die temp sensor question
xp 2500 only works at 100fsb.
My xp2200 O/C bad or good? other xp2200 oO/C plz post results
Athlon XP 2000+ Wont OC Anymore :(
1900XP going up in flames
a64 to barton
Quick question
Amd Athlon 64 4000+
The most recently fabricated Mobile Bartons?
Is 1.72v on A64 3400+ CG ok on air?
AMD 2500 on ABIT NF7Sv2 Water cooled
AMD Athlon XP3000+ Barton
MSI K8N Neo 2 , A64 3200+ my results. Advice welcome...
Which CPU?
Temp problems.. it makes no sense!
Awesome Mobile 2600
where can i get clock gen?
Need help with overclocking LOCKED Barton
athlonXP 2500+
AMD64: 5-letter code meaning ?
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Barton
Finding Steppings
Nforce 4 problems With AMD
AMD 90nm hit's 3 Ghz !!
AMD Winchester? Does it exist?
How high should I increase the voltage for Barton 2500+?
cant get over 183mhz with 2800+
3000 new castle vcore?
Prime 95 - Blend , should use 100 %, and its not here why ?
Newcastle vs. Clawhammer
Getting past the wall
In desperate help.
mobile 2600 question
new amd build
Mobile Barton voltage question
In the long run AMD has Won the war over Intel ?
2500+ ran fine for 2 months...now problems?
Unstable FX53
Honest thoughts about upgrade.
CPU's, and windowsxp?
been a while
AMD's 90nm process a failure? cant hit 3GHz
200-30,000 Opterons?
Check this out................
Newcastle or Clawhammer 2800 for OC?
Incredibly slow boot-up
mobile 2200+ = not so good?
AMD to incorperate pelts in future chips
Athlon 2400 266 @ 333MHz freezes up
So Annoying
NEed a tester near College Station
A64 upgrade advice please
Just got my 3000+ but have some questions
Sempron ocing
FX-55, FX-53, 4000+ comparison
burning in......worked for me
First OC. Suggestions please?
Advantages of the different cores
Overclocking a 2500=messed up HDD?
Tough AMD64 Hypertransport Question!
AS5 to A64 Mobile - more or less ?
First time OC'r, here's the results. Comments?
Normal temperature for FX53
help: possible scenario: AMD64 3500+ (max 2.6gig) and mem: max 250mhz
Can I insert Semptron 3000+ to kt266A mothermoard ?
socket 754 vs 939?
Cleaning CPU's
Another 64 question...
AMD64 performance question
Hands up all those who said a 3600+ 939 wouldnt exist?
New system.
Expensive Mobile Death
Overclocking a AMD A64 Teaser..
A64 NC 3000+ real bad ocer, help with sync 1:1
Overclocking AMD 2500+ 1.84ghz
OC question.
First Time OC'ing Need Help!!
Finding a IQYHA
Upgrading my laptop n1015v proc?
Athlon XP 2400+/266 - best way to overclock?
XP2600+ Temps
Athlon 64 3000+ Retail 939!!!!!!!!
Looking to get a Mobile....which one?
How to OC an a64?
Windows holding back oc?
quick question
anyone have any luck with this stepping mobile 2500?
2.6Ghz Barton is = to a ? AMD 64
New A64 3000+ CO's ?
3800+ Overclocking help
Athlon XP Mobile 2600+ with Asus A7V8X-X possible?
Diff. between these two 64 3500+
amd's new move (kinda)
Destroyer of P4's....Krag's FX-55!
opinion on chip/mobo upgrade
anyone try the IQYFA?
New Cpu/mobo issues
Overclocking a 2600+ M
A64 OC Help Plz
OC Barton 2800+
Need quick help in a processor choice, please!!!
I'll be overclocking my A64 3000 soon
Duron to Mobile upgrade...Real world improvement?
Duron numbers any good?
Sen's Ultimate Winchester Thread
Cold boot problems? help...
Tell me what to do????
Dead cpu - no psu activity ?
advantages from 0.09u to 0.13u? (A64)
Please help
BAH F THIS, I need to know what my PCI bus really runs =P
gonna upgrade soon...what cpu? 3000 or 3200 A64
A 2800+ ClawHammer w/ 512 L2 cache?
198x11.5 "2279mhz" OR 187x12.5"2337"
Difference between s754 & s939
Still no solution.....
need help ocing
a64 3200+ dtr s754 vs. 3200+ s939
Mobile 2600+ OC Suggestions?
Peltiers integrated into CPU package
Reached CPU's Limit?
Is special cooling needed for DTR 3200+?
Picks of DFI s939 SLI board [Linked to amdforums.com]
S939 New Mobo....just hott!
Desperately trying to unlock a 2400+
Mobile Barton, Sempron 3100+ or A64?
CPU Dying?
Crude OC relaibility test...
s939 3000+ hitting 2.6ghz
Overclocking Questions?
Temps questions
AthlonXP 2600+ Barton Overclocking Problems
Upgrade Dilemma
To what intel chip does a 90nm 3000@2.6 compare too?
Retail AMD64 Socket 939
Just ordered 3000+ 939 for 147.66.. Which Motherboard?
Overclocking Woes :mad:
Mobile 2600+ ??
Noob Question about overclocking
mobile? desktop? *confused*
avg OCability of a 939 3500+, 3800+, 4000+
Got some durons and athly clasics! (yeah, I know)
just got a sempron 2500, now what?
Questions, Questions and Oh yea, Questions :D
AMD 64 w/ what memory?
L5 bridges
AMD CPU damaging due to overclock
How high is too high for a Mobile Barton?
2600+ barton
L1 contacts gone, any ideas?
Amd 2500+ or amd 2600+
$1.5k budget
Cpu + Mobo Combo?
2600+ acting wierd
Building a Winchester Rig (advice needed)
VCore for newcastles
Need help with First time A64 Overclock!
a64 2800+ or 3000+
Winchester temperatures.
OC Xp 1600+?
crushed core on A64 3500???
Athlon XP 2600+ overclock help
How to overclock this 2500+?
AMD 64 3000+ socket 939 winchester, good buy ?
How Good Is This Comp?
Going from 2500+ to 2600+ Mobile...worth it?
Is This OC Doable ???
Is it just me or are AMD not helping themselves?
Is it worth upgrading?
Best Budget Overclock ever?
Questions needing answers :)
When 64-bit arrives, will larger cache help more?
Mystery K8N Plat. oc'ing ceiling...
comments on new build please
Shopping for Athlon64
wanting to upgrade CPU/mobo/ram, thinking A64. advice please...
A64 FSB and Memory test. anyone willing?
90 nm 3500+ or 3200+ for an overclocker?
BIG problem with mobile
8-900$, what can I build to convert a pentium user
SoundStorm 2 won't be part of nForce4 chipset, write to change nVidia's mind here
so you can go over 2000+ ?
Am I undervolting?
my mobo is capping me ?
When to upgrade? What to upgrade to?
which one?????? 939/754
My 3.0c is suffering from GNDS - What next?
A64 3000 & Chaintech VNF3-250...What ram ???/
which 3000+ 64bit should i take?
A64 upgrade questions
XP 2600+ vs. 3000+
Recommended Fan/Heatsink for XP 3000+?
Do a64 systems use most on the psu ?
my first ever SANDRA run...any good?
Pc Oc
To all A7N8x-e Deluxe, 2800+ barton users
Is the 3100+ Sempron a Newcastle or Paris?
whats an easy what to figure out the muti of stock cpu's
how do i unlock athlon 64
lil cpu help
2400+ @ 2.2v
Athlon 64 shopping
My Sempron 3100+ so far
athlon xp 3000 help
2500+ @1.9ghz and tight timings or 2.2ghz
a64 3000+ 939 on sale
Oc A64 3200
Results at last! NF7S/M2600
AMD codenames = UK Cities?
AMD T-Bred 2600+ Overclock?
WTF is this for real?
Safe voltage for Winchester A64 3000?
Gah 2600+M can't break 2.5
A64 3000+ @ 2.6 ghz on air :)
realy weird chip
Is this a good buy for first AMD setup
why is my 2500m @ 2.4 ghz idling with 15-20% cpu process?
90nm Winchester's Listed at GameVE.com
Rare 2800+ AEP4AR: CG Clawhammer???
Ok now i have a dillema...
If It is cold tonight gonna try for 2.8 ghz
Does anyone else have an Athlon XP T-bred 2400+ with stepping KIXJB?
Getting IQYHA
Nforce4 board, with pic!
Dual Opteron RIG
I am confuse????!!! What should I get for AMD64???
Anandtech has 3000+/3500+ 90nm reviews up
Amd 64?
I just got an A64 3400+ Laptop
Good A64 Gaming Rig under $2K
AMD ATHLON XP 2000+ overclocking?!
Newegg has S939 AMD64 3000+ Winchester
Should I switch?
Avg. OC for a 3000+ CH?
Upgrading computer
i know i posted this before
CPU marks??
Basic FSB/Multiplier Question
939 vs 754?
How Much Is My Comp Worth?
2500 mobile stepping question
possible fryage?
OCing difference from xp-A64
Best a64 mobo for OCing
AMD XP 2600-M @ 2.83GHz
AMD 64 4000+ and FX55
Is my system safe?
amd 2500+ XP-M
xp-64bit question
Sempron 3100+ Thermaltake Silentboost vs. AMD64 3000+ Stock HSF & other ???s
Best FAN/HS For Barton 2500+???
Just ordered a XP2600-M
Ditch the bit err.. board? Or cpu?
What To Upgrade?
question for a64 users
2500 amd mobiles still unlock???
Sempron 2400+ or Athlon 2400+ QUICK Decision!
best out out of Asus A8V Deluxe......(939)
I wanna overclock my system but dunno how???
Huh.. this normal??
How do u get max fsb? amd with unlocked multi
New FX 55s to have 2000 mghz FSB?
amd64 cpu unstable at any high HTT?
"Burning In" making thing worse?
s754 vs. s939 A64
L12 Mod of AXP-M 2600+ to 200FSB not working
Random restarts
A64: 3200+ 90nm > 3500+ 130nm?
MOD for desktops to become Mobiles
CPU fsb limitation
Athlon 64 939, 940?
AMD stretches the truth on 64 bit gaming
Mid-October AMD Price Cuts
Article Ideas - Overclocking AMD64 90nm Winchester
New AMD Rig - Advice Needed
Not sure of the settings to use
Temperature probes
Overclockability of Semprons
Which XP-M is the best out of this lot??
Which CPU
Which one of these 64s will give me better performance?
Barton 2500+ 0331 : As good as a mobile?
question on Athlon 64 OC
Help with upgrade
Semperon a smidge under 400fsb
AMD64 3400+ 1mb L2 or AMD64 3400+ 512kb L2 ? which one
Might be going AMD in 2-3 days...
I'm totaly stumped....my FX-53 rig randomly lockup at default.
Overclock = Lower Temps!!??
So what buttons do I push to get the FX-53 to 2.6?
My 2800+ Barton
Help my buddy make a cpu upgrade decision.
Any word on athlon 64 3600+??
A64 3400 @ 2.86Ghz so far on DFI NF3-250Gb
Can we close the lid now? A64 vs AXP
Thoughts on this !!
Question on Locked Barton to Mobile
a64 3200+ on board with no pci/agp locks :(
clockgen help
Any one suggestions to push it more?
Stock rig crashing 30 seconds after bootup.
Overclocking a 2400+
Are my temps ok with stock hsf?
Sempron or Athalon XP ?
When did AXP start locking?? 2500+???
Mobile or not ??
3Dmarks2001 CPU error?
opteron vs. socket 754
No performance boost from upgrade
excaliber iqyfa mpmw
tight timing or higher FSB?
Changing the HT multiplier question
Better to OverClock FSB or Multiplyer?
First Time O/C (A64)! Promising Results
Which CPU for Asus A7N8X? (need it quick)
A64 Compatibility question
939 winchesters?
How to install a 64 DTR?
FX55 Pre-ordering
soo tell me are all 3 of....
how in the hell...
Which 64fx-53 motherboard?
Okay - what can I expect DFI NF3 3000 and Corsair XL
Unlock Athlon XPs?
Vcore to high?
Thermal probe on FX53?
XP 3000+ or XP-M 3000+?
Can the 90nm Winn's multi be changed from stock down?
Amd mobile chips
O/C amd athlon 2200xp+ ~Help~
Upgrading an Athlon pc
Rate your Barton core!
Need new CPU...
2.2Vcore with 2600-M??
unlocked Duron 1gig can't go over 119fsb, help!
Shuttle SN95G5 and 90nm CPU'S
$350 bucks, Upgrading for HL2
Need Help
computer shutting down
problems with 2800+
problems with 2800+
Slow Dual Cores
what mobo for a smepron.??
A64 and LanParty UT nF3 250Gb Memory question
my fx-53 is here @ last
AMD 54 O/C not going as planned
Multiplier vs. FSB
Opinion On my new 900$ comp plz
Water cooled 3200 A64?
Is OC'ing my FX-53 worth the time? -- (First Post)
Thermal Throttling?
what to get with $900
difference between OEM and OEM refurbs
my 1st 3000+ OC attempt...I LOVE A64's
XP-120 Database?
AMD reduced the TDP values for 90nm 3000+, 3200+ and 3500+ to 67 W
2600 mobile barton
:confused: Now i'm REALLY confused...
CPU temps risen 5 - 10C at idle recently!
2500+ vs 2500+
1gig ram + 2500xp or 512mb ram + 64 2800+
worth getting 2800+ > 2600+?
Question about 2500+ XP Mobile...
Upgrading My Cpu
new system unstable...
A64 need windows 64 edition?
show me the power
Not Prime95 Stable!
Semperon 2400 V Duron 1.8 ? Which is better?
AMD readies Athlon 64 price drop
S754 3400+
Barton 2500+ crappy OCer?
A palomino in a apollo pro
Prime95 setup
Holy Bejesus! Why am I getting such high CPU scores?
Difference between Thoroughbred and Palamino?
Under volting the Athlon 64.
A64 / OCZ pc3200 LL platinum Overclocking
Should I replace my A64 3200+ DTR??
Athlon 64 3400+ newcastle...
Cpu-z Wrong!?!?
question about sempron 3100+
Athlon XP 2800+