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best out out of Asus A8V Deluxe......(939)
I wanna overclock my system but dunno how???
Huh.. this normal??
How do u get max fsb? amd with unlocked multi
New FX 55s to have 2000 mghz FSB?
amd64 cpu unstable at any high HTT?
"Burning In" making thing worse?
s754 vs. s939 A64
L12 Mod of AXP-M 2600+ to 200FSB not working
Random restarts
A64: 3200+ 90nm > 3500+ 130nm?
MOD for desktops to become Mobiles
CPU fsb limitation
Athlon 64 939, 940?
AMD stretches the truth on 64 bit gaming
Mid-October AMD Price Cuts
Article Ideas - Overclocking AMD64 90nm Winchester
New AMD Rig - Advice Needed
Not sure of the settings to use
Temperature probes
Overclockability of Semprons
Which XP-M is the best out of this lot??
Which CPU
Which one of these 64s will give me better performance?
Barton 2500+ 0331 : As good as a mobile?
question on Athlon 64 OC
Help with upgrade
Semperon a smidge under 400fsb
AMD64 3400+ 1mb L2 or AMD64 3400+ 512kb L2 ? which one
Might be going AMD in 2-3 days...
I'm totaly stumped....my FX-53 rig randomly lockup at default.
Overclock = Lower Temps!!??
So what buttons do I push to get the FX-53 to 2.6?
My 2800+ Barton
Help my buddy make a cpu upgrade decision.
Any word on athlon 64 3600+??
A64 3400 @ 2.86Ghz so far on DFI NF3-250Gb
Can we close the lid now? A64 vs AXP
Thoughts on this !!
Question on Locked Barton to Mobile
a64 3200+ on board with no pci/agp locks :(
clockgen help
Any one suggestions to push it more?
Stock rig crashing 30 seconds after bootup.
Overclocking a 2400+
Are my temps ok with stock hsf?
Sempron or Athalon XP ?
When did AXP start locking?? 2500+???
Mobile or not ??
3Dmarks2001 CPU error?
opteron vs. socket 754
No performance boost from upgrade
excaliber iqyfa mpmw
tight timing or higher FSB?
Changing the HT multiplier question
Better to OverClock FSB or Multiplyer?
First Time O/C (A64)! Promising Results
Which CPU for Asus A7N8X? (need it quick)
A64 Compatibility question
939 winchesters?
How to install a 64 DTR?
FX55 Pre-ordering
soo tell me are all 3 of....
how in the hell...
Which 64fx-53 motherboard?
Okay - what can I expect DFI NF3 3000 and Corsair XL
Unlock Athlon XPs?
Vcore to high?
Thermal probe on FX53?
XP 3000+ or XP-M 3000+?
Can the 90nm Winn's multi be changed from stock down?
Amd mobile chips
O/C amd athlon 2200xp+ ~Help~
Upgrading an Athlon pc
Rate your Barton core!
Need new CPU...
2.2Vcore with 2600-M??
unlocked Duron 1gig can't go over 119fsb, help!
Shuttle SN95G5 and 90nm CPU'S
$350 bucks, Upgrading for HL2
Need Help
computer shutting down
problems with 2800+
problems with 2800+
Slow Dual Cores
what mobo for a smepron.??
A64 and LanParty UT nF3 250Gb Memory question
my fx-53 is here @ last
AMD 54 O/C not going as planned
Multiplier vs. FSB
Opinion On my new 900$ comp plz
Water cooled 3200 A64?
Is OC'ing my FX-53 worth the time? -- (First Post)
Thermal Throttling?
what to get with $900
difference between OEM and OEM refurbs
my 1st 3000+ OC attempt...I LOVE A64's
XP-120 Database?
AMD reduced the TDP values for 90nm 3000+, 3200+ and 3500+ to 67 W
2600 mobile barton
:confused: Now i'm REALLY confused...
CPU temps risen 5 - 10C at idle recently!
2500+ vs 2500+
1gig ram + 2500xp or 512mb ram + 64 2800+
worth getting 2800+ > 2600+?
Question about 2500+ XP Mobile...
Upgrading My Cpu
new system unstable...
A64 need windows 64 edition?
show me the power
Not Prime95 Stable!
Semperon 2400 V Duron 1.8 ? Which is better?
AMD readies Athlon 64 price drop
S754 3400+
Barton 2500+ crappy OCer?
A palomino in a apollo pro
Prime95 setup
Holy Bejesus! Why am I getting such high CPU scores?
Difference between Thoroughbred and Palamino?
Under volting the Athlon 64.
A64 / OCZ pc3200 LL platinum Overclocking
Should I replace my A64 3200+ DTR??
Athlon 64 3400+ newcastle...
Cpu-z Wrong!?!?
question about sempron 3100+
Athlon XP 2800+
When will we see PCIE and DDR2?
All a64bits must have registered ram?
64FX and Windows XP
XP-M 2500 or 2600 with a 1.25 core voltage or less
64bit farcry?
List of how your CPU performed
Sanding an AMD 64
overclocked or 3800+
amd64 crawls in 3dmark2005 CPU tests
Athlon FX-51?
Overclocking issues
Clawhammer or Newcastle
Come one, come all troubleshoot the A64
thought id share this
tweak64 program
What's the best way to make a CPU keychain?
first timer
2600+ Stepping
35 watt 2400 mobile?
What is the Fastest Socket 7 CPU?
For Anyone Interested- Barton 2.2Ghz VS 3700+
Socket 939 Athlon 64 3400+
weird oc problem
Going from XP1600 to XP2600+ Tbred (dual)
How do you know if your cpu is overheating?
I feel the need to cry T_T
Got my 3000 Up and running!
A64 System Choices?
Athlon Xp2200+ OC
is 1.7Vcore max for a64?
Will my Kingston HyperX PC4000 work with 3500 NC 939?
NEW TO AMD!! Love It!! Oc Help!
oc help
Goodbye 3.2E, Clawhammer CG here I come.
Intel boy's nice new FX-53...I'm a believer!!!
pci lock on vnfs3-250
3500+ Newcastle HIGH TEMPS?!
Max voltage for XP 3000+?
Prime95....How Long?
Are the locked Athlon XP's fully locked ...
superpi 1m 38s normal for 235x10 a64?
Desktop 2600 Barton Default voltage 1.74v?
is this oc doable?
Budget comp for UNDER $500 canadian
90 NM Results
Dual chips for tyan 2460
Please help me with an o/c?
Set the XP-M voltage issue straight
quick A64 NC temp check
um, a64 NC showing as CH?
i have question...
Idiots at Frye's
Is My CPU Dead? :(
A64 DTR Chips (Or any A64 Bare Die Chip) Report Here....
Woot 200 FSB
Is my XP 3000 locked?
Ready to OC...need help.
what happens when cpu in non supported board ?
Core and Mobo questions
how long can the amd64 S574 survive?
MSI K8N Neo Platinum & A64 3200
Stupid MSI!
How safe will 2volts be on my cpu?
Cant get past 210 fsb w/ 2500 barton and dfi lan
Mobile Barton dead already...
front side bus question
when will s939 90nm winchester chips hit UK?
question about mobile cpu's?
need advice, on the amd xp m 2500
What's More Important High FSB or Low Memory Timings?
a64 3200 N running temps?
Slow FSB on AMD Mobile Chip!!!
AMD experts please help - Is this overclock possible on air
Weird performance difference using different voltages
what sort of pencil for unlocking duron?
what do you think about dual core ?
palomino question xp2100
Mobile xp2600 Just Installed
XP 2600 Mobile nightmare! Please help.
A64 2800+, is my PSU holding my OC back?
New A64 temps astronomical
accidentally o/c? need help, system broken?
read the a64 101, still a bit confused...
Please comment on this A64 tweak
Prime fails at 200*10 on mobile 2600+
My MSI K8N Neo Platinum
Noob trying to OC, need help!
A64 3000+: Will mobo make diff in oc?
Mobile 2600 (2.6ghz) Vs A64 3200 (2.2ghz)
New 3700+ Advice, thoughts please from you veteran AMD 64'ers
UberNoob Question
Convince me to dump Pentium !
should i upgrade CPU? - AMD 1700+
Prime95's Accuracy in showing stability
Help me OC my desktop Barton 2500+
I know 3000+ newcastles oc very well, but do 2800s?
Help with HTT and BIOS..
Some questions about cool n quiet.
a64 NC 3000+ or a64 NC 3200+ any diff???
A64 Tweaker Question
replacement for mbm5
Ever owned a XP3200 400fsb
Should i get a mobile processor?
How do ppl get to 250 fsb for their abit nf7s
3000+ NC.. Retail vs OEM
finding a prossessor for Athlon64 mobo
2800 t-bred-how high to push?
2.4 stable, how to get more know *ddr333*
Help with O/C Barton 2800+
Heat. Lots and lots of heat
cpu decision..
AMD to P4 comparison
What to get: Athlon 64 3800+ or Athlon FX51 ??
Will there be any faster socket 754s then the 3700+?
3 versions of the 3000?
According to Processor #'s I have A Clawhammer CG, but why the 512Cache?
2.4GHz end of the line for 939 Newcastles!?
Found my heating problem...............
Should i Upgrade to a A64 System?
anyone overclocked air cooled barton..advice please
Big FPS Gains by Overclocking a SoundBlaster Audigy 2?!?
Intel - NEVER AGAIN!!!
2500+ mobile dud?
A64 3200+ multiplier high or low
what benchmark software do you guys use?
New Mobile 2600+ ARRIVED!!
My first comparison bench with new 3800+ system...
CPUID not compatible with socket 939?
Post your XP Mobile OC's Here!
3000XP Barton FSB mod?
XP2000+ with Soyo KT600+ Motherboard?
Help me!
getting the most outta my athlon64 oc
Been out of the game in a while please tell me....
First Athlon64 939 90nm Winchester core benchmarks
Any good 2600+ steppings available right now?
First AMD system up and running! Questions though...
Athlon XP Biosless multiplier change - how?
Think i'll hit a good overclock?
Amd 64 Fsb
2600+ M NewEgg Steppings?
S754 lack of dual channel ?
A64 Clawhammer unlocked?
barton 2500+ won't oc at 200x11 (freezes/reboots)
They sent me a ClawHammer!!!!Just got my new rig booted up in windows....
Amd A64 3500+
Need advice (again)
Starting My New Build Any Day Now....
XP Mobile which to choose
New "Returnable" A64 CH 3400 ->1.49v 11x220=2420 Should I return?
Quick HELP!!
help me with my oc'ing
Multiplier locked?
Best Core For 64
athlon64 mobile/slk-948 install question
Woot New Computer!!!
Is This A Fair Trade??
Why can't I hit over 2.3GHz?
Power Question for A64's
Almost hugged the poor Fed Ex guy today...
Serious Voltage Probs
2600+ o/c problem???
Got my Rig setup today and running, couple questions on TEMP.....
I think I hit the roof for my NC 3000+ :\
2500 Barton Vs 2600 Mobile
A64: more than 1.6vcore, any improvement?
SP-97 Still Available
Is FSB better than core clock?
Can't Boot With New 2500-M!!! HELP!!
Help me decide, 939 pin or 754 pin
Multiplier 4????
go my athlon 64 mobile today...
first AMD
what is an onboard memory controller?
Good Stepping?
CO revision?
Overclocking barton 2800 question
New IQYHA mobiles any good?
the second that Anandtech review says....
S754 or 939?
Building my first AMD machine, need some help with the transition...
XP3000+ more stable when O/C'd
CPU Locked up?
Looking into AMD
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ T-Bred "B"
Upgrade to mobile A64?
Rate my rig?
What is max "safe" VCore on a 3400+ Clawhammer?
XP1900+ Question?
A64 3000 Overclock..Getting Better...but...
why is my asus not unlocking my mobile
What is the best method to put on Ceramique on a Thoroughbred B core?
Where is the 90nm news?
CH or NC
so lost . so so lost overclocking cpu 1.4
A64 3200+ CH CG Are here
Just Curious.... how far can you o/c the FX-53?????
2GHz .13 vs. 1.8GHz .09 3000+: Is dual channel really worth 200 MHz??!!!
Please Post ur AXP-Mobile OC result :)
Trying to o/c my pc
difference in a64 cores
what is the normal temp for xpm2600 under full load??
Mobile 2600+ vs. Barton 2800+ locked
Custom Fan on Stock AMD HS?
Can I run 64 proggies in 32bit windows?
it is good east stepping?
OC'ing AMD-64 3200+
Lower mhz and higher Multi???
Bailing out...
a64 with k8v se deluxe / 2gig ocz
Newbie needs help tweaking Barton 3000Xp, X800 XT PE
Noob that need filled in
Should I switch to Intel ?
Heavy OC on 2600 Mobile, Questions, Advice, Suggestions and Critiques
My first OC
3800 and stepping
duron vs. athlon xp
xp 2500+ mobile on win2k
2000xp questions
Mobile Barton 2400+ 200mhz FSB trouble
Best 32bit Mobile AMD
Hard time deciding...
Ah noob question....64
High pitched noise?
How Important is PRIME95 Stability...?
What Athlon64 to pick under $230
Amd 2600+ Thoroughbred?
new amd 64 mobiles for ocing?
Barton cpu's and FSB higher than 200 mhz...any trouble?
amd 3000 64 question
Ram latency question for A64 3500
Overclocking amd64 3000+ questions
New Here with Barton 2800+
a64 3000 is amazing
Allright I need help bad!
Hmm XP CPU's still worth it anymore??
bad 2500+ XP-M OC results....can you figure it??
Athlon XP-M or Athlon 64?
2400 voltage issue
about cpu-z, help
Anyone have this heatsink?
Hard time OCing with 3200+ 64 newcastle
Problems OCing a64 3000 w/ new bios
amd 90nm strained silicon or SOI?
A64 3200+ CH "CG"
Athlon XP Superlocked
Help me out w/my new A64 comp
Amd Athlon 64 3000+ (939)
What A64 system, and why?
Is the OEM HSF for A64's Junk for OCing?
Building gaming server: suggestions welcomed
I think Im maxxed
A64 3200+ CH DTR or Desktop?
AMD s939 3500
which amd proc to get / mobo help
2.4 ghz finally!
What's an expected over clock on the amd athlon 2000+
Hmm video card backing up my A64 OC??
Sempron 3100+ OC?
My final attempt to reach 2.4+ ghz (help please).
Mobile 2600+ is it worth the upgrade?
AMD 64 and Win XP SP2
Replacing heat sink
Help me find my bottleneck
Super overheat..I think I killed my CPU..help plz.
good setings for A64 3200+ abit kv8-max3
barton core, moble sempron..??
does optimal settings = bad oc?
Will this work?
Mobile 2200+ barton 35W overclock
anyone got any info on athlon 64 mobiles?
Clawhammer 3700 running very warm... normal?
A64 FSB/Memory Scaling
why isnt there an athlon 64 3200 mobile section in the cpu database?
skip the A64??
Starting out with Barton (cooling)
90nm Athlon 64 Socket 939 Winchesters are here!
My new 939 rig.
Amd 64
Old schoolers: Athlon K6-2 question
AMD starts shipping 90 nanometre Athlon 64s
AMD 64 3400+ CG stepping???
Switching to AMD, need advice
CPU Temp?
2500OC Help!!
Smoke came out of my computer..help please..
Intel guy lookin for advice on parts for AMD system...
What athlon to run with pc2100?
new era of athlon xp's or no?
2600-M with Epox EP-8RDA3+ What can I expect?
newb NF7-S question regarding compatibility
1 MB Cache S754 make up for S939 Dual Channel?
Crazy AMD 3200+ prices?
2500+ mobile...only 2.3ghz?
Unlock my XP 3000?
Are all A64 2800+ newcastles ADA steppings...CG only right?
A64 3000 Temps...
Do 2600+ Mobiles run hotter than 2500+ Mobiles?
BARTON voltage
asus A7N8X-X
Help please: overclocking my 2600+ Barton
AMD Reduces Prices 09/16/2004
Tt Venus 12 on 64 3000+
New 2600-M's @Excaliber....
Barton 2600 o/c capability
xp3400+ ???
CPU Maxed Out?
ordering friday, need advise
A64 S754 Mobile
What do you think, best cheap socket A cpu?
When to buy new computer
Amd 64 3200+ O/c
Question about fsb and processor
Poor OC with FX-53 S939
I got my A64 3000+ and Chaintech Running..Help Overclock?
Abit announces PCI-E for the A64
AMD duron 1200mhz problem, fix?
Chaintech VNF3250 & A64 3200 clawhammer
Best place to get Mobile Chips?
best ram for fx-53?!?!
windows xp problem!! please help
2600+ Mobile cant oc to 2.5
Mounting MCW6002-64 waterblock on mobile A64
umm ok, so i'm gonna attempt the jumper trick tomorrow...
What is holding me back?
Which AMD will work with windows
XP Pro x64 customer Preview Program
A64 selection / few questions
2400+ detected as Duron 2000?
Mobile bartons and 200 mhz FSB: an an alternative trick, no L12 pin mod required
2600+ temps
A64 motherboard OC choice
939 Processors
umm ok, my firefox is crashing, memory problem or cpu?
2 ghz 1mb or 2.2 ghz 512 k?
whats wrong, is my ram holding me back?
2500 mobile OC... questions...
Can an Athlon64 run Windows98SE??
ok, why the f can't i raise my multi to 12.5?
An Interesting tidbit on AMD
Cashe Question
Gotta get me one of these.
Need help with problematic Machine...
Help w/ 64 3000+ OC
How do i overclock ???
Help With AMD 2500+ Barton
Need help putting together a "best bang for the buck" rig
Anyone noticed this mobile A64 2700+ ?
Athlon XP 2500-Mobile issues...200 mhz? Howto?
Mobile 2500 question
What ya think?
Lower oc after trying 1.93v
Wierd Athlon 64 stepping?
any news on 90nm winchesters?
The ultimate portable PC, or close to it. Camp bench top PC.Modified AMD uATX.
so, i got some questions regarding my oc'ed 2500m
What kind of psu is needed to max a mobile 2500+?
Lockups with A64 3200+ CG Clawhammer @ stock?
10mhz FSB OC = Prime failure
Looking for an A64
finally happy with 3200+