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any news on 90nm winchesters?
The ultimate portable PC, or close to it. Camp bench top PC.Modified AMD uATX.
so, i got some questions regarding my oc'ed 2500m
What kind of psu is needed to max a mobile 2500+?
Lockups with A64 3200+ CG Clawhammer @ stock?
10mhz FSB OC = Prime failure
Looking for an A64
finally happy with 3200+
Have AMD XP 2400+ but mobo reads it as 1800+
barton 2600+ L2 cache
mobile 2400M
Problem with OC
FSB and multi keep resetting on my mobo with mobile chip
52degress idle!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
I don't understand...
2800+ problem...
A64 OC Help
What does an Opteron 64 bit chip have over a Athlon chip?
how far can I oc a athlon 2000+
Will there be a 90nm desktop s754 release?
Worth the upgrade?
Athlon 64 stock boxed heatsink
Mobile 2500+ & Socket Wire Trick?
Temps with A64 and Nforce250
OC'ing Clawhammer 3200+ Vs. 3400+ on Phase Change
Is 55C to high under load?
config.sys gets kurupt! greedy ram!
Overclocking 2600+ mobile
New mobiles locked ?!?!?!
Is my AthlonXP 3200+ unlocked?
need website info
heat sink recomendations
overclocking adventures..
does anyone know when pci express is going come for athlon 64's
I am kind of dissapointed with my mobile athlon xp 2600+
locked multiplier + stepping = great o/c?
Barton 2500+ and FSB won't work!
Athlon 64 2800+ OC poll: list specs
Help me get stable!
Where to get good 2600 mobile
2700+ stepping code
socket 940 and 939?
mHz disparity in FSB and ram
AMD 64 Newcasle or No-Newcasle?
So is my chip unlocked or not? :)
NFORCE2 C1/C2/C3 Cooling Patch
Woth upgrading?
FX 53 new system...!
is 1.95 vcore too high?
3200+ Barton how well do it o/c
Anyone interested in Sempron 754 talk?
4000+ 939 with 1MB of L2 cache?
What next to o/c 3000+ at 190fsb
amd 900 unlock
Help me overclock my settings in BIOS!
3400 N/C overclocking results
PSU supplied with case ne good?
2700+ or 2800+
How long for Prime95 ?
Mobile 2600+ OC results
Noob with a question...
Site of Steppings for 2600+? Personal success with stepping?
Mobile 2400+ 35W Question
Mobil 2500 Dying?
AMD 3200+, 1gb 400 ram won't boot
New System i got: Good Deal?
Saving a Clock Gen OC
Athlon-m 2400 35w @ 600mhz ?
Athlon 64 3000+ OC poll: list specs
2500+ Mobile and nf7-s..OC
where to get the sp-97
CPU upgrade question
CPU tool for investigation
how to tell if your 2700+ is locked or unlocked?
AMD AthalonXP 2200+ Barton Mobile on an MSI nForce2 400
compatible memory for shuttle an35n question
noob to A64 help
Superlocked! Your not joking...
OC'ing my 64 3000+: HELP
Anyone know what kind of heatsink does Athlon 64 s754 uses?
Athlon64 3000
Athlon 64 3000+ : Clawhammer or NewCastle?
32bit vs 64bit CPUs
CMOS Checksum Error
fx-53 mb + psu
No Cool and Quiet feature?! READ please
Oc'ing my Mobile AMD 2600+
OCing 2500
AMD 64 3200+ running hot or not?
help needed
Burn-In help for my A64
Would you get A64 Mobile or A64 Regular?
A64 3400NC in the mail
Mobile 2500+ steping question
Quick S754 n00b question...
Normal Voltage clock setting and ratio for mobile 2600+??
A64 newbie, how to oc this thing? My P4 was easier...
AMD CPU Packages, your opinion!
Having a hard time OC'ing my A64 system
Athlon xp 2500+
Need some help ASAP (I was supposed to leave with my computer 1 hour ago)
AMD Mobile Althlon XP-M 3000+Processor for DTR
L5 AthlonXP Mod
3500+ temps post
Barton 2500+ unable to OC with FSB
A64 "good" steppings
Duron Applebred (which one? for most cache)
BIG problem w/ long beep
Not being entirely satisfied.
Amd64 3200+ Oc
Post your A64 temperature here please.
3500 worth it??
Excaliberpc.com's A64 3200+ 2.2Ghz NC
Athlon 64 3000+ CPU
Can't decide on AMD 64, please help!
ada3000 BOX or ada3000 AX BOX ???
xp3000 stepping
prime 95 question
Question about my oc...
Clawhammers are still available.
oC'ing mobile to 2.5+ speeds,
how to unlock??
So when Will AMD 64bit processors go PCI Express?
Intel guy is tired of Intel....wonder what AMD air cooling has to offer?
Heat issue w/ amdxp2100
Performance difference: A64 vs. A64 Mobile?
Dual Opteron and Watercooling Box help?
Did i buy the right version A64...help
AMD 2500m or 2500 barton
Question, Raw MHZ or higher FSB better for A64
New Amd Dual Core Pics!!!
Which A64 Mobo if price is not a problem...
Help overclocking my new A64 system?!
chip ?
Computer Problem: Need help identifying what is causing it!
vcore too high? Mobile 2500+
desktop[non-mobile] xp overclocking
A64 3000+ "CG" Runs so hot, why?
AMD xp2500+ barton or AMD xp 2800+
2500+ lowered? wtf?
A64 mobile?
Check out my system to be....
Running HTT/Memory 1:1 vs 200/166
xp-M 2500+ and Abit An7
CPU too hot what can I do?
What!! Omg What is this? (Part II)
Should I go A64?
Is this upgrade worth the 110$
Which way do I go??
Stick with AXP?
sempron socket A
Only stock voltage? No multi above 10.5 either
2400m voltage
Anybody try this?
AMD newb. shim or no shim?
Frying an old Athlon 1Ghz??
how mcuh perfromance gain on 64 bit
Next set of AMD price cuts
Supernoob question(Im confused)
3500 939 Pin - What is the MAX Overclock of the CPU? Runs 2.6 for me.
cpu is having a heart attack
1700dlt3c to mobile barton worth it?
HT ocing..........
Mobile Athlon XP 2400+ stepping: PQHYA 0414
Mobile XP2600 Voltage in Bios
Athlon XP-M 2800+
Duron 1400 - how far should i go?
IQYHA 0352 MPMW.... good stepping?
512MB modules BH-5 at A64
noob to amd question about multis
poor results with 1700+ :(
I think I know why AMD called it sempron.
AMD64 3000+ or AMD64 3200+?
[NEWS] AMD to Demo '8-socket' Dual-Core Opteron System
Sempron 2200+ Overclockability.... and results
My First Overclock
Athlon 64 3000+ or should I be patient?
Noob; Want to overclock 2500+ Mobile
2600+ barton steppings ???
Building a New A64 Rig Check out specs!!!! :D
Mobile XP Compatibility
Mobile 2500+ w/ KT266A
Need advice.
Bahhhh!! Bs!
WTF 65nm?
Need a pic of the retail A64 Heatsink/Fan
Benefits of a high FSB?
Anyone seen a NC 754 vs NC 939 review?
How many people still running Thorobreds?
Prime 95 stable...but I can't run 3d Mark???
PR rating for Athlon 64
Which 3400+ to buy?
AMD for a gamer rig?
Overheating 2800XP! or is it?
Just got an A64 "CO," should I return it for a CG?
Locked 2600+?
Barton 2600+ help
The search for Clawhammers
Half Multipliers...
How Far Can i push my comp?
Higest Safest Vcore with 2600
New Mobo, CPU not running at right speed
Need help on mobo/cpu switch...
Mobile 2500+
Never Intel again !!! Period.
Whatt!! Omg What Is This?
Barton on KT133A
athlon 64 DTR mean CG step?
A64 3200 w 1mb cache question
Amd 2500+ L12 mod
Intel to AMD WindowsXP installation...
Unmodding mobiles
Overclocking an AMD64 3500+
amd2700+ with ecs kt600-a won't boot
What is the equivalent of a 3.2e for AMD
Are the Athlon 64 3000+'s locked?
Can i unlock my athlon 3000+ barton
Thorton vs Thoroughbred
Athlon 2400/PC2100 Compatibility
New AMD Rig
Upgrade suggestions from Duron 1.3/PC2100
Help with oC
cleaning the die.
xp-m 2500+ 3dmark03 cpu score
woooohooo! Overclocking it again!
AMD XP Overclocking Solution
Prime Reliability
Is this supposed to happen?
Which 2400+ is unlocked??
amd 64 3400
Quick Troubleshooting Question
bridging the L1 Gaps on a processor
Which mobile should I buy?
Building new AMD system!
need help! failed memory diagnostic!
What SocketA CPUs and Mobos Have You Owned?
AMD64 SFF system
3200XP 32Bit to 3200 A64 64Bit?
Dual Core curiosity
OC Newbie needs guidance
computer keeps restarting!!
Don't trust Tigerdirect!
amd optimizations
Help - Won't Power on - At complete loss :(
help overclocking a 3000+
S939 3500+ when can we expect a price drop
2400mhz a possibility?
When will the AMD PCI-E baords come out?
Choose a 3000+ or 3400+ newcastle?
How HOT Can I Push?
Overclocking my 2700+
Voltage settings and temps on a high OC.
mobile 2600+ OC Q
Speed Strip
XP 3200 on A7N8X-X ??
memory latency
clawhammer vs newcastle
Prime95 Password
Better Value
52C too hot for A64 3200+ claw?
Information Overload: Best A64 Setup on the cheap
Dual Channel YES or NO
New Sempron Question
memory scores low - A64 s939
Some questions about Ocing an A64.
what can I do to increase my Whetstone and Float scores in Sandra
A64 3200+ overclocked to 2400. Is this ok?
Overclocking Athlon XP 3000+ Barton Core
I need help
Whats this DFI board everyone's waiting for all about?
Need an OK on this ---->
CPU speed dropped big time.
What does this do?
Should I or Should I not
Why can't I break 210 fsb or 12.5 X multiplier??
How do i take off my stock amd heatsink? PLEASE help!!
Any other methods to raise the Ram speed?
New Mobo, CPU not up to speed
Getting a CG revision Clawhammer
A64 Clawhammer CG Rev. 3000+ Best overclocker?
Can i oc any more?
Advice for overcoming my 2.3Ghz barrier on 2500+ Barton
CPU Thermal Throttling?
Don't know much about sata...help
Is this how you would overclock an AMD 64 3200+ and 3000+?
XP 2600+ Barton (not mobile)
Question about switching to A64 and current components
Oc'ing a 2600+ mobile ..
Mobile 2400+ 35w Or Mobile 2600+ ???
FSB spread spectrum...2400
Most Bang for your Buck - How to get a nice experience from 250$
Athlon 64 2800+ or Sempron 3100+
939 vs. 754?
Need quick help!
Blue Screen error
AMD64 users should wait on SP2 ?
Need help to build new system.
freezes during gaming
A64 3200 Revision CO Clawhammer results
2100XP Overclocking
Did I fry my 3500?
What is my agp/pci running at?!?! How do I tell?
desperate need of OCing help!!!
fried 2600+, what now?
Probs with my 2400+ unlocked..
How are clawhammer 3200+ CG's clocking?
mobile; 45w 2400 or 35w 2200
Lower end 939's...
What is the best Overclocking Mobile Athlon?
AMD 64 Vs Barton
Which of these two motherboards are better?
Durron 3.6ghz????
K6-III sharptooth
socket A sempron with onboard memory controller- is this a misprint
Downgrade from Intel to AMD?
Socket 939 vs 940?
help with a64 3000+ oc
So I was going to upgrade to a faster P4..and..
AMD64 Fx53 Advice Needed!~!~
Time to Decide
IQYHA 0346VPMW, ok stepping?
Nforce 4 rumors (discuss)
Undervolting a CPU?
nVidia, VIA, or AMD chipset for athlon 64 754?
2500+ Barton or 2600+ Mobile?
Not all Barton 2500XP+'s the same
Socket 754 on a socket 939 MB
AMD Noob needs confirmation
If you had $1500-$2000 to build Kick butt multimedia machine....
Help OCing a FX-53
FX-53 at a Reasonable Price
Is Nforce 3 a flawed product?
Watercooling or not?
2600+ to 3200+ upgrade worth it?
Memtest.. O/C 2400+ help....
Problem Overclocking
Need help with Athlon 64 3200+!!!
Best O/C mobo? Abit? Asus?
AMD will not above default settings.
Looking for Newcastle CG's in Canada? Genitech computers can get them!!
What is the recommended Mobo for A64??
AMD 64 3000cpu help please
Mobo sudgestion
Burn-In your CPU??
Guide me in my next buy
s754 3700+ Vs. s939 3500+
AMD 2500+ Athlon XP-M willnot run above 600mhz
64bits " 3200+ 512k L2 - 3200+ 1mb L2 " yes I read the stikies
3+ GHz
Just broke 2.3GHz on a locked 2800+
How can the s939 3500 & 3800 be overclocked?
A64's- less benefit from water than XP's?
Please help tweak my newcastle and K8V
'03 Week 16 2700+ locked?
T-bred B 2400+ @ 2400 real Mhz?
advice please, upgrade or not??
Mobile Clawhammer 2.0Ghz or Newcastle 2.2Ghz (yes, again..)
A64 2800+ or A64 3000+?
Overclocking, questions
suggestions for mobile Barton 2500
Getting more out of my 2800
What do you think of the Sempron...
Running 2 prime95 apps at same time?
what's the difference between...
overclocking my a64
more questions
A64 Max Voltage On Air?
A64 claw w/ epox ep-8kda+ vcore
AMD XP 2600+ (266fsb) and MSI K7t 266pro2, need some help.
Athlon-M. 12.5x Multipliers and Epox 8rda+
Newb Question
HTT multiplier?
Need cheap motherboard for mobile
HELP!! I"M having problem!!
Help me squeeze the last life out of my T-Bred XP2100
I was expecting more, anything wrong here?
Need Help to Continue my Mobile OC
A64 2800- What core is this stepping??
What vcore is best for XP2600-m I stepping
I still don't understand dividers....
Witch Moble To Buy
What A64 for <2.7?
Unlocking Athlon XP 3000+
How far can I go
Mobile 2400+ (45w) or a 2600+?
suggestions on pushing the mobile 2600+ to the limit^^
2500+M locked at 133FSB???
Help with OC the 2600+
gettin my hands dirty
Some A64 overclocking weirdness, Ideas?
Confused on Clawhammer or Newcastle
Installing A64 CPU
help oc'ing 2400+m
My clawhammer 3200+...
athlon 64 mobo questions
Buying 2600+M From ExcaliberPC 45W or 35W?
News on my Epox 8kda3j!
Successfull clocks on 3000 barton with ddr 400 ram.
AMD Sempron 2400+ 256K 333 FSB (Socket A)
Whats the average OC for the 2000+?
oc'ing going well :)
Why have Socket 754 prices gone back up?
New problems
Semprons @ Newegg
I think i messed up >_<
Weird temp's with CG A64 3200+ on VNF3
NewEgg confusion....is it a Newcastle or.....
The Waiting Game.. Epox or DFI on 754
Best Air Cooling for A64@2.4-2.5 ghz
How Do you Guys Know When The CPU Prices Are Going To Drop?
2200+ overclocking
1MB 754 or 512k 939 ?
AthlonXP2400 questions Plus my OCing history!
OCing 2600+ on KT600 board
AthlonXP or Athlon64
is there a way to manually set multipliers ?
Just Removed My IHS on My A64 3000 CG
Sempron with 1MB L2 Cache?
4X multiplier-a64-lies.
Amd Help Needed
How do I Overclock a AMD barton 2500+
Cant change multi new 2400m
is there an AMD cpu that could compete with a 4ghz p4
2800 barton help please
Stock FX-53 939 = 754 Newcastle at what speed?
A64 DTR Question
Athlon 64, Heatsink pulls CPU out
Thoroughbred v Thorton at OC
2600 xp-m only clocking in at 1.2 mhz
multipliers and cpu ratrio select.
AMD 90nm is now in production
total newbie OC question (Barton 2800+)
Is there any real difference between 64 3500+ and 3800+ (939)??
xp 2400-m help
Newegg.com bent me over.
Mobile XP2600+ or 64 3000+?
Has Anyone Done a Burn-in on there A64?
2800+ Newcastles just kick the booty, check it
xp 2000 oc
Advice on a new build.
new A64 system
Idle and Load temps for A64 claw
3200+ barton 2.17ghz?
Problem with Overclocking
difference in the cpu's?
hey guys! new to group!
AMD 2700 probs
amd2800+athlon xp
1700 JIUHB on ebay for $50+shipping?!?!
Best A64 to overclock with?
Amd 2500+ -> 3200+ already BUT
HELP! A64 NC / EP-8KDA3J Need input.
Want some input on new CPU purchase
hooking to many fans kill my psu???
Advice for my new AMD XP 2600 Barton :)
Please help, is this SOLTEK Board good?
@ 2.21 can't play games.. timings wrong?
Athlon XP 3000+ Barton
Ultimate Low Cost Thread to the A64 OC Path
Am I stable at 11x230? Memtest pass, prime fail.
1g means oc'ing pointless?
What is the matter with the msi k8 neo platinum?
Am buying a 32bit AMD processor for a mate need help please
Socket A? 462? I'm so confused.
Help Me Crack This Issue -- Random Restarts
Voltage fluxes
Where can I have a XP-M 2400+ 35w in canada!
Dual Core to be on Socket 939...
Crud...Did I damage my Mobile 2600+ on Install?
Oc help
Anyone know anything about this mobo?
A64 3200+ and K8V SE Deluxe OC Results
zapped something...
Are my ram timmings Fine
AND Temp norm
How Could I Oc My 2800+
2600-M @ 2.65GHz
quickie questionie
Barton 2500+
Why can't I overclock this any more? cpu/mem/mobo?
FX-53 worth it over 3800+?
Whats the score with 64? How will I benefit?
Athlon XP-M 2800+ better than xp-m 2600+
help with OC
Anybody overclock the A64 3700+ yet?
AS5 queries
xp mobile compatible mobos
Amd64 3200/K8V SE Delux Mobo: Computer Locks up! Me cry!
Question about Athlon 64 and PCI/AGP frequencies
Best bios for 8kda+