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AMD 8120-FX 8 Core Temps
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AMD Athlon II X4 640
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AMD 6100 OC problem
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Unlocked phenom 960t overheating
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Hit a wall?
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Looking for some advice
Random Freezing. PLEASE HELP
Future Upgrade Plans: Real World Performance Advice
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Halp with overclocking RAM please :c
how to unlock l3 cache
Av. Temps for AMD-FX 8120 3.1Ghz 8-Core CPU
new build
Here is my build and review AMD 8150
AM3+ socket and FX chips.
Question about TEMPS
Odd Prime 95/1090T issue
Can I get some Opinions on Bulldozer?
FX-8150 + Crosshair V + H100
fx 4100 & ASRock 970 EXTREME3 AM3+ AMD 970
cooler for Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 6000+ Processor (3.0-GHz, 2x1MB L2 cache, 2000
core #2 not holding weight
New to overclocking. What do you think?
Recently purchased computer with AMD-FX 8120 and my concerns.
unlocking 960t
Core Unlocker and Core Temp
AMD dumps Globalfoundries
AMD's roadmap for full fusion
fx-6100 oc help
The difference betwwen the 4 Ghz FX Cpus
Help! OC AMD Athlon II x4 640 with Biostar TA880GU3+
FX-8120 Voltage
a small heat problem
Fx 8150 getting hot
AMD completes its buyout of Seamicro
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Dozer future
Can the FX4100 be OCed to.....
CPU is kinda weird
Extreme FX-4100 temperatures.
Airflow Issue ?
Amazing Zosma!
N850 vs N660
AMD 965BE Prime Stable @ 4ghz?
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My 1055T Experience
AMD 1055T Overclocking (Crashing BSOD)
Hey guys,My first post
AMD Phenom II x4 955 OC
amd fx-4100 amd asus crosshair V overclocking help
New Budget Build for family member
Phenom II X4 965BE - Stock temps/cooling
some questions on a upcoming build
help with overclocking my amd fx 6100
AMD Launches New Platform for Dedicated Web Hosting Providers
Skyrim issues, and wanting to overclock my APU
FX-8120 temps
Upgrade phe2 x4 965 for eol gd70, or not?
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n00b with sempron, advice sought
computer issues as of late.. please help
AMD dropping SOI @ 28nm
Build Questions
Help Please A8 3870k Overclock
whats highest safe zone for my CPU?
Volatge too high?
Overclocking help
need info on am2 cpu compatability
Thuban or Dozer?
FX 4100 1st overclock temps
help me to build nice performance, cool and yet stable enough for long term use
Attempting to get 4.0Ghz stable
OC on 1075t with liquid cooling
Bulldozer max. CPU voltage
Crosshair Formula IV + FX-4170
FX Series cooling
FX-6200, A little chronicled journey
FX 4100 with CoreTemp
I'm now impressed with Bulldozer
Overclock slowly getting unstable
HT Bus while OCing, what do you do with it?
Cpu voltage problem
Thanks for your help
Fx_8120 Need help with this cpu
fx8120 running hot
fx8120 @ 5.0?HHHMMMMMM
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AMD Athlon 64x2 5200+ am2+/3
Making the change
Overclocking question
how do I make overclock amd 4000+Brisbane
Hitting the chip's wall
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Core 1 Temp Much Higher than Core 0
AMD sold its shares IN GF today
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Fx4100 and Temps
Someone Help me with Overclocking my AMD
AMD FX-8120 on Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Does Radeon HD 5670 support dual monitors with the same thing on both monitos?
Overclocking FX-6100 - Games runs too fast?
Overclocking an AMD PhenomII x6 1055T Thuban 2.8ghz on a Biostar Bios.
Gigabyte 990 AMD 1090T OC
Dont know if this is mobo issue or cpu issue
Overclocking Problem AMD Phenom 2 X6 1090tbe
Odd performance measures trend
AMD Fusion APU
OC Advice on 960T BE
opteron 2419 question
CPU emitting some buzzing noises
i am new and dont know about overclocking
Overclocking Escapades: socket 939 Athlon 64 4000+ ClawHammer (CG)
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A few A8-3870K benchmarks as promised
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Athlon ii x3 450 OC
How do I overclock my PC
Fx 4100
confusing to say the least
Overclocking 1090t and etc parts
Successful overclocker
Overclocking 960T BE and 555 BE have to decide on one or the other
Phenom II X4 945 Need some help please
960t 4 or 6 core for games?
Question About LLC And CPU/NB LLC
Purchased a Hyper 212 plus fit in my case
Anyone stable at 5ghz on the 8150 with Asus Sabertooth?
Overclocking AMD 7750 Black Edition
AMD A8-3870k Overclock
Overclocking Athlon II X4 630 temp ranges, possible cooling upgrade and new CPU?
AMD phenom II 840 help for a poor noob!
AMD FX 8150 scaling?
Extremely high idle temp athlon 2 x4 630 at Stock speed
Casual OC'er!
Problem with new budget build - APU
Help w/ overclocking 1075t
New Budget Gaming Build Question
About CoreTemp downloads at alcpu site...
OCing the CPU-NB?
Phenom II 955 BE overclock
AMD's Piledriver chips will use a resonant clock mesh
phenom II 945 trying to get 3.9ghz+
Overclocking Escapades: socket 939 Athlon 64 4000+ San Diego (E6)
AMD x6 1100T temps extremely off
Hello. Basic questions from a new power user!
Calculation Errors with AMD 8150
FX-6100 HOT at low voltages
Sabertooth990fx ,1090t Overclock Settings or PSU Problems
FX-4100 Budget Gaming Build
FX-8150 Overclocking question
960T Question
OC the NB/HTT?
Increased voltage in bios now wont work
Which temperature program?
newb Overclocking Phenom II x2 555 w/ MSI 785GM-P45
Hey everybody: New Build Advice
Possible to overclock my OEM PC?
amd FX 8120 4.25 GHZ
Overclocking Sempron 145, Questions, Comments, Input
AMD 1090t and Sabertooth 1090t
FX-6100 OC
AMD Phenom II X4 965 OC barriers
AMD Athlon II x4 640 Temps?
960T Help!
changing from dual core to quad core cpu. need advice
First try OC'ing 1090t
athlon 4450e stuck at 800mhz!
Overclocking-FIRST ATTEMPT
Budget quad core gaming rig
Overclocking a AMD FX6100
AM3/+ End of life anytime soon?
Phenom II 960T unlocked core issues
Overclocking my AMD 4800+ [Beginner]
Prime95 error...fine on 3.7 bsod on 3.8
AM2 or AM2+
x925 + MSI DKA790GX = .... ?
Phenom X4 970 oc help
960t OC help
FX4100 OC and TMonitor
Zosmos vs Deneb
A word from AMD re-BD
What to buy Fx4100 or I3 2120??
AMD Phenom II 1050T O'Clocking
how to unlock l3 cache
A humble OC AMD FX-6100
Hi everyone, I'm totally new to this Forum got a Question
Help to overclock my cpu?
960t Vs. 6100fx
Phenom 1055T or FX 6100?? Which One?
New to OC, AMD Athlon II X4 635 help
8120/MSI 990XA-GD55 Cant get over 4.0GHZ without BSOD
Need some help overclocking amd fx 4100
Phenom II x4 960t unlocked, now no Core temp
Phenom II x4 960 (unlocked to 6) OCing help
Overclock advice 1100t
Unlocking for Phenom 550BE help
Question about x6 in AM2+ board
Bios on Asus MFA99X EVO wont accept overclocking
Several questions about my FX 8120
Someone mind explaining this to me?
20% speed boost in AMD APUs without overclocking
Amd Phenom X6 1100T overclocking with Asus M4N75TD
Beginner Budget Build - New to OCing
Is this Upgrade to a FX8120 Worth it?
o.c my system need some advise plz
Offsettting Socket temp to get Core temp.
OC help w/ 955BE (theory)
[BEGINNER] - Help overclock AMD 64 x2 4800+
8120 OC questions
960t overclocking help
Overclocking FX6100 temperature question
Amd FX 8-core sucks 2 core is better
athlon x2 220
Help overclocking AMD Phenom II x4 840 pleasee :(
my Amd FX 8120 strangs OC :(
Overclocking 1090T on 990FX
Hi everyone .....1055t Overclock HELP PLS!!!
Need help and info about overclocking AMD Phenom II x6 1090T
oveclocking help with 1090T
New computer build...What are the advantages of AMD
1045T OC
AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE OC Questions
1066 running at 667
AMD Seems to Effectively Give Up (For High-End CPUs)
laptop cpu temps flux
OC A8-3850 with HD6670
AMD opteron 1210 help OC
AMD 1095T BE Overclock
AMD Phenom ii x6 1055t (OC @ 4.2ghz)
Help with unlocking AMD Phenom II x2 555 BE cores
Need some help for CPU-NB/ Memory Config....
A Prime95 Question.
AMD FX sales stronger then expected?
HUGE temperature on AMD Phenom II x4 960T
1100T trying to reach 4ghz
Anyone still have their old AMD XP's around? What have you done with yours?
Overclocking ECS GeForce 7050m-m
Help with OC Athlon II X4 640 3.0 GHz
I7 930 or FX 8150 what would you pick?
Best drivers for 5830 xFire?
Need help unlocking 4th core!
Amd chip Prices
new build need advise
PhII 955 BE revival
AMD FX processors want info
960T BE Weird Problem!!!
4.0Ghz on Phenom II 925
Just purchased new motherboard and 1100t, curious as to what AMD is doing next
Phenom II x2 555 to x4 B55 @3.89 OCed.
need help with amd 8150 and asus sbrtooth 990fx
is burning in still applicable
990fx ud7 and 8120 help
Been trying for months to overclock using the guides on this forum
Athlon II x4 645 vs. Phenom II x4 925
breaking the 3.9 barrier oveclock amd 965 c3
Need help overclocking Phenom x4 9950 Black Edition
Overclocking Phenom II 960t
Help! Which Motherboard to choose?
AMD FX - Throttling (not temp related)
Overclocking 760GM-P23 FX (advice and help)
Help with Phenom 965 OC
Need some help with overclocking! (A8-3850)
AMD Phenom II x4 955 B.E. temp. problem
HT-Link 2400Mhz and NB 2800Mhz
But what BD?
Amd unlocking feature how can i do it ?
removing on-cpu heatspreader
The Numbers Please!
microsoft "hotfix for fx
How'd I do? PII 965 OC
AMD Phenom II X8 CPU's possibly in the works.
Overclocking for the first time....X4 840
Help Needed Overclocking
FX8120 vs 1090T vs Intel i5
Can i build a Competitive AMD system at less cost to my own 2500k @ 4.7ghz pc?
Ideal budget amd machine
fx8120 clocking via bios
Suggestions for overclocking AMD Phenom II x6 1035T
Smart Fan Configuration Settings For Biostar TA880GU3+
Undervolting and/or Cool 'N' Quiet...
Remove K10STAT settings
Found some interesting BF3 benchmarks
computer crashes from new AMD fx 8120 cpu
Will my MB die if CPU is running over the Recomended TDP?
Tips for OC on a 1090t
Help with overclocking 1100T
Athlon II x3 455 unlocked!
Phenom II 955 X4 3.2GHz for Intel i5 2500k?
[HELP] First overclocking on 955 BE
hoping to locate an older 65w X4
Overclocking AMD 8150FX
Please Help! I'm Stuck At 3.7GHz.
Overclocking phenom II x6 1055t
@4.6ghz but Can't get Memory OC'd
yet another 1100T Thread
can't overclock a 955 non black edition, who said
AMD Phenom II x4 960T (6 Cores)
Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition OC
Overclocking Protocols
Phenom II 960t power consumption?
think ive seen the light..
Overclocking 1090 (or even underclocking) problem
Looking for some assistance.
Help plz nvram bios error.
Unlocked 960T Questions
Athlon II x3 unlocked to Phenom II x4 OCing questions
1100T OC help... hitting BSOD's at 4GHz
P-95'ing my system overnight tonight (9 hour torture later)
1055t Thuban @ 5770MHz
cpu stability problems phenom II 945 95w
Thinking about a new cpu
8150 OC (yeah i bought it)
Different approach to OC 1100T ??
Help With OC'ing of New AMD 1100T
Help with temperature for Athlon X4 640
cpu-z incorrect
Over Clocking Athlon 64 X2 4800+
AMD Server
Wanted Input on 1st OC on 955 BE
!!!!!!!!!!!HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1100t or 8120?
Cannot unistall Original Win 7 hotfix for BD KB 2592546
which amd cpu?
How do you all feel about the X4 840?
new budget pc need help with capabilities
Help with Tuning an OC on AMD 955BE
Amd Athlon 5200+ New to Oc'ing
New to overclocking
Problems with 960t
So I knew Trinity was going to be good but...
x6 1090T 4Ghz - 24/7 OC attempt (with benching)
Amd 955 black over clock
new into amd x6 almost all system watercooled but no stable overclock v_v
Help with Overclocking and buying A GPU w/o Bottle-necking
Overclocking and Stability (955 Black Edition).
temps, temps, temps, what temps
1090T 4.1ghz
First time overclocking Phenom 9650
960T BE in M4A79XTD EVO OC failures
OC old setup (3500+)
Hardware Thermal Control disabled
AMD Overdrive to Overclock safe?
help oc amd64 x2 5200+
Help wanted! Overclocking Phenom II x6 1100T
Amd Phenom ii X3 740 bottleneck?
Are AMD phasing x6 BE out?
What cooler for AMD X6?
8150 temps
Amd E-350 Overclocking Problem
ATI HD 6850 bottle-necked by AMD X4 Quad Core A8 3850?
TEC Cooling Insulation
Overclocking my Phenom II 955
Help overclocking my AMD Phenom X6 1055T
AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE Should I lock Core 3 out
K10 and 11 core temps
AMD 1100T Heat Question
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T Thuban 2.8ghz Overclocking Help
Phenom II or Bulldozer
Athlon XP3200 Increased Performance
Return of AMD FX: My OC'd AMD FX 8150 with OC'd 6990 Review - First Results Up!
AMD 1100T x6 cooling problems
FX-8150 First OC session.
Llano A8-3870K - FUN FUN FUN
Prime95 Stress Test Question.
Help!! AMD Phenom II x4 980 Overclocking
Whats a good cooler for a 955 BE
Unlocking Phenom II X2 555 BE problems
Biostar TA880GU3+ Overclock RAM vs CPU
AMD OverDrive Question.
6050e BE Pentacore
955 BE way too hot before even overclocking?
Noobie overclock.. how does it look like?
AMD FX 8150
What is up with my CPU speed?
Are these too high?
FX 8120 @ 3.6ghz
Overclocking 980 BE sabertooth
Good OC for X4 965
FX-4100 Issues
Athlon X2 7450
Phenom II x4 B55 running on high temp on Prime 95.
AMD phenom x6
12/31 1:30AM Bulldozer and Phenom LN2 Benchmarking
Unlocking The Athlon II X3 435
CPU upgrade
asus turbov evo freezes computer when tunring bus speed up
CPUID says I have an 1105T...
should i keep my 1090t phenom till ivy bridge or go with i7 sandy bridge
AMD Sempron Overclock?
X4 965 BE High stock voltage???
Overclocking help
Advice on 960T OC stability?
Unlocking 960T no post 870s-g46
Overclocking help???
Phenom II X6 1100T hitting 68C... help
First oc attempt need help amd 1100t
Need help on a Amd x4 840
I need help please
AMD FX4100
Phenom II X4 965 BE AM3 on AM2+ Mobo
Bulldozer wprime help needed
Theres one happy customer
How you can tell your cooling system correctly installed?
Will AM3+ CPU Run On AM3 Board?
970BE: changing the CPU-NB, wont post.
Unlocking The Athlon II X3 435
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T versus FX-8120 Performance Guide
[Updated 2012] AMD - My current cpu speed is (in ghz):
Is anyone here using an FX CPU for distributed computing (e.g. Rosetta)
Is Piledriver going to stay on AM3+ or use a new socket?
Suggest me a LLANO
59C An acceptable temperature?
Amd 955 BE oc Vs BD 8150
AMD Phenom II 960 3.2GHz X4 Black Edition Not Reporting Temps?
FSB/HT overclock opposed to multiplier
What are you using to monitor temps on fx?
Help Unlocking an AMD Athlon II x3 455
OC settings for T-1045
OC a Phenom II 970 BE
Opteron G34 cooling suggestions
amd athlon LE-1620 2.41 GHz processor
Voltage Rise Under Load - Phenom II X4
Overclocked X6 1075 stress test
Whats wrong with my 965 BE?
Intresting Experiment
overclocking FX-6100
1T or 2T?
AMD 1090T black edition cannot get stable OC
AMD Intros New Unlocked K-Series Llano APUs: A8-3870K & A8-3670K
Trying to hit 5.0ghz on AMD 8120 FX
started oc on athlon II 640
Help with overclocking FX-4100 quad core 3.6GHZ
FX8120 - overclock help
Please help me find the right products. ty
hello i need help with my amd 960t x4
AMD Phenom II 960 3.2GHz X4 Black Edition OC.
HT Link
FX-6100 Air overlock *New to this*
Phenom 2 940 BE muliplier problem
Problems, posible damage..
Unlocking 960t?
AMD PC Crashes When Running League of Legends
A Warning to AI Suite users
960T Report
amd chipsets
More Bulldozer Benchmarks
FX8120 vs 1100T
Microsoft comes to AMD Bulldozer rescue
Fx6100 vs 1100T
Prime95 Ver25.11 Vs Ver26.6
550 BE first time overclocking.
restarting issues in Win 7 cpu overclocked
1100t overclocked temperatures
MS releases update to increase BD performance in W7
Have a socket A setup? Want to do some benching?
bulldozer keeps throttling