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A64 3200+ Clwhamer CG rev. (desktop)
Integrated FSB for A64?!
Is this unusual?
Push it to the max
Is it possible to get Corsair XMS c2 to run 2336 on amd 64 setup?
I'm new and have a few questions
My first OC project - exactly what order to do things?
helping barton 2800+ rock
can anyone tell me what the prob is?
nforce chipsets unlock multis????
CPU Mobile 2400+ Running hot and Shocking
AMD XP Mobile 2500
Time to Upgrade...
300MHz FSB on any AXP even possible?
A64 Overclocking Result Collection
Cant overclock XP2400 anymore??
A64 3500+ steppings...pls help
Can too much vdimm kill an A64?
What is good stepping for AMD64 2800+/3000+
No idea where to start
Big Problem
what is the best bang for the buck in the athlon 64 race?
HSF for both athlon xp's and athlon 64's
anyone get more than 2648mhz out of a 1700+ before?
Max Vcore for A64?
Why AMD cpu's perform better per mhz then intel?
Yet another "am i pushing my chip too hard?" thread...
Is the ASUS K8N-E Deluxe a good mobo?
XP2600-m/NF7-S/OCZ PC3200EB maxed at 205fsb?
want to o/c my a64 3000+
athon 64 step down?
CPU speed not showing up as the right speed
My AMD64 3200+/K8V SE Dlx combo pack
Finally got a good o/c on my 1700+
Simple and Quick Qs about AMD A64
Amd Semprons
asus k8v se deluxe
Hit a wall with 3200+
Can't break 200 mhz FSB with 2600+ Mobile
new amd barton setup
3.00v on my memory. Will this be ok for my A64 ?
Athlon64 3200+ or 3200+?(no joke)
Crazy 2500+ Barton Temps
How well did 2700+'s OC T-bred B
AMD 64 3200+ and PC2700
L12 pin mod on mobile, what does it do?
xp3200 temps
IQYHA0401MPMW = Awesome
What to get ?! XP-M 2600+ / 2600+ / 2500+
New heatsink for my 2500+???
Need Help For Oc My Xp3200
life of an overclocked cpu??
amd athlon 64 3200+ steppings
How much fsb loss is worth 1x multi?
Unlocked Tbird 2400+ --> mobile 2600+ worth it?
Worth going A64 from Barton 2300mhz?
Best choice for A64
2500+ higher multipliers.
S939 FX-53 & AV8 Results
Geil 4400, a no go...???
Cooling choice for A64 3200+
Installing XP pro with Athlon 64
NF7/TbredB voltage woes
939 - AMD a64 3500+ & what mobo?
Temps on 2600+ Mobile are to high?
OC'ing a Athlon XP 2000+
How I brutally murdered my 1600xp (pics)
CPU Monitor
Amd64 2800+
Intel Guy Needs info About Athlon XP-M
2600 mobile steppings and other questions
1700+ unlock question
Mobile XP 3000+ Mult not recognizing
Mobile Athlon XP laptop battery life = 3 hours?? for real?
A64 cooling newb question..
need help overclocking my 2500+
Help Needed: Shuttle/AMD XP Combo
2500+m Oc Wall
So I got a Mobile 2600+... Now what?
Build me the best professional workstation machine 1.2k - 1.7k
Rest of the 939 boards?
Amd xp2400+ overclocking
Just Got my 2600+ mobile today!
new 2600+ mobile! big time (former small time) OC' noob needs advice
Athlon64 Mobile or non-mobile
Which mobile to buy? (please help)
What sort of idle temps are you getting with Cool n Quiet?
2800+ K8N Neo big problems
2600+ mobile and L12 hack. why?
Why to build you own!
Sempron Mobile?
amd 64 +3400 and msi k8n neo plat
building a computer for a customer, need help on CPU
Enabling the extra 512K L2 cache on A64 cpu's???
A64 CPU choices (2 OC's to choose from)
Mobo cutting power to the hard drive on startup. Does this sound normal?
Help!!! No video!!
Athlon 64 + twinmos memory
Athlon64 multiplier?
Vcore question Paly 1700+
AMD 64 3400+...NC vs. CH
Question about my new 2500+ M
Thailand and computer parts
Is it worth getting an A64 with this rig?
Need a new rig very soon
New Gaming System And Cooling System
2600-m Iqyha0401??
How hot should an a64 3200+ be running?
My first OC ...need help
Can't hit above 220 FSB
XP 3200+ multiplier
Should I "upgrade"
Amd Athlon XP-M 2800+
? Mobile 2500 vs Mobile 2600 ?
Which A64 is most compatible with corsiar xms?
is this a 35W AXP mobile?
What do steppings mean Amd mobile 2600+?
Amd 3000 Stuck!!!!
Does lower vcore decrease temps?
Ok, Need the help of all the AMD guys.
Probably stupid question...
AMD Mobile 2500+ temp
Motherboard or CPU dead?
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
DOH: Pally re-unlock need help plz
Please help with ram and motherboard issue..
Extra multiplier on the 3200 A64 needed?
first time overclocker results 2600 mobile
sp-97 120mm adapter?
Helping a mate out O/C
Barton 2500+ first oc help
What is the best a64 mobo?
Athlon 64 2800 or Mobile 2500?
XP-M frequency potential degrades with time?
Need help unlocking Palomino core
How high should I let vcore go?
754 pin a64 stock fans
How long has your o/c'd athlon lasted?
Athlon 64/FX Question...
High FSB + Low Multi - OR - Low FSB + High Multi
my mobile 2600+ story
Athlon 64 Overclocking Questions
I got the PC Gamer issue of Doom 3
overclocking my athlon xp 2700+
Which CPU?
3500+ (939) + MSI K8N (nf3) board. what can i OC to?
Selling my AMD 64 Rig - Am I Loopy?
Temps on 2500 Mobile Barton
Mobile Users post some scores
2500-M Steppings
what's the best cpu heatsink / fan
Athlon XP-M 2600+ (which mobo, memory) ?
Problems with ocing A64 2800
New AMD Pricing
Overclocking Amd atholon2100+ help
my s754 a64 oc results
my comp crashes after 6 hours of prime95...
Need Help With a Burn in 2400+ Mobile IQY
AMD64 Gaming Performance
Could my motherboard battery be bad?
best 754 motherboard for $130
mobile 2600 or amd64 3000+
OCing Athlon 64 3200+ and K8v
My Athlon64 Order
Got my 3800 and K8NSNXP-939
I feel ripped off
amd non ocd temps
A64 V Barton bench testing.
Can anyone help me OC my AMD 64bit 2800 ?
Just got my AMD64 3200+/K8VSEDlx combo pack, time for the benchies!
any suggestions?
check out dfi's 754 board
XP3000+ vs XP3200+ (64bit) : advice needed!
Need Help Unlocking My My Duron Multiplier
Should I Upgrade?
Which Mobile?
1000MHz HT Coming Sooner Than Expected
strange problems with Mobile 2600+
Budget system
Athlon 64 3600+ with 1 MB cache is coming... (It's 3600+ instead of Athlon 64 FX-51)
socket 939
The better chipset for amd64?
[NEWS] AMD Releases Sempron Earlier Than Expected
Performance gain with mobile 2600+???
Poor A64-3000+ benchmarks?
Got some stuff today!
Help with A64 O/C settings
newcastle vs. clawhammer
Temps 36 idle, 48 load un OCed...
My New Gaming System (please help)
my new mobile 2500+
Athlon XP Emblem?
memtest/prime95/northbridge questions
cpu temps 52 idle w/ as5
still can not get cool and quiet to work
How big is the core?
Is This A Good Gaming System?
Why is my computer crashing for no reason?
I need some help Ocing my AMD 64 2800+
How to unlock an AMD ATHLON XP 2500+ BARTON?
for A64 3200+ 8KDA3J or K8N-E ??
2500+ problems, please help me out
Mobile FSB question
what should i try to OC to?
How far could i overclock an AMD 64 3000+ with this setup...
Asus probe.. Accurate?
Is it CG rev.
To 3400+ or to 3500+?
Mobile vs non
Anyone know which A64 3000+ has CG stepping...
next pricecut?
90nm Athlon64 FX due Q4 this year !?!?! (updated AMD roadmap)
AMD 64 3000+, A Few Questions...
Weird FSB and MEM bus speeds
CPU thermal THrottling?
Do amds use the 5v or 12v rail?
Good price for Mobile CPU?
The better 754 Combo
1700+ what is it?
a64 2800+ OC?
2400+ tbred Locked?
Has anyone tried removing the Integrated Heat Spreader on a Athlon64?
1700+ oc
should i get another mobile or a ...
How Fast can ya get a AMD xp 3400+
Need some info on how to overclock on MSI K8N Neo Plat.
Amd Cuts A64 Prices Today!!!
Is this save for 35w 2400+ mobile?
A64's and AS5...
Anyone know anything about the mobile 3000+ 72W?
Best CPU and MB to start OCing?
Thoughs on ram
How fast will my system die?
Athlon 3200+ vs 64 3200+
AMD64 754 / 939 Various Options
New to me chip need help
2600-M vs. 2400-M guarenteed stepping?
NEED Help ASAP!!!! CPU Diode too hot???
How Do I Overclock?
is 1.7vcore dangerous?
Best Air Cooling for my 2400+ mobile
NF7 2.0 Siren
what are those number for?
Athlon 2600+ XP Desktop Question[Barton Or Not?]
chances of getting the IQYHA 2600 from newegg
New setup WOOT!! what should I expect?
Mobile 2600+ Barton
New work system- 64 bit suggestions?
mhz wrong?
question stepping number on A64
having problems with my 2500 M
DFI Lanparty NFII Ultra B vs DFI "NFII ULTRA INFINITY" performance
how much difference does 2 fsb make?
Ocing a mobile 2600+
New Amd 64 leader in 3d2001 for lappys...
Which Mobile?
What keeps desktops locked.
Stuck at 219fsb
AMD64 3000+CG newcastle $179
Supposed Sempron ratings make no sense!
Athlon 64 3200+ vs AMD Opteron
Socket 939 vs 754
Cheap AMD Chip for OC'in?
Help with AMD (newcastle) and Mobo combo
Favorite Socket 754 combos?
Which will overclock farther...
A64 NewCastle or Clawhammer for this
How would you upgrade to Athlon 64? (Poll Thread)
Is this stepping any good? (A64 2800+)
Question about Multiplier and FSB
New to Overclocking
CPU giving low performance
AMD Website-> FORUM, AMDEdge & Pricelist
2600+ upgrade to ___ (fill in the blank)
Bad Flash lead to bad cpu?
Are the price drops for real?
Any point getting S754?
Please help me understand this
Identify this chip please
Are thoroughbreds unlocked?
Good way to oc in windows?
I am moving to A64...please help AMD masters.
I am building a new system, and...
Yup I belive its the ram
OC'd Athlon XP-M 2600 vs. Old P4 2.0Ghz
Athlon XP Multiplier ?
70C Prime95 load on AXP-M 2500+
Pad or AS5?
Socket 939 vs Socket 754
1 more 2.5+GHz 35w 2400 mobile
Problem with new CPU (speed)
NewCastle Temps
2500+ Barton can't do 11x200
XP Mobile chipset voltage on nForce2 Ultra ?
Clawhammer Or Newcastle?
Im sorry everyone Im selling my A64 socket 754 system and mooving too....
Newegg has a big price drop on the A64's.
athlon processor not being recognized
Difference b/t Mobile 2500+ and 2600+
Bad 3DMark2001 Score With Mobile 2500
OCing probs
ok did i miss something....A64 Drillhammer ???
Video capturing using AMD CPUs
Unlocked athlon xp barton!
Athlon1200...Find two errors!
a64 vs axp?
Unlocking the XP 3000+ Barton?
AMD A64 Price Drops Effective 07/26/2004
A64 MOBO/CPU Combo
Retail A64 2800+: Should I even bother opening it?
Post your A64 O/C results!!!
my temps ok for a mobile 2600 at 3200 speeds..
Getting my 2500+ past 2.15GHz
check out this BS
AMD64 2800+ @ 2475MHz 1.60v Stock cooling
hehe new PC on order
Need Guru help, best bang 4 the buck combo >$500
Motherboard Designed Using Feng Shui Principles
AMD Quiet & Cool Technology...Yay or nay?
amd 2400+ mobile temp max?
Switching to AMD, need advice....
Ok...Fried 2100+ what next?
AMD 3400+ O/C help
my pc(A64 3200+)is it ne good?
Do I Be locked mon?
AMD Duron 1.2 voltage
XP2700 & MSI K7N2 Delta
What am I doing wrong
What should I get
Heatsink and CPU temperature
fx-51 or 3800?
1 day early suprise!
HELP, system doesn't boot
Athlon 64 3000+ or 3200+??
Barton 2600+ Mobile-- Best Micro ATX board
Help Me Build!
L12 Mod benefits
Why does 11x200 work, 5x220 work, but not 10x220
Overclocking AMD Athlon 64 3000+
watercooled fx-53
Temps down with higher OC??
About to purchase this, need suggestions
mobile or desktop athlon xp
Definitive answer needed...
Amd 2500+
dumb question, but must ask...
Hit wall with XP2400+
XP mobile 2500 or 2600?
Do i possibly have the worst Ocing 3200 cg hammer? 2100mhz max stable!
A64 3200+ NewCastle what to expect O/Cwise?
Weak NF7-S?
2100+ questions
Synching CPU and RAM
Building new pc.. a64 3000+ (opinions?)
My ram hit a wall when OCing, what now?
Some data about high/low FSB comaprison...
Safe V-Core for 2600+ Barton?
L12 modd on M2500.Where?!
Recommend me a HSF for my new comp.
Athlon 64 mobile vs regular... which is better...
Prime95 fails after only seconds....
Weird Overclocking
A64 3200+ and Asus K8V Se Deluxe
Little success in o'c gains when upping voltage
Oc'd my new rig...2500+
SUPER 2600+M!--You can buy one too!--2700mhz Easy
Does this make sense?
2600M and Bios options question
new cpu??
n00b to DDR
Amd overclocking problem with anything above 12.5
2400+m or 2500+m for oc'ing?
A64 - 754 - stop production
How hot is too hot for AMD CPUs?
Temp Question
Wrong temperature readings
arggg, now what? (purchasing new A64)
K8N-E or K8N Neo Platinum?
2500+ Mobile question?
Xp-m + An7 280fsb!!!!!
How is this A64 gaming rig??
which a64 heatsink?
New Computer athlon 2500+ good?
Could anyone tell me a little about this A64...
Random Restarts
clock gen
hit a 248 wall
Bios error
Where to get CG revision?
Newcastle max OC???? Next XPM?
odd prime error...
New Potential Rig! Nforce 250 A64 2800+
S939 Fx-53
want to overclock my amd but dont know how
Get it while its hot!
Quick, What is the BEST Socket 754 mobo out?
need help tracking down problem
Help with Upgrade!
noob needs help... first time overclocker!
3800 and NF3-250
mobiles or desktop?
Best quality mobo for my XP2500 Mobile and stable!
Unlocked CPU's
Which mobile is the best?
Should I get this @ 2.5Ghz
Which AMD 64 939 pin processor is best for overclocking?
$1200 to spend!!
XP2500-M or XP2600-M???
Well I think I....
Need Help which cpu
Is this CPU still good?
epox differences?
Prime95 error help
CPU Diode 80c?????????
Thunderbird Overclock
Bad temp.readings????
what AMD motherboards support software vcore changes?
Paging Gautam (and anyone wanting to help OC my A64)
What model CPU do I have?
2500+ is reading 1100 mhz at start up...
System keeps resetting after 45m-1h @ 39!? M2600@2631
brand new 2600M acting up... any suggestions?
2500 Barton swap
bad ocer?
A64 3200+ and asus k8v se deluxe bios problems
Newcastle vs Clawhammer
PCI lock doesnt work on 8KA3J
Better oc after a while
Better oc after a while
A64 3000+ and a Asus K8Vse
Enabling the L2 256 to 512k on the thorton 2600
What am I missing?!?
Memory Problems
how to test if you a64 3200 is dieing ?
how to keep A64 from sticking to heatspreader?
How much for Unlocked 2500 Barton
prime95 messed up?
S939 3500+?
Anyone had 2400XP-M *IQYHA 0414RPMW* working in a A7N8X-E, or A7V333?
amd xp2600+ overclocking
2800+ barton -> 2600M
939 or 940?
Trouble getting xp2500+ to 400fsb w/A7N8X-E deluxe
Whats better
mobile 3000+ cpu
Pin assignments for Socket 939 & 940?
2500+ locked chip... oc?
Where to buy a AMD 64 CG ?
L12 mod with a Locked 2500+?
need some suggestions
Why is my AXP M 2500+ OC so crappy?
Which m/b for 754 or 939 ?
Please help which socket ?
Highest OC achieved for C0 Revision?
HELP!! Can't Boot
"Walking" dots on top of CPU
A64 3000+ and Epox 8KDA3+
Abit KV8 Pro and Newcastle 2800+... uber fast
Temperatures & Voltage (specifically mobile 2500+)
which newegg 3000+ is the one to get?
XP-M worth it over desktop counterpart?
Are these logical things to wait/save for?
Barton 2500+ Overclocking
How loud is the stock fan on the A64 FX?
Best Cpu/Mobo/Cooling for $250
Xp-m 2500+ Back On Line!
Dead cpu?
burnt out 2500+?
k6 2 question..
Asus K8V SE Deluxe
whats better? and whats the diffrence?
Woeful overclock of doom...
Had a 2800+, now I dont know what I have
Heat help please...
amd chip id
List of to-do's when setting up A64
a64 mobile?
How long will she live?
eMachines AMD64 3000+ laptop - strange clock???
Athlon64 FX VS. Dual Opteron
CPU Recommendations?
Highest clock on a locked xp 3000 barton
XP2600+ tb - overclock - KT400
AMD Mobile 2400+ at 1.35V?
Need help with OCing My AMD Athlon XP 2400 Need help FAST
Hypertransport Q's
I need massive help (first time overclocker) on a64 3200+ asus k8vSEdeluxe!
socket 754 white paper
I think I pushed it too far