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Some data about high/low FSB comaprison...
Safe V-Core for 2600+ Barton?
L12 modd on M2500.Where?!
Recommend me a HSF for my new comp.
Athlon 64 mobile vs regular... which is better...
Prime95 fails after only seconds....
Weird Overclocking
A64 3200+ and Asus K8V Se Deluxe
Little success in o'c gains when upping voltage
Oc'd my new rig...2500+
SUPER 2600+M!--You can buy one too!--2700mhz Easy
Does this make sense?
2600M and Bios options question
new cpu??
n00b to DDR
Amd overclocking problem with anything above 12.5
2400+m or 2500+m for oc'ing?
A64 - 754 - stop production
How hot is too hot for AMD CPUs?
Temp Question
Wrong temperature readings
arggg, now what? (purchasing new A64)
K8N-E or K8N Neo Platinum?
2500+ Mobile question?
Xp-m + An7 280fsb!!!!!
How is this A64 gaming rig??
which a64 heatsink?
New Computer athlon 2500+ good?
Could anyone tell me a little about this A64...
Random Restarts
clock gen
hit a 248 wall
Bios error
Where to get CG revision?
Newcastle max OC???? Next XPM?
odd prime error...
New Potential Rig! Nforce 250 A64 2800+
S939 Fx-53
want to overclock my amd but dont know how
Get it while its hot!
Quick, What is the BEST Socket 754 mobo out?
need help tracking down problem
Help with Upgrade!
noob needs help... first time overclocker!
3800 and NF3-250
mobiles or desktop?
Best quality mobo for my XP2500 Mobile and stable!
Unlocked CPU's
Which mobile is the best?
Should I get this @ 2.5Ghz
Which AMD 64 939 pin processor is best for overclocking?
$1200 to spend!!
XP2500-M or XP2600-M???
Well I think I....
Need Help which cpu
Is this CPU still good?
epox differences?
Prime95 error help
CPU Diode 80c?????????
Thunderbird Overclock
Bad temp.readings????
what AMD motherboards support software vcore changes?
Paging Gautam (and anyone wanting to help OC my A64)
What model CPU do I have?
2500+ is reading 1100 mhz at start up...
System keeps resetting after 45m-1h @ 39°!? M2600@2631
brand new 2600M acting up... any suggestions?
2500 Barton swap
bad ocer?
A64 3200+ and asus k8v se deluxe bios problems
Newcastle vs Clawhammer
PCI lock doesnt work on 8KA3J
Better oc after a while
Better oc after a while
A64 3000+ and a Asus K8Vse
Enabling the L2 256 to 512k on the thorton 2600
What am I missing?!?
Memory Problems
how to test if you a64 3200 is dieing ?
how to keep A64 from sticking to heatspreader?
How much for Unlocked 2500 Barton
prime95 messed up?
S939 3500+?
Anyone had 2400XP-M *IQYHA 0414RPMW* working in a A7N8X-E, or A7V333?
amd xp2600+ overclocking
2800+ barton -> 2600M
939 or 940?
Trouble getting xp2500+ to 400fsb w/A7N8X-E deluxe
Whats better
mobile 3000+ cpu
Pin assignments for Socket 939 & 940?
2500+ locked chip... oc?
Where to buy a AMD 64 CG ?
L12 mod with a Locked 2500+?
need some suggestions
Why is my AXP M 2500+ OC so crappy?
Which m/b for 754 or 939 ?
Please help which socket ?
Highest OC achieved for C0 Revision?
HELP!! Can't Boot
"Walking" dots on top of CPU
A64 3000+ and Epox 8KDA3+
Abit KV8 Pro and Newcastle 2800+... uber fast
Temperatures & Voltage (specifically mobile 2500+)
which newegg 3000+ is the one to get?
XP-M worth it over desktop counterpart?
Are these logical things to wait/save for?
Barton 2500+ Overclocking
How loud is the stock fan on the A64 FX?
Best Cpu/Mobo/Cooling for $250
Xp-m 2500+ Back On Line!
Dead cpu?
burnt out 2500+?
k6 2 question..
Asus K8V SE Deluxe
whats better? and whats the diffrence?
Woeful overclock of doom...
Had a 2800+, now I dont know what I have
Heat help please...
amd chip id
List of to-do's when setting up A64
a64 mobile?
How long will she live?
eMachines AMD64 3000+ laptop - strange clock???
Athlon64 FX VS. Dual Opteron
CPU Recommendations?
Highest clock on a locked xp 3000 barton
XP2600+ tb - overclock - KT400
AMD Mobile 2400+ at 1.35V?
Need help with OCing My AMD Athlon XP 2400 Need help FAST
Hypertransport Q's
I need massive help (first time overclocker) on a64 3200+ asus k8vSEdeluxe!
socket 754 white paper
I think I pushed it too far
2500+ mobile Barton questions
A64 and latencies
Help in overclocking my AMD 64 2800+
My thermal probe
O'Cing help
mobile 2600+ Help
Found a really great deal, what can I do with it?
How much should I get out this mobo&cpu
My Mobile2600 what a surprise!
AMD Athlon 64 2800+
Source of instability?
Upgrade from a64 3200 754..to 3500 939 pin worth it or not?
Athlon64: nForce or VIA?
Socket 754 Motherboard Roundup
software overclock
Going to buy a 2500+ XP-M from newegg?
Heatsink solutions after removing IHS (heatspreader) from an A64?
One of those questions that I can't find on search
CG core non-mobiles
hmm stability issues with xp-M
COnfusing, whats best?
Can I Go Any Further?
overclocking my clawhammer a64 3200?
Help!!! Please!
prime95 2nd test error
AMD 2200 @ 2.1Ghz,+ lots of Headroom
NF7-S power off
HELP!!! Is my xp barton 3000 locked?
3000+ Newcastle overclock?
T-Bred B vs. Mobile Barton
Just dropped in the A64 3400..2.76 so far
Unlocking a Palomino, I did it well?
has anyone used that simpletech memory?
1st time oc since winter :)
3Dmark Scores on my 1800XP (sorry if posted in the wrong place)
2500+ Kqyha ?
2.5 amd ~ 3.2 intel... so what about 2.7 amd?
Failed prime at low OC.... not enough voltage?
Need help on new CPU..... out of the loop
Yay! IQYHA 2600+!
230fsb Max?
Help with a mobile AMD cpu
How well do L12 and L11 wire mods work for XP-M2500+
Finding the bottleneck
dreaming of nf4
A64 3200+ versus Mobile Athlon at 2.3Ghz -- is it worth it?
hows the athlon xp 2500+ mobile?
Best stepping for 2600xp mobile?
Yay, my Barton is unlocked in the BIOS help me OC this mofo!
Do Athon 64 FX-53's wrk on boards designed for 64?
Athlon 3000+ barton on Abit nf7-s 512 pc3200 ram oc problem!!
Somebody splain this to me
Aparently the A64 dont care about voltage.
OC Problem!!
Athlon dedicated hosting
what should i get
MSI K8N NEO Platinum
Amd Advertising
wow...I hit 230mhz fsb....am I ok for more??
250fsb on barton possible
amd64 cpu runs hotter under xp 64bit than xp?
Need some advice?
A64 3500+
3D-Cooler ultra by gigabyte
I broke the 2.5 mark
Is this a good Barton Mobile??
Are mobile bartons still unlocked?
Perhaps a silly question
stock vcore at 1.8
In case anyones Interested.......
Best AMD Cooling?
PCMarks anyone?
Question about a chipped core
2600mhz A64 and my Sandra Multi media score are sooo low... why is that
Wondering if I have to sit through this...
is this ok for a 2600+
Video stutter
When will the Semprons be released?
Read everything, still unsure....do I need to unlock?
Just bought an athlon 64 939
Temp Overload
overclocking with raid
I reached my first goal!!
Is this stepping any good? IQYHA 0352RPMW
URGENT! no boot with XP-M in A7N8X-E *ASUS*
can you help me overclock my system ?
xp2400+, EPoX 8RDA31, 2x256 ddr400
what does this bsod mean?
Abit KV8 PRO-K8T800 - 3200 Claw.
A64 Mobile 2800+ DTR Heatsink Mounting
HELP!! Why does MBM5 tell e that I have a 2000+, not a 2600+??
Amd 3500+@2.2 512kb cache(939) OR 3400+ @2.2 1mb cache (754)
What to do?
How much would you pay xp3000 unlock??
A little old but...
I'm confused.............
Is this normal?
need advice
I'm overclocked once again!!!
2100+ TBredB
2600 mobile temps
512 newcastle better then 1mb l2 chace clawhammer?
XP2500M still giving me fits... need some help
Does 3D Mark truly show what AMD 64bits can do?
hmm still dont understand clawhammer or newcastle?
Mobile to desktop
fsb vs. multiplier
Buying a xp-m, newegg or excalabur?
Barton 2800+ problem
Should I switch from my Intel @ 3.3 to an AMD XP MOBILE??
XP-M 2600 max save voltage
What's My Problem?
When will Windows 64bit Edition be out?
A64 scaling results
A64 overclocking with single/double sided dimm's
AMD Athlon™ 64 FX Processor Frequently Asked Questions
AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor Frequently Asked Questions
Installation of CPU/Heatsink FAQ!
O/c issues
Athlon 1400 (133) & KT133 mobo problem
Overclocking an AMD 3000+
Overclocking Question
How much could I overclock this (CPU-Z Pics)
Reached my limit
Post your AMD Althon XP Here
getting the cpu I want from newegg
What can you tell me about this Barton?
What are my OC'ing capabilities with this rig?...
Which A64 Socket 754?
New Barton revisited-
Where to get xp2600-m IQYHA 0352MPMW?
XP mobile, no sandra cpu references?
Any new boards to come for socket 939?
test your a64 with this.....
whats better for overclook last minute advice
2600 posting as 2700 when set to 200*11
Noob OCer Here :(
OCing Help Please!
Discussion for O/c Tools
w00t 3.1GHz Barton
Mobiles A64 vs XP
SFF A64 system
New Barton update
1800+ Tbred b problem
Athlon64 temps???
K8-based XP-Ms
xp2500 mobile problem
fsb and htt linked in some way?
Athlon64 Calculator (not for PRs, but a much more interesting :))
A little 2400+M Advice...
64 bit mobiles...I may be asking this ? again...
I'm a AMD 64 Virgin, And I need to know what to expect.
How many pipelines does AMDs have
90nm oakville PICS!
advise please on cpu
Which stepping is better of the two?
AMD 'Leak'
xp2800 oc
AMDs and heat...
a64 3200 psu
My New Barton Chip
Taking the A64 plunge or not? Need advice...
MAHUAHWHAHA Look what Arived 3 hours early at my Door step
max safe cpu vcore for amd64?
Overclocking 2500+ XP
Best settings for my Corsair XMS to run in sync with Barton 2500?
!!!ASUS Probe - Important information!!!
Bridges and superlock questions.
My Barton xp3000 is unlock
Is Superlocked a common term?
Best AMD system for $800ish
will these avermedia capture cards work with AMDs just fine? (product says intelPIII)
What runs warmer?
how hot is too hot?
Pencil Trick v2.0
Weird Problem, Please Help
n33d some h3lp fast!
Need help on configuration for fx-53 (again)
Stepping on XP2600-m at newegg.com
2500+ Barton OCing troubles
I'm getting quick RAM. Should I get a mobile for higher FSB?
Cpc Off
A64 - CG mobile or CG desktop ?
Computer crashes sometimes
NF7-S2 available
Unlocking AMD Barton
Lots Of Questions, no answers.
OC FSB apart from CPU and RAM ?
mobo suggestion for mobile amd 64
FX-53 -> DDR2, PCI-E?
Can u help me w/ o/clkng basics
what do you think about this rig?
what does this mean on the athalon 64's???
Help with ocing a fx 53
Opteron 242 or athlon 64 3000
Arghhh...What's causing the problems!!!???
AMD: Locked and Unlocked CPUs
am i doomed to stay at stock?
XP-m 2400+ pathetic overclock!!!!!
high Vcore worse for me?
Using a divider with A64 (3700 EB RAM)
whats better for overclooking?
Athlon XP 1700+ problems
Newegg is now listing AX boxed newcastle's
How Can I Unlock My XP2100?
How to fry an egg on an XP !!
Is My 2100+ Locked?
Need Help
First Timer - In need of help :)
amd melt at 80c ?
Sempron Benches/Comparison
Overclocking Caused Error ??
help in chosing the rig
I Need A Quick Update!
Amd 64-bit 3200+
Help Ocing 2600-m
Need a history update :)
Mobile 3000+ @ newegg
Overclocking an AMD XP 3200+ with Corsair XL?
ECS Micro ATX with 1900+ mobile
AMD 64 2800+ Newcastle
XP3200+ - AQXDA 0315MPMW: Unlocked?
AMDroids stand up and be counted!!!
Mobo recognizing 2600+ as 1800+
AMD XP3000 333 vs 400 fsb
voltage issues
If you were to buy a new socket A platform, what would you buy?
Overclocking XP2400+
Im Stuck
OCing my 2500+, how much voltage?
buying today! wich athlon chip for around $30-40
AMD Barton 2500+
What should i Buy? MobileXP,A64,Mobile64?
athlon 750 mhz questions
AMD XP-M 1500+ voltage?
A64 300@2250 vs XP 2500@2500
Does NF7-S and XP2500-m still do magic?
How can I overclock my mobile 64 3200+?
Woth the Performance?
Amd 64-bit 3400+ clockable to 3800+
Mobile Barton System Build
2600+ ID and stepping?
What's my chance...
FX-53 OC estimates?
My Mobile stinks
----------------VapoChill XE on AMD 2200+ -----------
upgrade for 40€
200 Fsb 2500+ Mp
Anthlon xp3000, 46c-52c, is that OK????
Magic Athlon Mobile 2600 ???
Can anyone tell what Rev and stepping this cpu is ?
My new Baby!
Post your Cpu Speed ---Athlon 64's only
Processor upgrade?
Need help Abit NF7-S board - AMD 2500+ mobile - stick of 512 PC2700
can beta windows 64 bit edition be installed as a rigs OS without a other OS?
Offical A64 stepping and Revision Thread. I need all A64 users here
L12 mod on 2500+?
want Higher FSB
New mobile barton... prime95 error question
CG CO A64 Steppings are they even real and do they even mean anything ?
754 durons
would a Mobile A64 2800+ work with a....
Seeking advise, fast..
Poor CPU performance
no boot with mobile in A7V333, what do i do?
Help a noobie at Cooling and OC'ing!
How well do the NewCastles OC?
NforceFX WTF!? ASUS??!?
Best System configuration for gaming machine?
pin mod on desktop barton 2500?
a64 components
morgan cpu?
think i fried another cpu
overclocked FX-53 faster than future FX-55?
How should I OC my new system?
what is the multi of the 2800+ newcastle A64 ?
Prime95 Lockups
Athlon XP T-bred 2000+ OC problem
What is best mobo,mem + fan to reliably OC my locked 2500+?
Problems OCing my 2400-M...HELP!!!!
Thank you people...xp2600@2706Mhz
Feedback on this A64 rig, if you please
My A64 3200+ @ 2.6Ghz results
Questions on socket 939
New cpu same temp as old cpu with less vcore?
just bought my 2600mobile
Mobile XP - Post as Unknown CPU Type?
Where can i find a CG stepping Newcastle ?
This DTR has a unknown stepping, what is X5 ?
3000+ Barton good oc'er?
CPU temperature
barton to P4C? worth it?
XP3200 OC -- What to expect
Max OC for 2400+
Prommie kills again need new cpu XP which?
Help Please 64 3200 @ 2.4 on KV8 MAX 3
need advice on A64 setup
changing fsb on 2500 barton
Throughbred A/B How do you know
help Kx7-333 and 2400+
what is CG stepping NewCastle and C0 clawhammer
Overclocking my Mobile 2600+
Faster than fast Athlon Mobile-Beats A64
CPU photo, is this damage
A64 3000+ Newcastle / Clawhammer - Same Diff?
XP-Ms and default multiplier
Multi or fsb, Which is the safest?
Desktop Barton 2500+
A64 3200 + Chaintech VNF3-250 = SWEET!!
info on A64 o/cing
Thornton vs Thoroughbred?
Which AMD's support diode temp readings?
Serious buying decision, A64 now or later....
A64 Mobile in Canada ?
Need help!!!
AMD 64 3400+ ......which FHS is best?
CPU might be died?
Overclocking AMD Athlon XP 200+
Read my A64 chip
First time overclocker getting prepared - AthlonXP 2800+ w/A7N8X mobo
Can the multiplier be increased from stock on an A64?
Calling All A64 Mobile Users
What A64 Chips are CG revision
need some tips o/c'n A64
xp1700+ fried or mobo? PLZ help
im all happy again new mobile 2500
Is this unlocked? Pls help.....
Desktop Barton AthlonXP 2500+
New a64 3200 newcastle HOT!!!
Is this a good overclock for cpu?
xp 2600+ M and memory
Which A64
Which OS on your AMD system?
2500+ at 2.4Ghz?
barton 2500+ vs duren 1.8 benchmark?
Dual Core AMD Procs - ComputerWorld ShortTakes
2ghz vs new mobile in gaming
Which Barton to buy?
Too Hot? Barton 2500+
AMD's 90nm
XP 3200+...What's the highest OC?
Am I missing something with my OC?
A64 3200 mobile problems. RMA? please help quickly!
Should I push it more?
Higest OC for Desktop XP2500 AQXEA 032?
which mobo for a M2800+
M2600 in route. Does Abit NF7-S 2.0 need L-syle mod?
What's a good voltage for ...
Please forgive my naivete
A noob OC'ing an FX-53, questions.
Best Overclocking BIOS for a locked 2500+?
Looking for 64 bit info...
2200+ @147 (1.96) Max?
OC'IN a64
What the h*** is going on @ AMD???
2600 barton oc