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AMD Athlon Mobile 2500 - OC'ing - Pls help!
L12 mobile mod
Does XP 2400-M hate high FSB?
New Cpu reporting to run at 117c ?!
Can I please get a few opinions?
939 vs 754 - For gaming!
2600m IQYHA 0352MPMW System.. Advice needed..
Please help me Review my system!!!
Temperature Guidelines (for a 2500+)?
Upgrade to Opteron from Tbred B?
What AMD processor is this???
Question about XP-M Overclocks...
Help Me O/C My Mobile 2500+!
Which amd cpu should I buy?
Is socket 939 now the main line??
Was unlocked amd cpus engineering samples?
Mobile 2600 went bad?
Speed strip...is this for real??
amd 2400+ thorton
Shall we use thermal paste for Athlon 64 cpu?
Few questions about what limits the FSB
Which is the faster system setting?
Running lock 2500+ stock voltage at 11x200?
> Cache benefits?
Migher ghz 754 vs higher mem bandwidth 939???
Checking for locked processors?
Are all barton proccesors locked?
building my first AMD system
Are the A64 3200 and 3400 identical internally other than multiplier?
35W Mobile Athlon 2000+ - smaller?
35w AMD Athlon XP 2200 Mobile
Mobile Athlon 64's anyone tried/test them yet?
Help with my rig
Is this chip stepping any good?
speed and dual channel
is this an OC limit for my chip?
Will I notice a diffrence (upgrading cpu to Barton)
Post your maximun Athlon XP/64 OC's here!
A64 Overclock Settings
New PSU.. Voltage OK?
35 Watt XP-M 2200+M 512K
A64 3400+ worth the extra $$$ over the 3200+?
Overclocking Barton 2800
2600+ XP-M Advice
I lucked out and got the CG
1400 Tbird w/ KT7A MB, need to improve speed
New XP2500M System Crashes lots!
Prolonged Use at 69*C
Athlon 2800+/Gigabyte GA-7N400Pro2 rev1
Anyone OC a Socket 939 yet?
Mobile XP 2500+ Where to start?
Why does excaliberPC say thisi s the stepping code?
WHY am i not alot to view the a64 754 1mb L2 thread below??
Good motherboard too go with AMD 64
Officially going to be going with AMD
My 64bit stuff is here.
AH! I cracked my core :(
Looking for a good 2600+ xp-m, nf7-s combo
Thinking of going A64 but...
I don't understand this... Need help.
considering going from 3.6G P4 to AMD64 3000+, need some help
does the speed matter?
Need Help OC'ing a 939 FX-53
Newcastle Athlon 64 3200+ now available on Newegg
How To Install an AMD 64
Best AMD CPUs to overclock?
How much voltage is to much on a A64?
update and a question
Barton 2500+
Central Brain Identifier
I Cracked My First Core (and it wasnt even mine X_X)
Best Mobile Athlon XP Processor? + other system questions.
Thorton & Applebread OC
max voltage for these mobiles?
Which mobile to use???
Differences of A64 FX-53 and Opteron?
athlon xp2400 or xp2500?
Noob help with my xp-m 2500
L12 mod on 333 Barton 2600+
Some tips for getting magically high FSBs?
A64 heatsink recommendation
Got my new A64 3200+ DTR running!
Going 64Bit...
Looks like dual channel and extra 512k doesnt help much
time for new CPU?
Is this it for the line of s939 CPU's?
Initial NF7-S + XP-M 2600+ results
When will the Epox 8KDA3+ nForce3 250Gb board be out
Amd Unlock Multiplier map Q's
AMD's and ghz
whats a good athlon 64 mobo mobo??
What is highest fsb on a7n8x boards?
I need help picking a new Oc'ing setup. 300-400?
Advice for AMD rig
IQYHA 35W is out @ ExcaliberPC
Need help guys ! 2500+
XP2000+ Palomino and Trogoughbred differences ?
AMD Question About Speeds
Newcastle 3200+ kicks Clawhammer 3200+ butt!?! Could it be my BIOS?
Clawhammer and Newcastle performance
Has anyone received a A64 with a concave heatspreader?
Cpu and suitable Ram
AMD 3200XP Question
250FSB with Athlon XP 3200? Possible?
which amd64 for new overclocked system?
Building my first AMD system, need a little help
K62 200mhz
voltage question...
Complete statistical analysis of XP-M 2500 PART I ( including behaviour prediction)
VCore out of control, BIOS settings ineffective.
New 2500 Barton stepping -- KQYHA 0413
Voltage too high, won't go lower on k7n2-delta
OC a AMD2200+ , how far with my setup
Question, don't know where to post.
where to buy a 939 motherboard?
Plz explain stepping in NOOBIE terms
System Temperature
Need a bit of help and tips!
New 2600 mobile rig up and running!
First Overclock -- help please
A64 CG stepping
thinking about this cpu, ideas
Stepping for mobile 2400
GA-7N400 PRO2 V2-->AN7=unstable 2500@3200
I am ub000r happy!!!
A64 HT vs. Non A64
AMD Sempron
How do you tell what year your cpu is?
FSB Problem, (Not sure where this post should be sorry)
What is a 2100+ max fsb?
MY CPU fried, but no idea why...
What's the difference in Mobile?
how do u test for max fsb? prime95 or memtest86
Which mobile barton?
Is this CPU gonna hit 2.2-2.3ghz?
Going to purchase a mobile 3200, advice PLEASE!
Athlon XP 2000+ from newegg.. thoughts on it?
Mushkin PC3500 LVL1 or OCZ PC4000 EL?
AMD 64 Questions.
FX-53 or A64?
15x multiplier mod
Prime95 questions
o/c from 64 bit cpu's
Air Cooling options for AMD 64?
Failed L12 mod, did it fry the board?
Mobile 64s with the MSI K8N Neo Platinum 250GB
HOW TO: What to do with Broken CPU's
Need help building good overclocking computer!
PRIME sruns for 8 hours with no errors, then crashes?
Got my new Mobile 2600@2.6GHZ!!
Video Editing on a laptop, Athlon XP v 64 v Pentium M?
XP-M IQYHA @ 2850Mhz 1.9v...
Multiplier Duron 1600
2500+ barton
What is my stepping?
pin mod for cache
Question for the A64 Pros about a 3000 Clawhammer
AMD 1.3ghz with old gummy stuff
Do you think....
Mobile Barton 2400+ with L6 bridges cut problem, will pin mod lower multipliers?
Worth going from regular 2500+ to Mobile 2500+?
what would you guys recommend?
Question about FSB limitations of athlon
Mobile XP 2500+ running > 46 degrees even when not OC'd
Average OC for 2400M on air?
Anyone Pin Mod their Barton for VCore?
CPU+Bios Setup
HOw big a diff going to the 64 bit
Off topic a bit but i need a quick answer.
2400+ 35w mobile=133x6?
Asus K8V SE Deluxe "System failed CPU test"
What do YOU consider stable with Prime95?
Who ever wants a msi k8n neo platinum, you can get it now on newegg.
IQYHA? AQYHA? would like reply asap.
How to *keep* my 2500-M at 2.7ghz
difference in price, and speed? a64
64 bit 3200/3400 better than o/c'ed 2500?
Ready to make the switch...need help!
was gona get intel but...
NF7-S bios internal clock speed different than CPUZ and MBM5
is a 350 antec enough?
New CPU Question
First timer OC'n Assistance please
A64 overclockability?
Need some help eeking last bits out of 2400+
Overclocking Barton 2500+ & heat problems (?)
Really need some expert help here
A64 stepping
[Stupid Question] 35W moblies better?
Is it true the Chaintech A64 board doesnt work with mobile a64's ?
desktop cpu to a mobile...
Hypothetical Mobile Barton 2500+ scenario
First time OCing
Which temps should I trust?
64 CPU support
new mobile 2600+. WAY underclocked
HELP OC 2400+ for NOOOB
mobile barton 2600+ 0351 MPMW @ 2.5ghz izzit weak?
Purchase Advice
help Overclocking AMD 2000XP
im guilty of a 500mhz overclock
Quick qns, which is the best bios for abit nf7-s 2.0
Best AMD Chip/Board
[OC] 2400+ Mobile 1.45V - help
Cooling Mobile XP-64
Heatsink and Mobile 64 match?
35w 2400+ or 45w 2600+?
Good Setup? Or Not? (For mild Oc'ing)
XP 3200+ Overclocking (Newbie)
how much faster is faster?
Best 1700+ overclocks?
FYI 35w 2400+mobiles are back at excalibur
VIA K8T800 Pro PCI/AGP lock doesn't work all the time
AMD 2800XP+ Help...
Multiplier Problems
Temperature -- plys rone in burn-in process?
Athlon XP - "Jerky"?
Testing system performance levels
URGENT: I broke it again.
Is my cpu locked?(Help asap)
anyone using an A64 2800+
Oc Limit????
Athlon 1400tbird
Testing OC stability, Prime?
old 900 mhz amd athlon chip
Pointless to get a mobile
need some input and Suggestions on my AMD 64 powerhouse Gaming Rig
Socket 754 vs. Socket A, which to get?
3200+ motherboard
what is a pci-express
New rig for a Newbie
Prime95 Errors....
XP Mobile CPU wont go into socket?
Cheap 64 faster than mobile 2400???
Buying a new AMD 3200+ help
Alright Guys I really will build one this time.
Can u build me a A64 system for under $400 ?
Doesi tsound like my cpu is dying or maybe i hurt it ?
An Outdated Jump?
How noticeable is the jump to an a64 250gb system?
dead CPU?
overclocking an athlon Xp 2600+ 333mhz, help please.
having Problems OCing amd 2500+
Mobile 1800+
Dual Athlon MP1800+
Mobile Athlon 64
Ordered a Clawhammer 3200+ received a Newcastle 3200+
Plz explain the different Athlon 64 3200's
What in gods name is wrong???
Confirmed 939 Prices
can anyone help me get higher speeds?
Anands 939 review up
XP2500 & 2500M Explain Please
293.5 FSB on a 2500-M with a an35n!!!??!
What cpu and mobo are you waiting for?
Is it the time to upgrade, or save up?
Can A A64 3200+ run a game that needs 2.8Ghz
Is my Duron CPU locked, please help
Increasing Overclock on Barton 2500+
What A64 Processor should i get?
Overclocking a 2600+ thoroughbred help please.
My IQZFA0347RPMW Mobile +2600 is limited
HELP OverClocking a AMD XP-Mobile
Why are Bartons locked after 03 39?
Dunno what Socket (939 or 754) to get?
Cant seem to overclock, need help please.
More Cache?
finally 2.7ghz on mobile
To be OCed...
NEW 35 WATT amd64 2800+ 1.2vcore only!!
2400 OC Question
Problem w/1333 T-bird
3200+ or moble 2500+ ???
help! mobile barton stuck @ 11x
what is igp voltage????
problems with oc athlon XP 1700+
XP 1600+O/C Capabilities
barton heatsink falling off, zalman cnps7000a
2200+ mobile?
? on A64 3000 desktop stepping
2.4C @ 3.2 OR Mobile 2500+
XP Mobile vs. MP
my new kickass pc, biatch!
Ancient K-6!
How far can I go?
Rate My Gaming Pc Please
Plese help with an upgrade question
2600mp what multiplyer??
Gaming Pc Help
best price/performance chip for my nforce2 board
duron appelbred info?
[2500+, help]
stepping question
Barton mobile 2600+ & Prometeia V1 o/cing problem
Can my 2400+ do anything
Questions concerning mobiles (voltage, prime, etc..)
nForce3 250GB vs. VIA K8T800 Pro
Conflicting Temps -MB5/Sandra
This CPU in GA 7VT600
mobile A64
Just got my 2600 Mobile!
Buying a mini-pc, what to get?
Very odd 3dmark03 score with overclocked 1700+ @ 2ghz
Help me push this XP-M 2500 beast further...
Brand new 2600 Mobile Toasted!!!
Prime95 Question
Burn In Question
Oh no!
Looking for new AMD cpu
FSB lower with unlocked 3000 than 2500
New Athlon 64's mobiles (not DTRs) spotted on newegg
First attempt.....suggestions
Locked 2500, a lot better than my 2600
Help Please, Re: unlocked CPU + Overclocking Q's
Mobile A64 cpu availability
so my cpu is coming back after rma test, what are my chances?
Unstable OC'd Athlon 2500+
Can't seem to get my 2400+ TBRED unlocked
HELP! My Thornton is running hotter then my Tbred
Just looking for feedback on lockewd 2500 stepping
OC 2400 for a NOOB..
Chart of required Vcore for various Mobile XP speeds
just got my new Mobile 2600+
Voltage question
thorton 2400+ @ 2.5Ghz, is it worth keeping?
Socket 900 SOI 90nm chips??? Low end geodes?
RAM for the Athalon 64
AMD to release Athlon 64 2600+
Mobile Athlon XP-M; 2500+ VS 2600+
this 35w 2400+ mobile stepping at excaliber...
Timing of A64 purchase
Lock AGP/PCI, when?
How 2 Oc even more??
MHz speeds
A64 754 1 MB L2 + 250 GB system available
Clawhammer, or S939
AMD64 Steppings
Probably a stupid question...2400+ OC
Xp-m2200 35w ??
Do ya thik turning my 166fsb barton int oa 133fsb cpu will alow more fsb?
Who runs Durons?
Barton - M 2500+ @ 2.5ghz
A64 3000 Oc
Is unlocking my 2000+ worth it?
athlon64 CG
2100 tbred or palomino???
Why Opteron?
3200 or mobile?
how much???
Help me spend some cash
quick XP3000 question
Can't even Hit 200MHz...
relation between overclocking the CPU and RAM.
help me overlock AMD64 3200+
xp 1700-1800 tbred better than a mobile 2500-2600?
New to AMD, Starter system
how far you think i can push it on air?
New low power AMD CPUs: Geode
1st timer overclocker with a problem Please Help Me!
Athlon 1700...unlocked???
First S939 Review!!
thinking of a new cpu, need ideas
desktop 2100 and 2800?
O/C An Amd64 3400+
rebooting during gameplay
My laptop is faster than your desktop....hehe - Athlon 64 @2.4 gigs benchable!!!
Questions about Mobile 2500+
Help my Stupid a$$...
s939 TDP jump?
What are signs of CPU damage?
How would you upgrade to an A64 system?
Order of OC operations? Burn in time, ect?
Mobile Barton 2500 question
P-rating in Central Brain ID program
Newbie Overclocker
alright so...Nforce3 150 or 250GB??? is the question..
XP 2500+ on abit KV7 prob need help!
2500+ or 3200+
Overclock works one day, not the next
Strange 2500+ Barton OC problems
First Socket 939 CPUs $581 - $830, (a lot more than you thought, OC Detective)
Newb Info needed
Holding me back?
I'm convined to consider A64, but need help...
Newb ... please help!
AMD 2700+ Barton 333 FSB overclocking?
Really Big Problem
1.6ghz 1MB L2, mobile Athlon 64 @ newegg...
Is my voltage too high?
new AMD based rig
Athlon Xp 2100+ OCing help
just orderd a new mobile 2600+
Athlon 64 2800+ vs. 64 3000+
AMD Overclock Attempt
1.35v Barton 2200 Mobile?
xp2600 barton overclocking?
2500+ Barton to 3200+ 64, worth it?
Which would be better? 2500+ M or 2600+ M ?
High Case temps....?
using mobile xp's as athlon mp's
Where to start with Oc'n a 2500 xp
Removing Dielectic Greasel ?
help hitting 2.4ghz
Older Athlon 64 3200+ steping question!
Quick Question for a Newb
AMD overlcocking
Keep Desktop 2600 Barton or get 2600 Mobile chip?
Worth Upgrading to the A64 over my system ?
Just startin' out.
worth changing from XP2100+ to XP3200+?
ADM 64 3200+ vs dual Mobile 2500+
newegg referb M-2600 running at 2.13 instead of normal 2.0
newcastle and clawhammer?
What can this Thoroughbred do?
is my 2800 unlocked?
mobile. performance?
Werid FSB and multi in windows that arn't in bios..
Ye Olde 2100+
Oc'd 2500 BartonM to 3200 = to wich P4?
New NF7-S and Mobile 2600 preliminary results!!!
CPU problem
Athlon Moblie 2600+ IQYHA:0351MPMW, THIS CHIP IS INSANE!!
Finally High FSB and Far Cry rocks at High Def
L12 bridge question
How much are the A64 FX-53's in Europe.
Check out what I found on newegg
A little advice please
My new heatsink + results!
Would you consider this a safe overclock?
New AMD roadmap sucks
Will tHIS wORK????
So why exactly does Nvidia make chipsets for AMD cpus?
how's this for an XP-M 2500+
Which is cooler?
Best AMD cpu for around under or around $100
Please Help!
What to do what to do
Athlon xp vcore
First Overclock, need help please! :-)
2600+ 333fsb version(non mobile) hanging/freezing with fsb over 200
Best Few-liners to describe CPU and Motherboard Overclocking
amd athlon xp 2000+ to 2400+
XP 2600+ AQXEA 0404 Unlocking
XP-M2600+, NF7-S rev2 d21 issues
Can overclocking ruin Windows?
AMD hints at 90nm slip
DFI Ultra Infinity Ocing results please (sry for mispost)
dvt3c 1800?
mobile or not?
anyone have a IQYHA 0408 XPMW mobile?
Normal Palamino temps
o/c'ing Mobile 2500+
What is the correct way of doing this?
crappy mobile stepping delemna
Can someone explain the L12 mod to me?
2600 M Oc
to wait or not to wait?
Safe voltage range for a Barton?
Termalright SP97 vs SLK947 performing the same?
It's a geek's birthday soon! And you know what that means...
Athlon 64 Mobile cpu's..
Fastest 266mhz CPU?
Compaq Presari CPU
2.4ghz :)
High end; low end cpus what do they mean?
New to overclocking
is this amd 2500+ a barton or not?
What can I expect from Mobile 2600+ and chilled H20?
Ok - new mobo time - For 2600+ mobile OCing
Can I have your opinion on this cpu?
cooked my 2000+
Using Prime 95 for stability
Questions on L12 and mobiles..
A couple questions (XP Thorton Core)
overclock complete
Barton 2600+ question?
A Barton At 200-210Mhz FSB: Possible?
Can a mobile barton runs on ABIT KG7
M2600+ OCing with A7N8X r2 - What memory?
reaching 200 FSB (ultimately 2400-2500)
939 dilemma -Which will you choose?
AthlonXP 2600 @ 1.25Ghz WT? Please Help!
new aqyha might not be so bad
AMD Mobile 2500 800mhz?? Huh??
Lucky with my cpu
A64 questions?
DLT3C dying?
memory oc required for cpu ocing?
My o/c progess for those interested.
Really need some help rught now, im ordering a Mobile at this second, what to get ?
nOOb building Athalon64 seeks CPU advice!