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relation between overclocking the CPU and RAM.
help me overlock AMD64 3200+
xp 1700-1800 tbred better than a mobile 2500-2600?
New to AMD, Starter system
how far you think i can push it on air?
New low power AMD CPUs: Geode
1st timer overclocker with a problem Please Help Me!
Athlon 1700...unlocked???
First S939 Review!!
thinking of a new cpu, need ideas
desktop 2100 and 2800?
O/C An Amd64 3400+
rebooting during gameplay
My laptop is faster than your desktop....hehe - Athlon 64 @2.4 gigs benchable!!!
Questions about Mobile 2500+
Help my Stupid a$$...
s939 TDP jump?
What are signs of CPU damage?
How would you upgrade to an A64 system?
Order of OC operations? Burn in time, ect?
Mobile Barton 2500 question
P-rating in Central Brain ID program
Newbie Overclocker
alright so...Nforce3 150 or 250GB??? is the question..
XP 2500+ on abit KV7 prob need help!
2500+ or 3200+
Overclock works one day, not the next
Strange 2500+ Barton OC problems
First Socket 939 CPUs $581 - $830, (a lot more than you thought, OC Detective)
Newb Info needed
Holding me back?
I'm convined to consider A64, but need help...
Newb ... please help!
AMD 2700+ Barton 333 FSB overclocking?
Really Big Problem
1.6ghz 1MB L2, mobile Athlon 64 @ newegg...
Is my voltage too high?
new AMD based rig
Athlon Xp 2100+ OCing help
just orderd a new mobile 2600+
Athlon 64 2800+ vs. 64 3000+
AMD Overclock Attempt
1.35v Barton 2200 Mobile?
xp2600 barton overclocking?
2500+ Barton to 3200+ 64, worth it?
Which would be better? 2500+ M or 2600+ M ?
High Case temps....?
using mobile xp's as athlon mp's
Where to start with Oc'n a 2500 xp
Removing Dielectic Greasel ?
help hitting 2.4ghz
Older Athlon 64 3200+ steping question!
Quick Question for a Newb
AMD overlcocking
Keep Desktop 2600 Barton or get 2600 Mobile chip?
Worth Upgrading to the A64 over my system ?
Just startin' out.
worth changing from XP2100+ to XP3200+?
ADM 64 3200+ vs dual Mobile 2500+
newegg referb M-2600 running at 2.13 instead of normal 2.0
newcastle and clawhammer?
What can this Thoroughbred do?
is my 2800 unlocked?
mobile. performance?
Werid FSB and multi in windows that arn't in bios..
Ye Olde 2100+
Oc'd 2500 BartonM to 3200 = to wich P4?
New NF7-S and Mobile 2600 preliminary results!!!
CPU problem
Athlon Moblie 2600+ IQYHA:0351MPMW, THIS CHIP IS INSANE!!
Finally High FSB and Far Cry rocks at High Def
L12 bridge question
How much are the A64 FX-53's in Europe.
Check out what I found on newegg
A little advice please
My new heatsink + results!
Would you consider this a safe overclock?
New AMD roadmap sucks
Will tHIS wORK????
So why exactly does Nvidia make chipsets for AMD cpus?
how's this for an XP-M 2500+
Which is cooler?
Best AMD cpu for around under or around $100
Please Help!
What to do what to do
Athlon xp vcore
First Overclock, need help please! :-)
2600+ 333fsb version(non mobile) hanging/freezing with fsb over 200
Best Few-liners to describe CPU and Motherboard Overclocking
amd athlon xp 2000+ to 2400+
XP 2600+ AQXEA 0404 Unlocking
XP-M2600+, NF7-S rev2 d21 issues
Can overclocking ruin Windows?
AMD hints at 90nm slip
DFI Ultra Infinity Ocing results please (sry for mispost)
dvt3c 1800?
mobile or not?
anyone have a IQYHA 0408 XPMW mobile?
Normal Palamino temps
o/c'ing Mobile 2500+
What is the correct way of doing this?
crappy mobile stepping delemna
Can someone explain the L12 mod to me?
2600 M Oc
to wait or not to wait?
Safe voltage range for a Barton?
Termalright SP97 vs SLK947 performing the same?
It's a geek's birthday soon! And you know what that means...
Athlon 64 Mobile cpu's..
Fastest 266mhz CPU?
Compaq Presari CPU
2.4ghz :)
High end; low end cpus what do they mean?
New to overclocking
is this amd 2500+ a barton or not?
What can I expect from Mobile 2600+ and chilled H20?
Ok - new mobo time - For 2600+ mobile OCing
Can I have your opinion on this cpu?
cooked my 2000+
Using Prime 95 for stability
Questions on L12 and mobiles..
A couple questions (XP Thorton Core)
overclock complete
Barton 2600+ question?
A Barton At 200-210Mhz FSB: Possible?
Can a mobile barton runs on ABIT KG7
M2600+ OCing with A7N8X r2 - What memory?
reaching 200 FSB (ultimately 2400-2500)
939 dilemma -Which will you choose?
AthlonXP 2600 @ 1.25Ghz WT? Please Help!
new aqyha might not be so bad
AMD Mobile 2500 800mhz?? Huh??
Lucky with my cpu
A64 questions?
DLT3C dying?
memory oc required for cpu ocing?
My o/c progess for those interested.
Really need some help rught now, im ordering a Mobile at this second, what to get ?
nOOb building Athalon64 seeks CPU advice!
still confused...
How do I unlock a thoroughbred b?
a7a266 and amd 2600+ 266
Cleaning M-2600
New 2600m in a7n8x 1.04 help!
a64 3000+ an50r troubleshooting
Higher FSB means higher Vcore?
OCing new barton 2800+??
Reversable way to change voltage without BIOS or jumpers?
Help me with my AMD ATHLON XP 1300
Amd 2500 xp temp question
The NewCastles are HERE!
A question about power supply, currents and stability.
zalman cnps7000a
What is L1 et L2 cache please?
Morefsb = more voltage for the cpu?
2000+ at 2.35ghz !!
2600+M stuck at 2500Mhz!
Conutinuing CPU problem
Mobile 2500 vs. 2500 xp
watercooling for 2000+ ??
Any benefit upgrading from locked Barton 2500+ to 3000+
Newb Overclocking a AthlonXP 2600
Prime95 and Folding errors
Quick help on Cache unlocking the Applebred (Duron)
ocing my 1700+ jiuhb
Need help with my xp 2500
Athlon XP-M 2600+
How do i do this?
I think I like my new cpu.
amd 64 2800+ oc
Amd 2500+ not stable
Mobile Barton....intended for overclocking?
big difference between highest clock and highest stable
A64 Processors require ECC RAM right?
Grrr, CPU staying at 100% load
Is it worth me getting a Mobile Barton?
newbie questions about cpu overclock
Need help in overclocking my 1800 DLT3C JIUHB
Trying new CPU settings input please.
Updates and discussions of "A64 CPUs, chipsets, motherboards"
Barton 2500+ and stepping?
My A64 and shuttle....porblems.....
Specs to overclock 2400+ XP Atlhon Torough
Any A64 Mobile Users Out There?
1800 Mobile, Work On Desktops?
AMD 1800 Pal A looking to overclock
CPUIdle AXP-M Workaround?
Opinions on new rig!
Why does my speed randomly change?
anyone know what are ideal temps for mobile xp?
Should I upgrade ?
Help! Nvidia OC utility... Can't power-on.
2.0V ok for 2000+ ?
Possible Opteron Design win?
unknown CPU
2400-m 35w initial results
New laptop with 2500+ xp-m
thunderbird 1400 showing up WEIRD
Mobile with 1.575V
I need 1.9v on A7N8X-X
Im ordering now!
Anyone had a go with one of these...
Do I need the Neo Back-plate for the NF7-S mobo?
Cant get my 2500+ at 200fsb Stable
Duron steppings
Whats better for overall performance?
hmm, this might explain my system instability. (56k!)
2500 overclock: which ram?
Wierd overclocking results. One program says 2420mhz, the other 2375
Please offer your suggested settings for my hardware configuration
What is best, high FSB or Multiplier?
just making sure before i begin ocing
AMD 2400-M, what next???
Which one?
Mobile 2400 OC problems - HELP
default voltage bridges
Need help/advice for Mobile Barton
Is wire mod required for Mobile CPUS???
Duron 700 OC, help plz :/
XP 1700+ Question O/C plz !!!
Do I have a heat problem?
NewEgg's present 2500 moblie cpu question
newegg bartons a good choice?
2000+ @ 2.35ghz
a64 again
athlon 64!
What performance gain for same overclocked Athlon64 running sync vs async mem speed?
Whoa.. check this out. (PICS)
Noob ? on Vcore
Barton 2600+ questions
AMD 64 CG vs. C0
Barton 2.8 Locked, u help me?
A64 heatsinks?
How you seen this device to unlock AMDs?
New CPU/MB Not Running Stable
Athlon XP Overclock
266MHz Proc in a 200MHz board
Any shipping dates for the Athlon 64 socket 939?
Am I unreasonable?
ONly 128k L2 Cache on my mobile barton?
stock settings
0346XPMW good?
Powernow/CPUMSR on the KT133A (multiplier adjustment)
A64 CPUs, chipsets, motherboards
any1 using the chaintech vf3 250, the $99 1, on there athlon 64
Wanting to buy Barton
Need help with new chip choice...
im stumped...
Unknown CPU Type
Quick question about having ram and cpu MHz the same
You think Venice will be Prime stable?
mobo for my 1700+
Crashing: Palomino 2100+, NF7S and Buffalo: help!
Amd athlon 2500xp: help!
GA says AthlonXP's are supported by my MG, AMD says not. Who's right??
A better A64 OC cpu ?
Amd Xp-m Mobile 2800+ & 3000+
PLEASE HELP me with my CPU problem
First OC Results - Mobile 2400+
multiplier question
whats the highest reorted fsb anyones got a mobile to run at?
How can I tell which 333 cpu's can also run at 266?
Anybody seen this: software mult. changes in newer Athlon XPs?
XP-M 2400+ weird question
2 cpus???
new here...
Dual Channel?
Help! CPU wont boot
Guide to unlocking locked AMD CPUs
Sen's 2400+ (35W) Mobile Review / OCing
Overclocking my system...HELP!!!
Thunderbird-multiplier problems
unlock your post week 39 barton here for real!!!!!!
HELP Barton 2500+ not even oc @ 3000+
XP-M 2500+ or 3000+ for a laptop?
Motherboard for AMD XP2600+ 333 FSB
2600+ M 0351 MPMW@excaliber
Is 1.95 volts too much ?
Considering a mobile
what is my CPU rated at? (2000+@2.25ghz0
A64 3200+, 500Mhz+ OC ?
Are all Tbred, Barton desktop locked, or is it just the barton's?
ok whats newer, the AQYHA or the IQYHA
Barton 2500 63C under load ok?
I want to go AMD Mobile! Which MOBO/CPU?
The AMD Thunderbird 1.2 - need advice
AMD 2500-M and DFI Infinity Ultra !!!
the first 5 letters, IQYHA etc etc, which is better?
Mobile Barton 2500+... WOW!!!!!
Is it possible to repair the broken pins on a CPU?
Build me an A64 system.
2800XP runs COLD!!
cpu diode???
Mobile 35W available.....
good burn in guide?
Abicus Dabicus
underclocking 2500 safe?
The "L" Word.
Mobile 2500 or 2600?
Is this 2500-M good?
overclocking 2500-m
Chip ID help
2600+ M, Mod required for 200FSB?
unlock mobile xp2500
Come laugh at the noob and help him fix his 2600+
same old question different person
thermal grease...
Strange Oc'ing problem (the imaginary overclock)
Where is AMD going?
---> eXcaliber's 2400+ (35w) (Next Shipment)
Just got xp-m, need advice on temperatures
Anyone try the Abit AN7 mobo?
Bornagain Newbie 2500M/NF7S Help Please
Good Mainboard for overclocking Athlon XP
confused about L12 mod
Athlon xp3200 400fsb....
FX's with 512KB of L2 cache - A64's with 256KB?
Which AMD CPU is best for gaming?
What does CPU interface do?
My New system based around XP-M 2500+.....
Whats better IQYHA, OR IQZFA,
Local store that overclocks all thier cpu's for u, to test which is better !!
Overclocking 486DX2
What is the default multiplier, fsb, and voltage for a mobile XP-2500
Oc 2000+ Xp
3rd Party P95 UI w/time display, etc...
Will a Desktop 2500+ wrtk in an Asus A7V333 rev 1.02 board ?
What chip is better?
Two different Barton-M CPUs?
AMD 2600XP+ Barton Core OC Potential
Athlon64 Questions
Max Mobile voltage?
Sandra score...
Athlon XP 2600+ Barton toasted ?
RIP my sweet mobile 2500
More questions from a beginner
Do ya think 2400mhz using 2v @ 53c is safe ?
can you help an intel guy
Dual 64bit chips?
Best "used" MoBo for 1100 TBird?
Barton 35W : how well does it perform ?
CPU Temp not low enough!
Mobile 2500 or 2600? A little confused.
Overclocking suggestions
socket 939
Help is the ram holding me back in this system?
Via K8T800 Pro without pci/agp lock
Athlon 64 Mobile?
Overclocking - Temperatures
Mobile Stability
Locked or unlocked???
question about amd athlon xp 3200+
another question of cpu temp...
Weird OC problem
Gigabyte's Nforce3 250
Woohoo, broke the big 2.4!
xp 1800+ KD7-raid FSB question(s)
Sry 4 clogging up forums with my questions lateley, but.........
I know toms sucks but....
How do I know that the L12 mod worked?
Which stress tests?
Totally out of the scene.....
Newcastles available @ newegg!
whats safe ddr voltage for a64?
super pi 10M challenge
Uber Xp2500 Mobile
Frequency Vs FSB
3200+ is toast...need advice
What Mobo for Mobile Barton 35W?
Stable @ 3.232 Ghz on air!
Fastest Locked 2600+ Barton
Dual cored Opterons! 4cpu's for the price of 2, in 2 !
250Mhz+ FSB, please come in.......
Highest FSB??
applebred 1.6 mixjb = very little oc
L1/L2 cache
color of the core
FSB or Multiplier
CPU AMD 2400+ overcloack to?
3.1Ghz Barton
mobo+cpu swap good idea?
A couple of embarrassing Barton questions
amd mobile questions
Pick my motherboard (A64 3200...)
Have the nForce 250 boards been released yet?
Mobile A64 3400+ OC....
noob to o/c not sure what to do next
I found 2500+ 40W Mobile ???
Overclocking Morgan durons
Need Help Whit a Mobile 2500
amd underclocked?
is there more juice in this mobile
what makes the 1700+ so good to oc?
TPMW T=trash no way!! stepping myth
cpu usage
What do caatc stepping a64-3000 max out at?
Help want high Oc
I've got my mobile 2600+
is the 2600m worth my time?
Is this a cpu voltage issue?
Building a new comp from the gound up!
Need some purchasing advice..(ram, xp-m)
shim for barton
Amd 64 3200+
Need help selecting new cpu
mobile 2600 vcore
After What Week 2003 Where XP's Locked?
Stock Voltage For A 2800+
Questions about MP1900+ on an A7V8X-X
nForce3 250 available for purchase now
XP-mobile vs. A64?
XP-M 2600+ from Newegg
XP Unlocking Kit ...Help!
dual core K8 pin and mobo compatible?
what are the stock setting
I found 2600+ 35W Mobile ;)
Which Mobile stepping from ExcaliberPC?
Mobile XP 2400+ 35W Results
Ocing only by increasing the multiplier
what venders let you see the steppings of the CPUs?
How are my temps?
1.35v Mobiles Available in US! :)
2100+ overclocking
2500m vs 2600m
Question About Mobile AMD
xp2600 or 2500 ?
Piece by piece preparation for OCing
Mobile 2500 xp IQYHA 0408RPMW is good stepping?
Why is Prime95 running slow?
How good are the AMD XP-2000
is A64 a good cpu for overclocking?
Got lucky with retail AthlonXp 2500+
anyone play games on their duron 1.6?
2600+ MPMW ROCKS! 2.7Ghz
PSUs and A64
L12 Mod on KX18D Pro II with M2600+ - will it make a difference?
Mobile 2600 OC Expectations?
I need help! I think I killed my mobile 2400!!!
OT How do I resize a pic to fit for an avatar?
Need quick reply on stepping....!!
Need help with 2200+ Tbred B
Need Help.... Loked Barton 2500+
unlocked 2500
What boards support mobile bartons?
A good days Oc ing
locked 3200+ Bartons?
9.9ghz duron?!!?!?!?!?
Morgan question
Overclocking 2100xp 333FSB
need help oc
1700+ Tbred vs. 2500-M - Great Test
What is the overclocking potential of a A64 2800+?
max Vcore for a locked 2800+ Barton
CPU unknown
a64 overclock
software multi change...
Thermal Throttling?????????
AMD 2200+ Overclock
Has anyone tried overclocking an Athlon xp 2800 THOROUGHBRED?
Socket 939 with 1MB cache?
Check these temps!!
A7N8X Overvolting?
amd cpu chart!!
CPU not being recognized. HELP!
Any ideas why 2600mhz is hard to attain :(
AMD Mobile? Help me please.
question about nforce
2.15v reported (2.2v used) do ya think thats to much ?
Unlock and OC 2200+
What have I maxed out??
Did I get lucky? or did AMD unlock their processors?
2600+ vs. 2800+: What's the Difference?
HELP , Athlon XP 1700+
HELP ,Athlon XP 1700+
Realistic Gaming Experience
Help Me Decide Which Mobile XP to buy
pci lock question
XP 3000+ @ 180FSB wDual DDR400?!
How can I enable Powernow! features?
Quitting Smoking Programs
Lucky me, I've got a MPMW
Barton 2500+, forcing FSB 400, how? :)
How much does thermal paste help a64s?
NForce3 250 - looks promising
What is the difference between OEM and Retail
newb needs advice and help.
Duron 800 oc ability?