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Very strange ?
Is there a probelm with setting the Vcore lower..
2600m voltage on A7N8X Rev 2
Athlon 64 3200 : Athlon 64-FX51
Can you guys help settle a disagreement?
Multipliers available for athlon MP 2600+
Whats Killin my system
Mobil XP2500 won't overclock well
Are New Tbred XP2100s Locked?
Can some1 help me with queries bout excaliberPC
Duron Query.
burning cpu
How hot can an a64 get?
Cant get a good OC out of my 2500xp
Antec Or Axio Pw Supply???
2500 OC inquiry, quite diff thread..
2500 mobile inquiry..
nForce3 with a confirmed PCI lock was available at newegg for the last two months
worth it to upgrade from a 1700?
Normal AMD 2500+ temp?
processor frequency and overclocking question
safe voltage for 2500M
green XP-M is ok?
TPMW, perhaps the worst, but worth it for me..
converting mobile to mp become locked?
AMD Athlon 64 2800+, 512KB L2 Cache, 64-bit Processor
Best Mobile 2500+ Stepping...
Athlon 64 3000 oc?Help!
xp-m 2500 temp question
whats wrong about my Athlon XP 1700+
First AMD System
L5 wire trick cassualities
unlocking a palmino with gold paint
info plz,What can i get out of my cpu
Converting mobile xp to mp cpu's?
confused about prime95
mobiel barton vcore
mobil barton
1700+ Tbred STILL the King of O/C'rs
What Results Have PPL Had Overclocking A 2800+ XP?
Getting a new 2500+ i need some advice
2500+ vs 2600+. Help to clarify my doubt...
Would that L12 mod work a for a 333fsb as well ?
Mobile 2600+ stepping xpectations?
Want to try an Oc with old CPU
Letters on XP-M may be important??
My results, nothing special...but I'm proud.
2500+ M Want a Paticular Stepping
Old school question
2000mhz goal
legal advice needed (mobile barton)
Hello. I am stupid. Cache question =)
Applebred Mod just won't work
mobile 2500 +
2600 M AWFUL. Cant do stock :( grr
O/C Green Squares
AMD Multiplier wont change?
Prime95=Hardlock=cpu ??
XP1700, Mobile Barton, or 2500 Barton
2600+ Mobile Woes.
My best new overclock with the Tictac's bios
Is this a good Mobile stepping??
mobile 2600 maxed out at 2.4
Water Cooling
Athlon 64 3000?
I thought maybe the madness had passed...
Which one of these is best?
Summer 2004 hardware...
Making a duron
New Mobile
Maximum voltage
quick thread
xp1800 tbred clocked
Overclocking But Getting Wierd Noises?
Problem with Xaser III and AMD64 3400
Temp Monitoring
got a sweet 2500 mobile by accident
Voltage Control Yo
XP1800 Won't Overclock much
People with any XP-M OC over 2.6Ghz only....
No info on 2500+ 0410TPCW
AMD's 90nm process is delayed (link)
help with new system
Advice/Tips on my OC
Just ordered Mobile 2600+, Abit NF7-S V2
What now?
How can I tell if locked
Mobile 2600 OC Question
Help me I am stupid.
constatnt reboots on NF-7 non-S
is this locked?
cash for mobile!! now I need some help!
dallas one temp probe
Desktop Bartons suck up vcore?
Mobile XP
[HELP] 2800+ locked or unlocked?
What is a relaible 2500-M overclock?
Getting a Mobile barton...which stepping?
where can i get mobile chips that ships to california other then newegg?
2500 XP-M is this a good one?
did i get a bad mobile 2500+ ?
Amd Thoroughbred Question
AMD CPU L5 + L6 Bridge mod, question?
Xp-tmc does this really work?
whats the status on the newer XP-M's
oc athlon xp2200tm+
Bad 2600m ?
Found my 24/7 OC with this XP-M2500+
Replacement CPU Pads
Anyone O/Ced a duron 700?
Diode Problems?
Ed vs. AMD (yahn)
beginner oc
Agp Frequency Question
Pushing the limits?
building friend a pc. good setup???
modding 2500+
Can I Push It Any Higher Suggestions Plz :)
Best Duron or Athlon 4 for overclocking
Help me decide on XP-M
First Oc!! Screenshots!! How'd I Do?!
What about the XP-M 2600+?
Why wait for Socket 939?
athlonxp2200 wat can i expect
newbie having problems with a amd 2500xp
strange mobile barton temps
advice on oc athlonxp2200 abitkv7m/brd spire whisperrock iv socket a ddr400
newbie having problems with a amd 2500xp
Mobile 2500+ Barton on a Abit KR7A? (or any barton on any KT266A chipset?)
Question Getting New Processor
AthlonXP 2200+ Ep 8KHA+... HELP!!!!
How can you tell if your 3000xp 400fsb or the 333fsb one?
Mobile Barton Probs!
temp question
Mobile voltage max different?
Unlocked TBird won't Multiply!
Post your vcore for 200x11 (stable)
prime stablity?????
mobile barton shld do the 166gsb mod or 200?
whats the deal 2x00-266/233/mobile
High Voltage as long as you keep the temperatures low?
2500 Mobile overclock tested on 2 motherboards
please help me understand a64 arcitechture....
Squeeling Any One????
Is the 2500XP-M worth it?
choosing a good 2500+ mobile
Is my fate sealed? (Glued heatsink)
Whats a good place to buy XP-M's
Should I push it further??
Wat's the default multilpleir and fsbof mobile 2500+
Some idiot cut all the L6 bridges on a T-bred...
file corruption w/ ocing
Help me overclock my 2500+ mobile
2600 xp mobil wont read
I need a quick ANSWER!!!!
Thinking of buying a 2500 M+
Wow windows detected everything!!
k6 233mhz
stock multis on A64
K7D and Mobile Bartons - What is Required?
windows wont start
35W Mobile Barton
Mobile 2500+ Hang issue Help!
Overclocking newbie Athlon 2500xp
MSI K7N2 Delta-L and AMD XP 2800+ Barton
Max volts through a t-bred b
2500 Help My Cpu In Stuck....
Athlon 64 FSB
Thermal Compound on A64
2500+ OC, can't pass 2.21Ghz, 3dmark scores
A7V133 + Mobile Barton?
identify mobile 2600
AMD athlon 1800+... why is it all wierd?
finally got it stable :)
2800+ overclocking
Stock had to overvolt
Any chance of life for this poor XP1800
Just A Fantasy Theory!
my mobile 2500+ jus came in
AMD 2500+ Mobile Overclock problem
help on ami bios
How to use multipliers past 12.5?
AMD64 3000+ @2.6 Even 2.8 ??
my mobile 2400s at 240x10 can the 2600 do higher?
My friend is saying Bartons are now being called Thortons. Is he right?
XP-M 2400 stuck at 2.3 ghz :(
xp2600+ questions
What's going on... 64-3200, FX? WHAT?
AS5 Help
AMD Athlon XP3000+ 400Mhz
2800+ athalon xp
My M2600+ results.
Socket 939 Athlon64 Single-Channel vs Dual-Channel Preliminary Benchmarks
Question about the L12 mod
XPM 2600+ on Air.
Are my Barton steppings good?
Are they going to come out with a 3000 or 3200 Mobile??
Dual MP 1.2ghz vs Single XP 2000+
help with wiremod!
2600+ at 266? Better option than a 2400+?
unlocked xp1600 now at 16.5x100???
mobile 2800
Newbie here!! first OC in a while.. need advice.. (sorry for double post)
which memory do you guys use with applbred 1.6?
Barton 2600 Underclocked?!
Could OTP cause problems....?
CPU Usage question
can someone tell me good or not ?
Which would be better, higher fsb or higher multi?
pin mod with mobile barton?
amd 2500xp
Mobile Barton Results Listing
Post your 1700/1800 T-BRED B SPEEDS!
2600 mobile
M-2600 - L12 mod?!
Athlon64 3200+ DTR Initial Results
A64 3200 or 3200 DTR
Dead Athlon 1800+...
Amd XP 1800+ Voltage Problems
Guaranteed speeds with mobile barton
anybody got a pally 2000+?
2600+ Tbred 333FSB
I think my 2500+ just bit the big one…
KT600 OC'ers
2600 mobile locked?
Mobile Barton Problems
2600+ unlocked?
12.5 multiplier?
2nd coming of a mobile barton?
question about this used proc
OCing my 2500+
I got a question about AMD64
Stock voltaje XP 2400 mobile OC
You don't need that much voltage
Whats the best 2500 mobile stepping.
I have a question about my cpu and its overclocking Capabilities
Brand new 2500XP-M Barton really amazing
Exp. User but new to OC'ing
How Bout Them Mobile 3200's
anyone have the mobile 2000?
questions about the2100+ TB
2500 XP-M's on ebay.com :)
OCing Palomino to 166FSB
NEED advice fast..
AMD Xp-m
Which bridge do I blow?
A64 and Cool and Quiet
AMD Xp 2400 Mobile, default 800Mhz?
What to buy for Overclocking Mobile Barton
importiance of l2 in video rendering
Im Scared !
FSB problems
Finally, I did it!
1800+ Overclock
Xp3000 Fsb400
Best Mobo + HSF combo
undervolting a stock XP2500
Poking fun at the P4 Preshots
Finally Stable!
Problems with Mobile 2500 at 2.6 ghz
What vcore before u start cooling mosfets?
New mobile Athlon 64 2700+ will operate at only 35 W
Could someone explain this to me? (P95 Question)
Is 1.9V real bad?
How could I fix this? bend PINs
Barton 2500+ voltage question
Help getting to 2.5 ghz on a mobile 2500
Errors in Prime95
Raising FSB question?
I'm drowning in my own drool
L12 mod on nf7-s
Can i get a little pointers on OCing Mobile Chips
Athlon64 3200+ @ 2450MHz
Prime95 stability problems/questions
best stepping for 1700+
Temp gap
How hot is too hot for a 1.4Ghz T-Bird?
Help a poor noobie overclocker
2800+ not overclockng?
what to get...
2400 m or 2500 m?
Stop bragging!!!
Changing my multiplier for more overclock
New 2.6 mobile AQYHA 0346XPMW
lapping a mobile barton
Just got my 2500 m
Sudden death syndrome on AMDS
I must say that im impressed with 2600 xp-m
What if the Processor damaged?
33% O/C, Now I want morrreeee...
69.8% Overclock, Mobile Barton 2500+!
Dissapointing overclock...
xp wire vold modding question
Slight mobile (moral) dilemma
Xp-M recognized as a MP...
XP3000 and Arctic Silver and Volcano11
help with oveclocking please!!
1700 dlt3c 133 to 166 question?
2500 mobile stepping
Is it possible to swap a laptop 2500-m with my desktops 2400-m?
A bit confused with the thermal pad on a Mobile barton...
Mobile Barton + KT600A warning
I found a Duron 1.4Ghz in my loft..
Duron 1.8
am i right?
Throubred 2000 cpu@24000mhz
Difference between Thoroughbred and Barton Cores?
Cant o/c more
[HELP] Duron 1.8ghz 133FSB chip vs 2500+....
NVIDIA drops SoundStorm from the upcoming nForce3 250 chipset
What 2500m @ the egg?
i have 3 diff tbredB chips, which is the best?
2600+ xp-m PROBLEMS
Timings vs. FSB
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ OCing?
UK user please read (sorry to discriminate)
Are the IQ steppings for Mobile Bartons hard to find now?
trying to hit 200x12.5
Anyone know anything about this mobile stepping?
i feel stupied (and look it)
my new RIG *hugz*
mobile 2500
Question about L12 mod
how do u like my mobile barton so far(PICS)
Commercial Unlocking
my new mobile SUCKS!!! HELP!!!
raised multi now fsb is crap
Please help me troubleshoot this...cpu or mobo dead?
New opteron fsb?
Well I found a stable oc with my 2400 mobile....
How to tell if this CPU is dead
new mobile 2400+
Athlon barton mp just ordered
Successfully changed FSB but still have questions
Thermal grease how many times ?
FSB 133 -> 166 possible?
overcloking and athlon 64 3,200
PC3500 Ram for 2600+ XP-M
Desktop 2500+ Barton Locked?
XP2000 -> What type of O/C can i expect?
Y some nf2 mobo peaks at 210+ fsb, while DFI @ 250fsb
desktop bartons oc potential
Anyone know of a list of which speeds were made with which cores?
Mobile 2600+ can't go higher with a prometia than it did on air
Athlon MP 2600+ Pin modding question
Athlon XP-M open for mass market? mathematically impossible.
XP2700 and A7V333 - Do I have a bad CPU?
Athlon 64 FX Overclocking
For UK buyers - Mobile XPs with steppings!
unlock slot1 athlon?
AMD 2800+ Locked or Unlocked?
help with cutting bridges on ceramic packaging
alternative to wire mod for mobile XP's
Bout to buy a mobile 2500 soon...
Will the L12 mod on the nf7s and mobile barton work?
How Do I Lock Pci In Award???
Question about CPU-PCI divider
System Fail CPU Test ..................
Someone help please :(
Barton 2500 unlocked multipliers?
ASUS's "C.O.P."
Safe/Stable CPU Voltage for mobile 2500+??
locked or unclock
Could i just get a few small hints ?
Amd64 3400 Or Amd64 3200
Finally... I did it!!
Whoohooo just recived my 2400-m
what CPU?
What is the proper way to attach a cpu probe?
Athlon 2600+ 333MHz
No auto detect on new mobil barton
2500CPU unlocked
2100 b or 2500 M?
CPU'S for the Asus A7V333
Athlon XP without HS
why is 60c too high a temp for an athlon xp cpu?
Tbred As... Highest PR rating?
Shim or No shim
which XP-M chip?
PCI locks with S754
Good AMD chip recommendation for ASUS A7A133 system
new thermal paste
is it dead?
Soyo KT600 Dragon Ultra Platinum & Barton 2800
170bucks for k6-3+ 550mhz?
2400 mobile max temp please?
overclock out of sync
First time I applied thermal paste
Mobile Barton temptation...
Removing the AMD goop
Socket 939: A chasing after the wind?
CPU Multiplyer
Top OC on a 2400+?
Conductive paint, copper okay?
My WC Mobile Barton results. Disapointed
Aqyha 0410tpcw ?
AMD may stick with standard DDR1
Intel boy was gonna build 5 AMD rigs with mobile 2500's but I found this!
Running higher then 2.0 volts on vcore?
Finally hit 200MHz FBS on A7N8X DLX 2.0
2500 Mobile at 801MHz???
Locked XP1600+ AGOIA Y. With grounded L1's. Possible to change the multiplier?
So far so good...
dead barton 2500+
If u pop in ur mobile barton on nf7s, will it show as unknown cpu?
AMD and Intel to have the same PR ratings
Enable high multipliers?
I need a little help.
Prime 95
CPU Databases
Overclocking journal with some questions
Problems OCing Mobile 2500+
Can I use Artic Silver 5 to connect up the L1 bridges?
Mobile Barton 2500+ Problems
2600 or mobile 2600
Mobile 2500+ just came in and...
Windows not booting
New Athlon XP Chips
NF7-S wouldnt boot up
XP@2200 slower than XP@2000???
M-xp2500 or stick with p4??
Need help unlocking Barton 2800+
down the pan
Help the poor newbie!
XP to MP
Vcore voltage +3000 XP
New at this
Get me excited about socket 939 again...
Is 2100+ unlocked fully?
Good 0r bad stepping
Help before I go off line....
Cpu Have Over Speed !
Barton2500(unlock) VS Moblie 2500
2400XP+ 133FSB at 200FSB ?
cpu dieing?
Barton VS Barton-M
Very hard time picking out a processor
too funny
Can you unlock the cache on a thorton?
THOROUGHBRED locked or unlocked?
"Where AMD leads, Intel follows"
AMD mobille vs destop
Is this a good stepping for a mobile 2500?
OC Randomly rebooting, what to do?
So where would you buy your Mobile Barton?
Read This Now!!!
Mobile voltage
mobile 2400+ overclocked pr rating
k62+ 550 BSOD, cache issue?
2500XP 200FSB Question
Overcloking a 1700 palomino
How do I use 13x + multi on unlocked 2500
Opteron to come in 939 pin version?
Hitting 2.4Ghz
m-2600 (AQYHA) OC results and Questions
is AMD XP 3000(braton) locked, which amd cpu i should take for OC now?(no 64)
XP-M: 2500 vs. 2600+
Questions from an overclocking Newb...
Need some advice please
2500 and folding @home
This has been a great week!
Please help me OC 2500+
xp-m cache
help me overclock please
Help Me Overclock Please
locked mobile bartons
can this be?
how much higher will i get if i do the mod for 2500 mobile?
3000+ stepping
Is there *any* difference between Bartons and Thoroughbreds, besides the cache size?
which one one
Can't get OC right...
duron applebred overclock
Lock multipliers question
1900 palamino overclocked?
Dual vs Single CPU
amd and ht
New to ocing have some questions
About very clockable 1800+
Mobile Barton and vcore dips
High Temps
How feasible is it to OC a FX-53?
The computer is built and running, check me plz
Please Check my BIOS settings??
Unlocked Applebread 1.6 or Palomino 1.8
unlocking a barton