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check out this... -degrees?! on a FX?
new amd not ocing well. help please?
Lowest voltage on Athlon XP
AMD 2600 Barton Locked or Unlocked?
can a7a266 handle mobile xp2500+
Wow, my Barton sucks. (rant)
AthlonXP's Finally Obselete On High End
Mobile Athlons and chipsets
athlon what?
what 939 cpus do you think we will see within the next 2-3 weeks?
High Vcore freezing issues, any advice?
AMD plans to release a 2800+ / 3000+ Moble
cpu temperature
mobile amd
Shuttle PC
should prime 95 run at default settings?
WOOOT M-2400 Barton arrived this weekend
Is my 2500 locked or unlocked?
Which CPU?
Higher FBS or lower memory?
In theory...I would do this...
Locked or Unlocked
How can I find out what stepping I have?
unstable Amd & win98se
unstable Amd & win98se
voltage/pin mods/ etc mods??
need a lil help
New Barton 2500 Voltage?
Slight upgrade... Looking for opinions!
Need some help on motherboard updates!
Suggestive "Trade In"
How many here own AMD stock?
2500+ Barton o/c help
best mobile to OC?
Highest Duron O/C
Can't get above 2.4mhz.
mobile 2400 with dfiul infinity can't see high fsb in bios
Computer not reconizing my mobile 2500+
Help on XP2000+ OC (i'm newb...)
Can anyone agree to this? Or talk me into it?
advice? low bench
SLK-900A vs. Coolermaster HHC-001 w/XP-M 2600+
Mobile Chips
Super Quiet Mobile
What temps are safe?
2500-m Burn in
Which mobo
what MB
recieved my 2400 m today!!
2100+ lockups at 2200+
L12 Mod - What is it and should I do it
Good system...bad benchmarks?
2500+ Barton still unlocked?
Underclocked: 1700+ @ stock, no cpu fan
OverClocking Ever Stop?
Upgrade CPU or RAM
2700Mhz Low fsb or 2500Mhz with higher fsb help
XP2100 question
Which will perform better?
Duron cache enabling (MIXIB 0349)
Best 3dmark01 with mobile athlon? 20,21,22,23,25K???
New AN7 totally unstable.
My M 2600+ came yesterday (stepping code)?
Blast from the mobile AMD past
Mobile's.. help me pick...
What to try first?
question regarding vcores and my mobo...
heat, what heat?
OCing equivalents
I, the caveman emerge.(another convert as well)
Windows XP 64-bit, should I?
so whats up witht he notebook fx...
a special thanks to:
OCing a 2600+
AMD XP 2500+ Trouble with FSB
Real unlocked barton or mobile barton?
is my cpu locked?
multiplier switches does work in softset
A64 instead of 2600M
Barton 2500+ 333fsb on the way
Barton OCing Question
got my 2400+ Mobile in
eBay Scammer Still at it with 2400+'s as "3000+ cores"
FX 53 is here. Moral?
FX53 benchmarked, AMD re-claims top spot for high-end chip again
A64s with no heatspreader, unlocked???
I think we are in the presence of greatness.......3.2 gig on a moble athlon.
How to tell if my 2600+ is locked and how high of you overclocked yoru 2600+
Mobile Barton Needed (UK)
L12 bridge Mod - High FSB
Tell me about these older CPUs...
2400 mobile does 1.2 ghz max
Nforce2 Ultra 400, high FSB speeds?
locked 2500+ at 190FSB showing as 3200+?
SLK900A better than MCX462-V?!
A64 need ECC registred ram?
2400+mobile arrived today!
Has anyone messed with the mobile xp 2000,2200
FSB setting and AMD 2600+
2400 mobile barrton no heat sink included
IRC channel
need to know
just ordored this mobile processor
My M 2500+ came today!!
Mobile from Newegg OEM only?
AMD launches low power 2100+ mobile XP-M, could it be a Barton?
Where to but in the UK AMD Athlon "Mobile" XP2500
could someone help me out for a sec?
Anyone hit 3g on a mobile chip yet?
Default Setting for 2600 Mobile
possible workaround for locked XP's ?
My Thouroughbred B AMD 2100+ Is locked!!
2400 pin and vcore mod
Do we loose Windows optimization with mobiles in desktops?
mobile barton bus speed
Should I lap my waterblock?
Mobile Barton?
Prime Trouble on 2400+
Will a Mobile barton 2400 work on Shuttle AN32e
H2O cooled Mobile Bartons - Report Temps
Color of the Proc
superlocked athlon xp 2000+?
AMD Athlon Xp 2600+ questions
How will a m 2500+ do on my rig?
(Noob) - Will Athlon XP-M 2500+ run on a 200/266 MHz FSB mobo?
How do you implement POWERNOW on a desktop?
Newbie AMD Mobile Questions (Couldn't Find Answers)
M2400 OC woes
Moblie stability for overclocking
Mobile Barton and Vcore
Its a conspiracy
Bad New xp2200 = @ junk mobo's
new mobile; quick question
Here is the new system
AMD 64 Benchy
JIUHB Vcore+FSB Question
AMD Mobile 2800 XP-M !!!
1800+ Agoia
a7v333 overvoltage jumper won't boot
Got a cheap Athlon 64 3000+, so should I keep it or sell it as planned?
First overclock!
Mobile Barton Steppings
XP @2.9+ Ghz
pls advise 2500xp/ ddr ram speed
Whats going on with my OC??
New egg's mobile xp 2500?
AQYHA 2600M doesn't like > 1.825V?
Palomino Overclocking
winxp freezes @ account selection screen after OC?
Mobile XP 2500 or XP 2500?
AMD Athlon64 FX-53
Ok I am pushing 2 2 fast but I want the mobile to do more.
Windows update and Mobile Barton
my althlon scares me :)
a64 3000 or 3200 bang for buck??
Mobiles and FSB
Are mobile 2500s unlocked? PLEASE HELP!!!
In danger of sounding n00bish, but did this just happen?
is the Athlon 64 3000+ OC'd > P4 3.0C @ 3.6Ghz ?
OC age: can it still go higher?
trying out my old 2400
!!Post Your AMD CPU Close Calls!!
haha close one
ok my mobo problem
t bred 2700+ o/c'ing
mobile 2500 or 2600
Mobile 2400 Question
I got the highest k7 FSB in the world (not)
200x10 w/ 256k cache or 200x10.5 w/64k
A64, 3000/3200, or convince me to wait.
Which sub $50 AMD??? Duron, tbred???
Will I crack my cpu if I do this?
Is it necessary to have a shim for an amd cpu?
please check my math correct me if wrong
what better higher fsb or lower mem timings
Amd 64 2800
Losing stability in time ?
Unlocking cache in an Applebred?
Think its worth it?
I thought I paid too much for MY Barton...
Unlocking Barton2500
AMD is stupid
Real Close Call
How good of an OC can i get with stock cooling?
Mobile 2400 update
First Timer
Mobile 2600+ - Motherboard and Heatsink advice
I just received my mobile 2400, let's see what it'll do...
anyone know how to overclock video card ?
is there such a thing as too cold
Mobile 2500+ on A7V333?
need help choosing complete system
2500+ or 2600+?
First attempt at overclocking
Simple question 2400-m or 2500-m ?
first time overclocking help please
Is the sp97 any good?
Is it my CPU, Memory, or other?!?!
nobody i know, knows this help pls
What is the mobile athlon OC'd to 2500mhz comparable to?
Overclocking XP 2000+ Problem
Mobile 2500 or 2600??
1.35V, 35w, Athlon 2400 xp-m
Mobile Barton 2500+: Can't run at 13.5 Multiplier
Some questions regarding the mobile xps
first OC xp 2000+ newbie
are 30MHz worth 20$ (mobile bartons)
Best Heatsing for Athlon Mobile?
Presents from Newegg-SP97 and m2400+
Mobile Barton 2400 vs 2500
Stock Voltage
2800 barton or 2500 tbred
2800+ issues
barton 2500 or 2600 tell me fast please
Mobile Barton Vmod Question
Overclocking a 3200+
Athlon64 Memory Question
Which is the better OPN 2500+M
Solution: Mobile Barton 2500+ and 13x multiplier and above
Low 2500+ Overclocking results?
My overclocking progress 2500+ Barton
duron 1.6@2.2 at 3200+ performance
1700 or 1800?
2000+ thorton or tbred?
My toasted L5 bridge and request for pics of correctly burned bridges on newer barton
Duron 1.8 result
Socket temps
Mobile Barton not able to recognize 200x13
CPU temps
This doesn't look right...
Mobile 2600+ problems.
do mobile barton 2500's work in my mobo/
A little upset at Newegg.com
New AMD System
mobile barton 2400/8rda+
How do I overclock a mobile 2600?
cooling for the 2500+mobile?
unlocked 2100??
ok weird problem
What are the 64 mobiles like????
Just a little advice about upping the voltage
Worthless 2500? Help please!
Post your stock voltage for AMD 2500
My Amd chip spoil?
New Mobile 2500+ User
Barton mobile 2500+ low FSB
How To tell if my cpu is DEAD!
2500+ running at 2200+ ?
question on my 20 dollar chip, pin mod, and votage
Funniest thing ive ever seen...
micro-atx mb for AMD Mobile CPU
Advice and Mobile 2400+ on Dually?
PSU problem?
unlocked my 1900+ pally help :)
Considering Selling My 2500+ (any market)
duron 800
Boot Problems
XP2000+ now runs at 1130Mhz? Why?
Finally: overclocking notebooks
proper burn-in procedure???
which mobile processor???
1.6ghz and 1.4 ghz opertons under 200$, any overclockers?
Does CPU need burning-in??
has anyone tried running 1xx opterons as dual?
(fsbxmult)mhz chart, o/c workbook for amd
JIUMB stepping???
2400 or 2500 mobile?
Question concerning RAM
What is faster clock for clock?
Just got 1700 DL3TC JIUHB 0310.. not good times so far
Were can i get a mobile barton?
Attempting to lower Vcore yay
Multiplier wire trick for nForce2 Ultra 400
1800+ was great while it lasted
cpu:fsb ratios
is this a safe bet?
Any1 overclocked a XP3200 yet?
Any tips for me?
I know there's a hundred of these posts ...
duron applebred 1600 l2mod
Brand new cpu, not working?
Who sells mobile athlon's, other than newegg?
2400 Stepping Question
Building a new machine
Just got my DLT3C...
Getting to 2.5 with a 3000+
CPU Temp question
Possible or Impossible?
too hot
Need help getting the most out of a 2500+
Just switched from intel to AMD Question
Windows Update?
AMD 64 3200 & what mobo?
Question about RAM for the mobile O\Cerís
Max vcore 24/7 for a m-2400? SLK-947
Relative O/C N00B needs teh helpz0rz...
? for the leet o/c'ers
Significant fps increase?
Mobile xp's
Just picked up a brand new Athlon64 3200+ for $212
athlon XP Mobile or not?
AMD 64 bit Mobiles like bartons?
Help, Only 181x11 (2500+)
Buying a New Moblie Barton...
Upping fsb, lowering multiplier
AMD Pride =]
Palomino's are crap!!!
Cooling for overclocked 2500/2600 mobile?
Roomate argument ...
CPU Unworkible or Changed
XP recognition
AMD XP 3000+ or AMD XP 3000+?!
amd 64 939
is 49 bucks a deal on an 1800 xp oem??
Barton 2600, will "painting" unlock it?
changing fsb on mobile barton
Will a mobile 2500+ work in an Asus A7V8X-X motherboard???
OK, Im at a huge dilemma now....
How much heat can a barton take?
green vs brown XP2500+ o/c
Mobile 2500 Compatible With NF7-S
get the mobile 2600??
Newbie needs help with cooling a mobile 2600
amd 63 3200+ overclocking if poss
succes OC @ 2400 in here plz
Newbie on overclocking, Someone help
2800 locked or unlocked?
I just finished building an amd 2500
how much of a diff between a64 3000/3200?
is 77 bucks a good price for a mobile 2500??
2.4 at last! will it stay that way?
mobile getting hotter
Mobile Barton 2500 Whoas :(
400mhz unattainable
Is 47C Too Hot? (TBredB)
Why oh why? {help da noob}
help! XP2100 tbred B
What kind of potential do I have?
A mobile barton challenge!
Max vcore for regular bartons?
hmm any ideas?
AMD Newbie question please help if you can
Is this pu a good o/c'er?
512 PC2700 ddr ram - where to start oc?
who has improved an OC by upgrading PSU?
Prudent Oc to a Duron 1800
Good HSF for 2600+?
2500+ barton at 200fsb x11
Guess what this is....
AMD Question
2500+ unlocked or 2600+ locked Bartons
For the life of me I can't get stable
My 1st Prime95 test on my 2500.
Prime stuck?
Mobile CPUs die-locked?
Fastest Barton Thread.
2500 oc question
Whats the highest OC from a 2500M?
Happy new Mobile 2500+ System
Anyone know anything about this stepping?
amd64 3000 or 3200, 512 more cache?
MP mod for new durons?
Mobile 2600 overclocking limit
Which do you think is better for OCing??
OK. I got my my 2400+ Mobile Barton...now what?
Odd occurance with Barton2500+ M, no default setting?!
Mobile Barton help!?!?!?
2 questions
im thinking of getting a mobile cpu, can someone tell me about them.
i need a little guidance with overclocking
The new kind fo custumer for AMD
AMD Duron 1800 = AMD Athlon
2500+ AQYHA @3200+ = which Vcore???
Who sells XP-M's
My 2100+ JIUHB is dog crap
What is the best price/performance/OC'ing potential setup now?
Mobile AthlonXP (Barton) Discontinued!?
Got a chance to buy an 0401 Barton 2600+
CPC on = <3
PCmark04 results
DFI and a Mobile 2500+
My 2500-M overclock.
2600 Mobile is in !!!
How long do you Prime when testing a new cpu?
2 questions: barton and palomino
2500+ barton overclock
Whats The Best Overclock???
Not Happy - Mobile 2500+
cant get 2400 mobile past 2.4ghz
Which AMD for me??
PSU maybe?
there such a thing as a 1.575V mobile 2500+?
2700+ (T-Bred) @ 2.33GHZ, but I want faster! How?
FSB - CPU help
Is my barton Dead?
Unlocking a Tbred B with the 5th L3 bridge trick
over clock material?
Low Voltage CPUS?
I dont know why, please help.
My cpu
Barton 2400+ Mobile Help!
did i just wasted my money on the stupid duron?
This may sound silly (mobile 2600+ question)
Yet another mobile 2500 success story
Athlon 64 3400+ and system gettting HORRIBLE benchmark scores
New Mobile 2500
Brton 2500 Stepping Opinions !
Mobile Barton 2400+ / NF7-S / +..
When was Duron 1.8 released?
something i've noticed...
1800+ gets better with time
unbiased version of tomshardware???
locked and unlocked
Help on AMD overclock
OC a Duron 1.6
New PC
Burning in for 24hs+
xp2100 Voltage???
BIG Problems ocing 2800+ on my NF7-s 2.0
Athlon xp2000 Problem
How good is a mobile xp2400?
Overclocking Questions 2500+
Overclocking XP2500 with 1 gig Corsair Please Help
quick question......
Mobile Athlon Xp 2500+ highest overclock?!
nf7(2) -5v ?
whats the best source for a mobile 2600+
XP Mobile Info
Mobile Barton XP2800 & 3000
mobile barton help!
multipliers on a bartonXP-M
Max safe load temp for the new mobile XP's?
Barton 3200+ doesnt seem to be reaching potential...
WinXP 64 not recognizing onboard LAN.
moblile barton 2500
xp-m confusion
Mobile Athlons - Use standard athlon mobo?
Whats your 2500 locked barton speed????
How bout this for a gaming comp?
2500+ Locked?
REALLY need help, mobile 2600 multi only 6x!
3dmark2001 se score question...
I REALLY need help.. :(
Stepping up? Or wasting money...
Overclocking system Suggestion
Aixib 0403
Athlon XP 2600+ Barton
2600 Mobile & A7n8x Deluxe
Good stepping?
unlocked 2600 Barton not overclocking?
Memtest 86 lower memory scores with more speed?
Does the 2500-m run at 1.25 volts stock?
Best Motherboard for AMD 64?
OCing XP2500 issues.
Processor and mobo random death. Why??
help overclocking 750 athlon
duron 1.6 overclock
2500+ Barton with Asus 7NX deluxe 2.0
Rare T-Bred B stepping
which mobile to get? 2400 2500 or 2600
owner of Barton 2800+ who can overclock to 12.5x200 ?
42ļC idle how can i drop this?
You have got to be kidding me.
Athlon64 vs. Opteron
My CPU is slower than it is supposed to
11.5 x 200fsb on barton3000+ 333fsb with shuttle i.c.e. cooling
Mobile 2500+ Max multiplier!?
11.5 x 200fsb on barton3000+ 333fsb with shuttle i.c.e. cooling
A Server Question..
wrong clock speed
lapping Athlon die?
AMD says it's a Tbred B, label says Tbred A
shoot! failed to OC but oh well (now we know the value of barton)
A64 3000+ @ 338fsb
2500xp Mobile
L12 mod?
i think i fried my barton :(
2800+ help to overclock
dead board or dead cpu or both?
High volt ?
to buy or not?
cant get 200mhz fsb
Help identifying a processor.
yes or no question
Duron 850 limits
2600 mobile from Ewiz
2500+ @ 227x10 A78NX deluxe @ stock VDD!
Timing of CPU Burn-in
Mobile 1500XP