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2500+ unlocked or 2600+ locked Bartons
For the life of me I can't get stable
My 1st Prime95 test on my 2500.
Prime stuck?
Mobile CPUs die-locked?
Fastest Barton Thread.
2500 oc question
Whats the highest OC from a 2500M?
Happy new Mobile 2500+ System
Anyone know anything about this stepping?
amd64 3000 or 3200, 512 more cache?
MP mod for new durons?
Mobile 2600 overclocking limit
Which do you think is better for OCing??
OK. I got my my 2400+ Mobile Barton...now what?
Odd occurance with Barton2500+ M, no default setting?!
Mobile Barton help!?!?!?
2 questions
im thinking of getting a mobile cpu, can someone tell me about them.
i need a little guidance with overclocking
The new kind fo custumer for AMD
AMD Duron 1800 = AMD Athlon
2500+ AQYHA @3200+ = which Vcore???
Who sells XP-M's
My 2100+ JIUHB is dog crap
What is the best price/performance/OC'ing potential setup now?
Mobile AthlonXP (Barton) Discontinued!?
Got a chance to buy an 0401 Barton 2600+
CPC on = <3
PCmark04 results
DFI and a Mobile 2500+
My 2500-M overclock.
2600 Mobile is in !!!
How long do you Prime when testing a new cpu?
2 questions: barton and palomino
2500+ barton overclock
Whats The Best Overclock???
Not Happy - Mobile 2500+
cant get 2400 mobile past 2.4ghz
Which AMD for me??
PSU maybe?
there such a thing as a 1.575V mobile 2500+?
2700+ (T-Bred) @ 2.33GHZ, but I want faster! How?
FSB - CPU help
Is my barton Dead?
Unlocking a Tbred B with the 5th L3 bridge trick
over clock material?
Low Voltage CPUS?
I dont know why, please help.
My cpu
Barton 2400+ Mobile Help!
did i just wasted my money on the stupid duron?
This may sound silly (mobile 2600+ question)
Yet another mobile 2500 success story
Athlon 64 3400+ and system gettting HORRIBLE benchmark scores
New Mobile 2500
Brton 2500 Stepping Opinions !
Mobile Barton 2400+ / NF7-S / +..
When was Duron 1.8 released?
something i've noticed...
1800+ gets better with time
unbiased version of tomshardware???
locked and unlocked
Help on AMD overclock
OC a Duron 1.6
New PC
Burning in for 24hs+
xp2100 Voltage???
BIG Problems ocing 2800+ on my NF7-s 2.0
Athlon xp2000 Problem
How good is a mobile xp2400?
Overclocking Questions 2500+
Overclocking XP2500 with 1 gig Corsair Please Help
quick question......
Mobile Athlon Xp 2500+ highest overclock?!
nf7(2) -5v ?
whats the best source for a mobile 2600+
XP Mobile Info
Mobile Barton XP2800 & 3000
mobile barton help!
multipliers on a bartonXP-M
Max safe load temp for the new mobile XP's?
Barton 3200+ doesnt seem to be reaching potential...
WinXP 64 not recognizing onboard LAN.
moblile barton 2500
xp-m confusion
Mobile Athlons - Use standard athlon mobo?
Whats your 2500 locked barton speed????
How bout this for a gaming comp?
2500+ Locked?
REALLY need help, mobile 2600 multi only 6x!
3dmark2001 se score question...
I REALLY need help.. :(
Stepping up? Or wasting money...
Overclocking system Suggestion
Aixib 0403
Athlon XP 2600+ Barton
2600 Mobile & A7n8x Deluxe
Good stepping?
unlocked 2600 Barton not overclocking?
Memtest 86 lower memory scores with more speed?
Does the 2500-m run at 1.25 volts stock?
Best Motherboard for AMD 64?
OCing XP2500 issues.
Processor and mobo random death. Why??
help overclocking 750 athlon
duron 1.6 overclock
2500+ Barton with Asus 7NX deluxe 2.0
Rare T-Bred B stepping
which mobile to get? 2400 2500 or 2600
owner of Barton 2800+ who can overclock to 12.5x200 ?
42ºC idle how can i drop this?
You have got to be kidding me.
Athlon64 vs. Opteron
My CPU is slower than it is supposed to
11.5 x 200fsb on barton3000+ 333fsb with shuttle i.c.e. cooling
Mobile 2500+ Max multiplier!?
11.5 x 200fsb on barton3000+ 333fsb with shuttle i.c.e. cooling
A Server Question..
wrong clock speed
lapping Athlon die?
AMD says it's a Tbred B, label says Tbred A
shoot! failed to OC but oh well (now we know the value of barton)
A64 3000+ @ 338fsb
2500xp Mobile
L12 mod?
i think i fried my barton :(
2800+ help to overclock
dead board or dead cpu or both?
High volt ?
to buy or not?
cant get 200mhz fsb
Help identifying a processor.
yes or no question
Duron 850 limits
2600 mobile from Ewiz
2500+ @ 227x10 A78NX deluxe @ stock VDD!
Timing of CPU Burn-in
Mobile 1500XP
voltage/multiplyer stuff athlon 2100+ up to 2700
Which one would you keep ???
when playing games is the cpu speed very important?
what is the multi of these cpus?
Substaintial overclock, no Nature 2k1 increase
im new 2 ocing but how would u go about doing it
NewEgg's XP1800+s lately?
AMD 54. How is it different from FX and Opteron?
Barton Serial Numbers Explanation
My 2400+ locked at 1800+ speed???
Potential for a system to overclock?
Mobile Barton Dead?!?
What are your upgrade plans? Upgrade or start over?
Unlocked T-breds on Newegg
Mobile 2400+ with 3000+ core?
newly built need some ideas
Best AMD OC'er??
overclocking woes with 2600
Overclocking Amd xp2400+
Mobile Barton FSB Fluctuates
Mobile Barton's from Vibecomputers
Weird system slow down with my overclock, wha?
amd 3200+
FInally able to get FSB > 200
Will newegg run out of mobile 2500+ ?
M-XP, kid in a candy store.
1700+ Palomino proc didn't like 166MHz FSB :rolleyes: and released its magic smoke...
Overclocking a 1700+
Has anyone use a mobile amd64 3000 on a desktop mb?
Mobile Barton’s in Canada?
What chip do I want?
Barton 2500+ based question
Intel guy here, Need some AMD info...
Which setting do you believe will be faster?
New 2800+ setup
Will I be able to tell?
Abit KT7A
Where got sell mobile 2800+ ?
2500+ wont go past 200fsb
How to determine your model number beyond 2.2 GHz
Mobile Barton O'cing Review
2500 barton?
1.533ghz overclocking to 2ghz?
Before week 40 CPUs require unlocking?
settings for OC my new AMP xp2500
How far can one go: A 2000+ XP
Put up the v-core?
AthlonXP 2400+ @ 3000MHz
Finally Achieved Stability On My 2100+ My Secret Was..
Overclocking A64
Poll: K8's or not?
MSI KT4VL + 2500+ barton or 2600+T 333
whats the record of the new mobile barton overclocks?
Amd +2800 overclock
Come & get 'em while they're hot M-2500+
How to unlock extra Cache in Duron
Which mobile barton to get
my 75 dollar result....
what mobo with ATA RAID and Dual DDR for 333FSB Barton 2500+ and HyperX3000?
Athlon64 3000+ OC to 240 x 10
Mobil 2500 results air cooled
question regarding mobile athlon xp's....
OC'ing 2700+ Results
Highest Palomino voltage on air
OK... need help... system acting up...
xp 2000 help out pls
2500+ thermal output
How come no ones trying mobile t-breds?
AMD 2500+ Overclock Problem CPU or OS
cpu question?
cpu question?
Help with overclock a lock-down HP PC
Barton 2500+ (333FSB) and MSI 745 Ultra + HyperX.. why glitching?
What am I doing wrong here...
Mobile Athlon 2500 available Newegg
Burn in procedure?
need advice w/ 2500 oc
Computer won't boot after resitting heatsink
939 pin Athlon 64 chipset has locks!
A Stable Amd 2600+ Overclock
Burn in / lapping
Worth the Upgrade??
Will a community mob change AMD's mind?
Need some big advice
Finally pics of my 2.4 gig stock cooled barton and setup.
AMD XP 2500+ Stepping?
2500+ OCing Results
Help with ocdlt3c jixib 0330
Anyone tried out a 2100/2200XP-M Yet???
fan and heatsink for AMDs XP2500+
Anyone have this stepping?
Availability of mobile Athlon 2500
AMD Athlon XP Barton 3000+ won't run at stock speed.
Help: OC'ing XP Mobile 2500 vs. 2600
AMD Duron 1800
Mobile Bartons in UK!
Barton 3000+ and I do not play well together
Better cooling for moble 2500? Need opinions...
RIGHT! Time to upgrade to A64, but.................need a widdle bit of help
What's the difference between ...
k7 athlon 750-850 correct value and oc
Canadian E-tailer for Mobile 2500+ Bartons
Questions on unlocking Palomino
Stepping for old 1.2Ghz Athlon
Woot NEW a64
Problem with CPU AMD 2500+ Barton
Socket 939 athlon 64s..
2600 XP Mobile for $109.00
Barton 2500+ 1 day Sale at Newegg
The Unofficial Mobile 2600+ O/C Results Thread.
unknown cpu type
1st OC - please help
overclocking xp3000+
CPU Temps
Can you beat this 3d2001-any barton on stock cooling? 2000
Unlocking a 2000+??
Finally, here in Bosnia!
A7V8X Mobo Owners........How far did you overclock??????
2500 39 week lock or superlock??
2600+ Barton OC Suggestions PLZ :)
The deal with these mobile cpu's
Mobile 2500+ @ 2.6 = A64 3000+ @ ???
xp2500+ vs. xp2800+
need some help here
Mushkin lvl2 3500/corsair XMS3200LLPRO/XMS3500. Which one should I get for A64 3400+?
Please Help--2500 Issues
Mobile 2500+ Help
Just a question
AIUHB "Y" 2000+ DUT3C, or 2500+ @ 2400Mhz
amd 64 chips
Help Needed with voltage / overclock
1800+ help
Prime95 Lockups
Locked or Unlocked?
Whats a good Mobo for an AMD 2500 and an AMD 3200?
burn in
Hahaha funny pic!
Good Stepping????
Bios Settings
Considering Duron 1600
help oc xp2500+ need your help please
2500+ Barton to play with:
Think this is legit? 512kb cache on non-barton
Barton Power
week 28 barton 2500 locked :(
So who is going to be the first to try using a mobile A64 in a desktop system?
Amd 64 Fx?
Just Ordered
mobile xp's
locked 2500+ and nf7-s v2 oc?
i just got my barton :) kekek
Does this 3dMark2001se score sound right?
2800 Barton - AQXDA0315SXPMW This Chip Should Be Unlocked
frustrated upgrader.
Turning from the Dark side(?)...
2500+ or Mobile 2500+
locked or unlocked
Aqxea 0328upfw
Did L12 mod, 1800+ broke 2.8GHz and a nice side effect
Two versions of the XP-M 2500 ?
Mobile Xp Boot Screen
Can't seem to get by 183 on XP2500
could u name an aircooling setup...
Overclocking FX-51 - Air Cooling Only
locked cpu??????
What do cpu burn in programs do?
Whats your definition of stable?
barton 2500+ vcore requirememnt
question on the Mobiles
Question about Opterons
Which M/B and RAM do you use with your A64
Obtaining high FSB w/ Barton+Nforce2
Locked Duron 1.0Ghz: set mem to 200 or 266?
Sandra a stability tester??
Am I out of options?? No 2300MHz for me?
usinf prime95
Limited supply of S939 CPUs in '04
TBred A or B?
CPU the Limiter?
Same A64 with new M/B and still same OC difficulties
2700+ Thoroughbred locked?
what about mobile a 64??
2500+ Unstable
Where can I get a Mobile Barton in Europe?
socket vs. diode temps
Dell has no plans to use AMD
Overclocking a 2200XP on a laptop
ocing xp 1700+, my second adventure lol
Voltage, stability, and one other thing
First timer help please.
Barton 2500 unlock shema
Haha its was all a big joke by Tom!
Athlon FX and ATI 9800XT overclocking
Opteron heatsinks
Thouroughbreds still worth it?
2500 OC'ing PLZ HELP!!!
CPU Software upgrade ???
just ordered 2 m2500s from new egg!
:( Fried CPU??
Fastest Barton?
older athlons, steppings
Reason for A64 faster than FX?
Near Future of AMD64 CPUs
want to overclock my 1800 but what do i do?
What? Newegg UNLOCKED barton?
RMA'ed CPU from AMD
Tom attacks AMD openly?
The ScreenSavers pick an A64 3400 for their UGM
NEED HELP!!!!! I don't understand why.
I'm back after 2 years of missing in action
need help w/ oc locked 2500
BEST Corsair/Kingston DDR for an Athlon64 3200+ or 3400+???HELP
Upgrade / OCing / help!
5th l3 on 1700 not work???
2600+ Mobile @ newegg
Damn just seen the price of FX-51
mobile barton?
OC problem?
Green Thorton 2400+ Help
AMD boys someone get this, REFURBISHED: Thermalright SLK-947-U
OC'ing an XP 2700+
Abit unlocked my xp2400
dual mp1200 vs dual duron 1.6??
Mobile 2600+ anyone?
Need help please!
CPU Decision time....
OC'd my 2500+ to 2.2ghz, but worse preformance??
whats the real default vcore of the 2500+ mobile barton?
blue screen
Mobile Barton 2500 E-tailer found
AMD price cuts.
2500 vs 2600 (same price)
Need help with my FSB
3dmark 2001 unstable, prime 95 stable
Only 215 on an A64?
Help me OC my A64
oc my barton xp2600
Okie newb here Got a few questions
M2500+ 13+ mult?
Athlon64 3000+ unstable at 215x10?
mobile bartons in canada
Overclock all gone now:(
WinXP update for AMD processors
My first overclock
Multiplier Setting Options
athlon64 for me
Question about this very old motherboard
Help a NOOB Determine what Athlons are locked!
Benchmark Scores for Athlon XP 3200 Barton
2500 mobile?
I cant overclock!
Has anyone gotten voltage scaling to work with Mobile CPUs in Desktop boards?
About how hot should my A64 be running?
It just won't OC
unlock your AXDA athlon xp (thoro or barton)
Locked BARTONS..."To be or not be..."
What else can I do to break 2300MHz?
Are Mobile Bartons still being made?
cooler temps but no oc?
Should I stop and call it a day?
How fan can I take this 2100+ with the following specs?
help with overclocking 2500+
Athlon64 AGP PCI bus locked with NF3
Diminishing Returns... :)
Have you guys seen this?
i think this is good
Easy guide for overclocking the A64
What is Prime
Mobile Barton 2400+ v. 2500+
1.4 t-Bird OC ?
unlocking athlon 2400+ tbred
Random Restarts with New Mobile Chip
Help buying CPU and motherboard
Help needed with new cpu
ok, going beyond 2.2 ghz
Is my overclock stable?
New Bartons locked?
athlon 64 3000+ question
What did I fry, My spitfire or mobo?
OC'n my first build, mobile 2500
noob needs advice
Overclocking newbie Athlon xp2100
Mobile 2500 barton bridge mod.
2000+ thorton oc
Can a 2500+ not like high voltages
wanting to get more
I saw an interesting post in another thread
mobile 2500 burn in
Why are mobile 2500+ @1.83ghz but 2400+ @1.93?
Something instead of Barton 2500+ ??
some new hardware... need suggestions
2400+ week 47 unlocked?
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Help.
Several questions on amd's plans
Mobile Barton weeks, steppings, and results!
Finally OC'ed my new system
2500+ @ 2.4GHZ or 2800+ "AQXDA" week 15??!!
New to XP2400+ Oc'ing
simple question/help pls
Xp2800 Barton... Couple ?'s
Mobie Barton 2500+
AMD 2500/2700++ and overclocking
New upgrades... oh man.. :D
Unstable system/overclock,,,
older athlons?
Question ???
How to get 166 Mhz FSB with the XP 2400+
Is This normal for AMD athlon XP2700+
Heat Paste
motherboard monitor
Barton stepings
Northbridge voltage really does help fsb overclock
Ok, I need your guy's help...
2800+ won't do 2300MHz
Lightning Strikes Twice.... Another Great 1700
AMD 2500+ FSB changing through windows safe??
AMD Athlon 64 Engineering Sample
Finally, my successful overclock on my 1800 dlt3c jiuhb
tbred 2100 wont do 166fsb?
Failed Prime95 :(
Motherboard beeping like crazy during normal use
How to tell stepping without looking at it
New DFI Ultra and 2800+!!!
AMD 2500 or 2700?
2500 help
Duron unlocking (Superlocked) questions
Athlon 3000+ @ 2.4ghz - What Vcore?
non-barton xp mobile 2500+
Unlocked Morgan No Post
2400+ Vmod
is this 2400+ mobile a barton!?
Thoroughbred with a Barton stepping?
Barton 2800+ steppings
duron 900 max fsb and vcore?
Need Help Thoroughbreed or Barton
How to convert AMD XP Desktop CPU to mobile version?
2400+ come unlocked stock?
Strange Temps
A64 Pre-OC Preparations. What should I know?
Help Overclocking AMD XP2800
2500+ Athlon XP? Good or Bad?
Another OC Noob about to get hands dirty
Need help with 2500+ overclock
AXP 2200+ problem
SIXIB 0348MPM from newegg.com
Overclock 3200 Barton?
2400+ or barton 2800+
Is there a difference between the "Athlon XP-M", and the "Athlon XP-M Low Voltage&quo
FSB Help