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2600XP overclocking, HELP
Why are my chips not locked?
Damn wire trick
locked 2400+locked pci bus
2500+ mobile barton all its cracked up to be?
2600+ max?
]- My very OWN first AMD system :) - questions and other things.... -[
Post your 1700+ OC!!!!!
Overclock with stock voltage?
first oc complete!!!
My Mobile 2500+ Barton
What is better: OC or no OC?
Overclocking Barton 2800
good proc?
Question: What is the reason why XP's cant hit over 2.5 ghz
1700+ O/C question
please help
Voltage hog of a barton 2500+
Is this Possible
extra cache on duron 1.6?
help ocing, it no worky
should i go mobile
Opteron 144 vs 244
2500+ Problems
Farcry to support AMD64 in true 64-bit
The 1700 DLT3C is still the best overall OCer
New CPU and can't make bus 166 :?!?!
CPU upgrade advice
locking at 3200+?
Anybody remember VCore for a K6-2?
AMD 2400+ or 2500+ ? please help!
where did my 1.850v go?
new hammer stepping
HELP! what would cause this??!!?!?!?
What to do with this CPU?
How to remove SLot A Athlon Heatsink
cpu upgrade, 2500-3200?
need help unlocking xp2400
Got an 1800, What Are Your's Running At?
2600barton just as good as 2500 barton?
Mobo suggestions for AMD socket A
barton 2600 w/ valcano heatsink fan?
Overclocked 2500+ to 2.2Ghz same as 3200+
My new computer question
How fast Have you gotten your Amd Xp 2800+ barton
how much vcore with 2400+
Duron Applebred - Pin modding gets around Superlock?
Would appreciate your 2nd opinions
Set up guidelines for Duron 900/ABIT KD7?'s
see my stats and help my first overclock please
The Future Diamond CPU's?
2200XP to 2800XP are my temps and voltage ok?
I want 200MHz... PLS HELP
AMD-P4 clock for clock
How long do CPU's last?
Biostar Barbone?
Why the sudden rush to Athlon Xp mobile?
barton at 2500mhz
Has anyone seen a review of a Tbred w/ OC'ed benches around 2.4 ghz?
best barton for oc
found a difference between unlocked and locked processors
AQXEA 0330 and DFI Infinity ;-)
xp2500 mobile?
AMD noob needs help.
Mobile 2400 success?
XP price drop?
1800 steppings any good?
help with fsb boost
HUGE PROBLEM, Computer wont start Every part has been swapped !!! PICS included
WTC?!!! 2500+ Wont do 2.2!
best board for athlon 64 3000+ or 3200+
A64 3200+ CAS 2.5/2.0 Performance issue
is 2.0v safe on air for a duron?
TEMP and OC?
Duron 1.8 @ the EGG
Where does this stepping of a 1700+ rank?
Barton 2500+ & MSI MB Questions
best sub $70 chip!
Overclocking Help...
Is this a little too much?
what is the FSB limit for Athlon xp processors
Duron 1000 Locked?
temperature monitor
Not the best o/c but still cool...
found a pre-week 39 2500 xp,aqxea,is this a good stepping????????
O/C a XP2100+ help
xp2400 @ 13x166 crash
xp1700 wont take anymore vcore ??
One of the Sponge things fell off now the computer wont start ?
Question to Barton 3000+ (400fsb) owners.
mobile Barton voltage and heat dissipation (nominal values)
Burning In Athlon XPs
Barton 2500+ FSB limit???
moble processor
A few questions on the Barton multi-lock
....Need your Input
my new amd computer
XP 2400 overclocking info
0325 2800 Barton UNLOCKED i got today
anyone have a 2500 unlocked for sale?
2400+ Sixib0351 "locked"
cpu toast???
Athlon 3000+ (333) - Cant OC past 2200mhz
just got a duron 0403 unlocked
2100+ now locked?
athlon 2200
Anything mods I need to do before putting this all together?
Need help to choose Cooling for my 1800 JIUHB DLT3C
New AMD 2500 IQYMA 0349XPMW
how do I tell what is holding me back?
Is thier a barton overclocking guide?
2500+ FSB overclocking - noob
2200+ Locked or Unlocked?
How high a Vcore for a 2500+ can I go?
Pls help. XP3200 barton
cpu diode
O.C. barton, or 64
Is tbred compatible with KT7-A or A7V-133?
Is it safe to assume that Athlon64 3000+ will run at 11x217? + Some other questions.
1800+ Jizib 0404
What would you do with this chip?
How is your 2500+ doing?
XP 2000 from Newegg
Is this 1800+ any good?
Does FSB matter to the processor?
1800+ JIUHB in stock!
Recommend me a system
overclocking athlon 1600+
Can an OC become unstable over time?
Ok, I unlocked my Duron, Now what?
What are te Uber 2500+/1800+/200+ steppings?
What could be holding me back?
1 more is this chip locked ? small source of pre week 39's
Can't hit 3200 with 2500+/NF7-S... HELP?
Son of a ...
64bit XP
AMD should raise PR rating for A64's
how high do you think...
2400+ overclocking woes and confusion
overclocking question
Looks Like i got Lucky
I know higher fsb is suppose to be the best, but...
3400+ 389
received my mobile 2500+.."unknown cpu type"
Week 0340 2800+
Quick AMD question from an Intel user
NewEgg 2100+ -- Unlocked?
where can i buy unlocked??
AMD Duron 2400 ?
Wtf A 2400+ Barton
is this chip locked or unlocked?
Got my 1600 Duron
finally got around to playin with my fsb
prime95 and 3dmark
1700+ from ewiz.com?
CPU and mobo temps
T-Bird Stepping Question. Yes, T-Bird!
"HardOn" core...
I have Dual MP's and its Slow..
How well does a 2700 Barton OC?
Supercooled AMD FX53 Benchmarks
My Athy is done overclocking stable :(
Week 2 of 2004 made TBredB with Multipliers Unlocked?
64Bit WinXp For AMD ..... Download
For those waiting on XP64
Which Mobile Barton for a EP-8RDA+?
Soyo KT600 Dragon Ultra and 3200xp+...
pentium or amd
will speedstrip work for my 1600 and 2100 amd pally cpu?
AMD Athlon 3200+ Barton
2800xp 333fsb or 3000xp 333fsb best one for clocking?
How Would gain
seems slower
2100 default vcore ?
high multi for mobile Barton on Epox 8k3a+
My "new" Athlon a year old?
Building AMD 2500 System - need advice
Guaranteed DLT3C stepping 1800+ chips for sale at Compu-Plus!
Does this mean I nedd a CPU mod?
Shakey A64 needs kinks ironed out
what cpu?
Opteron 1.6ghz vs Athlon 2000+ 1.6ghz
Barton 2500 Overclock, Any Good?
Remember when...
First Oc On Old Comp
unlock 2500+ confusion
voltage for barton 2500+
Theoretical ? on voltage vs. heat
Barton 3000 or Thoroughbred 2700
AMD DHD 1400mhz DL VC1 Capabilities ???
What is Cache?
how can i tell
For those running 2500+'s on air at/over 1.85v what are...
which barton
AQXEA 0329 XPMW a good one?
More choices (2100+ vs 1800+ vs 1700+)
Big Whoops with Thermal Grease
1800+ DLT3C problem
Just installed AMD Athlon XP 2500 Barton..Quick Question
what athlon do I have?
I'm new!
Help me figure out how to OC my Athlon
Athlon64/FX/Opteron people, LOOK HERE!
Help OC'ing XP2200 Abit NF7
dual opteron setup
Prime stable or not?
What CPU for my ASUS a7n8x deluxe?
Don't you just love winter?
AMD Upper Multipliers not working
Another proud owner of a 1700XP DLT3C
2500+ Barton or 2700+ Thoroughbred?
3dmark 2001 and 3dmark 2003
Decisions decisions, need some imput
About to buy a A64
Unusual 1800XP
Amd Oem
AMD 760 (non-MP) supports Mobile Unlock
make a non barton a barton?
MSI KT6 Delta
Which would you choose? 2.2-2.3 on barton, or 2.3-2.5 on 1800+ dlt3c? For gaming
Cpu-z V.1.21
A64: 3200+ vs. 3000+
cheap 2.2+ghz cpu
locked or not?
Locking the mobile bartons
Blue vs Pink core??????
1800 at newegg
Look at this mobile unlock page
athlon 2500+ with stock hsf and tim question
What controls XP default voltage?
Mobile AMD 64 3000+
New locked bartons just don't pass overclocking muster?
Hewlett Packard, can I overcloak or edit options to speed up? PLZ?!?
will this system work? 2500+
Stupid question
I want to hit 2.4ghz. Should I buy a locked 2500?
350 watt enough for amd 2500+?
Stepping for 2800+ barton ??
Duron 1600 Overclocking Results
Difference between mobile and non mobile chips?
questions about 2100+ and 1700+
Unlocked 2500's
I have a voltage hog 2500+
1800 Dlt3c Tixib 0349 Tpmw (?)...
I lost the Lotto!
2600+ Barton?
Fan help please
how high of a vcore can you go on mobile barton's?
Results are (coming) in from my 2500+ Mobile Barton
2800+ Barton speeds and voltage?
1800 DLT3C week 48...
Tbred B that's Locked?
xp 2400+ overclocking help
superlocked xp24000
amd 2500+ temp. question
cant change multiplier-1800xp
2600 tbred impressive?
whats the highest FSB you've reached
Should I use my XP1800+ or order a Barton 2500+ for use with a Prometeia?
i really need your help
2600+ A1uhb 0301
has any one seen a 1700 or 1800 with DLT3C & AIUHB instead of JIUCB?
AXDA1800DLT3C "Y" JIXIB0338SPMW any good?
2.4 on air
Whats the highest multiplier you have reached?
Get A 2.7Ghz Athlon FX Now !
Apple-B hit 2GHZ wall.
Stuck @ 1614 mhz
* +5V and +3.3V combined output: 230Watts max.
I am so happy, i could cry! TWO 1800+ JIUHB DLT3C's
Totally at a loss, hopefully someone can help
Just got my XP2100 from NewEgg and...
Back to a64 lock-ups... (originally placed in wrong section- sorry guys!)
is 16A on the +12v line good?
Problem with Speed Strip
Newegg 2100+ DUT3C ordered monday
Back to a64 lock-ups....
Stepping for this Duron?
2800+ Settings
2600 tbred b
Question about the Mobile Athlon XP+ Bartons
OK guys... I've got a noob question... chipset voltage?
what mabo should i choose??for barton 2500+!!
If I up the vCore, can I hit 200+fsb ?
should i sell this?
2600+@2.2 as fast as 3200+??
What do i do????
Unlock 2500+?
Exception Fault... PLS HELP!!
am I in the ballapark- at least?
Hyperthreading on an AMD CPU
O/C'd 2500+ vs A64 3000+
need help fot the best buy
is this 1800 unlocked?
what do have to do to get the full cache on my duron?
how high can..
New system? 2600+ or A64 3000
determing max multiplier with a CPU
dream computer
Slight prob with Xp 2600+
how high can i get? 1700+ JIUHB DUT3C
2500+ on nf7-sl woes (max FSB 180)
finally hit 233 fsb
Finally, I think my A64 is stable.
AMD 2000 O/C good ??
What is the deal with these "locked" CPU's?
which one?!
Post the best analogy of why MHz is MHz is MHz is simply not true
Prime95 help
Got 100 bucks and want a quick upgrade
Found a unlocked 2500+
2200+ vs 2500+ overclocked
oc questions
unlocked xp2500 cpu?
cpu core cracking??
Prime 95.... i dont think so.
Overclocking an AMD K6-III
will this unlock barton
2100+ vs 2500+
oka,y need "proof"
Gonna try the Pin-Mod on my 1900+Pally??
New AMD system
Gaming on an opteron
Overclocked to 3200.... blue screen of death?
Thermalright SLK900 A
Is 51c too hot for an OC'd T-Bird?
Unlocking the Barton XP2800+ on nForce2 boards?
Help cutting L3 bridge
AMD 2004 Roadmap
bridge blasting problem
FSB cant go past 190mhz
a64 wont post after using clockgen
Weirdest thing
Stability issue.. help? :confused:
Athlon XP 2600+ "Barton"
Problems overclocking 2500+
Overclocking a xp 2800+ barton
What mobo for amd 3000 64bit?
Tyan 2460 and T-birds
Computer Processors Are Still Too Slow!
Whats the usr/pass for prime95
Can newegg mobile 2500+ be used on abit nf7s 2.0?
I'm not really sure why...
Im going to do it!
Mult Unlock for BARTON
Tech help needed
ocing first computer
Dumb Question...
My A64 overclock...
CPU's Dieing fast
problems with overclocking fsb
1800DLT3C JIXIB0338MPMW Results....
WTF? A64 3000+ rig locks under load
AMD 2500+ mobile cpus
ok guys, heres my 1800+ results
heat problem
Scared me to near death!
FX 53, 2.6GHz??
AQZFA? Any Comments?
VCore question.
just woundering how many AMD systemz you ppl gotz here
installed my 2nd Duron this morning...
new 2500+
AMD retail
How 2 Overclock an AMD K7 600 MHz Ahtlon
Putting kingston hyperx pc 3000 2x 512 mb in my amd 2500 rig
How are the durons?
Is there a way to lower vcore?
computer hangs during pc mark 2001
Just ordered my amd 64 chip and mobo
Building/Upgrading three computers and need to make a processor purchase
Prime95 fails almost instantly, what to try? (2500+ to 3200+)
166 FSB on Thuroughbred
How do i get this 2400+ chip to be recognized please help!
DURON 1.6 OR xp2100??? WHICH TO GET?
MBM5 Voltages reading question
are all Mobile Bartons locked as well?
1800+ Agoia
AMD64 3000+ Overclocking Question
help XP 2800+
AMD posts profit for first time in 2 yrs!!
too higher voltage?
my teacher doesnt beleive me
3200+ barton, can it be pushed?
205 or 215 fsb?
Funny thing
Unlocked and Locked
Is a "DLT3C JIUHB" a -TBred A or B?
question on barton 2500 setup
64 Bit
what was the last week for unlocked bartons?
2500+ acting up
Another "Is this a good stepping" question
Question from a n00b 'clocker
Axmh1700fhq3c 4143505260128 Airga 0226mph
Wheee, my cheapo newegg order
Is this True?
How Are My Steppings!?!?!?????
Noob Says Thanks
Proper voltage for overclocked Barton 2500+
Fan clipping
Boards for OCing an AMD64 chip
2500 and Corsair Twin XMS PC3200LL
1900 dont wannA overvolt?! why! the board is nforce2
what a week killed two .....
Wire Trick
pust ur 2800+ oc results
WOW!! My 2500+
1900 gotz 1.8ghz will get 2 ghz in no time!
AMD says there's no FSB in Athlon 64s, (huh?)
Heat thresholds when o/cing
Processor question
Ok, an aesthetic question for you guys...
i finnally built my new comp (not as good as one on sig but itz spare)
Breaking 3.0ghz
where do I find a list of unlocked stepping codes?
Mobile 2400 vs 2500
Athlon XP 1600+
AMD and DDR-II/PCI-Express
barton 2600+ please post OCs
2500+ with 9800 pro vs p4 2.6c with 9600 pro
AMD needed 333 or 400 fsb
Barton stepping question
1800+ on 2600mhz but not over 219fsb...
1700 vs. Barton 2500
$140 for an Unlocked 2600 Barton, or $90 for a locked?
XP 2600 2.133GHz 333FSB
locked duron 1.6ghz
Which to keep??
Athlon64 3200+
2800 or 3000 Barton?????
building ahtlon 64
1700XP 13+ Multipliers
prime 95 locks up
Which one? **Update**
Is it time for the Athlon64 (3200)?
Locked Barton's unlocked with this.
these new durons run fast and cool if...
Which Processor?
Whats a better Deal?
Where to buy a XP 2500+ Barton?
Good kill temp?
athlon vs Duron
64k L2 cache on my Unlocked Barton!
Worst 1700+ Ever.
Thorton 2400
help with a 2500+
2500+ P stepping and which CPU to keep ??
How fast do u think a mobile 2500+ will OC?
will a burn in help me?
Most likely to hit 2.26? 1700,1800,2100?
AMD CPU dead or not???
anyone got any pics of an L2 cashe enabling job
AQYHA Stepping...
"Locked" Barton 2500 Question
XP1800+ TBredB - Underclocked
these NEW durons are fu**in crazy!!!
Overclocking and Temp problems
CPU upgrade dilemma...
2.4Ghz AQXEA Barton
people pls share ur OC settings on a barton 2500+
Kixib 0342 , 2000xp
Unlockin a 3200+ Barton 400fsb
PCMark 2004 loop?
My voltage?!
1900, 2400 tbred issues
XP2500 UNLOCKED *LOWERING MULTI 10 or 10.5 Curiosity*
unlocking amd 64's?
Whats the best overclockin processor/motherboard that is cheap!
My system is almost done, who can host pics for me?
do thortons o/c as well as a tbred B??
Help with oc stability
P95 failed after 290 hours
AMD FSB oddity.
duron 1400mhz O/C To............
AMD going to make a new x86 core?
How far can ig et my 2100+ to go?
Help my XP18--+ JIUHB 0333 VPMW go higher (SP-97 +92mm Tornado)
Alittle false hope for people who want unlocked chips.
Can I overclock an "AMD *Retail* Athlon XP 2800+ *333 FSB* Barton (2.08 GHz)"
I got my grubby paws on a MADMAN!
What have I got? (2000+ T-bred)
How hot is too hot?
Barton 2800+ runnning hot
Strange Prime95 error
So who actually has an FX51?
Can't get 1700XP past 1650Mhz
CPU Advice